The Hairy Ape (1944) Script

You don't know what you're talking about.

It ain't the ship, it's the men.

It ain't the Officers, it's us.

I make this ship go and don't you forget it.

I make her go.

Did you ever see your picture in the papers?

Did the Skipper ever hand you a little tin whistle to toot?

You talk too much.

That's what his mother told him when he was only one day old.

If he had a mother. Ah ..

We've been here before. Twice.

So we've moved in a circle again.

That's one of the sad things about this life we live.

There is only just so many saloons.

Well, who has money left? Not me.

We'll drink our drinks on Mr Long.

Who has been a guest of honor much too long.

Oh no. I'm saving what I've got left.

For a reason. Ah, that again.

And what you fixing to buy this time, that you'll never get?

I'm going to buy something I can play.

I've always had a soul for music.

Well, a drink would be better for you and easier on us.


You want me to turn you keel-side-up, and shake your savings out of you?

Muito obrigado, amigo.

You know it ain't nice to take another fellow's seat.

You boys have had enough.

This drink can cause a lot of misunderstanding between men.

Now go quietly back to your ships and stay out of trouble.


[ Portuguese: ]

Money, money.


Tell me, Hank.

Have you ever known a woman whose face you could remember if you wanted to?

Not even your mother?

I ran away from mine when I was a kid.

And glad to beat it, too.

There was nothing for me but lickings, that was all.

She can bet no-one has ever licked me since.

You guys want to try it?

How old were you then?

I don't know. Seven or eight. What about it?

Nothing, nothing.

There was a man named Samson.

Strength was his purpose and strength was his reason.

And his only defence against a world and its ways.

You talk too much. It's me that makes the ship go. Me.

We're back to that again.

She's a good ship. There's none better. Sure, Hank.

You talk of her in the way I talk of the woman I love.

If I was fool enough to love a woman.

Dames, huh?

That's a lot of tripe.

They'll double-cross you for a nickel or even nothing.

Treat 'em rough, that's me. The whole bunch of 'em.

They don't belong. They don't amount to nothing.

Who makes the old tub go? It's us guys! Me, me!

I make her go.

You've got a dream in you, Hank.

A crazy, killing dream. It makes no sense.

Now Hank, get mad at nobody. Not even him.

There's plenty of us to see that you get fair play and no interference.

Hiya, Hank.

I see you've signed on for another voyage on the old tub.

Not me, brother. I'm not that dumb.

She's my ship, and I like her.

Nobody calls her a tub.

No fighting, no trouble!

Anybody fight anybody, Police arrest everybody.

You make much trouble. Get out the door, get out!

I could push holes in her boilers with a poke of my fingertips.

She leaks like a junkpile sieve ..

And should have been beached after the last war.

That's how far behind the parade she is.

I say she's a rotten .. stinking .. tub!

She's a good ship.

They can't sink her and they can't stop her.

She's no tub.

My concertina!

Call the Police! Policia!

[ Portuguese: ]

[ Portuguese: ]

I was just an innocent bystander.

I'm a peaceful American citizen.

Music is my trade.

[ Portuguese: ]

This .. this man. He start big fight.

He ruin my business.

The best café in Lisbon. Now she is wrecked.

Alright. Present your bill to our owner's agent.

We'll settle for any damage you can show was done by men off our ship.

Be sure you can prove what you claim.



Break it up, men. Back to the ship.

Come along, Hank. Come along.

Wait a minute.

I didn't sign up for another trip.

If you'd rather be on the beach in Lisbon to spending your pay in New York.

That is up to you.

But these boys will throw you in the Caliboso and throw away the key ..

If you're not aboard in ten minutes.

[ Portuguese: ]

[ Portuguese: ]

Well, we've spent our pay, we've had our pleasures.

Come on boys, back to the ship. Snap it up.

'Snap it up' says Mr Lazar.

You'd think he was the Captain instead of the 2nd Engineer.

Nobody tells me to snap it up.

I'm there when I'm ready.

She don't sail without me. She can't.

I make her go.

What does he do? Toot a whistle. Well, it's the way of the world.

Some blows on whistles, and others listen and do as they're told.

You talk too much.

That I do, that I do.

Okay, Tony.

Why should I ..?

The wail of the banshees.

What's this?


We never got no passengers before.

We only have what the owners tell us they have, my Bucko.

I don't like them.

Passengers are bad luck .. Jonahs.

I wouldn't say that.

No. Just poor people trying to get where they'll be safe and they'll be free.

Ah, try and hold back your tears.

We're back on to it again.

Feed the furnaces and feed our lives and hearts along with the coal.

And for what? You talk too much. Go on.

All set, Mañuel? Except for these.

The hotel sends down the passports but the people, they have not come.

Why that's Helen Parker. You know her?

Yeah. I knew her in New York.

You sure she's not on yet?

Yes, I am sure.

Well that's funny. It's getting late.

If anyone asks for me, say I'll be right back.

Okay, Tony.

There's the Baron with that girl again.

Look at him. Did you ever see anyone more devoted?

I'd rather look at her. She's something special.

You know who she is, don't you?

Mildred Douglas, the American girl.

More money than she can spend.

Though I must say, she seems to try.

Mildred Douglas.

So the Baron is in love.

Good evening. Are you looking for someone?

Yes. Miss Douglas. Oh, that's perfectly alright.

Good evening, sir. Table eleven.

Mildred. Hello, darling.

Hello, Aldo.

Mildred, we haven't much time. We're meant to be on the ship in 15 minutes.

You sure? Don't be absurd. We're going back by Clipper.

I told Mr Cutler to get us on it.

Well, that's out of the question. You know it is.

We're lucky to have any sort of accommodations.

We came here by Clipper. I don't see why we can't go back that way.

Well, we can't. So lets make the best of it.

I'll meet you in the lobby. I want to say goodbye to Mr Cutler.

Goodbye, Aldo.


You didn't tell me you were leaving.

Didn't I?

I think you had no intention of telling me.

You mustn't think. Just dance and make pretty speeches.

Don't think.

But you had no intention of telling me.

You are very beautiful.

Very beautiful and very strange. Thank you.

When the lady smiles .. I am rewarded.

That I suppose, is your idea of humor.

On the contrary, I am most serious.

It is you who have such a magnificent sense of humor.


You've kept me at your heels like a patient little puppy.

Then, without warning, you're gone.

What did you expect?

Do you always tease the animals, but never feed them?

I don't like saying goodbye, Helen.

You've done a great job here.

And I hope you'll hurry back. Well, I'm planning too, Mr Cutler.

I'll try and come back on the same ship.

There will be a lot of work waiting for you.

I know. But I'll be back.

Goodbye. Goodbye, Helen.

Good luck.

[ Portuguese: ]

Tony. Tony Lazar.

Helen, I've just been asking for you. I've checked out. I'm leaving tonight.

I know. I've just found out. You're sailing with us.

You mean we're going back together? That's a pleasant surprise.

Can I help? Is your luggage down?

Yes. But I can manage. I'll have it taken care of.

Say, this is swell. I wish we weren't so rushed. We could do the town together.

That sounds like old times.

[ Portuguese: ]

Si, Señor.

I phoned you the last time we were in New York.

Put those with the others.

Mr Cutler. Yes?

I'm sorry Miss Douglas, I'm busy. I suppose what Helen told me is true?

What did Helen tell you, Miss?

We must take board on a filthy freighter that shouldn't be allowed to sail.

Much less carry passengers.

It's true that I managed to find a place for you aboard the freighter.

You 'managed'? That's amusing.

Mr Cutler.

It occurs to me that you didn't really try.

I've done as much as I can.

Of course, if I'd known it would be like this, I wouldn't have come with Helen.

Helen came to work.

There is a job to be done and Helen wanted to help do it.

Your passport indicated that you came here for the same purpose.

You haven't shown the slightest interest in anything but having a good time.

I've been amused.

I'm glad we were successful in entertaining you.

Most of us find it impossible to be amused ..

By the tragic spectacle that is all around us.

Is this a sermon, Mr Cutler?

I've had to give you passage that should go to people like these.

To them, that filthy little freighter means a chance to live.

I don't suppose that would interest you.

You're a very sentimental man.

Not sentimental, Miss Douglas. Discerning.

I'm not concerned with the fact that you're wealthy and important.

To me, you are demanding and inconsiderate.

You seem to think your position gives you an advantage over other people.

Frankly, I'm not impressed.

You find it unfortunate, Mr Cutler, that you're so ..


Hello. Oh, Mildred.

Mildred, I want you to meet Tony Lazar.

Tony, this is Miss Douglas. Hello.

We're in luck, Mildred.

Tony has taken care of our luggage and he'll see we get through customs.

That's very kind of you.

Not at all. Better get started or they'll sail without us.

Oh they'll wait. I have to pick up a few things.

Will you help me with them? Sure.

Darling, you get a cab, we'll meet you outside.

[ Tannoy: ]

"Stand by your gangplank."

"Take away the gangplank."

"Cast off your stern ropes."

"Let go your forward spring."

"Let go your after spring."

"All clear!"

Pick it up and save it until I get back, will you.

Sure will. Thanks. I'll appreciate it.

Take care. I'll write to you. Thanks.

So long, folks.

Have a nice trip. Okay.

Oh Helen, this is ghastly. Well, it isn't luxurious, I'll admit.

Hey, did you leave anything in that shop, darling?

Who gets this?

I'd hate to take a bet on who gets it.

Not that there's any choice.

This must be made of straw. Sea shells?

Come on, Mildred. It isn't going to be that bad. We're lucky.

Maybe you think so. I don't.

We haven't got room enough to breathe.

Look .. how do they expect us to put anything in there?


Well, it's the best there is.

At least if they gave us two cabins ..

You're right, Duchess, or the bridal suite?

We'd have room enough to move around.

It would be a little better.

I wonder.

[ Door knocks ]

Yes, who's there? Lazar.

Come in.

Yes, sir?

I was out asking for you at sailing time, Mr Lazar.

I'm sorry Chief, I had some personal business.

Aye, I saw it from the bridge.

It's too bad they had to have a war and put the cruise ships out of style.

You'd look fine in whites, kissing hands at a masquerade.

Well Tony.

I think I'd let the ladies watch out for themselves from here to New York.

On this trip there will be other things for us to watch out for.

Yes, sir.

We're joining a convoy somewhere offshore inside of the next few hours.

Now we're five knots slower at our best and luckiest ..

Than the fine modern oil-burners we're joining up with.

The Captain wants speed and I've got to have steam.

In your ship, same as she others.

Yes, sir. Anything else?

Oh yes. The Captain may order a drill on the first day out.

Pass the word around the passengers to start to get used to their lifejackets.

Okay, Chief.

Come on.

They're hungry!

Let 'em have it!

Give 'em coal!

We make her go.

The whole thing is us.

Them guys up there. They think they're something.

But they're nothing.

Come on, twenty-five knots. That's us.

I said twenty-five knots.

Feed 'em!

[ Whistle ]

Get that steam up and keep it up!

You're not off duty for two hours yet.

I'll ram that whistle down his throat.

I'll ram it down his throat!

More steam he wants?

More coal.

What does he do? Blow a whistle.

But what makes the ship go? Me! Us!

We make her go!

Hank, you're shovelling the heart out of yourself.

Stop showing off, now.

Shut up and feed 'em!

Feed 'em, you hear me?

They're hungry. Pitch coal. Feed 'em!

Feed 'em!

Feed 'em, you hear me.

They're hungry.

Good morning.

Sorry to have kept you waiting, Tony. I'd say it was worth it.

Thank you, sir. How did you make out?

Well, all the comforts of home.

I know. Mine is up forward, the Presidential Suite.

Tony .. another stripe.

2nd Engineer. That's wonderful.

Important things have been happening to you.

I'm very happy for you, Tony. Thank you, Helen.

I'm still blaming myself for not knowing you were in Lisbon.

I wish you had.

You didn't have to go 3,000 miles to avoid me.

Don't be silly.

By the way, what were you doing in Lisbon?

I'll tell you all about it sometime. Come on, let's go up on the upper deck.

Hobnobbing with ex Kings and Queens?

Dining with the international set?

Tony, you know me better than that.

I'd have took you to Georgio the Greeks. Bet you've never been there.

The best fasolada maker in the whole of Lisbon, with an eye for the ladies.

You'd have charmed him.

Darling, darling, darling!

I'd have introduced you to some friends of mine, all unimportant people.

I'd have loved that, Tony.


Good morning.

Good morning, good morning.

I tell my wife you are the lady who helped us to go on ship.

[ Russian: ]

[ Russian: ]

She does not speak English.

She says thank you for helping us to go to America.

You are very welcome.

Do you like music? Yes, fine.

I will play for you.

[ Russian: ]


Good morning.

Did you rest well? How could I?

We're crowded in together like two very uncomfortable sardines, Helen and I.

The space is scarcely large enough for one, but for two ..?

I'd be glad to let you have my cabin. I can bunk in with the radio operator.

I'm afraid the Captain would never hear of it. Rules. You know.

The trouble with most regulations is they are not suited to the individual.

Don't you think so?

Like getting acquainted with your life jacket?

But it is so unbecoming.

But very handy sometimes.

Too bad you and Helen can't be more comfortable.

Let's walk.

Up and down, up and down. I suppose we'll be doing this for days.

This isn't a cruise ship, you know. That's obvious.

Well, I suppose we'll have to make the best of it.

Won't we, Tony.

Say. That was lovely, lovely.

Come on, come on you guys. Time for your baths.

It's good for what ails you.

Take it easy, Hank.

Alright, Hank. Alright.

Yes there, Hank.

You're quite a fellah, quite a fellah.

If you last. I'll last.

I'll be making it go ..

And the guys up top are laid away and their whistles are where they should be.

I've been young too.

And I've been sure in my time.

They were beautiful ships in them days.

Tall sails touching the sky.

Cutting through the night and through the sun.

The ocean was the ocean then, and ships were ships.

It's different now.

Black smoke from the funnels smudging up the decks.

The engines pounding and throbbing and choking our lungs with the coaldust.

Breaking our backs in the heat of the stoke-hold.

And we shovel our hearts and our lives into the furnaces along with the coal.

Caged in with never even a sight of the sky.

What's that you're looking at? That's sky, ain't it?

And we ain't in no cage. And the smoke smells good.

And I've got my heart in me as good as ever, and always will be.

You'll go like that! With a shovel in your hand.

No. Paddy's right. He's wrong.

The flesh-and-blood wheels of the engine. That's all we are.

Well, what's the matter with that? That's good.

Fire and steel and steam.

Twenty-five knots an hour, that's us.

What more do we want?

Twenty-five knots, he says.

Ten it is, and a slow ten.

Fool yourself if you want to, Hank.

But don't think, don't dream. You wasn't built for it.

But heaven help you the day the time comes.

When the furnaces and your strength interlock.

You talk too much.

That he does. That he does.

I've got a furnace to feed right now and it's hungry.


It's all arranged. I can have your cabin. The Captain said so.

That is, if you haven't changed your mind.

Of course not, but ..

Well, I'm a little surprised.

It was just a matter of making him understand.

After all, it does say on our passports we had a reason for going to Lisbon.

A lot of influential friends of mine might be upset ..

To know that the Captain hadn't tried to do his best for me.


I'm sorry. You can't smoke here. Nonsense.

Smoking isn't allowed on deck at night.

Is that another one of your regulations?

You can go and have a smoke inside if you like.


I had no idea you could be so stern.

We have to be careful about lights, Mildred.

Even a little thing like a match can be seen for miles out at sea.

I suppose you think I'm a dangerous character?

Why don't you give me a chance to find out?

You and the Admiral, I presume?

Oh, that's Mr MacDougal. Our Chief Engineer.

I've learned a lot from him. Been with him ever since I signed up.

That was taken in Rio De Janeiro.

I liked Rio.

You've been to lots of places, haven't you.

Quite a few. But I move around. If I'm bored with a place, I leave.

Are you like that with men who fall in love with you?

Let's get started, Tony.

You can begin to pack your things now.

Mildred? Yes.

Hello, darling.

I'm moving. The Ritz?

Better accommodations, no doubt?

Not better .. roomier. On this ship?

What am I supposed to do, guess? Oh, that isn't too difficult.

Into Tony's cabin.

Into Tony's cabin? Uhuh.

Oh, he's moving in with the radio operator.

That's nice of Tony.

Tony .. the perfect seagoing Samaritan.

You two seem to be getting along fine together.

I mean ..

This is ready. Take it over for me will you, darling.

Okay, Duchess. Take over these too, will you.

Don't forget to come back for another load, darling.


Yes, Helen.

Here, let me. Thanks, Tony.

I'll get the rest. You'll need a trailer.

No reason why you should bother.

Oh I don't mind. I've travelled with Mildred before.

You and Mildred have been friends for a long time, haven't you.

Uhuh. We grew up together. Went to the same schools.

I guess you know her better than anyone.

I think I do.

Four tired fellahs.

You should have stayed ashore.

As it's just too tough for 'em.

What are you up to?

I just want to keep my eye on my property.

There is thieves on this boat, believe it or not.

Come on, feed 'em.

You just ain't got the strength for a man's work like this.

Alright, come on boys! Pitch it in there!

Let's feed 'em. They're hungry!

They've been starved for hours. Come on, get going.

Let's get that steam up!

Come on boys! Pitch that coal!

[ Door knocks ]

Mildred? Yes.

I'm not ready yet. I thought you said knock.

Don't rush, darling. As it happens, I've an engagement.

Oh, a date at the embassy?

Quite the opposite. I'm paying a visit to the stoke-hold.

Way, way down in the engine room where no woman has ever trod.

Mildred, you're not serious?

They won't let you go down there. They don't allow women in their stoke hold.


You know very well it's against the rules.

I didn't have any trouble with that other rule about the cabins.

So, you went to the Captain again?

The Captain knows it's wise to do as much as possible for me.

I'm sure he'd be the last person in the world to object.

I want to see how the other half lives. I think I'll enjoy it.

It's time I enjoyed something on this ship. I've been bored to distraction.

It hasn't been very exciting for any of us.

If I were you, I'd be a little more .. well, more cooperative.

What a quaint word, darling. You might get someone into trouble.

Is Tony taking you?

So you told Tony you had the Captain's permission?

Darling, you should have been a lawyer. You're wonderful at cross-examination.

You think it's fair to Tony? He's worked hard to get where he is now.

This might mean his job. How dramatic you are.

Mildred, wait.

I'm afraid you don't understand.

Tony's a big boy. He'll have to take care of himself.

Don't worry. He's quite capable.

Goodbye. Cinderella will be home before midnight.

Yes, Chief? No, this is Anderson.

Well, Mr Lazar is not here.

Yes, sir. Alright, sir.

The Chief wants more steam: another three knots, and five would be better.

All set.

You're not going below like that? Your dress will be ruined.

What's a dress? I've dozens of them.

Mildred, you won't like it. It's dingy and depressing.

I wish you'd change your mind.

But I'm not going to change my mind.

Of course, if it's too much trouble ..

You know I don't mean that.

Come on, Tony.

Which way? Aft.

Come on, boys. Speed it up!

More coal .. more steam!

Get a move on!

[ Whistle ]

Hey you!

Shovel that coal in there!

Come on, what's the matter with you? More steam! More steam!

Shut up, up there!

Who's running this? You or me?

Shut up!

Come on, feed 'em!

Hey you! Come on, pile it in there!

Listen to him, the whistling slave driver.

[ Whistle ]

Feed 'em. It ain't for him and his whistle.

We make her go. Come on, feed 'em!

What's the matter with you?

Pour it in. They're hungry!

I can't do no more.

My back is broken, I tell you.

It's beaten now, that I am.

We didn't sign on to kill ourselves dead for the sake of a guy with a whistle.

Or for you, neither.

Shut up and get going!

Pitch it in there!

Pitch it into her!

Make her go!

Make more steam!

Give her coal, you guys.

Pitch it into her.

Watch her go. Swing it in there.

Watch her go.

Swing it into her!

Pitch it in!

Pitch it in!

All together now.

Give it to her!

[ Whistle ]

Come on you guys .. give her some coal.

Shut up with that whistle.

Shut up with it, I tell you!

Or I'll knock your brains out.

I'll punch your skull in!

I'll jam that whistle down your throat!

Shut up!

Get down here or I'll come up!

Get away from me.

Don't touch me you ape.

You hairy ape!

You're better Miss Douglas, I hope?

The sedative .. it helped?

She'll be alright, you see.

The air is the best medicine.

It was the nerves. Nerves?

Thank you, Doctor. You've been very kind.

I only do what I can. Then why don't you go away?

Why don't the two of you stop fussing over me?

'She will be alright, I am sure. She will be alright'.

Leave me alone!

Hadn't you better wash up?

That dirt will stick to you.

It gets under the skin. Puts spots on you.

It will give you the itch.

I'm your friend, Hank.

I'm speaking only as your friend.

It's a dangerous thing that you're thinking.

Forget it, forget all about it. It's only a dead man's whisper.

You talk too much. Who asked you?

Forget it. That's what he said.

So the dame gives orders she wants to see the animals below decks.

So what?

The more you talk, the worse you make it sound.

What was it after all?

The lady came down below to see what truly makes the ship go. That's all.

Yeah. With Mr Lazar.

Like a bellboy in one of them fancy hotels.

'See this', says he. 'My little whistle'.

'I make the ship go', says Mr Lazar.

And then she calls ..

Well I never saw a woman insult Hank before and get away with it.

You talk too much.

Pay him no mind, Hank. Pay him no mind.

Is it my fault lady white-face comes to see the animals?

And Mr Lazar points at us and says: 'Here you are'.

'In this cage ladies and gentlemen, is a kind of baboon you never saw before.'

Shall I play that for you on my concertina?

Let the words be spoken and then forgotten.

And let you remain the man you've always been.

No white-faced dame can call me an ape.

Take it easy, Hank.

I've got to see her again.

I've got to find out.

I've got to find out. Hank, don't be a fool.

Will you stop now Hank before you go too far?

Will you listen to us, Hank. What can you do about it?

How can a man strike back at the words of a woman?

Now that you've seen her again.

Can you have a hatred for the likes of her?

I could break her in two like nothing.

That's what she is .. nothing.

That's what we've been telling you.

I could pitch her in the furnace with one hand.

Who does she think she is?

She knows who she is, my Bucko.

Now come along back to the fo'c'sle where you belong.

Try not to think about it anymore.

There was nothing to be afraid of.

I'm not afraid. I didn't say I was afraid.

I just can't forget it.

Isn't it easy.

I see him coming at me.

Even when I'm closing my eyes, I see him.

The way he looked, coming at me.

Like a beast.

A dirty, smelling beast.

You're a liar!

I said get down where you belong!

Hank, Hank.

Take him below and keep him there.

She'll have to come down here.

Take him below! Hank, come ..

Come on, below decks.

Hank, come on!

I'll take over now.

[ Whistle ]

[ Whistle ]

Get that steam up and keep it up!

Poor tired fellahs. Should have stayed ashore.

They ain't got the strength for them furnaces.

Who's the guy that keeps on talking about twenty-five knots?

What's the matter, Hank? Can't you take it?

The dame get you down?

Save your wrath for the shovels.

Go on, start throwing coal.

I guess we'd better do that if only to show you boys up.

Ah that's too bad, Hank.

You're falling apart.

Just because a dame called you a hairy ..

Break it up. Come on, Hank.

You draw your pay as a Boss Stoker.

But a punk kid can throw more coal than you throw.

You'll spend the rest of the trip in the Brig if you don't sort yourself out.

Let's get all the men to straighten out, Mr Lazar.

Break it up.

Out of here now, number one shift. Out!

Pick up your shovels there and pitch coal. Put your backs into it.

Lazar and Smith, go topside to my cabin.

Get that steam up and keep it up!

Feed it to 'em!

Feed it to 'em!

I've been at sea for forty years.

I've known fools and I've known wild men.

But you're in a class by yourselves.

It is my plain duty to see to it that you're not left at liberty ..

To put this ship and what she carries in any more danger.

To hand you over for trial ashore.

So that you'll sail on no other ship for the rest of your lives.

That is my duty.

But I can't! I've got to put up with you as there's no-one to take your places.

Because of some personal feud between you.

You forget there's a job to be done.

It doesn't matter to you we're short handed at best, and lost the convoy.

Aye .. and we might have kept up with it. But we didn't.

Remember that, now.

In case the worse happens.

And men that call you their friends have to pay with their lives for your folly.

I'll not ask you to shake hands and forget it. You haven't the sense.

But I tell you once and for all.

If I have to blow the whistle and feed the furnaces myself ..

One more word of complaint against either or both of you and so help me ..

I'll have you chained to the wall of the Brig.

And there you'll stay.

Now .. get back to your work.

You are quiet tonight.

Am I?

Then it must be because I have nothing to say.

I could say a lot .. if I thought you would be interested.

Could you?

I've been thinking.

We'll be in New York in a couple of days.

Days are years. It's like living a nightmare.

I'm sorry you feel that way.

How can I help it.

This isn't the sort of trip I'd want to remember.

I hope there will be some things about it you'll want to remember.

Excuse me, Miss.

Oh, Mr MacDougald.

I'm sorry I startled you. I didn't mean to come breaking in on your thoughts.

My thoughts aren't important. I was miles away.


My thoughts sometimes run along too.

In my mind just now, there is one of the old stories.

The story of the wise child who chose pure gold.

And a foolish child who reached for a burning coal instead.

Aye, as long as the stars look down.

There will always be men who, like foolish children ..

Pass by the gold.

Only to get their fingers burnt.

I'm afraid I don't quite follow you.

Did you know that Mr Lazar has decided to sign off and quit ..

When we reach New York? Why, no ..

Curious, isn't it?

For a man whose heart and soul has been bent on following the sea ..

Another trip or two and .. maybe he would have been moved up to a First.

That would have been nice for him.

Aye .. he's the type of lad that could go far.

I don't know why you're telling me this, Mr MacDougald.

It's really not my concern.

It makes no difference at all to me what I ..

I'm sorry.

Goodnight. Goodnight.

This way please.

Immigration okay. No articles of declaration.

You'll find your luggage in section P to your left.

Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

You'll find your luggage in section S. To your left.

You'll find your luggage in section M to your left.

I just wanted to say goodbye, Miss Parker.

Goodbye, Mr MacDougald and thank you for everything.

It's been real pleasure.

Your name, please?

Parker. Helen Parker. Helen Parker.

Everything is alright, Miss Parker.

Thank you.

So it's finally over, thank goodness.

Goodbye, Mr MacDougald. Goodbye.

Goodbye, Tony. You've been a darling.

Mister Lazar.

You'd better be getting on with your final report.

Yes, sir.

Hey, Hank. Now the first thing we need, Hank ..

Is a tall schooner of cold ale to take the taste of the ship out of your mouth.

Then a haircut and a bath with hot water, in a tub. - In a tub.

Then we can go a place where we can hear some music.

That's right Hank. Take the taste of that concertina out of our ears.

Oh yeah?

You won't get more money wherever you go. You're not worth half what I pay.

It isn't the wages I'm talking about, Miss Douglas.

I got decent treatment the places I've worked.

I was treated like a human being. How dare you!

[ Buzzer ]

Emma, answer that.


Oh hello darling, you're just in time, you can help me.

I can't stay long, Mildred.

I want to talk to you about something.

I had to fire Emma. She's been impossible lately.

I'm getting ready to go to the Ellisons for cocktails.

You know the Ellisons? Yes, of course.

It's too bad you weren't invited. It should be amusing.

Lorraine has a crowd too.

I think I'll drop by there and come back and change for dinner with the Garrets.

Plus, I'll go dancing later.

Sounds like quite a schedule.

I should hope so after that dreary trip.

Get out my dress for me, will you darling. I have a new black.

No, not there, the other side.

In a bag?

Mildred, there's something I want to tell you.

Darling, why don't you go with me to the Ellisons? I'll lend you a dress to wear.

Thanks, but I can't.

I'm leaving tonight for Lisbon.

Darling, you're not going back?

But darling, you're simply priceless. Our little crusader.

[ Telephone ]


It's Tony. Here, you take it. He's calling you, isn't he?

Well, I don't want to speak to him. Ask him what he wants.

Suppose you ask him?


Have you?

No, sorry I'm busy.

No, I'll be quite late.

But Tony, I just can't help just being busy.

Tony, I don't know. Why don't you give me a ring some other time?

So that disposes of Tony Lazar.

I don't think I'll wear this after all.

You're not going to see Tony again?

Why should I?

I had no intention of going on with it.

He should have known I wasn't really serious.

Perhaps he was too honest to see through your little game.

I don't know what you mean.

Perhaps he believed in you.

Oh, I'm sure he did. But that was foolish of him, wasn't it.

Why darling, you look as though you expect me to feel sorry for Tony Lazar.

You are a sentimentalist, aren't you.

I haven't the slightest interest in the man.

I was amused for a while, that's all.

You haven't changed, have you.


I was hoping someday you might .. but you haven't.

You know Mildred, as a kid you used to take toys that didn't belong to you.

And break them. And throw them away.

For years, you've been doing the same thing with people and got away with it.

Darling, I never knew you were so interested in my career.

I didn't realize before how mean and vicious you were.

The great Miss Mildred Douglas.

Who has never done a kind, considerate act in her life ..

Unless she thought she'd get paid double in return for it.

You've waited a long time to tell me this.

I thought I knew you but I didn't.

Now I'm beginning to see another picture.

And you wouldn't like it, because it's the truth about you.

And it isn't pretty.

Why don't you just say that you're in love with Tony Lazar?

You should have told me.

Perhaps I could have made arrangements to share him?

Close the dressing-room door on the way out, will you darling.

It's getting chilly in here.

Hi, Tommy. Hi, Al.

Is this where she lives?

Well, now that you've seen where she lives .. let that be enough.

Let's come along back now to where we can buy us a drink.

The first one is on me.

On him. You wouldn't want to miss that, would you?

You don't want to go in there now, Hank. It will do you no good.

Just a minute.

Who do you want to see?

Her name is Douglas.

I've got to talk to her.

I've got to ask her something. Miss Douglas?

Wait a minute. I'll see if she's in.


Wait now.


What's your name? Smith.

Hank Smith. She met him aboard our ship.

In case she can remember that far back.

[ Buzzer ]

[ Buzzer ]


Miss Douglas? This is Alan.

I'm sorry to bother you, but there is a man down here.

He says his name is Smith.

A sailor, I guess.

What does he look like?

Is he alone?

No .. he's got two friends with him.

Tell him I'm not in. I don't want to see him.

Tell him anything.

Miss Douglas doesn't want to see you.

But I must see her. I only want to ask her ..

But she doesn't want to see you. Come on, get out of here.

Come on, get out!

Hank, no!

Let me alone! Come on.

Let me alone I didn't do nothing.

I just wanted to talk to her. Come on, Hank.

Come on, get him in there. Throw him in!

Let me out of here! Let me out!

Let me out, I tell you! Push him back.

Open up this cage!

Let me out of here! Let me out!

I didn't do nothing!

Let me out I tell you! Let me out!

Open up this cage and let me out of here!

Shut up, will you.

Let him out of there.

Let me out of here!

Let him have it. Okay.

Let me out of here!

Let me out, I tell you!

Let me out, you hear me. Let me out of here!

I didn't do nothing. Shut up.

Let me out of here, you guys.

Let me out of here. Let me out!

Let me out!

Let me out of here!

Let me out, I tell you.

That hurts!

That's enough.

Hank is a very peaceful man, Lieutenant.

He's just like a great big gentle Newfoundland dog.

He wouldn't hurt his best friend.

He didn't mean any harm.

That dame started it. He was okay .. Wait, wait ..

The thing is Lieutenant, that I'll look after him.

We'll look after him. He can be managed.

Alright. Let him out.

Come on, pal. You still want to get out?

Come on, come on. You've been sprung.

Move along, now.

While your one-way ticket is still good.

Go on.

Hank .. what have they done to you?

Hank my boy. Look at him.

Alright, get him out of here.

I'll hold you two responsible. Get him back to the ship and keep him there.

But if he's brought in here again, he'll stay in.

Yes, sir. Right away, sir.

Come on, Hank.

Everything is going to be alright, Hank.

We're almost there now, Hank. We're almost there.

The Fighting Bulldog they used to call him before he quit the ring. - Yeah.

And a champion glass of ale he serves in his place.

Which we are now approaching by some strange coincidence.

We'll go in.

Three tall ones, I'll say, which is all our friend Mr Long is likely to pay him.

You talk too much.

But a schooner will be good for what ails you, Hank.

It'll make you like your old self again.

Now Hank, you're making fate defeat itself.

Just wipe your mind clear of all that.

He's gone.

Where'd he go? Hank!


Hank .. Hank .. Hank .. Hank!


How's the take, Ronnie? Good.

If we get 700 after the big show, we'll top last night.

How's the big fellow?

Swell, just fed him his food.

He's gotta eat.

The old boy sure likes his food.

"So you are what she's seeing when she looked at me."

"That skinny, white-faced dame."

"I was you to her, and that's what she called me."

"I can't get it out of my head."

"It done something to me."

"You know how you feel sitting in that cage all the time?"

"Well, that's me."

"You can't think, can you."

"You just keep sitting there."

"Wondering how you're going to get out."

"And that's me, too."

"You like to smash things, don't you."


"That's it."

"Smash things."

"Smash her."

"That's what I'll do."

"Smash her, so she can't smash me."

"Smash her."

"Smash her."

"Smash her."

[ Buzzer ]

Oh Tony, it's you.

Hello, Mildred.

Isn't this an odd hour to come calling?

I dropped by earlier. The doorman told me you were out for the evening.

You should have taken my word for it. I told you I wouldn't be here.

Well, you're here now. That's the important thing.

Aren't you going to ask me in?

Oh yes, of course. Come on in.

I'm curious to know how you got up here without being announced.

I used a little influence. How much did it cost you?

Five dollars. A mercenary fellow, that doorman.

You're very resourceful, aren't you, Tony.

I hope so.

Well, let's say, I know what I want.

An admirable quality.

Do you always get what you want?

That's a question you will have to answer.

I'll never forget the first time I saw you light a cigarette.

As a matter of fact, two cigarettes.

When does your ship sail, Tony?

Tonight .. but I won't be on her.

Didn't you know what I had in mind when I told you I intended quitting the ship?


What did you have in mind? You.

I think you've had one too many.

Maybe I needed courage.

If this is a proposal it's certainly a strange one.


I see nothing strange in being in love with you.

Tony, you're talking in circles.

Mildred. What's changed you?

Have I changed?

Well, the way you were before, naturally I thought you were serious.

Too bad you misunderstood my intentions.

You see, I had none.

I'm not apologizing. I just hate to see you go on making a fool of yourself.

Is that what I've been?

I'm afraid so, Tony.

I don't know where you got the idea that I was in love with you.

You must have been daydreaming.

You're no more important to me than any man I ever knew.

You're not now. You never were.

It's as clear as that.


I guess that's clear enough.

It should be.

Now if you'll excuse me Tony, I'll say goodnight.

Or shall we call it ..


Oh, Tony.

Don't forget the doorman.

Perhaps he'll give you back your five dollars?

Hiya, Bob. Hiya, Hank. Where you been?

Been seeing how the other half live.

It ain't no different.

Pour me a double shot.

I need it.

Heading back to the old tub?

She's my ship and I like her.

Nobody calls her a tub.

No offence, Hank. No offence.

She's a great ship. Sure.

That one on the house.

There's a friend of yours back there ain't going to make the ship.

Ah, try and hold back your tears. Here we are, sailing on it again.

I suppose there's worse than her somewhere, maybe.

She'll never be the same.

There will be something missing here, Mr Long.

Well, he ain't coming.

We might as well forget about him.

Let's get going.

Start pitching!

Get that steam up!

Hank, my Bucko!

Where you been all night? What have you been up to?

What do you think on my last night ashore?

You talk too much.

Get going!

Feed 'em! Get that steam up!

Pitch it in there.

Feed em!

Feed 'em!

Feed 'em!

You look your old self again, Hank.

You will only be in your heart your old self again.

Twenty-five knots, that us!

Make her move!

Feed 'em!

Feed 'em!

Feed 'em .. pitch in!

Pitch that coal!