The Handmaid's Tale (1990) Script

I'm tired, Mommy.

OK, OK, sweetie.

We're all tired, honey. OK.

Here we go. Hold tight.

Come on, sit. Now hold on tight.

Like that.

This is Border Patrol.

This is Border Patrol.

You are approaching the border of the Republic of Gilead.

You're not allowed any closer. Turn back.

This is Border Patrol. This is Border Patrol.

You are approaching the border of the Republic of Gilead.

You are not allowed any closer. Turn back.

This is Border Patrol. This is Border Patrol.

You are approaching the border of the Republic...

I'll keep them busy.

No! No!


Jill! Get down!

Jill! No!

My baby!


Let's go.

Come on.

Results for following numbers...

3964, positive. 4281, positive.

6836, positive. 2184, negative.

956... Don't push me!

...98, positive. 6131, negative.

7631, positive. 5128, negative.

2147, negative. 9282, negative.

No, you've made a mistake. You've made a mistake, I...

I know! Please!

Let me go!

All right. Let's go.





Hello, girls. Relax.

Relax. I'm Aunt Lydia.

Are you all well?

Come on, I want you to say, "We're very well, Aunt Lydia."

So, are you well?

Very well, Aunt Lydia.

That's great, because you are well.

You're healthy, you're free from infections... and you're the only ones whose tests are positive.

You're the lucky ones.

We're the lucky ones.

Amen. You're going to be Handmaids.

You're going to serve God and your country.

All right, girls. Into the bus. Let's go.

How long were you in?

I'm not sure.

What'd you do, and how'd they get you?

We tried to cross the border.

What about you?

Gender treachery. I like girls.

Christ, they could have sent you to the colonies.

They don't send you to the colonies... if your ovaries are still jumping.

All right, sisters.

Move it.

Move it!

Get on that bus. Move it!

Go on, sisters.

You can't make me break my vows!

Get on that bus. Quiet.

Don't, please!

♪ Oh, God from whom all blessings flow ♪

♪ Hear us, your daughters here below ♪

♪ They house the vessels of the seed ♪

♪ Of those who come to us in need ♪

♪ Remove our anger, cleanse our will ♪

♪ And leave us empty to refill ♪ Let us pray.

Oh, God, make us fruitful.

Oh, God, make us fruitful.

Stop it! Why do you think God made you a woman?

You can't...

Mortify my flesh that I may be multiplied.

Mortify my flesh that I may be multiplied.

- Amen. My God!


Good night, girls.

What's your name?

Kate. What's yours?


I am Joanna.

I'm Alice. I'm Stephanie.

I'm Susan.

My name is Kathleen.

I'm Cara.

I am Julie.




Eat it, and you'll like it.

That's enough!

You're getting the best.

There's a war on, you know.

The air got too full once of chemicals and radiation.


The rain water swarmed with toxic molecules.


These poisons flowed into the rivers, crept into people.

Place your right arm in the sleeve.

The result, sterility.

Remove your arm.

Today, only one out of a hundred women... can still bear children, and some women stopped.

Believing there would be no future, they refused.

Refused to bear children!

They wouldn't even try!

They were lazy women! They were sluts.

There is more than one kind of freedom.

In the days of anarchy, it was "freedom t o."

Now, you're being given "freedom from."

Don't underrate it.

I hate to punish her, but she abused herself... and your body is a temple of purity.

So let that be a lesson to you.

We know men can't help it, but we're different.

We have self control.


Remember, you're not her equal.

You're a Handmaid.

That is your role in life.

Do you understand?


She could do you a lot of harm.

Well, if you are chosen, it will be a great honor.

I must stress that another incident... of the previous nature will not be tolerated.

But I think you'll find this young woman satisfactory.

You may come in now.

Come in.

Sit down.

Is this your first placement?

Yes, it is.

Well, here's how it works.

I see as little of you as possible.

Understand? But if I get trouble...

I give trouble back.

Is that clear?

Yes, ma'am.

I've read your file.

I know you're not stupid.

Do you want this job?

Yes, ma'am. Don't call me "ma'am."

You're not a Martha.

You will sleep here, in your own room... but if the Commander goes to the front or to the capital... you will go back to sleep at the Red Center.

Now, I want to ask you one question.

Answer from your heart.

Do you want a baby? Do you really want one?

It won't work if you don't want one.

Do you really want to have a baby?

Yes, I do.

We could help each other.

We could.

Sit down. Everybody sit, girls.

Right. Anyone.

There was date rape, even on campus.

It was horrible.

Name her.

Yes, your name? Come on.

Step forward now.

What am I supposed to say?

Just tell us how it was back then.

It was horrible.

Speak up.

I was raped when I was fourteen by six guys... in my high school class.

It, um--

It was at a party. We'd all been drinking.

I thought that they were my friends.

Then I, uh, I had-- an abortion.

But it wasn't my fault. My mother, she made me do it.

She wouldn't let me have the baby.

Whose fault was it?

Her fault.

Who led them on?

She did.

Why did God allow such a terrible thing to happen?

Teach us a lesson. Let's hear it.

Teach us a lesson.

What is she?

She's a whore.


I'm going crazy.

This is a fucking loony bin.

That's enough.


I didn't-- I didn't mean to do it.

I led them on. I assume the pain. I'm sorry.

Very good, Janine.


Is that you?


God, do I need a cigarette.


I have a placement. I go tomorrow.

Oh, fuck! I'll miss you.

I'll miss you, too.

The damn wives don't want me.

I don't know why. Maybe I scare them.

Maybe they think I want to touch their tits.

Maybe it's the damn fucking husbands.

Maybe they know I think they suck.

Jesus, Moira. Be careful, for Christ's sake.

I don't know what's wrong with me.

I gotta get outta here, Kate. I gotta do something.

I'm gonna fake like I'm sick.

Really bright. Then what?

Then there'll be two guys in the ambulance.

They must be starved for it. I'll suck their fucking cocks... till they're blue in the face. They'll do whatever I say.

You're not serious.

Yes, I am. I'm going to. I swear to God.

You'll never get away with it.

Don't think like that. It's bad for business.

All right, girls. Move along.

Hello, my name is Janine... and I'll be your wait person this morning.

Let me get you... Janine.

Get your clothes on, Janine. Come on.

Put your clothes on.

You're gonna get extra prayers for the rest of us.



Come on!

Janine. Get you some coffee.

Hello, my name... OK, come on.

Hello, my name is Janine. Good morning to you, too.

Hello, my name is Janine, and I'll be your wait person...

Snap out of it, Janine, snap out of it!

Look at me. Look at me!

What'd you hit me for?

Wasn't it any good? I can get you another one.

Look at me. I am Moira. This is the Red Center.

Look at me!

Sorry. I'm sorry.

She does that again, and I'm not here, slap her. Talk to her.

Don't let her get away with that shit.

That stuff is catching.

♪ I'll be walking by the river ♪

♪ With my serenity ♪

♪ Thank we, dear God, for the river ♪

♪ And for true virginity ♪

♪ Bless us maids, God bless us ♪

♪ Bless us with virginity ♪ You are going out to fulfill your life... for the greater glory of God.

On this day of consecration, you would do well to remember... by what deadly steps you were brought here... the folly of mankind, and of womankind as well.

Sexual promiscuity, widespread abortion... birth control, test-tube babies... genetic engineering.

Quick, get an ambulance.

Genetic engineering, artificial insemination...

God, in his profound compassion, has seen fit to punish us.

To send a plague of barrenness, a desert of infertility.

You have been given this precious gift.

Precious gift.

You are fertile. You can give birth.

Precious gift. - You can give birth.

You can give birth for our country.

Oh, precious gift.

May the Lord open.

May the Lord open.

Let the Handmaids ascend.

You will look neither to the right, nor to the left.

You will remain steadfast and true.

We pledge allegiance to the Bible.

The Old Testament shall be our sole and only constitution.

I pronounce you Handmaids in the sight of God. Amen.

Blessed be the fruit.


She's up there.

Is that her? Send her up.

Cora or Rita will bring your meals.

There's everything you need.

Any questions?

Are you clear about the ceremony?

About the form... of the ceremony?

Yes, I'm clear.

As for the Commander... he's my husband.

Fred is my husband till death do us part.

It's one of the things we fought for.

Your name is Offred. Say it.


Yes. Of-fred.

You may call me Serena...

Serena Joy.

Good. Thank you.




Resettlement of the Children of Han is continuing on schedule.

20,000 have arrived this week in the national homeland fine, with another 10,000 in transit.

Team of Eyes, working with an inside informant... has cracked an underground espionage ring.

This ring is suspected of smuggling healthy women... across the border, out of the country.

These women have been chosen by God to fulfill His task.

They are our most precious resource.

No defection will be tolerated. We are weeding out the traitors.

We are weeding out the Godless.

We are winning God's fight.

Book of "Genesis," chapter 30.

"And Rachel had no children, and Rachel said..."

"Give me children, or else I shall die.

"Behold my maid Bilhah.

"Go in unto her...

"and she shall bear upon my knees... that I may also have children by her."

"So, she gave Jacob her maid Bilhah as a wife...

"and Jacob went into her, and Bilhah conceived... and bare Jacob a son."

Could I have a glass of water, please?

We will now have a moment of silent prayer.

We will ask for a blessing for our endeavor.




Stop it. Stop.


Get up and get out.

Get outta there.

I wouldn't debase myself like that.

Nobody's asking you to.

Anyways, they're doing it for all of us.

Could have been me, say I was ten years younger.

It's not that bad.

It's not what you'd call hard work.

You're to meet your companion at the corner.

She's called Ofglen. Wait for her.

She takes you to the grocery store.

Tell them fresh eggs, milk... and a chicken, not a hen.

Tell them who it's for, and they won't mess around.

We get the best here.

Are you Ofglen?

Yes. I'm meeting Offred. Who are you?

I'm Offred.

Oh, I see.

Blessed be the fruit.

May the Lord open.

The war is going well, I hear.

Praise be.

I see they have oranges today.

They didn't give me any tokens for that.

The war interferes with fruit and vegetables from California.

Even Florida isn't dependable anymore.


The rebels have blown up some of the highways.

Tokens, please.

Thank you.

She must be a very happy girl.

Praise be.


It's all right.

What are you doing in here?

I've been looking for you.


He wants to see you in his office.

What do you mean?

Tomorrow night...

10 p.m. In his office.

Hello, hello, hello.

Nice day, isn't it?

What happened to the last Offred?

How do I know? I thought you would be her.

How do I know?

But what do you think?

I don't know.

So, what are these?

Impatiens, if they grow this year.

How's she working out?

Who? The new one.

Oh, her. Better than the last one.

Well, you don't have to throw it up to me.

I thought we weren't going to mention that.

If you don't like her, we can send her back, you know that.

Who cares if I like her?

You know, I think... she was a good choice.

Well, I want you to be happy, Serena.


Life is so much easier for you when I am.

That's right.

Come in.

Hello. Come in.

You don't need the veil. This isn't an official visit.

Lift it up.

Why don't you take it off?

May I?


What it is, I thought it might be nice... if we met under less artificial conditions.

I thought I'd like to get to know you a little.

Get to know me?


How will you do that?

Well, we don't have to push it.

We could break the ice... by playing some sort of game, for instance.

A game? Yeah.

What game?



Have you ever played? I mean, have you ever played before?

Scrabble? Yes, when I was young. With my family...

Well, what do you say? How about it?

All right.


Here we go.

Good news from the Appalachian Highlands... where the Angels of the Apocalypse... fourth division... are smoking out a pocket of Baptist guerillas... with air support from the 21st Battalion... of the Angels of Light.

Casualties are reported high as hand-to-hand fighting continues.

I can use my last three letters in one go.

I've won.

You certainly have won. Congratulations.

I think you play this game a lot better than I do.

Oh, no. No, I know you do.


But I knew you would.

Why? Because you're a librarian.


I'll be away for a week... at the capitol.

So don't forget me.

All clear.

You play a mean game.


It's so damn close in there. Come on out.

You need a little fresh air.


Why do you think we go through... what we do?

You mean the ceremony?

Because a baby would make my life whole.

You've had a child.


A little girl.


Do you know what happened to her?

Do you know if she's...

I could try to find out.

I still have access to some information.

See? We have a lot in common.

We could have motherhood in common.

Good luck.

Second door on the left.

How are we today? Fine.

Three months, and nothing in the wind, huh?

You're in good shape, though.


I know your Commander.

He's tried twice before.

He's probably sterile.

Don't they test them? The men?

No. They don't test them.

You get the blame, honey, if it doesn't work.

Let me help you.


The door's locked. Nobody will come in.

They'll never know it wasn't him.

I've helped others... lots of women do it.

No, thanks.

I'd hate to see what they'd do to you.

You know what could happen if it doesn't work.

It's the wives you have to look out for.

They don't like you girls hanging around the house.

I mean, just imagine what they must feel.

See, they're defeated women. Especially Serena Joy.

She was quite a celebrity.

What do you say?

You stop right there, or I'll scream.

It's your life.

See you next month.

How many ceremonies have there been?


Dates? Last month?

The sixteenth.

What about the nineteenth? What about the twentieth?

That's your best time. - I know.

I guess he was busy.

You have one more month... then you'll be up for reassessment.

Men didn't love you then.

They didn't value what we could do.

They... they wouldn't look at you twice... unless you were some kind of beauty queen.

You had to have big tits and a little nose... and... and even if they did marry you... they would knock you up and run off with somebody else.

Now... now you get... more respect.

My baby's gonna grow up healthy.

Not my baby. Our baby!

Our baby.

Put your lockers away.

Pre-natal next.

What are you doing here?

Me? What about you? What happened?

Nothing. Guys must have been gay or something.

Aunt Lydia...

there's a toilet overflowing in the john.

Don't you dare fucking move around... or I'll stick this thing so far up your fucking ass... you won't even know what hit you.

You'll go all the way to the moon.

Yes, you little goody two-shoes.


That's it. Now we take the pretty pearls... from the pretty lady, and whose fault is it?

It's her fault, her fault, her fault.

That's it.

Easy. Easy.

That's a good girl.

All right now.

You can fuck all your little girls on the latrine.

Come on. Over here, now.

Over here, huh? Absolutely, you piece of turd.

Hurry up.

Maybe with luck they'll find you before Christmas.

Remember I didn't kill you.

I like your panties, sweetie.

Come on!


You've done it again. You're the winner again.

Do I get a prize?

Sure do.

A surprise prize.

Now, what do you like?

There's Vogue...


I thought all of this stuff was supposed to have been burned.

It was. It was bad for people's minds.

It confused them.

It was okay for me because I'm mature.

Come here. I got a whole stack of them for you.

See? Just for you.

Does she know about these?

No. She wouldn't understand.

Could you do something for me?

Could you get me some-- some hand lotion?

Hand lotion?

You know, how they used to have? My skin gets-- gets very dry.

Well, what do you use normally?

I use butter. I steal pats of butter from the food trays.

Butter. That's very clever.

Can you do it?

Yeah, I can do it. Why not?

No, wait. Now, wait, wait, wait. Just think about it a minute.

Uh, she might smell it on you.

She's never that close to me.

Uh, sometimes she is.

Well, I won't use it on those nights.

Don't do that again.

Do what again?

Try to touch me like that.

Did I? Well, I'm sorry.

It's just that, uh, I find it, uh...



How long did it take you to figure that out?

Here's your hand lotion.

She can do whatever she likes.

She could have me sent to the colonies.

Don't you know that?

Don't do it again, please!


What happened to the last one?

My predecessor?

She couldn't cut it.

Cut it?

She couldn't conceive, could she?

Don't push your luck.

So what happened to her?

She hung herself.

With what? Where'd she get the rope?

It doesn't matter where she got the rope.

She didn't do it with rope, so what difference does it make?

Maybe I shouldn't come here anymore.

Maybe you better stay there until I tell you to go.


So what?

Well, what are you calling for this time of night... with that kind of crap?

I told you once to do it. Now just do it.


Come over here.

Sit down.

Did you find out anything?

No, not yet.

Any sign?

No. Nothing.

Too bad. Your time's running out.


Maybe he can't.

Maybe you should... try it another way.

What other way?

Another man.

They hang you for that.

It's done.

Women do it frequently. All the time, in fact.

With doctors, you mean. No, no, no, no.

Doctors blackmail. It has to be someone we trust.


I was thinking of Nick.

Did you ask him?

No, but he's been with us a long time.

I think I could fix it with him.

And he's quite good-looking.

What about the Commander? Well... we just won't tell him, will we?

He lives above the garage.

He's expecting you.

No one will see you.

Come in.

Have you come to do your duty for the fatherland?


Boss' wife was real ladylike.

She said, "I want you to fuck her, Nick.

I want you to give her the works."

I said, "Yes, ma'am.

Anything you say, ma'am."

I could always squirt it into a bottle... and you could just pour it in.

♪ Amazing grace ♪

♪ How sweet the sound ♪

♪ That saved a wretch ♪

♪ Like me ♪

♪ I once was lost ♪

♪ But now I'm found ♪

♪ Was blind ♪

♪ But now ♪

♪ I see ♪


I have to go.

My name is Kate.


You have to go.

Blessed be the fruit.

Morning. Blessed be the fruit.

Eat it. It's full of vitamins, good for you.

It's a beautiful day, isn't it?

Maybe not.


Your daughter is alive.

I believe this is she.

Where is she?

She's in good hands, with people who are fit.

When can I see her?

That's impossible.

Impossible? What do you mean?

She's my baby. I'm her mother.

She wouldn't know you.


What's happened to her?

She hasn't been harmed in any way.

She's dearly loved.

How long have you known?

Why didn't you tell me? I wasn't sure.

How could you keep it from me?

I wasn't sure whether it would be good for you to know.

How is she?

She's fine.

You mustn't worry.

My daughter is alive.

How do you know she's alive?

She showed me a picture.

I don't know what to do.

I can't stand it. I have to see her.


Kate, you must realize that they'll never let you see her.


Kate, they will never... No!


She's alive.

My baby is alive. Shh.

It's all right.

Offred, the birth mobile. Hurry!

Oh, and may it go well.

Who is it? It's Ofwarren.

Isn't it exciting? Isn't it wonderful?

And breathe.

Just relax.

Breathe. Deeply. Deep.

Breathe through the nose, out through the mouth. Breathe.


Well, tell her to hurry up, for Christ's sake.

We haven't got all night. Maybe it's stuck.

Listen, I know these girls from way back.

I tell you, they're tramps, all of 'em.

They've spiked it. It's a special day.

Are you all right?

What? Oh, yes.

Are you sure?

I have a daughter living with people like these.

Suck it.

Good. That's it. Just relax.

That's it.

Just relax.

Quick, quick now. It could be any time.

It could be any time now.

Hurry. Hurry. It's coming!

Take a deep breath in and let it go.

Deep breath in and push.

Come on. Hold it. Hold it. Hold it.

Hold it. Hold it. Quick breath in.

And again. Quick breath and hold it. Push down.

You can do it. That's it. And quick breath in again.

And push down one more time.

Good, good.

Push a little more, little more, little more...

Stop pushing!

Now give it a good push!

There you go.

That's it.

I'd say she looks utterly and completely radiant.

What is it?

It's a lovely little girl.

That's what I've always wanted... always.


Oh, thank you, my dear.

Oh, come on, now. You shouldn't be walking.

I want to go home.

I know.

That's a girl.

What was it?

Hurry up, girls. Let's go.

You're not alone. Do you understand?

I'm with you. There are many of us.

Watch your Commander. Study him.

Get to know everything about him, OK?

Get on with it.

You know what you are? What?

You're a mystery. Me?

I don't know anything about you.

There's no mystery about me.

I'm just an ordinary guy, really.

What do you do, exactly?

Well, for one thing, too much damn paperwork.

I used to be...

I used to be in market research... then I branched out, you know, became sort of a scientist.

Then the guys made their move and... asked me to go in with them.

So, I liked most of the things they wanted to do... so that was it... period.


Why? - Mm-hmm.

Country was in a mess, that's why... a total mess.

All the garbage had kind of risen to the top.

You know, we had all these pressure groups... running the store, trying to dictate to us.

Blacks, homos, you know... all those people on welfare.


Yes, siree, women.

So we had to clean it up.

We took out a big hose and washed the place clean.

I had a family and a job I was good at.

I didn't need cleaning up.

I don't mean you.

All right, let me explain something to you.

I'm not talking about you, I'm talking about the country.

The country was crazy.

I mean, nobody felt anything, men or women.

All they had was, like... how can I put it?

Like... itches.

Sex itches, money itches, power itches.

But that's not enough. There was no common purpose.

Nothing to believe in, nothing to fight for.

Nobody really knew how to feel anything anymore.

Do they feel now?

I think they do, yes. They do.


Well, respect, reverence...

values that the average person can feel right here... and, in your case, here.


So, what do you think? Why didn't you say something?

I don't think.

Women's salvaging today at 3:45.

Male particicution at 4:00.

Admittance is for all females...

Women's salvaging today at 3:45.

Male particicution at 4:00.

Admittance is for all females, including...


We are here today in the name of duty... and sometimes duty is a hard taskmaster.

This woman, whom we all knew as a Handmaid... has been found guilty of seduction and fornication... with a member of the medical staff.

Why does God demand her death?

For her sins!

For her sins!

For her sins!

Order, order!

You may form a circle. Orderly, orderly.

This man has been convicted of the rape of a Handmaid.

Deuteronomy 25.

"If the man forces her and lies with her... then the man that lay with her shall die."

This crime took place at gunpoint.

The Handmaid was pregnant.

The baby died!

He was no rapist. He was a political.

One of our best men.

Hi. How are you doing?

Have a nice day.

Have a nice day.

Have a nice day.

These prayers can be ordered by compuphone... or right here in this store.

So, you're seeing him alone?

Who? Your commander.

How do you know that?

We just know. What does he want? Kinky sex?

No. Not exactly.

He's at the top.

He's in charge of security for the whole state.

He's a real bastard.

We may want you to kill him.

Keep down!

Yeah. We'll be there within 20 minutes.

We'll be there.

Aha! Come in.

Now, I have a nice little surprise for you tonight... something that you're gonna like a whole lot.

What is it, chinese checkers?

No. Better.

A boa... for you.

Now... And also a dress... for you.

I hope to heaven it fits.

You want me to wear this? Yep.

I'm taking you out.

You look fantastic.

Fantastic is right.


We're coming to a checkpoint, sir.

I'm sorry. You're going to have to get down on the floor for a few minutes.

There are no wives allowed where we're going.

Just for a minute. Sorry.

Oh, Nick, could you come here? Yes, sir.

You won't be needing that in here... so let Nick take the cloak.

Kind of like walking into the past, don't you think?

Good to see you here.

How you doing, Dick? Good to see you.

This here's Mary Lou. She's new here.

Mary Lou, how you doin'? Fine.

Good, good, good. So you're new here, huh?

Oh, you're gonna love it here, Mary Lou.

Everybody has fun here. Everybody really has fun.

My friend.

I thought all this kind of thing was strictly forbidden.

It is officially, but, you know...

Good evening, Commander. Good evening.

Now... you can have one drink. What do you want?

I haven't had a drink in years.

Well, have one now. What'll it be?


Vodka tonic? OK. Vodka and tonic.

Bring me a bottle of scotch.

What do you think?

Who are these people?

Well, we have, you know, staff officers from the front... allies, trade delegation...

I mean, it's a good place to meet people and stimulate trade.

You know, things like that.

No. I meant the women.

The women? - Mm-hmm.

Who are the women?

The women. Well, they're like, uh, real working pros... you know, from the time before.

The others?

We have quite a collection.

For instance, now, the one in the green gloves over there?

She's a sociologist... or was.

This one was a lawyer.

We have business executives, schoolteachers... you name it.

We got everybody here.

But they prefer it here, see? Believe me.

Prefer it to what?

To the alternatives.

Sorry to bother you, sir. You have a phone call.

All right. Thank you.

Yes, sir.

Right, sir. Uh-huh. Yes.

Yes, sir. In God we trust.

Get the field commander and put him on hold.

You look like the whore of Babylon.

Well, I asked them to get me something classy from Saks Fifth Avenue, but you know what the mail's like these days.

I do.

Don't do that. Your eyes'll run. Anyway, there's no time.

Paige, could you please leave just for a minute?

Sit. Sit.

So, why are you here? What did you do?

Why did they send you in?

Did you laugh at the wrong dick or something?

I'm an evening rental.

He smuggled me in for the night.

So, how are you?

I thought that I'd never see you again.

So, what happened to you?

They caught me at the border.

Somebody must've got cold feet or something. It's too bad.

Took me fucking ages to get there with a lot of people risking their necks.

I had some sweet guy who hid me in his kid's room for a month just hanging on the wall, and I think, for what?

Christ, I didn't even have the decency to escape.

So, what did they do to you?

They worked me over a little.

They showed me a movie about the colonies.

You know, those fucking toxic dumps... with all the dead bodies and shit?

They say you have one year maximum there... before your goddamn nose falls off.

So, they stuck something up my ass and told me I had two alternatives... the colonies or here, so I said here.

So here you are.

So here I am.

It's not so bad, really. You get free face cream here.

Free booze, free drugs, you only work nights.

Oh, shit.

It's not bad, really.

Actually, there's all these women around. I love it.

Do they let you?

They don't care who you fuck.

Do you know what they call this place? Jezebel's.

All girls back on the floor.

All girls back on the floor.

Give me your hand.

Come on, give it to me.

Yes, they did that, too.

You remember... hands and feet we don't need for our purposes.

All girls back on the floor.

Back on the floor, girls.

You're such a goddamn wimp. What am I gonna do with you?

All girls back on the floor.

Oh, Moira.

Come on. Time's up.

All girls back on the floor.

I guess I'm lucky.

Lucky ducky.

Better a lucky ducky than a dead ducky.

You're a good woman.

There's a nice room in here. I think you'll like it.

Nick's a good guy.

He's like a son to me.

Good night.

Here, sir. Shall I take that, sir?


what was it like?


I said, what was it like? Did the earth move?

What the fuck do you think it was like?

Well, how the fuck should I know?

For God's sake... what did you want me to do, spit in his face and end up shoveling shit in the goddamn colonies?

Do you think we'll ever get out?

Nick, it's happened.

What's happened?

I'm going to have a baby.

He'll love you to death.

So will she.

Come on. You know it's yours... and I won't let them get it.

You want to get out.

Could we get out together?


We have to.


I found it, but I don't know what I could do if I...

Where's Ofglen? I am Ofglen.

I trusted you.

I tried to help you.

Look, my cloak.

Used for a hooker!

We had an agreement.

Just like the other one.

A little whore.

I'm sorry.

Go to your room.

Correct, yes, sir.

Uh, we've got most of the Mayday gang now, and that includes the leader, a very dangerous man.

This is a definite breakthrough for our security forces... and, as I would say, this is a comparatively stable situation here in this state.

But let me add that we intend to rid the whole country of these vermin.

And we'll do it without mercy.

It's dark in here.

Don't you want the light on?

No, thanks.

Here's your supper.

Thanks, Rita.

Bless you, dear. Bless you.

Good night, Nick. Good night.

What is it? I... I could've fired this thing.

I didn't send for you. Uh, what is it?

You've got to help me.

I'm sorry. It's out of my hands.

Did you tell her?

Well... she found this.

So what could I do? She gave me hell.

She gave me all kinds of grief.

Boy, it's unfortunate, the whole thing. It really is.

I'm sorry... very, very sorry.

You better go to your room now.


You have a lot of things on your mind.

Yeah, I have.

You've always meant a lot to me. You really have.

You kept me going.

Just the thought of you... coming here at night, caring for me, fixing my drink, being by my side...

I mean, it kept me going.

And I thank you for that.

And I'll never forget it.

What's going on? She's under arrest.

I didn't call for you.

Ma'am, the Commander.

Get her out of here.

You fucking bastard!

You bastard!

You bastard!

Go with it. Trust me. It's Mayday.

You all right, Kate? I guess.

Get rid of that dress. Take it off.

Take the next right, go to the railroad site.

Give me your hand.

This way.

Why didn't you tell me? It was too dangerous.

Kate, these men are going to take you to a safe place.

Now, they'll take care of you, I promise.

You're not coming with me?

I can't. I have to stay.

But what about my daughter?

I have to find her.

Nick. We gotta go, Nick.

Now, Kate, I can't promise you anything, but I will send you word as soon as I know.

Now listen to me. You gotta go now.

No, I can't. I want to go with you.

Don't leave me. Please don't leave me.

Kate, you can't come with me. You know you can't come with me.

It's not possible.

Our baby.

- Nick, come on! I'll find you.

Come on, Nick! Come on!

I'll find you.

A twenty-four-hour curfew has been imposed on the city.

Our armed forces are using heavy rocketing and strafing to drive the Mayday terrorists out of their stronghold.

According to government sources, they are totally isolated from the overwhelming majority of our population and their defeat will be final within hours.

A state memorial service will be held to honor the late Commander's fighting spirit as it was documented in a statement just hours before he was killed in such a hideous and cowardly way.

We're gonna win.

We have the force. We have the faith.

And we will not rest until we've purified this country, this nation, in the name of God.

Come on out with your hands up!

As house-to-house searches continue, the acting State Commander has put all forces on alert to find the assassin.

He said, "She will not escape, nor will her accomplices.

"We will search for them. We will find them.

We will hang them."

I don't know if this is the end for me or a new beginning but I'm safe here in the mountains held by the rebels.

They bring me food, and sometimes a message from Nick.

And so I wait.

I wait for my baby to be born into a different world.

I still dream about Jill... about them telling her I don't exist... or that I never existed.

But I know we're going to find her.