The Hatton Garden Job (2017) Script




XXX VOICEOVER: Now, as pretty as they are these little things are more than just a girl's best friend.

What you see here is the backbone of our economic structure.

The tangible assets with which you can measure ones wealth.

What comes with that wealth is a life that you an I can only dream of.

A life only attainable for the few and far between.

The lucky elite.

The way I see it, luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

If you find this is out of reach there's only one thing you can do.

Steal it.



Thieving and deceiving is not what it used to be.

The targets have changed, the skill set different.

If I'm considered old school Judas Jack here is the twinkle in crimes eye.


Where our thieving fore fathers robbed the banks...


We rob the bankers.

They strip the public of billions while themselves live in a new gilded age.

About time they pay a little back.



Of course, gold on its own is just shiny metal.

You need to know who can shift it.

♪ I'm alive

♪ And I see things mighty clear today

♪ I'm alive

♪ I'm alive

♪ And I'm breathing clean fresh air today

♪ I'm alive

♪ Yes I am

♪ I'm real

♪ I can taste and touch and see and feel

♪ I'm alive The hell was that?

♪ I'm alive XXX VOICEOVER: Speaking of precious metals in this old game, subtlety is worth its weight in the stuff.

Hold it Jack.

Hang out the gate son.

EMMA: Come with me, thank you.

You know I'm wearing a boys money, you know that.

FRANK: You need to keep your mouth shut.

XXX VOICEOVER: The problem with kids they can't keep their gobs shut.

♪ I need gold in my hand

♪ Die for me

♪ Your eyes will see

♪ All I need

♪ Is your honesty

♪ Follow me I better get it back.

What are you trying to say?

I need it for the thieves, he's pricing it.

If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.

♪ Hustle baby hustle XXX VOICEOVER: Prison is an occupational hazard but if you're clever.


XXX VOICEOVER: You can come out with a lot more than you went in with.


Zoltan here, is knee deep in the Hungarian mob.

Turns out his boss was looking for someone to pull a job.

A job bigger than I've ever heard of before.


♪ The word is up

♪ If you're tough enough

♪ The word is up

♪ If you're tough enough

I walked in with just the shirt on my back.

Three years later, I'm leaving with something that could be my early retirement.

My measure of wealth.

♪ The word is up

♪ If you're tough enough

♪ The word is up

♪ If you're tough enough

You should know that it's not real silver.

XXX VOICEOVER: Erzebet Zslondos.

Zoltans Hungarian mob boss.

You're looking at the most powerful woman in Europe.

Tell me what you know about Hatton Gardens.

It's the centre of the jewellery industry.

Always has been.

Ground zero for every diamond and emerald ruby, pearl that comes into London.

But back in the day Hatton Garden was like target practise for every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a sawn off and now forget it.

I know all about beneath the stores.

You mean the vault?

ERZEBET: You realise how much is in there?

You'd need undisturbed access.

Keys, alarm codes, let alone a TV surveillance.

If I could get you inside what would you say?

That is silver isn't it?


You know I thought you'd start slowing down in your advanced years Danny.

Nah, they won't be able to catch me if I don't stop won't they?

Hello my son.

So, you missing D-wig?

Not a lick.

It was more interesting than I thought though.

Don't tell me, you have a job lined up.

Big one.

I've heard it all before.

Everyone who goes inside always meets someone who promises the Earth.

99.9% of it is utter bollocks.

Trust me, this is the 0.1.

Am I the bloke that gets taken down by bullshit?

And you thought of an old git like me?

Top of my list.

Top of the pops eh?

I'm flattered.

I wouldn't be, it was a pretty short list.

There's your tea.


See me out throw that geezer?

XXX: Yeah, bloody hell.


Bloody hell.

XXX: Yeah, now the way I see it.

This is an old school gig.

It needs an old school crew.

I know some fellas.

Real faces from way back when.


But they're...

Well spit it out.

There's old school and then there's just old.

Give me a couple of days.

I know just the guy to get this done.

BRIAN: How long you known this fella?

He's a chap.

Why us?

He's sick of working with cartoon characters who don't know the code.

The world's changed Brian.

Not a lot left can do what we do.

Most of them are in here.

If what he says is right and we pull this off it will be the biggest tom in history.

XXX VOICEOVER: Tom, tom foolery, jewellery.

For those wondering.

These old timers love their word games.

I have to get up five times a night to take a piss.

You need your brains tested if you think I can handle this type of blag.

I'm sorry Danny boy, no hard feelings eh?

If you change your mind.

Come on Rocky.


XXX VOICEOVER: The problem with having Danny out there chumming the water sooner or later, we're gonna attract a few sharks.

Frank Baskin took early retirement from the old bill a year after sending me down.

Marcus Ford, there ain't much that happens in London without him knowing about it.

Word is the Hungarians are gonna take down the Hatton Garden vault.

I can put a stop to it.

What, and start a war with the Hungarians?

Let them keep their shiny little stones.

So what can I do for you?

Lot of memories in here mate.

Good and bad.

Just like that vault.

I want those memories back.

Yeah I did.

I took a screenshot of his passwords, the lot.

There was even videos of his girlfriend.

TEENAGER: That's cold.

What are you looking at old man?

Couple of cartoon characters.

Old prick.

Who does he think he is?

So who's running this?

And who's running you?

It doesn't matter.

It matters to me.

How do I know it's on the level?

You can trust him.

I'm not asking you, I'm asking him.

He's a complete stranger to me.

I want to know I'm not walking into a stretch I won't walk out of.


They're setting us up here.

And they're getting me in okay?

What else do you want to know?

And the only walking I plan on doing is off into the sunset preferably on nice, white sand.

Yeah well, I'm no cowboy

and I don't want any wild west shows.

We do this my way.


They'll raise bloody hell once we've done it.

They can raise the Titanic for all I care as long as we walk free and clear.

How many?

We'll keep it small.

Just the three of us and a driver.

Bit of muscle.

Anyone in mind?

I know just the fella.


XXX VOICEOVER: Kenny Collins.

Someone who can be our eyes and ears on the outside.

Are you insane?

That's a disabled space.

Read that and weep son.


XXX VOICEOVER: The daft git has got chronic emphysema and he still does 40 a day.

But as a driver he'll do us proud.


BRIAN AND DANNY: Terry Perkins.

XXX VOICEOVER: Pulled off the biggest cash blag in British history.

Spent most of the 90s on the run.

Well, you say on the run.

He was living back at his mums house.

Police would have found him if they'd bothered to check.

In the end, he couldn't do with all the nagging so he handed himself in, went back to the shovel.

Regardless, he served out his time.

I happen to know he's itching to get back in the game.

That's the last time now right Ter?

XXX VOICEOVER: He has the skills and he has the experience, he's exactly what we need.

My lighter.

Cheeky bastard.

Alright, so I'll get us a cab.

No, I'm walking home.

Healthy heart, healthy mind.

Whoever's bankrolling this job, do you trust them?

As much as they trust me, yeah.

We're gonna need a space to work and some dust to get the ball rolling.

I've got that covered.

We've got a lot to do.


Jesus Christ.

He won't help you.

Thought you'd retired.

Just listen.

Hatton Gardens, something's going down.

Tell me what you know.

Hatton Garden, I don't.

Think very carefully

about the next words that pop out that mouth of yours.

I might have heard something.

But it's mental, you wouldn't believe me if I told you anyway.

Try me.

They've got a bunch of old timers on the go.

Proper relics, we're talking the Walking Dead.

Keep going.

I heard they drink out at the Railway.

Look it's bollocks.

There's no way a bunch of old timers are gonna pull off something like that.

You hear anything else you let me know.

Of course.

Is that it?

You can go now.

This is my car.

And I need to make a phone call.

I won't ask you again.

This is why you've got no friends Frank.

So there's this bloke, he's out for a stroll and he's taking a walk down a great long pier and he notices that down at the end of it there's this woman and she's in a wheelchair.

Well as he gets a bit closer he notices she's quite a good looking bird but she's crying her heart out.

So he says to her, "Oh come on darling

"what's the matter with you?

"Why are you crying?"

Well she looks at him and she says

"Men don't look at me.

"I'm 30 years of age and I've never been hugged."

Well now I mean, this is breaking the blokes heart right?

So he leans in and he gives her a great big hug, yeah.

And this brings a smile to her face.

But straightaway, she's crying again.

So he says to her, "Now come on."

He says, "What's the matter with you?

"What's with all these tears?"

Well she looks up again with these big, sad, beautiful eyes and she says, "It's just that

"I've never been kissed by a man."

Well now look, I mean this bloke is just out for a stroll isn't he?

He's not after any romantic assignation.

But then he thinks about it, he looks around.

I mean the pier's empty, there's no one around.

So he leans and he gives her this great big smacker.


Kiss of her lifetime right?

Now, this bird should be floating on air right?

But no.

She's crying again.


Floods of it.

Now look, the bloke is getting a bit frustrated now isn't he?

I mean he's just spent five minutes of his life on this which he's not gonna get back and he still hasn't managed to cheer her up.

I know the feeling.


So he asks her again, "Now come on darling

"what's the matter with you?

"What are you crying about?"

Well there's a pause.

And she looks up to him and she says

"Well, I've never been fucked."

So what, what happened?

What does he do?

Well it's a beautiful night right?

No one around, empty pier.

What do you think he's gonna do eh?


He pushes her off the end of the pier.

She drops down into the drink 50 foot.

He looks over, there she is bobbing up and down in her wheelchair like a cog and he calls out to her

"Well now you are completely fucked aren't ya?"


You are a sick man Terry.

You don't know the half of it.

I don't get it.

Oh Jesus.

Right enough fun and games.

Time to get down to some brass tacks.

You gonna tell us what this job is or what?

We're taking down the Hatton Garden safe deposit vault.

The vault?

The one and only.

This is mental.

It's monumental.

It's impossible.

You'd never get past the alarms and the doors.

That alone...


He's got access to the building.

Security alarm codes.

Access to the basement, the vault?

That's all on us.

XXX VOICEOVER: 88th and 90 Hatton Garden sits within the heart of Londons gold and diamond trade.

We're talking about one of the most secure retail districts in the country.

The place which the lucky elite use as their playground.

The place that holds the real loot has no need to show off to the public.

They keep their secrets buried deep.


The only access downstairs to the vault is by the security staircase which is locked behind a coded double steel door.

Lift access to the vault is blocked to maximise the security of the vault.

There are no cameras in the basement or vault in order to protect the identities of those who use this facility.

The only way in or out is through the main security gate.

The vault door is as thick as it's wide.

This thing would hold back a nuclear explosion.

Only God knows the treasures that are held inside.

It's been a pleasure.

Hope you will be back Mr. Beaton.

Call me John, and the pleasure's all mine.



TERRY: How much do you think is in there? All in.


It's impossible to know.

I mean, the shady bastards that use the place hide it there for a reason.

But rough estimate anywhere between one and two hundred.

I'm not sure.

That's a lot of risk for at best what, 40K each?

Million Kenny.

Between one and two hundred million.


The risks don't seem quite so bad now do they Kenny?

We do a tenth of that and we're talking the biggest blingo blag in history.

You got a way in?

I got a few ideas, yeah.

TERRY: And you think we're up to it?

I mean, take a look around.

We're not exactly in the prime of our lives.

OAPs Eleven.


If we all play our part, I know we can.


TERRY: Where do we start?


What do you want me to do about it?

I'm on my way to work.

BRIAN: I want to know everything about that place.

What time they open, what time they close.

Staff rotations, in and out.

I want it all, that's on you Terry.

Danny, we're gonna need some tools.

Nothing traceable.


We're talking second-hand gear all the way.

Check the markets.

It's not a bargain hunt Danny.

I don't care what you pay just make sure everything works.

We don't want to find ourselves down there with nothing but our limp dicks in our hands.

Limp dick?

Speak for yourself.


Kenny, transportation.

You're our white van man.

Where's my envelope?

It's in the post.


Fucking day.

Make the most of it you know what I mean.

Saucy little prick.

Did you clock big and ugly?


Plain clothed security.

We're gonna get noticed if we hang around here much longer.

Well trainspotting we ain't.




Fucking hell Kenny, why is your head so big?


Well it's not because of the size of his brain is it?

Behind that gate leads to a communal corridor.

We can access it from the inside.

Sorry about that, I had to get some.

Bloody hell.


That shit will kill you.

It's addiction Kenny.

I can't stop eating them.

I'm diabetic you silly sod.

BRIAN: With four hours of work but it's gonna be tight.

Bloody hell.

You know what, you'll have to start cutting down the carbs Brian.

I only eat bread and butter these days anyway.


Bloody hell Ken, keep it down will ya?

You've got a volume button on that hearing aid of yours.

Use it.

There's a camera here.

And a camera here.

And an alarm point here.

Have a look at that.

Any help you can give us, you'll be most welcome.

Have a good look.

Thank you!


So all we need now is a date.

Got one in mind?

I hope you like chocolate eggs.



Whole place will be closed down over the holiday weekend.


Not just a pretty face are ya?


XXX VOICEOVER: The Hungarians are known for keeping their word, no matter what.

Problem is, they hold everyone else to the same standard.

She's not giving me a master key and some alarm codes.

She's selling them to me.

The price is precious stones

14 million quids worth of the little bastards and if this job goes south and I don't get them I'll be paying for this envelope with me life.

I like you, don't let me down.

So finally, he comes running to the passenger door and he tells me to wind my window down.

Right around the court.


He's having a laugh isn't he?

Do you mind?

You what?

I can't hear myself think over here.

Not with you lot screaming and shouting like a lot of pissy girls.

Go home then.

Moany old bastard.


Kids today, no respect.

Guys, shots.

BRIAN: You alright Terrance?

Shots? Cheers!


Come on!

How old are you son?

Come again?

You heard me.

How old are you?


19 eh?

Well my friend there is 66 years old.

Now my math ain't great but I'm thinking that gives him about 40 odd years on you.

Yeah so?

So, he's not very happy about the way you just spoke to him and he wants you to apologise to him.

Oh yeah?

And what if I don't?

Well it's a free country.

So far anyway.


And I'm free to tell some miserable old twat to wind his neck in if I want to.


You seem like a smart young lad.

Do you want to play a game with me?

Nothing physical, I struggle to get my shoes on these days let alone battling with lumps like you.


What kind of game?

So I've got one question for you.

Now this is not just any old question.

This one requires a lot of thought.

You get it right and I'll buy you and your buddies a round of shots and you can make as much noise as you like and I'll take my miserable old mates over to the corner.

YOUNG MAN: What if he gets it wrong?

Then you have to apologise to my good friend here.

Yeah alright.

This will be the easiest drink I've ever earned.


You get one chance to answer.

So here's your question.

The man who invented it, didn't want it.

The man who bought it, didn't need it.

The man who needs it, doesn't know it.

What is it?

Can you repeat that?


Come on.

What's the clever brain of yours telling you?

I don't know, what is it?

A coffin.

YOUNG MAN: A coffin yeah, very good.

Nice one!


Guess you'd better get these old chaps a few drinks.



Surprised to see me?

I didn't hear that you were coming to town.

Slipped my mind to call.



You know how I like to gamble.

You coming out ahead?


And what about you?

You feeling lucky?

I don't bet unless I know I'm gonna get what I want.

Well that's not gambling.


It's winning.

KENNY: So, why are you doing it?

Think of the things we've done.

I mean, between the four of us.

We could have, no, should have bought a small country for the money we've nicked.

Look at us now, four old farts living in the same grotty bit of London we grew up in.

No one cares.

Bunch of mad men them lot, I'm telling you.


Can I get.


Well you lot look like you enjoyed yourself.

BRIAN: Wish I could same the same for you.

Yeah it's been an interesting day.

Old fella next door to me he was a bin man.

God bless the soppy sod but it makes me think of myself.

Why did I even bother?

I'm doing this because I want to be remembered.

I just want a tart on one arm a Rolex on the other.

You know what I'm talking about.


These friends of yours, how heavy are we talking?

The war criminal type.

And if the job goes south?

Red boys up on Newberry street mate.

Do you want directions?

FRANK: Get in.

You still old bill?

I heard you took early retirement.

FRANK: I said get in.

You're playing a very dangerous game.

I know.

I really shouldn't walk when it's dark.

You never know what you're gonna step in or will I?

I'm talking about the Hungarians.

I've been mixing with wrong ones for 25 years.

When a firm from out of town starts recruiting for a big job word gets out.

A lot of valuable assets in that old vault.

Job like that could make or break a man.

This a friendly warning to steer clear?

I ain't your friend.

You gonna shop me to your mates?

Once a filth always a filth.

Let's just say I have different employers these days eh?

What the fuck do you want?


XXX VOICEOVER: Men like Frank Baskin always have an angle.

This job just got a lot more complicated.

FRANK: So your crew, they can handle it yeah?

They're at the top of their game.


We got a problem.

Yeah I ain't your Aprils Fool Danny alright.



DANNY: He's collapsed.


DANNY: But you're gonna be alright.

Don't you worry about me.

I'll be good.

Doctor's given me some pills, liven me up and ease the pain.

This is all I really need is some rest.

And avoid all stress.

It will take more than this to put your old man down.

Speaking of rest.

Yeah we'll finish our tea then we'll be on our way.

This changes nothing.

The jobs tomorrow.

I know when it is.

I'll be fine.


I'll be fine.

What about him? What about your son?

Because it seems to me he might not be that enthusiastic about you wiping your own ass and going on a fucking job.

You do your bit, I'll do mine.

We see this through to the end.


I'm hearing you have problems.

Listen, I don't want to cause offence or anything but whoever told you that is wrong.

Frank Baskin and you have become close no?

He's the cop who sent me down.

He's an asshole, he's retired, he's nobody.

I do not like the company of men like him.

Today is Good Friday, the day of the crucifixion.

You have until the resurrection to make my delivery.

And not one day later.

Do you understand me?


Good luck.

Paul's got him banged up.

Won't even let me talk with him.

We need to break him out.

Break him out you tit, what are you talking about?

It's not Alcatraz.

You got a better idea?

As a matter of fact, I do.

Brian sits this one out.

It's his job.

No, it's our job.

Brian came up with the plan and it's a good one.

I can't believe we're having this conversation.

As opposed to what?

Can't we just speak to Paul?

Look Danny, I know that you and Brian are close.

But he's out.


Slow down on it Kenny!

We're gonna get our collars felt.


Yes Miss Daisy.


XXX VOICEOVER: Luck, it's time to go make me own.



How was that? Good clean mate?

Where the hell is Brian?

He's here.

DANNY: Brian!

Hello mate.

Shall we?

You didn't think I was gonna miss out on a clean like this did ya?






XXX: Ready go in? There you go.





Do come in.


You... are mine.


Come on gents.

Let's drill ourselves a little hole shall we?





I need a break.

DANNY: No, no, I'll do this.

How far are we in?

TERRY: Half way.


In 90 minutes? Jesus Christ.

Well these were built to withstand an atomic bomb.

What did you expect?

Three hours a hole, we're gonna be doing four of them.


Well we'll do it in three.


We're not gonna get through there in three hours.

No, but these two will.

Whatever it takes.

Right, let's crack on.


TERRY: I need to piss.


Well I suppose taking a piss down here is out of the question.

Where am I going?

Through there, down the corridor.

Last one on the right.


Kenny, how you doing out there? You alright?

All good, you?

Slow and steady at the moment.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Trust me, I'm due a winner hey?


We all are mate. We all are.

But stay sharp yeah?

Will do.



We got a problem.

Come on.



Danny, what are you doing?

It's not me, it's this thing.

Let me have a go.


I think we might have tripped a silent alarm.

FRANK: You think?

Look, I deactivated it but it still seems to be kicking out some sort of a signal.

Has anyone turned up?

What do you reckon?

No, not yet but.

FRANK: So what do you want me to do about it?

What I want you to do?

You to be old bill, make a phone call.

Find out if we're burnt or not please.

Calm down.

If you had tripped that alarm it would go to whatever private phone they use.

No, no, no. Screw this we're walking.

FRANK: You're in deep now boy.

One call from me and I'll see you right back inside.

You ain't walking anywhere until you get my box.

You'll get your box alright.

Fucking hell!

You were quick.

Who were you talking to?



Cut the power!

Say that again?

He's been talking to someone about our job.

Could be old bill for all we know.


TERRY: He was on the phone, I heard him!

We tripped a silent alarm.

I had to make that call.

Make sure that we were in the clear.

Who were you talking to?

He's an ex-cop.

Oh bill, I knew it!

He's retired, he doesn't do it anymore.

He doesn't know who any of you guys are.

You're insulated.

He's helping us for fucks sake.

Nothing's changed.

Helping how?

He's got a guy on the inside of the alarm company.

He says we're all clear.

Does he expect a cut?


Not exactly, bomb box, a box.

Box 175, he said if we get it for him all is clear.

How many boxes are in there Brian?

That is a fucking deal.

What you thinking?

I'm thinking

we have to finish what we set out to do.

This is madness.

Yeah, well we all knew what we were getting into in the start of this.

If the police had been alerted they'd be here by now.

You don't know that.

Well that's the risk we've got to take.


Well, you're the governor.



♪ Dance

♪ Dance

♪ Oh baby

♪ Everybody get on the floor

♪ Make you feel at home now

♪ I wanna

♪ Dance to the beat

♪ Music loud to take your soul

♪ Let the rhythm take control

♪ I wanna

♪ Move to the beat

♪ I keep checking for the time to see

♪ Cause I'm waiting for someone to just dance with me

♪ And I won't turn around until I feel the beat

♪ On my back on my feet

♪ I believe I can see I wanna

♪ Dance

♪ To the beat

♪ I wanna dance

♪ To the beat

♪ Oh you know all I wanna do

♪ I wanna dance

♪ To the beat




Come in, are you there?

TERRY: One, two!

KENNY: Are you there, can you hear me?

Yeah we can hear you.

There's someone at the front door.

Looks like they're coming in.

XXX: Shit.

I told you already.

You know where I am, I'm on Comwell.

Stacy, I don't know any Stacy.

I ain't paid enough for this shit.

He's gone.

TERRY: Looks like your man came through for us.

XXX: Yeah.

We need to get that ram ready fellas.

Yeah I'm on it.

Let's get this core drill back on eh?

You alright?

Don't you worry about me.

XXX: I worry about everyone.

Yeah well, I'll be fine.

I never expected to spend my 67th birthday knee deep in something like this.

Yeah well, we get in that vault and you could be spending your 68th knee deep in something much sweeter.

Do they sell Viagra in the Costa Del Sol?



XXX: We're through.



XXX VOICEOVER: The three holes are completed.

All we have to do now is use a hydraulic ram to smash that metal object out of the way so we can get in and take our measure of wealth.

We need to push that cabinet over on the other side.

It's bolted into the concrete top and bottom.

It's gonna take some shoving.

At least we don't have to worry about damaging it eh?

BRIAN: Exactly.

Slow and steady boys.

That's the name of the game.



DANNY: One sec.

Do you know what you're doing there?

Yes, I know what I'm doing.

Let me have a look.

I said I've got it.


Don't you touch me!




Brian, you okay mate?

What's the matter with you?

What's wrong with him?

XXX: Brian?

DANNY: Brian!

Where's your pills?

TERRY: We're buggered.

XXX VOICEOVER: Turns out, the compressor cable was shot.

A 15 quid spare part just cost us 14 million in loot.

Yes Terry, we are indeed...




Alright that's it, we're done.

TERRY: Go on.

DANNY: Do what?

TERRY: We're done.

Kenny, side door, five minutes.

KENNY: On my way.

What about the? Terry?

We're out, it's over.

Come on, get him out of here.

XXX: Danny, you do clean up.

DANNY: Shit!



XXX VOICEOVER: And like that it was over.

We were so close, I could taste it.

Now all I can taste, concrete.

What's going on? What's up with Brian?

Where's the gear?




Fuck you Frank.



Fuck, fuck.

Fuck it! Fuck it!

Hello lads.

Anyone fancy a game of pool?

Another time then.


Can I get a plate please?

BARTENDER: One second.

Danny, it's Brian.



What are you doing you silly sod?

It's only us.

I thought you were...



It's okay.

From what Brian tells us you got every reason to be jumpy.

What else did he say?

We should finish the job.

It will be crawling with old bill by now.

Are you stupid?

I've been back.

The place is like a ghost town.

No one even noticed we've been in there.

What about the ram?

So what do you think?


TERRY: Here we are.




Alright, my little beauties.

Wait, wait, hold on.

You're gonna like this.

Let's try that.

♪ I'm alive

♪ And I see things mighty clear today

♪ I'm alive

♪ I'm alive

♪ And I'm breathing clean fresh air

♪ I'm alive

♪ Yes I am

♪ I'm real

♪ I can taste and touch and see and feel

♪ I'm alive

♪ I'm alive

♪ And I'm doing my thing and singing my song

♪ I'm alive

♪ Hey


♪ Baby baby baby baby baby

♪ I'm a man

♪ Who cares if my hairs a little bit long

♪ I'm alive

♪ I'm a man

♪ And I'm red I'm yellow I'm black and I'm tan

♪ I'm a man

♪ I'm alive

♪ Sitting here yelling doing my thing

♪ I'm alive

♪ You better believe it

♪ I'm no stone

♪ And I'm no rock

♪ I'm alive

♪ No piece of metal yet

♪ Oh

♪ I'm alive I'm alive I'm alive

♪ Hey

♪ I'm alive ya'll

♪ Hey

♪ And I'm free

♪ I'm alive

♪ I'm alive

♪ And its so right

Wait, 175, 175.

Alright son, plenty more where that came from.


TERRY: Yeah?

XXX: That's my box.


Right, I'm out.

Whoa, whoa, there's so much more.

I've got all I need.

There you go Danny.

DANNY: You take care son.

Thanks mate.

Coming through.


He's like a kid in the sweet shop.

Yeah well you know what they say?

Too many sweets rot your teeth.

Yeah well, that's what dentures are for.

Look, you go on.

We'll clear up here.

It's been a pleasure.

Won't be seeing you around.



Yeah just shut up and listen.

Now I need to move fast and I'm willing to pay well.

Yeah, yeah, yeah pull in. This will do.

Fuck me, what did you rob? The crown jewels?

Go on.

That should set us straight.

Yeah I mean, yeah I guess so.


I hate this fucking car.


Good seeing you again Judas.


XXX VOICEOVER: So, here we are.

I have the stones, I have the money and I have the box.

What a difference a day makes.

All I have to do now is make sure that we all walk away from this scott free.

I wasn't lying when I said I trusted Jack.

I trust him to do what he does best.

You did it then didn't ya?

You could have just called me you know?

I knew Jack would give you the message.

Look it's there, just take it and go.

I'll be taking a bit more than that my friend.

XXX VOICEOVER: Frank was always gonna sell me out.

I saw that coming a mile off.

Bag, now.

I believe those belong to me.

XXX VOICEOVER: There's something else that you should know about sharks.

There's only one thing that they fear.

A bigger shark.

Why is he here?

He said I had to get that box for him didn't he?

Said if I didn't, he'd fit me up.

Me and my crew go back inside.

Let's see what you were ordered to get.

FRANK: Don't.



I liked working with you.

Pick it up Frank.

FRANK: Alright.

Take the box and go.

So I guess I owe you one now then do I?

I don't want a fucking thing from you.

Just tell me that me and my crew are clear.

You're clear.

One hell of a blag you pulled off there eh?

I suppose I got lucky.

You make your own luck.

Nah, you steal it.

There is one thing you can do for me Frank.


♪ I deceive

♪ Because I can

♪ I can see

♪ The master plan

♪ And I'll leave

♪ The gold in my hand

♪ Her eyes will see

We're gonna do a lot of business you and I Francis.

XXX VOICEOVER: For many, this life is an addiction.

I look forward to that.

♪ Hustle for eleven baby

♪ Hustle for life

♪ Hold my hand

♪ And make a cup of joe for a night

♪ Wake up in the morning I'm still looking for mine

♪ No I don't break bread

♪ But I drink all the wine

♪ I believe

♪ I'm a hustler for life XXX VOICEOVER: But that ain't me.

The sun-soaked early retirement will suit me just fine.


You want to know what happened to the others?

Thieves have broken into a vault in Central London making off with the contents of 300 safety deposit boxes.

The burglary happened in Hatton Garden known as Londons Jewellery.

XXX VOICEOVER: They executed the biggest theft in history.

They were walking on water, I kid you not.


There's more money in loot than in your wildest dreams.

The rule you have to follow in order to not get caught is 100% discretion.

Not living it up, flashing the cash or showing off your new measure of wealth.

You just quietly blend into the background.

The happiness you feel is something that you never want to end ever.

But because of this wombat he only lasted six sodden weeks.

I've been back.

Place is like a ghost town.

XXX VOICEOVER: On the second night Kenny recced the place And he decided to go in his own car instead of the unmarked van.

There was so much loot rolling around the big smoke anyone who touched it got burned.

Some more deserving than others.

Frank was true to his word.

He came through on that favour I asked of him.

Oh, and the reason they never caught me?

Give me a name.

At least.


I never got his name.


♪ Now I'm laughing if you don't know why

♪ I phone my love just to hear her smile

♪ The word is up if you're tough enough

♪ The word is up if you're tough enough

♪ Girl in the queue got her eye on you

♪ Think you're in

♪ And she's looking for sin

♪ Yeah you're not wrong

♪ She wants to know what's in your pocket

♪ Singing that song

♪ Dig it all night long

♪ The word is up

♪ If you're tough enough

♪ The word is up

♪ If you're tough enough

♪ The word is up

♪ If you're tough enough

♪ The word is if you're tough enough

♪ Come on

♪ Show what you love now

♪ Come on

♪ Show what you love now

♪ Come on

♪ Show what you love now

♪ Come on

♪ Show what you love now

♪ Shake my tree

♪ Where's the apple for me

♪ Tickle my feet with the enemy

♪ No point laughing if you don't know why

♪ I phone my love just to hear her smile

♪ The word is up

♪ If you're tough enough

♪ The word is up

♪ If you're tough enough

♪ The word is if you're tough enough

♪ The word is up if you're tough enough

♪ The word is up

♪ If you're tough enough

♪ The word is up

♪ If you're tough enough

♪ The word is

♪ If you're tough enough

♪ Come on

♪ Show what you love now

♪ Come on

♪ Show what you love now

♪ Come on

♪ Show what you love now

♪ Come on

♪ Show what you love now