The Hard Way (1943) Script

Hey Captain!

This girl, she jumped in.

Any identification? No, nothing.

Well, she ain't no bargain-basement dame.

This hunk of fur must have set her back plenty.

You know Mack, I don't get it.

Why should a good-looking number like that want to bump herself off?

You got me. Women .. Yeah, who can figure it.

Well, Doc?

If you want to ask any questions, you'd better get in there fast.


What's your name, lady?

Look Miss, we got to make out a report.

Will you give us your name and address, please?

You see, we have to have it for the record.



First or last name?

Helen Chernen.

Helen Chernen.

Where are you from?


Won't you please speak up?

Greenhill. Greenhill?

Where's that? Never heard of it.

Is there anybody you want us to notify?

No. Well then, Miss.

Please tell us. Why did you do it?

Yeah, why?

"Why, why, why?"

"Why, why, why?"

"Why, why, why?"


"They asked me, why."

"As though I could tell them in one brief sentence."

"No. I would have to start in Greenhill. A long time ago."


"What a name for a town like that."

"Oh, there were hills there alright, but there was nothing green about them."

"Just soot and dirt and grime. Morning until night."

"Many of us had dreams of a different life. A better life."

"What could we do?"

"Not even the sun could break through that prison of smoke and grime."

"This is where my sister Katie and I were born."

"Where we grew up."

"When Mom died, I got married to Sam."

"And Katie came to live with us."

"I did my best for her. Gave her a home."

"Put her through high-school."

"Then came the day before graduation."

"Katie had dreams, too."

Is this the one, Katie? Yeah. Isn't it pretty, Helen?

Oh yeah, it's beautiful.

I've been looking at every store in town and this is the nicest one of them all.

Oh, If I could only ..

What do you think, Helen? Well ..

Eight dollars.

Oh, eight dollars, eight hundred, eight million. What's the difference?

Everything is beneath me. So, so beneath me.

As I saw it with my sister, Lady Chernen.

In Vienna, in Capri, on the Riviera.

I dance in white only, with a thousand officers.

All terribly handsome, but oh so dull. Don't you agree?

I agree.

Oh Helen, do you think I can get it?

Oh I'll talk to Sam. You'll get it. Oh, thanks.

Wait until they see me in this.

Oh, but I promised her, Sam.

Don't you understand? She can't sit with 100 friends and she's the only one ..

I do. I do understand. But I haven't got the money to spend.

But you can find it. Look, I know she's my sister. I know it's not your worry.

But I owe it to her, Sam. I'm the only one the kid's got.


Oh Sam, do I ever ask you for anything for myself?

No. A white dress in this town? She'd wear it only once for a couple of hours.

No, Helen. It just don't make sense. 8 dollars is ..

Sam, do you have to take your shoes off in the kitchen?

My feet hurt.

Your feet have been hurting for 6 years. That's right.

What's the matter with that dress? That looks good enough.

Sam, look at it, will you. You can't expect her to wear that to graduation.

Look, I'd like to buy her the dress. I like the kid as much as you do.

But there are other things. There's things we really need.

Sure there are things we need. I know that, but this is different.

Look, Sam.

We grub and grub morning, noon and night. We're half dead.

But she's beautiful. She's alive.

Why, she's the only living thing we have anything to do with.

When something is that beautiful, Sam, you got to take care of it.

You got to protect it.

I can't do it. That's all.

It's no use talking to me. Okay.

The spirit of Greenhill. The tired man.

You're dirty and dumb, and you want all you touch to be dirty and dumb.

Now, Helen. Six years!

Six years and you can't afford eight dollars for a white dress.

I don't know what's going to happen. I'm not personally responsible.

You're not responsible for much of anything. I'll vote for that.

Now, hold on a minute, Helen.

It's easy enough to criticize.

But it's not so easy to change things.

You ought to know. You tried it once yourself.


I'm only speaking the truth. You didn't work wonders when you walked out on me.

You came back quick enough. Shut up.

I'm not blaming you. All I .. Shut up.

Don't throw it on to me again. At least I tried, and don't sit there like you.

Okay, okay. Go try again. Alright .. maybe I will someday.

Try a thousand times. Nobody is stopping you.

That's it.

Alright boys and girls. Hold still .. and look right here.

The girl on the end, just to the left .. hold it.

The dress.

Now my dear, I hope you won't mind, but you see you are a little too tall.

You come down here. Yes, please. Quickly now. That's it.

Now .. smile.

Hold it.

That's it .. thank you.

Where are you going? Home.

You mustn't run away. Go back to your friends.

So they can laugh at me? Don't be silly. Katherine.

I hate them. All of them in their white dresses.

I wish I was dead. Oh, come out of it, baby.

This isn't a whole life. Things won't stay like this forever.


No. Someone as pretty and lovely as you. You're going to have fifty dresses.

Yeah .. Miss Katherine Blaine was at the Ambassador's ball last night.

In her usual dirty rayon.

Never mind. You wait and see. I'm not going to let you be buried in this town.

I'm through arguing with Sam. I've made up my mind.

You're going to amount to something, someday. Something big.

Oh, I'll live and die in Greenhill. No you won't.

I'm going to get you out of here if it's the last thing I do.

Listen .. in a few years, you're going to be away from all this.

In a few years, you're going to be riding high.

I'd like to see the day. How? How's it going to happen?

I don't know, but it will happen. The chance will come, and we'll grab it.

But you've got to promise me one thing, Katie.

Don't get taken in like I was. You don't know your own mind when you're 18.

You get fooled so easy.

I didn't know what I wanted when I was that age. I just knew I was unhappy.

So I married Sam.

Well, I'm six years unhappier now, that's all.

So don't you get taken in.

Now listen .. you've got a date with Johnny Gilpin tonight. Go out with him.

But don't get serious. You know, moonlight, a kiss.

Do you think that's the way out, Katie? Well it isn't.

So, be careful and I'll figure out something.

But Helen, if you can't get out, what makes you think I can?

Well baby, you got something I never had.

What? You've got me to guide you.

And you've got natural resources.

Now come on, baby. Cheer up.

Go out tonight. Have fun.

Gee. They were swell, weren't they. Yeah.

Hey Katie, let's go for a walk.

I leave tomorrow. I see the coach at Pittsburgh about playing for Pittsburgh.

Johnny, not yet.

It's the show I want to see.

"Gee, what an actor does to earn a living."

"Is it a wonder that we go berserk."

"I says to him, he says to me, let's give the whole thing up."

"What will we do if we have to go to work?"

We're just kidding folks. We don't have to do this for a living.

No, we got all kinds of money.

Speaking of money. You seen the new 2-dollar bills?

The new 2-dollar bills?

Ha .. I haven't seen the old ones yet.

"Am I blue?" "Well, you're looking down and out."

"Am I blue?" "Tell me what it's all about."

"Ain't these tears in these eyes telling you?"

"Who is to blame? I wonder who."

"Am I blue?" "Say, you asked me that before."

"You'd be too." "Come on, brother. Tell me more."

"If his plan, with your girl .."

"Done fell through." "What a sorry how-to-do."

Hey, Katie. Can't we go now?

I got to catch the last trolley home at 11:30.

It's my last night in Greenhill. I want to watch this.

"Tears today." "That's the price for giving in."

"And now she's gone .."

Oh, cut it out Johnny. Shush.

I don't eat lunch all week long, saving up to take you here.

And then you don't even let me put my arm around you.

Not now, anyway. When?

I don't know .. during the acrobats.

In spades.

What's yours?

Alright. What will you have? Chocolate sundae.

Give me a coke. Banana split.

Banana split? Yeah, banana split.


What about you, Katie? What will you be?

Yeah Katie, what will you do? Well, I haven't given it much thought.

But I may go on the stage. On the stage?

An actress? Holy smoke.

Are you serious? Of course I am.

My dears, just too, too salubrious.

Hey, get her. Garbo. She's going to be an actress.

Alright, I'll show you. Give me a nickel.

What for? Give me a nickel.

Give it to her.

I got to catch the last trolley home. There's no time left.

Katie, the coach at Pittsburgh.

'Runkel and Collins, a pair of sophisticates'.

'Am I blue'?

'Take it easy for a while.'

I think I'm going to have a chocolate malt and a piece of apple pie.

With strawberry ice-cream. What about you?

A cup of coffee. Okay.

Hey, Paul. Take a look.

Am I blue .. that's the name of the song.

When each plan, with your girl, just fell through.

Boy, that's sad. There was a time.

Twenty after eleven.

Kinda cute, ain't she? Yeah, kind of fresh, too.

'But now I'm so sad'.

'A sad and lonely one .. Mammy'.

'Was I gay? Yes, sir'.

'Until today? Yes, sir'.

'Now he's gone, and we're through'.

'Am I blue'?

Say, that was swell. Thank you.

Go ahead kid, dig in. You're doing fine. That's great.

Well, thanks but I think I've had enough.

Go on, do the second chorus for us.

Yeah, we like it. It's wonderful. I never heard better.

Paul, did you ever hear better? Never heard better.

See? You're very nice.

Well, I've got some friends waiting for me. They are ..

Goodbye. Wait a minute. You were really great.

Come on .. get me a cup of coffee.

Well I think the kid's got something. Yeah? Let her keep it.

Come on, sit down, drink you malt. We're not looking for talent this week.

Johnny, invite them over.

But Katie, I got to catch the last coach to Pittsburgh.

I need my sleep. Invite him over.

But what can I do about ..


Paul. They want us to go to their table. Look pal, that's a nice kid.

Stay away unless you want to settle here in Greenhill.

It's not that. I like her personality, that's all. I want to talk to her.

Come on. Come on, Paul. Be a good guy.

Loosen up. Serve us at the table will you.

Say, it sure is nice to meet you, Miss Blaine.

You're the nicest girl I've met since I left Nebraska.

I was just saying to Paul. You're the nicest girl I met since I left Nebraska.

For Runkel, that's a real poem.

When Runkel says a thing like that, it means he's been stirred to the depths.

Gee, that's very nice. Thank you.

Excuse me, gentlemen. Katie, I'm afraid I'm going to have to go home now.

I haven't had my banana split yet.

Stay here. Have one too, Mr Gilpin.

Thanks, Mr Collins, but you see .. Runkel.

You've got talent.

She's got real talent. It hits you just like a sledgehammer. Am I right, Paul?

Like a sledgehammer.

Gee, you really mean that? Sure.

You know something? You remind me of Ginger Rogers when she was starting out.

Doesn't she remind you of Ginger, Paul? Yeah, she reminds me of Ginger.

Gosh. Hearing it from you professionals who've seen everybody.

Well, practically.

Katie, I got to catch the last trolley. I've got to be in Pittsburgh tomorrow.

Well, goodbye then. Can't I take you home?

Not tonight. What's your hurry Mr Gilpin?

I've got to pack my bags. I've got to get busy.

Well, it's certainly an honor to meet you gentlemen. Yes, sir.

I hope we're not breaking anything up.

No, no. The last trolley, otherwise I'd stay.

I'm interested. The coach at Pittsburgh. The coach at Pittsburgh. Naturally.

Goodbye. Goodbye Katie. Goodbye.

Who's the bright young man? Oh, he's just a kid I know.

A very erratic fellow. What's this 'coach at Pittsburgh' stuff?

The secret password to his fraternity?

He is very young and foolish.

But you're not. I can dance too.


Say, I bet you do imitations. Yes, I do.

W.C. Fields, Hazel Fitch. Mae West?

How did you know? I knew it.

There's no limit to the girl's talent. I'd love to see you dance.

I'll take you over to the theater, backstage.

Backstage? Would you like that?

Would I? I predict a great future for you.

This is the most wonderful night I've ever had.

Anything else, boys? Yeah, how about you?

Our speciality is waffles.

Oh, now wait a minute. What are you doing tonight?

I predict a great future for you.

Say, she's the nicest girl I've met since I left Nebraska.

He's just kidding. Just kidding.

He's always kidding.

Paul, she's beautiful ain't she. Yep.

She lights up the whole theater. Look.


If I were you I'd get down on my hands and knees and crawl out on the street.

Before that lady gets through dancing. You ain't me.

I'm looking for Mr Collins.


Down these steps, Miss. Thanks.

Hello. Hi, baby.

The working girl arrived on schedule. Be with you in a minute.

Say, does she ever get tired?

We're not going to wait around to find out.

That was swell.

Gee, with a little training you will go places. I had no idea you were so good.

You really think so? Sensational.

You got class and you got personality and that's what counts.

Of course, there's tricks to learn to be a real performer.

I can show it to you in no time.

Here. Get some altitude, and use your face. Sell. See? Try it.

Can I turn of the lights? If you do, I'll break your neck.

And don't leave them alone.

You saw me come out tonight. What I do?

Got them, right now. Sold. Ha! Hiya folks. Ha.

Hiya folks. Hello, hello. See?

Selling all the time. Ha, ha, ha. That's it.

A young girl like that. You can't tell what might happen to her.

These crazy kids. They get excited. They lose their heads.

Please Helen, come to bed. I've been telling you all night, she's alright.

It's all very well for you to talk. She doesn't mean anything to you.

But she's my sister and I'm not going to let her mess up her life.

What's so terrible? It's only Johnny Gilpin. He's a nice enough kid.

It's 3 o'clock.

So they lost track of the time.

No, no. They never stop to think.

They'll get married. Finished for good and then wonder what happened to them.

Oh, what am I talking to you for?

What do you care?

Why, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Here I am walking around half crazy, and you're lying there comfortable.

I am not lying so comfortable.

If you cared anything about me, you'd go outside and look for her.

Helen, I've got to get up at 6 o'clock. Is that all you care about, sleep?

Sure, that's all I care about. I've been caring about it all night.

Instead of doing it .. oh, alright.

I'll wander around .. Shut up.

[ Girl's laughter ]

There she is.

Well, come on.

Hello, Helen. Good evening.

Helen, this is Mr Runkel. Albert Runkel - this is my sister.

How do you do? I guess this is what you call a regular embarrassing moment, huh?

Go inside the house. But Helen, wait a minute.

Who's this?

I thought she went with Johnny Gilbert. See, my name is Runkel. Albert Runkel.

Get out of here.

What? Go on, get out.

Wait a minute. I know how this looks but it ain't what it looks like.

You mustn't misunderstand. What's the trouble?

Helen, there's nothing wrong. Albert didn't do anything.

We had a very simple evening. I told you to get out.


Goodnight. Goodnight.

Go on.

I hope I see you again, Katherine.

Albert. Let him go.

Why, you don't know who he is or even where I met him.

I don't have to.

You came home at 3 in the morning with a strange man. It's enough.

Let me explain.

You don't have to explain anything. I've been waited up all night, worrying.

Alright. That's enough, please.

You're waking the neighbors.

You keep the house in uproar all night. At least, we can now all go to bed.

Keep out. Go on upstairs.

Now just a minute, Helen. You're not going to talk to me like that.

After all, I am the head of this ..

What are you laughing at?

Nothing, Sam. You look so funny, that's all.

Go to bed. You go to bed. Got to be up at 6.

Now, cut it out. Katie, I'm telling you.

You keep your hands off her.

Don't you ever touch her again. Do you hear me?

Well, maybe she won't laugh anymore.

I don't understand. She goes with Johnny but comes home with somebody else.

A fellow I never even saw before. Will you keep quiet.

Oh, shut up! She can apologize in the morning.

If he ever hits me again, I'll leave.

I don't have to live here. I can go someplace else and get a job.

Alright. Now, it's all over. Get undressed and go to sleep.

It's over. Go to sleep.

Something nice happens to you. Something wonderful.

And they try to spoil it. They won't let you have any fun.

Something nice happened? You don't know what you're saying.

So, some fellah picked you up. You thought you were having fun.

But you were only making a lot of trouble for yourself.

Who said?

What's the matter with you, Katherine? Do you want to be a tramp?

After all, I told you this afternoon.

Tonight's been the best night I ever had in my whole life.

I don't care what anybody says.

I danced on a real stage.

And they said I was wonderful.


Who said that?

Runkel and Collins.

They're real professionals. Vaudeville actors.

The one you saw was Runkel. Albert Runkel.

He looks more like a farmer.

You ought to see him on the stage.

He's a very important man. He's been all over the country.

His big trouble he says, is fitting in all the theaters that want him.

Yeah? Yes.

He says I'm the nicest girl he's met since left Nebraska.

He says he's seen them all, and I've got more talent and stuff than any of them.

I see.

Well, you'd better forget about him.

Do you think he really likes you?


He said he'd been missing something for ten years and didn't know what it was.

Tonight he found out. He said .. it was me.

How about you?

Do you like him?

What do you think?

How long is he going to be here? Three days.

Three days, huh?

Yeah, and he said he couldn't bear the thought of leaving me.

He wants to see me tomorrow night, too. If I can get out.

Don't worry .. you'll get out.

Goodnight, honey.

Goodnight, Helen.

You should have caught the act in Schenectady.

They wouldn't let us leave the theater.

If one more time you break in my locker I'll hit you with a beer bottle.

Now, listen ..

Paul, I'm saving my laundry until we get to Preston. They're robbers here.

Thirteen cents a shirt.

Where do you want to eat? A place down the street isn't bad.

Mr Runkel? Yeah.

I'm Helen Chernen. We met last night.

Oh .. yes.

Is this the one who kicked you out? Yeah.

Look, lady. Don't start any trouble.

In these industrial towns. You smile at a girl ..

And you find five relatives chasing you with crowbars.

I promise you, that Mr Runkel here will not bother your sister again.

Well, it's not that. I didn't come for that.


Mr Runkel .. I didn't know who you were last night.

I just thought you were someone travelling to town looking for some fun.

You know?

Well naturally, that was the impression I got.


Oh, naturally.

Naturally, naturally. Go ahead sister. What do you want?

Can I talk to you alone, Mr Runkel?

Somewhere where it's quiet.

Yeah, sure. Excuse me, Paul. I'll be with you in a minute.

This way, Mrs Chernen.

Now remember Bob, I warned you. Stay away from the natives.

Ah, go on, beat it. He's always kidding.

I guess I ought to apologize. It's kind of messy.

Here. Have a seat here.

I tell Paul, we just got to get a valet. You see, we're on the go all the time.


Mr Runkel.

Do you think you were quite fair?

Fair? Yes.

A man like you who's been everywhere. Experienced.

Filling Katherine's head with New York, the theater.

Telling her she's beautiful, talented.

And that you like her. But I do.

Mrs Chernen, I meant every word of it.

Listen, don't get me mixed up with these other guys.

Mr Runkel.

Do you know what she did last night? What?

She cried. Cried?

Oh, imagine that.

She's a poor kid.

She couldn't sleep.

I don't know.

I've never seen her act like that before over anyone.

Why, imagine that.

For me?

Fancy a kid like that crying because I'm leaving town. How do you like that?

Mrs Chernen, can I see her? Can she get out tonight?

Well, I don't know, Mr Runkel.

How can I be sure?

I don't think you are very serious. Serious?

Listen, Mrs Chernen.

What I said to Katherine last night, every word. I wasn't lying.

I want to say something.

This may sound funny, after only seeing her for one night and everything but ..

It's the truth, and I might as well face it.

Mrs Chernen.

I'd lay down on railroad tracks for her.

Do you believe me?

Yes .. yes, I believe you.

Oh, thanks.

Then, tonight after the show?

Well, alright. After the show, then.


Where can I write you? Detroit.

Last night you said Louisville. Did I?

I leap from town to town liked a trained flea. Sometimes I get mixed up.

I wonder where that partner of mine is.

Boy, will I be glad to get him out of town.

Love has smitten him like a ten-ton truck.

It never hits you, does it.

Every other Thursday, baby.

Well, looks like I do a single.

Hey, Paul. Wait a minute. Paul!


Kiss her. Kiss the bride, Paul. Bride?

It just happened. I convinced her at the last minute.

Well, congratulations. Go ahead, kiss her.

Go on.

All aboard!

That's enough. Come on, honey. Let's get on.

Nice work, lady .. goodbye.

Not yet .. I'm coming with you.

Of course .. how stupid of me.

May I?

Write me in Louisville, baby. But you said Detroit.


[ Helen: ] "It worked: Runkel, Collins & Company."

"Not exactly top-billing for Katie."

"But it was a start and good experience."

"So until the day that one comes along."

"I'll string along."

"With you .."

"Runkel was nobody to spend a lifetime with, but .."

"He was a meal ticket."

"All she needed now was a real chance."

"I made up my mind to get her that chance."

Oh, it's beautiful. Helen, it's beautiful.

Uhuh, it's lovely. Can I get it right now? Can I please?

Well, it does a lot for her.

Dear, she fills it beautifully.

Too fancy.

Get something simple.

Hello Paul.

Get something to show your best points without smacking you right in the eye.

Yes. It's too fancy. Get something simple.

Gee, isn't anybody going to ask me if I like it?

Do you like it? Well, of course.

Boy, if I showed up in Greenhill wearing this, they'd call the Fire Department.

That is exactly what Helen is trying to avoid.

That's right, Paul.

Something a little .. less revealing.

But you're a mighty pretty girl.

Gee, thanks Paul.

Yes, sir. Mighty.

We'll try another one, please. Yes, madam. This way please.

Maybe something darker, huh?

Yes, madam.

Did you hear what she called me? 'Madam'.

A sweet kid.

I'm so glad you came, Paul. I need your help.

I want Katherine to look just right.

You know, as though she were born in Park Avenue.

And the first time she walks inside a good restaurant in New York city ..

I want the doorman to bow to her as though she belonged there.

Huh? What a horrible ambition.

You're fiddling with a girl's whole life to make an impression on a city doorman?

Oh Paul, be serious.

We're in the big towns now. You never know who's going to see the act.


You and I have got to do something for Katie.

We've got to fix it so she can do a song in the act.

By herself? Sure.

All she does now is walk through. That's not enough.

I'd like to see the kid get a break. She's good.

Where will we get the time? The act only runs 12 minutes you know. No more.

Well, we could cut down on Albert's stuff.

Well, it's for the good of the act, isn't it, Paul?

We're not really doing him any harm. No, I suppose not.

There are men in the audience, too.

They want to see a pretty face. A young girl, dressed right.

She's got to do more. That's what the act needs. A little ..

Well you know, Paul.


Maybe you're right.

I've got an idea. Yes, Paul?

Maybe we can work it out tonight. How?

You know that part where Albert ends his first routine and does a quick change?


You get in the wings and wait for him. Uhuh.

And just as he takes his coat off. Yes?

Take a knife and stick it right in his back.

Now listen to me. Things are tough and they're going to get tougher.

Each day there are ten less people in the audience. We're in a dying business.

Helen, it's the fourth time I've tried to do this tie.

You must have something fresh. Something that attracts the people.

You must have more of Katie in the act.

Well, it's a radical change. It means practically a brand-new act.

I'm against it and Paul won't like it either.

Why are you worrying about Paul? I don't think he'd like it.

What's more important? Your own wife or Paul Collins?

Helen, that's no basis. You know it.

He's my partner. I've worked with him for four years.

I've got to take his feelings into consideration.

Gee, this might lead to something serious. It might even split up the act.

Listen to me. Do you think he gives a hoot about the act?

I know him better than you. The act is beneath him.

He's so tired of it. I don't believe.

Someday he'll pat you on the shoulder and say: 'So long pal, it was fun'.

You'll see. That's not true.

Albert, why not be smart? If you had any sense, you'd get rid of him first.

After all, you don't need him.


I just popped in to pick up some funds.

What's up?

I distinctly smell something in the air.

Who's getting it now, my dear? What the devil do you mean by that?

How about it, Paul? She's right. That's no way to talk. You know it.

Every time you see Helen, you let go with anything you feel like saying.

You've no privileges around here you know.

What's got into you?

It's not because she's my sister-in-law. Not that. I'm sick of all the friction.

All the cheap, nasty wisecracks.

Stop it, Albert. What are you doing? He didn't say anything.

That's the trouble with me. I'm too easy-going. I let people walk over me.

I've stood enough. Things have come to a head.

Doggone it, what does everybody want from me, anyway?

All I want is five bucks. That's all I need.

I got a date with a lady tonight.

A genuine lady.

That's a novelty.

If you drink your milk you'll grow up to be a nice young girl.

Maybe I'll take you out one night.

Ah, you and your gags. Thanks.

What's he want to do a thing like that for?

What does it mean, huh?


Nobody is saying, and I have got to make this tie.

"Until the Station Master calls."

"We'll see other honeymooners."

"Yes, but will we see Niagara Falls?"

"In the winter, for a little silver quarter."

"We can have the Pullman porter turn the lights down low."

"Ooh, off we're going to shuffle."

"Shuffle off to Buffalo."

"Ooh, ooh, ooh."

Well. We're seeing the country anyway.

Des Moines, Minneapolis. Kansas City.

All look the same from back here.

[ Helen: ] "We'd come a long way from Greenhill."

"But we hadn't gotten away from the soot and the dirt."

"But when we get to New York."

"New York."

Well. Here we are in Brooklyn.

This is worse than Greenhill.

I got you out of Greenhill, didn't I?

I'll get you out of this.

[ Helen: ]

"I started pounding the pavements, going from office to office."

"But it wasn't easy."

"New York is a tough town and the agents were even tougher."

'Nothing today'.

'Runkel and Runkel? Never heard of them'.

'Song and dance teams'?

'A dime a dozen'.

'What about you, sister'?

This is no town for you, baby. You are too trusting. Too innocent.

Take my advice. Go home.

Go home? But my home is in Italy.

Okay, don't go home.

Well, well, well.

The wide-eyed innocent invades the big, bad city.

How do you do? Hello, Paul.

What are you doing in New York?

Don't tell me you've become an artiste, too?

No. I'm just looking around for Albert and Katie.

We play in Brooklyn this week.

You came to the right place. Come on, sit down. Join the rest of the suckers.

Thank you.

Maria, I'd like to have you meet an old, old friend of mine. Helen Chernen.

How do you do? Charmed, I'm sure.

How are Katie and Albert? Getting no place fast.

I thought maybe I could get them started in a nightclub.

They have a new routine worked out. Maybe they'd have a chance that way.

How about Wade? Max? Max is a great agent.

He is what is known as a charming rat.

He's got jobs to give. If he wants to give them.

Yes, but keep your guard up. He's a very fast man with his hands.

Don't worry about her. She can take care of Max.

You don't know this lady.

The John Dillinger of the one-night stands. Eh?

Maybe I'd better sit someplace else. Ah, don't be silly.

I was just half-kidding.

Well. Here he is.

Mr Wade, we're playing in Jersey City.

Can you catch our act? We're the Morgan Twins.

When you're triplets, come back and see me.

Oh ..

Mr Wade .. Hello.


I certainly knocked him cold, didn't I.

I'll see you. Me, Mr Wade?

No .. you.

Excuse me.

Goodbye, Paul.

"She's a Latin from Manhattan."

"Suzie's the name."

"You can tell from her Mañanas." "As Latin as can be."

"She's a Latin from Manhattan."

Say, I invited John Shagrue tonight.

The Producer?

He's over there.

Thank you, Max.

"She can take a tambourine and whack it."

"But with her it's just a racket."

"She's a hoofer from Tenth Avenue."

"That's true. I'm a Latin from Manhattan."

"Oh what a treat." "Just a 42nd Streeter."

"Brother, I repeat." "I'm a Latin from Manhattan."

"Señorita Donahue."

Good aren't they, Max?

Gee, it's swell of you to come down here tonight, Paul. You're a real pal.

Forget it.

Katie, did you hear what Paul said? We're in.

I heard.

How do you like that? What you expect? We broke the act in cold.

Eddie Cantor or Chuck Benny couldn't have done any better.

Sure. It takes time, Katie.

Yeah, it takes time. Wait, Katie baby. Wait until you see tomorrow night.

There is no tomorrow. Tonight is the end.

Sorry. I haven't time to be subtle, but I can't use you.

What do you mean, Mr Wade?

With all due respect you kids just didn't take.

So it's goodbye to Runkel & Runkel.

Sir, it's our opening night. You've got to give us a chance to catch on.

We're fresh personalities, see. I'm sorry, but you're through.

Through? That's it.

Hey, wait a minute. You can't get away with this. You can't fire us.

We got a deal. A 3-week guarantee.

Who told you? I did.

I told him. Yes, she told me.

Helen. What's this guy talking about? Tell him about that 3-week guarantee.

Mrs Chernen.

Did she show you the contract? Why do I have to see that? Helen.

Well, we got three weeks, ain't we? We can't sell bookings for ..

I know. I know. Max is right. It was only a trial.

I knew you wouldn't come if I told the truth.

You bet your life I wouldn't have come. 8 weeks bookings gone down the drain.

Boy, have we been taken.

I'm going to be tactful. I'm leaving.

How could you do a thing like this? Oh, be quiet.

Be quiet? Please. At least explain to Albert.

Yeah, explain ..

Katie, did you know about this?

Of course not. Honest. I did it to help you.

You'd have been satisfied hanging around little jerk-water towns all your life.

Jumping from one dirty little theater to another.

Only it isn't good enough. And I'd tell you any lie to pull you out of that.

You pulled us out of weeks of bookings, I know.

I hoped it would work. It didn't. It wasn't my fault. I did the best I could.

Ah, you fixed us. You fixed us great.

Eleven years in show business and I've got to audition.


Yours not to reason why.

Yours, but to do or .. Yeah, I know. Live and learn.

Let me tell you. From now on I'm putting a distance between us and Mrs Chernen.

John Shagrue was out front tonight.

He's doing a new revue.

Albert, did you hear that? Shagrue?

You mean, he caught us? Right.

For crying out loud, why didn't you say?

Yeah, what did he say? He wants Katherine for a part.

Great. Did you hear that, baby? Shagrue liked the act.

Isn't it wonderful? I said he wants Katherine.

Katherine? Yes.

Well, what about me?

Yeah, what about Albert?

There's nothing for Albert.

But I couldn't do anything without Albert. I just couldn't.

Oh sure you could, baby.

It's like I always said. I knew you'd kill them.

Congratulations. I won't take it.

I'm staying with you, no matter what.

No. I'm not going to stand in your way. I'm not going to hold you back.

If Shagrue wants you for his show, that's okay. Perfectly okay with me.

I'm not going to leave you. It's crazy, Albert. The act or nothing.

Don't get mixed up. It's not between me and you. It's strictly business.

There's no hard feelings, understand? No hard feelings at all.

I've been in this business 11 years. I can always get by.

I don't want it. We will not break up. I'll not let you down.

Don't worry your little head about me.

That's the least thing. I got offers, plenty of them.

I can always go back with Paul if I must.

Listen. I took care of myself before and I can do it now.


Please. You act as though you hate me.

No, I'm glad for you. I think it's great, wonderful.

I wish you all the luck in the world. See you later.


You're making a dumb move, Al. This grandstand stuff is silly.

Keep out of it. I know what I'm doing.

If you leave her with Helen, she's gone. Nothing doing. I've got my pride.

Don't be a sap. She needs you.

I know she needs me. She'll come back. She can't do it without me. You'll see.

Let me alone will you, Paul.

Is Katie having a good cry?

She's dressing. She'll get over it.

You feel good, don't you.

Don't you ever wake up at night and say to yourself ..

'Maybe there's something just a little bit poisonous about me'?

Mind your own business.

You know, in a queer, crazy kind of way, I admire you.

I like to watch you work.

It's like watching the manoeuvres, of the Atlantic Fleet.

And after you've done something particularly mean and nasty.

I'd like to take you in my arms and kiss you.

What a lover you'll make.

Is this the line you feed all those girls of yours?

No, seriously. You're marvelous.

A regular machine.

No heart, no blood, no feelings.

I'll bet you never had a useless daydream in your life.

You never even thought of a man.

I'll bet you couldn't fall in love if you wanted to.

You're smart.

You're very wise.

But you're wrong, Paul.

The battleship has a softer side, eh?

Oh, Paul.

Paul, you don't know. Darling, I do.

I've known all along. No, you don't.

I know what you think about me.

There are so many things, Paul. I can't explain.

I tell you what, sweetheart. What, Paul?

Write me.

Write me in Duluth.

Car 64 on platform seven.

That's right. Rosalyn College. Ever hear of us?

No, sir. Never did.

Albert! Hello, baby.

Gee, I was afraid we were going to be late.

We got a couple of minutes yet, I guess.

I got a present for you. It's brandy. 40 years old.

Gee, thanks.

You're supposed to drink it slowly. Yeah, I know it.

Albert, you're not sore? Huh?

Oh no, I never was. I couldn't be sore at you, Katie.

You're sure now? You think we really ought to do this?

Do what? Split up like this.

Tell me Albert, as it's not too late.

You got it wrong. I told you this is showbusiness.

This time you got the breaks. Next time I'll get the breaks.

Do you good to be on your own for a while.

Well, well.

New outfits, eh?

Two smart young ladies. And I mean smart.

I talked to our agent, Runkel. Everything is okay.

We follow a couple of trained seals. Wait a minute. We don't follow seals.

Maybe the seals don't want to follow us.

All Aboard!

Seems like every time I look around, somebody is yelling 'all aboard'.

Well .. goodbye, baby.

Gee, I love you so much.

Goodbye, Helen.

Goodbye, Albert. Good luck. Thanks a lot.

Come on, Paul. Goodbye, Katie. Take care of yourself.

Goodbye .. don't cry your pretty eyes out.

Remember .. write me in Duluth.

So long, Katie. Thanks for the brandy.

So long.

Okay kids, we break. Go out and get something to eat. Be back here at 8:30.

And I mean 8:30. And you, Hardcastle.

Don't make me go looking for you in the yard.

What do you want now, Mr Shagrue?

That number is beginning to look good. Yeah? Who cares.

I'm never on stage with less than a dozen people.

May as well be carrying a spear.

Never mind, baby. You wait and see. Your time will come.

I'm waiting.

Has anybody seen Miss Emery? Miss Emery, please ..

Alright, here I am.

Miss Emery, please. We're waiting for you.

I'm so sorry.

Shush, let's hear this.

Aren't you tired of listening to her? Let's go and eat.

No. You get dressed. I'll watch this and wait for you here.

"I love to dance .. I love romance."

"But most of all I love the spring."

Hold it, Joe.

What's the matter?

I can't hear you, Lily.

Would you bring the voice up a little.

Okay. Okay, Joe.

"I love to dance. I love romance."

"But most of all I love the spring."

"For when old man Pep puts rhythm in your step .."

Now what is it?

You got to bring it up. Get a little more into it.

Well, it's only a rehearsal, John.

I know, but if you don't mind I want to get a notion of what it will sound like.

I don't want to be taken by surprise on the opening night.

Well, you don't expect me to give a performance, do you?

I'm not asking for a performance. I'm simply asking for a bit more enthusiasm.

I'm tired. I've been hanging around this theater all day. Just for one number.

Alright, Joe. Let's start again.

"I love to dance, I love romance."

"And most of all I love the spring."

How do you expect me to sing with those men deliberately hammering away?

Eddie, tell them to stop hammering.

Hold the hammers, boys.

You got to have them hammer in tempo. What did you say?

I didn't say anything, Miss Emery. Oh yes you did. I heard you.

You're always pulling some sort of wisecrack.

Now Lilly, please. Let's get on with the number.

Well, are you ready?

Well, she'll never knock them dead with what she's doing now.

How do you know it?

Sure. I've been listening to it long enough.

Come, let's get something to eat. I'm hungry.

No. Go eat with the girls. I'll see you later.

And what are you going to do? Stay here. Go. I'll see you later.


"Music has its charms when you're in someone's arms."

"And youth must have its fling."

"When violins are softly playing .."

[ Hammering noise ]

I can't stand it!

Even the carpenters get more respect than I do.

This is ridiculous.

You know, I've been in musical comedy fifteen years.

And now suddenly, for no reason, I'm being persecuted.

And that's what you're doing. You're persecuting me.

You treat me like a chorus girl. I refuse.

I absolutely refuse to sing a single note.

Alright, Eddie. Go up and dry her tears and let her go for dinner.

Okay, sir.

And if a plank happens to fall on her, shall I take it to heart?

Oh go on, Eddie. Go on.

That's all for now, Miss Emery.

Mr Shagrue wants you to go out and have some dinner. Be back at 8:30. Right?


It's a shame. An artist like you.

It certainly is. Will you have another?

Uh .. just one more.

You see, I can't stand too many.

Charlie, one Martini please.

Ten years ago.

I had seven solos in a show that cost $150,000.

Seven, mind you.

And now ..

This dirty little stage manager.

He won't even keep the carpenters from hammering as I rehearse my one number.

Ah, it's a dirty shame, that's what it is.

And that number, oh ..

It smells, doesn't it.

Well, it's ..

It's like using a racehorse to pull a plow.

Say, that's beautiful.

A beautiful way to express it.

That's what I am.

A beautiful, thoroughbred racehorse.

Pulling a stinking plow.

Now, what were you saying, dear?

Well, just that it seems terrible to see it happen to somebody like you.

A woman with your reputation, your following, your talent.

My talent?

And what they've done to it.

I was a pure, blazing light.

That's what .. Butch Atkinson said about me ten years ago.

He wrote a whole column just about me.

I still have the clipping.

I was just looking at it the other day.

It was in the Sunday theater section.

A pure, blazing light.

And now they say that ..

Tell me the truth, Helen.

What are they saying? You know, Helen dear.

You are the only friend I've got in this stinking business.

Ah well, Lily. It isn't anything you should take too seriously.

Oh, I know. Go on, tell me honey.

You know, ten years ago, the men were ..

Lined up waiting for me at the stage door like feeding time at the zoo.

That was ten years ago.

I can't seem to find that clipping.

Some dirty rat must have stolen it from me.

Everybody is stealing from me.

No-one will help me.

Well, Lilly, I think we'd better get back to rehearsal.

Huh? Oh yeah.

Besides, John wouldn't like this.

Here you are, Charlie.

And that little stage manager.

You want me to tell you something?

I can't stand him.

Well, I don't blame you, darling. Come on.

"I love to dance, I love romance."

"Most of all, I love the spring."

"For when old man Pep puts rhythm in your step."

"Then youth must have its spring."

"Give me a moon, and Chopin, too."

"And you can sell me anything."

"Music has its charms when you're in someone's arms."

"And .."

I saw that.

I saw you shake your head.

I can't stand it!

Everybody is sitting around shaking their heads saying they're sorry for me.

Nobody is saying anything of the kind, Lily.

Don't tell me. I know it happens in this dirty racket.

I could do a job like this and wind up in burlesque.

Lily, who put an idea like that in your head?

Don't worry. I got friends.

And they think it's awful, you shoving me into a little part like this.

Stop those carpenters!

Nobody is hammering now, Miss Emery.

Don't contradict me.

And I've taken enough from you too, young man.

She's drunk. I'm not drunk.

I can smell it. I'm not, I'm not, I'm not!

You know I'm not.

I've don't have to take all this insolence.

Just for this one little part.

You know .. ten years ago.

The managers filled my dressing room with flowers every day.

But this is ridiculous.

It's just ridiculous.

A woman of my calibre standing for this.

Well, I'm through.

You understand? I'm through!

Alright, Katie. Go on up there quick.

But Helen, what will I do, what will I say?

Ask him to give you a chance. Tell him you know the song. Hurry.

Gee, Helen. Don't you think I'd better wait a little ..?

No, now is the time. Hurry, Katie. I can't. It just doesn't seem right.

Mr Shagrue .. Mr Shagrue.

Everybody has a certain something that they love.

For instance. Like the English love their tea.

"Grandfather loves his rocking-chair."

"And Grandma loves her lace."

"But when it comes to me."

"I love to dance. I love romance."

"But most of all I love the spring."

"Because when old man Pep puts rhythm in your step."

"Then youth must have its spring."

"Give me a moon, a Chopin tune."

"And you can sell me anything."

"Music has its charms when you're in someone's arms."

"And youth must have its fling."

"When violins are softly playing."

"When songs of love are sung."

"I'm happy when my heart keeps saying."

"Gee, but it's fun. It's great to be young."

"The magic of, that thing called love."

"Can throw you higher than a swing."

"When you feel the urge of a romantic merge."

"It only means one thing."

"Youth must have its fling."


Yeah. For the first time in my life.

Miss Blaine. Miss Blaine.

Oh, Miss Blaine.

There's a telephone call for you. Operator says very important.

Thank you very much. Excuse me. I'll join you later.

Katherine. Yes?

Someone wants to meet you. Miss Laura Britton.

The writer? How do you do? How do you do?

This is Katherine's sister, Mrs Chernen. How do you do?

Oh, you're charming, lovely. Thank you.

You're the first bright thing I've seen in a Shagrue musical.

Now, Laura.

You're wasting your talents on songs and dances.

I'd like to write a play for her.

Well thank you, Miss Britton, but we're going to do whatever Mr Shagrue says.

Thank you, Helen. Excuse me. I have to answer the phone.

Hello? Katie, darling?

It's Albert.

I've been waiting for you to call. What happened?

I meant to, Albert, but everything is so crazy backstage. You ought to see it.

You never heard so much applause in all your life. They just ate me up.

Oh sure. I knew they would. They had to. Everyone has to love my Katie.

Oh gee that's great, kid. I'm awful glad for you.

Look honey, I've been thinking. Suppose I come down to see you?

You mean over the weekend? No, no. Tonight.

I'm in Wellsboro. I can make it in two hours.

Gee, Albert. That would be swell.

Who's that? Albert. He's in Wellsboro.

Forget about it. You must get dressed.

Shagrue is giving a party for you. You don't want to miss a minute of it.


Albert. Gee, I'd like to see you, but ..

Well everything is so upset. I don't even know where I'm going to be.

Gosh, there's so much excitement here.

Oh sure. Naturally, I know how it is. Opening night excitement and everything.

I was just thinking, honey.

Yeah, sure. Well, I'll be seeing you, Albert.

Yeah, I wish you were here. Goodbye.

Katie .. Katie!

Come on, Katie.

Personally, I'm in this racket to get material for my book.

I'm going to put you in it. A whole paragraph.

Ah, go on.

Meet me after the show. Maybe I'll give you a chapter.

Albert, you talk to Katie yet? Oh yeah, yeah.

What she say?

They're still applauding. Marvelous. Yeah, marvelous.

Say, I looked up the cast in Variety and there ain't no Katherine Runkel in it.

What are you saying? I just talked to her on the phone. She's a big hit.

I don't care. There ain't no Katherine Runkel in it.

I swear to you on a stack of bibles.

You must be nuts.

I'll check it myself.

I don't know why she'd lie to me. No reason for that.


Here she is: Katherine Blaine.

She changed her name, see.

'Runkel' .. it's a comedy handle. You can't expect her to use that.

That's her own name. Her maiden name.

She's got a right to use that, ain't she, Paul?


Say, if you're going down to New York tonight you'd better get a move on.

Well I .. I'm not going tonight.

I changed my mind, see.

I see.

But she wants me there. She wants me to come down alright.

When? 1950?

I'm giving you advice whether you like it or not.

Never mind.

Go to New York tonight. Get your wife. Don't wait.

I said never mind. Can't you see what they're doing?

Why don't you wake up? Cut it out.

You leave her with Helen for two weeks and she'll end up a first-rate tramp.

Hey, what's the idea?

You shouldn't have done that. He's a friend of yours.

It's okay, baby. If I was you, I'd listen to him.

I've been around, see. And what he said makes a lot of sense to me.


Oh, Harry.

Good evening. Good evening, Brooks.

Will you tell Mr Shagrue we're here. Yes, ma'am.

Look, Katie. Isn't it wonderful? Yeah.

Eat it up, baby. Eat it up.

Hello, John. Hello.

Good evening, Mr Shagrue. Lovely. Lovely.

You timed her entrance perfectly, dear. Thank you, John.

Ladies and gentlemen.

I would like to introduce Miss Katherine Blaine.

And her sister, Helen Chernen. The little lady who made it possible.

Come on, Katie. I'll run interference for you my dear.

Hello, Helen. Hello, Max.

You here too? Yes.

The kid certainly did it, didn't she? Yes. Didn't she.

Oh, Helen. Huh?

What about us having dinner? Why don't you call me up some time.

Call you up? I thought we were good friends.

I am my only good friend, Max. You know that.

Magnificent, my dear.

Colossal. Colossal is the word.

Now, I want to talk to you, young lady. Harry, leave the girl alone.

This is her first show. Give her a chance.

Ridiculous. You know what Hector told me. He's fighting a lost cause.

The theater is dead. You come and listen to me, young lady.

You know John, you're very sweet. Thank you, my dear.

Brooks. Yes, sir.

There you are. Thank you.

Here's to you, Helen.

Here's to us.

Uh .. pardon me.

Oh .. hello. You're cute.

Why, I just got here. I'm looking for Katherine Runkel.

Or Katherine Blaine. They thought at the theater I'd find her here.

Excuse me, John.

I'll go and get you a drink. Now, don't go away.

Look, I ..

Albert, what are you doing here? Where's Katie? I came to see Katie.

She can't see you now. Why not?

Why, she's with some important people.

Albert, why not go to a hotel now? You can see her in the morning.

My wife's here. I want to see her.

But she can't talk to you now. Be sensible.

Listen, Katie and I will live our own lives from now on.

Stop trying to tell us what to do.

If these liquor-carriers can stay here, so can I.

Albert, you know as well as I ..

Think it over my dear, and I'm sure you'll see it my way.

Think what over?

Albert! When did you get here? Who's this guy? What's he talk about?

Nothing. You said you weren't coming.

A swell bunch you're running around with I must say.

I beg your pardon, sir. Ah, go on, beat it.

Katie, I want to talk to you.

Who is this big bully? He's just an old friend.

I'm not anybody's old friend. I'm her husband.

Stop shouting, Albert. What's the matter with you?

Be quiet, or we'll have you thrown out. Oh, sit still, will you.

Katie, I want to talk with you. I got to talk to you.

But Albert, you can't talk to her now.

Let me go! Are you crazy?

No, I just want to talk to you. What's wrong with that?

No, but you've disgraced me in front of all my friends.

What did you have to come here for anyway?

You've made a fool out of yourself and a fool out of me, too.

Sorry Katie, I ..

I lost my head. I couldn't help it.

I just had to talk to you. That's all.

What is it? What do you want?

Gee, I don't know.

I thought of a lot of things to say on the way down here but ..

But when I look at you, you're so beautiful I can't say any of them.

All I know is that I love you.

Of course you love me, Albert. I know that.

Is that what you wanted to tell me? No.

Katie, darling. I can't go on like this. I'm not ashamed to admit it.

I can't work. I can't do anything.

I'm so lonesome, I cry in my sleep like a 6-year-old.

All I keep thinking about is you.

I know how you feel, Albert.

What can I do about it? Come back with me, Katie. Please.

Let's make some sort of a life for ourselves.

I want to, Albert.

I want to be with you just as much as you want to be with me.

I told you on the phone we'll be together soon.

Katie, I want you to come back to me now. Right this minute. Tonight.

I can't, Albert.

How can I give up everything now?

You're asking me to do something that doesn't make sense. It's not even right.

I'm not asking you to come back because it's right or it's wrong.

I'm asking because I need you. Because I love you.

Everything is so wonderful for me now.

I'm living in a bath of champagne. This is what I dreamed about all my life.

We'll be together soon, later on. There's plenty of time.

No there isn't. If you don't come back to me now, you never will.

Why do you say a thing like that? Because Helen won't let you.

That's not true.

Then why did you change your name?

Oh nothing, Albert.

Helen thought it would be a good idea. See what I mean?

She doesn't want you to come back. She wants to break us up.

I won't hear anything against Helen.

But I can see it. Day by day, she's making a person out of you I never knew.

She's no good, baby. Don't say that.

Everything she ever did, she did for me.

You're always against her, but do you think of all the good she's done for me?

All the sacrifices she's made? Just go into that room there and listen to them.

All bringing me contracts. In Hollywood and on the stage.

You call it doing me harm? I don't know.

All I know is that I won't go on this way any longer.

Alright, then.

Come to New York, get out of showbusiness.

I make enough money to take care of both of us.

What kind of a guy do you think I am?

What do you expect? Give up everything and go back to those one-night stands?

Holding your hand in some dirty little theater?

If you think I'm going to do that, you're crazy.

Albert. I didn't mean it.

All those speeches I rehearsed.


I know you're an artist. Don't give me that.

Now just do what I tell you and go away.

Where is he?

Has your partner come in yet? In a few minutes, Mr Flores.

How do you like that? He doesn't even come on time.

You can't argue with them. You can't talk to them.

Everybody around here is sensitive and temperamental. Everybody except me.

Something on your mind, Mr Flores?

I didn't want to talk to you about it. Your partner says he's the business end.

I'm willing to talk to him. But he's never around when you want him.

What is it? Well.

Well, after the show tonight, I've got to ask you to go and that's straight up.

Don't think I'm a rat. I'm not a hard hearted boss. Look at it from my side.

You boys aren't working out. There is no life to the act.

Personally, I've got faith. Personally I think you're great.

But the customers, they ain't .. Okay, never mind.

Oh, now you'll go around saying I'm a dirty heel.

Oh, I understand, Mr Flores.

Hey Runkel, a fine pal you are. Why didn't you tell a guy?

What you trying to do? Keep it a secret? I just saw the review in Variety. See?

Yeah, I saw it.

What .. what's the matter?

She's your wife ain't she? That's a true fact, ain't it?

What wife? Who? Katherine Blaine. A big story.

The first season she had one number. Today she's playing a leading part.

It says so right here: 'A new star in the firmament'.

The words are written in the review. Take a look.

There it is. Look at it yourself.

I don't get it, Runkel. To me, it don't make sense.

I don't know what you're talking about, Frenchy.

Listen. What are you working in a joint like this for?

Your wife's a big star. Go to New York. Take it easy.

Cut it out.

Listen, don't be a jerk. You gave her a big start, didn't you?

You put her where she is.

It's time she paid off. Collect.

Mr Runkel, I think we can work something out.

I've got a great idea.

Before, it was one thing. But now it is different.

If we can get the people to know, and we advertise it right.

That you're Katherine Blaine's husband.

I couldn't do that, Mr Flores. Why not? It's a great break for you.

Think of all the theaters you can play. Cash in on your wife's name.

Nothing to be ashamed of. More contracts than ever.

You're her husband, ain't you?

Will you please leave me alone.

Alright, alright. Don't get sore.

What's the matter with him? A peculiar type. I can't make him out.

Sensitive. Everybody is sensitive. You see, we've hurt his feelings.

Why? What did we say?

If it was my wife and someone gave me good advice, would I holler at him?

No. I would thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Hey .. listen.

That's the record that I was playing.

Can you beat that?

Instead of going to New York. Instead of living in the lap of luxury.

He sits here and plays records.


I wouldn't say it's not my business.

I didn't say nothing. You're right.

Ah, go on .. I've got to get dressed for my number.

No, I mean it. You meet me after the show and I'll take you out to supper.

Okay. I'll have a nice, thick steak.

Good. You'll get a nice small hamburger. Then we'll go out for a little walk, eh?

Walk where? Oh, just around the town.

We'll see. Okay, kid. See you then.

[ Gunshot! ]

What's that?

I don't know.



What's the matter? What's going on?


Well, I ..

I was just talking to him two minutes ago.

We had friendship.

What did he do a thing like that for?

Get out.

If I haven't got trouble enough as it is, he had to go and pick on my club.

I'll be lucky if I sell five beers in the next two weeks.

I said, get out! I'll be wrecked, ruined. That's what.

Gattling, Kansas.

What a place to be buried.

He was playing your song when he killed himself.

Funny about him.

He was the kind of guy who wished he'd lived in a big house.

And had ten kids to eat thanksgiving dinner with him.

Somehow, he got to run in the wrong race.

He never had any idea what you were really like at all.

He invented something loving, sweet, faithful.

He called it his Katherine.

His Katie.

At night he used to walk around the dreary little towns we were in.

And read your letters under the streetlamps.

The nicest girl he'd met since he left Nebraska.

Paul, leave her alone will you.

People get hurt.

It's nobody's fault. Just live and get hurt. That's all.

That's right .. the world is full of murderers.

Come on, Katie.


Be careful.

For Albert's sake.

He wouldn't want you to get hurt.

I gave him a bottle of brandy.

Forty years old.

Drink it slowly, I told him.

He never even opened it.

It's still in his trunk.

It's nobody's fault, Katie.

Albert was weak.

There are a lot of people like him.

But you can't worry about them. They're bound to get crushed sooner or later.

The only thing you ever did to him was to become a success.

Do you want to blame yourself for that?

I don't know.

[ Helen: ] "Something happened to Katie."

"Something went wrong inside."

"I couldn't quite understand."

"I knew she wasn't happy, but.."

"Well, I didn't know what to do."

Flowers for Miss Blaine.

Nice word, Katie.

A new guy every night.

We won't be late, and we won't be early.

'Success, Miss Blaine'. 'You're marvelous'.

Youthful enthusiasm is the keynote of Katherine's success.

Five minutes, Miss Blaine. On stage, Miss Blaine.

Hurry, Miss Blaine.

[ Helen: ]

"Katie went on and on from one success to another."

"But she didn't seem to care about it anymore."

"Something crumpled up."

Where are you going? Out. Do you mind?

But Katie, Shagrue and Laura will read the play in the morning.

You have to look fresh. Oh, let me alone.

Hello? Club 41? Is this Emile?

Emile, this is Mrs Chernen. I'm looking for my sister. Have you seen her?

Don't lie, Emile. I know she was at your place last night.

I want to know who she was with and where she went.

Yes, I know all about the other places I can try. You don't have to tell me.

Royal Club, Essie. Evergreen 54192.

Right. Now look for Club Valentine. Yes, ma'am.

[ Buzzer ]

Never mind, Essie. Answer the door.

Hello Maurice? This is Mrs Chernen. Was my sister at your place last night?

You ought to keep me on steady. It would be a lot cheaper.

Where is she? I rushed my head off getting here.

We don't know.

A fine thing a kid like that staying out all night.

I've got 2 daughters her age. They still don't know what aspirin tastes like.

Shut up Anderson. Wait in the bedroom. Go on, insult me. You're paying.

Essie, don't stand there. Mr Shagrue will be here soon. Get the drinks ready.

Yes, ma'am.

Make yourself right at home.

I don't mean to barge in on you. You're not barging in.

Take your hat off and stay awhile. You see, I'm not trying to ..

I just feel that way. Oh!

Oh, Helen!

Oh this is Mr Duglatz. Joe Duglatz.

The world knows this fellow man, eh Joe? She's just kidding you.

I'm not kidding. Begging your pardon.

But I saw her sitting alone on the steps of an apartment house.

A bit under the weather, you know.

So I took in the situation and figured I'd watch over her a little.

I want to know my fellow man. Alright. Now get out of here.

Get out of here?

Helen, please .. The appreciation I get ..

The rewards. Just a minute.

Human nature.

Just a minute, Helen.

Don't 'just a minute' me. In the bedroom.

Anderson. I don't want Anderson.

I don't care what you want.

Come on, off with these clothes. We don't have much time.

Essie, get the door. Yes, ma'am.

Come on. Come on.

The homes I go in to. The things I have to see.

Get away from me! Katie, stop it!

Is that ladylike? Get away from me!


Now, Anderson, make her look good. Make her look fresh.

What will I do?

Essie, help Anderson. Come on Essie, give me a hand.

After a few showers, hot and cold. You'll be okay, honey.

Good morning.

Good morning. Laura, darling.

John. Helen.

Lovely morning. Beautiful.

Appalling. Where's Katie?

She'll be right out. She overslept a bit.

Overslept? It's past twelve.

Doesn't that sound glamorous, though? Up at the crack of noon.

As a matter of fact she had a headache. She didn't sleep all night, poor thing.

Like a drink? I'd love one.

John? No thanks.

Helen, would you ask Katie to come in. I'd like to get started.

Tell the truth, John, I was thinking we might go ahead without her.

I'd like her to be here. I'd like to know what she thinks of the part.

So would I.

What difference it makes? I'll tell her about it.

But Helen, after all she is the one who is going to do it.

She may not want to. I don't know.

John, what's on your mind? What are you driving at?

Well frankly Helen, I'm worried.

I just don't know about Katie.

The part needs somebody charming.

Fresh, bright, alive.

Katie certainly fits that.

Let me go. Let me go!




Excuse me, I'm ..

Well, she's crazy. She tried to scold me.

She wanted to put me in a shower that was boiling hot .. boiling!



Where are you going?

We'll have a reading another time. I've got to get back to my office.

Oh but John, that didn't mean a thing.

Katie just went off on a little tear.

You know, with the show closing and all.

Helen. Let's face it. She just can't do the part.

I don't want to be cruel about it.

I'm crazy about Katie, but I've got a play to produce.

And I just can't do it with her in the lead. I'm too good a businessman.

I'm going to get somebody else for the part. My mind is made up.

Wait a minute.

You promised us this play.

I'm sorry. Sorry?

What good is that now? You're running out on us just when we need you.

Let me tell you, you're no better than a cheap Broadway sharpshooter.

You think about yourself. No-one else.

And as far as I'm concerned, you've turned out to be a first-class heel.

Coming, Laura?

John, I do think you were a little harsh on the girl. After all she's ..

Now just keep quiet and relax.

Well, that was a beautiful entrance you made.

Did I spoil something? Oh, no, nothing at all.

Shagrue just decided he didn't want you in Laura's play, that's all.

I knew all along he wouldn't want me for the part.

Did they go or have I to keep this up? No, they've gone.

Wait a minute, Anderson. I've got an idea.

What are you up to now? Wait and see.

Shagrue may be the best Producer in town but he's not the smartest.

Going to have a little talk with authoress.

Hello. Is this Miss Britton's apartment?

This is Mrs Chernen. I know she's back. Would you give her a message for me?

Tell her I want her to meet Miss Blaine and I at The Embassy at 5 for cocktails.

Laura, darling. Oh, there you are.

We didn't keep you waiting? It's alright. I was at the bar.

As usual, nothing happened. Hello Katie, dear.

Hello Laura. My, my. Don't you look nice.

Yes, doesn't she. Thank you.

But you were certainly stinko this morning.

Come, Laura, We have a table ready.

You must give me Anderson's telephone number. She's terrific.

Laura darling, I'll tell you frankly why we're here.

Well, well. The two famous ladies. The great manoeuvres.

Paul Collins. Hello, Paul.

Hello, Katie. Paul, where did you come from?

Oh, you know. The world is a small place.

How are things? You don't have to answer that. I can see things are wonderful.

Miss Laura Britton, I believe? Yes. Miss Britton - Mr Collins.

How do you do? Paul, won't you sit down?

No thanks, Katie. I just came over to say hello.

Well, here we are after all these years.

Yes, here we are.

We haven't seen each other for a long time but you still fascinate me.

You and Katie. Katie and you. That's fine, Paul.

You make all the rest of the women in the world seem dull and uninteresting.

Really. I wonder why?

Ah, you wouldn't understand, but I'm sure Miss Britton would.

You know the feeling you get when you're on a tall building and want to jump off?

That desire for self-destruction?

Well these two lovely ladies represent my deepest desire to cut my own throat.


Do you mind? Laura and I must discuss business.

Business? Yes.

Oh, poor Miss Britton.

Poor Miss ..? Say, I don't think I like that.

Paul, stop joking.

Katie, take him away. Have a drink at the bar, will you.

What a delightful idea. A real treat for a middle-aged man .. Katie.

Come on Paul.

Goodbye, Miss Britton. Farewell, Lady Macbeth.

A very attractive guy.

A little eccentric. Nevertheless, a girl could do worse.

I suppose so.

Why Helen, that man means something to you, doesn't he?

Oh, don't be silly, Laura.

Now darling, about the play.

What will you have? I ordered a Martini.

A Martini for the lady. Double Scotch and soda for me.

Yes, sir.

It's nice to see you, Katie. It's good to see you too, Paul.

You look beautiful .. yes, sir.

Thanks, Paul.

Why haven't we seen you before?

I don't know. I knew I'd run into you.

Sometime, somewhere.

No thanks.

You could have phoned. You could have dropped in backstage and said hello.

Yes, I could have.

I guess maybe I wanted it this way.

You know Katie, you and Helen have left your mark on me.

I think about you all the time.

I've thought about you a lot too, Paul.

Here you are, Mr Collins. Thanks, Bill.

Well, here it goes.

You're a big success now, aren't you. This season's the jitterbug's delight.

I've heard your band over the radio. It's very good.

I hear Toscanini is resting. He's got a big lead.

Tell me about you, Katie. Are you having a good time?

Oh I don't know, Paul.

I'm so tired these days, I don't seem to care about anything.

What I do, where I go.

Yeah, I know. Everything is tinsel and ashes.

Life is sad and ironical, isn't it.

The same old story. Here you are, big star.

Jewels, furs, penthouses Chanel Number 5.

Everything you ever dreamed of.

Yet deep down underneath it all, you're sad and lonely.

Is that it?

Paul, be nice to me, please.

It was nasty. I'm sorry, Katie.

Paul, can't we get out of here?

What's the matter, Katie?

Nothing. Don't ask me. Let's just go.


Oh. It's nice here, Paul.

It's quiet and restful.

Do you want to know the truth, Katie?

If it's a nice truth.

Remember that first time I saw you?

In the ice-cream parlor in Greenhill?

I thought you were wonderful.

I'd like to go off somewhere.

And try to get back to that girl in the ice-cream parlor.

Do you think I could?

Not you, Katie.

You're tied up with Broadway. The whole business.

With Helen for good.

It doesn't make any difference what you say now. I know.

You can't break away.

Forget it.

We met .. we talked.

We had a nice sentimental evening.

That's all.

Well, I've got to catch a train in the morning.

Where are you going? Saratoga Springs.

I'm booked in a resort near there for the summer.

I'll see you again, won't I? Sure.

We'll run into each other again sometime soon.

In four or five years.

I enjoyed being with you tonight, Paul.

I enjoyed being with you, Katie.

Yep, it's getting late. Take you home.


"Oh, my darling."

"The moon has spread its silvery wings."

"Across the sky."

"And angels watch."

"Above you."

"So that I would always see you."

"You are my own."

"You are my true love."

"My old, yet my new love."

"And when I'm with you, love."

"Oh, how the time does fly."

"Goodnight, oh my darling."

"Until another morning brings a brighter sky."

"Until then, I'll be dreaming of you."

"Goodnight, my darling."

"Pleasant dreams. Goodbye."

"So my love."

"I say goodnight."

"To my love."

"With all my love."

Katie. Hello, Paul.

What are you doing up here?

I don't know. I just had to come.

I don't get it.

Come on, you'd better explain it to me.

How did you get away? Where's Helen?

She's in New York.

What did you do, chloroform her? What about your career in the theater?

I left all that in New York, too.

I still don't get it.

I'm trying to tell you, Paul.

I wanted to see you. I wanted to be with you.

I don't want to talk about the theater, about plays, managers, or anything.

At last you got some sense into that little head of yours, didn't you.

You're not angry with me, are you Paul? Angry?

You crazy kid.


Did you ever ride a horse? Climb a mountain?

Fly fish for trout?

Ride across a lake at fifty miles an hour in a motorboat?

No, never.


We've got a lot of important things to do.

You know Katie, you get more like her every day.

Like who? Like yourself.

Like that little girl in the ice-cream parlor.

You're just like her right now.

You know, I just found out something. What?

You're a deep thinker. Who, me?

I'm a minor league deep-thinker.

You know, I just found out something.

Maybe you've been wasting these last few years.

Yeah, but what can I do about it?

Marry me.

Didn't that ever occur to you?


But I didn't think it would ever occur to you.

Let's take a chance. Huh?

Paul, do you think it really could be? The way we want it to be?

I'll tell you in twenty years.

But if you don't marry me, you'll never know.

Alright. I'll take a chance.

Okay. Let's get dressed.

Hey, wait a minute. You haven't even told me you love me.

There's a lot I haven't told you. And you haven't kissed me.

Later on. Come on.

My sister's here. Miss Katherine Blaine. I believe she has a reservation for us.

No. I don't think she has. Did she expect you?

Why, yes. I sent her a letter yesterday.

That's funny, isn't it.

This must be the letter. She hasn't got her mail yet. She's been out all day.

But I can give you a suite next to hers.

Thank you.

Can you tell me where I can find her?

I think she's at the pool. Tommy will show you.

This way please.

Take the bags to the room. We'll find it.

Right through those doors.

All this glorious sunshine. How I hate it.

Oh there she is.

Did I keep you waiting long? Five years.

Isn't that the man we met in New York? Paul Collins?


Yes, I remember. He ran out with Katie.

I had no idea they were going to run so far.


I thought you told me he didn't mean anything to you.

He doesn't.

Then why you so upset? Katie can take care of herself.

Please, Laura. You don't know about it.

But I'm beginning to catch on.

You are in love with him yourself.

You're crazy.

Well it's nothing to be upset about, or ashamed of. These things happen.

I once knew a family of five sisters and they all fell in love with the same man.

Fortunately, he was in love with five other girls.


Hello, Katie.

Katie, darling. Laura, hello.

Good to see you. When did you get here? A few minutes ago.

We came to take you back to New York. We're ready to start rehearsals.

Oh, so soon? I didn't think you'd be ready for several weeks yet.

You don't know your sister. I've never seen anyone work like her.

It wears me out to sit and watch her. It's going to be a wonderful production.

A Helen Chernen production. Look at these sketches.

Please, Laura.

She can see those later. Let me talk to her now.

Why yes, Helen. I'd be glad to.

You know, you're the only two sisters I've ever met who never quarrel.

A beautiful thing.

Why didn't you tell me you were here with Paul?

Well, there are a lot of people here.

I didn't think I had to give you a list of every one.

Why not mention it in your letters?

You've been there 3 weeks and wrote as if you were alone.

That's lying, Katie. It's lying when you don't say one thing that's important.

Why didn't you tell me?

Well, I guess I wanted something just for myself.

I suppose I'd be in the way.

That's not so, Helen.

So you and Paul planned this?

The time I've been in New York working for you, you've been here with him.

I begged you to avoid him. I warned you.


I'd not care if it was anyone else.

But Paul of all people.

You make yourself so cheap. Helen, please.

It's the truth. You ought to know. He has a girl every week.

This is just your week.

Don't say that, Helen. I love him. I'm going to marry him.

Marry? Yes.

He asked me a little while ago.


Oh, I suppose I should have told you he was here.

I wanted to write to you about it. I just didn't know quite how to explain.

Well, haven't you anything to say, Helen?

What do you expect me to say, Katie?

Well, you might at least wish me luck.

Doesn't it mean anything to you that I'm happy for the first time in years?

Of course it does, Katie. Only I ..

I want time to think it over.

I don't want you to get hurt.

Make a mistake and find out afterwards.

I'm not making a mistake. I know it.

Oh Katie, don't you think you ought to wait?

Katie, this isn't much of a ring, but ..


Hello, Helen.

Hello Paul.

Paul. I told her about us.

I can see by the look on her face she's delighted.

Well, as long as you're here, you can give the bride away.

Would you like that?

I've got nothing to say to you, Paul.

It's between Kate and myself.

It seems to me it's between Katie and me and no-one else.

Paul, I .. What?


If she wants to marry you, there's no way I can prevent it.

That's clever of you.

Only I think she should wait for a little while.

Just so that she could be sure of herself.

That's very clever of you.

Perhaps she hasn't told you. He's doing Laura Britton's new play.

We're ready to start rehearsals immediately.

This is a crucial point in her career. It mustn't go wrong or stand in the way.


We might as well get this straight.

You won't be able to do the play.

You're asking her to give up the play altogether?

That's exactly what I'm asking.

But you don't realize. Every cent we have is tied up in it.

Why don't you want her to do the play? What have you against the theater?


Theater is alright for those who care for it.

For you, it's a cheap game.

As long as Katie is with you, she's part of it.

Everything I've done I've done for Katie.

You don't want her to have a career.

I want her to have her own career. Not yours.

No, you want her to give up everything. That's what you want.

Katie, listen.

You've sweated and slaved for years to get ahead, to be somebody.

And now he's asking you to toss it all away for a lot of sentimental promises.

You don't believe them, do you?

Suddenly he's changed. He's full of ideals.

He wants a house in the country and ten kids.

That's right .. something you wouldn't understand.

It's just what all the simple, humble people in the world have.

It's what I thought Katie wanted. Of course that's what I want.

You ought to know that, Paul.

Then you've got to break from Helen. Believe me, it's the only way.

So that's what you want. You want to take her away from me.

Do you hear that, Katie? He never wants you to never see me again.

As he hates me. He's always hated me and he'd do anything he could to hurt me.

I don't hate you, Helen. As a matter of fact, I feel sorry for you.

You're wonderful and destructive. But I'll not let you destroy Katie.

Oh Katie, you don't believe that do you?

I've done my best. I may have made mistakes but it's all been for you.

You can't leave me now. I'll lose everything. I'll be finished.

I've never asked you for anything before, but now I need your help.

Do this thing for me. I won't stand in your way.

I can't refuse. Don't you see how much it means to her?

I told you what it means to me, Katie.

Paul, can't we wait? There will nothing to wait for.

You've got to make up your mind now.

Gee, I just can't walk out on her now.

She's counting on me. I owe it to her.

Sorry about those ten kids, Katie.

I really wanted them.


Fifteen minutes!

Now, Miss Katie, you're the prettiest leading lady on Broadway tonight.

And I mean the prettiest, too. Hello, Katie.

You look scrumptious too, Miss Helen. Thank you, Essie.

How are you feeling, darling?

Oh, I'm alright.

Sure she is.

The minute she gets on stage and hears applause, she'll forget everything else.

Sure, darling. You're going to be wonderful.

The house is sold out and word is going around that we have a hit.

After tonight, you're going to be sitting on top of the world.

Do you think so? I'm sure of it.

Katie, are you still worrying about Paul?

If I could only see him for five minutes. Just to talk to him.

But darling, he hasn't even written. He's probably forgotten all about you.

I can't blame him.

He gave me a chance and I threw it away.

Baby, you must stop worrying. You have a performance to give.

Mrs Chernen? Yes.

The first act's on stage. I'll be right out.

Essie, make her lie down for 5 minutes. Yes, Miss.

It's all yours, baby.

You'll get over this, Katie.

Roland. Yes?

Tell Mr Webster I want to see him. I must change a line in the second act.

Bud, tell Mr Webster to come out as soon as he's ready.

Good evening. Good evening.

Can I see Miss Blaine, please?

Sorry sir. You can't see anyone before the performance.

Would you tell her Paul Collins is calling? I think she'll see me.

Well, I'll give her your name.


Wait on the pause before you reply. Yes.


What are you doing here, Paul?

Well, I ..

Wrote a lot of telegraphs to Katie.

None of them seemed to turn out right, so ..

I thought I'd bring her all of them. Very thoughtful of you.

You always time things so well.

I don't think it's wise for you to see her.

Why not?

The curtain goes up in a few minutes. She's nervous. You might throw her off.


I ..

I just had a human impulse to see her .. wish her luck.

To let her know I'm out there cheering for her.

That's very generous of you.

We settled this once, didn't we. So, let's leave it that way.

That's right.

It's your night, Helen. I wouldn't want to do anything to interfere.

It's not my night, it's Katie's. No .. it's yours.

I hope you enjoy it.

But remember.

One of these days it's all going to catch up with you.

Thanks for warning me, Paul.

Give these to Katie, will you.

With my love.

Oh, ma'am .. but Miss Blaine wanted to see that man.


Where's Paul? He left, Katie.

He left?

But he was waiting here. He wanted to see me.

Henry just told me. Henry .. I sent him away.

You sent him away? Oh Katie, I thought ..

You knew I wanted to see him. How could you?

Katie, I didn't think you ought to. I'll find him myself.

Katie, come back. You can't go out there.


Come back or people will see you. I don't care. Paul!

You'll catch a death of cold. Come inside, dear.

Let me alone. Come on, please.

Five minutes. You must get ready. Roland, please help me.

Please, Miss Blaine. Please.

Take your hands off me. Katie, get hold of yourself.

You have a performance go give. I don't care about it.

Why don't you admit it? Be true for once.

You want him yourself. You always have.

No Katie, that's not true. Don't lie to me. Answer me.

Alright, I was in love with him once.

I gave him up because he'd have been in the way.

Your way, our way. And I wouldn't let anyone do that.

Paul, or anyone else. You're lying.

You still love him. You can't have him, so you didn't want me to have him.

That's not the reason. I didn't want him to come between us.

I didn't want him to break everything we've done.

I don't believe you. Katie, where are you going?

To find Paul, and you won't stop me. Are you crazy?

A thousand people out there wait for you.

I don't care. Tell them to go home. Do anything.

Katie, listen to me.

Listen .. this is the most important night of our lives.

It's what we've worked hard for all these years.

It's what you've worked for, not me.

I'm sick and tired of it, of you and the theater and everybody in it.

I'm tired of all the fighting and cheating and lying and double-crossing.

Just a minute, Katie.

You seem to forget, I'm the one that's done the fighting. Not you.

You've taken all the bows. You've had it easy because I've made it easy for you.

How did you do it? By stepping on everyone who got in your way.

Well, how else can you get along? By being soft? Honest?

No. You've got to fight.

You've got to scheme and double-cross to get ahead in this business.

I'd like to tell it to the audience.

Go ahead, tell them. But tell them everything.

Tell them what I took you from. Tell them what you had in Greenhill.

Tell them what you have today.

I've heard all that before. I never wanted it.

You wanted it alright, and don't pretend you didn't.

Your eyes were open. You realized what I was doing all the time.

You came each bit of the way with me. If you didn't like it you could have said.


I never should have listened to you.

I should have left you a long time ago.

Oh darling, I didn't mean it. Forget what I said.

Baby, let's not argue any more.

They finished the overture. What do you want me to do?

Pull the curtains, she'll be right out.

I can't. I can't go through with it. But baby, you've got to.

Let's go out there and show them. Helen, what's the matter with you two?

Nothing. It's alright.

The audience has got restless. Katie darling. Get dressed quick.

Get her ready. Go on stage. The company's waiting.

Okay, thanks, Laura. Hurry, darling.

Come on Essie, help me with this. Yes, ma'am.

Here she is, Miss Helen.

I can't. I don't know the first line. Don't worry. You're going to be right.

You'll go out and be wonderful.

Alright folks, take your places. Here we go. Come on.

Helen, I can't. I can't go on. Oh but baby, you've got to.

The tide is just carrying us in. We can't give up now.

I'm afraid I will have to go without seeing Lisa, my dear.

Don't hurry Edward, she'll be here any minute.

Imagine what's keeping her so long.

Now don't forget. You've just come back from a party. You're happy, gay.

I'll try. Good luck, baby.

Hello, everyone. Lisa, where have you been?

Oh. I'm sorry, mother. But I had the most glorious time.

Hello, Lisa. Uncle Edward.

We've been waiting for you, but I must say you're worth waiting for.

Thank you.

I've been worried about you, Lisa. You promised to be home at eleven.

I forgot all about time. I wanted to dance all night.

I'm surprised that you didn't. And who was the lucky man, my dear?

Who was he? Yes, who did you dance with, Lisa?

Well ..

His name was ..

I think she's forgot ..

His name was ..

She's forgotten the line.

I don't even know his name.

I don't even know his name.

To tell the truth, I didn't even know his name.

Lisa, you mean you danced all night with a man you didn't even know?

Yes, mother. Is that terrible? Very romantic.

Spring fever.

Very dangerous.

Why aunt Vera, I don't believe you trust me.

Why should I? They say I take after you.

Well, I must say goodnight and goodbye, my dear.


Yes, uncle Edward is leaving for South America in the morning.

Oh yes. Of course, I remember.

I have a present for you.

A present for you.

Uncle Edward, I have a present for you.

Thank you, my dear. I'll run right upstairs and get it.


Don't leave, uncle Edward. I'll be right back.

"Don't listen to him, Katie."

"I'm going to get you out of here if it's the last thing I do."

"You've got to think of yourself, baby."

"You can be bigger than any of them."

"All you have to do is put out your hand."

Miss Blaine!

Feeling better, darling?

Yes. Thanks.

Sure. You going to be fine now, Miss Katie.

Well, how is she?

She's alright, Laura.

I've tried, Laura.

I just couldn't do it.

I guess it was pretty terrible.

You guessed right.

I listened to the gossip in the lobby until I couldn't stand it anymore.

Everybody knows you two had a fight in the alley.

You might as well have had it in the middle of Times Square.

Please Laura, let's not talk about it now.

I'll see you tomorrow. There is nothing to see me about.

You had everything all neatly arranged, didn't you.

You knew exactly what you were doing every minute.

She was going to be a hit for you in this show and the next and the next.

Oh, what's the use.

I think I'll go and take a small quantity of poison.

Well, Katie.

There isn't much left, is there.

I'm sorry, Helen.

Oh, why should you be sorry, baby?

No .. it was my fault.

But I just saw something in you I wanted to make great.

I did it the only way I knew how.

I guess if I had to do it all over again, I'd do it the same way.

Can I help you get dressed, Miss Katie?

Thanks, Essie.

It's pretty, isn't it.

You wanted a dress like that, once.

Remember, Katie?

I didn't know how much it was going to cost.

We came so far.

We nearly made it.

You hate me, don't you.

I never want to see you again.

Goodbye, Helen.



0h, Paul.

The next time you fall down, baby.

I want to be there to catch you.

You'd better be.

I hate to bother you Miss, but won't you please speak up.

Why did you do it?

Haven't you any relatives, friends?

Well, what do you make of her?

Well some little something went wrong. She couldn't take it.


That's the trouble with the rich ones. They have it too easy all their lives.