The Hard Corps (2006) Script

That stunning second round knockout was the crowning moment... of Wayne Barclay's brilliant boxing career.

Since retiring from the ring, he hasn't looked back.

Using the millions he'd won from prizefighting...

Wayne turned his prodigious energies towards... revitalizing the neighborhood he'd been born and raised in.

Starting with a few fast-food restaurants... he soon moved on to shopping centers.

Then movie theaters, and then office buildings.

It wasn't long before the revenues from these ventures... allowed him the opportunity to tear down long-abandoned slums... and replace them with clean, affordable housing.

And on the legal front today, an unexpected development....

How come my fountain keeps shrinking every time you people walk out of here?

Excuse me. Mr. Barclay, there are codes we have to follow.

Look, I ain't asking for Niagara Falls.

I appreciate that. But the codes are the codes.

Look, I just want a damn fountain that will make this place feel like... like something special.

You know?

Just something to make the local residents feel... that their part of town is just as good as any other.

Wayne, quick, turn on the news.

Tamara, we happen to be meeting. You need to see this.

You do need to see this, Wayne.

The early release which took prosecutors by surprise... was approved today at a state parole board hearing.

Rap-music mogul Terrell Singletery... had been sentenced to 10 years for racketeering... money laundering and witness intimidation among other charges.

But citing his outstanding behavior in prison... and his contributions to numerous charities... during his 18 months of incarceration... the parole board commuted his remaining sentence to probation.

Look, the DA promised the man would be serving no less than eight years.

This was not supposed to happen.

Well, thanks to his hotshot new attorney, it did.

All right, so what do you want me to do about it?

Dig a hole and hide like a gopher?

The man's on probation.

He so much as spits on the sidewalk, his black ass is back in the pen.

Not concerned about him spitting on the sidewalk.

Terrell Singletery's been known to put out a hit for disrespecting his name.


I did a lot worse than that and I'm standing here, ain't I?

Come tomorrow, they will no longer be monitoring his calls.

They won't be eavesdropping when he's with his attorneys.

He'll be running the streets... and you wanna know what his first order of business will be?

To send a message to whoever put him away.

Wayne, please listen to me.

You need some serious protection.

Sis, I got protection.

Okay? I got protection.

I mean, why else are we paying my head of security here?

You need to listen to your sister on this one, Wayne.

You need extra protection. Damn.

Look, let me tell you all something. Wayne Barclay does not back down... from any motherfucker on this planet.

Wayne. Wayne.

Look, if Terrell wants a piece of me, he knows where to find me. Know that.


Mr. Mullins... what exactly did you mean by "extra protection"?

Mr. Singletery. Mr. Singletery, over here.

Hey, what does it feel like to be a free man, Terrell?

Back off. How does it feel to be a free man?


We're just doing our job here, okay? Don't be so heavy.

Uncle T, over here, let's go.

All right, let's move, let's move. Get your hands off of me.

Get the door. Come on. What are your feelings towards...

Wayne Barclay, whose evidence put you away?

That's enough. No more questions.

It's cool, Leonard, it's cool.

I understand Mr. Barclay has been doing fine work for our community.

Now, at this point in my life, I simply say forgive and forget.

And God bless. Excuse me.

What was it like inside, Terrell?

Sergeant Major Clarence Bowden.

That's us in Kuwait, just after Desert Storm.

Lucky for us, he's retired and out looking for something.

Impressive resume.

But we're not exactly fighting a war here, Mullins.

And I'm sure hoping it stays that way.

My point is... does your friend understand... the finer nuances of executive protection?

Pentagon had him in charge of Primary Subject Security... in Afghanistan. Bodyguarding generals.

Before that he did the same thing in Haiti.

I'm not saying Clarence Bowden is the only choice we've got...

I'm saying we'd be damn lucky to have him.

Get yourself together, soldier.

I got a mission for you.

I found us a gig.

It's about time.


Yo, boss.

Welcome home.

Nice drive?


Took the scenic route.

Saw you on TV. Come on.

Yo, B.

What's up on this forgive and forget noise you been talking about, man?

Oh, forgive me for lying.

Forget I said that.

About to turn this bitch into a war zone.

Excuse me, Uncle T, but what happened to the new agenda?

The one we talked about. You know, "Increase the peace."

Oh, that's gonna come.

But first, folks in this city need to know... no one makes a chump out of Terrell Singletery.

Uncle T.

Jesus, Uncle T, you're on probation.

If the business attorney knew you were talking this way...

He ain't gonna know. Simcoe, you had the house swept?

They're not gonna bug the house. They can't.

We'd nail their ass to the wall.

But if Wayne Barclay were to meet an untimely end... under any circumstances, they're gonna blame you.

Would you listen to this shit.

They teach you those big words in that fancy law college you went to?

Yes, they did, Uncle T.

Thanks to you and your generosity.


Listen to this little motherfucker right here.

This little nigga... he would have got Michael Jackson off... and got him custody of them two damn kids.


Sergeant major.

Plain old Clarence now. How are you, Ken?

Looking good. You too.

Life on the outside treating you well? Can't complain.

Oh, I brought along an associate of mine.

This is Philippe Sauvage. We served together in Afghanistan and Iraq.

And this is Tamara Barclay.

Wayne's sister and chief financial officer of Barclay Enterprises.

The lady whose signature goes on the check.

I am. Pleased to meet you, Mr. Bowden.

The pleasure's mine, ma'am. Have a seat.

I'm assuming that Mr. Mullins briefed you about our situation.

Has he also explained that my brother can be extremely hardheaded?

Well, it's a pretty good trait for a boxer to have.

One of the reasons he still has his wits about him.

Unfortunately, he's in a different arena now.

His opponent isn't wearing gloves.

His opponent is playing for keeps.

That's the kind of arena we understand.

My brother doesn't understand that his life is in serious danger.

And while it's true that I sign the checks... he's the one who makes the major decisions for this corporation.

So, what I need is someone who can be...

Wayne Barclay's unseen guardian angel.


I liked Bowden. Liked him very much.

And... the other guy?

Forget about it.

She hates me.

We were discussing a gig, not a blind date.

Yeah. A gig we don't need.

I don't. You do.

Something about him seemed, I don't know, unsettling.

A year in Afghanistan followed by a couple more in Iraq... might do it to you.

Listen, Philippe...

I was in the same kind of funk when I got back from Vietnam.

And for some of the same reasons too.

You've come a long way. And I'm proud of you for that.

But you're not all the way there yet.

Now, you reading me, soldier?

Loud and clear.


You need to get back into the flow. Take the next step.

Get a job.

You know, come to think of it... a blind date might not be a bad idea either.

And that's part of a 12-step program?

I'm serious. When is the last time you had your ham glazed?


What? Enough.

Could do something about that uptight attitude.

Hell, might even put a smile on your face.

Is it wrong to expect these bodyguards... to blend seamlessly into my brother's life?

Well, we didn't exactly blend in Afghanistan.

Look, Bowden says he's the best.

And isn't that the bottom line here?

Protecting your brother's life?

Besides, haven't we been pushing for... some affirmative action around here?

You know I hate when you play the race card on me.

Yeah, I know. But fine.

Well, we've got that hip-hop event coming up.

Which I've been dreading.

Been to that club before.

It'll be crowded, noisy... dark, crowded with groupies.

And the security will be an absolute joke.

Sounds like a perfect opportunity to give your boys a trial run.

And remember, my brother is to remain blissfully unaware.

Unless it becomes absolutely necessary.

Hey, over here.

Let's get a photo. Come on, man.

Come on. Excuse us, ladies, please.

Hey, Wayne. Go inside now.

Use your VIP passes. You're on the list.

Reporting for duty, sir.

Hey, what's up, son? Hey, keep doing your thing, man, it's nice.

All right, man, what do you think of these two right here?

Still playing the same old game. Check this out.

Oh, yeah, we gonna have a good time with that. Right over here.

I'm gonna need a week of concentrated Marvin Gaye... to purge the noise out of my head.

Are you good to go? Sure.


Yeah, I'd just like to welcome everybody to the house tonight.

We got a special guest in the building tonight.

You all know who he is.

Very special guest. Put your hands together for the one, the only... the world heavyweight champion, Wayne Barclay.

Put your hands together, y'all.

Excuse me.

Whoa, hey. Sorry.

Sorry, bro. I said move. Let's get out of here.

Watch where you going, clown.

So much for remaining unseen.

You gotta admit he does stick out.

Like a sore thumb.

Look, Mullins, I know you meant well... but this isn't gonna work.

Say no more.


That's what I heard.

Maybe I should wait outside and keep an eye on the car.

I'll let Bowden know.

Thank you.

Send the car.

Phil, I need to tell you something.

This gig's not working out.

It's not you.

Oh, come on, Clarence.

I sensed the vibe in her office.

Bad chemistry.

Nobody's fault. Hey, that's life, huh?

There's the car.

No autographs. No, it's cool. It's cool.

Hey, over here.

What's up, girl? What's your name? Virginia.

Virginia? Yeah.

Wayne, let's go. Hold up now.


Enough, let's go, Wayne.

There you go. What's up, pretty girl?

Blast this fool. Gun!

Stay down. Wayne! Get in the car!

Get in the car. Get in the car, Wayne.

Get in the car. Get Barclay in the car.

Come on, man. Let's go!

In the car. Who are you?

Get in the car. Wayne!

Stay put.






I find it sadly ironic... that I am standing here today.

Over the coffin... of Clarence Bowden.

Because if not for his action in Kandahar a couple of years ago... it would have been him... standing over mine.

And I bet... there's probably a few others here... who can say the same.

He served his country well... and took care of his friends.

Goodbye, my friend.


Present arms!

Firing detail. Ready.



Ready. Fire!

Ready. Fire!

Ready. Fire!

Anyway, guys.

You look good. Take care.

Mister Sauvage?

Mister Sauvage. Mister Sauvage.

Can we offer you a ride?

No, thanks. I would like to be alone.

Wayne and I just wanted to come over and offer our condolences.

Yeah, you know, your brother laid down his life for me.

There's not too many folks I can count on to do something like that.

If it was up to me, I'd recommend the both of y'all for a medal.

Right now, I'm not feeling much like a hero.

Are there many more out there like you, Mister Sauvage?

Like me? Professionals.

People you can count on.

Heads up.

Is there a problem, officers?

Mister Barclay, it is truly an honor, sir.

Detective Teague. Violent Crimes Division.

You are Philippe Sauvage, formerly of the U.S. Army?

Yes, I am. I'm placing you under arrest.

What? Hands behind your back, sir.

Mind explaining what this is about? That nightclub incident.

Violation of municipal weapons ordinances.

Your people took his testimony and released him.

He claimed he was licensed to carry that MP7.

The one he killed those civilians with.

In self-defense.

Bowden said everything was taken care of.

Well, it's a little late to check that with him now, huh?

Put him in the car.

Excuse me? What? This is stupid.

This is bullshit. How come you're not arresting... the man who put a hit on my brother?

Who might that be? Detective... you pour water on shit and call it gravy.

My lawyers will contact your dumbass department.

And I mean within the hour. You better believe it.

Why don't you call them yourself. Hey, better still... call me. You bet your ass I will.

Have a nice day.

Hey, Simcoe, what's up?

He's so fresh.

You looking good.



Gangsters. Gangsters. All right.

Hey. Hey.

You know it. You go, girl.

Come back. What's up?

Gentlemen, we Q-ing today. Y'all hungry?

Mister Singletery, about the other night, we kind of...

Hey. Not now, motherfucker.

Friends of yours?

No, no. These are just the cleanup crew.

That neglected to take out some garbage.

Cleanup crew, huh?

Uncle T, this wouldn't have anything to do with the incident involving...



Oh, come on down here, darling.

Look at you.

Have you met my sister's son? The new Johnnie Cochrane?

No. Hi. What's your name?

Leonard, stop drooling. Listen, why not fetch the young lady a drink?

Get acquainted. Come on.

While I take care of my very special friends.

You know...

I'm thinking about law school too.


You sorry bitch-ass motherfuckers had a mission.

Yeah, with all due respect, Terrell... we never expected no motherfucker... with an Uzi to come at us.

I don't recall asking your dumb ass for an explanation.

And it's Mister Singletery to you.

Come on, hot dog, say something.

Just like a bitch. Come on.

Yeah, you straight, baby.

Oh, my babies.

Yeah? Yeah? Right.

Look at you, Max. Max, boy, gonna get you, huh?

That's right.

Yeah, oh, look at that. Oh, my babies, you've missed Daddy?

You've missed Daddy? Daddy's home. Daddy's home, okay?

That's right.

Wayne Barclay is a bitch.

And that motherfucker is still alive and jeopardizing my business interests!

And did I mention that I hate that bitch?

Well, I hate that bitch.

I paid a lot of money for y'all niggas to take care of that problem, didn't I?

Didn't I?

I think the babies are still hungry, boss.

Daddy's been away for a while.

They ain't been fed right.

Oh, shit.

Yeah. Y'all like that?

That's right. Yeah.

This is for y'all, babies. Yeah, it's for y'all.

Equal portions all around. Don't be playing no favorites.

Now, I have many options before me.

I could ask for a heartfelt apology.

With the promise that this screwup... will never happen again, or...

You know, I know this piece of ass he be hitting. Named Lydia.

Lydia? I used to score her some smack... back when she was stringy. The bitch owes me, right?

Spit it out. I'm saying, man... the next time Barclay drops by for a booty call... we'll be waiting. We'll bust a cap in his ass.

Y'all like that?

Ain't nothing tastier like a fresh piece of raw liver.

All right. We're going to go with the Lydia plan.

And for y'all sakes... you best hope that this bitch puts out on a timely basis.

A very timely basis.

Thank you.

Try to sort the rest of it out by tonight, please.

My brother wants this man on payroll by tomorrow morning.

Will do, Miss Barclay. Right away.

You people don't mess around.

I ain't got no time to mess around.

We'll just make a quick stop by the V.A. facility and pick up your things.

Pick up my things? Yeah. So you can move in with us.

Don't worry. We've got plenty of room.

Look, I appreciate you taking care of...

Don't fight me on this, Mister Sauvage.

We live there. It's where Wayne's most vulnerable.

Excuse me, but... did I miss something?

The other night we hired you and Mister Bowden for a trial run.

You passed with flying colors.

My brother would now like to make that position permanent.

And since Mister Bowden is... tragically no longer with us... we just assumed that you'd be taking the position.

You want me... to be on Mister Barclay's security team?


We want you to head up the team.

It's not easy for me to make a snap decision like that right now.

Look, if it's a monetary issue...

It's not that.

I just lost a very close friend.

We're aware of that.

It probably isn't the first time you've lost a friend in combat.


Mister Sauvage... what would Bowden have wanted you to do?

Mister Sauvage... are you sure you wouldn't rather come and stay with us?

Miss Barclay... Call me Tamara.

Tamara, are you sure?

I mean, about me?

Look, I realize we didn't quite get off on the right foot...

Mister Sauvage, my fault entirely.

And I apologize.

Call me Philippe.

All right, Philippe.

Sometimes my overprotective nature gets the better of me.

Well, Tamara... you can delegate that to me now.

Mister Barclay. Thanks for coming in.

Appreciate the escort.

Cuts traffic like nobody's business. You think the mayor gonna be jealous?

Until the perps who tried to ice you are behind bars, we prefer to play it safe.

This way, please. Gentlemen, just stay here. This won't take long.

I'll go with Mister Barclay. No. You'll stay right here.

This is police headquarters, he's secure. Trust me.

It's cool. I got it.

I assume you brought me here for some confidential scoop... on the illustrious Mister Singletery?

Sit, please.

Like maybe... I don't know.... something about his impending arrest?

I'm not supposed to tell anybody, but you got the situation under control.

Sorry, no. As far as I'm told, he's been keeping his nose clean.

Right. Right.

It's Al-Qaeda trying to take me out.

Bin Laden and them, right?

Do they feed you people stupid-pills around here or what?

Why am I wasting my damn time...?

Mister Barclay... take a look at these.

I brought you in here to talk to you about your new bodyguard.

Sit down, please. You need to listen to this.

Phillipe Sauvage, developed some... well, lets just call them psychological issues which... initially manifested in Afghanistan and finally came to a head in Iraq.

There was a massacre of civilians in Mosel.

Mostly children.

The news services didn't get the full story, but I did.

Philippe Sauvage is the guy... who single-handedly massacred those kids.

According to military psychologists, he's a walking time bomb.

And prior to his medical discharge, he was under lock and key... at the psych ward at Walter Reed. You wanna know why?

The U.S. Army was afraid he was too dangerous to let loose on the streets.

Why are you telling me all this?

Just trying to do you a solid, Wayne.

Because you may not have realized this, but I am one of your biggest fans.

Listen, I know you probably get asked this all the time... but could you possibly?

You got a marker?

This guy, Sauvage... he's gonna be responsible for protecting you.

Your family. Your sister.

I wouldn't want it on my conscience if something unfortunate was to happen.

How's your cottage?

My cottage. I've seen a family of 10 living in less.

You should have seen the places where my brothers and I grew up.

Your brothers? How many?

Just one.

You wanna see the rest of the house?

Oh, yeah.

I wonder what's keeping Wayne?

Welcome to Wayne's world.

Would you like a drink? No. But thanks.

Oh, come on. Just one. You're not officially on duty yet.

It's not that. I just shouldn't.

I used to have a problem with that.

I understand. Sorry I asked. It's okay.

So how many people will you need on your team?

I'm trying to work on a budget.

Half a dozen. More or less. I just finished making a few calls.

All right, here you go. Good old H2O. Can't argue with that.

To new partnerships. To new partnerships.

You play pool? I didn't play for a long time.

Cool. Why don't we play a game?

Let's see what you got.

So, Philippe, do you have any family?

Not really.

Bowden and some of those guys at the funeral... that's basically my family.

Oh, thank you. You ever been married?

Never could sit still long enough.

What about you? Oh, tried that one before.

Now I'm married to my job.

You think it's easy managing my brother?

Long as I can remember... he's always been the spender, and I've been the saver.

He's the one who put me through college.

Now my M.B.A what's keeping him from pissing away all that money.

Your shot.

I remember watching some of his fights.

He was very aggressive. Always on the attack. Never let go.

Well, while we're waiting for him....

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Good.

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. That's what I'm talking about. Oh, yeah.

Go, Barclay. Yeah. That's it. Good. Do it, Wayne.

Yeah. Yeah.

That's what I'm talking about. Barclay! Barclay!

Hey, Wayne.

I was just filling in Mr. Sauvage on some family history.

Family history? Yeah.

Yeah. Good idea.

Why don't you give him one of those DVDs?

You can watch it at home.

Wayne, I took the liberty of moving him into the guest cottage.

No sense of having him at a hotel when we need him here 24l7, right?

Hey, I didn't just hire her because she's family.

Sis is always thinking.

She always one step ahead of the game.

Yes, she is.

You're a lucky man. Excuse me.

Mr. Barclay... can I get a few things straight with you before I get started?

Yeah, Tamara discuss salary with you?

It's not that. Those guys you had standing around at the funeral.

Once I get my team in place... you can send them back to the gym where you found them.

No more amateurs. If I'm going to run this show...

I want the hardest of the hard-core.

The Hard Corps it is, my man.

This is where I learned to box.

I wasn't more than 15 first time I rolled up in here.

Now I own the place.

I'm slowly bringing it up to state of the art.

Labor of love, though, really. Hey, watch your head there.

Financially, this place is a sinkhole.

Hey, yo, Cujo!

You're on your feet today, huh?

Hey, what's up? You gonna take a bet?

How you doing, man?

Go hammer some dude. What you doing, man?

So we're just going to spend the morning observing.

Give you an opportunity to make some notes on who you'd like to pick.

Who do I like to pick? Yeah. You know, for the team.

We've got some good people here, Sauvage.

Are you okay, man? We need to talk.

Ain't that what we doing right now? In private.

At the funeral, I was asked... if there were any more like me, correct?

Yeah. Right. The Hard Corps.

Ain't nothing changed. You still bringing in your people.

But they're working with some of mine.

That was not the deal.

All right, look, you get this shit straight. I write the checks.

I'll decide what the deal is gonna be.

I guess you do. And you've just decided. I won't be part of it.

No, wait, wait, wait, come on. Wait, wait. Hang on.

Wait, wait, wait. Wait a minute. Mullins, move.

Wayne knows these people.

Known some of them for years. He trusts them.

How can I do my job and babysit amateurs at the same time?

Come on.

Hey, don't tell me there wasn't no time in your life... when you weren't nothing but an amateur too.

I know I was the first time I walked in this gym.

But someone saw a potential in me.

Ain't no reason you can't do the same with some of my people.

Hey, Cujo.

All right, guys. That's good. That's enough.

Gino. Kim.

All right, Kim.

Who's that guy? That's Kim. Black belt, tae kwon do.

Why wasn't this guy on the security team at the club?

Didn't blend? His size.

You know, sometimes it's good.

The bad guys may not know he's your bodyguard.

Yeah. What? Excuse me.

Tell the inspectors to take their codes, stick them where the sun don't shine.

I'm gonna wait outside. I've got a friend who came in town.

I want to make sure he find his way here.

Should I just have her wait, or...?

No, it's okay. I've got enough headaches without a girl in my team.


Yo, man. What, we're tough enough to go to Iraq... but back home's a different story?

This is not a game. I need bodyguards.

Are you ready to take a bullet for Mr. Barclay?

Are you? And you guys?

All of you here. Any of you?

Just give me a chance.

Come on, Sauvage. Give her a shot.

She's for real.

Show us what you got, soldier. All right, Sauvage. Here we go, man.

Come on. Watch out for that left hook.

There you go.

Look out. Look out.

Go ahead, girl. There you go. There you go.

Hey, Sauvage. Pretty good, huh?

You're a candidate. I'm a what?

A candidate. You will start basic training tomorrow as a bodyguard.

Oh, meet one of your drill instructors. Sergeant Casey Bledsoe.


Hey, Sauvage, you didn't tell me Roy Rogers was part of the deal.

I brought along some camouflage, sir.


Dear, God.

Don't even tell me you're tired.

Come on inside. We've got more to do.

Hey, hey, hey. Watch the suit.

What's going on here? And you call this protection?

It may not be pretty. You may get roughed up a bit.

But you'll be alive. Yeah, no shit.

Right, boss? That's right, Casey. Do it again.

No, no, no. Not like that. Left arm up. Okay.

Now, don't try to get too fancy.

No holding your weapon like this: Okay?

Yeah. You may come across... some people out there who do. They'll miss.

I won't. That's right.

Now, put the clip, as you know... chambering, as you know. Take your target.

Position of the feet. Remember? Stable, strong. Breathe.

Relax and shoot.

Damn. That is good shooting.

Your turn.

Mr. Sauvage, did you kill a lot of people?

What's up on the roof? Look out.

I got it.


Mr. Sauvage?

Mr.Sauvage? Yeah.

You okay? It's your turn.

Take the gun. Okay.

And good. Relax.

At ease, soldier.

Sometimes I like to sit out here at night... look at the stars. Eases my mind.

Oh, here you go.

Good old H2O.

Just like you like it, right?

Right. And yours?

We've instituted a new beverage policy, sir:

Don't ask, don't tell.

Mind if I get a bit nosy? No, go ahead.

Casey mentioned something about kids.

That was in Iraq.

Casey and I were tracking down some terrorists.

Then... one of them got inside a school...


It's cloudy tonight.

There's no stars. Right?

I'm worried about tomorrow, Philippe.

Sports complex opening.

The mayor, and there'll be a lot of people.

Are you sure that we're ready? Not exactly.

But I'm still waiting for a few of my guys to show up.

Look, let me do the worrying. Okay?

I'll try. And try to sleep That an order, colonel?

That's an order.

Good night, Tamara.

Good night.

Oh, damn, man. What the f...?

Hey, this ain't no tackle football. No, it's not.

What the f...?

You mind telling me why you're sneaking around like that?

Oh, me sneaking? Yeah, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

What are you talking about? Man, we'll discuss that later.

Right now, I'm going for a little drive.

Hey. A drive? This time of night?

Yeah, with Cujo, one of your trainees. He's meeting me down the street.

Then I'm riding shotgun.

Look, I just told you. I got a bodyguard. All right?

You been training the man yourself. He's not ready to fly solo.

None of them are.

All right, man, look, I got a private rendezvous... with a certain young lady. You feel me?

Any reason she can't come here?

Look, it's a long story. Sis thinks Lydia's bad for my image.

Oh. But this little freak... she's hot tonight, man. You know? Booty call, eh?

So can I handle my business? Can I...? Yeah?

I ride shotgun or you don't leave.

Unless you want those cops to go with you.

If I wanted them, would I be climbing over my own goddamn fence?

You're getting to be one royal pain in the ass, you know that?

Yeah. It's what you pay me for. Sir.

Are you feeling this?

Maybe if I understood what they were saying... besides, "Bitch, ho, motherfucker."

Well, why don't you help me understand this?

What's this sneaking around between you and my sister?

What? Yeah, you heard me.

Cocktails in the moonlight, all that shit. I got eyes, man.

First of all, no one's sneaking around.

And I'm the one who's supposed to keep an eye on you.

Tell me she didn't kiss you tonight. You call that a kiss?

It was a peck on the cheek.

Yeah, next comes poking the coochie.

Hey, man, you know that's how it starts.

Hey, that shit ain't funny, man. That's my sister.

Sir, you are my commanding officer.

She's the X O.

I don't fraternize with my superiors, okay?

Good. Just keep it that way.

Do you wanna wipe that smile off your face, soldier?

Yes, sir.

Gotta go.

He's here.

Not now, fool. Get his autograph on your own damn time.


Hey, hey. That is as far as you need to go.

There's an alley behind the house.

I need to check it out.

No, what you need is some hot... wild, naked, scandalous ass of your own. That's what you need.

Not with my sister, but that's what you need.

I thought we resolved this issue.

Seriously, man, it would do wonders for this uptight attitude you've got.

Yes, so I've been told.

You know what? I'm gonna talk to Lydia.

See if she can't hook you up with a friend.

Won't be necessary.

She's got some hot friends, Sauvage. Think about it.

What's wrong, baby?

You know, you haven't been to see me in a while.

Yeah, I've been busy.

Tamara still doesn't like me.

Is that it?

She does not dictate where I go or who I see, if that's what you mean.

She isn't out there, is she?

Hell, no.

Got me this new bodyguard.

Takes his job a little too serious.

Well, I'm your bodyguard in the bedroom, baby.

And I'm about to get real serious.

Oh, shit.

All right. Now, that punk in front of the crib... probably one of Barclay's boys.

You blaze that fool if he creeps up toward the house, all right?

All right, man. Think he brought anyone else?

Ain't seen that bitch-ass bodyguard, ain't seen no cops.

So let's do this shit.

Mr. Sauvage. Call Casey.

Tell him to come right over here.

You stay inside the car. Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Start to use your COMSET.

Right, right, right. Okay.

Going so soon, baby? Yeah.

I've got this sports complex thing tomorrow, you know.

But I thought you were gonna spend the night with me.

I would. I would if I could.

Look, the mayor's gonna be there and everything, you know. I gotta go.

Next time.

Yo, Lydia, what's up, baby? High Dog.

Oh, no, he didn't. Who's this?

Some fool that wants your autograph.

I'm gonna autograph my fist in his face.

Baby, wait! Back it up!

Oh, shit! Stupid bitch.

Take it easy, man. Don't be no hero, Barclay.

Get in there, motherfucker! Take it easy, all right?

Keep going!

All right.

If y'all know any prayers, I suggest you say them now.

Hand over the gun, bitch.

You mother...!

You fucking rat bastard.

Who sent you, huh? That motherfucker Terrell?

Talk, you piece of shit!

I'll make the bitch talk.

Goddamn, baby! Shit!

Get the fuck up. What the fuck is wrong with you?

Okay, okay. You were right.

Get the fuck over there.

Get the fuck down.

Look what I found outside.

Ain't it past your bedtime, son?

Good work, Cujo. Your mama know you're out this late?

I missed the party, huh?

Are we taking POW's? For what?

Gonna be out on bail in the morning. I say execute them.

Done. Oh, no. Cujo, no.

Oh, come one, just give me one. Just one.

Just leave them for the cops.

This might be enough evidence to prove Terrell violated his parole.

Ain't gonna matter anyhow.

You're a dead man, Barclay. Yeah.

And you and you....

Especially you, bitch.

Bitch? Hey, baby.

What? Lydia. Come on, now.

Want a piece of me too, punk?

You got a...? A sister? Look, this is jacked.

I've got that sports center complex opening in less than six hours.

Wait, wait. Hold on. Are you going to that?

Yeah. The mayor's gonna be there.

Yes, and maybe another hit team.

Come on, man. When are you going to start listening?

The team is not ready.

Tonight, you were this close, man. This close of getting whacked.

Yeah. And you came through for me solid.

Man, you... You're earning your money, my man.

And I expect you to keep on doing the same.

At the opening.

Let's go.

Not a word of this shit to my sister.

Tamara hears about this, she'll go bananas, okay?

You understand me, right, Sauvage? Yes, I do.

You're a good man. Good man.

All right, let's go. Pick it up.

This sucks.

No shit.

I'm choking on this collar.

I mean the entire setup.

Those school kids.


Okay, I'm obsessing again.

But all it takes is one nut case to shoot in their direction.

Who are we here to protect?

I know. I know. I fucking hate this.

Hey, big mo. Looks like we've got a packed house.

Wait. Five-minute warning on the mayor.

Here you go.


Mr. Barclay, I've got to say something, you may not want to hear it.

Then don't say it.

I'm in a great mood, Sauvage, don't even think about bringing me down.

You can tell it to me, Philippe.

Tamara, I'd feel much better if you went out there... and made that speech instead of your brother.

Yeah. Right, yeah.

Maybe I should have sent sis in the ring... when I had that exhibition fight with Tyson.

Wayne. I'm starting to believe those folks... who've been calling you a nut case.

And what folks might those be?

What did I just tell you about...? Four-minute warning.

Anyone about to make a speech, I'd advise they use the restroom.

Talk to your boy.

I say I ain't got time for this.

What the fuck is he talking about?

We'll talk about it in a more appropriate time.

After the ceremony.

And know this:

I would gladly go out there and give the speech myself if he'd let me.

I warned you he was hardheaded.

I was expecting cement but not titanium steel.

Philippe, Wayne's a good man. He means well.

Just don't let anything happen to him.

I don't know if I could go through that again.

Mr. Mayor. Mayor, over here.

Mr. Mayor, can you smile over here?

Any time for an interview?

Mr. Mayor? Can we get a statement?

Mr. Mayor, please.

Okay, let's do this. You're gonna be great, bro.

Yo, yo! The champ's here!

Hey, champ. What's up? What's up?

Thank you, thank you. Mr. Barclay, can I get an autograph?

Hey, man what the hell? Back off! I just want an autograph, man.

I just want an autograph, man.

Hey, what's up? Thank you. Thank you for coming out.

Hey, thank you. What's up, bro?

Barclay for mayor! There he is, right there.

Thank you.

What's happening, Mr. Mayor?

Nice to see you, Tamara. Please sit down.

Barclay for president!

I believe I heard a couple of you shouting, "Barclay for mayor."

I wouldn't put anything past this man, this former heavyweight champion... who's moved on to become a successful businessman... a prodigious builder... a respected leader... and a pillar of strength... in a community that desperately needs positive role models.

Amen. But please... don't give him any ideas, folks.

This is one man I wouldn't wanna have to face in any kind of arena.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Wayne Barclay.


Thank you. Barclay! Barclay! Barclay!

Barclay! Barclay! Barclay!

Barclay! Barclay!

Barclay! I spotted a target.

Black, 6-foot-4.

Almost directly in front of the podium.

Mohawk, scar on his face?

That's the one.

Kim and Cujo, try to get to this guy as soon as possible.

All right, Big Wayne!

You know, a long time ago...

I used to play on these streets.

Back then, they weren't much to look at.

I learned to fight on these streets.

Today, I don't see as much fighting.

Today, I'm beginning to see progress.

Today, a dream has come true for me... and for this community.



Let go my arm, man! Let go of my arm.

Get your ass up. What do you got?

We saw him going for a gun, man.

What the hell just happened? I'll explain later. In a safe place.

This is bullshit. Hey, you're bullshit.

You mean this?

Damn. You made me miss a call, yo.

It was from my Mom too.

I should have you morons locked up.

Every last one of you.

A sense of calm has settled in, but moments ago, a near riot erupted... when bodyguards for former heavyweight champ Wayne Barclay... thought they'd spotted a man with a gun.

I have with me Lieutenant Teague of the Metro Police.

Oh, boy.

Would you describe to us what the gentleman was actually reaching for?

Yes, it was a cellular phone.

I have a gentleman who was manhandled... by this group of amateurish security guards.

He plans to file a lawsuit against Mr. Barclay for assault... and possibly for a violation of his civil rights.

You watching it on TV? Yeah.

Nothing we could do, Terrell.

Them motherfuckers were on our ass all day.

Hell yeah, let him know, man.

Switch to Plan B.

All right, gangsters... move to Plan B.

What is Plan B?

Let me give you some advice.

You wanna shit with the big dogs, stop pissing with the puppies.

Any particular reason why Mr. Barclay's bodyguards... might have been so jumpy?

The gentleman they assaulted is African-American, so it's possible... that their overzealousness was racially motivated.

Unbelievable. Please.

This guy is so full of shit his eyeballs are starting to turn brown.

Yeah, well, brown eyes pretty much called the ball game on this one.

In five minutes, I went from Mayor Barclay to Captain Kangaroo!

I might as well have been onstage tap-dancing and singing Mammy.

Hold up, hold up, Wayne.

This man's been busting his ass to protect you.

And I'm trying to protect you. Protect me from what?

Why don't you go and ask him? Ask him what?

You ask him why the Army had his ass locked up in the psychiatric hospital.

What? Yeah, that's right.

Why don't you tell her that, huh?

What are you talking about? Tell her that shit.

The man's a killer. I'll be damned... if I'm gonna let some psychotic, schitzo freak hit on my sister.

Wayne... who's acting psychotic here?

Jessie, stay with her. You got it.

Barclay, I quit.

And this time it's final.

Do you see me crying?

You and I need to talk about my severance package.

Why don't you sever this?

You don't seem to understand.

I want you to name a place... and make sure to bring some ice packs and some painkillers.

Because it's going to hurt.

Oh, you want to take it there. Good.

My gym, 30 minutes.

And if I was you, I'd prepare to start eating dinner out of a straw.


Casey, you wait here.

This won't take long.

So, any of you guys bring a ice pack and some painkillers?

My Benjamin Franklin says your boy is the one who's gonna be needing it.

Let's go.

Come on, little man. Show me what you got.

In the ring?

You don't get it, do you?

I'm not looking for a fair fight.

Any way you want it.

Them results are gonna be the same.

What you got?

This is gonna be a better workout then I expected.

Now, who has been talking shit about me?

The only shit is what you been talking about yourself.

First you got my sister believing it.

And then me. And now the shit's about to hit the fan.

Yeah. You feel that?

You just stepped into it with the champ.

You about to learn why they call me that.

What you got?

You know, my back is here.

You feel that? Yeah.

Oh, yeah. Good.

Phil. Phil, we got a problem.

Mullins called.

Jessie's in the hospital. Said she's been shot up pretty bad.

What? Jessie. She's been shot.

By who? That's all we know.

What about my sister?

Wasn't Jessie supposed to be following Tamara?

Paramedics brought her here unconscious... and with three gunshot wounds.

Whoever did this probably left her for dead.

You've got five minutes.

She needs to rest.

Who, Jessie? Who did it?

One of them...

I saw at the center.

Big, ugly... scars on his face.

Cell phone man.

What about Tamara?

They took her.

I tried, Mr. Barclay.

Too many of them.

Jessie, listen up.

Have you talked to the police yet?



If they ask you questions... don't say shit.

You cannot even remember your name, okay?

You did good.

That goes for all of us.

Hey, what the fuck are you talking about?

We know exactly who did this.

Wayne, he took your sister because he wants you.

She's the bait.

You call the cops, you turn up the heat.

He might just decide to dump the evidence.

Excuse me, sir, this is Intensive Care. You can't go in there.

How you doing, miss? Special police business. I'll make it brief.

Here to ask Miss Jessie Otero a few questions.

Well, please keep it brief.

She just came out of a coma.

Well, bad news just seems to follow you around like a fly following shit.

What happened? You guys get into a car wreck on your way here?

Let's just call it a... a collision.

Can you tell me what happened, young lady?

Speak up a little, please?

All right, gentlemen, I'm sorry.

I have to ask you to wait in the hall. She needs her medication.





Out. Yeah.

She say anything to you guys? No. We just got here, detective.

Mr. Barclay? No. Nothing.

Goddamn, is everybody here in a coma?

Any news on your sister?

What about my sister?

This girl Jessie, she's your bodyguard, I just assumed...

What, that she was with Tamara?

Now, why would you assume that?

We sure as hell didn't say nothing.

It's a lucky guess. You'd have the female covering the female.

You guys peeled out of that community center so fast...

Too fast to put a tail on us.

But maybe not for her.

What the hell are you implying?

Detective, my sister did not come back to the house.

We can't reach her on her cell phone.

Now, if you know anything about where she's at... we'd appreciate your help. This is an ICU...

First of all, I never implied I knew she was missing.

If she is, we can put out an alert.

Not yet.

Might be she's just gone out shopping and her battery went dead.

When you're sure, you let me know.

I'll be in touch.

He's got a habit for turning up at the right time in the right place.

Maybe it's just a coincidence, huh?

Hey, Sauvage... he's the one.

He said you were a lock-up case.

He said you just went off one day and killed a bunch of women and kids.

I did have some post-traumatic-stress issues.

That part's true.

I spent some time in a V.A. Hospital decompressing.

But I never killed anyone who wasn't trying to kill me.


Take the shot, Phil. She's too close.

Take the goddamn, shot, Phil!


Twenty kids inside that schoolhouse.

According to Aljazeera... and some foreign news services... one crazy American killed them all.

At the time, I almost agreed with them.

After that, I kind of lost it.

They sent me home, had me under observation.

Bowden came to see how I was doing.

You know the rest.


Sometimes life sticks it in and breaks it off good, don't it?

Now it's your turn. Why the bad blood between you and Terrell?

Fifteen years ago... when I was first starting out...

Terrell offered me some big money to throw a fight.

It was my first professional bout.

I said, "Hell, no."

Did you know Tamara and I had another brother?

Yeah. She mentioned it.


I won the fight. A couple of nights later... a car drove by the house and... somebody inside it shot my little brother.

They shot him about ten times.

He died right there on the sidewalk.

And nobody ever knew who did it or why.

But if someone was to take a wild guess?

Yeah, I took that guess... about a thousand times... and the answer always came back the same.

Anyway... five years ago...

I came across some solid evidence that Terrell... had been laundering drug money at my local bank.

So when the DA's office inquired...

I found myself faced with a hard choice, you know?

Do I protect the man who most likely shot and killed my brother...?

Doesn't sound like a hard choice. Sauvage... if the choice had been easy, my sister would not be missing tonight.


It's Lydia. That's all I need.

Wayne, take the call but don't tell her I'm with you.

Hey, what's up, girl?

Hey, baby.

Are you alone?

Yeah, why?

I can't say too much on the phone. But...

I need you to come over as soon as you can.

What's this about?

Please, baby, I...

I can't say anymore.

Don't bring anyone.

Especially, that new bodyguard of yours.

All right. All right, I'll be there.

Alone, in 30 minutes.

Wayne, I can't let you go.

Look, my sister's life is on the line here, Sauvage.

I just remembered what my ex-bodyguard said:

"We turn up the heat, Terrell might just dump the evidence."

Wayne, if we do this right... he won't know the heat is turned up until his ass is in the frying pan, okay?

Shit. Whose ass is in the frying pan?


Oh, baby, I'm so sorry about this.

Didn't I tell you, Wayne? I'm your biggest fan.

Where's Tamara?

Easy, champ, don't jump to any hasty conclusions.

I gotta pat you down, sorry.

You're not wearing a wire, are you? Why?

What you afraid of?

Or should I ask what's Terrell afraid of?

There you go again, jumping to conclusions.

Excuse me?

When I see a police detective moonlighting for a convicted felon... what am I supposed to think?

You're supposed to think your number one fan... is trying to do you another solid.

Terrell is offering you an olive branch.

It's up to you whether you take it or not.

Yeah, with my sister as the bargaining chip.

And what happens to her if I say no? Come on, champ, don't be so negative.

You need to deal directly with Singletery.

I'm just here to facilitate that.

Terrell's coming here? No.

As a gesture of openness and conciliation... he's invited you to his home.

And Mr. Singletery's associates here... will be providing transportation and security.

Oh, I see. That's very generous of him.

Where's your bodyguard?

Oh, Jesus! Watch out.

Cujo, hit the breaker.


Your security just flunked their first test.

So I'll provide my own if Mr. Singletery doesn't mind.

You're making a serious fucking mistake, Wayne.

Yeah, there you go again, motherfucker, jumping to conclusions.

I believe Terrell's been expecting me.

Don't! We'll all die. Put them down.

I'll go tell Mr. Singletery you're here.

Hey, stay right there.

Use the intercom.

Yo, Terrell.

You got visitors down here.

They're in.

Visitors? I was only expecting one guest.

Well, your guest brought friends.

I see. I'll be right down.

Make sure my other guest is comfortable.

I'll go check on her.

Unless you'd rather have me hang here with y'all... in which case, you might as well hook me up with one of them.

Choice number one.

Y'all come with me.

Check on that bitch.

You have been neutralized.

Uncle Terrell wants you two down in the garage.

Motherfuckers, must I tell him I had to ask twice?

You gotta put some pep in your step. Come on. Move.

Oh, man. Thank you.

What's your problem, man? Excuse me?


The key for the handcuffs.

Thanks, bro.

You're Leonard.

The attorney?

The one who helped my uncle get his early release.

I don't know how I can begin to apologize.

You can start with these. Oh, certainly.

This whole thing has been such a terrible mistake.

Thank you.

Maybe I can prevent it from becoming a tragedy.

Thank you.

Oh, my God. We are so busted.

Wayne Barclay.

I've dreamed of this moment.

Keep right on dreaming.


Are you okay?


Thank you.

God, thank you.

Wait, wait. You're not the police?

No. We're the Hard Corps.

And you tell your homeboys to drop their hardware.

Or Dirty Harry here gets to meet Elvis real quick.

Oh, that'd be a big shame.

Good help's so hard to find.

Oh, God, no. I'm too late.

We got Tamara. What's happening down there?

Keeping these folks busy.

Need some help? Negative.

Just get Miss Barclay off the premises.

Okay, let's go. Where's my brother?

Wayne, they got Tamara.

Where's that gunfire from? Where'd that kid go?

That kid is Terrell's nephew. Shit. Come on, let's go.


Simcoe, let me have a clip, man.

Yo, this is my last one, man.

What? Can't do nothing for you, baby.



I'm out of here. Where you going?

Getting the fuck out of here. Getting the fuck out.

Getting the fuck out of here. You bitch!


Barclay? Listen, listen, listen, man.

I got something to tell you, man. Come on.

Okay, I'm gonna tell you who took down your brother.

I know you wanna know that.

I'm putting my guns down.


Come on, man.

Let's talk. I'm a businessman.

You a businessman.


See, usually, I delegate the unpleasant tasks.

But I gotta tell you something.

Popping that bitch was pure pleasure.

You motherfucker.

And now I'm gonna get a hundred percent more pleasure... by popping the bitch I should have popped back then.

Uncle T! No!

Uncle T, please.

We can still mitigate this.

Put down the gun. It doesn't have to end this way.

There's no other way it can end.

Oh, my God. Mullins.

Phil, take them out.

I'll be okay. That's an order, soldier.


Casey, cover me. Go. Now!

It's the meat. They want some fresh meat.

Yeah, you like that, motherfucker? Yeah!

Oh, Mr. Barclay?

Can I have your autograph now?

Yeah. Yeah, bitch.

Come on. Right there with your punk ass.


Where were we, bitch?

You think you can take me out, nigga?

Who'd you think you was messing with, huh?

You ready to say hello to baby brother?

Fuck you. Fuck me?

Fuck you, nigga!


Oh, shit.

No, no, no.

Come on. Come on, Sauvage. Come on, man.

Sauvage. Hey, Sauvage!

Get up.

Phil! You hear me, Phil?

Wake up. Phil. Phil, get up!

Get up, Phil!

Hey, Phil? Wayne.

That fucking hurt.

Hey, you're gonna be all right.

Phil. Phil, you're gonna be all right. Okay. Okay.

Just can't seem to stay out of it, can we?

Hell of a way to make a living, that's for sure.

Get better real soon.

I'm down with that.

You okay? Well, I've been better.

But, yeah, I'm good. Thanks, man.

You all right?

You were right, kid.

Didn't have to end this way.

Mr. Barclay?

Teague's been under an internal investigation for some time now.

That security detail?

They weren't just keeping an eye on you.

They were watching him too.

Right. So in other words, I was a decoy?

Well, not exactly.

Try bait.

Fortunately, we had Mr. Sauvage.

Yeah, and I owe it all to you, sis.

Even if he can be one royal pain in the ass.

That's what you pay me for, sir.

Or should I say, paid me for.

Excuse me?

Since when, Wayne?

That was just a misunderstanding.

My ass. Come on, I've been shot.

So? Baby, you okay?

Hey, what's up, baby?

I've been so worried.

Looks like you're in so much pain.

He punched me in the eye a little bit, you know.

Looks like you need some special healing.

Actually, it's a proven fact. A little sugar can work miracles.

Oh, really?

And who's your miracle-worker?

Don't have one yet, but I'm taking resumes.

Well, then allow me to submit mine.

Hey, hey, hey.

I suppose you're gonna call that another peck.

Wayne, turn around.

Wayne, turn around.