The Golden Coach (1952) Script

The coach!

The coach! The coach!

The coach! The coach! The coach!

What is the meaning of this? Why this disorder?

His Highness' new coach. It's arriving.

That's no reason for this lack of discipline.

Go back to your posts... all of you.

Out of a dream! Out of a dream!

- Just like a dream. Remarkable.


How much would you say, my dear duke?

Much more than the grant for a chief justice, Your Honor.

I have little regard for the material things of life.

Would you say this coach represents one more little trinket for our poor, dear marquise?

Nothing His Highness might do could surprise me.

I doubt if our marquise will remain a widow much longer.

The bath is icy.

Now you're boiling me.

Oh, now there's something in my eye.

Let me.

Oh, it's only an eyelash.


Thank you, Marquise. You're my guardian angel.

What do you want, Martinez?

Your Highness, the coach is just crossing the palace square.

The coach? My new coach.

The Santa Ana docked early this morning.

The coach has been carefully loaded onto an oxcart.

It remains only to have the horses harnessed... the wheels mounted...

And the bill paid. Oh, I want to see.

Shall I charge it to Your Highness' personal account... or shall I place it on the roster of official expense?

Official expenses, naturally.

Balthazar, Domingo, José, Martinez, these lazy rascals have left me here.

You may have them beaten. Immediately, Your Highness.

Your Highness should come and look. Oh, is it really as splendid as all that?

Beautiful, exquisite, breathtaking. It glitters so I can hardly look at it.

But why send all the way to Italy for it? Well, I always wanted a foreign coach.

In Spain, when I was young, I always promised myself one... if ever I got out of debt.

- What graceful lines. Ah, but it's the craftsmanship that counts.

Those springs, English steel. It's out of a dream.

Magnificent, Your Highness. Your Highness has excelled himself.

A perfect piece of workmanship. I congratulate you.

Unbelievable. Quite superb.

Yes, yes, I know. It's out of a dream.

What's that other vehicle coming into the square?

That wagon there?

Foreigners undoubtedly.

Those strange costumes, all those musical instruments... painted canvas.

If I didn't know better, I'd say they were actors.

Actors? How shocking!

The bishop would certainly not approve.

Such a saint.

Here we are.

Maybe it's better inside.

After that ship, any kind of bed at all would be welcome.


Good day, sir. Are you the innkeeper?

Yes. Are you the actors?

Don Antonio and his world-famous troupe of commedia dell'arte... just come from Italy.

Well, come inside. But your letter said...

We'd better have a little talk. This way.

Yes, we'd better.

Well, how do you like the new world?

- It will be nice when it's finished. Throw wide the doors.


Don't you feel sad seeing it go?

It was certainly the most comfortable room on that terrible ship.

Well, there it goes.


I thought babies play with emeralds here, hmm?

No streets paved with gold either.

No streets.

Those books certainly weren't true.

Those writers were only exaggerating, I suppose.

Let's go inside the inn. No, I won't move.

I stay here. What for?

For the next cart to take me back to the port and Italy.

Be sensible. You're just tired. That's all.

Mm-mmm. Look at Isabella. Is she tired?

- With five babies. No, but...

And the others, not tired.

Not the way I am. They still believe.

Believe what? That those two hours on the stage every night... are worth everything.


I'm not an actor, but...

I love you, Camilla... not the people you become for those two little hours every night.

Marry me.

Felipe, you read this man's letter.

He promised a world capital... a comfortable inn and a theater.

Here is the city... here is the inn.

As for the theater, step this way.

Our theater.

It's not exactly ready yet... but it never rains here.

The shed can be made into a very fine stage.

All you have to do is clean up the place.

Oh, Felipe.

- I'll provide the seats, and there's our theater. And that's the public.

- Cool and comfortable. I'll treat with that... that innkeeper, my love.

You wait here a moment.

You're all young and strong. It won't take you long.

It is too much work to make a theater out of this... of this...

Barnyard. Thank you.

Permit me, Don Antonio.

So, you claim to be Spanish, do you? Pure Castilian, sir.

Which town? Toledo.

You've heard of my family then. I'm Juan Aguirre's son.

The great swordsman. Yes.

And I'm astounded at your greed... and ashamed that I have to protect these artists from a fellow Castilian.

Artists? Mountebanks! Street singers!

Street singers? Us? The delight of all the crowned heads of Europe?

Ha, ha! What percentage do you extort from them?

Only 80%. Eighty per...

I paid for their passage, I am ready to house and feed them.

While they construct a theater. That's worth a lot more. You'll take 50%.

Oh, no. I'll take no less than 70... if they build a theater.

You mean 50. And that's more profit than you deserve.

You can all get out. More than I deserve indeed!

We'll go, but I'll teach you a lesson in honesty first.

- Fernando, Manuel, Pedro! Don't call your ruffians, or there'll be another lesson.

And I'll help you. Look at him.

Come, Felipe, let him stay in this pigsty.

Yes, better not cause any trouble, or it's Cuzco for you.

It's what? Cuzco. The army... they're trapped by Indians there... and not too particular how they get replacements.

So be careful. If they're not particular, they'll take you, too.

Come, we'll go together. You act bravely enough here.

Shh! Now, never mind that.

Very well, then. You can stay... but I'll be losing money.

Since he's sitting up asking so nicely... shall we be gracious and stay?

My dear public.

Oh, my love. I love you.

I love you.


Within my heart, love "stroogles" to awake.


Within my heart, love strrr...


Oh, Felipe, is impossible.

I can't win them in a foreign language.

Win who? Them... the audience.

The only "them" who matters.

- Is he an actor? Who? That old fool?


- Rum and spirits. Cuatro reales. Shh!

Noble sirs and gentle ladies.

Rum and spirits. Cuatro reales.

- Don Antonio's world-famous troupe... Sit down!

Jesters to the crown heads of all Europe, greet you.

- We are proud to introduce... Rum and spirits.

The ancient traditions of the commedia dell'arte... to your charming country.

I, Don Antonio...

- Salute you in the garb... What's his name?

Of the master of our ceremonies...

- and present to you our characters. Hello, grandfather!

First, Pantalone, the old merchant... as much a part of Venice, queen of the seas, as San Marco.


Where are the pretty ladies?

She's older than you are!

- Dr. Ballordo... She's older than you are!

Master of the classics, a fountain of empty words.

- He looks like... Papische Valento.

A military sight upon a quiet street... last to the fight and first to retreat.


Fathered by Vesuvius...

He's erupted in many countries.

To the French he's Polichinelle.

The English watered him down.

Poor Punch.

Our lovers.

Florindo, slightly ridiculous... like all sentimental cavaliers.

Isabella, tender yet perfidious... like all women.

Harlequin, spirit of theater.

Our incarnation of Mercury... patron of thieves and go-betweens.

In his looking glass what he finds is Columbine!

Rum and spirits, cuatro reales.

Rum and spirits.

I'll hold hands with you, lady.

I'd like to get through that mirror!

Music. Music.

Lock all the doors and windows.

If any gallant arrives to court my daughter, chase him away.

Are they good, these actors?

Brilliant, Señor Ramón.

Very well. We'll go in. Near the stage.

Don't they pay either? Silence.

That's Ramón, the bullfighter... the most popular man in the city.

If he likes the performance, it guarantees our success.

Ramón! Ramón!

- Cosa c'è? Toreador.

Oh? The audience isn't there, Mistress Columbine.

Here they are. Oh.

I thank you, Master Pantalone.

I thought it was the fashion here to look the other way.

Pssht! Ah.

They look better now, Master Pantalone.

You there, don't glare at me like that.

I... I'm not a bull.

To arms! Indians!

Only the actors. Go on dozing, Papa.

They seem to be enjoying themselves over there.

They might be less noisy about it.

Not dozing. Thinking.

Thank you so much.

What for? For your enthusiasm.

Oh. Pardon. So many worries.

Let's raise the stakes. Why not?

100 piastres.

I have a better idea. Which is?

Let's play for the new coach.

Against what? One of your gold mines?

You don't love me anymore. What have I done now?

Four years ago, when you arrived from Spain, I stood by you loyally... when you ordered my poor husband to Cuzco... a general commanding an outpost like that.

Four years ago you would have given me any carriage in the world. Ynez...

But since those beastly Indians made me a poor, defenseless widow... This coach doesn't belong to me.

It represents a tool of my profession... like a razor for a barber or a cannon for a general.

My poor husband. You know how frightened of Indians he was.

General Altamirano died a hero.

Listen to them.

I'm really curious to know what they're laughing about.

Martinez. Martinez.

Since you're already behind the door, why do you wait to come in?

You called, Your Highness?

Have a look at those actors and arrange for a performance at the palace.

Uh, which day would be convenient for the marquise?

Well, tomorrow Papa's being bled with leeches.

The day after, I have my purge. Why not Thursday?

Thursday, Martinez.


Felipe! Felipe! They like me, these people.

Wait until you know them. I don't want to know them.

I want to feel they are there. Like tonight. It was wonderful. Wonderful!

Well, how much? Oh, the receipts.

19 piastres and three reales. No.

Unfortunately, it's true.

Which leaves, uh, 5,951 piastres you still owe me.

If things continue as well as this, you'll be out of debt in a year... and then you can start to make some money.

But every seat was occupied. Let me see.

They don't pay. Do you understand, Don Antonio?

Here, the people attend, but they don't pay.

He says it's traditional in the colony.

Well, back to reality. Come, Felipe.

My dear friend, you cannot insult our nobility by asking them to pay... and the poor, as everywhere, are too poor... leaving us only the middle class as paying customers... people like myself.

You surely do not expect me to ask my few intimate friends to pay.

Not after all I've done for you.

Please, Felipe.

Have you told Don Antonio about us yet?

Not yet. Well, you'd better.

You may find your future husband fighting Indians for want of something better to do.

Oh, don't be silly, please.

An admirer.

Who is it? Señorita Camilla?

You? I want the pleasure of your company later.

I'll play the guitar, and you can sing for me.

And do I sing for the bulls, too?

You've heard them speak of me, I dare say.

Ramón, the toreador.

They're always talking about me, following me around.

I might even get them to come to your little play here.

Really? Oh, so kind of you.

You ruin my first entrance, and now you dare invite me?

Get out. Get out!

Do you speak Italian? No.

Ah, what fortune. A gentleman waiting to see you, Camilla.

She's nervous. I understand.

Some of the bulls behave like that when they first see me, too... the ones worth fighting and taming.

Back to your cows! Camilla, I'll take care of this.

Will you leave, sir. Felipe.

Don't you understand you're annoying the lady? Annoying? You insult me... and you'll answer for it.

Why, you impudent... Felipe. Felipe, please!

When you like. Please, Felipe.

I'll be waiting.

Are you crazy?

Compose yourself. You have another visitor... a very important one.

Oh, no! No! May I present Señor Martinez?

No, no, no. What do you want from me tonight?

Can't I have a little quiet, please?

Señor Martinez is confidential secretary to His Highness, the viceroy.

How is the king? Well?


His Highness, the viceroy, has graciously invited the company... to give a performance at the palace.

At the palace? They pay? Camilla.

His Highness' generosity is already legend in the colony.

Sit down, please.


My servants are so lazy.

A fiasco. It's impossible.

"Harlequin Gives Birth" was a bad choice.

Too elegant.

I wanted to tell you that... Oh, we know already.

No, it went very well.

It's just that it's not considered elegant to applaud too loudly at court.

No, they don't like me.

Of course they do.

Ah! I can breathe again!


I love them!

Charming. Charming. Most amusing.

Didn't you find it so?

My dear duke? Unusual.

Unusual and very refreshing.

Well, did you like it? Like it? Much too vulgar.

Vulgar? That's what I liked.

So we've observed, my dear.

Watch your sharp tongue, my angel.

You're just jealous, my sweet.

Jealous? If I wanted to...

Why argue about the impossible?

We two should unite against a real enemy.

Who? This dreadful mania of His Highness for trying to mix with the rabble... going out in the streets in disguise... inviting these low comedians to the palace.

He can't have a very happy home life, can he, dear?

That's what I enjoyed about these Italians.

I couldn't understand a word they said, so I just presumed the dialogue was excellent.

Martinez, find me some money.

Count... please tell the head of the troupe to come here.

I must confess I prefer not to consort with players.

Who knows what lies behind those masked faces.

I'd rather meet that little... how is she called?

Isabella. I'll wager she does a pretty minuet.

Bit too scrawny for me. I'm dancing the first minuet with the marquise.

Leave my little girl in peace.

She's already granted me the honor. Why, you can hardly walk... much less dance.

Go to sleep, Adolfo, before I forget that I must respect my elders.

A splendid performance. Bravo.

Give my congratulations to your actors, and distribute this among them for me.

I am your humble servant, Your Highness.

Martinez, send them something to drink.

After all those capers, your actors need our wine as well as our thanks.

Oh, and, Martinez, ask the ladies of the company to join us here for refreshments.

Shall we not, Baron? A splendid idea, Your Highness.

Hear! Hear!

Che musica!

Ah. Such perfume.

What's it like? Pork pie!

The smell of a good life, hmm?

Hee-hee, hee-hee, hee-hee.

I remind you that His Highness is awaiting the ladies.

Sì, sì. Andiamo, andiamo.

Oh, wait. All the gold.

Follow His Excellency.

You go, Camilla. Not like this.

I beg you, please hurry.

All you need to do is send your excuses. Just say you're tired.

I'm sure the viceroy will understand.

You don't want to see the court?

Excuse us. We have only three women.

One is senile, another crawling with children.

All her children may be acrobats. Still...

This is the only presentable one.

How do I address the viceroy? No ceremony here.

Just say "Your Highness. " Your Highness.

Your Highness. I'll be back in a moment.

Ah. Sorry.

A little rouge, a little powder.

And with your little son. An artist is always the uncle.

To my mind, those actors' jokes were far too daring for such tender ears.

How do you know? Well, I hardly think the bishop would approve.

His Excellency is a saint. Tsk, tsk. Alas.

Mademoiselle, what is your name?

Columbine on the stage, Your Highness.

In life, uh, Camilla.

I don't think that gentleman enjoyed our performance.

Our chief justice never enjoys anything.

And what about them? Mmm, pretty little geese, but frightened of shadows.

Come, Adolfo. You promised me this dance, Ynez.

I am pleased to accept now.


May I ask Your Highness' permission to retire also?

If you're bored, I can readily understand.

I am not.

It's so shiny and clean.

A beautiful sight.

There's an even more splendid view from there.

Get away! Get away! You'll be called if wanted.

Really, it's like a new world, Your Highness.

Is this world so different from yours?

We have a few tricks of speech now and then... one or two different gestures, a few rules.

Which I don't know, alas.


Where? Well, it's too dark to see, unfortunately... but by day we get a fine view of the cemetery.

Ah. Somewhere over there there's a gray, flat building.

That's our prison. Ah, at last.

Is this why you wanted to...

I must confess, in this heat, a wig is absolute torture.

As I thought. I'm glad I'm not vain.

Forgive me. Of course.

Thank you. It's a rare occasion when I'm able to laugh like this.

Why? You should all be so happy.

You're laden with gold. That's it. That's the point.

We're here only for this treacherous gold.

No one dreams of anything else.

And where gold commands, laughter vanishes.

If you had a gold mine here, you too would stop laughing.

No, no. Never.

If you did find one, what would you do?

Ah. Buy a beautiful golden coach.

Just as you did.

I want to ask Your Highness a favor.

Granted. I must see the coach.

You must? Mm-hmm.

Well? No, no. Not now.

Shall we go?



He actually removed his peruke before her.

Vintage wine for those actors!

The extravagance! This whole party when the treasury's completely empty.

Just between us, I've already sent a personal note to my cousin, the general... one of His Catholic Majesty's great favorites.

I am certain that tomorrow His Excellency, our bishop, will be informed of this orgy.

Entertaining actresses!


Ta-da. And not only is it a thing of beauty... but the craftsmanship is perfect.

Devil take it. Allow me.


Can you solve everything as easily?

I slept here for five months.

You what?

We traveled on the same boat, we two.

Oh. May I?

Of course. Thank you.

Here it is. Mm-hmm.

Is that why you wanted to...

It's a good comb.

Well, I'm glad I'm not vain.

Oh, thank you.

Your Highness will please forgive us.

We were looking for Mademoiselle Camilla.

Here she is. I'll return her to you.

Your world, Camilla.

Your Highness.

And thank you again.

There he is.

Give me a cigar.

Oh, Columbine!

To a simple servant, master?

Oh, Columbine!

A servant is too busy, master.

True love is not for me.

Ah, my mistress comes. Shh.

Pantalone, Dr. Ballordo, Florindo... all in love with Isabella.

Come. We will take their letters and money.

Money. Always money.

There must be more to life.

Within my heart, love struggles to awake.


Please, Felipe.

Oh, my love.

Present for those too old in love.

Here. Nice, huh?

I'm afraid to hurt it jumping through the window.

Uh, no, I'm leaving. Where to?

I've been offered a captaincy in this war they're fighting here. I'm taking it.


I am yours.


I think you are doing the right thing.

It's better to go and fight savages.

You have a chance of winning at least.

Trying to win Camilla, that's something else.

The one I adore. The one I hate.

That's very nice.

Take it to her.

Good-bye, then, Don Antonio.

Thank you for all you've done for me.


His Highness, in appreciation of your great talent... hopes you will accept this token.

Oh, thank you.

Oh, mamma mia.

Real gold? Yes.

For me?


Wonderful, wonderful, huh?

Things have certainly changed for you since I was...

Loo... Give me that.

Why? I'll return it to His Highness myself.

You're mad! He is mad. Give me that.

No, Felipe! Sir!

Give it to me! Sir!

Leave me alone. No! Aiuto!

Columbine! Columbine!


I hate you! Aiuto!


Aiuto! Aiuto! Aiuto!

Columbine! Columbine!



Musica. Dottore, improvvisa.


Mamma mia!

Aiuto! Aiuto!

They'll be yelling for their money back in a minute.

Take it inside.

Please, Felipe.


Felipe, listen. Listen.

Because you are jealous of my success.

Of your success? No. Of this!

I don't care!

Good evening.

Camilla! Camilla!

Gentlemen, I request your presence at a meeting of the council of grandees... to take place tomorrow morning at 10:00.

May one know the object of this meeting?

I... With your permission, Your Highness... a last detail.

Your servant, Your Highness.

I shall request that all nobility at present residing in the colony... make a voluntary contribution to our treasury for the war effort.

But we've no more money left for that sort of thing.

We've already been bled white giving donations for those miserable paupers...

His Excellency our bishop looks after.

Such a saint. Why not call things by their real names?

You intend taxing the nobility. That is the fact.

Nobility has never paid taxes in any country of the world.

Never. Down with taxes.

I am suggesting a completely voluntary and isolated contribution... for a state of emergency.

In such an emergency, we should like to make sure that our contributions are... isolated... for the purpose of paying soldiers and purchasing arms.

What do you mean? What are you insinuating?

I don't insinuate. I question.

Who, for example, paid for this coach of yours?

Lying so strangely idle for months.

Its proprietor... the state.

Don't you think it so great an emergency... the state could more readily have used the company of fusiliers?

If the state treasury paid, it belongs to us as well.

Most entirely, Adolfo. Hear! Hear!

My dear viscount, it doesn't belong to any of us.

It's a symbol, and I await the proper occasion to display it.

The natives here need symbols.

This coach, I assure you, is worth at least 800 muskets.

Since we're at war, why not use so powerful a weapon... place it at our disposal?

The duchess and I will give the rabble a taste of Spanish glory.

If this coach is the property of the state... surely it owes its prestige to the guardian of justice... the sentinel of His Majesty's laws.

And my poor little girl, confined to bed because of unjust treatment at court?

And my riding along with her will give a certain tone.

My compliments, gentlemen.

I'm deeply touched by your devotion to our cause... which flinches at no sacrifice.

If I had known, I should have ordered a regiment of carriages.

However, the observation of the duke relative to fusiliers... places this coach in a new light.

When I ordered it, we were at peace.

Now, unfortunately, we're at war and need cannons to win.

So, gentlemen, I decide to consider the purchase of the coach... as an entirely personal obligation.

But let me remind you...

Gentlemen, I shall see you tomorrow in the council hall.

But the coach... when can we start riding in the coach?

Enough of the coach. I told you. I will pay... but my plans for it are none of your concern.

Good day, gentlemen.

And don't forget... contributions and the war, tomorrow at 10:00.

But tonight, dinner with a lady.

Inform her, Martinez.

Mademoiselle Camilla's new home is very nice, Your Highness.

A great improvement over the inn. Cleaner and a little more privacy.

I hope.

My beautiful home!

If the heart of a man is depressed with cares The mist is dispelled when a woman appears Like the notes of a fiddle She sweetly, sweetly raises the spirits And charms our ears Roses and lilies her cheeks disclose But her ripe lips are more sweet than those Press her, caress her with blisses, her kisses Tonight again. He might learn another song.

Your Highness, this way, please.

That my heart calls to hers flying upward, upward


Why do the flowers bring her near Good evening, Your Highness.

Closing the shutters in this heat?

Privacy isn't worth it.

Yes, but that music, it's so loud.

Isabella likes it.

Toss him a flower. He'll be pleased.

Come. It's the custom here.

Isabella will appreciate it.

Well, what luxury.

Hmm, this looks delicious.

Pork pie, homemade.

Well, this knife isn't very sharp. Have you another?

- Ah. Sorry. Roses and lilies her cheeks disclose But her ripe lips are more sweet than those

- That better. Press her, caress her

- That's better. With blisses, her kisses Dissolve us in pleasure And soft repose#

Ah, at last, huh?

Why? The song was charming.

You're not jealous at all, are you?

We highly civilized people... so-called... no longer have the energy to feel such a simple emotion, I'm afraid.

A- An ordinary man becomes sentimental when his sweetheart betrays him.

He beats her and cries... tears his hair out...

Does a bit of knifing.

All this is so noisy and untidy. Really far too tiring.

This looks very good.

I want to ask you something, Your Highness.

Be brave. I shall answer at length, you may be sure.

Can they be learned?


All those nice little tricks... your ease, the way you dismiss everything we feel is so important.

It depends...

Strange, but that's how it is.

It depends on which sex you are.

The country lout remains that always.

His unwashed childhood pierces the perfume of gold and good living.

But the weaker sex have that extraordinary talent... of completely adapting themselves.

Give her a good manicure... and perhaps a dancing master that knows his business... and, of course, a lover of suitable rank... with these and a gifted woman, one can create the most arrogant of duchesses.

And tomorrow I shall prove it to you... and to all those tiresome drabs at my court.

Tomorrow, when I give you the coach.


That coach? For me?

That coach. It's the only one that matters.

You must go to the palace tomorrow and ride away in it.

It's a feast day, and there'll be a bullfight... and everyone will be out to see you and admire you.

You're joking.

That coach for me?

Oh, mamma mia!

Oh, forgive me. Forgive me.

Now that I have so fine a coach, I must try to behave like a lady.

Will Your Highness would be kind enough to sit down?

Oh, no, no, no. No?

A grave mistake. Never forget, my dear, that every woman is an empress.

Any man, no matter how high his rank, is always her servant.

King Louis XIV, uh, a distant relative of mine... uh, indirectly... when home, never passed a maid without dusting the floor with his hat.

Yes, but you're the king here. And you must be seated first.

Oh, thank you. No, no, no. Here.

Uh, but that's for you. No, no, no.

Now, I await your permission.

Well. Will Your Highness would be... would be enough to... to... to be...

Ferdinand, sit down.

Ramón! Ramón!

Camilla! Camilla!


Get out of the doorway!

My coach, please. Well, uh...

It's not exactly ready yet. Is something wrong?

Well, His Highness gave instruction, but will you wait in His Highness' suite?

Mm-hmm. This way, mademoiselle.

Come here.

The new driver. Arriving for her orders.

Or to collect her wages.

Well, well, well. Disgraceful.

An actress. It's that actress Camilla.

Coming to take away our coach. It isn't fair.

How many silver mines are located west of Cuzco?

Two belonging to the duke, three to the marquise. - Three? What a woman.

My dear. Ferdinand.

Everything in order. Forgive me. This council meeting demands my presence.

Yes, but... Your coach is ready. Just pick it up.

Isn't that so? Not exactly, Your Highness.

Why isn't it? - May I remind Your Highness that the grandees are here... the ladies are here to felicitate You on the anniversary of Monte Blanco.

No. Congratulations. Thank you, my dear.

Congratulations! Prepare the coach at once.

Hurry, hurry. If they rage a bit, all the better.

Thank you. - These meetings... if I could only find a way to abolish them.

Oh, yes, I know, my love. Don't worry.

Your coach will be ready in five minutes.

- All you have to do is go down and ride away in it. - Thank you, my love.

Thank you, my love.

Thank you. Sorry.

How many belong to the viscount? Two silver mines.

Indians! Quiet, Baron.

Gentlemen, the council is in session.

You may be seated.

Order of the day, the war and its related expenditures.

I must first announce the unfortunate news that reliable sources report... that several extremely cordial talks have taken place between our enemies.

We shall have to face their combined forces in the not-too-distant future... which will certainly mean the loss of Cuzco and its wayside attractions... those mines of which you are so sentimentally fond.

Your Highness, we are in full accord.

We have met and decided... all of us... to contribute to the war effort.

His Most Catholic Majesty, the king of Spain, has never appealed in vain... to the patriotic fervor of the nobility of this colony.

Long live the king.

You mean that you agree to a voluntary contribution to our war effort?

Well, thank you, gentlemen.

It's a handsome and generous deed.

Perhaps it would be well to fix the amount of your contribution now.

We have already agreed to a first sacrifice of five million piastres.

Thank you again.

I'm deeply touched.

So much so I hardly know what to say.

I have prepared a few words. Not now.

We have attached a small condition to our contribution.

Of course. Certainly.

Just tell me this little condition and...

Uh, a moment, gentlemen. I seem to lack a certain important document.

No, no. Stay here.

History gives us many examples...

Did you want me? Look.

My dear, I... I... What's she doing here?

I don't know. - You told me she wasn't at court anymore.

Well, she was ill. She's evidently cured now.

You told her to come back. Me? Of course I didn't.

I'm not too sure. Hmm.

Anyway, make her leave now, hmm?

Why don't you go down and get your coach?

Oh, yes, and leave you alone with her? No, no. I'm in the council meeting.

Please go and take your coach. Not yet. Not yet.

Well... Well, then, be quiet. I am quiet.

I am quiet.

Rodriguez of the crossed eyes... when Queen Isabella commenced her siege of Granada, followed...

The glorious example of his queen... and vowed to wear the same shirt for the duration.

That siege, as you know, lasted 12 years.

And the shirt in question...

- Ferdinand. - rests to this day as the foremost treasure of my family.

Voluntary sacrifices on the part of our aristocracy...

Now, may I see you out? - Not before I tell you you're in danger.

I swear that you're in grave peril. You must do as the council asks.

- The council? But they're so nice today, like little lambs.

It's the first time I've enjoyed a meeting.

I think you'd better go lie down. Too many purges, my dear.

Go home. Now, do go home.

Our distinguished ancestor, of his own free will... sold all the family silver.

What did he do with the money from the sale?

History tells us, gentlemen. History notes it.

- He generously equipped a whole company of fighting men...

Well, what's the matter now? I'm asking you that.

Will you put that thing down and be quiet.

Has she left, that one? She's leaving now... right now.

Get her away quickly, eh? Or she'll be sick in bed again... especially after I throw her down the staircase.

Be calm. Now, please be calm. I am calm.

Years after the victory, the same moneylender... was reported as having been burned at the stake in the public square... which naturally enabled the silver to be returned to the family.

You want to get rid of me to go to another woman.

- Whatever in the world could make you... think that?

If I ever meet her face-to-face, I'll raise such a scandal! - Please be calm!

- Is it true that you gave away my coach? - Your coach?

Oh, my vapors! My vapors.

Oh, Ynez, I beg you, faint at home, not here!

- They pretended to be converted to Islam, sported the turban...

Very interesting, my dear viscount.

And the clever devils married many wives.

That's enough nonsense.

She's just leaving. I can absolutely give you my word.

It's just as if she was never here. Except she's still here.

Look, once again, I ask you, please leave my guitar alone.

While you go to get your coach, I'm going to get her out. Definitely.

I hope!


Well, don't you agree, gentlemen, that everything possible has been discussed?

Happily your generosity has made this council meeting quite superfluous.

Your Highness has not forgotten that there's a condition to our contribution.

Well, may I know what it is?

We are proud to give our money... and, if necessary, our lives... for the external defense of the colony.

But on the condition that our colony be as strongly defended internally.

Well, there's hardly any need for that.

The natives here are too lazy to revolt.

You don't know of any revolutionaries in this city, do you?

I know one. You.

Always the practical joker, eh, my dear duke?

I don't joke.

Something has happened which we all consider most serious.

You yourself explained the importance of the golden coach... qualifying it as a symbol.

You pointed out its effect on the population... and now you have given away this symbol of our glory to a common actress.

Our condition is... that you renounce your gift of this coach to a highly unworthy person.

And if I refuse, no money for the war?

If not, we are determined to invoke the privilege of nobles of this colony... by His Most Catholic Majesty, Charles V... to depose his viceroy of the New Indies and constitute a provisional government.

You forget. His Majesty's decree specifies... that such a move requires the signed approval of our bishop.

We shall obtain it.

While His Excellency is steadfast in his refusal to interfere with state affairs.

Precisely who is riding in that coach.

I have here two short decrees.

We ask very little of you.

One, an authorization for an attachment to the coach by the government... and its restriction to official purposes only.

Two, prohibiting entrance to this palace... to all persons not descended from at least eight noble ancestors.

I cannot sign them.

So much the worse for you.

Martinez... give me a pen.

Very well. Give them to me.

And you sign it...

doing what they tell you to do.

I thought you were great.

A great man.

But you're little.


Too little for me.

Oh, welcome back.

Oh. Ah, I forgot.

And now I take my coach. Papa!

Papa, please. Papa!

You. - Don't be frightened. I'm holding the fort.

My coach. - Her coach? What does she mean her coach?

- It's my coach! Mademoiselle Camilla's coach.

Mademoiselle Camilla's coach.

Bring out the coach!

Tear up your decrees. You fool! You traitor!

Don't you realize the consequences?

I adjourn this meeting.

He's a traitor! The man's a traitor!

An absolute traitor! A fool!

At the end of the second act... when Columbine goes, driven away by her masters... there's a tradition that you seem not to know... the comedians bow to her.

And one other tradition you may well respect.

Isabella, our great lady, never listens behind doors.

Please, open the door.

My dear friends, the coach is mine!

Thank you.

To the bullfight.

To the bullfight! To the bullfight!

Hey, they weren't supposed to give it to her.

Were you at that bullfight this afternoon, Balthazar?

Uh, yes, Your Highness.

Tell me something, Balthazar.

Have you ever been in love?

Like everybody else, Your Highness.

Were you ever deceived in love?

Of course, Your Highness.

Just like everybody else.

- Humiliated? Oh, Your Highness.

Ridiculed? Scoffed at publicly?

And after having been deceived and humiliated in love... did you ever lower yourself to find her again... the woman you loved?

Oh, no. Never, Your Highness.

I may have been an idiot, but never that crazy.

And you were right! Oh, that jezebel!

The ingrate! I despise her! I detest her!

Your Highness called? No! Yes!

Martinez, arrange for my escort.

Tomorrow morning, the bishop is privileged to order the hangman for me.

But I'm still the viceroy tonight, and I order an escort!

Very well, Your Highness. Shall I inform...

No! Better not. Don't let her know.

I want to...

Yes, you're right.

You may inform the lady.

What is it? For the viceroy.

Take it away.

Not even a glass of water for that wishy-washy.

Take it away. Get out. Where are your manners?

I'll teach him manners!

Do you love the viceroy?

Go to bed. But the viceroy.




Me. You gave me a sign... so here I am.

I don't understand why you're all so surprised.

I'm not surprised.

You were waiting for me.

I knew you would be.

Camilla, we're meant for each other, you and me.

King of the bullring and queen of the stage.

Your public is at your feet now, and mine is at mine... like one of my bulls.

You bring your public to me, and I'll bring mine to you... and they'll go mad to see us together.

Every real king and queen will be jealous.

Only one thing I warn you about: I'll be jealous, too. Understand?

If another man speaks to you alone, if you smile at some man I don't like... or even if you look at him in that way you do, he dies right here.

I swear it.

Like a little bull.

Olé. With one stroke.

Ah. At last...

I find a real man.

Now I know what is so wonderful about you.

You're simple.

You have nothing inside.

Absolutely nothing.

Nothing complicated, I mean.

Ah. Such a change.



Are you the viceroy? The viceroy? Much more than a viceroy.

I'm a king. The king!

The king!

- The king! Guilio.

- How are you? Bene.

That's a good boy.

The king. Oh, my.

Stay here. I'll tell Camilla.

The king.

And one other thing you must absolutely do.

Give back the coach. Are you mad?

My coach? Why? Because another man gave it to you.

Oh. Yes, but I have used it so little.

All the better. You and I go about only on horseback.

The public will like that. Olé!

Can you find a very small, quiet horse for me?

What do you want?

Why not talk about it tomorrow, eh?

Come and dine here. I... I'll make a pork pie for you.

No. Oh. Why? You don't like pork pie?

You were expecting another man.

Go ahead. Admit him to die on the point of my sword.

Oh, put that away, idiot. It's only the viceroy.

How can you be jealous after the way I treated him?

You can receive him just long enough to tell him that you belong to me.

Surely. - And give him back his coach. I stay here and listen.

Uh, it's a wonderful idea.

Uh, you... you wait, huh?

Go in there. And be quiet.

- Keep calm, Camilla. Don't worry. Come.

The king!


Oh! Isabella, how are you?


Camilla. Oh, Felipe.

You're still alive, and you're here.

Oh, Felipe.

How thin you are.

You must be starving.

There's pork pie left. No. No pork pie for him.

Spaghetti. You loved spaghetti, remember?

You loved spaghetti.

Camilla, you're happy?

You've had great success.

And great complication.

Success is not always enough.

But you... you.

Are you happy, huh?

Yes. Very happy.

I've learned a great many things since we were together.

Tell me, Felipe.

I was a prisoner of the Indians for many months.

At first it was miserable.

Then I began to learn their language and to understand their way of life.

Now I know them.

They're not savages. They helped me discover truth and kindness... and beauty.

Tell me.

They're much better than we are.

That's what I've discovered.

I'm going back to the Indians, Camilla.

I'm going to leave this... civilization... that's making us brutal and dishonest... start a new life, close to nature... among rivers and forests.

A new life with you, Camilla.

Will you come back with me? That's what I wanted to hear.

Won't they dance with joy to see us arrive in the coach?

You know, it's mine now.

Yes. So I see.

We'll have to give up the idea of traveling in it, though.

Where we're going, there aren't any paths wide enough.

I suppose I can live without it.

All that's finished.

I told him once... but evidently I must tell him again.


It's really the viceroy.


Your Highness.

Camilla, I... If Your Highness will follow me.


Uno, due.

Sorry. Not here.

This way, if you please.

Sit down, please. Sit down.

Does he speak Italian yet?


Stay here.

Che bella collana. Che bella, bella.

Che bella collana. Che bella, bella. Che bella collana.

This strange room.

Why here?

This room is reserved for people of quality.

Eight noble ancestors... at least.

You're very cruel.

Forgive me, Camilla.

I ask your pardon.

You despise me, and you're right.

I was a fool.

Camilla, help me.

I'm very unhappy.

Oh. A person of your rank unhappy?

You surprise me.

I surprise myself.

Living now means only suffering.

- You suffer? I do.

From jealousy?


And do you desire to meet your rival face-to-face?

I can't think of anything else.

Would you insult him?

I'm afraid I would.

- And kill him? Joyfully.

You'd like to be an ordinary man.


Ha! Something's changed you.

Let me see.

Ah, yes, you're different.

What's happened?

Oh, nothing very important.

I'm unemployed. Can your troupe use another actor?

What happened? This morning, after you left...

I refused to sign their decree... bow down to their ultimatum.

In reprisal, they've decided to depose me.

Can they? If the bishop approves, yes.

But he won't. I'm afraid he will.

Because of me.

It's worth it.

Because of me.

That's terrible.

Terrible. No, no, it's not.

Now I can love you like an ordinary man.

You love me like a man.

Can I love... like a real woman?

The king.

The king!

Ah. So this is the attraction, huh?

One for me.


I told you I'd be waiting.

Now... it's just the two of us.

Oh, no, you don't.

Gentlemen, please.

Come on, you.

En garde!

Be reasonable. Swords aren't gonna...



Now, now, gentlemen.

You mustn't look!

Don't get excited!

Besides, dueling is forbidden.

I must understand.

I'm absolutely sincere in life... and on the stage.

Then why do I succeed on the stage... and destroy everything in my life?

Where is truth?

Where does the theater end... and life begin?

You're evidently tired of the stage.

And, incidentally, my political career...

Seems to have come to a rather, uh, dismal end.

What do you think you're doing?

We might well ask that question of you, mademoiselle.

I'm sure these gentlemen are as amazed as I am at this strange family reunion.

Go away.

Go away, all of you.

Everything all right, Your Highness?

Police. Police.

Police. Police.

Don't be unhappy, Camilla.

We are artists... and the world is our home.

Let's move on.

I stay.

I stay with my coach.

Real silk, real gold.

Nothing else left.

You fool! You want us to wait around... to give one last performance in the public square... with the hangman introducing the characters?

We are in real danger.

We are not the only ones.

I stay.

Did you hear the news? They've arrested all Camilla's friends last night.

Ramón and that soldier will be sent to the gallows.

As for the viceroy, the bishop is on his way.

Now he'll be deposed for certain, and a convent for Camilla.

That settles it. I'm swearing my men over to the duke, the pig.

He'll certainly be appointed viceroy.

And what difference is one highness from another to us?

One thing I know: When there's a political crisis... or a military defeat or any shift of power... choose your moment, change your colors... and go right along with whoever's on top.

There he is. I'm gonna speak with him.


Halt! When His Highness' visitors arrive, you're to stand to attention.

Attention, all of you!

Now we've lost our chance. Why did you stop us?


Because His Highness...

Because I don't like the duke.

Neither do I.

Look! Here comes the coach!

The golden coach!

Camilla! Camilla!

Camilla! Camilla!

Thank you, my daughter.

Beloved children... in this colony, and in our world... true charity is all too rare.

Today, I have witnessed an act of pure charity.

Mademoiselle Camilla owned a coach... a golden coach... which all of you here at court coveted... and all the colony admired.

She has been so generous as to give her coveted, admired coach... to our church.

In the future, when a person facing death... begs for the solace of religion... this golden coach... will carry the last sacraments to him... in time for his soul to achieve salvation.

Mademoiselle Camilla's gift was the act of pure charity...

I witnessed today... and I have come here to proclaim it.

Oh, Mademoiselle Camilla... has also promised to sing at the high mass.

- Oh! I would like all of you to attend... as a token of peace... and reconciliation.

I want to see His Highness...

surrounded by the gentlemen of his court... with their ladies.

I would like everyone in the city present.

And most especially, all of our actors.

Ladies and gentlemen, to celebrate the triumph of Camilla... over the intrigues of the court...

I would have liked to present to you... a new melodrama in the Italian style... but Camilla is still missing.

Camilla! Camilla, on stage!

Don't waste your time in the so-called real life.

You belong to us... the actors, acrobats... mimes, clowns, mountebanks.

Your only way to find happiness is on any stage... any platform, any public place... during those two little hours when you become another person... your true self.


Ramón... the viceroy... disappeared... gone.

Don't they exist anymore?

Disappeared. Now they are a part of the audience.

Do you miss them?

A little.