The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia (2013) Script

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I love you, Lisa. I love you, Lisa.

I love you so much.

Listen to me, Lisa.

Hey, Lisa.

I have something to tell you, Lisa.

Listen to me.

I have something to tell you, Lisa.


Oh, God!

What are you doing up, sweetie?

Did you have another bad dream? l dreamed about a swing. ls there one at the new house?

Well, if there isn't, l bet your daddy might just put one up for you.

Come on. Let's go get some breakfast, okay?

-l'll meet you in there. -Okay.

What does the new house look like? lt's way out in the country and there's just lots of room for you to play.

Can we bring my bike?

Of course we can bring your bike, sweetie.

Even though l don't know how to ride it yet?

You are gonna have lots of places to learn how to ride your bike.

-Hey! Heidi! -Daddy!

-You done good, Daddy. -Why, thank you.

What about you, huh? What do you think?

Who lived there before?

Nobody, honey.

That's why the bank gave us such a good deal, right?

Why, thank you, Mama.

Well, maybe you'd rather live in there?

-No. -That can be arranged.

-No, thank you. -You could have the whole place to yourself.

-Nope. No, nope! -Teddy bear could have his own room.

Come on, let's go. l'll race you! Come on!

Go, go, go! Race Mama!

The hell, baby?

You can't find a clearer station than that?

We're out in the boondocks, babe.

We're lucky we get running water. Thank you.

Well, we don't need water, that's what beer is for.

My beer, by the way.

You! Git! God!


You think that's funny, do you?

Aunt Joyce!

Kid, you grow like a weed!


Look at you, Miss Homeowner.

Well, that didn't take long.

No suitcase?

-l am not a freeloader, Andy. -Today or historically?

Stop it, Andy. Joyce is just here to wish us well. ls that so?

lt's a goddamn curse being right all the time. lt truly is.

lt didn't work out with Ray.

Was he the married one or the drunk?

Bit of both, turns out.

-What about you? Are you... -Eleven weeks sober.

Shit, call Guinness.

On second thought that's probably a bad idea.

l've got alimony coming in. l wanna be near family.

Well, find a place near here, just not here.

Who lives over there?

That's just some old wreck someone left behind. l'm gonna haul it away.

A girl lives down there.

Nobody lives around here, baby.

When did you see a girl?

Just now.

You know, l've lived in worse.

"Near here but not here," right?

You did say that, babe.

Stop it.


Why are you crying?

lt's nothing, sweetie. Nothing.

Aunt Joyce is out front, so go say good night and l'll come tuck you in, okay?


Mama's crying.

Do you know why she gets sad?

Your mama gets feelings sometimes.

Feelings she doesn't much care for.

What kind of feelings?

Tell you what. l want you to try something for me. Can you do that?

Look out there.

At what?

Don't really focus on anything specific. Just...

Take it all in.

Feel anything?

Help us... l think so.

And sometimes... l see things.

That's because you were born with a veil, sweetie.

Just like your mama and me. And our mama.

What's a veil?

lt means that when you were born, you had a sheen over your face, like a wedding veil.

And sometimes folks born that way have a gift.

They can...

They can sense certain things that other people can't.

Mama never said anything about it.

Your mama doesn't like this kind of talk of gifts and feelings.

So let's just keep this conversation between us, okay?

Now run to bed. Please.

Love you. l love you, too.

l know, Mama.

Listen to me, Lisa.

I have something to tell you.

Listen to me, Lisa.

I have something to tell you.

Just be a good girl

and listen to your mother.

Listen to me!


lt's 6:00 a.m.

How long you been in here this time?

You saw something again, didn't you?


lf these pills ain't working, we sure as hell shouldn't keep paying for them.

They're working.

Just gets a little tricky when they wear off, that's all.

You should finish getting dressed. You'll be late for work.

-All right, darling. -Thank you.

Careful, Heidi.

-You need any help? -l can do it.


All right.

Hey, neighbor.

Heidi's been gone an hour and l don't know where she is.

-Well, she's probably just wandering. -Heidi is not a wanderer.

That's 'cause she's never had anywhere to wander to. Now she does.

You're just gonna have to get used to it.


Baby, where have you been? l've been worried sick. l'm not supposed to say.

Who said that?

Damn it, Heidi, who told you that?

Mr. Gordy.

Who's Mr. Gordy?

An old man l met.

He said there was a swing set in the woods, just like in my dream.

Remember, Mama?


Okay, come here.

Joyce, get Andy on the phone.

This is it.

Mr. Gordy told me there was a swing here.

Well, babe, l don't see a swing. l'll be damned.

There may not be a swing here now, but there used to be.

-Jesus. -Walk much?

Babe, did this Mr. Gordy say anything else to you?

He said there's money buried in the garden.


Okay, sweetie, l want you to do something for me.

How much money? lf this Mr. Gordy ever comes up to you again l want you to scream as loud as you can. You understand me?


Let's go.


l'm not supposed to talk to you.

They think you're a bad man.

You're not.

-Are you? -Heidi?

Was that Mr. Gordy you were talking to?

Heidi, why didn't you tell us that you had an imaginary friend?

Mr. Gordy's not imaginary. He talks to me.

I was standing right there watching, there's nobody outside.

-Mr. Gordy's real. -Heidi, stop it. l don't wanna hear any more talk about this Mr. Gordy. Do you understand?

Seeing things that aren't there, it's just not a road that you wanna go down.

Good night, okay?

What the hell, Joyce?

You've been here a week and Heidi's already seeing invisible friends?

Turns out this Mr. Gordy...

He's up here.

And you, encouraging her, coming out here, digging up my garden, going on some wild goose...

Don't be afraid.

Let them in.

Good Lord, woman.

What'd you do, rob a shopping mall?

Courtesy of my new sugar daddy, Mr. Gordy.

Did you tell Heidi where the money came from?

No. And neither will you. l'm sure there's lots of stuff buried in these parts.

That doesn't mean that there's a Mr. Gordy. l beg to differ.

Did you look at the deed to your house? The previous owner?

Yeah, the bank owned it.

Before that. Check it out.

Straight from the county assessor.

Look at the name at the bottom.

The Gordy family owned all this land going back 200 years, and this J.S. Gordy was the last one.

Then the bank got it in the '70s.

Ask me how they got it.

Okay, you're gonna get one shot at this, all right? lf this doesn't go the way l think it's gonna go, l'll never bring it up again.


Heidi? Come out here a second.

l am looking for a husband for you.

They're all old. You marry them.

-Good girl. -Okay, pick a winner for me.

But look at them all carefully first. Can you do that?

You see something, Heidi?

You know that man?

That's Mr. Gordy.


Told you he was real. l told you and you didn't believe me.

Damn it.

My daughter is not conversing with the dead.

She picked Mr. Gordy's face out of 50 pictures. Explain that.

That's just your influence coming out in her.

You know what, l don't want you talking about any of this with Heidi anymore.

You hear me? She is my daughter. She can talk about it with me.

Why would she? You don't listen.

You just tell her what's what, just like you did with me.

You needed it. You know what, you still do. l suppose l'd be better off numbing myself with pills?

-Stop it. -What, you don't think l know?

That was Mama's trick, too.

And that worked out beautifully for her.

Joyce, go home.

There's nothing wrong with Heidi.

You know what it is, Lisa.

lt's starting for her.


Are you awake?

When I hear of a family moving to town, I visit to see if they've found a church yet.

Because l happen to preside over one.

Folks around here had been wondering when this rather special piece of property would sell.

Yeah? What's special about it?

Aside from it being overgrown as all hell?

Andy Wyrick.

Pastor Jordan Wells.

The property is special because back around the time of the Civil War, it was the Station Master's land. But l'm sure you knew that.

What, like a railroad?

No tracks on this land.

No, it wasn't that kind of railroad.

Do you mean, like, the Underground Railroad?

The folks who helped escaped slaves make it up north? Wow.

That's right. Those people were known as station masters and one of the most well-known lived right here on your land.

He actually hid slaves on our property?

Yes, ma'am.

Hundreds of men, women and children passed right through here with nothing but the clothes on their back and the light of the moon to guide them.

They didn't have flashlights?

No, sweetie.

They couldn't even use lanterns.

The moonlight was the only light that they ever saw. lt was the light of freedom in the Promised Land.

The Station Master was an extraordinary man.

Entire generations of families would not exist if it was not for the Station Master and this piece of land.

So, don't be surprised if you get visitors from time to time.

Living ones, l hope.

-As opposed to? -Andy's just having a little fun.

-l do that. -Well, if you do get any visitors, l hope you'll be more welcoming than the previous owner, J.S. Gordy, was.

He didn't exactly share his ancestor's hospitable nature.

Between you and me there was something seriously off about that man.

Mr. Gordy's nice to me.

-Look, Pastor... -Sweetie.

We'd better get our day started.


Help us.

Mr. Gordy!

What is that?

Tell me what it is!

-Heidi? -Mr. Gordy!


You know what? l think there is an invisible man around here. lt's me.

Did you miss your daddy?

-Yeah. -Yeah?

Right answer. l've got a little surprise for you.

-What is it? -Oh, you'll find out. Come on.

Look what l found in the back of your daddy's truck.

Heidi, meet Chief.

Oh, my God!

Daddy, l love him!

Am l the greatest father in the world or what?

-You'll do. -Thank you. l love you.

Remember to bring Chief's bowl back in the house after he's done.

Where's Chief?

Oh, for God's sake. Chief!


Damn dog.

Come on. lt's gonna be all right.


Chief sounds hurt.

Hey, Heidi, why don't you just sit down right here for a second?

Okay? And...

Don't move.

Be right back.


Hey! Here, boy!



How'd you get in there, boy?



All right, watch out, boy.

What the hell?



Help us.



Help us.

Damn it! l thought l told you to sit tight.

What are you hollerin' about over here?

Come on.

Let's get you home.

Hey, babe.

-You figure out what this thing is yet? -Yeah. lt's a trap.

See, you bait that chamber there.

Animals, they get in and they can't get back out.

They get weak and starve.

Easy pickings.

Then you get them back out through here.

The back door.

There's gotta be a better way to hunt.

That's just cruel.

No, it's smart. lf you're a taxidermist.

Already found three more of 'em in the woods. l figure they made good money for someone, back in...

Well, whenever the hell they still used locks like these.

Well, smash them all up so Chief doesn't get stuck in them again.

Or Heidi, for that matter.

I love you, Lisa.

Don't be afraid.

Let them in.


-What's going on, hon? -Nothing.

l have a bike.

Do you? lt's pretty. lt's purpley.

What do you mean?

Really? People are coming?

What kind of people?

Who are you talking to now?

Mr. Gordy. ls that right?

Well, ask him where there's more money. l can't. He's gone.

Next time then.

He said there's people coming.


l swear, Heidi, we should take you and Mr. Gordy on the road.

Who's there?

Stay behind me.

l got an ax.


What the hell is this place?

Do you see her, too?


Mama Kay?

lt's okay.

My name's Prentiss. This is my grandmother, Mama Kay.

-ls this your property? -That you're trespassing on, yes.

We were told we could come back here.

Yeah. Bullshit. By who?

Woman in the trailer.

Said she's your sister. Sold us this.


What is that?

The shoofly.


Now help me sit on down. l wanna visit with the little one.

Come on, little one.

Be all right, young man.

All right, you gonna tell me why you came all the way out here just to buy some ratty old quilt?

A long time ago, when this quilt was hung out here in these woods, it meant it was safe to approach.

Safe for who?

Mama Kay's ancestors for one. Mine too.

Do you even know where you're living at, Mr...


Our pastor said we might get visitors. Something about an Underground Railroad.

This was one of the stations.

Mama Kay's always wanted to visit this place.

The guy saved a lot of lives, l reckon.

And he deserved better than what happened to him.

You don't need eyes to see, little one.

But you already know that.

What do you mean?

You asked your father if he saw me.

Now, that makes you some kind of special.

My mama says l'm not supposed to talk about that.

But you have to be careful with a gift like that.

Because sometimes the devil looks a gentleman.

You're telling me all that took place on my property?

Yes, sir.

Right here.

Guess your pastor left that part out.


Family meeting.

Not you, kiddo. You stay outside for a minute, all right?

Okay, Daddy.

Sit down, Joyce.

That man told Daddy what happened here, didn't he?

Why can't I know?

It's just not a story for little girls, sweetie. l'm a big girl. You always say that.

You remember Pastor Wells talking about the Station Master?

Well, back when he owned all this land, he was what's called a taxidermist.

He also did something that he didn't tell anybody.

He would help hide people who were in trouble.

People like Mama Kay's great-aunt, Nell, and her fiancé, Levi.

You see, Nell and Levi had fallen in love and had dreams of getting married once they were safe and free.

How the hell did people even find their way out here?

There were guides called conductors who helped them.

And these quilts, they were a code from the Station Master telling them where he'd meet them.

-Look here, you see this tree? -Yeah.

There it is, down there. The meeting place.

The Station Master would come get them and take them to a hiding place somewhere on this property until it was safe to move on.

Well, some of the other land owners, they found out what the Station Master had been doing.

Well, they didn't like it very much.

So they did some very unkind things to him.

They hurt him just for helping people?

They didn't see it that way, sweetie.

What happened to Nell?

Did she make it up north?

Nell and Levi never arrived.

No one knows what happened to them.

I told you something bad happened here.

No, it was a long time ago. All that evil is over and done with now. lt's still here, Mama. l can feel it. lt's in the woods.

-lt's coming for me. -No, it's not.

Heidi... lt's all in your head.

-lt's not real. -But Mr. Gordy said....

There is no Mr. Gordy.

Heidi, listen to me. You have to fight this.

-You have to put it out of your head or... -l'll be like you?

Dry off. lf you loved me, you'd believe me. lt's because l love you that l can't, baby.

l don't hear you getting out of that tub.

Heidi Wyrick, don't make me come back in there.

Heidi, what is taking so long?


Oh, my God, Heidi! Oh, my God! Oh, God!

Okay, okay, okay!

Come on, baby! Cough it up!





What happened?

She was convulsing and unconscious.

And vomiting sawdust and insects?

-Andy. -Are you on any medication, Mrs. Wyrick?

You didn't see what l saw. l saw her. You weren't there.


-Do you remember any of this? -Yeah, baby. l didn't dry off like l was supposed to.

So Mama pulled me out of the tub real hard. l'm sorry, that's not what happened. l think they've been through enough for tonight.

Come on.

Just tell me exactly what we're supposed to do here. lf you want my advice, l suggest you consult with a psychiatrist.

Or a priest.


-Andy... -Let's let Heidi rest up a sec.

lt's hard when people don't believe you. lsn't it?

Really, Lisa? We're possessed by the devil now?

Good Lord, people, it's a blessing, not an exorcism.



Lord, we pray this night for the soul of an innocent child and the banishment of evil from this land. l want you to pray with me now. Can you do that?

ln the name of the Father l ask for the cleansing of fear and sickness from the mind and the soul of this child. l ask that you fill Heidi with the warmth of your love into her heart and that you call upon your angels to watch over her and protect her from danger.

Mom and Dad, would you lean down and lay her back for me, please?

ln the name of the Son, call upon your righteous hand to rid this place of all evil that may roam here.

Help us.

l ask that you bless this child in the name of the Holy Ghost...

The souls of the lost, forsaken and forgotten, and let your cleansing light shine down upon this place and upon this little girl now and forever.


May God's love fill your heart, child, and give you peace for all of your days.

Now that wasn't so bad, was it?

You did great.


Pastor sent you away.


-Andy. -Heidi's gone.


Call the cops.





-Any sign of her yet? -No.


-Daddy! -Heidi!

-Help me! -Where are you, baby?

Down in the hole!

What hole?

Down here!


Oh, my God.

Heidi. l can't get out, Daddy. l can't get out.

Sit tight, Heidi. l gotta find a way to get down there, baby.





Please don't leave me down here with them, Daddy!

With who, Heidi?


Mr. Gordy? ls that you?

-Daddy, help me! -Coming!





Oh, my God.


-Daddy, hurry! -Heidi, heads up. Coming down.

Daddy, hurry!


Watch out.

Daddy! l'm coming, baby!



-Daddy! -Heidi!


How the hell did you get down here, baby?

What the hell?

This is where the Station Master hid them.


How the hell did you find this place, Heidi?

The girl showed me. ls that the one that you said was down here with you?


l think something else is down here, too, Daddy. l don't want to be here anymore.

That makes two of us.

Most Pine Mountain residents know the story of the Station Master who helped slaves escape to freedom as part of the Underground Railroad.

But last night, a young local girl uncovered a sad, unknown chapter in the saga right in her own backyard.

What authorities believe are the remains of five males...

...discovered in an underground chamber beneath the ruins of the Station Master's cabin.

Now, the Station Master, also known as Jefferson Gordy was the great-grandfather of the late J.S. Gordy, who died in 1978.

For all the lives that were saved by the Underground Railroad there were also many folks who didn't make it, who just went missing.

And today's discovery is a tragic reminder of how dangerous it really was.

In this particular case, when the Station Master was murdered, there was no one to let the slaves out, who were waiting below...

Will you please turn it off?

...and they probably starved to death down there.

Reporting live...

You think that's Mama Kay's family?

They said five males, so l doubt it.


What are you doing up?

l don't want to live here anymore. lt's all right now, Heidi.

The things that we saw, they've moved on.

Their spirits aren't trapped anymore because of you.

Joyce, please. Spirits?

Don't you understand what's happened here, Lisa?

Those people in the chamber wanted to be found.

That's what this has all been about.

Now they're free, and there's nothing to be afraid of anymore.

Mr. Gordy said it's not safe here.

You've seen Mr. Gordy tonight?

He said l shouldn't have gone down in that hole.

He said l let something bad come out.

Okay, it is time for you to go back to bed.

Heidi Wyrick, you follow me right now.

We can't be here anymore, Mama. l went in the hole and the bad man saw me.

He knows we're here now and he's coming.

What bad man, sweetie?

The Station Master.

-l let him out, Mama. -Well, Mr. Gordy is wrong, because you know very well that the Station Master was a good man.

No, he wasn't.

Andy, will you please tell her that there is nothing to be afraid of?

Mr. Gordy said there was money buried in the garden, Lisa, and there was.

He said that something terrible happened here. lt did.

For something in Heidi's mind, Mr. Gordy is sure as hell right a lot.

Are you telling me that suddenly you believe all this? l believe there was a cave full of skeletons on our land, Lisa. ls there a...

A "bad man" down there, too? Hell if l know, but, l say we pack up the truck and we haul our asses outta here before we find out.



l mean, you can't be serious.

We don't have anywhere to go. l mean, where are we...

Where are we gonna go?

Baby, l... l'm sick.

-Heidi and l are sick... -You're fine.

Heidi's fine.

Tell me something.

How the hell did Heidi get down in that hole?

Even if she could lift that slab, which she can't, it's a 25-foot drop after that.

She didn't have a scratch on her.

Did you ever think that maybe Joyce is right?

Crazy Joyce.

That this isn't some kind of disease, but l don't know, it's...

A gift?

You try seeing what l see and you call it a gift. l'm just saying maybe it is.

And I'm done letting you tell our daughter that she's sick, that she's got some mental disorder. l love you, l do, but... l won't let Heidi live like this.

You understand me?

-l won't do it. -Andy, please.

Look, l have seen enough to know that it ain't up here. lt's out there.

Maybe it's trying to tell us something.

Maybe you should try listening.

lt's sure gonna be lonely here without you guys.

You should leave, too. This is a bad place.

No, sweetie, it was a bad place.

Now it's not. Because of you.

-l'm gonna miss you, baby girl. -Gonna miss you, too.

Hey, Chief. Come on, buddy.

Jump up.

Good boy.



Chief! Hey!

Where the hell's that damn dog going?

Daddy, we need to leave right now.

Without your mama? Yeah, l'm not sure how she'd take that. lt's all right. Let me go find Chief.

Be right back. Stay here and lock the door.


Chief! Here, boy!




Why are you here?

Heidi. Heidi!



Oh, my God.


Oh, God... No, no!


-Heidi! -Lisa!

Oh, Andy! Heidi's gone!

Check Joyce's. Check Joyce's!



Damn it!




Come on! Heidi!


Joyce, Heidi's missing!



Let me in!


Oh, my God!

Joyce, Joyce, can you hear me, Joyce?



Joyce, please! Heidi's been taken.

Where is she?


With him.

"With him"?

Who's "him"?

Joyce, who's "him"?

No. Not tonight.


Not tonight.



Where's my little girl?

They know.

Who's "they," Joyce?

Tell me.

Who's "they"?







It's a trap.

The animals can get in, but they can't get back out.

They get weak and starve. Easy pickings.

Then you get them back out through here.

The back door.

Oh, God!


Heidi, baby?

Are you in here?

You remember Pastor Wells talking about the Station Master?

Well, back when he owned all this land, he was also what's called a taxidermist.

-Mama? -Heidi!

Heidi, are you okay?

Are you okay? l'm here. lt's okay, just listen to me. l'm gonna get you out of here. Okay?

-Mama? -Okay.



Okay, hold on to me. Hold on.

Help us.


Help us!

Can you stand up?


Okay. Careful.

Okay, put your head down.


We're gonna climb, okay? lt's gonna be okay.

Okay, hold on right there.


You can do it.



Oh, my God.


Listen to me, Lisa.


You have to let them in.

Help us.

Let them in.

You don't listen.

Did you ever think that maybe Joyce is right?

Maybe this isn't a disease, but maybe it's a gift?

Those people in that chamber wanted to be found.

That's what this has all been about.

Now they're free.

Because of you.

If these pills ain't working, we sure as hell shouldn't keep paying for them.

They're working.

Just gets a little tricky when they wear off, that's all.

Let them in.

I'll be back for you.

You know very well that the Station Master was a good man.

No, he wasn't.

I love you, Lisa.

Nell and Levi never arrived.

No one knows what happened to them.

-Mama! -Heidi!

Oh, my God, are you okay?

Are you okay?

Where's your daddy? Who pulled me out?

lt's okay.

-lt's okay. -Heidi!


Oh, thank God. Thank God!

-You all right? You all right? -Yeah.

Mr. Gordy?

Goddamn it.

You know the tire's supposed to go below the branch, right?

You know what? l don't wanna hear it.

No, it's all right, Andy. Heidi's gonna love it.

Every girl wants her own dirty rubber nest up a tree.

Nobody likes you!

This ain't over.

Do you think Mr. Gordy knew what his granddaddy did?

Probably why he didn't want anybody on his property.

He wanted the Station Master to be remembered for the people that he saved, not the ones he...

Kept. l keep thinking about Mama Kay's family.

Well, they are in a better place.

That much l do know.