The Happening (2008) Script

I forgot where I am.

You're at the place where the killers meet to decide what to do with the crippled girl.

Oh, that's right. That's right.

Did you hear that?

That's funny.

That's weird. Those people look like they're clawing at themselves.

Is that blood?

Claire, are you seeing this?




What page was I on?


I need an extension over here. Fall back. Fall back.

You kidding me? Like another 20 feet.

Don't touch that. That's for the drywall guys.

I told you he wouldn't do it!

So then the little guy says, "You have a girlfriend named Wendy, too? Well, I saw your thing and it said 'WY'."

The big guy says, "No, man, mine says, 'Welcome to Jamaica, have a nice day."'

Christ, McKenzie fell.

Medic, we have a major accident at the south side of the building.

We'll need an ambulance. - Copy.


Give him some room.

Hey! Somebody fell!

Davis? Oh, my God, he just fell!

Someone fell! Over that building!

Oh, my God!

Watch it. Oh, my God!

Watch it. Get out of there!

Help! Look out!

Look out!

God in heaven.

Look, I don't know if you guys have heard about this article in The New York Times about honeybees vanishing?

Well, apparently, honeybees are disappearing all over the country.

Tens of millions of them. Just disappearing.

There's no bodies, no sign of them. They're just mysteriously gone.

It's scary, huh?

All right, let's hear some theories about why this might be happening.

Nothing? Come on, guys.

Laura. Disease?

Right. Could be a virus or infection.

But it's all over the country. It's a coordinated event in 24 states.

It's a little tricky.

Pollution? Could be.

I mean, we're just pumping so much junk into the environment they're just keeling over.

But there are no bodies. Keep guessing.


Global warming.

Temperature goes up a fraction of a degree, makes them disoriented?



You don't have an opinion?

You're not interested in what happened to the bees?

You should be more interested in science, Jake.

You know why? Because your face is perfect.

The problem is, your face is perfect at 15.

Now, if you were interested in science, you would know facts like the human nose and ears grow a fraction of an inch each year.

So a perfect balance of features now might not look so perfect five years from now.

They might look downright whack 10 years from now.

Come on, buddy. Take an interest in science.

What could be a reason the bees have vanished?

An act of nature and we'll never fully understand it.

Nice answer, Jake.

He's right.

I mean, science will come up with some reason to put in the books, but in the end, it'll be just a theory.

We will fail to acknowledge that there are forces at work beyond our understanding.

To be a good scientist, you must have a respectful awe for the laws of nature.


How much does the human nose grow each year?

Oh, man. It's minuscule, buddy, okay?

Don't worry about it. You're gonna be a heartthrob your whole life.

I was just messing with you.

The Dark Lord. Don't look into her eyes.

Vice Principal! What can we do for you?

I'm afraid I have to interrupt you for a moment, Mr. Moore.

Okay, guys, calm down. I'll be right back.

What is that? I can't believe it.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

I've never seen anything like it before. What's going on?

I don't know.

You excused all the teachers?

The administration makes us teach with a foot of snow on the ground.

What is this?

They stopped class. Elliot!

All right.

There appears to be an event happening.

Central Park was just hit by what seems to be a terrorist attack.

Oh, no.

They're not clear on the scale yet.

It's some kind of airborne chemical toxin that's been released in and around the park.

They said to watch for warning signs.

The first stage is confused speech.

The second stage is physical disorientation, loss of direction.

The third stage is fatal.

Central Park? That's kind of odd.

I spoke with the head of schools. He said we should dismiss the students.

So take your planners home so we can get back when this is over.

All right? Let's do our jobs.

Hey, you guys still got to work on your science projects for next week.

What are the rules of scientific investigation?

Identify variables. Design the experiment.

Careful observation and measurement. Interpretation of experimental data.

Hey, guys?


Alacrity. With alacrity, please.

My mother just called my cell again. She's hysterical. Hysterical.

I told her the probability of something happening in Philadelphia is very low.

I mean, nobody's telling us to leave the city, right?

So I threw some figures at her. It's good to be a math teacher sometimes.

You know, people are comforted by percentages. Didn't work.

She still wants us to get out of the city and come out to her house.

But she said for you and Alma to come.

Yeah, let me think about that, okay?

Did you hear about New York?

Are you okay?

No, I mean, are you okay?

Yeah, me, too. Listen, I want to talk about it more.

Julian's mom offered for all of us to get out of the city and stay with her.

What do you think?

Yo, Chris!

I'll bring Jess and Evette and I'll meet you at the station.

Listen, Julian, if Alma's acting weird, just be cool, okay?

What's going on?

She's acting odd. Just don't worry about it, okay?


Look, if she's acting like she's distant or something...


I can't say any more.

Is she leaving you?

I didn't say that. It's just talk, okay? Just relax, please?


I'm going to tell you something you should never tell your best friend.

Why is everybody saying that?

I saw her on your wedding day.

Again with the wedding. What?

I walked into a waiting room by mistake, and she was crying.

She looked up. I saw her face.

She wasn't ready to jump in, Elliot. That's not who she is.

She's never going to jump in when you need her, man.

So do federal, state and local officials have a plan in place for this type of catastrophe?

Are they utilizing all the manpower or the money...

Hi. Are you packed?

Yes. What are they saying?

They're evacuating New York City.

Well, our brains come equipped with a self-preservation mechanism to stop us from harmful actions.

This is controlled by a combination of electrochemical signals in the brain.

The blocking of neurotransmitters by certain toxins has been proven to cause hallucinations, asphyxiation and paralysis.

This new neurotoxin is basically flipping the preservation switch, blocking neurotransmitters in a specific order, causing specific self-damaging and catastrophic effects.

Just how the toxin works and who the terrorists are...

It makes you kill yourself.

Just when you thought there couldn't be any more evil that could be invented.

I'll be packed in two minutes.


No need to rush. Sir. Thank you.

Sir, we need to check your suitcase.

Elliot! Elliot! Elliot!

This just in to the Eyewitness News room and this is the latest development.

Autopsies on the first victims confirm the toxin is a natural compound.

The attacks remain confined to the New York metropolitan area.

This is a very, very disturbing story...

Track three now boarding for Harrisburg.

Hey, Jess. Where's Evette?

She was at a shop across town, she got stuck in traffic.

She's gonna take the next train. We'll wait.

No, no, no. She wanted us to get on this train with Jess.

She'll feel a lot safer.

Where's Alma? Restroom.

Hey, Julian!

Please have your tickets out and ready, ladies and gentlemen.

I bought them.

It was like getting one of those Cabbage Patch Dolls when they first came out.

Madhouse. How are you?

Good. You? Good.

Okay, good. Why don't we all... I'm really glad you chose to come.

Thanks. Elliot, can I talk to you for a second?


Please show me your tickets, ladies and gentlemen.

You told him about our fight? No.

Why did he say that? He guessed.

I love you, Elliot, but I don't like to put my feelings out there for everyone to see.

I'm not that type of person.

Elliot, these are our problems.

I am upset. I'm going to sit alone and cool off.

By the time we get there I'll be fine. Is that okay?


I'm going to get on the train.

We're not gonna get to sit together anyways.


Hey, babe.

Hi, Aunt Alma. How you doing?

Hanging in there. Me, too.

What's wrong with you? What?

You're wrong about her. She just needs time to figure it out.

Come on, don't get all sensitive.

Just give her a chance. Okay, fine. If you don't want my help...

I don't want your help! Okay. I heard it.

Jess, could you ask your dad for my ticket, please?

Thank you. I'll see you on the train, Jess.

Track 3 now boarding all ticketed passengers.

Here we go.

When will Mom meet us at Grandma's?

Mommy's gonna get on the next train. You know how she's always late.

Come on. Come on. I know. I know. Mom.

Chilly, isn't it today, Sal? Maybe a little.

Hey, it's me. I'm on a train. I just want to say something, okay?

You've got to stop calling me.

You're acting like the Fatal Attraction guy, here.

I feel like I'm going to take a shower and see your silhouette on the shower curtain.

We ate tiramisu together, that is it.

I told you that would be it. You have got to chill out.



In Philadelphia?

I don't know. What did you hear? Oh, my God. I can't believe it.

What's the news?

Apparently Philadelphia was just attacked.

Oh, my God. Evette. Call Mommy. Call Mommy!


Honey... Yeah, yeah, where are you?

What? What? I can't hear you.

I said I can't hear you! Text me.

Text me. I can't hear you!

They think it started in Rittenhouse Square Park.

Another park?

She got on a bus going to New Jersey. I want to talk to her.

I know, baby. I know. She got out. She's headed to the town of Princeton.

I want to talk to her.

Do you have a phone? No, I'm sorry.

You okay? They say Boston got hit, too.

Where'd you hear that? A friend from work. What about Evette?

Oh, God. She made it out on a bus.

What the hell is going on, Elliot?

I honestly don't know.

Now what?

It just stopped. I don't know.

Can't go nowhere. They're not telling us anything.

Well, until we hear from... Sir?

Train service has been discontinued.

This will be the last stop for all passengers.

Hey! What do you mean? Where are we?

Filbert, Pennsylvania.

Filbert? Does anybody know where that is?

Why are you giving me one useless piece of information at a time?

What's going on?

Hey, why would you just stop? You can't just leave us here.

Sir, we lost contact.

With whom?


I'm scared. I don't like it here. I want Mom.

Don't be silly. We're safe here, okay?

Sorry. She whispers to us when she gets scared.

We're so much the same, Jess. I don't like to show my emotions, either.

She's shivering.

I know. I know. She's never right without her mom.

It's okay.

They're not saying anything.

We're stuck here.

Is Jess okay?

She's not talking.

We're in a small town, Jess. Nothing will happen to us here.

Don't know what you want?

Then just have the grilled cheese plain with milk, okay?

Come on, come over here.

No, you know what? Why don't you stay here?

Stay here, all right? You can see me from over there.

What? All right, you want to come with me?

You can come with me and wait in line. You want to do that?

Bro! Bro, I got it. Go get the milk.

All right, yeah. Okay.

You know that everyone gives off energy, right?

It's scientifically proven.

They got these cameras that can record what color you are when you're feeling different things.

People that are angry give off a different color than people that are sad.

See this ring?

This ring can supposedly tell you what you're feeling.

Let's see what you're feeling right now.

Yellow! That's cool. That means you're about to laugh.

I'm not making it up. That's what yellow means.

You must be about to laugh or something.

It's probably just about to come out.

We'll wait.

We got all day.

Oh, my God. There it is! Cool. That ring really works. That's amazing.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Look at this.

My sister sent it to me.

It was taken an hour ago at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Mother of God, what kind of terrorists are these?

They're not sure it's terrorists now.

Moments ago, in an official statement, the government moved away from its initial position that this was a terrorist attack.

Authorities are now feeling, by the sheer number of incidents being reported, that a terrorist group being responsible is becoming less and less likely.

The event appears to be limited to the Northeast, where smaller and smaller towns are being attacked.

Where are we?

The infected area now includes most of New England, from Massachusetts to Maryland.

We're dead center.

Everything okay?

If we stay here, we are gonna die here.

Whatever this is, it looks like it's not occurring about 90 miles from here.

Let's go.

Anyone got a car? Can anyone give us a ride?


Excuse me, sir?

Sir, could we get a ride, please?

We don't have any transportation. We're stuck here.

Sir, did you hear what I said? We don't have any transportation!

We have a little girl with us. Please. Drive. Just roll up the window.

Sir! You're not just going to...

Can you believe how crappy people are?

There's a car.

Hi. I run a plant nursery up the street.

We're picking up a few things from home, then heading wherever this isn't happening.

We have room.

We have two others. That's okay.


Is Julian okay?

We got a ride. He can fit all of us.

Elliot, I can't get Evette on the phone or e-mail or nothing.

How long? It's been about two hours.

She was on that bus headed to Princeton.

There's a car over there headed to pick up friends and family, they said they could squeeze one more.

We got to go.

Look, think real carefully about this.

She was looking for a birthday present for Jess.

Some kind of dollhouse. That's why she wasn't with us.

I'm just gonna go get her and I want to bring her back, and then I'm gonna find you guys.

I just... I need you to take Jess, okay?

She's gonna be a lot safer with you.

Don't do this to me.

I'm doing my best here not to fall down.

I'm sure the probability of Princeton not being hit is good.


You want me to throw some figures and percentages at you so we both feel better?

Please. All right.

62% chance. 62% chance it hasn't even been hit.

Well, you go get her, Jules, okay? Of course, man, of course.

Come on. This is all some weird event, that's all.

We're all gonna be fine. I'm gonna find you guys real soon.

I have to go.

I got her, Julian.

Don't take my daughter's hand unless you mean it.

I'm going to go get Mommy.

Hold our picture.

Take a look around. We'll be ready in a jiffy.

We're packing hot dogs for the road.

You know, hot dogs get a bad rap.

They've got a cool shape, they've got protein.

You like hot dogs, right?

By the way, I think I know what's causing this.

You do? It's the plants.

They can release chemicals.

You like hot dogs, don't you?

Okay, babies, we are gonna be going, but we will be back soon, okay?

Oh, plants react to human stimulus. They've proved it in tests.

Did you get the mustard?

Don't look outside. Stop it!

Stop it! Just look at me! Just keep looking at me!

Close the vents.

I'm gonna give you a math riddle, okay? And you're gonna tell me the answer.


How much would you have if I said I would pay you a penny on the first day and then two pennies on the second, and then four pennies on the third day and I just kept doubling it and I did this for a month?

How much money would you have at the end of the month?

Ten dollars. No, higher. Higher, higher.

Just keep looking at me. Just keep looking at me.

Twenty dollars?

No, keep going. Keep going.

Thirty. It's thirty. It's $30.

I'm gonna tell you the answer.

It's over $10 million.

You'd have over $10 million at the end of the month.

You want to hear another one?

Water contamination has surfaced as one of the many theories being taken seriously as to the cause of the events in the Northeast.

We have to go through this little community of homes.

Small town called Holcomb, then we hit the highway.

From there, we're 30 miles from the state line.

Are those dead animals up ahead?

Stop the car.

You don't think it's... I don't know.

You got binoculars in the back, from when you were spying on our neighbors.

Can I have the map?


Don't cause a panic, okay? Jess can hear you.

It's bodies, isn't it? I knew it would be bodies.

How could it not be bodies?

Please, give me the map.

Well, we have to turn around.

There's a right turn about a quarter of a mile back.

We're just gonna take a different route, honey, okay?

Oh, it's the Army. We're safe!

My name is Private Auster.

I'm stationed at West Dover Military Base, about 10 miles back.

I think they've been affected by whatever's happening.

I lost communication with them.

When I approached the base, I saw military personnel in the barbed wire, in the fence.

So I suggest no one take that road.

There's a town about eight miles behind us.

There were bodies on the road into town.

Cheese and crackers.

Well, that still leaves us two directions.

Just stop! Stop the vehicle!

What's going on? Is everyone all right?

We have no communication with anybody.

I'll talk to them. Did you see anything out of the ordinary?

Hello! Please stop!

Excuse me.

Who's Joey?

Oh, it's no one.

Any luck?

I can't get Julian on his cell phone.

I'm sure he'll be all right. They'll be okay.

Has anyone seen any other people on the roads?

Maybe he's on to something.

What are you talking about? I don't know.

Why did it start in parks?

It's the same story. About eight, nine miles back.

They say there's a bus in a lake.

Five miles back. There were dozens of bodies.


Nobody's going anywhere. We're gonna stay right here for a while.

There's a woman talking to her daughter.

She's talking to her daughter in Princeton.

Isn't that where your friend went?

Come on.

It's okay. Honey, it's okay.

She's so scared.

You just stay in that room. You don't open the door for nothing.

Just keep watching out the window with the tree, baby.

Someone will come and get you soon.

Tell her not to go near the window with the tree. Just tell her.

Baby, don't go near the window with the tree.

Ask her if Princeton's been affected.

Honey, someone wants to know if Princeton's had any problems.

She says everyone's dead outside.

You just stay in your room.


Honey, you're talking funny. What's wrong with you?

What do you mean? Everyone's dead? What?

Stacy... Stacy, you're scaring me.

I don't understand what you're saying.

What, baby?

She's just not making any sense.


I see in calculus.


Stacy! - Calculus.


Stacy Ann!

Oh, my God.

I hear wind from outside. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Stacy, Stacy, Stacy.

Oh, no!

We're going to go back to the car, okay, Jess?

If we went down that road, where would that take us?

I walked down a quarter mile, it was clean.

I can't tell you what's after that, but it was clean, no bodies, no nothing.

Quarter mile? That's not enough.

Hey, it's better than going back the other way.

Get a battle plan. Everybody makes a clean break.

Elliot's resilient, isn't he?

Yeah. He never gives up.

You know, plants have the ability to target specific threats.

Tobacco plants, when attacked by Heliothis caterpillars will send out a chemical attracting wasps to kill just those caterpillars.

We don't know how plants attain these abilities.

They just evolve very rapidly.

Which species do you think is doing it if you think it's true?

Plants have the ability to communicate with other species of plants.

Trees can communicate with bushes, bushes with grass and everything in between.

The radio says these attacks started happening in the cities then went to the towns and now the roads.

That's right.

Whatever's happening is happening to smaller and smaller populations.

So we shouldn't be on the roads, then.

The terrorists, or whatever could be watching the roads.

I don't have any reason to disagree right now.

We are in the area of attack.

If you can't find a way through the area of attack we are told to find a safe zone within the area being attacked.

They're attacking populations.

We need to go where there aren't that many people.

Where people don't travel.

Now this is Mr. Collins. He's a realtor that works in this area.

If we go west, we'll hit a county called Arundell.

It's not on that map.

It would only be on local maps. Dirt roads. Hardly anybody lives out there.

There's no significant population there. That's our safe zone.

We wait it out there till it's over. Is everyone in agreement?

We should go into two groups.

Those that are ready to go right now and those that need to get things from their cars.

We need to stay in groups. Stay together.

We'll go soon, honey. We'll go soon.

Maybe we should've waited for the rest of them, stayed in a big group, like the Private said.

Your phone's out, too?

What's wrong?

Okay. I was going to tell you, okay?

There was this guy, Joey.

His name is Joey. He's at work.

We went out and we had dessert.

I went out and I had dessert with him when I told you I worked late.

And I didn't work late.

I'm feeling really guilty in case we're gonna die.

I just wanted you to know that.

You lied to me?

How much farther is it? I don't know.

We need to keep going forward. Who the hell made you boss?

Look, if y'all follow him, y'all gonna die. You follow me, you're gonna live.

I'm in charge of this group! Ain't nobody else in charge of this group!

My firearm is my friend! It will not leave my side!

Private Auster?

My firearm is my friend.


Oh, no.

What, "Oh, no"?

The toxin?

The toxin is affecting them?

Are those people killing themselves?

You were with the Private. What do we do?

We need to do something! Just let me think.

They're dying! I need a second.

They released it? We're not near the roads.

We can't just stand here as uninvolved observers!

I need a second, okay. Just give me a second!

We are not going to be one of those assholes on the news who watches a crime happen and not do something!

We're not assholes! Just a second!

There were children in that group!

Elliot, please tell us what to do. I need a second, okay!

Why can't anybody give me a goddamn second?

All right, be scientific, douchebag.

Identify the variables. That's the two groups.

Design an experiment. That's what we're in.

Careful observation and measurements. That's what I'm trying to do.

Interpret the experimental data. Interpret.

What if it is the plants?

Their group was larger than ours.

This thing has been escalating all day.

Smaller and smaller populations have been setting this off.

They react to human stimulus.

Maybe people are setting off the plants?

What are you saying? That guy was crazy. We have to save them.

They're already dead.

What if they're targeting us as threats?

This part of the field may not have been set off.

Something in this field could be releasing the chemical into the air when there's too many of us together.

Let's just stay ahead of the wind.

Let's just break up into groups.

Come on! Come on! This way! Come on, follow me!

I'm right here! Keep going! I'm right behind you!

Here it comes!

Don't you let go of my hand.

Nothing happened.

It's the size of the groups, I think.

Could this really be happening?

What are your names?

Jared. Josh.

Wait, wait!

I'm going to go see if that truck has a map. You guys wait here.

Why aren't they looking into nuclear power plants?

There are 15 or more in the Northeast alone.

More than anywhere else in the United States.

There's probably been some leak or something.

It's probably poisoning the air.

There's a house over there! Come on!

It could have been some terrorist booby-trap, someone stepped on it out in the field.

Yeah, in a field in Bumbletown, Pennsylvania.

I don't know.

Look, a toxin dissipates quickly in the air. They're only potent in a certain density.

The source had to be close to that field, if not in the field.

Here's one.

Plants have the chemistry to do this. They release co-transporters into the air.

You think it could be plants?

I don't know.

But if it is, and people are setting it off in groups, we need to go to the least populated place we can to be safe.

We can't walk to the borders where this isn't happening, Alma. It's too far.

Whatever it is, terrorists, a nuclear leak, plants, it's probably safe to get away from people right now.

That must be Arundell. It's 10 miles from here.

Okay, this place must have a bathroom. I'm gonna take Jess, then we can leave.



My name is Elliot Moore.

I'm just going to talk in a very positive manner.

Giving off good vibes.

We're just here to use the bathroom and then we're just gonna leave.

I hope that's okay.


I'm talking to a plastic plant.

I'm still doing it.

You guys ready to leave?

These people must have left in a hurry. I mean, leaving the front door unlocked?

Hey, everything's fake.

Why is this happening?

I don't know for sure, Josh.

But I read this article about the coast of Australia.

It said they found large quantities of a primordial bacteria.

It hadn't been around for billions of years, it just appeared in the water.

It's toxic to humans, fishermen who come in contact with it are dying.

It feels kind of similar to that.

With the bees disappearing, I mean, I don't know, it feels like a pattern.

The nature of events like the one in Australia is that they crest and then stop.

We just have to be alive when it's over.

I don't believe it's nature.

It may not be. There could be some other explanation. I don't know.

Let's go.

There are people coming!

We can't stay here. It's close to the roads. More and more people will come here.

There's two groups coming together.

There's too many of them together.

Run. Run.

Is she your kid? No.

You got kids? No.

How come? You got a problem?

No. She wanted to wait.

Really? For what?

Me to grow up. Why are we talking about this?

Sweet. I used to love those. Can I see it?

You need to take personal responsibility for yourself in a relationship.

That'll make a difference. Okay. Thank you.

Hey, that's not a toy. It's got meaning to me.

Elliot! Look! Come on.

Oh, wow.

... is an emergency broadcast.

All those who are still inside the affected area of the Northeast are asked to proceed to the police borders west of your state.

Come on.

This is an emergency broadcast.

... inside the affected area...

Jess needs a 10-minute rest and some food.

Are you sure? We should keep going.

I know, but she's only eight.


If we're going to die, I want you to know something.

I was in the pharmacy a while ago, and there was a really good-looking pharmacist behind the counter.

Really good-looking.

And I went up and I asked her where the cough syrup was.

I didn't even have a cough.

And I almost bought it.

And I'm talking about a completely superfluous bottle of cough syrup.

That's like six bucks.

Are you joking?

Thank you.

Maybe that's not a good idea. I told her just for a minute.

Mr. Moore, I think I can open this door.

Wait. We're a gang now? We're gonna take whatever we want?

Come on, guys. Listen, nobody's home.

We're just gonna get some food for Jess.

Yeah, and it looks like nobody's lived here for a long time anyway.

I mean, it's all boarded up.

Maybe we could leave some money.

What kind of tree is this? I think it's a maple.

Not so high.

Okay, Josh, open the door.


I see something.

There's somebody in there! You sure?

Yeah, I saw him move.

I see him!

Let's stop.

Is there any way we could get some food? We have a little girl.

We just want to get her some food. You best leave now.

You ain't gonna bring that poison gas in here with you.

Sir, it's not poison gas. There's none out here.

They said to stay inside. We're fine right now.

Nothing's happened out here yet.

I mean, you can see that. Just listen to our voices.

We're perfectly normal.

Old black water, keep on rolling Mississippi moon Won't you keep on shining on me?

See? We're normal.

You ain't from around here. You'd best leave now.

Okay. It's not worth it.

Open the door, bitch!

Hey, Josh, don't do that. He didn't mean that!

There's more than one in there. Jess! Jess, come here.

Stop it, Jess. Listen, we just want some food for a little girl, you pussies!

Jess, come here. Josh, stop it.

You'd best not let that gas in here.

Sir, the air is fine out here right now. You don't need to worry.

You might be with the terrorists! I don't think it's terrorists, sir.

Josh, stop it! They're being crazy, Mr. Moore!

Show your faces! Let the gas in...



We're gonna get out of this nightmare.


We have to go. We have to protect Jess.


You've got to three to get off our porch!

Come here.

No new people have crossed over the border for a few hours.

It appears those residents that are still in the affected area of the Northeast are trying to wait it out.

We have Professor Kendel Wallace of Carnegie Mellon, a statistician, here with us. Professor, what can you tell us?

Calculating by the rise in intensity of reports of incidents within the affected area, one can guess at a crude timetable.

One can see the incident is rising in sensitivity.

We've seen fewer and fewer people can provoke the attacks.

The event should be at its most sensitive tomorrow morning.

Typically, these type of slopes drop precipitously after cresting, meaning it could end suddenly, at any moment.

Of course, these are only probabilities.

There are some quiet rumblings that the government may be involved in the tragic events playing out in the Northeast. Now, these rumors have been fuelled by the statements of a confidential informant who claims that the CIA has facilities in the Northeast, where they are testing drugs with some similar psychotropic properties as a defense against chemical weapons.

CIA and White House officials have declined to respond to these accusations.

Perimeters have been set up all along the East Coast from Maryland all the way to Massachusetts.

This house has no power going to it.

Nobody's driven on this driveway for a long time, either.

Let me go. You guys stay right here.

That's for Clement.

He's a retriever.

You lost?

You must be.

There ain't nothing around here for miles.

Why are you eyeing my lemon drink?

I suppose the kind thing for me to do is to offer you supper.

I ain't gonna ask you again.

I hope the meal was sufficient.

I wasn't expecting guests.

This is a beautiful place.

There's a springhouse in the back.

They used to hide people from slave chasers back there.

It has a speaking tube running under the ground to the main house.

You can hear each other like you were in the same room.

So, what's with you two?

Who's chasing who?

I'm sorry?

Ain't no time two people staring at each other, standing still, love in both their eyes, at the same time, equal.

Truth is, someone is chasing someone.

That's the way we's built.


Who's chasing?

I knew that. I knew that.

Don't touch things that aren't yours.

Do you have a radio, Mrs. Jones? No.

I got enough to fill my time right here.

I mend my own things. I grow my own food.

Although I ain't got the touch.

Gardens don't grow the way they should. Never have.

How do you stay in contact with others? I don't.

How would you know if something were to happen? Like a world event?

Mrs. Jones, something's happened along the East Coast.

Whatever it is that you think is so important that you need to tell me, don't.

Just keep it to yourself.

The world don't care about me. I don't care about it.

Suppose I have to let you spend the night.

Guest room's up on the left.

Mind the steps.

I'm scared, Elliot.

It's okay.

I'm sorry about everything. That Joey thing. I was being stupid.

You've been great taking care of Jess.

I don't like this woman.

There's something Exorcist-y about her. How could she hit Jess like that?

Well, we need to stay in this house.

You want me to protect you, this is how we have to do it.

Let's just deal with her.

I hear you whispering.

Planning on stealing something?

No, ma'am, we're not.

Plan on murdering me in my sleep?

What? No!

Mrs. Jones?

Mrs. Jones?

Crazy lady.

You trying to steal my things?

No! No, Mrs. Jones, I actually wanted to talk with you.

You all are gonna leave right now! Ma'am, you don't understand.

There's something happening in a few states, in this region.

It's not safe! Leave now!

The Lord is my shepherd.

The Lord is my shepherd.

Mrs. Jones, could we talk calmly for a second?

Just hear me out. See, I'm a teacher...

Mrs. Jones?

Oh, my God.

Alma, shut the windows and the doors!





Hi, froggie! Hi, froggie!

Okay, yeah. Wait.

How old do you think he is? Is he a baby? I think he's a baby.

He's so tiny. I didn't know frogs could be like that.

Oh, he got water on my shoe.

Isn't this a cool house?

If we had this house, we could make it look so pretty.

Get him again. Get him again. Hey, froggie.


Good morning, Elliot. Sounds like you're right here.

Close the windows and the doors, Alma. Why?

Mrs. Jones just died. Close the windows.

Close the door, Jess!

Is everything closed? Yes.

I'm sorry, Alma. What's going on, Elliot?

It's happening here.

It could be the grass and the trees are doing this now.

She was alone when it happened.

Seems like they might have gotten more sensitive.

It's too dangerous to go outside, isn't it?


This is the end, isn't it?

I wish you were here.

Me, too.

You remember our first date?

You were so quiet.

You bought me the mood ring.

It turned purple when you wore it.

Then you said, "That means you're in love."

It got you to talk, didn't it?

Then we checked the little paper chart, and it turned out that purple meant I was horny.

You loved that. I had no idea.

Yours was blue. Peaceful, right?


What color was love?

I don't remember.

Me, neither.



I was just making sure you're there.

It's not right for it to end like this.

If we're gonna die, I want to be with you.

I want to be with you, and I'm gonna come and be with you.

Elliot, don't!

The event must have ended before we went out there.

I found the hair clip!

You don't want to be late for the first day schools are open.

Oh, wait.

I'm just gonna put this right here.


Are you okay? Yes, Aunt Alma. I love you.

I love you, too. Come here.

All right. I'll pick you up after you're done with school, okay?


As everyone knows by now, traces of the neurotoxin have been found in some plants and trees.

Now, most environmentalists feel that this event is like the red tide in the ocean, but instead of algae killing fish, this happened on land.

Now, plants and trees just can't pick up and move when they feel threatened, like other species.

They have only one option, to rapidly evolve their chemistry.


Kay from Mississippi wants to know why it started so suddenly, on a Tuesday at 8:33 and then ended so suddenly at 9:27 the next morning.

Well, Kay, to be perfectly honest, this was an act of nature, and we'll never fully understand it.

And, Doctor, there's been a lot of speculation as to why this happened in the Northeast only.

How do you explain that?

Well, I believe, all right, and this is just my opinion, that this was a prelude, okay?

A warning, like the first spot of a rash.

We have become a threat to this planet.

I don't think anybody will argue that.

- And this is a warning. - A warning?

I think the skeptics would believe that if it had occurred anywhere else.

That's why most people believe it was the government.

If it had happened in one other place, anywhere else, we could all believe what you're saying.

I should drop my bicycle off at the apartment before I go to work.

Can you make Nadia's party tonight?

I should drop my bicycle off at the apartment before I go to work.

That frightened me.

I should drop my bicycle off What?

My God...

My bicycle.