The Hanging Tree (1959) Script

The Gold Trail Montana 1873

Every new mining town's gotta have a hanging tree. Makes folks feel respectable.

Everything for sale?

I wouldn't sell except I'm needing a grubstake.

How about that cabin over there?

That belongs to the fellow that runs the general store, but he ain't selling.

How much? How much would you say?

If you left it up to me: 5 cents. How about 1,000 - dust or nuggets?

$ 500. Oh, she's worth more than that, lock stock and barrel.

$500 in gold coins.

Come on, let's go!

I'll throw her in for another $5 gold piece.

No, thanks.

Hey! Sluice robber!

Hey, I think I got him!

Sluice robber! Sluice robber!

I got him real good! Keep your eyes open for blood spots!


Sluice robber!

I don't suppose you would help me.

Sluice robber!

Sluice robber? Why should I? I'm bad hurt.

Where is my shirt? I burned it.

What for? That's the only shirt I've got.

If you wore that out of here, they'd hang you.

How did it feel? I've been better.

It ought to. After what I dug out of you.

Leave a big hole?

Yes, but it will heal.

What's your name? What's yours?

Doctor Joe Frail.

My name's Rune.

Rune what? That's all. Just Rune.

Where are you from? Where are you from?

Will you stop answering my questions with another question?

Stop asking me questions, then!

How do you expect to pay me for my professional services?

I can pay you nothing.

If I had any money, do you think I'd be dumb enough to rob a sluice box and get myself hung?

Do you think I want to doctor you and treat you for nothing?

Of course, you could earn your keep.

I could use a manservant.

All gentlemen should have one to black his boots and swamp out the cabin.

You can cook, I hope. No! And I ain't no servant!

All forms of life can be taught.

Even fleas.

Yes, you will be my bond servant. And do as I tell you.

You can go to hell!

You know what that is?

It's the bullet I dug out of you.

An unusual calibre.

Even if they didn't see your face, this could be your mark for the hanging tree.

How long will I have to work as your servant before we get even?

As long as I say. Maybe forever.

If I had let you bleed to death You'd be dead forever.

You can start by cleaning up this cabin from top to bottom.

Then you go down and pass the word that Dr. Frail is open for business.

Doctor in town up on the hill!

There's a doctor up there.

What would we want with a doctor?

Come here.

How old are you?

New doctor in town!

A doctor in town up on the hill!

Open all hours!

Hey, boy!

What's that doctor's name? Frail.

Joe Frail? Yes.

You tell him you saw Tom Flaunce.

All right. Thanks.

A doctor in town! A doctor in town!

Doctor up there!

Where is he? Dr. Frail. Up on the hill.

Let me see your teeth.

Nothing the matter here except malnutrition.

What's that, Doc?

Not the right kind of food and not enough of it.

I ain't had luck at the diggings, Doc. We do the best we can.

There's a cow tied up in back, coming fresh pretty quick.

Take it with you. I'm packing this child on milk.

I can't pay for no cow.

I'll loan it to you.


Thank you, Doc.

How much do we owe you, Doctor?

Give me a kiss.

I'm paid.

Who is that?

Now hear me, brethren!

If you bring your sick to the butcher doctor, they will die!

His instruments are foul with sin!

If you are sick, come unto me!

And I will lay my hands on you And my hands will make you well.

Don't enter this place! Don't succumb to the black magic of this devil's spawn!

Hello Grubb.

Don't turn your evil eyes on me, Joseph Frail.

Brethren beware! The Bible says...

Here's his Bible!

Beware, Joseph Frail. He who diggeth the pit... will fall into it!

Well, who's next?

Me, Doc. Remember me? I was over at Oldrich Gulch last year.

Well, Frenchy. Are you ill or looking for a stake?

No, I have a carbuncle on the rump. Figured you could lance it for me.

That costs one ounce of dust, or $20 hard money.

Can you pay this time? Well, I got a little bit in the poke.

Come on in.

Got yourself a helper, Doc? That's right.

Drop your pants and bend over the table.

Rune, this is Frenchy Plante. Don't believe a word he says And don't ever let him get behind you in the dark.

The Doc's sure a caution, kid. I've found out.

I just wish I could swing a gun like Doc here. Be sure to burn it.

Ever swing a gun, kid?

Doc! I came for a cure not a killing!

If I could swing a gun like that, I'd be the biggest man in Montana.

Ow! Doctor!

People would sure back off the street when I'd come to town.

Kid, it's not old Frenchy, it's the Doc you gotta watch out...

Oh! Ah!


Hey, quit it. Nobody's listening.


Society Red bets 300.

Too dear for me. I can't do it.

Check that 300. And raise you 300.

I'd like to call and raise with this gold claim.

Where is it located? Around the bend.

I'll allow 2,000.

How much of it? All of it.

Take your time, Doc.

Like the man says, when the wind blows too hard, tree's gotta bend.

Now wait a minute. The tree hasn't blown down yet.


Ace high.

A pair of deuces.

What you gonna do with all that, Doc?

Buy a ticket back to Illinois and burn down another house?

I ain't gonna slap no leather with you, Doc Frail.

Take the money, Rune.

What's that about him burning a house down?

He hit that fella. He did nothing and he nearly killed him.

Unsaddle my horse and stake him out.

All he said was something about a house burning down.

Are you gonna kill a man for that?


We're starting a new regime.

We rise at 4:30... work the claim until 8:30...

Then we come here and take care of patients. Any questions?

Any questions about my life or my way of life?

No. Good. Go unsaddle the horse.

That Frenchy wasn't far wrong.

If you aren't the devil, he's sure sitting on your shoulder.

15,000. Take or leave. Okay.

Hey, Doc!

Hey, Doc!

There's a fellow in town. He needs you bad. Stagecoach driver.

He staggered in half dead - took 3 days to get here. What happened to the passengers?

The coach got held up and all the passengers killed! All except for a lady.

She got lost. And the driver says she was a real looker.

Mr. Flaunce, you know the canyons around here. Would you lead a posse to find that lady?

Yes, all right. You take the posse back down that road.

Coming, Doc?

I'd better stay. There's the stage driver and I have patients waiting for me.

Want to ride with us, kid?

I got no horse.

Take mine.

How come? What if I just kept on going?

No matter where you went, that bullet hole would tell its story.

Which posse are you riding with?

I'm gonna look for that Lost Lady. That figures.

Watch yourself. I don't want my bondservant crippled.

Don't worry, I'll take good care of your property and your horse too.


She isn't here.

There's something.

Letter's to her.

Name's Elizabeth Mahler, from Switzerland. This is to her father.

Well, he sure can't read it in his grave.

Well, the lord only knows which way she headed. Let's all fan out...

And meet us up at Stump Meadow.

She'll need good clothes to survive these cold nights.

Well, if you find her dead, fire two shots. If alive, three.

Any luck? No.

How many are still out? About a dozen.

Well, all right. We'd better bed down for the night.

Stinking country. You get fried days and froze nights.

At least we got blankets and a fire.

But she? We're gonna find her dead.

You know you're bleeding, son? Sure, a thorn bush tear.

You known Doc Frail long? Not too long.

Have some jerky.

Thank you.

I've known Doc Frail 5 years. Ever since the Bannock strike.

We do a little business together off and on.

The Doc could have had it pretty easy half a dozen times But he can't seem to get away from that little black bag of his.

Maybe he carries his soul in it. That's good...what soul he's got.

Once I asked the Doc about that name of his: Frail.

All he said was... suited a man with frail hope.

You knew that wasn't his real name, didn't you?

No, I didn't.

A strange man, the Doc. Yes.

Tried to get himself killed.

I know he slammed a fellow, because this fellow asked about a house that burned down.

A wonder the Doc didn't shoot him.

Why would he have shot him?

There's a story about the Doc.

A man named Temple was a doctor.

He lived in a town where the Ohio runs into the Mississippi.

Seems the doctor lived in a fine grand house on the point that overlooked the joining of the waters.

And something happened in that house one night.

A man and a woman were killed.

And the doctor...

...put a torch to the house and burned it to the ground.

You can still see the burned fingers sticking above the willows where the rivers meet.

See anything? Rattlesnakes.

I dunno, something. Hey, you looking to kill a snake?



Lady! I've got water. I've got water!

Water. Water.

No, no. Not so fast, lost lady.

Please, lady. I...

... I'm going to shoot off a gun, ma'am.


Lady, don't be scared.

I'm going to shoot off a gun to call the other searchers here.

You're going to be all right, Ma'am. Frenchy promises.

Come here! Is she alive?

Yes, but she sure is cooked. She's cooked good.

Come here. Look, how she's hanging on to my canteen.

She won't let go, see?

The poor thing ought to be dead.

Ain't much left from the neck up.

But she still is all woman from there down.

I was only trying to pay her a compliment.

There's nothing wrong in that.

We're going to make a litter and take her to the cabin in Stump Meadow.

I'll ride after Doc Frail and pass the word that you found her.

Just look here.

Maybe she was pretty.

Hey! The lost lady's found!

I found her! At the canyon.

Me! She's alive!

I've found the lady, Doc. I want you to come right away. She needs you.

I have a patient here.

What's the red head doing at your place?

She's dying. She didn't want to do it where she works.

The Lost Lady is real bad. They're taking her to Stump Meadow.

I'll be over as quick as I can.

You ain't doing the red head no good, are you? No. I guess nobody ever has.

But I'm not leaving her now.

How long will you be? Couple of hours, maybe.

Do you want me to strangle her to hurry it along?

I don't want nothing from you, Doc. Nothing at all.

I have done my duty in finding her. You do yours when you see like it.

Glad you're here, Doc. Let us know how she is, will you?

We took turns watching her.

She didn't move once the whole night.

The red head kick off?

Sure glad you got here, Doc.

You own this place? Yes.

Who put the axle grease on her? I did.

Good. You did right. Bring the lantern over, Rune.

Did it ever occur to you to clean this place up?

I'll need plenty of clean water. Collect it from the men's canteens. All they can spare.

She's talking to her father. They killed him in the hold up.

What's her name? Elizabeth Mahler.

That's my canteen, Doc.


She's suffering from second degree burns, exposure and possible concussion. And she's been blinded.

Will she ever see again? It's hard to tell how deep the burn is.

We have to get her out of this filth. Maybe we can borrow this man's wagon.

There's a small summerhouse right behind the store.

You can put her in my place.

Okay, I'll get the water.

Here's all the water we got.

Put it beside the stove, We'll have to boil it.

All right, get out of here.

Doc, I know you'll be too busy to take care of her.

When I'm done with my chores and she needs somebody to get her dinner...

Maybe I could get it.

Fine, Rune. Thank you.

Hey, kid! Fancy wanting all that water!

He's got to wash her, don't he?

All over?

It's different with doctors.

They're bringing in the Lost Lady!

They're bringing her in! Come on!

I hear how she's a foreigner. Is she of loose virtue?

What's that mean? She's foreign and she's blind and she's hurt bad.

Dr. Frail? I think my husband acted hastily in offering our place.

What if she dies in there? She's not going to die.

It's going to be all right, Miss. You're all right now.

We're home now.


I do not like this - one bit. Let's get back to the store, Edna.

Close the shutters. This room must be kept dark.

Elizabeth. Can you understand me?

The stage was held up. The horses ran away with you.

But you're safe now. Oh, God. You are not my father...

How's....they are killing him! You must remain quiet.

I've found some more tea.

Add some to the pot.

I never heard of putting tea on anybody.

Fool book. It says stupor or semi-consciousness may be induced by a sharp blow on the head.

I learned that the first time I ever fell off a horse.

Why don't they try to learn what happens inside?

That's where the damage is done.

Bring the lamp.

She's looking kind of human.

Took us two days. Why can't we get the canteen?

If you'd gone through what she has, you wouldn't let go of it either.

She's awake.

Only half awake.

The other half is still somewhere else.

By golly, Doc.

I think you can you take the canteen now.

But she's got a hold of you now, Doc. That's all right.

I'll sit here until she lets go.

Go to bed.

Who are you?

I'm a doctor.

Why are my eyes covered?

You've been badly burned by the sun.

The sun.

Can I see you? Not yet.

You are temporarily - remember, temporarily - blind.

My father...

...dead, isn't he?


He was killed in the hold up.

And he didn't even live for the payback.

Where is he buried?

By the road where it happened.

Now I'm going to get you something to eat.

Don't be frightened of being alone. My cabin is only a few paces away.

Doctor, is there someone for me? A woman?


What am I wearing?

They sent your trunk and your traffic bag.

I took a nightgown from your trunk. Thank you.

Don't be disturbed about anything. I'll take care of you.

Morning, Rune. I was just going to call you to breakfast.

Got enough for three? Sure.

Is she going to be all right?

She'll need quiet and protection from strangers.

Rig that up on the porch so she can call us.

Is that all to it, Mr. Flaunce? Yes, that's all we've got to ship.

The gold crease petering out? Never has been a big strike.

Nobody's had any glory holes here. Well, good luck!

Good morning, Rune.

Where did you get the horse?

Doc took it in on a fee.

Doc sent me to see if you got them eggs.

Yeah, I got a dozen and I saved three for you.

How's the Lost Lady?

She's sitting up for the first time. but is still weak.

And still blind? The doc says it will take some time yet.

These are mighty precious this far out.

You tell the Lost Lady we're all pulling for her. All right.

That will be $3, pay the missus.

Isn't $3 mighty high for eggs? That's $1 apiece.

That's not bad. They came all the way from Sour Creek.

I suppose the Doctor's busy with his various practices up there.

Yes, ma'am. Thank you.

Well, looks like church!

A few of us women have decided to see about that girl.

If the Doc wanted help he'd ask for it.

She may be the one who needs help. She's hardly in the hands of saints.

Edna, don't stick your nose in where it's not wanted.

If she's decent, she doesn't belong up there.

If she isn't, we'll soon know.

It was a bad winter. My mother died that year.

My father said: ''Let's go somewhere else A place that is new and bright and not ever hungry.''

Oh, it was wonderful. The steam train to St. Louis. and the steam boat up the Missouri.

And then the coach over the mountains and through wide lands.

This was why we had come so far.

''And now,'' my father said, ''While you're thinking, try and find the right place''.

Did you think that this would be the right place?

When I can see again, I'll know.

What you will see is a raw, wild little gold camp.

The crawling ants here will blow away with the first wind from the next site.

And you'll see some of the scum of the world.

Not a place you'd want to live. Why are you here? And Rune?

Maybe we belong here. I got no place else to be.

Tell me what Rune's like?

And you, Doctor Frail? What are you like?

Rune? He's kind of cross-eyed and has two thumbs on each hand.

Doc's got a long gray beard and no teeth.

We're poorly paired.

I know that's not true. Rune is very handsome.

But it's mainly that I have no such description at all.

I only know of his hands.

They are burned from the sun and gentle.

And his legs must be very long because he crosses the room in 3 steps.

We've also got some customers. Or some fancy visitors.

One of them's the landlady.

What have we here?

Four ladies in trouble? We've come to see Miss Mahler.

Miss Mahler isn't receiving visitors. Isn't that for her to say?

No, Miss Mahler is in my care. Until she's well, that will continue.

The decent element of this town... What are you doing, Doctor?

I'm aiding your departure.

And unless all of you ladies are pregnant and need my services I suggest you mind your own business.

Am I a prisoner, Rune? Doc tells everybody what to do.

Rune? Is someone there?

Just good old Frenchy Plante, come to pay his respects.

I'm the one that found you in the wilderness, remember?

I was wondering if you can spare my canteen.

I'm sorry, I'm not dressed for company.

Would you mind the door? Sure, ma'am. Sure.


You almost fell, Lost Lady.

Well, I saved you a second time!

Well, not that it matters. If I didn't find you, someone else might have.

But then it might have been too late.

I wish there was something I could do for you. As a matter of fact there is.

I was just going to ask if you could help me out.

What can I do?

I've got this spot all picked out that looks like it might produce real color if I could just boost it.

Color? You are talking about gold?

Gold? Lost Lady, more gold than anybody has dreamed of!

How would you like to be rich? I would love to be rich.

Whoever grubstakes Frenchy, is going to be mighty lucky.

Grubstake? It means you need money? That's right, Lost Lady.

I'm afraid I haven't any. My father was carrying our money.

I would have been happy to lend you some.

Oh, that don't matter none.

I just came here on a social call anyway.

But maybe you... just a little kiss, huh?

Like what?

Mr. Plante came for his canteen, Doctor. Yes, yes.

He has it.

I'd better be going, ma'am. Good night, Mr. Plante.

Are you all right, Elizabeth? Yes.

If you don't need anything, I have some business to attend to.

Rune! Rune!

Fix the warning bell. It's been cut.

From now on, you'll sleep under her stairs.

Joe! Stow this behind the bar!

I ain't afraid of you, Doc. But I ain't packing a gun!

I want you all to witness that I ain't packing a gun!

I just paid a visit to the Lost Lady and Doc is taking offence.

Unclip that razor from your neck and I'll get rid of this gun.

Doc, you mean you'd stoop to dirty your hands on common folk like me?


If I ever find you on this hill again It makes no difference whether you're wearing a gun or not...

I'll kill you.

Now you listen. I warn you again.

That butcher doctor is the devil and you must cast him out!

Looks like the doc is going to keep the little lady all to himself.

Kick my dog. It can sleep around.

Then I kick them back.

With a good friend.

Did you kill him? No.

She said he did nothing to her, Doc. I don't care.

I don't want any of them near her. You don't own her, Doc.

Is that how it was before?

You tried to own somebody until they hated you?

Go ahead. Hit me!

You own me, Doc!

Close the shutters.

To avoid shock to your eyes, we are darkening the room.

Now, sit up and face me.

Light the lamp.

I have removed the outer bandage.

Turn the lamp down a little.

Now I am removing the inner bandage.

Remember, you can't expect immediate vision.

Now, there are just the pads over your eyes.

I am going to soften them with cool water.

Turn the lamp very low, Rune.

Now bring it over to my right.

Ready, Elizabeth?

Pray for me, Doctor.

Hold the lamp high, Rune.

Open your eyes.

Can you see anything?


Move the lamp from right to left.


Not quite nothing, Elizabeth. Your eyes are following the lamp.

Tell me what you see. Please, Lady. Try.

I see a little light moving through a fog. A little light? That's a lot.

That's more than most of us see.

And tomorrow you'll see much more.

I can not see anyone.

I love you first.

What's wrong?

My eyes! They are hurting me!

Her eyes hurt.

They burn! Like fire!

When did this begin?

It got dark again.

I'm blind again! I know it!

Go to the cabin.

Let me see your eyes. No!

Let me see your eyes.

Suppose we go outside and try again.

No. Why not?

There was a stagecoach.

One of the red men was shooting.

I'm blind again. Your eyes are all right.

Take your hands down.

Now listen to me.

If you keep your eyes closed, you'll think from the sounds that the world is falling on you.

But if you open your eyes and look, you'll see things as they are.

I can not.

Now I'm going to leave you here. You are on the edge of a cliff.

I don't advise you to go through life with your eyes closed.

She's all right.

She's free now.

Thought I told you to go up on the hill.

I'm not going until you go.

Well, it's going to be quite a wait.

Listen, Doc.

She spent all afternoon picking out supper for us. You know that.

Give her my apologies and tell her I'm busy here.

You just can't treat her that way.

You're minding my business too much.

Aren't you a little confused about who owns who?

Cards, Doc?

Do you want cards?


We were waiting for you. I'm sorry I couldn't come.

Are you afraid of me, because I'm well now?

No, I'm glad you're well.

If you'll excuse me, I'll say good night.

You shouldn't have come in here. I know.

Go back to your own cabin. You're getting out of here tomorrow on the stagecoach.

Where should I go?

New York. Back to Switzerland. Wherever people go when they've come the wrong way.

What would I do there? You have relatives.

There's no one here to look after you. There is no place you here.

There's no way you can make a living.

Why do you do this?

Because you have to go. And because I intend to stay.

Why do you do this? Don't send me away.

Youíll be packed in the morning and I'll take you to the stage.

No, you wonít.

And you will not again tell me what to do or not.

I will not take the coach in the morning.

I came to make this my home.

And I will do it.

In 6 weeks, this could be a ghost town, with no-one left in it.

I'll be here!

Iíll plant ghost wheat and raise ghost cattle.

And watch when I build my ghost house! With ghost money?

I will get some money. Somehow I will.

Even if itís only to pay you for your services, Doctor.

Iíll cover you for that bullet youíve been holding on me.

Oh, I threw that away a long time ago.

You threw it away?

You mean Iíve been working for you and didnít have to?

Looks that way. I'm free too?

You're the damndest, contraryest human being I have ever seen.


You better keep the old gray, too, so you and the lady won't be afoot.

Good morning. My name is Elizabeth Mahler. Thank you very much.

Hey, Rune. Is that the Lost Lady?

My name is Elizabeth Mahler. Pleased to meet you, ma'am.

Thank you very much.

Welcome to Skull Creek, ma'am. Thank you.

You're a strange lady. You like to talk to them strangers.

They speak and I speak back. Good morning.

Allow me, Lost Lady. We don't need no help!

Thank you very much. My name is Elizabeth Mahler.

Come on in before you start a riot. It's a great pleasure, madam.

Good morning.

Are you Mrs. Flaunce? Yes I am.

I'd like to talk to your husband. I'm here, Miss Mahler.

Thank you.

How do you do.

Rune tells me that you have been very kind to me when I was found.

Nice to see you up and around.

Thank you. I would like a grubstake.

What did you say?

Rune and I want to dig for gold.

I see. Isn't it unusual for a lady?

I'll be right with her. I'm not afraid of hard work.

Would you lend me a grubstake on this?

It is worth much money. It is a family heirloom.

The stones are very regal.

This is a very interesting piece. I have a jewellerís glass in the back room.

Do you mind if I take a look at it through that?

No, of course not.

Doc, they want a grubstake. That's what I thought.

She wants to borrow money on this. She says it's an heirloom.

Looks to me like it's not worth $20.

Tell her it's worth whatever they want.

All right, Doc. Seeing as you're paying for it.

Old Frenchy wasn't lying!

If you just give me the money, I'll start the development.

No, first we must discuss the agreement.

It's embarrassing talking business with a lady, especially a pretty lady.

Mr. Plante, tell us everything about this claim. Good point.

All right.

How about 20% of everything? I can't be more generous than that.

I can get a grubstake at any time for 5 or 10%.

Why didn't you?

No, I don't think 20% will do.

We want 50%.

Now, take it or go with it. Or leave it.

Yes, or leave it.

50%. 50%.

Just for you, ma'am, I go with it. You want to shake on it?

No, we just to Mr. Flaunce and write out our agreement And then we will shake hands.

''... it is agreed that should any co-locator withdraw from sharing in and the working of said claim... ''


I set the sluice up there at the waterfall, aim her down past the tree into the creek.

I'll start cutting brush.

Well, Lucky Lady? If you just sit in the shade, old Frenchy will unload the wagon.

Mr. Plante, I will do my share of the work if you would treat me as a man.

That ain't gonna be easy.

It will be easy if you find something to do with your hands besides putting them on me.

You're something, you know that? You're really something!

Go up and start cutting sluice lumber.

Rune! Get up there with the water!

Now we're ready to start washing dirt.

Let her come!

Now we can start digging gold.

Now we can tear out the gold that's been behind a shield for over a million million years.

10 yards of towelling. Who's having a baby?

Wonder Russell's wife.

Well, if I know her she'll cause trouble. You'd better take 12.

Listen, have you heard anything from up the river?

You aren't getting lonesome, are you, Doc?

No, I just wanted to know how things are going.

Well, they got the sluice in. Get anything out?

Kind of a let down.

Only 5 ounces in 3 weeks. Kind of slim return on your money.

It takes time.

They're into your account for over $1,000.

You want me to go on giving her whatever she wants? Yes.

Even if it's a bust? Even if it's a total bust.

I don't pry into folk's affairs.

But as a business man I don't understand what you're trying to prove.

Seeing as I'm not a businessman, Tom, I don't have to justify my reasons.

Thanks for keeping it confidential.

I haven't even told the wife.

I promised Wonder I'd stay up with him.

He's more scared than his wife. Funny about a man.

Funny that the woman got such a hold on him.

Don't avoid that dog leg. Over the ridge and down along the creek.

Here a solid month and not one full poke to show for it.

I never had any luck. Always on the outside looking in!

We have to be patient. Patience is something I'm fresh out of.

Hello, Doctor. I wondered when you would come to see.

I had to make a call up the canyon.

Would you like some coffee? Yes, please.

Thank you.

Doesn't a doctor always say ''How are you feeling?''

And: ''Stick out your tongue''?

I can see how you are.

Am I well?

Let me see your hands. They're dirty.

Perhaps I should ask how are you? Are you well?

The next time you're in town stop by and I'll give you something for your hands.

Thank you, Doctor.

"Lucky Lady". Is it lucky?

Not yet, but it doesn't hurt to hope.

I suppose Rune is fine?

We both miss you, Doctor.

What are you doing? Spying on us?

What is there he shouldn't see?


Rune! Get back to work!

I only own 50% of this hole and I ain't digging more than 50% of this dirt!

Why don't we quit?

You can. But if you do the claim belongs to Rune and me.

You want my share? I'll sell cheap.

And I ask you why would Mr. Plante have so much money if it wasn't a wonderful claim?

Do you always look at a woman like that?

A partner has some rights, eh? Don't even get a free look?

I suppose you gotta be a doctor to get that.

I suppose a doctor could get an eyeful.

I liked that real well.


That's better than nothing.


I'm going into town to get supplies. I want you to come with me.

You don't have to go. There's no panic.

I'll see you tomorrow, Frenchy.

After this I'm going to spend my nights in town and work here days only.

I'm poison, eh?

Poison, eh.

Just a moment, and I'll get you your change.

Good evening.

Good evening, Mrs. Flaunce. We are just about out of everything and I'm sorry to ask you for another advance on my pin.

Your pin? Your priceless pin? That pin wasn't worth a sack of potatoes.

I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean.

I came across your private accounts.

That pin ain't down for two cents.

What do you mean? Stop the innocent lady act.

In plain tongue, Dr. Frail has been paying your way from the start.

And ain't none of us has to ask how you've been paying him back.

It's all down in black and white:

$ 1119 worth you're being kept. That's being private!

Liar. Stupid female snake. You ain't fit to crawl.

Some how, some way I pay every cent of it back.

Pay what back? I was in the store.

Mrs. Flaunce says you were keeping me. She even called me a whore.

I didn't want that to happen. I'm sorry.

I can still arrange for you to leave. You have arranged enough!

What makes you think you can play with people's lives?

It is very cruel the way you throw women away if they get too close.

You like them closer? No I don't.

But you do! You do it to Rune! You do it to me.

Someday life will do it to you. How do you know it hasn't?

Then it's true the story they tell about you.

And the woman who killed herself. Yes, it's true.

The woman was my wife. And the man was my brother.

And I have no right to forget.

You want to tell me why?

This is a tincture of benzoin ointment. I made it up for your hands.

It will heal them and toughen them, too.

I'm done! I'm through! I can't take this no more!

But them nuggets you found must come from some place!

Some place, yeah! It was probably left here by that flood in the Bible!

What's that? Listen!

Feel the ground move?

Run, the tree!

Rune! Here I am!


It's gold! What is it?


The roots of this tree has been hanging on to them.

Sluice is busted. Clean in two.

Where are you?

What are you doing in that hole?


It's a glory hole?

Look. Look!

It's a glory hole!

Look! It's a glory hole!

Glory hole!

Glory hole!

Glory hole!

The Lucky Lady and me, we've got the gold!

We've got the deepest, biggest, glory hole in the history of the territory!

How's that?


Tomorrow I'll put the mine first.

But tonight Frenchy's throwing the biggest party in the history of the territory!


We've got tons of it! It's running out of our ears!

Lady Luck! Rub some of it off on me!

No, no, not all of them. I want them to take home.

That's all right, partner.

I'm high grading a couple of big sacks for myself.

Do what you want.

All those in favor of busting this place wide open, follow me!

Come on, guys! Come on!

Frenchy is buying the store.

Free drinks for the whole of Montana all day!

Give us bottles!

Remember last Saturday night? No pay no play?

What a difference a little gold makes, eh?

I still think it safer with Flaunce. I want it here.

Well, this will be quite a night!

Now you know why they hunt for it or kill for it.

Yes, now I do.

You'll never be poor again. No.

I wish Doc was here.

Go and get dressed and cleaned up so we can celebrate.

Burn them stinking clothes. Burn them! Burn them!

Bring a bonfire! Celebrate!

Frenchy, you ought to see this fire.

Is Doc Frail around?

Mine caved in up at Dry Canyon. He left yesterday.

Caved in, eh?

What we do is kind of a joke see.

Bucket brigade!

Bucket brigade!

Bucket brigade!

Bucket brigade!

Hey Doc, is that you? Did you hear the big news?

What do you want?

Doc's not back yet. Just dropped in to wet your tonsils.

Thanks, I'm not drinking. I'm going to a party.

What's going on? The party's already started, son.

I brought you flowers.

They're very nice.

I guess you wouldn't want to wear them with the roots, eh?


Would you please go, Frenchy?


I'll be ready in just a few moments. Then we'll get Rune and celebrate.

Why go? You and me are partners.

You and me can have our party right here...

Let's drink first.

Come to Frenchy.

Or do you want Frenchy to come to you?

Either way, Frenchy is willing!

His house! The butcher doctor's house!

Where's Elizabeth and Rune? Right up on the hill.

That crazy Grubb has been screaming to set fire to your place.

Frenchy has waited long enough.

Murderer! Butcher!

Lynch him! Nail him to the tree!

Lynch him!


They say this is a real humane way to kill you, Frail.

The wagon gets pulled out from under you... simple as that.

Say the word, Grubb.

Blood will have blood. And whosoever sheddeth man's blood by man shall blood be shed. Genesis, 9th Chapter, 6th verse.

Go back!

You can have our gold.

You can have everything we have.

Rune is my partner. He agrees.

Please take it. There's bags of gold.

There is so much. Please take it.

You. Please take it.

You can even have our claim.

Here it is.

You know what it means. Please take it.

Please take it.


Know what? She's trying to buy her man.

She wants him that bad. Let her have him.

Frenchy said it was worth a million.