The Green Inferno (2013) Script

- What do we want? Health insurance!

When do we want it? Now!

What do we want? Health insurance!

When do we want it? Now!


Come! Join us.

We will not go away. We will not be stopped.

And some of us will not even eat until these people are treated fairly.

Daylight... What the fuck?


You'd think they'd be too weak from not eating.

Honestly, I hope they starve to death.

Yeah, seriously, then we can get some sleep up in this bitch.

So I go to this party and Scott's like, "You should totally rush."

And I'm like, "That's retarded.

"That's for idiots who were stupid enough to go to Dartmouth."

I'm on a hunger strike.

You're one of them, I can tell.

Or I'm just not hungry.

Or you secretly want to starve yourself.

Duh, what girl doesn't?

None of those girls give a fuck about the janitors.

They just don't want to look like they're anorexic.

None of them. Not one.

So, what are they doing on the lawn at 9:00 on a Sunday?

The only thing those posers care about is looking like they care.

It's just some weird demonstration to appease their fucking white stupid suburban Jewish guilt.

Hi. I'm Jewish.

I'm allowed to say that.



Kaycee! Come on.

What? They deserve to get tear gassed for waking us up so early on a Sunday.

There's something creepy about that guy.

Creepy or charismatic?

The two go hand in hand.

That's the kind of guy you got to look out for.

People use the term "female circumcision," but "female genital mutilation" more accurately describes what nearly two million girls go through every year.

Some cultures use a blade. Like this one.

But more commonly, FGM is done with piece of broken glass, the lid of a tin can, or a sharpened stone.

Once the clitoris or outer genitalia is removed, the girl is then sewn up and her legs are bound for 40 days while the wounds heal.

If they heal at all.


Why would they do that? I mean, what's the point?

The villages don't consider them women unless they've gone through this.

From their perspective, it's a rite of passage.

It's insane.

There's an ambassador on East 44th Street who should be doing something about this.

My father's a lawyer at the UN.

Maybe he could get involved somehow.

It's not only African countries who do this.

Muslims. Middle Eastern countries.

Tribes in the Amazon.

FGM is a global problem.

You'd need every lawyer in the UN to stop it.

Moving on. The "Ant Ordeal."

Why even bother with safe sex lectures?

They should just teach that class.

Uh, yeah. I used to think putting in a tampon was painful.

I know. Excuse me.

Hey, can I talk to you for a sec?

I won't keep her long.



Nah, I just wanted to give you a flyer for our group.

Oh, thanks. I think it's cool and all what you guys do, it's just...

I'm not really into it.

Alejandro asked me to give that to you.


I mean, it's really chill. No pressure.

We just hang out, talk about the issues.

The food's really good.

Wait, don't you guys starve yourselves?

Some kids do, yeah. Not me, obviously.

But tonight we're celebrating.

School's giving the janitors health insurance.

Really? Yeah.

They're making the deal now.

So, see you there?

I'll think about it.

Don't think. Act.

Don't think. Act.

You're not seriously thinking about going to this, are you?

No. I'm acting. Acting like I'm thinking about it.

Good. Because activism is so fucking gay.

The UN Environment Program handles matters such as these, Justine.

Everyone is aware of what is happening.

It's not something that can be cured overnight.

Unless there was oil involved, then we'd end FGM tomorrow.

Mmm. Were it so simple.

There are procedures.

We can't just go invade a country because they're doing something that we think is illegal or immoral.


Where's your necklace?

It's in my dorm room.

Don't worry, it's safe.

You know your mother made that out of your grandmother's...

Silver. Yes, I know. I just forgot to wear it.

You know, you should've kept playing.

Your mother loved it.

She also loved it when I did what made me happy.

Playing used to make you happy.

It still does. But I'm not going to be a flautist.

It's not like I can practice in my dorm room.

And if I played on the street, people would throw change at me.

Well, you were very talented.

I like to think I still am.

You are. I just think you're letting your talents go to waste.

Yeah. On books and college. And terrible stuff.

The two are not mutually exclusive, my clear.

Are you going to have that cheese bread?

Knock yourself out.


Have you ever had fantasies of saving a dying tribe?

Of protecting them from encroaching civilization?

Well, an opportunity has come up to turn that fantasy into reality.

For those of you who care enough to join us.

In two weeks, an untouched jungle in the Peruvian Amazon will be destroyed forever.

And so will the natives inside it.

The companies want the natural gas in the ground under the villages.

So they GPS the location, bulldoze the homes, and kill the natives.

Ancient tribes, seen only in rare glimpses from satellite photos, will be gone forever.

So what's the plan?

March through the jungle and starve yourself?

You must be a freshman.

Yes. Why?

Because only a freshman would speak with such insolence.

You can leave now.

I'm sorry. I didn't... Go.

I said I'm sorry.


Alejandro takes his social work very seriously.

You think?

Sorry. I'll try and talk to him.

Don't bother!

Anyway, thanks for coming!

I mean it.


Look, I'm really sorry about the other night.

I didn't mean to be so flip.

Yes, you did.

Save it.

We need people who are serious about making an impact.

Not making jokes.

I am serious.

You're a serious student, which is fine, but it's really not enough.

Well, maybe if you gave someone a chance to learn, your organization might be more effective.

What's the cause you care about the most?

I mean, they're all important, but what keeps you up at night?

Women's rights in Africa.

But how can a white girl from the suburbs go to Africa and tell a village that FGM is wrong?

Exactly. I'll tell you how.

You organize a group and you go there.

And you get media attention.

Right or wrong, you need cameras on them.

That's the only way people change their behavior.

The threat of embarrassment. You must shame them.

Show me how.

I think you're an idealist, Justine, and you have good intentions.

But you're not ready for this.

I am. Let me prove it.

The villages are here, here and here.

The development is going here. A few miles from the Yajes.

Ten more miles and the Yajes village is ruined.

And that's the end of unmanned civilization.

Justine. Nice of you to join us.


Sorry, I got off at the wrong stop.

It's okay.

We leave Saturday. We get in one day ahead.

So when the bulldozers arrive, they're in for a surprise.

Who is behind the development?

It's a private corporation in Peru.

They hire ex-military to protect them and to kill the natives.

So we're going to take on a private militia with our phones?

No. But we're going to scare them.

And the Peruvian Government will notice.

Hi. Sorry. How are we supposed to stream from the jungle?

They have a satellite.

Our contact will hack us in.

I have 15 sites ready to stream and an army of followers to tweet when we're uploaded.

Once the construction knows they're on camera, everything changes.

Just watch.


Are you sure you're here for the right reasons?



Be careful. The jungle's a dangerous place.

This is crazy.

Are you going tree hugging or bulldozer hugging?

We're staging a rally.

They're going to shoot you and bury the bodies.

Well, then you can watch my execution, because we're going to be streaming the whole thing.

I'm so watching that.

This sounds insane.

You know there's always a non-violent way to make your point.

It is non-violent.

It's not violent yet.

But trust me, these workers see you fucking up their development, it's gonna get ugly. Fast.

Not on camera they won't.

Two large cheese!

What does your dad think about this?

Justine, I need some numbers. Who are you going with?

It's a school trip, Dad, I'll be fine.

It's not like I'm going anywhere dangerous.

I want you to talk to Dale. I insist you talk to Dale.

I'm not going to bother the ambassador of Peru to get vaccination tips.

I am texting you his number right now.


Honey, Peru is a dangerous country.

Do you know anything about it?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. Dad, I really have to go, okay?

I love you, bye.

Let's go before he sends a SWAT Team.

Oh, wait.

Well, what do you want me to say?

I think you're 100% wrong.

I think you're 100% whore.

I'm probably 50/50.

I love you. I love you, too.

Please, be safe.

I will.


Justine! What?

Nothing. I'll see you later.

See you Monday.

Okay, this way, guys.

A-ha! Alejandro.

Carlos. He's the man. One of us.


Hi, nice to meet you. Please, get in the plane.

How are you? Hi, beautiful.


How are you? Nice to meet you. How's it going?


We kiss here. It's like a tradition.


Okay, thanks.


You're such a fat guy in love.

I am not.

There's nothing sadder than that.

Dude, we're just friends. There's nothing happening.

Get used to it.

You okay?

Yeah, thanks.

Small planes always make me nervous.

Feel like we're gonna crash.

Okay. Everyone, give a big round of applause to our sponsor Carlos.

He's the one who's making this dream a reality.

Thank you. Thank you, Alejandro.

And thanks to you guys, we will get this issue global attention.

All right! Yeah!

Isn't it weird that that's the guy who's paying for everything?

He's wealthy and he supports our cause.

Just because he's Latin and wealthy doesn't mean he's a drug dealer.

I didn't say that.

She never said that.

Yeah, I got it. Thanks, Jonah.

It's Brad Pitt! Justine, Brad Pitt! Come on!

Welcome to the jungle!

These things are awesome. It's like a motorcycle and a rickshaw had a baby.

No seat belts? Don't worry, I got you.

Dónde marijuana?

Don't worry, bro, I'll hook you up.

I knew that guy would have the hook up.

Hey guys, grab your stuff and follow me.

No helmets. That's chill.

That's fucking insane, that's like child abuse.

Good thing I got that shot.

Actually, it's not 100% effective.

You could still contract yellow fever.

Are you serious? Jonah, even if that's true, don't tell her about it.

Don't get mad at me.

I bought this awesome bug spray. It has DEET.

It's like... A-ha!

You're wasting it all.

Lars. Here's your weed.

Gracias. How much?

Oh, don't worry. It's on me.

Careful, it's Peruvian. Very strong. Thank you.


Thanks, Kara.

Okay. Give me your phones.

Here, take mine. Here you go.

I'm setting up the stream app.

Make sure your phones are charged.

Nice case. Careful...

I have very private photos in there.

Don't worry, I never look.

I do. You have any hot chicks?

Half the campus.


Tomorrow, no matter what, keep streaming.

Those cameras are our only defense.


They have guns?

Of course.

Which part of militia did you not understand?

I just thought the militia were like ahead of the bulldozers in the jungle.

I didn't think they were gonna be right next to them.

Wait, they could shoot us?

It's a risk, of course.

Well, then we should get guns. Yeah.


These are our guns.

Calm down.

There's a group of us.

If they shoot at one, they have to kill all of us.


Oh, my God.

No, that's a lot better. That's awesome.

Nobody forced you to join us.

And nobody's forcing you now.

You wanna back out?

Go ahead.

No. No.

Um... Mmm-mmm.


Go, go, go, go, go!

Go straight to the boats. Go! Come on.

Come on. Move. Let's go.

Hold my hand.

What's he saying?

I don't know, it's Quechua.

What's Kashua?

She's a singer. Shut up.

Save your battery.

There's no signal until camp.

Have you been here before?

We came with Alejandro, like, two years ago. But, we never went this far.

But don't worry. I know where we are.

That doesn't need a signal?

No, it uses... It uses satellite.

There are 12 geo-synchronous satellites that determine our global position.

He has an older model, but it's still pretty accurate.

Thank you, Jonah. Yeah.

Hey, is there, like, a village or pueblo soon?

Why? You need a toilet?

Not right this minute, but I probably will.

Yes, if we stop I'd like to use one, too, please.


What is it?

It's for the snakes.

I can hold it.

It's three hours to camp.


Is there another machete?

Don't point that thing at me, man.

Chop, chop. We don't have all day.

This is the girl's tree, find your own!

Sorry. Sorry.

Where's Lars?

Go! Go, go!

Tarantula... Fucking bug!

Fucking bugs and shit!

A fucking tarantula almost bit my dick off!

Use this. Oh.

Not funny!


Oh, wow!

That's cool.

That's fucking awesome!

That's my next tattoo.

The Yajes thinks that the black jaguar is the guardian of nature.

They also think that it carries sinners to hell.

Good thing he's on our side.

I think it can just stay where it is.

It's beautiful.

This is a good omen.

This is it.

Let's go.

Take those off. They can get caught in the chains.

But you take your passports.

Why? In case we get arrested.



Hey... We leave it here.

No extra gear.


We'll be fine.

Nothing's going to happen.

That's our guy.

See you guys at the plane.

This is not about the individual.

This is about the cause.

We are now one face.

Now stand up and make history. Go.


That's your kit, go.

Here's a lock.

Wait, wait, wait.

No, no, no. I got it.

Go, go, go. No, go!

Lars, your tree, go.

Okay, good. Great. Thanks.

Go ahead, go. Let's go.

Good, you're good. Okay, let's go.

Okay, you're good.


Kara, help me.

Kara, the lock...

Kara, the lock isn't working.

This is the Yajes' home!

Leave nature alone!

This is the Yajes' home!

Leave nature alone!

This is the Yajes' home! Leave nature alone!


This is the Yajes' home! Leave nature alone!


This is the Yajes' home! Leave nature alone!


Alejandro! Help me! Alejandro!


Alejandro, help me!

Don't stop filming!

Don't stop, you'll kill her!

What do we do?

Raise up your phone! Don't stop filming!


This corporation, murdering the indigenous tribes of the Peruvian Amazon, is about to shoot a girl, whose father works at the United Nations!

The United Nations!

Kill her, and see what happens!

You fucking bitch!



Oh, fuck!

Oh, fuck!

What the fuck?

Where's my stuff? Where's the bags?

Shut up. Where's the bags?

I need my fucking bag!

My pills are in that fucking bag. I need the fucking bag!

Shut the fuck up!


We did it!

Holy fucking shit!

I thought I was going to get raped in a Peruvian prison.

My fucking God!

We're trending! We're fucking trending worldwide!

Reddit just picked it up, guys, front page!

We're on the front page of Reddit!

CNN retweeted us! Check out the photo!

"The images broadcast by the activists

"caused shockwaves around the globe.

"The Forest Stewardship Council immediately filed a complaint

"with the Peruvian authorities

"to halt what constitutes an illegal exploitation

"of a region in the Amazon that is protected by the Managua Treaty."

Congratulations! We won!


Hey, Lars, make sure that disappears by the time we hit customs.

It's important to celebrate the victories.

You're a hero.

You were going to let them kill me.

You knew the risks.


Just didn't know the biggest one was you.

You begged me to join, so I created a role for you.

Don't forget that.

Justine... Fuck off.

What we did...

I said fuck off.

He didn't mean for you to have a gun to your head.

That's exactly what he meant.

This whole thing was a mistake.

Look down there.

That's no mistake.

What the fuck was that?

Mayday! mayday!



Oh, fuck.

I don't want to die!


Is everyone okay?


I'm stuck! What?

My seatbelt's stuck! What?

My seatbelt.

Come on, we've got to get off the plane.

Where's Brooke? Brooke?

Don't look. Don't look. Oh, God.


Where's Brooke? Brooke...

We need to find my GPS!

We're in the middle of the jungle!

No one's going to find us!

I can send a distress signal.

The smoke... The smoke signal's our best hope.

Your GPS is melted, man! It's melted!

Stay calm!

Panic solves nothing.

Look for it.

Look, it's built to withstand a crash.

It's part of the survival kit.

Just look for it.

The GPS?

Just a cell phone.

Now we're really fucked.

Lars, come on.

This whole fucking place looks the same. We're just gonna get lost.

Shh! Listen!

That has to be the Nanay.

If we can get to it, we just follow it upstream back to the construction site.



I think somebody's coming.

Hello? No! Kara! Stop!

Kara, wait!

Stay together!

Help us!


The GPS!



Please, stop!

Don't touch me!

She took my hair!

Help me! Please!

What are they saying, Alejandro? What are they saying?

Where's Jonah? Where's Jonah?


Thank you.

Thank you.


What the fuck are they doing?


I can smell him.

My God, I can smell my friend being cooked.

It's useless, man.

Oh, I feel like shit.

Alejandro, what is this, why are they doing this?

They think we're the enemy.

There's nothing we can do.

Guys, I'm really sick.

We're all sick.


I need a bathroom.

No! No! No!

Go in the corner!

I'm so sorry, guys.

I wish I'd died in that crash.

Someone should be looking for us by now.

Look around.

No one is looking for us.

Even if they find the plane, they're not going to look here.

Our best chance of survival is getting the GPS before the battery dies.

Our best chance is staying right here.

And wait for what?


Maybe we'd have a chance if we hadn't blown up the bulldozers.

You fucking idiot.

We should feed you to the natives.

There's more on the way.

More what?



We didn't stop anything.

We just delayed it by a day or two.

What are you talking about?

It's all a PR stunt.

Carlos was hired by a competing company to stop them from reaching the village first.

So we did.

He gets paid and our organization is known worldwide.

You know how many people are gonna join us after this?

Now we can make real change.

What the fuck are you talking about?

Wake up.

These people never really had a chance.

There's too much money in the ground here.

The second company is already on the way.

They picked up where the others left off.

Probably with the same guards.


This was a fucking photo shoot?

You risked your life for a fucking photo shoot?

Justine, I hate to break it to you, but this is how the real world works.

Everything is connected.

The good guys and the bad guys.

You think the US government didn't allow 9/11 to happen?

You think the war on drugs is something real?

You think our plane wasn't sabotaged?

They probably crashed it to kill Carlos.


Justine, this is good news.

It's good news. If he's telling the truth, then those bulldozers will tear these motherfuckers to shreds.


How long until they get here?

Probably three days. Three days?

I won't last three minutes.

I wanna get the fuck out of here now.

All we have to do is stay calm and not upset them.

Be thankful that they killed Jonah first.

He can feed them for a week.

Stop it! Stop it!

He's not worth it.

Listen, I can get out of here, you guys just have to help me. Okay?





What the fuck!

My God! My God!

No! No!


We have to get out of here.

Don't worry, I'll think of something.

Samantha, what are you doing?

You can't get leave, you can't escape, you can't get out of here!

You can't leave. We're next, okay?

Please don't leave me alone. I can do this. I'm fast.

I ran track. I can do this, okay?


I'll be back. I promise.

I promise.

Samantha, wait. Wait. What?

I know how to distract him.



Shut up.

What are you doing?

Now. Go.

Let's go. Now.


You okay? Are you hurt?

What did they do to you?

I don't know. I don't remember.

Samantha escaped.

She made a run for it, we just...

We don't know if she made it okay.

Alejandro. You know what this is?

You know what they're doing to her?

They're going to cut her, she'll bleed to death or die of infection.

More days for us.

Who the fuck are you, man?

Guys. Guys. Listen up.

We're not going to die in this fucking cage. Okay?

We are all going to escape tonight.

All of us. I promise.

Okay? Okay?

They're coming.

It's useless, Justine.

You're actually eating that?

It's pork scraps.

If we're going to escape, we'll need energy.

I'm vegan.

Shit! Amy!


Look, as soon as they find her, she's going in the oven.

I'm going to add a special ingredient that will fuck them up.

Ready? I got her.

Okay. Open. Put the weed in.

Is it in there?


Any last words?



What the fuck are you doing?

If you don't want to end up like the others, you'd be wise to do the same.

You're fucking psychotic.

I'm not psychotic.

When your body's under stress, the only way to think clearly is to find a release.

What's wrong with you, man?

Everyone is fucking dying, and you're fucking jerking off!

You sick fucking asshole!

Violence is another way of releasing stress.

Oh, yeah?

I'm going to release my stress on you, motherfucker!

You guys and your Scooby-Doo plan.

You think they've never had a little weed?

They eat pot for breakfast.

Better pot than us.

Did it work?


Let's go. You should watch more Scooby-Doo.

Sorry. But I can't let them just eat me if I'm alone.

Fucking son of a bitch! I'll fucking kill you!

You know that, I'll fucking kill you! Come on.

What happened?

They darted you. They saw you escaping.

Where's Daniel and Justine?

Probably dead.

They're still high.

Oh, thank fuck they're still high.


It's a joke.


It's a joke.

Wait. No!


Fuck! They have the munchies! They have the munchies!

Alejandro, help me!

Sorry, I can't.

Justine, look!

Let's go.

I see some smoke over there.

Come on.

Justine! Justine!


Daniel! Justine!




Hang on!

Daniel! Daniel! Daniel!

Help me!

Daniel! Daniel!

Grab onto it!


We're almost there. Let's go.

Holy fuck.


The battery's dead.


Do you hear that?


Daniel, it's Kara's phone.

Get on my shoulders. Okay.

Someone's coming.

Hurry up. Hurry up.

Got it.

Help me. Help me, help me.






Please! Please!

Please, stop!




Help me.


Let me go! Let me go!




Let me go!





Don't do it! Don't do it!

Please! Please don't do this.

Please. Please, don't do this. Please, God.


Daniel! Justine...

My phone.

Take my phone.

It's in my...

It's in my pocket.

Take it.

Let me get you. No.

Yes. Yes.

Yes. Justine, kill me.

Kill me.

Justine. Kill me...


I can't. I'm gonna get you out of here.

Kill me.

Please. Kill me...

Justine! Let me out of here!

Please! Please let me out of here!

No! Justine, don't leave me! Justine!

Justine, please!

Get me of here, Justine!



This is yours.

Thank you.

Shit... Fuck!

Don't shoot! Don't shoot! I'm American!

Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Camera! Camera!


Filmo! Camera!


Filmo! You!

Camera! Internet!

Filmo! You! You! Camera!

You! Camera!

Remember me, asshole?

Smile! You're on camera now!

United Nations!

Are you sure there's no one else?

Yes. I'm sure. Let's go.



I'm here! I'm still here!

All the other students were killed in the crash.

I stayed by the fire as long as I could.

But by the next day, it had burned out.

If it weren't for those natives, I'd be dead, too.

They heard the crash and eventually they found me.

They fed me and guided me out of the jungle.

They knew I was lost.

That I had accidently landed in their backyard.

I never experienced any anger or hostility.

It was the opposite.

I never felt afraid when I was with them.

Until the bulldozers showed up and slaughtered them like cattle.

We're all very proud of you, baby.

You saved that village.

These natives...

The Yajes. The Yajes. I'm sorry.

Allegedly headhunters. Cannibals.

Did you ever see any of that sort when you were there?

Never once.



I made it.


Are you okay?

Yeah, just a nightmare.

Free Samara! Let her go!

Free Samara! Let her go!

Free Samara! Let her go!

Free Samara! Let her go!



Who's this?

My name is Lucia.

I'm Alejandro's sister.

I'm really sorry. I actually can't talk right now.

I... I found a satellite photo.

It looks like my brother.

We need to talk.