The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965) Script

In the beginning was the Word.

And the Word was with God.

And the Word was God.

I am He.

He was in the beginning with God.

All things were made through Him.

And without Him...

...was made nothing that has been made.

In Him was life.

And the life was the light of men.

And the light shines on... the darkness.

And the darkness grasped it not.

The greatest story ever told.

You have been asking questions about a child.

We have, Your Majesty. We've come a great distance to find him.

Who told you about such a child who was to be born a king... my kingdom?

We saw the rising of his star...

...and his star has been our guide.

You have followed a star...

...from Asia to the center of the world?


Do you know of this child king? ln Prophecy, there is mention of a messiah.

And where is this messiah to be born?

Hosea named Egypt as the place of birth.

-The great lsaiah spoke of Nazareth. -That was 700 years ago.

Your Majesty, if l may. The prophet Micaiah named Bethlehem.

l remember.

''From you, Bethlehem, shall He come forth...

...who is to be ruler in all lsrael.''

l... an ldumean, not a Judean.

The priests here in Judea mock me in their temple.

The temple which l built. They accuse me of impiety.

Tell them, Antipas.

The priests are envious of my father.

He knows the prophets better than they.

Everyone knows that l'm a pious man.


...when you find this child, how can you be certain he is the one?

By the accuracy of the stars.


Then it is only by the star...

...that you can know.

What greater spokesman can a child have than a star?

The air is cold. Your Majesty should rest. lf great Herod will give us leave...

...we should be on our way.

Go, then. lf you find this child, bring me word...

...that l too might worship him.

Follow them and keep me informed.

He shall be great...

...and called the Son of the Most High.

The Lord God will give him the throne of his ancestor David.

And his kingdom shall know no end.

Who are you?

We have come from a far land to see your child.

What will you name him?


Jesus will be his name.

l bring gold...

...for the sovereignty of our King.

And frankincense...

...for the worship of God.

And myrrh...

...for preservation until time everlasting.

The old king.

We leave at once.

Take the child.


The stars foretold...

...that one day l would be king.

-And l am king. -Truly.

Surely it is not the stars...

-...but God who has sent this child-- -God!

Where is God...

...or the child of God...

...except in man's most dangerous imagination?

The child of imagination... the child l fear.

And, my son, when you reign...

...if you do...

...remember that.

-Well? -Sire...

...we followed them. They went to Bethlehem.

Bethlehem? ln fulfillment of your prophecy.

Prophecies have been scattered like seeds. l think you can disregard this.

Or find one more fitting.

As l remember...

...a voice was heard in Bethlehem...

...weeping and mourning.

The voice was heard in Ramah, Bethlehem.

There was weeping and great mourning. lt was Rachel...

...weeping for her children...

...because they were no more.

Let this be the prophecy fulfilled.

Go to Bethlehem...

...and kill this child.

To be sure, every newborn boy in Bethlehem...

...must die.

Be certain that none escape.

You have a question?

Then go!


...not one is alive.

''For unto us...

...a child is born.

Unto us a son is given...

...and his name shall be called Wonderful...

...Everlasting Father...

...The Prince of Peace.''

King Herod is dead!

King Herod is dead at last!

These travelers just brought the news from Jerusalem.

Herod is dead!



The old Herod is dead. Death to the new one!

Long live lsrael!

How far is the nearest legion?

Three days march, sire, in Syria.

Send a messenger there to the Roman governor. lnform him.... lnform him that the eagle of Rome has been...

...torn down and desecrated by a Jerusalem mob.

Send us a deliverer. The Messiah.

Send us the Promised One.

Let these men be an example to all who challenge the peace of Rome.

l will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised... shall l be saved from mine enemies.

He shall judge thy people with righteousness, thy poor with judgment.

The mountains shall bring peace to the people....

Greetings in the name of Augustus Caesar.

Caesar will not regret what he's done...

...for the son of his friend, King Herod.

What is that? ln time of trouble the people pray for a deliverer.

Your father kept the people in order. ln this you have failed. l must inform you that we will take over.

This kingdom was guaranteed by Caesar.

A Roman legion directed by a Roman governor...

...will govern Judea.

For he shall deliver the needy when he crieth.

The poor also....

You are the high priest?

As you see, Shemaiah in the vestments of the high priest.

Now on, those vestments will stay in my headquarters.

And those who defy us will not be allowed to wear them.

Hear my cry, O God. Attend unto my prayer.

From the end of the Earth will l cry unto thee.

Lead me to the rock that is higher than l...

...for thou hast been a shelter for me...

...and a strong tower from the enemy.

If thou Lord shouldst mark iniquities...

...O Lord, who shall stand?

But there is forgiveness with thee, that thou mayest be feared.

I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait...

...and in his word do I hope.

My God, my God, Why hast thou forsaken me?

Why art thou so far from helping me?

O my God, I cry in the daytime, but thou hearest not...

...and in the night season, and am not silent.

Our fathers trusted in thee...

...and thou didst deliver them.

They cried unto thee, and were delivered.

They trusted in thee, and were not confounded.

In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust.

Deliver me in thy righteousness.

Judge me, O God and plead my cause against the ungodly nation.

Deliver me from this evil of unjust men.

For thou art guarding us....

You will be escorted across the Jordan... your father's palace at Machaerus.

Jordan and Galilee will be your tetrarchy.

O send out thy light and thy truth, let them lead me.

Send to us the Messiah, the Promised One...

...the son of David.

Who is the Messiah they cry for?

Someone who will never come.

All nations shall call him blessed.

His name shall endure forever.

His name shall endure forever.

O holy God, most high, send to us the Deliverer...

... the Promised One, the Messiah.

You're wasting your time. lf he were coming, he'd be here.

Send to us the Deliverer.

Repentt I desire steadfast love...

...and not sacrifice.

A knowledge of God...

...and not burnt offeringst Repentt Repentt

Come near...

...and listen to the voice of one crying in the wilderness.

Every valley shall be filled...

...and every mountain and hill shall be brought low.

And the rough way smoothed.

And all flesh...

...shall see the salvation of Godt Prepare ye the way of the Lord...

...and make straight in the desert...

...a higher way for our God.

Beholdt I send my messenger...

...who shall prepare the way.

Let the Earth hear.

And all that is in it.

And all things that come from it.

Repentt Come neart Listen to the voice of one crying in the wilderness.


The anger of the Lord is upon all nations.


There is one coming who will baptize with fire.

With the Holy Spirit.

One whose coming has been of old, from time everlasting... soon to be among us.

Greater than all of us.


...whose sandals l am not worthy to carry.

Who are you? l don't know you...

...yet l know you.

Baptize me, John.

What is your name?


Where born?


ls it not you who should baptize me?

Why do you ask me this? ln scriptures, it's written:

''From you, Bethlehem shall He come forth...

...who is to be ruler in all lsrael.

Whose coming has been evolved from time everlasting.''

You are He...

...the one we've been waiting for.

The world is waiting. lt sleeps, waiting to waken. l will come back.

Lift up your heads, all you gates!

And the King of Glory shall come in.

Get thee up into the high mountains.

Lift up thy voice with strength.

Lift it upt Let all the nations be gathered together.

Say unto them, behold your God!

The Lord God will come with a strong hand.

His arms shall rule for him.

Ask thee...

... the sign of the Lord thy God.

Ask it either in the depths...

...or in the height above.

Long, hard climb, wasn't it?

Come on in...

...if you like.

Some think the whole of life should be hard like that.

An easy life is a sinful life.

That's what they think.

Not so.

Life should be as easy as a man can make it.

And it can be easy, friend...

...if a man knows the way to power and glory.

You must be hungry after your long climb.

-Have some. -l'm fasting.

Man needs to keep his strength up.

Sure you won't have a little?

How would you like to rule all this?

All of the power and glory of these kingdoms.

l can give them to you.

lf you do me homage... will all be yours.

Thou shalt do homage to the Lord thy God...

...and serve Him only. lt is written:

''He shall put His angels in charge... keep Thee from harm.

And they shall hold up their hands...

...lest you dash your foot against a stone.''

lf you are the Son of God...

...throw yourself down from here.

Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.

lf you're the Son of God...

...command that these stones be made bread.

lt is written...

...that man shall not live by bread alone...

...but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

"Tis but a little while...

...and all the Earth shall be turned into a fruitful field.

The eyes of the blind shall see out of darkness.

The meek also shall joy in the Lord...

...and the poor among men rejoicet

For the needy shall not always be forgotten.

Their expectations shall not perish forever.

Ariset Shinet For thy light is come...

...and the glory of the Lord... risen upon theet

All the tribes of the Earth...

...shall see the Son of Man coming in the cloud of Heaven...

...with power, and great glory.


You must stop in the name of the grand Sanhedrin.

This is no heresy. l speak the Word of God.

-You should come here to repent. -Careful, friend.

They do Caesar's bloody work.

Enough of this.

There's nothing here for you.

You insult the decent sinners who've come to repent.

This is treasonous, and it will be reported.

Report it well.

You sit in our holy temple now and condemn the Romans.

But you serve them!


This is our shepherd, the one who--

Those that are mine will know me. lf they follow me, l will know them.

l am going back to Galilee.


My name is Judas lscariot.

Jesus, from Nazareth.


Rabbi, l'm from Galilee.

We're fishermen from the lake. l am Andrew.

My brother Peter. And this is--


We'd like to go with you.

Come with me. l will make you fishers of men.

Let them pass!

Do not labor for the food that perishes...

...but for that which endures.

The food of eternal life.

For the bread of God is that which comes from Heaven...

...and gives life to the world.

Everyone who eats of this bread will live forever.

Put away all anxious thoughts about food to keep you alive...

...and clothes to cover your body.

Life is more than food and the body more than clothing.

Think of the ravens.

They neither sow nor reap.

They have no storehouse nor barn.

And yet, God feeds them.

How much more are you worth than birds?

ls there a man among you... worry can add one minute to his span of life?

lf you cannot do so small a thing...

...why do you worry about your other needs?

O, you men of little faith!

Do not set your heart on what you eat or drink.

These are things that others in the world run after.

You have a father who knows that you need them.

Set your mind upon His kingdom.

All of these things shall be yours...

...without the asking.

Tell us, when will the Kingdom of God come?

The Kingdom of God is here...

...within you.

A thief has stolen my coat. ls that all, Peter? ls that all? lt was the only coat l had.

But of what value is a thing which can be stolen by a thief?

Go and find that thief.

Give him your cloak also.

Give him anything else within your power to give.

For he's poor in spirit, and in need.

lf everyone did as you say thieves would take over the world.

Thieves and murderers walk in darkness.

You must be their light, Peter, not their judge.

All l'm saying is, someone has taken my coat. l think he was wrong to take it.

All l am saying, Peter... that as you have been judging, you will be judged.

With your measure, it will be measured to you.

lt was the best coat l ever owned.

Be not troubled about your coat.

See the lilies of the field, how they grow.

They neither toil nor spin.

But even Solomon in his glory was never arrayed as one of these.

But how am l to keep warm?

Our work will start in Galilee.

l saw him last night. He was behind us.

Why do you follow us? l heard what He said last night...

...and l liked it.

lf He's going to say anything else, l want to hear it.


Walk with me.

Sir, is what you say just for us...

...or is it for everyone?

What is your name?

James. Little James.

They call me ''Little'' since l'm the youngest.

What is your name?


That's a good name.

Thank you.

Lord Caiaphas, a report from the River Jordan.

Yesterday, this Baptist spoke blasphemy.

He said, ''Let the powers tremble.''

-Who is this person? -John. He preaches revolution.

-Against the Romans? -All authority.

One is coming who's greater than l.


The Messiah will come to the City of God.

Pilate will see the priest.

-Concerning what? -Governor Pilate will tell you. l see.

What a mighty fortress!

She that was great among nations has lost her glory.

Now she stretches out her hand...

...and has no one to comfort.

There will come a time to enter.

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem.

The city that murders the prophets...

...stones those who are sent to her.

How l long to gather your children.

But you shall never see me until the time when you say:

''Blessings on him who comes in the name of the Lord.''

They are pilgrims.

They must be hungry.

Good friends!

You are welcome.

Come in for rest and food.

Hail, Pilate.

Rome won't tolerate it. l will not tolerate it.

Why do you?

-What, governor? -This man, John the Baptist.

Why are the people encouraging him?

He is in King Herod's territory.

-Have you spoken of him to Herod? -No.

Why not?

-We intended asking permission. -You have it.


Another thing...

...l care nothing for your superstitions or your God. l'm to keep order in this desert, and l will. l want to hear nothing more about this troublemaker...

...or anyone like him.

And what commandment is first of all?

Hear, O lsrael...

...the Lord, our God, is one Lord...

...and thou shalt love the Lord thy God...

...with all thy heart and all thy soul...

...and with all thy mind and all thy strength.

And the second...

...thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

There is no greater commandment than these.

Well said.

You've said the truth.

To love one's neighbor as oneself... more than burnt offerings and sacrifices.

l wish others understood your wisdom.

They will. Won't they, master?

You're not far from the Kingdom of God, Lazarus.

Tell me...

...would it be possible for me to go with you?

You are wealthy.

Yes, l am.

Do you consider wealth a crime?

Not at all.

But it may become a burden.

What does it profit a man to gain the whole world...

...and lose his soul?

Are you saying that a man cannot have both money and a soul? l am saying that it is easier...

...for a camel to go through the eye of a needle...

...than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

-My brother will go to Heaven. -He's a good man.

Did l say he was not good? l said he's wealthy.

Where a man's wealth is, there is his heart also.

A man cannot serve two masters. You cannot serve both God and money.

But l give my money to God. l give a third of all l earn.

l know a widow woman who gave two pennies.

What is two pennies?

lt was all she had.

But l love God.

Would you give up all you own and follow me?

Who could do such a thing?

You and your friends are welcome to stay the night.

We have room enough and food enough.

Lazarus.... l will not forget you.

Stay, please.

They are grateful.

-l am frightened for him. -Why, Mary?

He is too good.

Sire, these emissaries have come from Jerusalem...

...with disturbing reports of a fanatic preacher, a Baptist...

-...who incites crowds on the Jordan. -Why do you come to me?

He stands day after day in the water, spreading sedition.

As ruler here, l have more to do than chase an eccentric...

...screaming Hell and damnation, out of the Jordan River.

l humbly suggest Your Majesty has not grasped...

...the inflammatory possibilities of this man's preaching. lmpostor.

All prophets are impostors.

He's attracting great crowds from all over Judea and Galilee...

...promising a better world to come.

Good for him. We can use a better world...

...preferably one without Romans.

He speaks of the Christ that is to come.

What did you say?

The Christ, Your Majesty. A messiah.

Bring that Baptist to me.

Wish we could go in another way.

-lsn't one gate the same as another? -No.

There is only one gate which has my brother in it.

ls your brother a beggar? l only wish he were something that good.

My brother is a tax collector. God help me.

A wicked man who collects taxes from his own people.

From his own people!

There he is! Not one of our family speaks to him.

Do you love him?

He's wicked, l tell you. He drinks, swears, gambles...

-...and collects taxes. -Do you love him, James?


Just ignore him as we go by. lf we stop, he'll say something vulgar.

What is his name?


Brother James!

What are you doing in Capernaum, looking for a woman?

Anything to declare?

Only myself and my father.

Where is your father? ln my heart.

Well, why are you hiding him from me? l'm not hiding him. He who sees the Son sees the Father.

Has he anything to declare?

Yes. His love for you.

Well, now...

...l can't very well tax that, can l?

Follow me, Matthew.

Do you want my money?

Oh, you made a bad mistake.

The day of the Lord comes...

...cruel with wrath...

...and fierce anger... make the earth a desolation.

The Lord will punish the world for its evil...

...and the wicked for their iniquities.

When we know a sinner...

...we must look upon him with horror and drive him from us.


A righteous man turns away from evil...

...for the way of the weak may lead him astray.


Who are you?


...of Nazareth.

What do you wish to say? ln the scriptures it is written...

...l desire mercy and not sacrifice. l would tell you, rebuke your brother who sins...

...but if he repents, forgive him.

What are you telling these good people? l tell them to do unto others... they would have others do unto them.

Our God is a God of salvation, not of revenge.

Only through faith is there salvation...

...and only through love is there hope.

Knock, and it shall be opened to you.

Ask, and it shall be given to you.

Have faith, and you shall be made well.

Believe, and you shall live forever.

Walk with the glory of God in your heart.

Why do you speak of walking... us who are crippled? ln the eyes of God, no man is crippled...

...except in his soul. lt's simple for you to say. l cannot walk.

Rise, and you shall walk.

Are you mocking me? l tell you, l cannot walk.

You have not tried...

...because your faith is weaker than your legs. l worship God, and my faith is strong.

Then rise...

...and walk.

Look, l'm walking.

Look at me. l'm walking.

You...'re Jesus of Nazareth. You have made me well.


Your faith has made you well.

There are many who cannot walk. There are more who can...

...but will not.

Look, l walk!

l walk!

Baptist! l have orders to bring you to King Herod.

l have orders to bring you to God, heathen.

Will you come with us peacefully? l won't come with you at all.



Your Majesty.

The man is an animal.

l've heard much about you, Baptist. l've heard much about you, Herod. All bad.

-Repent! -Bring him out.

Do you know to whom you are talking?

l am your king. l have no king...

...but the Lord God.

Where does He reign?

Over all that has been and all that will be.

May l meet him?

Stand in the next line you come to, this side of Hell.

Christ is come.

Christ is come.

Where do l find this Christ, if there is such a one?

-He'll find you. -l want an answer.

Your answer's in the fires of Hell.

Hell. There is no Hell.

You'll stand in judgment with other sinners.

-You speak absurdities. -Your queen, your brother's wife.

-Adulteress! -You will die for this!

-You'll burn in Hell for that! -Take him away! Take him away!

-There will be no pardon for you. -And none for you!

No pardon for you, Herod!

King Herod! l pity you!

l've come from the River Jordan.

The Baptist was taken prisoner by Herod.

ls that why you come to us in the night? l've been baptized by John the Baptist. l am Simon.

Among the sons of women, there has been none greater than John.

There is much to be done.

You are welcome, Simon.

Come unto me...

...all ye that labor and are heavy-laden...

...and l will give you rest.

Take my yoke upon you and learn of me...

...for l am meek and lowly in heart...

...and ye shall find rest unto your souls...

...for my yoke is easy and my burden is light. l am Thaddeus. May we follow you?

-l'm Thomas. -Follow me.

I am the bread of life.

He who comes to me shall not hunger...

...and he who believes in me shall never thirst.

-What's happening? -lt's the preacher from Nazareth!

Large crowds gather to hear Jesus of Nazareth.

-You saw him cure that cripple? -With my own eyes.

Tell me, how can they know if the man was really crippled? l've known him years. l'd never seen him walk.

Ridiculous. A tale for children.



...go to Galilee and investigate this matter.

Of course.

But l say only a child would believe such a story.

Sorak, l will accompany you to Capernaum. l've always been fond of children's stories. l'll go with you, Nicodemus.

Children's stories always have a certain truth in them.

l am the good shepherd...

...and l know mine, and mine know me...

...and they shall hear my voice, and there shall be one fold...

...and one shepherd.

Who is he?

Jesus of Nazareth!

They are saying this Nazarene made a crippled man walk...

...and rumors of even more astounding things. l have a report that He's gathering an army.


-ls this true? -Only a handful travel with him... more than 1 0 or 1 2.

But thousands come to hear him.

Bring that Baptist out. l want to talk to him.

ls this creature your prisoner...

...or are you his?

How do you find your lodgings?


-...if the Lord weren't with me. -You're not alone in your cell?

No. God comforts me.

He sustains me.

You talk like a fool.

-And l pray for your soul. -Forget my soul.

Not till you remember it.

Go to your knees.

Ask God to forgive your sins.

Send back your brother's wife.


Kill me, Herod. That you can do.

Kill me... l can live.

Before you leave us... grieves me to ask what you mean by that.

My body's worth nothing. You can do what you like with it.

But my soul is eternal...

...and you can't touch it.

What do you know about a man named Jesus, from Nazareth?

-He's the One. -The one what?

Jesus is gathering to himself the souls of men... a shepherd gathers in his flock. Even now... your own kingdom, an army grows greater than you can imagine.

You hear, Your Majesty? An army. lt's true.

So l have my answer. lt is my kingdom that this Galilean rebel wants.

Take him back.

Let them put him to death...

-...and it will ease your mind. -Can you promise me that?

If anyone wants to follow in my footsteps...

...he must give up all right to himself.

Day after day, he must take up his cross and follow me.

I assure you...

...whosoever shall not receive the Kingdom of God as a child...

...he shall not enter therein.

Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not.

The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.


Come back to Capernaum.

-What is your name? -James.

Have you come this far for me? l have, and l plead with you.

We hunger for your words. Come back and make us full.

As you can see, this Nazarene has gained popularity.

You mean that all those people are here because of him?

Every day new ones arrive.


You are our Messiah!


...son of David.

Why do you treat this woman so?

What has she done to deserve this?

She was caught in the act of adultery.

ls this true?

You have judged her rightly.

She is guilty of adultery.

The law calls for her to be stoned.


Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Who are you?

Mary of Magdalene.

No man speaks against you now, Mary.

Neither do l.

Go your way...

...and sin no more.

How can He forgive a woman of sins?

-Cure me, Master. Cure me! -Touch me!

Let me touch him.

-Lord! Lord! -Make me well!

-Help us! -Mercy, please!

-Help us! -Speak to us.

l'm cured. l'm cured! lt is your faith that has cured you.


-You.... -Master. Master.

-You are our Messiah! -Hail the King!

Hail the King!

l'm sending word to Jerusalem.


A messenger from Capernaum.

He brings us news of the Nazarene.

He brings us news of whom?

Jesus, Your Majesty. The Galilean. Sire... Capernaum they call him their king.


No one has ever caused such excitement, Majesty. l do not believe these things l hear.

People worship him.

They go to their knees before Him.

Your Majesty, they call Him ''King'' in your kingdom. l saw it myself.

A child touched him and was cured.

Leprosy, Your Majesty.

You saw this?

As He left the town, great crowds followed him.

l've heard enough.

Leave me.

-May l suggest haste? -You may suggest anything you please.

Now leave me.

They grew hungry.

He fed them all. Thousands of people...

...from a few loaves and fishes.




The one you call the Christ...

...others are calling King.

They shall call the Son of Man many things...

...and worship His name. l will take him prisoner and his fate shall be as yours.

He will triumph over all the forces you bring against him... mighty one...

...because he's the one prophesied.

-He was born in Bethlehem. -lt cannot be him.

My father took measures to ensure the prophesy would never be fulfilled.

The child he tried to kill was taken to Egypt.

He lives today.

You lie!

Then listen to him who walks your kingdom.

Listen well to what He says...

...for your swords will be useless against him. l will argue with you no more.

l came to say farewell.

Farewell? That's a word for friends. Why do you use it with me? l have never liked you, Baptist...

...but l cannot bring myself to hate you.

l had not intended this night to happen.

You're going to free me.

-l'm going to kill you. -Then you'll free me. l hope so.



Now take as many men you need, and arrest the Nazarene.

Blessed are they...

...which are persecuted for righteousness' sake.

For theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Blessed are you...

...when men shall revile you...

...and persecute you...

...and say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

Blessed are the poor in spirit...

...for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Blessed are they that mourn...

...for they shall be comforted.

Blessed are the meek...

...for they shall inherit the Earth.

Blessed are they which do hunger after righteousness...

...for they shall be filled.

Blessed are the merciful...

...for they shall obtain mercy.

Blessed are the pure in heart...

...for they shall see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers...

...for they shall be called the children of God.

You are the Salt of the Earth.

You are the Light of the world.

And let your light so shine before men...

...that they may see your good works...

...and glorify your Father, which is in Heaven. ln this manner, therefore, shall you pray:

Our Father...

...who art in Heaven....

What else?

Two messengers from Capernaum both report the same. lt began as a riot and became a rebellion.

The man responsible is Jesus of Nazareth.

He already has a large following, and they are hailing him as King.

One day, he cured a cripple.

Another day, he turned water into wine.

Now we hear he's fed 5000 people...

...and nobody knows where the food came from.

Next, they'll call him the Messiah.

-And that isn't all. -What else?

He walked on water.

Get out!

Tell me...

...who do men say that l am?

Some say another John the Baptist.

Others, one of the prophets.

Who do you say that l am, Judas?

You are a great leader...

...the greatest teacher of all.

And you, Thomas?

You are Jesus of Nazareth.

That's all l know.

You are the Messiah!

The Christ.

The Son of the living God.

A blessing on you, Peter...

...because you did not learn this from mortal man...

...but from my Father who is in Heaven.

You, Peter...

...are the rock...

...on which I will build my church.

I will give you the keys of the kingdom...

...and whatever you shall bind on Earth...

...shall be bound in Heaven.

And whatever you allow on Earth shall be allowed in Heaven.

Pharisees, Master.

Peace be with you.

You must leave Galilee. Herod intends to kill you.

Go and tell that fox...

...all that was written by the prophets...

...will come true.

Today and tomorrow, I shall be on my way.

And on the third day, I shall reach my goal.

It cannot be that a prophet perish anywhere but Jerusalem.

He must heed our warning!

We are going to Nazareth, among his own people.

There He is. He's come home.

It's the carpenter.

It's him.

What did he come back here for? To show us signs and miracles?

Show us a sign.

You're the son of Mary and Joseph.

That's right. We know you.

We heard about Capernaum. You made a cripple walk.

Do the same here.

He spoke the truth, and they listened to him.

I tell you this... prophet is recognized in his own home.

Why do you keep us waiting?

If you are the Messiah, say so plainly.

I say unto you...

...the prophesy is now fulfilled.

The Lord's spirit is upon me...

...because He has anointed me to announce good news to the poor.

To give sight to the blind...

...and justice to the afflicted.

I proclaim the year of the Lord's favor.

That's blasphemy!

-Let's get old Aram. -Bring old Aram.

-Yes, let's get old Aram. -Get Aram!

Make him see.

Give him sight.

Aram... is Jesus.


The son of Joseph...

...long gone from us and Mary.

I remember you as a child.

How good of you, Jesus, to remember me.

On with it.

Let us see the sorcery.

Give him sight.

If you're not a faker... us a miracle.

It is written... shall not tempt the Lord your God.

You, a mere man, claim to be God?

You have ears, yet you do not hear.

I say it is blasphemy.

I say, stone him.

If I'm not as my Father... not believe me. But if I am, accept the evidence of my deeds... that you may know that the Father is in me...

...and I in the Father.

How can you say this to us? We know you.

Stone him!

Stone him!

Stone him!


My good friend.

I have come to warn you. They are seeking you.

My brother is ill.

I don't know how he found the strength to make this journey.

Martha and I would have come alone. We could not stop him from coming.

I had to tell you.

You'll be arrested and taken to the city.

The soldiers are coming right now.

You and your friends must leave.

We'll see the Master to the Jordan river. It's safe there.

Andrew and Nathaniel will help you home.

I know.

It is you, Jesus.

Oh, I remember you.

Now you have grown so tall.

At one time, when you were little... were always asking questions.





Lazarus is sick and dying.

They beg you to come.

This sickness has not come for the death of Lazarus...

...but for the glory of God.


Are men like circles in the water?

Do they just float away and are lost?

It was right there...

...where John the Baptist stood.

When the Baptist prayed...

...I felt good.

Our Father...

...who art in Heaven...

...hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come...

...Thy will be done....

Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread...

...and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

And lead us not into temptation...

...but deliver us from evil.

For Thine is the kingdom...

...and the power, and the glory...

...forever and ever.

-Amen. -Amen.

-Peter? -What is it?

-We came as fast as we could. -We've lost Lazarus.


Lazarus is dead in Bethany.

You've cured many people...

...yet you did not help your friend.

I am glad, for your sake, that I was not there... that you may believe.

Let us go to Bethany.

If Lazarus is dead, why go now?

Why? Why must you go?

My Father's work is there.

You've come to bury the dead?

Or have you come to feed the mourners?

You made a leper well.

You made a cripple walk.

Was it too much to ask that you keep my brother from dying?

Why do you come now that he's dead...

...when you could have come while he lived...

...when he needed you? Why?

Your brother will rise again.

Rise? Yes, he will rise...

...on Judgment Day... the resurrection of us all!

I am the resurrection...

...and the life.

He that believeth in me...

...though he were dead...

...yet shall he live.

And whosoever liveth and believeth in me...

...shall never die.

Do you believe this, Martha?

Do you believe this, Mary?

If you had only been here...

...I believe that Lazarus would not have died.

Who is like Thee, O Father in Heaven...

...majestic in holiness, terrible in glorious deeds...

...doing wonders?

There is none that can deliver out of Thy hand.

You wound and you heal.

You kill and you make alive.

Come from the four winds, O breath...

...and breathe upon this man that he may live.



Come forth!

-What happened? -Did you see? Jesus of Nazareth.

I saw it with my own eyes. Lazarus was dead.

He's alive!

He's alive!

The Messiah has come!

The Messiah has come! A man was dead and now he lives.

I was crippled and now I walk!

I was blind, and now I see!

Who has done this?

The man called Jesus!

There is a rumor.

They say a man has been raised from the dead.

Raised from the dead? And who achieved this miracle?

The Galilean.

O give thanks unto the Lord For He is good For His mercy endureth forever O give thanks unto the God of gods For His mercy endureth forever O give thanks to the Lord of lords For His mercy endureth forever To Him who alone Who with great wonders Who in divine wisdom Made the Heavens To Him that stretched out the Earth Above the waters For His mercy endureth forever To Him who made great lights The sun to rule by day The moon and the stars to rule by night For His mercy endureth forever Where did you get that oil?

I'm asking you where you got this oil.

Are you going to let her waste this expensive ointment?

Leave her alone.

Do you know this could have sold for 300 pence?

It's a waste when there are so many poor.

You care so much for the poor, Judas?

What are we if not poor?

You speak of the poor.

The poor you have with you always.

Do not begrudge me this bit of oil...

...for me you have not always.

O give thanks unto the Lord For He is good She is preparing me for my burial.

For His mercy endureth forever O give thanks unto the God of gods For His mercy endureth forever

O give thanks to the Lord of lords For His mercy endureth forever

To Him who alone






Hail the King!

-He must be arrested. -An arrest on a holiday?

Hear that?

They call him King. Messiah.

Go! Take as many guards as needed.

I'm honored.

''My house shall be a house of prayer,'' says the Lord.

But you have made it a den of thieves!

It is written in the scriptures...

...I desire mercy...

...not sacrifice!

Rather the knowledge of God...

...than burnt offerings.

I will not delight in the blood of boars...

...and lambs and goats.

You cannot buy yourselves in the house of the Lord.

You have made a robber's cave of my Father's house.


Get out!

You have defiled this holy ground.

Think not...

...that I have come to destroy the law or the prophets.

I have not come to destroy, but to fulfill.

These scribes and these pharisees...

...all things which they tell you to do, do them.

But do not take their works as your example...

...for they do not practice what they preach.

Everything they do...

...they do to be seen doing it...

...and for pretense, they make long prayers.

They like to be called father, teacher.

I tell you now there is only one Teacher...

...and one Father.

He is your Father which is in Heaven.

They say the Messiah has come...

...the Anointed One, the Christ.

Governor Pilate asks what you're doing about this disturbance.

The man is being arrested.

The people would not let us take him.

Jerusalem troubles you too, governor.

-They're a difficult people. -Nothing I can't handle.

The crowd has grown beyond their control.

-Restore order. -Yes, sir.

-Clear the streets and maintain peace. -Yes, sir.

And double King Herod's guard.

We would regret it if something happened to so...

...honored a guest.

And bring the Nazarene to me!

You know, he's actually telling people... love their enemies.

I have come to bring salvation to the world.

I have come as a light into the world...

...and no man who has faith in me will go on living in the dark.

And if any man gives ear to my words...

...and does not keep them, I shall not be his judge.

I have not come to bring judgment...

...but salvation to the world.

While you have the Light, walk in the Light.

While you have the Light...

...put your faith in the Light...

...that you may become sons of the Light.

Faith, hope and love. Abide...

...these three.

But the greatest of these is love.

And remember....

Where several gather together in my name...

...there will I be.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.

He leadeth me beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul.

He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death...

...I will fear no evil.

For Thou art with me.

Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all my life.

And I will dwell... the house of the Lord forever.

He that hath clean hands and a pure heart...

...who hath not vanity nor sworn deceit....

We only pray.

Stand aside.

Stand aside.

That seek thy face, O Jacob.

Lift up your heads!

And be ye lifted up...

...and the King of Glory shall come.


The Lord, strong and mighty!

The Lord, mighty in battle!

-Who is it? -Me.

What's wrong with you? Why do you say, ''me''?

It was me, Peter.

The Romans are patrolling.

-Where's the Master? -He's coming with the others.


Who are you?

My name is Judas...

...friend of Jesus of Nazareth.

Lord Caiaphas...

...we have a guest.

His name is Judas.

He's a friend of the Nazarene.

How long have you been His friend?

I have been Jesus' friend for three years.

And now you are His friend no more?

I am His friend still...

...I believe.

Why have you come to us?

I will give Him to you...

...if you promise no harm will come to Him.

If you are willing to be--

--to give him to us...

...why do you care what happens to Him?

Jesus... the purest...

...and kindest man I have ever known.

And I've never seen Him do anything but good.

His heart....

His heart is so gentle.

Old people worship Him.

Children adore Him.

I love Him.

Very well.

We will do our best to see that no harm comes to the man.

Where do we find Him?

You cannot.

Tell us and we'll send the guards.

I will lead you to Him tonight.

I must be there.

I'm not so much a coward that I cannot face Him...

...when I've stabbed Him.

We shall be waiting.


...the hour has come.


...who have been with me so long...

...who have given up all to follow me...

...who walk with me down all those dusty roads...

...through it all you have been my friends.

And I have loved you.

But I tell you now...

...the hand that will betray me is on this table.

-No! -Not I, Master.

-Not I. -No, Master.

-Master, who is it? -Who is going to betray you?

One who is eating bread with me tonight.

Is it I?

Only for a little while longer... I with you.

Where I am going you may not come.

Why can't I come with you?

You will come later.

I will die for you.

Will you, Peter? Will you die for me?

I will. I will.

Oh, Peter, Peter.

I tell you, before the cock crows you will have thrice denied me.

Even if I die for you, I will never deny you.

In my Father's house...

...there are many mansions.

If it were not so, I would have told you.

I am going to prepare a place for you there.

Speak no proverbs, Master.

How are we to know where you are going?

I am the Way...

...and the Truth, and the Life.

No one comes to the Father but by me.

Take it, and eat.

This is my body, which is being given for you.

Do this in remembrance of me.

Drink this.

For this is my blood of the New Testament...

...which shall be shed for many...

...for the forgiveness of sins.

I have greatly desired to eat Passover with you...

...before I suffer.

I tell you I will not drink of the fruit of the vine...

...until I drink it new with you in my Father's kingdom.

A new commandment I give unto you....

That you love one another...

...even as I have loved you.

Do quickly what you have to do.

Now... the Son of Man...


-I am going to Gethsemane to pray. -Master!

They may come for you there.

Why must you go?

A grain of wheat, Andrew... just a grain of wheat.

But if it is put into the ground and dies...

...many will be born in its name.

Many will live.

Do you hear it?

I don't hear anything.

That's what I mean. It's the best sound of all.

Where several are gathered together in my name...

... there will I be.

Judas Iscariot, sit down.

Hold out your hand.

Keep watch.

Father... me from this hour.

O my Father...

...if it be possible...

...let this cup pass away from me.

For this cause...

...I came into this world.

I came into this world at your will.

I'm ready... leave it so.

O my Father...

...if this cup cannot pass away from me...

...lest I drink it...

...your will be done.


I don't want the money.

Give it, then, to the poor.

The hour has come.

Asleep, Peter?

Could you not watch with me one hour?

The spirit is willing...

...but the flesh is weak.

-Judas! -No, Peter! Put back your sword.

For all that take the sword shall perish by the sword.

All my life...

...I have walked in the Light and spoken in the Light.

Why now do you come to take me like a thief in the night?

His name is Jesus. He comes from Nazareth, in Galilee.

He is here now charged with the crimes of sedition...

...sorcery and blasphemy.

Jesus of Nazareth...

...your crimes are many.

But before I begin... there any statement you would like to make to these men?

Very well, then.

Let the first witness enter.

Do you know this man, Jesus of Nazareth?

I do.

Is He the one, then, who used his sorcery on you?


I don't know about sorcery.

All I know is that I was blind...

...and now I see.

What did He do to you? How did He give you your sight?

If you knew where He came from, you would know how He did it.

We know where, from Galilee... just answer the question, please.

I have been blind since the day of my birth.

Jesus gave me sight.

That's all I know.

By your answer, that we do not know where He came from...

...are we to assume that you believe...

...He was sent by God?

I believe if God was not in Him...

...He would not have been able to make me see.

But have you considered that it is the Evil One in Him...

...and the Evil One who made you see?

But why? Why?

Why should the Evil One permit me...

...after so many years of darkness... see the goodness and the beauty of God's world?

Take him out.

Aren't you a friend of the Nazarene?



The one they have in there.

No. I don't know Him.

But you're a Galilean.

Should I know every Galilean just because I am one?

Sedition and sorcery are not your only crimes.

There is one far more horrendous.

You are charged with blasphemy.

Will you favor us at least once with your answer?

Do you deny that you have blasphemed?

Question those who have heard me. They know what I have said.

Question them? I will, indeed!

-Many will testify to your evil. -What are you doing?

Nicodemus, it's good you're here.

Is that why I and other members of the Sanhedrin...

...have not been informed of these proceedings?

We had to move swiftly.

-There was no time to notify everyone. -No time?

I see Lord Sorak from Emmaeus, Lord Annas from farther than I...

...but there was no time for Nicodemus, who lives right here... Jerusalem, shouting distance from this very place.

Is my good friend...

...Joseph of Arimathea present?

No, I thought not.

-Many of the Sanhedrin are not here. -Yes.

Quite true. Those who think as I do are absent...

...and those who think as you do are present.

We are trying this man for blasphemy. Please be seated.

I will not be seated.

Are we...?

Are we all Romans now that we disregard decency and justice...

...hold secret courts and try innocent men in the dead of night?

What you are doing... unlawful, Lord Caiaphas!

This man is guilty of blasphemy, Lord Nicodemus!

Jesus of Nazareth, I adjure you... the living God, by the Almighty, tell us if you be the Christ...

...the Son of God!

Are you the Christ?

Are you the Son of God?

I am.

-Blasphemy! Blasphemy! -Blasphemy!

Here is the order, sir, for your signature.

Of what is He guilty that it cannot wait for daylight?

He has been found guilty of sedition, sorcery, blasphemy...

...and open rebellion.

You claim to be the Son of God.

Which one?


Hercules? Jupiter?

Which god are you the son of?

The Lord our God is one.

One? For all people?

For Rome?

All nations shall be gathered before Him.

He loves you no less than He loves others.

Then why have I not known Him?

You have not looked for Him.

I am going to ask you...

...and before you answer remember that I have the power...

...either to set you free or put you to death on the cross.

If you are the Son of your God and the King...

...where is your kingdom, that Rome hasn't heard of it?

My kingdom is not of this world.


Then what are you doing here?

I came into this world...

...that I might give witness to what is true...

...and every man who loves the truth listens to me.


What is truth?

I find no guilt in Him.

Galilee is Herod's problem.

So take him to Herod. This is his business.

Your Majesty.

So you are the Jesus of Nazareth.

I thought you might be John the Baptist...

...come back from the dead.

I hear you perform miracles.

I'm told you do all manner of marvels...

...things which defy reason.

I do not believe you can do any of these things.

Let me see one of these miracles.


You cannot...

...but I can.

Do you know that I, the fox...

...can raise one finger...

...and a man will lose his head?

Now you are the King you were born to be.

From you, Bethlehem...

...shall He come forth...

...that is to be ruler in all Israel.

Pilate sent him to me?

He was loath to execute your subject.

You're a liar. Pilate does not so favor me.

Take him back.

For God so loved the world...

... that He gave His only begotten Son...

... that whosoever believeth in Him...

...should not perish...

...but should have everlasting life.

-His friend! I've seen you with Him! -You're mistaken. I don't know Him!

Hail Pilate!

Behold the man.

Crucify Him!

Crucify Him!

Release Him!

As your governor...

...I represent the responsibility of Rome.

It is my duty... administer her justice to these prisoners.

This man has been brought here... one who perverts the law.

So this court will therefore scourge and chastise Him.

-Release Him! -Crucify Him!

It is again my duty to remind you... is the benevolent custom of Rome... grant amnesty to one prisoner of your choosing.


...I will release unto you...

...completely free to go his way, the prisoner of your choice.

Give us Barabbas!


...held on a charge of murder?

-Him you want released? -Give us Barabbas!

Release him!

-What shall I do with this man? -Crucify Him!

Release Him!

He's a good man, the Nazarene.

He walks in God's light.

You're talking treason. The man's a traitor.

You must be a traitor too, if you like him. Crucify Him!

-Crucify Him! -Save Him!

Have you no answer for their accusations?

Have you not one thing to say in your own behalf?

My kingdom is not of this world.


Any man who claims to be a king defies Caesar!

-We have no king but Caesar! -We have no king but Caesar!

Hail Caesar!

Crucify Him! Crucify Him!

Release Him!

Crucify Him!

We have no king but Caesar!

It is ordered.

To the cross with the prisoner.

Suffered under Pontius Pilate...

...was crucified, dead and buried.

Do not weep for me.

Weep for yourselves and for your children...

...for a time is coming when men will say:

''Blessed are the barren...

...the wombs that never bore a child.''

And they will say to the mountains, ''Fall on us.''

And to the hills, ''Cover us.''

For if these things are done when the wood is green...

...what will happen when it is dry?

Father, forgive them...

...for they know not what they do.


...there is your son.

There is your mother.

He trusted in God.

Let God deliver Him now.

If you're the Son of God, save yourself.

-Save us. -We deserve our punishment.

For us, there is justice...

...but this man has done nothing wrong.


...remember me when You come to your kingdom.

I tell you this:

Today... shall be with me in Paradise.

My God!

My God!


...hast Thou forsaken me?

I thirst.

It is finished.


...into Thy hands...

...I commit... spirit.

Truly, this man was the Son of God.

It has been pointed out that Jesus tread the path of prophecy.

-That is-- -Your prophecies mean trouble for me.

That is why we are asking for a guard around the tomb.

A guard around a dead man's tomb?

If His body is stolen in the night, people will proclaim...

-...that the prophecy is fulfilled. -That the Messiah has risen.

Which of you is Joseph of Arimathea?

I am.

-This is your tomb? -It is.

-Has the Nazarene been laid there? -By permission of your commander.

I've wondered all night about something.

-The prophecy is-- -Don't talk to me about prophecy.

I've heard enough about prophecy.

''When He is killed...

...after three days...

-...He will rise again.'' -Where are you going?

I'm going to the tomb, Thomas.


He is gone.

Why seek ye the living among the dead?

He is risen.

He is risen.

He is risen!

He's gone. The body disappeared in the night.

-Are you sure? -I saw it. The tomb is empty.

-Did you question the soldiers? -They saw nothing at all.

-Were they asleep? -They swear not.

Of course they do. Punishment for sleeping on duty is death.


In any case, the whole thing will be forgotten in a week.

I wonder.

Go now...

...and teach all nations.

Make it your first care to love one another...

...and to find the Kingdom of God.

And all things...

...shall be yours...

...without the asking.

Do not fret, then, over tomorrow.

Leave tomorrow to fret over its own needs.

For today...'s troubles...

...are enough.

And lo...

...I am with you always...

...even unto the end of the world.