The Green Berets (1968) Script

Detachment, halt!

Left face!

Parade rest!

I am the detachment commander.

I am responsible for training this detachment.

These compact, highly trained detachments may be employed... assist friendly governments in counterinsurgency operations.

They may also be utilized in unconventional warfare.

In training, survival under varying conditions is stressed.

I speak Norwegian and German.

I am the executive officer. My duties include the supervision...

...of all administrative and logistical matters.

In the event the detachment were to be split into 2 teams...

...l would command one of these. I speak German and Spanish.

That about covers the central area, colonel.

As you know, the "C" detachment commander there is Colonel Franks.

In the southern area, there has been approximately...

...a 30 percent increase in our operational detachments over the past year.

Sir, since you served as a "C" detachment commander...

...l won't elaborate on the southern corps.

Thank you.

In summation...

...the bulk of our problems seem to be in the northern areas of the country.

This concludes our briefing, sir. Any questions?

I think not, colonel. Thank you, gentlemen. That'll be all.

You stay behind.

Captain. Yes, sir?

Leave the Jeep for me?

Yes, sir.

-What's on your mind? -What do you mean?

Something's bothering you. What is it?

When do you expect me to take over?

Immediately. Why?

When I get over there, I'll be deskbound, snowed under with paperwork.

And l'd like to get oriented to the critical area.

-l'd like a look at those forward camps. -How much time do you need?

-l'll need 3 weeks for-- -You got it.

And when you see old Cactus Thomas, he's over there now, give my regards.

-See you, Mike. -Thank you, sir.

Thank you, sir.

Hello, Bill.

Morning, Mike.

Up kind of early?

Not for Airborne. Hey, Mac. Morning, colonel.

This yours?

Yes, sir.

These yours? Why don't you ask them?

Who are you?


How far?

All the way!

-l'll get part of them. -You always do!

I am the combat engineer specialist.

I have the same knowledge as the engineer sergeant.

I'm cross-trained as a medic and weapons.

I speak French and Vietnamese.

I'm the radio operator supervisor.

My duty includes maintaining secure communications with my detachment...

...and supervising communications training for native military personnel.

I'm trained in intelligence and weapons.

I speak Danish and some Norwegian and English.

Detachment, attention!

Right face!

Forward march!

Muldoon, take over! Yes, sir!

I'm Master Sergeant Muldoon and this is Sergeant McGee.

Between us, we've had 3 tours of duty in South Vietnam...

...which makes us experts. So we've been ordered... volunteer to answer questions here for you today.

I'm Hume Parkinson. I happen to be a newspaperman.

Perhaps you can answer a question many of our subscribers ask.

We'll try.

Why is the United States waging this ruthless war?

Foreign policy decisions are not made by the military.

A soldier goes where he is told and fights whomever he's told to.

You agree with that, Sergeant McGee?

The Green Beret's just a robot with no personal feelings?

Can l have your name?

George Beckworth, chronicle-Herald. Thank you, sir.

Sybil Sutton, Washington Sentinel. Will you answer the question?

Do they press a button?

Do you do what you're told to do without any personal feelings or opinions?

We have feelings and opinions. It's hard not to form them out there.

Everyone knows the South Vietnamese are fighting and dying for their cause.

As soldiers, we can understand the killing of the military.

But the extermination of the civilian leadership...

...the murder and torture of women and children--

I guess horrible things happen in war.

But that doesn't mean they need us or want us.

I'll try to answer that question for you.

Let me put it in terms we all can understand.

If this same thing happened here in the United States...

...every mayor in every city would be murdered.

Every teacher you've ever known would be tortured and killed.

Every professor you ever heard of. Every governor...

...every Senator, every member of the House of Representatives...

...would be tortured and killed, and a like number kidnapped.

But in spite of this, there's always some little fella out there...

...willing to stand up and take the place of those who've been decimated.

They need us, Miss Sutton. And they want us.

Sergeant, I'm Gladys Cooper. A housewife.

It's strange we've never read of this in the newspapers.

Well, newspapers! You could fill volumes with what you don't read in them.

That's sometimes very true.

How do you know we should fight for this government?

They've had no free elections. They have no constitution.

Six months ago, a committee was appointed to form a constitution.

Still none.

The school l went to taught us that the 1 3 Colonies...

...with proper, educated leadership, all with the same goal in mind...

...after the Revolutionary War, took from 1 776 to 1 787...

...1 1 years of peaceful effort...

...before they came up with a paper that all 1 3 colonies would sign.

Our present Constitution.

That's very good, sergeant.

But a lot of people...

...believe this is a war between the Vietnamese people.

Let's let them handle it.

Let them handle it, Mr. Beckworth?

Captured weaponry.

From Red China.

Chicom K 50.

Chinese Communists.

S.K.S., Soviet-made carbine.

Russian Communists.



Czech Communists.

No, sir, Mr. Beckworth.

It doesn't take a lead weight to fall on me, or a hit from those weapons... recognize that what's involved is Communist domination of the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, pardon us...

...for giving a little more than a "yes" or "no" answer to your questions.

Are there any more?

Section "C," take the blue trail...

...and sections "A" and "B" the red trail...

...for further orientation...

...on the capabilities of the Green Beret.


Break out the gear.

Okay, sarge.

Colonel. Yes?

Your brainwashed sergeant didn't sell me.

Didn't sell you what?

Didn't sell me on the idea that we should be involved in Southeast Asia.

You ever been to Southeast Asia?

-No, I haven't. -Uh-huh.

Sir, a Sergeant Provo requests permission to speak to you.

-Provo? -Weapons specialist.

I'll see him.

Sergeant Provo requests permission to speak to the colonel.

At ease.

I appreciate your seeing me, sir. I know how busy you are.

I understand you're picking 2 "A" teams for Vietnam. Is that true, sir?

We might be, and we might not.

I think it might be, sir. Since l haven't been picked, I'm volunteering.

You're a heavy weapons specialist.

Not if l can find a light one, sir.

Why are you volunteering?

I'm a soldier and it's where the action is.

-We'll let you know. -Yes, sir.

Thank you, sir.

Sergeant McGee.

-Pull his record. -l did.

He's a good man.

-Thanks, Doc. -Yes, sir.

There he is. Right on time.

Quite a character. A tour in Korea...

...a year in Vietnam.

Speaks 3 languages. Are you sure about this soldier?

What do you mean?

I checked his jump record. Every time, the jumpmaster has to push him out.

That's why I want him.

He won't quit.

Hold it, soldier!

Nice day.

Yes, sir.

Kind of out of your territory, aren't you?

Yes, sir.

What are you doing here?

Watching a basketball game.

What were you doing here yesterday?

And the day before? And the day before that?

You spend so much time here, you'd think you wanted to join our outfit.

No, I don't think l'd care to join the Fifth Group, sir.

I'm sorry to hear that, soldier.


Yes, sir. Carry on.

What's that?

It's the fella l was telling you about.


Hello, soldier.

So you decided to volunteer.

My pleasure, sir.



Nice shooting, sir.

That's normal.

Why'd your outfit always send you when they needed something?

I guess I'm good at it.

But not good enough. You got caught.

Yes, sir, your men did catch me. 1 time out of 1 00.

You better hope your luck holds out...

...because your first assignment is to go back to that old outfit of yours...

...and bring back everything you took.

-You understand me, sergeant? -Yes, sir.

-See to it. -Yes, sir!

Carry on.

About face!

Forward march!


That's what the man said. Sergeant.


Everybody hit the deck! Up and at 'em!

Rise and shine! Up and at 'em!

Let's go! Get the lead out!

On your feet!

Let's go!

Come on, soldier, out of the sack! Everybody up!

It's 3:30, let's go!

On your feet, soldier. On your feet.

Holy Toledo! lt's only 3:30.

3:30? ls that right, sarge?

That's right, soldier boy.

You better get some sleep. We got a lot of work to do tomorrow.

On your feet, soldier. On your feet.

What kind of a--?

You got 1 0 minutes to pack.

Pack in 1 0 minutes? Takes me longer than that to get my heart started.

What are you doing?

I'm packing!

You pack what Uncle Sam issued and that's all. You got 9 minutes.

-Why the countdown? -You got 8.


Where are we going?

You'll get the word.

On the way out, everybody grab his gear.

Welcome to Da Nang!

-Hi, Mike. -Good to see you, Frank.

Me too!

-Captain MacDaniel. -How are you?

-l got the Jeep right over here. -Fine.

Captain, will you see the men get all their gear?

Here we go. Hop in.

-l've been on that plane for hours. -Rather walk?

-l sure would. -Good, let's stretch our legs then.

Reynolds, meet us at Colonel Cai's office and watch that weapon.

Yes, sir!

I'm sure glad it's you relieving me.

-Don't hurry me. l got 3 weeks. -l know. That was a great idea.

-How's your back? -Coming along slow but sure.

Be glad when I can move around and burn off some of this.

-This truck for us? -Yes, sir.

That's service.

Okay, grab your gear.

Arthur E. Fuller. l knew that guy.

Named a field after him. He won the Distinguished Service Cross.


Better grab your gear.


I suppose you'll take the long way back home.

Go through Hong Kong, pick up a little yardage, some screens.

No, I don't think so.

My wife said not to bring anything she couldn't either cook or play with.

-What's my opposite number like? -His name's Colonel Cai.

He's a good man. Resourceful, intelligent and has a lot of initiative.

Outstanding? Outstanding.

-Chung See Bado. Good to see you. -Thank you, sir.

Glad you're in the outfit.

Smart looking honor guard. I recognize most of them.

-Even those you don't, know about you. -How come?

They got the word.

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

Colonel Cai, Colonel Kirby.

-l'm happy to make your acquaintance. -Thank you.

Sit down.

I have heard much about you from Colonel Morgan and others.

If half of what I've heard is true, I'm positive we'll work well together.

We build many camps, clobber many V.C. Affirmative?

Affirmative. I like the way you talk.

Let me get to the point.

We have two new camps. Here and here.

This one is all right. Everything is STRAC...

...a full complement of Montagnards and Special Forces.

And the other one?

Camp A-1 07...

...code name two-niner Savoy.

This camp we build in the heart of V.C. country.

One day is nothing.

Next day we are there. Big surprise for V.C.

Unfortunately, "A" camp 1 07 is only about half-finished.

The Viet Cong hit it with mortar fire 3 or 4 times a week.

The villagers tell us that the V.C. are making a big buildup across the border.

We're hoping that weather does not keep us from having air support.

Without it, Charlie can overrun the camp.

The "A" team's tour of duty will be up in 1 0 days.

That puts that camp between the rock and the hard place until it's completed.

I brought 2 "A" detachments with me. I could...

...leave one here to form a Mike Force...

...and take the other up for replacements.

I think it's a good idea.

I have to pay my respects to the general at 1 500.

-Nice to have met you. -Likewise.

See you later, colonel.

Hey, Provo!

-Sorry, l didn't see you. -That's all right.

-Everyone looks at pretty girls. -l wasn't looking at them.

I was thinking about that sign there.

"In Honor of William J. Wallace."

I noticed the buildings and streets around here... the names of heroes on them.

Dead heroes.

It kind of sets a man to thinking.

That it does.

-And I also think we better get moving. -Yes, sir!

You all right?

I'm still thinking about them nameplates.

The ones about soldiers killed in action.

My worry is my name don't fit any of our buildings or streets.

You got a real worry there. Must be tough...

...having a problem like that.

"Provo's Barracks," "Provo's Commissary." You see what l mean?

-No. -lt just don't sing.

If you think of something that does sing, you let us know.

We'd want you to have the best.

Thank you, sir. l appreciate that.


Colonel? Colonel?

Remember me?

-George-- -Beckworth.

This is Colonel Morgan.

I took your suggestion. I came to see for myself.

Good for you.

They said at Group l could go, but it'd be up to you.

-What do you think, colonel? -Pretty hairy operation.

I don't think this area's ready for writers. Hate to get one greased.

-ls that the real reason? -Come again?

My paper believes we shouldn't be in Vietnam.

Afraid I'll see something to substantiate that belief?

Be my guest.

-Frank. -Good luck, Mike.

With joyous memories, we leave the mystical city of Da Nang!

What gay adventure lies ahead!


...this trip is going to make LSD feel like aspirin.

Mr. Beckworth... going to write about us?

-That's right. -What are you going to say?

I don't know yet.

Man, oh, man!

Look at all those trees down there. My dog could go crazy!

We have "A" teams out along the Cambodian and Laotian borders.

They each built their own camp. We're headed for one of those now...

...Camp A-1 07.

There's our destination.

-Colonel. Good to see you again. -Captain. Thanks.

You know Lieutenant Sachs.

-Captain MacDaniel, your replacement. -That's good to hear.

Sergeant Kenny, pick up the extra gear and the mail.

If you gentlemen will follow me, we'll get inside.

You got about a 1 50-foot killing area here, captain.

The first thing l'd do would be to cut that back another 300 feet.

We've been wanting to do that, but we've been short of help.

We tried to get some engineers. They're all busy. But I requested some Seabees.

If that detachment ever gets here, you put them on that first thing.

Mail call!

-Dodge City? -Yeah.

You can buy it cheap.

Those what they call Punji sticks?

Yes, it's a little trick we learned from Charlie.

But we don't dip them in the same stuff he does.

You'd increase the effectiveness of that concertina with more tanglefoot.

-Got any more of them? -Yes, sir.

-Double the number. -We'll get right on it.

Bring us up to date.

They mortared us again last night. It's becoming a fairly regular thing.

-How many operations are out? -Three recon and 2 ambush.

-And that counterpart of yours-- -Captain Nim. He's out with a patrol.

The one that just got zapped. He'll be in tomorrow with 3 wounded.

-Will you be staying awhile? -l'll be in camp, off and on.

We fixed a place for you in the commo bunker. Not much, but it's dry.


After mail call, I've assigned my men... get Captain MacDaniel's team bedded down.

It's a newspaperman.

This is Captain Coleman. Mr. Beckworth is with the Chronicle-Herald.

-Can you find a spot for him? -Affirmative.

Sergeant Kenny.

Take Mr. Beckworth here to my hooch. Get him squared away.

Thank you.

This way, Mr. Beckworth.

Can l give you a hand?

If it's all right, we'll stay with the team.


This way, sir.

The captain has the bottom bunk. We'll get somebody to make this one for you.

-ls there drinking water? -l don't know if it's cold.

It'll be fine, thank you.

You've got a pad in the storage bunker. You can have mine in a few days.

I hope. To the right here.

You funny!

You've made Hamchunk's "A" Club.

You funny!

You not.

This is Hamchunk.

He's become a permanent fixture here. He's an orphan.

Lived with some missionaries about 1 0 clicks south of here...

...till they were assassinated. Maybe you could use an interpreter.

-Missionaries taught him English. -l don't want an interpreter.

You number one. l choose you.

I don't want to be chosen.

-l don't think you have much choice. -Choice, Mr. Hobson?

I haven't had a choice since I was selected for this...


You get used to me.

You funny.

-You-- -ln here.

What's the status of your crew-served weapons?

We have two 81 s, four 60s...

...twelve .30 calibers, three on each wall.

One 4-deuce. Besides crew-served, we have six M-79's.

No .50 calibers?

I'd give an R and R in Bangkok for the smell of a .50.

You hear that, sergeant? Yes, sir.

Know where there are any .50's? No, sir.

Neither do I. You better tell Sergeant Petersen.

I almost forgot. Captain MacDaniel needs corrugated tin.

-lt's been hard to come by lately. -Sergeant.

Yes, sir. I know. "Tell Petersen. Tell the scrounger."


What happens if Charlie hits this camp before you get it completed?

If he does, and he's too strong for us to handle...

...we have 3 LZs within 4 clicks to send 1 0 choppers each to reinforce us.

One is by that shale cliff you saw on your way in.

And the second is to the west of here...

...near a deserted Montagnard village where some of these people used to live.

The third is to the north, near an old bridge.

What if Charlie overruns the camp?

In that case, sir...

...the camp is prepared to escape and evade on order...

...through places in the wire and mines...

...only "A" Team and Captain Nim know about.

-My compliments. -Thank you, sir.

Commander of this area runs everything by the book.

And l am with him to the nth degree.

And every piece of this equipment will be painted.

And every piece of this equipment will be numbered.

And every--

What in the hell is that?

You make good coffee. Cholong coffee.

More coffee, sergeant? No, thanks.


Boy, is it miserable out there!

And believe me, it's sure in hell stay-awake weather.

Don't you men have rain gear?

Yeah, but it doesn't do any good in this lousy climate.

Skipper! Savoy 3 is on the horn, sir.

Savoy 3 to Savoy 6.

This is Savoy 3.

I'm nearing home base. I've thrown smoke. can you identify?

I see the red smoke.

Come on in.


Give them a hand.

-Morning, Max, Collier. -Morning, sir.

-Hell of a mess! -Looks like we'll float away.

What's this outfit coming in?

That's Captain Nim, your counterpart...

...with a patrol that just got zapped.

-Joe. -Yes, sir.

Alert the dispensary. Tell them casualties are coming in.

I'll go find Colonel Kirby.

It was a close one.

Get those casualties over to the dispensary. Let's go. Snap it up!

The rest of you...

...get some dry clothes and chow. Report for debriefing.

Move it out!

Fill me in.

As you know, we were hit yesterday.

Three casualties.

This is sure Charlie's weather!

But they didn't follow us.

-You sure? -Affirmative.

Skipper, l would like to look after my casualties.

Sure. Come on.

What's the situation? He's all right.

More painful than serious, sir.

Colonel, l want you to meet the camp commander.

-Oh! -Dai Uy Nim.

Stay where you are, Dai Uy.

Tran Nim.

I've read your name on many reports. You're very active.

We try, sir.

Meet your new counterpart, Captain MacDaniel.

Welcome. We will have a good post here when it is finished.

I've no doubt, Dai Uy.

Your outfit looks pretty beat up.

-Eleven days is a long patrol. -We're short of men.

We've got everything we need except strikers.

What seems to be the trouble?

The natives have been so exploited, they won't trust anyone with a gun.

Same old story. How many villages are there in the vicinity?

We've got 7. There were 5.

And we've got 2 in camp.

If you got all the villagers in, what would that do for you?

That'd give us 300-500.

Better get on the Psy War about this.

When you leave, Dai Uy?

Tomorrow. Hopefully.

Da Nang, Nha Trang, Saigon and home!

My home is in Hanoi.

I go home too someday.

You see.

First, kill all stinking Cong.

Then go home.

Will there be anything else?

That's all, Nim.

Thank you, sir.

He sounds like he means it.

He keeps score on the wall of his hooch.

He personally greased 52 this year.

Says he'll double it...

...if all the 'Yards will get out of his way and give him a clear field of fire.

I noticed a load of corrugated tin's miraculously appeared overnight.

Sergeant Petersen provided it.

A good man you got there.

Sergeant Petersen say where he got it?

He said the good fairy left it.

I hope he said, "The good fairy left it, sir!"

Captain, will you join us in the commo bunker?

Good evening, colonel. Relax. Sit down.

My, it's a beautiful evening. That it is.

Captain Nim.

Thank you.

This would be great country...

...if it weren't for the war.

And the damn monsoons.

Give me a beer, Petersen.

You won it all.

Mr. Petersen? Yeah.

Why ain't you in this game?

Mr. Beckworth showed him 3 aces.

Be sure and check the guard roster before you turn in.

Yes, sir.

Good night. Good night, sir.

Where's McGee?

Doc, you got the 4-to-6 watch.

Delightful. Thank you.

Jim Beam! You're not feeding him that stuff?

You sure it's good for him?

You questioning... professional competence?

He sure looks bad.

He's dying, poor old thing.

-Can't even eat anymore. -What seems to be wrong?

I'm not the best doctor in the world, but I'm the best one without a license.

My diagnosis is plague, tuberculosis, old age...

...and no hope.

He's tired.

Bone tired.

The captain's in there!

Check the damage in the dispensary!

Everything's all right here, colonel! A near miss, but nobody hurt.

-l think they've stopped. -Yes, sir.

This is the usual procedure.

About every other night. Harassment.

It's pretty good shooting.

Commo bunker, the dispensary, the team house.

It's a sure thing that they have eyes inside our camp.

Check your gear. Commo bunker was hit.

Lieutenant Green, form a recon patrol, ASAP!

Petersen, come with me.

Who is it?

It's the captain, sir.


...move him out of there.

Colonel Kirby!

Yo! Be right there.

He was going to go home tomorrow, wasn't he, sir?

All the way.

What do we got, 1 0 pounders? 1 0-pound warheads, sir.

Ready to go hunting? Be a couple of minutes yet.

We'll be gone about 3 hours. Mind the store.

Don't worry.

Two-niner Savoy.

This is Savoy 8. Over.

Savoy 8, this is Savoy 5. Over.

This is Savoy 8. I'm nearing the camp.

Have thrown smoke. Identify.

Savoy 8, this is Savoy 5.

I see green smoke.

Come on in. Out.

We better get out of the way.

Those choppers are very important out here, aren't they?

Couldn't win this war without them.


I'm sort of new out here. What's this all about?

Muldoon and MacDaniel, in those choppers... low over the treetops and hope to draw V.C. gunfire.

You mean there are V.C. that close?


Mr. Beckworth, I have V.C. in my own strike force.

Pardon me. I have to check the perimeter.

There they are, building a boat bridge.

They're not Cong, they're hard-core regulars.

Petersen... worry me.

Three tours of duty and you're still acting like a civilian.

Sergeant Muldoon, l'm not a Marine.

I believe in my comfort.

We got the tin.

What about the .50 caliber?

Don't worry. Next drop.

How'd you do it?

A guy in Khe Sahn wanted 2 cases of bourbon.

Bourbon! How'd you get 2 cases of bourbon?

From a straight leg in supply in Bien Hoa.

-Yeah? -Yeah.

Why would he give you that much booze?

He didn't give it to me. I traded him for it.

Traded him what?

I traded him a Montagnard crossbow...

...a number one address on Chu Do Street...

...and a pair of Ho Chi Minh sandals.

And where did you get a pair of Ho Chi Minh sandals?

I made them.

I work hard. I've gone to church.

I was a Boy Scout.

I was an Eagle Scout!

He's funny!

How did you get in here?

Where do you sleep?



All right, come here.

Colonel Kirby? Affirmative!

Lt. Jamison, 91 st Navy Seabee detachment out of Cho Min.

This is Captain MacDaniel.

We'd have come sooner, but the Marines wanted a strip up north.

It's going to get a little hairy around here, Lieutenant... we're glad to see you, late or not.

The rest of my outfit will be coming with the heavy equipment.

They set it down right where the work is.

-How's that, sir? -Could you move that jungle back for us?

Just say the word, and l'll move it to China.

We don't need that much. Just a clear killing zone.

-Will do, sir. -Watson!

Arrange pads. How many men?

-Thirteen. -Lucky number.

Thirteen. Hop to it!

-l'd like to run an equipment check. -Go ahead.

Sight for sore eyes.

That thing sure does a day's work!

Easier than mowing the lawn.

Everybody's as busy as little bees.

Hello, Charlie.

Get me Captain Nim and Colonel Kirby!

What are the charges?

He was pacing off the distance between the wall and the team house.

We could've caught a round tonight.

I certainly hope you can prove that, sergeant.

Easy, Tran.


-Muldoon? -Sir?

He was a hell of a soldier, sir.


Is that what you do? Sponsor an inquisition over here?

-ls that what you'll tell the people? -l'll tell what l saw.

-That was nothing. -Brutality's not nothing.

That man was lining us up for a V.C. mortar crew.

There's still due process.

Out here, due process is a bullet.

I want you to keep that lighter.

It belonged to a medical specialist in Captain Coleman's team.

After delivering a Montagnard baby, he was on his way back to camp and--

His friends found him about 3 clicks out.

Beheaded, mutilated.

His wife couldn't have recognized him. And that V.C. in there did it!

That has nothing to do--

Tell it to Captain Coleman. And shout it loud...

...because Arlington Cemetery's a long way from here.

Next. Now what is it this time? That old ear bothering you?


I'm not going to hurt you one bit. Now just hold still.

That's it. Don't move.

There. Now that's my good girl.


That's for you. Take it. That's it.


What is it this time?

Want me to take a look? Depressor.

Now that's a big boy.

You know something?

You're all well.


Here, that's for you.

Montagnards, sir. The old man's chief of the main village.


I'll take her.

Right here will do it.

Little girl's his granddaughter.

She stepped on a Punji stick. He's afraid she's going to die.

-How is it? -lt's a nasty wound and it's infected.

But if we can control it, she'll be all right. Good as new.

Pretty tough way... find out about Punji sticks.

Sure is.

This is the Chieftain of the village.

Does he speak English?

No, sir.

He must trust us.

How's that, sir?

Letting Sergeant McGee take care of his granddaughter.

-Tell him to come in. -l did, sir. And they won't.

Then why did he come to us for help?

He says papers fall from the sky.

Papers say white man...

...long nose, round eyes, called Americans... Montagnards.

But Viet Cong say our papers lie.

Pardon me, sir.

You like this?

She's a woman, isn't she?

She said she won't ever take it off.

And don't you take this off either. Now you make your old granddad...

...bring you back when this is dirty and l'll put a clean one on for you.

That's a good girl!

He says the Viet Cong takes all the rice, pigs and chickens...

...and forces the young men to fight.

He hates the Cong.

Tell him if he'll bring his people in with us...

...that we'll give them protection, money and food.

What's he saying?

He said, "What's money?"

How do you answer that?

Sergeant McGee?

I think the United States Army can spare a litter.

Working on it, sir.

He says you're very kind.

Tell him if his people are afraid that we'll go out and get them.

Captain MacDaniel will take a patrol out tomorrow morning and pick them up.

He says he'll deal with you alone.

He'll come with you and you only. Tomorrow morning at sunrise, or never.

That's pretty positive.

Sunrise it is.

Here's another one.

Let's move out.


You suppose that old chief is wearing more than one face?

I don't think so.

But we're sure going to respect your hunch.

We'll back off to the river again...

...and make a detour.

Cut him down.

Do you want to hear the story, sir?

I know the story, but go ahead.

Charlie came in the night to take the young men.

Most of them listened to the chief and refused to go.

They killed the chief. And did this... a reminder to anyone who resisted them.

How many of them were there? And where did they go?


...across the border.

What happened to the little girl?

What did she say?

Five Viet Cong soldiers took her in the jungle.

They didn't bring her back.

It's no use.

I'll do what has to be done.

It's pretty hard... talk to anyone about this country until they've...

...come over here and seen it.

The last village that l visited...

...they didn't kill the chief. They tied him to a tree...

...brought his teenage daughters out in front of him...

...and disemboweled them.

Then 40 of them...

...abused his wife.

And then they took a steel rod.

Broke every bone in her body.

Somewhere during the process she died.

These people need better medical care than we can give them.

Where is Colonel Kirby?

I'll find him.


We got 3 people who can make it if we get them to a hospital.

Send for my chopper. I can take 3.

Coming along?

I'm staying.

I see them, Dai Uy.

Pardon me.

Weapons check in 30 minutes! Fall out!


Charlie's building caskets and ladders. A lot of them.

How far away?

About 1 5 clicks.

That gives us plenty to do before they get here.

Restrict all operations to within 4 clicks of the camp.

-Will systems be operational by dark? -Affirmative.

May I suggest we contact "C" Team? See about the weather.

-Petersen? -Yeah.

What was all that about ladders and coffins?

When Charlie knows he's got...

...a nice box to be buried in, he's just as brave as hell.

The ladders?

They throw the ladders across the wire to get at us.

Later they use them for litters.

By "later" you mean when everybody's dead?



Children. Everybody.

Come on, Hamchunk.

You like?

What is there not to like? Who is she?

Her name's Lin. Her father was chief of the Hang Pham Province.

Until he refused to cooperate with the Viet Cong.

-And then they killed him? -They murdered him.

And her little brother. In a most hideous way.

That's their style.

Besides being one of our top models...

...she could be most helpful to our government.

Are you trying to tell me something, colonel?

That gentleman seated with her.

He's a double agent.

He works for us and for General Pham Son Ti.

Then tell me, colonel...

...who will she be helpful to?

Colonel Morgan, there's a big buildup around Camp A-1 07.

It could be the real thing.

They've requested tac air and a flare ship.

That's fine. Keep us informed.

Captain MacDaniel had a word for you.

-What is it? -Tabasco.

I've never known Captain MacDaniel to run scared.

I'd kind of like to eyeball this situation.

Don't get killed. I don't want anything upsetting my plans for going home.

I'll give you full cooperation. Good night.

You didn't get a chance to give him the whole story.

I'll arrange another meeting.


Kill that light!

You better check the gun placements again.

I'm going to have a look-see.

Over there. A heavy concentration to the south.

Let's see what Starlight-Starbright has to say.

That's a ruse.

Kowalski, MacDaniel, pass the word. Quietly.

Strengthen the north wall. I repeat:

Strengthen the north wall.


Every third man, north wall, quietly.

Every third man, north wall.

We had better inform the mortar crew.

-Pit one. -Pit one.

-Pit two. -Pit two.

-Pit three. -Pit three.

Zero in on the village. Four rounds, H.E. Fire on order.

-What's this? -You know. Stay here.

-Alone? -No, you've got your pal.

Now, don't get out of there till l tell you.

Okay, Petersen!

You get down there! You stay quiet!

Mr. Beckworth? Yeah?

Been assigned to your position? No, l haven't.

You better come with me.

Right front, 200. Right front, 200.

Get some AG. We'll be dropping it close, so make it charge 7.

Level? Check.

Everything copacetic?

Ready to fire.

Hit the bunker!


What happened to the lieutenant? He's gone!

Hang! Fire!

It's on target.

Pit one. You're right on. Give them 3 rounds of WP.


We're on target. Three more rounds. Hang!


That's what it's all about!

You going to referee or help us?

-What can l do? -Give the sergeant a hand!


I'll take them.



This is Bulldog. I've got the picture.

The Mike Force is right behind me. We'll try and make it in before sunrise.

Bulldog, this is Two-Niner Savoy.

This is no harassment, sir. It's the real McCoy.

They're storming the wire right now.

Bulldog, do you read--

It's us. Check those generators.

That's got to be Bulldog.

Bulldog! This is Savoy 6. Over.

Hello, Savoy 6, this is Bulldog. The Mike Force is--

Savoy 8, this is Savoy 6. Over.

This is Savoy 8. This is Savoy 6.

Bulldog's near you. Can you get to him?

Savoy 8.

We saw it. We're on him. Out.

Let's go.



Hit the deck!

-This man needs attention. -Medic!

Machine guns are positioned around LZ green.

Get this man down the hill.

Charlie's got all landing zones covered.

Mike Force is coming behind us. We got to secure one of them.

-Why not this one? -Right, sir.

Let's move out.

Bring in the dependents.

Break through! They're breaking through!


Here, dog.



Kowalski! Yeah.

Skipper's worried about the inner perimeter. Can you close the breach?

That just fits our pistol. We got a little machine that can do that.

Let's get them, Seabees! Come on!





Take over!




Hit the phoogas!

Petersen! Going back to the commo bunker!

Yeah. l'll be right with you!

He was all you had, wasn't he?

You don't have anybody else in the whole world, do you?

Except you.


Come on, give us some help over here!

Let's get the hell out of here! We can't hold out any longer!

We're leaving!

Let's go!

Pit One!

-Pit One, Roger. -Fall back and destroy the tube.

Order's to fall back. Let's get the hell out of here!

Troop one, we're moving back. Let's go!

You heard him, move out!


Can you walk? Get me on my feet, I can run!

Sir, the Mike Force is all in.

Savoy 6, this is Bulldog. Over.

Go ahead, Bulldog.

Mike Force is on the ground. We're on our way in.

We'll try and make it in before the damn sun comes up.

Will keep you informed.

Move out.

Savoy Two-Niner...

...this is Blue Leader.

This is Savoy 6, Blue Leader.

This is Blue Leader. 2 birds coming in. Where do you want it dropped?

Air strike.

Savoy 6, Blue Leader. 400 meters from the north wall...

...southwest to northeast. Do you roger?

This is Blue Leader. Roger and out.

Savoy 6, this is Bulldog.

Go ahead, Bulldog.

We have the Mike Force in position. Let us know when you're ready.

Roger, Bulldog. Savoy 6.

We'll use the air strike to keep Charlie's head down.

Execute plan 3 in 2 minutes. Do you roger?

Roger. Out.

Two minutes, pass the word.

Fall back, damn it! Fall back to the commo bunker! Everybody!

Let go with the phoogas!

Let's go! Keep down.

Take a platoon down and reinforce Evans. l'm going to the tower.

What's the situation?

We can't even hold this place with that air strike.


Dig that .30 in and give support to the .50 caliber.

Give me that, I can handle it. Check the team house.


I'm prepared for that.


Parks, how is he?

He's pretty bad, sir, but still alive.

See if that .50's operational.

I'll check it.

Beldo, give me a hand!

Fall back!

Swing her around 1 80 degrees.

Give them 4 H.E. maximum elevation...

...and destroy the tube. Fall back!

Move them out!

Choppers are on their way.

Keep your heads down!

-What about the radio? -Charges are set and it's ready to go.

-Claymores? -We got a few spread out.

Move out!

Let's go! Keep it down. Let's move.


...fall back!

Choppers are here. Hurry it up!

Head to the landing zone!

Everyone out to LZ green. Fall back!

Keep moving! Keep moving!

-Hi, Tom. -How you doing, Pete?

Take care of that kid, no matter what happens.

Will do, Pete.

What happened to Nim?

He bought the farm, sir, but he took a lot of them with him.

Colonel Kirby.

Puff the Magic Dragon's on the horn.

This is Two-Niner Savoy. Over.

Puff to ground, where do you want it?

Put it on the camp. Those people have it, we don't.

It'll only take a minute.

I think Puff broke their back.

We can probably move in there tomorrow...

...God willing and the river don't rise.

What do we do now, sir?

First we get some sack time.

Then we start all over again.

-Muldoon. -Sir?

Check the perimeter. Make sure the outposts are set for the night.

I guess it couldn't have been much worse.

We're still alive.

What happens now?

We keep doing our jobs.

You got one to go back to, haven't you?

I guess so.

What are you going to say in your newspaper?

If l say what I feel, I may be out of a job.

We'll always give you one.

I could do you more good with a typewriter.

It's Sergeant Sooby's.

He didn't make it.

Funny thing.

Fellow takes one of these into battle...

...and by the grace of God he comes out in one piece...

...he carries a strange sense of guilt all the rest of his life.


I'd like permission to take my men into "A" camp to check our equipment.

And also, that sergeant who was pretty badly hit was asking for you. Provo?

Thank you.

Captain Johanson is taking the Mike Force...

...back this afternoon. You can go in with him.

-Happy to have had you aboard. -Thanks for the ride.

Why wasn't he on the chopper?

The wounded go before the dead.

We thought we'd better not move him.

They zapped me good.

You're not gone yet.

Would you do me a favor, sir?

Would you take a touch with me?

I sure will.

Thank you, sir.

Another favor, sir?

What is it?

You remember the decision I was trying to make, about my name?

The signs?

I remember.

That's it.

There it is, sir.

You're sure that's what he wanted?

Affirmative. That's what he wanted and that's what he's going to get!

Maybe he liked the idea of having so many men think about him every day.

Besides... sings.

It sings?

That's what he said.

It sings.

Provo's Privy. lt does sing!

Last time we met, Colonel Cai and l were going to tell you about a plan we had...

...and "A" camp 1 07 got hit.

This can't wait till you take over. I want you briefed.

-Why way out here? -This is top secret.

I repeat, top secret.

Colonel Cai.

-How was Saigon? -Very interesting.

I attended a meeting with the premier and his staff.

The main subject was General Pham Son Ti.

He has assumed command of the entire Viet Cong forces in the south.

Which makes him Number One!

Affirmative. And it could mean a major offensive.

I had my hands on him the last time l was out here.

But because of political pressure, I had to turn him loose.

Like to get your hands on him again?

Who wouldn't? But if l know General Ti, he's surrounded by a regiment.

-My people think several. -That brings us up to the plan.

He's somewhere in Hang Phau Valley.

Surrounded by the regiments you mentioned, which makes...

...a capture impossible.

Precisely. Except for one woman...

...and a certain hand-picked team.

Go on, colonel.

This is the rat.

And this is the trap.

My father was a simple man.

All he wanted was to be free...

...his wife to love, and his children to raise.

He tried to remain neutral. That was his mistake.

What he didn't realize...

...was that man has to pay a price for that freedom.

Therefore, he suffered the ultimate penalty.

Since that day...

...l've lived but with one thought:

To find the man who ordered my father and little brother murdered.

I found him.

His name is Pham Son Ti.

And l will give him to you.


One week from tonight, at the old Costeau Plantation.

Colonel Cai knows where it is.

Colonel... much do you know about this girl?

Her father and General Ti's father grew up together.

Their families were very close.

Even before he moved to Hanoi...

...he had more than a friendly interest in Lin.

Do you trust her?

Of course.

She's my brother's wife.

Let's see, it's 0400. That means we'll hit the drop zone...

...around a little after sunrise.

Everything set?

Your gear's on board with Colonel Cai's.

Thank you. Let's get aboard.

You heard the man. Stick formation. Let's go.

-Keep your head down. -Don't worry.

Colonel Cai, you haven't said a word all night.

You know why? He's never jumped before.

First one's easy.

It's the second one that's hard to get them to make.


We'll use the alternative plan Bravo?


Alternative plan Bravo!

Kowalski, that means you take point.

If you see anything, don't let them spot you. Freeze!

-Let us know. Got it? -Got it.

One minute to drop, sir.

The recon was a success.

Probably be no trouble. But the word is alert!

Get ready.

Port side...

...stand up.

Starboard side, stand up.

Hook up.

Stand in the door.


You ready?

Kowalski's got about a 5 minute start on us.

Lieutenant Moore sprained his ankle badly.

Moore, you'd better stay here with the skylift detail.

You come with us, Watson. Move out!


Savoy 3.


This is Bulldog, Savoy 3. Over!


Savoy 3, Savoy 3. This is Bulldog. Over.


Won't need that anymore.


But he took them all with him...

...or they wouldn't have left this!

Form a burial detail.

Yes, sir.

There it is.

It's your baby. We can never get back here before daybreak.

What do you think?

-lt'll make a nice mess. -How many men will you need?

-Doc and two of Colonel Cai's men. -You got them.

Lf we don't get back by 1 1 00 tomorrow... blow it. Head for the rendezvous.

-Good luck. -Thank you.

Move out.

How come you like blowing things up so much?

When I was a kid, my dad gave me a chemistry set...

...and it got bigger than both of us.

The waiting's over.

No escort.

You all know your jobs.


...we don't go back without the general.

Not one of us.


Move out.

Wait here.



Come on.

There are two guards on the porch.

I'm ready for them.

-Where's the lady? -Right here. Thank you.


Watch his leg.

Get him in there.

Nearly finished?


What next?



This is Bulldog. Over.

Bulldog, this is Roadrunner. Over.

How's the traffic?

Traffic is scarce this early in the morning. Everything's set.

How will you evade?

We have spotted motorcycles.

We'll be there in 7 minutes. Do you read me?

Right. Out.

We're as ready as we'll ever be.

Go ahead, Doc. Here.

Take him!

Hit it!

What the hell?

What happened?

-l caught one. -The first-aid kit!

Not now! Five minutes, this road will be like downtown.

Let's get out of here, sarge.

Get him out of the way. Release the brake!

Two minutes to liftoff, colonel. Move out.

You better stay here.

Stay there.

Colonel, l hear the plane.


Take the rear. Let's get out of here.

Sir, could I have a choice?

Yeah, you can have a choice.

-l'll take the point. -l said you have a choice.

That's why I'm taking the point.

We're close to that rendezvous area.

You better...

...get out there ahead and see what's waiting for us.

Let's relax.


-She's your sister-in-law. -She is.

Her whole future, her self-respect...

...everything is in your hands.

It isn't that l....

Thank you.


You're a brave woman.

No, just a woman praying that her family will forgive her.

There is nothing to forgive.

I thought you'd never get here.

-Choppers are coming up the valley. -Where's Doc?

Caught one in the back, but he's going to be all right.

Let's get the colonel.

LZ is a meadow just over that rise.

Let's move out!



Move out. Move out.

You heard him, let's go!

What area's designated as offloading ramp today?

Last pad over, next to the water.

-See that runway over by the beach? -Yeah?

That's where your Peter-san's going to be coming in.

You take care of yourself.

Thank you.

-Mister, you Beckworth? -That's right.

If you want to go where the war is, this is the way.

-Who's that for? -l don't know, boy.

Wait until the choppers are down.

I got a Jeep for you and Mrs. Cai.

Successful mission.


But very costly.


Is there Petersen here?

Must be in another chopper, sonny. Not here.


What happened? It's Doc, Hamchunk.

He's going to be all right.


There's none of them left in here.

This is one job I don't envy you.



No! No!


You always knew it could happen, didn't you?

But l didn't want it to.

None of us did.

Was my Peter-san brave?

He was very brave.

Are you going to be?

I'll try.

I know you will.

And l'm sure that...

...your Peter-san...

...would want you to have that.

What will happen to me now?

You let me worry about that, Green Beret.

You're what this is all about.