The Good Nanny (2017) Script




Thank you so much.

Sweet Dreams, cookies and cream..

Or Perfect Day, pralines and pistachio.

Sweet Dreams.

Hey. Oh!

Got a little bit there. It was pretty good though.

Aw, look.

Oh, buddy. Hey.

'What happened? You lose your ice cream?

Yeah, I was running with it.


Yeah, well..

You want mine? It's cookies and cream.

Max, I told you not to run with your ice cream, didn't I?

She gave me her cookies and cream.

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm, I'm Summer.

I just, I saw he dropped it and the ice cream man's already probably gone.

I haven't touched mine, so.

'Thought he could have it. I should have asked.

Alright, I guess it's fine.

That's very kind of you.

What do we say?

Thank you, Summer.

You're welcome.


We must've been the only ones without kids back there.


We're gonna need to get on that.


Yeah, I mean, it's..

It's been nearly two years and we're not getting any younger.

Come on, you know how bad I want kids but you don't even know what kind of ring I want.

MAN: But if by chance..

I did..

Might it look something like this?

Oh, my gosh!

Summer Pratt..

Everyday with you has been a perfect day.

I-I, I wanted to marry you since our first ice cream date.

I just, I had to just save up for this.

Will you marry me?



MAN: Here, I'll put it on.


Is that thing gonna get more attention than me now?

You shouldn't have chosen so wisely.

I did choose wisely.

Hey, wait. What?

Did you grab what you said you were gonna pick up at the pharmacy?

Um.. Whoops.

I forgot.

I was thinking maybe we just make a baby?

No, I am not going to be showing at our wedding.

I'm okay with a little "I'm traditional" here and there but I draw a line on maternity gowns.


Okay, then we'll just play it safe.

Here you go.

See you on Friday? Yeah.

I love you, wifey.


I miss you already, and I love you.

Text me when you land. Yeah.




Clint, do you hear that?






Hey! Hi!

Hey! Hello! Welcome.

Oh, you must be Summer!

Uh, it's so nice to finally meet you.

Summer, this is my boss Travis Walsh and his wife Lily.

Such a pleasure. Won't you come in?

ALL: Surprise!

LILY: Surprise!

Oh, my gosh!

It's our engagement party. What?

Now, you guys need drinks and we need music, yeah?

Hi, Summer, surprise. Hi.

Oh, hi. You guys really got me.

Hey, congratulations. Hi, Monica.

Okay, where are all the cars? Valet.

We couldn't have you guessing we were up to no good.




Not one single guy, not one.

Hey, congrats.

I'm so happy for you and Clint.

Thank you, thank you.

How many of these people do you even know?

No one.

He has only been in the company for a month.

You know, apparently the Walshes know some very important politicians.

Oh, hopefully you won't have to invite them all to your wedding.

Oh, my gosh.

Have you guys picked a date yet?

Oh, we're still trying to figure out a schedule.

It's really tough, at least until summer.

He's in Sacramento every week.

Aw! Summer's summer wedding. I swear!

If they really love him, they can figure out a way to keep him down here.

Yeah, right? Travis's office is here.

So, I guess we'll look into it.

But, um, I don't know, Clint doesn't wanna push it.

He just got a big bonus, and then this obviously.

Where do you think all their money comes from?

I mean, they're really young and this is a super nice house.

'I can't afford a house like this in LA'

'even on a physician salary.

Oh, I don't know.

Maybe they come from money.

No, not her.

You see the way she carries herself?

That's rehearsed.

Okay, well, maybe she married into it.

It's his family's money or something, I don't know.

Why do you care? Well, I-I don't know.

I just, you know, your fiance is lobbying for their interest.

Don't you care what their interests are?

You watch too many crime dramas.


Oh, ladies! More champagne?

Oh, I wish. Looks like Clint's already three Scotches in.

Somebody's gotta get us home in one piece.

Oh, boo. Two is my limit.

I have to work in the morning.

Fine, fine, fine.

Can I interest you in an espresso or a cappuccino perhaps?

Oh, that would be awesome. Okay, great.

Hey, Clint didn't tell me you have a daughter.

I'm sorry?

Uh, I just saw a little girl out there in window.

Oh, that, yes, that's our little angel Sophie.

She's ten, and she's not supposed to be awake.

Oh, that's too bad, she's so cute.

It would've been nice to have met her.

Hmm, I'm sure someday you will.

You have a child, and you look like this?

Aw, thanks.

It was not easy coming back.

Let me tell you.


Oh, well, Summer..

Summer can't wait to have kids.


I work with them 24/7, so I can.

What do you with kids? I'm a pediatrician.

You are? Oh, that's wonderful.

Sophie could use one, and it would be great to have someone we already know.

You don't already have one?

Uh, her last pediatrician went to New York, so.

I would love to get your card. Sure.

There's just so few people you can trust with your kid.

Are you okay? Yeah, um..

It's the champagne. Do you have a restroom that I can use?



There she is!

So, Monica tells me you're a decorator?

I have a sitting room that could totally use your talent.

Yeah, well, we should talk about that. I'd love that.

Oh, that'd be great. Yeah.

Hey, sweetie. Hi.

CLINT: Hey, you feeling alright?

No, actually I'm not.

Uh-oh, too much champagne?

No, um..

(CLEARS THROAT) I just, I don't know.

I think I should just lay down.

No, is there anything we can do for you?

I have painkillers, anything you like.

Maybe we should just call it a night.

Yeah, um, I'm so sorry, thank you guys so much.

You guys are so..

This was lovely, thank you.

Let us show you out. Oh, thank you.

Painkillers? What?

I was just showing them hospitality.




Y-yeah, tell them to call me back.

So what did Dr. Monahan say?

He said the miscarriage was due to low progesterone levels.

I didn't even know I was five weeks pregnant.

How does that happen?

These things happen more than you know.

Look, after your wedding, you guys can try again.

I have something called polycystic kidney.

That's why I miscarried.

It means that I may never be able to have kids, right?

I've read about that, and that's what it says, Monica.

You know, Summer, just because you have a hormonal imbalance doesn't mean you can't have kids.

But there's a chance that it can mean that, right?

I mean, they have meds you can take when you're ready.

What if they don't work? What if I can't?

Well, then you have plenty of other options.

I could steal one for you.


You're gonna be a great Mom you know that?

Can I get you anything?


I'm okay.

Hey, come here.

Hey. Hm.

We're gonna get through this.






But I'm not pregnant anymore.

So why, why would I be having dreams that I am?

I think your dream is more about you not being able to reach yourself on the other side.

It makes sense to me.

It's your feelings about the miscarriage.

Yeah, maybe.

Maybe it's my subconscious telling me how it is.

Having nightmares after a miscarriage..

I mean, even during a pregnancy, that's totally normal.


Thank you.

(CHUCKLES) Hi, Ness.

Gonna be meeting crazy kids.

How's it comin' up? 'Oh, you have no idea.

LILY: Summer?

Lily, hi.

Oh, my God, it's so nice to see you again.

Muah, muah.

And, Monica. Hello.

(GIGGLES) Muah, muah!

Or should I say "Dr. Thorne?" Oh.

MONICA: And this must be..

Oh, Sophie, my daughter. Sophie.

Our daughter, Sophie. Hi. How are you?

Oh! Oh, Jesus.


You like crossword puzzles too, huh?

Thank you.

How'd that happen to your hand, little lady?

LILY: Oh, that's actually why we're here.

She has a nasty little cut and I was hoping you could take a look.

Yeah, sure. Come on back. Great.

I'm gonna get out of here. I'll see you guys later.

Nice to meet you.

Why don't you just stay for a bit?

I think Sophie likes you.

Okay. Hmm, come on.

Come. How did this happen?

It was a steak knife, I think.

She was helping me with the dishes, and she just..

Shoved her hands, right into the soapsuds.


You are a trooper.

'Doesn't this hurt?

SUMMER: Oh, come on.

She's a warrior, right?

Aren't you, Sophie?

LILY: This room is just adorable.

Did you do this yourself?

No, this is all Summer.

LILY: I knew it. I knew you were good.

You know, offer still stands in the sitting room.

Oh, thank you. Okay.

Thank you so much, Monica.

It's nice to know next time if Sophie gets sick we know just where to come.

Yeah, and if you wanna have her medical records faxed over from the old place just let us know, we'll give 'em a call.

Right. Yes, of course.

I'll try to remember to do that.

'Um, and, I'll send the intern's info.


'Or you can just bill us directly.

Okay. Okay!

Alright, um, Soph..

Let's get outta here. Heh heh.

Oh, uh, Lily. Hmm?

When would you like me to come by?

How about tomorrow? 'Okay.

Okay. 'Bye, Sophie.


Okay. See you.




(KNOCK AT DOOR) Hello. Oh.







(GASPS) Oh! My God!

Oh, Sophie.

Oh, you scared me.


What did you do? No, nothing.

It's fine, I was just, I was, uh..

I just saw this over here.

Oh, geez, I'm so sorry.

Those are Sophie's sheets from yesterday when she cut herself.

Um, honey, I told you to put these in the hamper.

Is kitchen floor the hamper, huh?


'She has this weird thing' where she keeps coming into the kitchen.

No idea why.

So, my husband tells me I have terrible taste.

Tell me, what inspires you?

Well, I can storyboard some ideas from you and start there.

You mind if I take some photos and measurements first?

By all means.

(CELL PHONE VIBRATES) Oh, excuse me.

It's Travis. Excuse me. Okay.

Hi, honey.



Hey, Sophie.

You wanna give me a hand? I could use some help.

Here. Take this.

On to the edge of the wall.


Eight-O-One, perfect.

Just let go. It rolls up back on.

(CHUCKLES) Awesome, thank you.



Sophie here decided to help me.

Oh, how cute.

Hey, I feel awful for asking, but our nanny quit unexpectedly last week, and..

We've been trying to find a replacement.

But with everything happening at the company I've been helping out with consulting, so it's just...

Yeah, I can, I can watch Sophie today.

With all you guys have done, it's the least I could do.

Seriously? Yeah.

Ah, thank you. Are you sure? Yeah.

Provided it's okay with..

Ah! She's just shy.

But I can tell she likes you.

And between you and me, she doesn't really like people.


Can I show you around, quick? Okay.

Okay. Yeah.

So, this here is Travis' study.

We have a guest room, and the bathroom right here.

And, then, at the end of the hallway is..

Sophie's room.

Okay, cool.


Oh, so, she'll probably keep to herself in her room the whole time, but if she gives you any trouble, you'll call me?

Oh, yeah, I'm sure we'll be fine.

She seems so sweet. Yeah.

Yeah, she's, uh, special.

Anyway, text me if you have any problems, okay?

Muah, muah!

Thank you.


SOPHIE: I said her name is Summer.

'But why is she here?

'I think she's gonna be our new nanny.

'She seems nice.

'What makes you think they can trust her?

'She could be just like the others.

Who were you just talking to?

You got a friend over?

Huh! I see.

We're playing hide and seek?

Bet you I know where I can find her.



Oh, where did she sneak out?

Go out over here.

Sasha's shy.

She doesn't trust you.

Sasha, huh?

Um, and what about you?

You trust me?




Um, isn't it kind of cool that we like the same kind of pizza?

So, tell me..

Why did your last nanny..

Quit so last minute?

I don't know.

She just disappeared.

Disappeared? What do you mean, like, like she moved?

I think she was afraid.

Afraid of what?

Hi, Summer. How're you doing? Good.

LILY: Ooh! Did you guys get pizza?

Mm-hmm. Yummy!

But I bet it's about time for you to brush your teeth and get ready for bed now, huh?

Go ahead.

Oh, wait a second. Uh-uh-uh.

There you go. Thank you.

Oh, wait, Soph.

Don't forget your milk.

'Goodnight, sweetie.

You wanna say "Thank you, Summer" for the pizza and watching you?

Thank you, Summer.

Did you, did you want a drink? Oh, no. Thank you.

I'm gonna head home soon and call Clint.

So, how did it go today?

It was good.

Sophie is very well-behaved.

Uh, most of the afternoon, she didn't make a peep but, uh, I-I went down her room once and..

Does, does Sophie have any friends that she has over sometimes?

Oh, oh, well, Sophie just talks to herself a lot.

Yeah, she has these, um, oh, I don't know, imaginary friends that she talks to.

'I know, it seems weird.

No. I-I don't think it's weird at all.

See, she takes these pills, uh, otherwise she gets these horrible night terrors.

Heavens knows why though.

She has everything she could ever want.

Right here with us.

Right, honey?



I'm going for a swim.

You know, you really shouldn't be letting my newest head of government affair's fiance look after her.

We agreed to keep her scarce around the business.

Don't you mean "Our newest head of government affairs?"

Our company, right?

You wanna play that game again?



What's mine is yours and yours is mine.

Isn't that the agreement?



Now you're the new nanny?

Yeah. I-I guess so. I..

She kind of cornered me in the driveway and asked for my help on re-designing the sitting room.

So, it won't be for long.

Just until she can find someone else to hire, you know?

What is Lily so busy with?

I don't know. Travis needs help, she sounded desperate.

Desperate to go the gym or shopping?

Baby, Lily is not even an employee of the company.

You do not have to do this.

You can just tell 'em "No." They'll understand.

'Look, I'll-I'll talk to Travis tomorrow.

'You'll feel comfortable. No. No, it's fine. Really.

Maybe, maybe this will be good for me, you know?

Sweetheart, you, you're an interior designer, a good one.

Not a nanny.

Yeah, well, and right now it just so happens to be I could be a nanny getting paid an interior designer's salary.

'Really? Yes.

'Well, alright, then, well, they..

'They must actually be desperate then?


'Probably to find someone that they trust' around all their expensive crap.

But, listen, I'm-I'm serious about what I said, okay?

You do not have to do this just because they own the company that I work for?

If it's not working out for any reason, you promise me you let me know, okay?

It's fine. I'm fine, really.

Stop lobbying to me, okay?

I'm tougher than I look.


I like being here with you better than the park.

Well, so do I.

But, you know, you need some friends your age.

'You can't only be friends with the big kids' like me, your Mom and Dad.

They aren't my friends.

Those people hate me.


They're your parents. Of course, they don't hate you.

I wish I wasn't here.

I've heard them talking about it lots of times.

'They thought I was asleep.

Daddy said that I was a burden.

A nuisance to their new lives.

New life? What does that mean?

I'm not allowed to say.

Mommy said if I told, I could die.


Well, I'm sure you read them wrong.

And that is something that you do not need to worry about for a very long time, okay?




Are we playing hide and seek?

I wonder where Sophie could be?

Could she be... in here?




Gosh. Heh heh.

Oh, you got me.

Get in there. Heh. Huh!

Might want the sheets, huh? Feeling hot?

Phew! Heh.



Ah! I am so sorry we're late.

These silly things always run a way later than they're supposed to.

Wild clients keep things running, I get it.

Yet these development companies making millions on their own still expect to be wined and dined.

So, how was your day?

Ah, yeah, it was good, um, Sophie and I went to the park and then we got ice cream.

Oh, um, the park.

Uh, did we ever talk about taking her to the park?

Oh, oh, no, I'm sorry. I..

You know, I actually texted you, and I never heard back so I guess I just assumed, which I shouldn't have done.

It's not.. I'm really sorry, I...

She's not supposed to be outside.

She, um, she has a skin condition.

It's very dangerous for her to be in sunlight for long periods of time.

It's why she wears a long sleeve.

She's just really fragile.

I'm so sorry, I, I would've never taken her, I understand.

Thank you.

Hey, so..

Does Sophie kind of have a wild imagination?

Mm. Why do you ask?

Uh, she was just kind of saying strange things today, so.

Like what?

Um, you know, I..

She thinks she overheard you guys saying things about her like, that you guys don't want her around.

I'm sorry, I know this is really, probably even more uncomfortable for you than it is for me even asking this, but is this something that she's expressed before to you guys or..



She's on that one again, huh? Excuse me?

Um, her, her last psychiatrist seemed to think that the whole thing was just, uh..

An elaborate cry for attention.

She's spoiled.

Lily spoils her way too much.

I do. Heh heh. I do.

I don't know, I guess I was just hoping she stops saying these things.

I mean, how do you think we feel?

Parents whose daughter goes around talking about how awful they are.

Not exactly the best subject to dinner parties.

Wow, yeah, well, that's, that's really tough.

It's just another reason why it's so hard to take her places.

But I'm so sorry you had to deal with that.

I hope you don't think ill towards us now.

Especially because, well, we think so highly of you and Clint.

You know, he's the best lobbyist I've ever worked with.

You guys have been nothing but amazing.

Even I had a wild imagination as a kid, so.

I just thought you guys should know.


We really appreciate you keeping us in the loop.


You've just been such a great help with Sophie this week.


Really, it means the world to us to have someone so protective look over our daughter.

Well, I should get home. Um..

Clint's coming home tomorrow, so.

Oh, you, you haven't spoken to him, have you?

You should probably give him a call.

We're just so close to closing with these guys I asked him to extend his trip for just a little bit longer.

I hope that's okay. Yeah.

Yeah, of course, it's fine.

Cheers. Cheers!



TRAVIS: I don't care what anyone else says.ha.

'I make the rules in this house.

'And if I say to stay here'

'you sure as hell better stay!

She just stares, she doesn't say anything.

It's like talking to a ghost.

Honey, maybe we should take her to see a psychiatrist.

Do you think? Yeah.

Because that wouldn't be humiliating for the both of us.


Babe, we don't need anyone telling us what we already know about her. I gotta go.

Meet you later at the course.

Honey, I think this is... I gotta go.

Sweetie, I just really think that..

Good morning, Summer. 'Good morning.

You okay? Yeah, yeah, no, I'm fine.

I just sometimes get this itchy eye thing in the morning.

Is it Sophie?

Listen, what I said last night Travis was really upset.

No, it's just... sometimes..

II don't think I'm cut out to be a mother.


No. Okay, I can't tell you much about being a parent.

Mine weren't really around when I was a kid but... it was hard, my parents were traveling doctors.

I know they felt terrible, but there was nothing they could really do about it, you know?


Where are they now?

Um, my parents actually passed away.

Yeah, they died in a plane crash when I was 17.


And, uh..

Actually a couple of weeks ago, I miscarried my first baby.

Oh, my God!


I'm so sorry. It's okay.

It's, uh.. Sorry, I didn't mean to bring this up right now.

I'm just, um, you know..

Your, your time with your kid is precious.

You're really lucky to have her.

Sophie just probably wants you guys around more, that's all.

Yeah. Yeah, I know.

But it's just, everything's been so busy.

And both of us really want..

Ugh, my God.

Look at the time.

I have so many calls to make before I leave.

Are you gonna be okay? Yeah.

Okay. Okay.

SOPHIE: She's not our friend. She's ratted it on you'

'and told them everything.

'I know, Sasha, she doesn't know everything.

'Maybe we should have told her what they did with you.

You heard what she said, if anyone ever finds out we could both die.

I made you breakfast, Sophie.

Are you hungry?

I made a scrambled egg, and toast with jam.

Sophie, look at me.

Sasha isn't real, is she?

Is she your imaginary friend?

You know, I had one when I was little too.


Hey, you can trust me.

Okay? You told them what I said.

Why did you do that?

Hmm, because I wanted to know why they would say something like that.

I didn't make something up.

And Sasha?

You didn't make her up either?

That is Sasha.

And that's mommy, and that's daddy.

I didn't make her up.

Okay, why do mommy and daddy want to hurt her? Hm?

They don't like her? No one does.

What about you?

I like Sophie better.

Well, I think Sophie and Sasha are pretty cool.

Do you want some milk with your breakfast?

Chocolate milk?

Only if you forgive me for telling, yes.

LILY: Okay, I'm leaving.

We have that publicity event tonight at Marigon so we'll be back late.

Can I get a hug?

Sophie, what is that?

Can I see? Come on.

Summer, can you give us a moment?

Yeah, I was just... 'Just a moment.



This drawing isn't us, do you understand?

I don't really know what to think.

Look, Summer, the truth is..

Sophie has a borderline personality disorder.

We didn't mention anything before because of the businesses and the type of people that we're always around.

He's embarrassed by her, isn't he?

You know that little girl she mentioned to you? Sasha?

She isn't real.

That manifestation is part of the problem.

We've tried to get her help, we've tried to fix her but it just keeps coming back to haunt us.

Well, what does she think you guys did?

I don't know, she thinks we're dangerous or we're out to get her, I have no idea.

Well, maybe, maybe she senses her father's disconnect and thinks that you're trying to take his side.

I don't know, you might be right.

Travis never wanted kids, and Sophie is a struggle.

The truth is she frightens me sometimes.

She has this twisted little imagination.

That's the reason our last nanny, Theresa quit.

I was hoping things would be different with you but now I just don't think it was such a good idea.

No, no, please, let me spend some more time with her, okay?

Maybe I can get her out of her shell.

Thank you, Summer.

That'd be really great.

Bye. Bye. See you.




I see you found your milk.

She was lying.

About what?


Can we do crossword puzzles now?


Hey, there's a little bit of sun out here.

Are you sure you're alright?

Yeah, why wouldn't I be?

Oh, I thought you have a skin allergy to the sun.



Six-letter word.

Skeletons in the..

Well, can't be "Graveyard." That's nine.

"Closet." Skeleton in the closet.

What does that mean?

It means when someone has secrets but they don't want anyone to find out about them.

So, it's like they hide a part of themselves in the closet.

Hence the word "Skeleton."

Hm, interesting.


Mm, that's amazing.

Sophie, you got to try this.


It was just to cut the salad.

You're afraid of me too, aren't you?

No, no, I'm not. Give me that.

It's a little too close for comfort, okay?







How did you get in here?

Oh. Uh, Lily unlocked it for me this morning.

I, uh, I had to print all these designs out but I couldn't do it until Sophie was in bed, so.

I'll be out in just a second, I'm just finishing up.

It's fine.

I'm gonna go for a swim.

Hey! Hey.

Where's Lily? Your guess is as good as mine.

I thought you guys were supposed to be at that publicity thing tonight.

Yeah, and I guess she stayed after with some of girls..

Or boys, whatever.

You wanna come in for a dip?

I'm sure that Lily has an extra bikini you could borrow..

If you need one.

No, thank you.

I'm gonna head home, I'm a little behind this week from watching your daughter who's in that room, right there.

You're a good girl, aren't you, Summer Pratt?

Maybe a nightcap will change your mind.


Uh, Theresa Salazar?

Tia Theresa!

Somebody here to see you.

Hi. Hi, how can I help you?

Uh, my name is Summer Pratt. Uh, I'm sorry to bother you.

I'm just, I was wondering if you had a minute to talk?

Well, wh-what's this regarding?

Uh, the girl that you were watching, Sophie Walsh.

What about her? Did something happen to her?

No, no, she's fine. Um, she's fine.

I'm-I'm the new nanny, so.

I heard that you quit.

I, I really had no choice.

Mr. Walsh didn't like me asking questions.

Uh, may I ask you what happened?

He told me that he would sue me if I ever said anything to anyone, you understand.

Uh, you know, I-I'm, I know this is a lot but we're actually in the same boat, okay?

And I'm just, I'm really worried about Sophie.

That's all, really.

Thank you. Thank you.

What do you want to know?

Uh, is there just anything you can tell me about Sophie.

Besides the fact that she's genuinely unsettled.

They told me she is borderline bipolar that she has these night terrors.

I mean, is this, is this something that you believe?

I-I do believe the child is troubled, yes.

But I think they are the reason.

They do not love her, that I know.

And-and I can't say for sure but I think they're the ones who hurt her too.

Why else would a child always want to sleep with a knife.

I'm sorry, a knife? What?

And what do you mean they hurt her? What?

I've already said too much, Ms. Pratt.

I'm sorry, but... I just can't jeopardize my family over this anymore.

I-I-I, I wish you all the best but, but I have to ask you to leave.

What do you.. Okay, fine. Fine.

Thank you.

Excuse me one second. Summer.

Hello. Hey, baby, how's the day off?

Uh, it's good.

Um, hey, did you know Lily is a stripper?

Excuse me? Yeah!

Some place called Sugar Babies by Sacramento.

Please tell me you didn't know about this.

Um, I mean, did I know she was a dancer at one time?

Yes, that may have come up in conversation with Travis once or twice.

'I assumed it was ages ago, and it's not like'

'I've known them that long, so.

Yeah, well, it doesn't seem like ages ago on the site.

What site?

These matches spilled out of Lily's purse and it said Sugar Baby, so I looked it up and there was her photo.

I mean, I-I don't think they moved down from Sacramento until last year, so, uh, I guess it's, it's possible she could have still been working there recently.

Yeah, but why would she?

I mean, Travis has enough money for her to never work another day in her life.

'And where does all this money come from anyway?

I don't-I don't know, family I assume.

Baby, what is this about? What happened?

Nothing. I just.. I don't know.

I don't agree with the way they are raising their child.

You know, there's not one picture of Sophie in the entire house.

And how did they get sleeping pills for a child without a doctor?

'I thought you said things were going well.

Maybe I should cancel this meeting and come home for the weekend.

No, no, no, no, it's fine.

It's fine. Uh, you're right.

I haven't talked to them about any of this.

That's my fault, I should..

I'm okay, alright. It's fine.

You're sure? 'Yes.

'Yes, maybe I have just been' spending too much time there.

Just have a good lunch, knock 'em dead, alright?

'Okay, thank you, baby.


I'll call you later tonight, okay? I love you.

Okay, me too.

I told you she was rehearsed, didn't I?

Yeah. If she was really married to Travis all this time why would she still be dancing?

Even if the photo's old, it can't be older than your

10-year-old daughter.

Well, maybe they haven't been married for as long as they said they were.

Or maybe Sophie isn't his child.

Why would you say that?

Maybe Lily married him and he adopted himself a daughter.

But if Travis doesn't want kids why would he adopt her?

Maybe Lily didn't give him a choice.

It would explain the resentment towards Sophie.

I bet he's trying to hide Lily's sordid past.

They have a reputation to protect, remember?

Yeah, but it, still, it doesn't explain the abuse.

I understand the neglect.

But even the old nanny said that they hurt her and that she was sleeping with a knife.

I'm gonna see if I can look into her records.




(SUMMER GASPS) Lily, Lily.

Lily, Lily. Hey, hey.

Hey. Hey!

Wake up, wake up!

Lily! Hmm.


Hey, hey, hey!


'Good morning. Sophie!

What are you, what are you doing with scissors in your bed?

You could've really hurt me.

Or yourself. I'm sorry.

Good morning.

'Mommy hides all the knives at night.

Why would you need either?

You didn't have anything the other night when I put you to bed.

'I thought you'd stay over to watch me.

When I woke up, you were gone.

Sophie, you know I have to go home eventually.

I can't always be here.

But if you are afraid that someone is trying to hurt you you need to tell me, okay?

Did somebody try to hurt you?

Hey, your friend, Sasha..

Did she, uh..

Does she have a different last name than you?

You can tell me what it is?

Carter. Carter.

And does Sasha have a different mommy?

One that kinda looks like your mommy?

They have the same hair color and stuff.

Okay. And what about Sasha's mommy's real name?


Tara. Tara.

Tara Carter.


Thank you for trusting me.

Why don't you get ready and come out, we make breakfast?


I think the record should say Sasha Carter and I think Lily's former name would be Tara Carter.

Okay, good. That's what we'll start with.



Sophie has burn scars all over her shoulders and upper arms.

What? 'Yeah.

Okay, listen, I will get Andrea on this and get back to you ASAP.

Okay, thank you.

Oh, geez!

Wow, you look like, you look like you had some fun last night.

Are you, are you okay?

Hmm. What's-what's going on?

Can I, can I help you with anything?

It's Travis. I just..

I just really screwed up.

What happened?

It's all kind of a blur.

We had some people over and I had a few drinks and, I don't know, I don't..

I don't remember much after that.

He didn't hit you, did he? What do you mean?

Your cheek, you have a..

You have a bruise on your cheek.

Oh, my God!

Uh! Oh, my God.

ANDREA: Yes, hello again. Her name is Sasha Carter.

Uh, but the spelling's a bit smudged here in the medical records request.

I think her mother's name is Tara.


I gotta take this.


Yeah, it's me.

Tara, no calls on the clock.

Hefner, kiss my ass.

TARA: Who the hell is asking?

No, I don't know no pediatrician in San Fernando valley.

Oh, no, no, we-we, actually I did call them.

Uh, I'm gonna visit my little sister down in LA.

I wanted to make sure that she's got a doctor down there and copy of her records.

Uh-uh, who'd you say is, uh..

Who'd you say it is?

Yeah, yeah, Dr. Thorne, that's right.

Yeah, yeah, you can give 'em Sasha's records.

Thank you so much for checking with me.

Okay. Bye.

Tara, this ain't your damn break.

I need the rest of the day off. Tomorrow too.

HEFNER: What the hell for?

Going to get my daughter back.

What's up?

Things have been really bad over here.

I think Travis hit Lily last night.

Yeah. I mean, I don't know for sure but I found drugs in their room and not only pills, but a whole bunch of other stuff too.

Oh, geez. How is Sophie?

I don't know, she seems fine, just a little shaken when I woke her up today, but..

Did you find anything?

'You were right about the name.

Apparently, Sasha Carter is Sophie's real name and her mother is Tara.

Her father is a Gerald Jones.

So I was right. Travis is not her real father.

Lily must have, I don't know, decided to start a new life and come here with Sophie.

'What about her scars, anything?

Yeah, yeah.

Well, she has second degree burns on both her arms and shoulders.

Apparently, she accidentally pulled a pot of boiling water on herself, and Tara was there when it happened.

Oh, my God, no wonder she refuses to go anywhere near the kitchen stove.

She does have borderline bipolar disorder.

So at least they weren't lying there.

'Yeah, which is all the more reason to get her out of here.

This place is not safe for any child.

Especially one as fragile as she is.

Are you over there now? 'Yeah, I am. I'm out back.

Lily, Tara, whatever her name is, is here too.

I don't even know if she's gonna leave today.

She's so hung over.

Summer, maybe you should call the police.


No, they won't let the cops in here without a warrant.

There's no way.

And they have ties with very powerful people in this town.

'They'll just get rid of me.

'I cannot take this chance with Sophie.

So, what are you gonna do?

I'm gonna try to get her out of here myself.

You can't just drive down there and grab her.

It don't work that way.

It's exactly what she did to me.

Took her to pizza, never came back.

Hi, Andrea, it's Tara over at Stockton Medical.

You guys called earlier requesting record for Sasha Carter. You received?

ANDREA: (ON SPEAKER) 'Yes, we did. Thank you very much.

Fantastic. Oh, we actually have a small balance from a previous bill that we never collected before they moved.

Any chance I could get a current address so we can mail that over?


"Lily Walsh."

Yeah, got it.

That is wonderful. Thank you.

I only ever knew her as Lily Carter.

It's nice to hear she finally got married.

Thank you so much, Andrea.

MITCH: What the hell do you think you're doing?

You're on parole, you can't even leave the county.

I am tired of things being taken from me.

'When I was a kid, what little love my mother did have' when she wasn't beating the hell out of us went to her.

My husband cuts his wrist, everybody blames me.

You were there!

It doesn't matter, you're not gonna get charged.

Everyone knew Gerald was a nutcase anyway.

Oh, what now-now she and my kid are living in the lap of luxury, down in the big city while I waste away up here, waiting for it all to end?

I'll be damned if this is the end.

Well, you leave, you're damned either way.


Hey, you need me around today?

Are you kidding me?

I wouldn't be caught dead going anywhere looking like this. Why?

Uh, I thought I could show you some of the fabric samples I picked up this weekend.

I was in such a rush today, I forgot them.

But I thought I could go grab them.

Maybe Sophie could come with.

Yeah, I haven't been to your house yet.

Can I go, Mom? Please.

No, sweetie, you don't need to be going out today.

Summer will be just fine without you.

You can play when she gets back.

LILY: You remember what daddy said.

You never let me go anywhere!

SUMMER: It will be really quick, just there and back.

That's it. And it's overcast today.

I'm sorry, Summer, I just can't deal with this today.

The answer is no.

Hey, I bet you she won't even notice we're gone.

You wanna go grab a backpack, and some crossword puzzles?

Hey, listen..

How would you like to sneak away for a little while, just me and you.

Just until we figure some things out with your Mom and Dad.

How would you feel about that, huh?

I think I'd like to be with you.


You're not happy here most of the time, are you?

We could go to the beach house.


I love that place.

You think Mom and Dad would think to look for you there?

Nope. It's a great place to hide.

There's a set of keys under the bamboo plant.

Anyways, they'd never come looking for me.

You're the only one that tries to find me when I hide.

Well, then let's go over and hide there.

Hey. He-hey.

Are you guys going somewhere?

Um, no, actually, we were just...

LILY: Sophie, go to your room, please.

'But... ' I said go.

LILY: Go, now.


Where were you taking her?

I told you, to pick up the fabrics.

I don't believe you, Summer.

What's really going on here?

Yeah, actually, you know, why don't you tell me what's really going on here?

I'm not one that has been lying ever since we met, Tara Carter.

Wait, you think she's Tara Carter?

Yeah, actually, I know a lot more than you think I do.

About Sasha, the scars.

That you two have been very bad parents.

We're not actually her parents, okay?

'I'm not Tara, and Sophie isn't mine.

The reason we look a lot alike is because I'm her aunt.

Tara is Sophie's biological mother, alright?

Tara is the one who threw boiling water all over Sophie, and gave her those scars, okay?

'It wasn't me. You just kidnapped her?

What was I supposed to do, just leave her with my psychotic sister?

Tara might be tried for murdering Sophie's father.

Oh, my God!

Wow, this is.. This is a lot.

Yeah. Yes, so as you can see we're doing the best that we can here.

'I just don't think that the answer is to bring her here' and treat her like she doesn't exist.

You guys don't let her out.

You don't let her make any friends.

You guys don't act like real parents should.

The only reason we don't take her out is 'cause Tara's probably looking for her, okay?

And what would you know about parenting?

You never even had your baby.

I know that you don't pop pills in front of them and you don't smack your wife around

'or hit on the nanny when she's ten feet away.

Sorry, you got thrown into this

'cause your sister is bad.

'Child negligence' is an equally awful form of abuse.

Even if the kid's crazy? Oh, my God.

TRAVIS: She's wielding sharp objects.

She's cutting herself all the time.

You know, maybe we should just let her take her.

No, come on.

I don't think she wants to stay here anyway.

She hates us.


Oh, and for the record..

I never hit her.

She fell off the bed, high off her ass.

Got that one all yourself, didn't you?

Did he really come on to you?

Oh, that is really all you have to say after all of that?

You are so selfish.

Oh, do you think you could do a better job raising her yourself?

Yeah, actually I do.

Right, because you're so perfect.

You know nothing about my life, okay?

Lily, stop.

Stop, I know everything.

Okay? I know everything.

I did what I had to do to create a better life for myself, okay?

So don't, don't you judge me.


So you could have a better life.


CLINT: Why didn't you tell me any of this?

I'm sorry, it just got bad so fast.

I couldn't believe it myself. Did they fire you?

Well, they didn't invite me back.

I said some pretty hard stuff to both of them.

'Sounds like it's true. I'm so sorry.

What if he fires you? 'Do not worry about that.

'I'm not worried, and you shouldn't be either.

I'm gonna finish up here, and I'm gonna book a flight home for tomorrow afternoon.

Okay, yeah, thank you, it would be..

It would be so much better if you were here.

Just.. What are we gonna do?

I feel so helpless, like..

I just.. I don't want to leave her there, you know.

That's not our decision, alright?

'Maybe confronting them on these issues there'

'they'll try harder.

'We can all talk it out when I get back.

I just don't get it, I could be such a good mother to someone like her.


'And some day you will be.

I know you're concerned about Sophie but you, you said that she's sharp, right?

Yeah. She'll be fine.

Sure hope so.






You in here?






Hello. Summer.

Do you know where Sophie is?

No, I haven't talked to her.

Are you telling me the truth?

You didn't pick her up?

No, is sh-she not.. Is she not at the house?

No, she's not out back.

She's not-she's not in her room.

I don't where she is.

Okay, I'll come help you look.

Okay, fine.

Hey, I can't talk right now.

Summer, hey, listen to me I've got more news about Sophie's mother Tara.

Yeah, I know, Lily's not her Mom.

She told me everything yesterday.

I-I'll call you when I can, okay?

'Well, but you know that she called us yesterday?

Wait, what? Who?

Stockton Medical Center called Tara to confirm the transfer of the medical records.

Apparently our verbal request wasn't enough.

'Tara called here posing as a nurse.

And Andrea didn't put it all together until Stockton called this morning confirming the receipt of the records.

That's when she crosschecked the caller IDs.

Okay, what did she want?

The address.

The Walshes address.

Oh, my gosh.


When was the last time you saw her?

I-I don't know, last night around 8:00 or 9:00.

I asked her if she wanted something to eat but she wouldn't come out of her room.

Okay, what about Travis?

He left for work this morning and he's not picking up his phone.

Oh, Lily, I have to tell you something.


Tara knows where you guys live, she found out.

What? How?

Yeah, she called Monica's office and she posed as a nurse.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. If Travis left the gate open then Tara could've taken her.

Why isn't he answering his phone?


Sophie! Sophie, honey.


LILY: Where could she be?



Oh, my God. Summer. What?

Tara's definitely been here.

Okay. What are we gonna do?

I don't know, I don't know. I don't know.

Let's go, come on, come on. Oh, my God.

Sophie. Summer!

I don't know what you're looking for.

I've already been in here.


Oh, my gosh.

What is it? "A great place to hide."

Sophie, she left this for me. She left this for me to find.

Give it to me. She knew I'd come looking.

The beach house. What does it mean?

Let's go to the beach house.

Why would Tara take her to the beach house?

She doesn't even know where it is.

And Sophie wouldn't remember something like that.

Sophie remembered your spare key under the bamboo.

If I'm right, she convinced her to go there.



You wanna give me a hand?


'Sasha, you know that was an accident.

Come on, how many times have I apologized to you after it happened?

Why did you come to get me?

Because you're mine!


You have no idea how hard it was for me after you left.

You know, trying get the help I needed from welfare how pissed your daddy was always taking it out on me.

You don't care, do you?

Too busy having fun with your Aunt Lil.

It wasn't very fun most of the time.


Well, that is the first good news I've heard in a while.

Did you know, there is..

Just one question that I can't get off of my mind.

Did you wanna go?

You're kidding?

I begged her to take me.


Okay, what you think the odds are she has a gun?

Oh, I'd say about as good as my husband cheating.

Like he tried with you. Yeah, okay.

Shh, shh, shh. Okay.

Why are there cars if there's no people or anything?

Well, it's mostly a summer home, so.


If I go, if I go in the front..

If I go in the door and distract her long enough, right?

Then you can come, slip in from downstairs and grab Sophie, alright?

Okay? No, no, no, wait.

If Sophie calls you by name Tara will know it's foul play.

And I'm her sister, she's not gonna hurt me.

It makes sense for me to try to reason with her.

Okay, how about I go upstairs you sneak up from behind and then you just knock her out.

You sure about that?

Look, the only reason I took Sophie that day was because she refused to get out of my car when I tried to say goodbye.

You were right, about everything.

I was a coward, I did what was easy for me out of fear and guilt.

You know what?

I didn't stand up to Tara then, but I can now.

It's time for me to do something right.


Let's do this. Let's do it.



TARA: You think you're smarter than me?



Someone teach you how to use one of these while you were with your Aunt Lil?

No? I didn't think so.

Spoilt brat with your girly room and fancy nightlights.


You scream, I shoot her.

Don't get anyone killed, huh?

Thought you said they wouldn't look for us here.

Hey, sis.

And how'd you know we were here?

Um, surveillance. We have them hidden around the property.

So.. Hello.

Um, Sophie didn't, Sasha... didn't know.

Sophie's a crap name, by the way.

LILY: Well, it was our grandmother's name.

TARA: Yeah, she was a crap grandmother.

LILY: Okay, look, Tara, I'm not here'

'to take Sasha back, okay?

'The truth is, it's, it's been kinda hard'

'having her around, actually.

I guess, I realized that I just, um..

'I wasn't cut out to be a mother.

But I do love her, and I just..

I wanted to say goodbye.


Get down!



I'll never let you have her.

You'll ruin her like Mom ruined us.


It's gonna be hard to come after me when you're in jail for the murder of your husband.


Come on, let's go.


LILY: She killed Travis.

She killed Travis. Run! Run! Run!

Let's go. Let's go. Here we go.

Come on.






I'm sorry I wasn't there.

'Hey! Don't shoot.

Don't shoot! Sophie.

Fine, bring her to me.


Okay. Here, look at me. Look at me, okay?

If you let me go, then she'll shoot you.

It's okay. No.

It's okay, look at me. You're a warrior, remember?

You're a warrior.

Okay, so what I'm gonna do..

Is I'm gonna put you down.

And then you're gonna run.

Okay, you hear me, you're gonna run and you're never going to look back, alright?

You understand me? You promise me?

Do you promise?

Sasha, let the lady put you down.

It's okay.


Sasha, come to mommy, now.

(SNIFFLES) Tara, take her. Just take her, please.

Take her.

Come here, Sasha.

My name is Sophie now.



Sweet Dreams, kiwis and creams is definitely the way to go.

No, no, no, it's all about the Perfect Day pralines and pistachio. It's easily the best.

No way! Describes the day the best.

No way! Okay, that calls for a vote.

What do you think, Soph? Huh?


I think the next time..

I'm gonna get Very Happy Vanilla Bean.



SUMMER: Well, you ready to go home?

Yeah. Alright, let's go.



SUMMER: Fairy Godmother waved to the girl as she left her to live in the castle.

Now and forever more to be a princess.

Happily ever after."


♪ Fly away fly away ♪

♪ Far away far away ♪

♪ May you always be happy ♪

♪ May you always be free ♪

♪ With the winds.. ♪ Summer? Yeah?

Are you my Fairy Godmother? No.

Just a girl who always wanted to be a Mom.

But we will live happily ever after!

♪ Anytime at any place ♪


♪ Fly away fly away ♪

♪ Far away far away ♪

♪ May you always be happy ♪

♪ May you always be free ♪

♪ With the wind at your back ♪

♪ And the sunlight on your face ♪

♪ May the road rise up to meet you ♪

♪ Anytime at any place ♪