The Haunting of Alice D (2014) Script

Alice: Tell me about mother and father again.

Ma and Pa got the fever and went to sleep, and now they're in a big white cloud with God.

Is heaven warm?


Nice and warm.

Like a big down blanket wrapped all around you.

No one's mean, or hurts you in heaven?

No, my sweet.

When do we get to go?

Only when it's your turn.

How will we know when?

You'll know.

But only when it's your turn.

Do you miss them?

Of course I do, silly.

Me too.


(knocking) Man: Whores.

I'm scared.

Cover your eyes.


I'm always gonna be here to protect you, okay?

And I'll protect you.


Man: Whore, get yourself cleaned up, you've got a customer.

Okay. Go hide in the closet, cover your ears and hum the song until I come get you.

I'll be okay.

I always am.

(Alice sniffles)

Cover your ears.

Don't come out until I get you.


Where is she? Sir.

The girl, your sister. Where is she?

She-- She's not here sir.

She-- (screams)


Listen to me!

I'ma let you breathe again and when I do you're gonna tell him exactly what he wants to hear.

(Heavy breathing)

Oh, please.

(Crying) Please, she's just a child.

Please, just let her be.

She's... Just give her a few more years.

Maybe I can work up her debt-- It's too late for that.

She's gonna have to work harder now that you're sold.

No. We have to stay together!



(whispering indistinctly) (sobbing)

I own you now.

(Delilah sobbing)

Delilah: Alice!

(Alice humming)

Woman: Come on, don't bail on me.


All right.

I'll switch shifts or something.


♪ (dance music plays) ♪

You're always so good to me, Joe.


Thank you.

What are you doing tomorrow night?


Wanna make triple?

I'm not like that, honey.

But the next girls walking in, they're more what you like.

See you next week.

Yeah, you will.


What took you so long?

Stuck at work.

Thank you. You work too much.

Not everyone's a rich bastard like you, bro.

Wassup, buddy. Adam: Wassup, man.


Hey, get these boys some drinks, will you?

Sure, absolutely.

From the party? Mm-hmm.

Who else is coming? Plus you guys, Michael.

He's coming down from the city. Nice man it's been a while.

Yeah I'm bringing Lex.

Nice. Tapping it yet?

No, but I think she's gonna take the inaugural spin this week.

That a boy. It's about time.

I don't know if I'ma be able to make it though.

I told Krista I'd hang out with her.

Oh, for Christ's sake.

Are you serious?

Unless she can come.

Unless she can... She hates me man.

I know but just like a... Just a little.


Dude ditch the bitch come hang with us.

All right I'll talk to her. But you know how she is.

All right, you'll talk to her? You know how she is.

Ah come on.

Weak dude. Weak.

Oh, here we go.


I heard you do private parties?

What type of private parties?

Let's just say there's a lot more wads of cash for the right type of dancing.

I'm in.

Yeah, you are.


Krista: Zeke, it's me.


Krista: Open the door.

(TV in background)

Krista: I've got the really good stuff.


Now I was thinking we could do it tomorrow night.

(Zeke grunts)

God, you smell like cigars. I was at the titty bar.

And you didn't invite me?

Wasn't very much fun anyway.

Hmm, 'cause I wasn't there.

(Zeke chuckles)

You don't like my friends.

I like most of them.

(Zeke clears throat)

Adam: How are you?

I'm Adam.

What's up. Hey, Adam.

Hi Anita. Hello.

Hey. It's Jenny right?

Jenny: Yeah. Good, thanks for coming.

What's up? Come on in.

This place is sick.

Joe: It's a nice little home, isn't it?

This is so cool, yeah.

Joe: Have a seat ladies, make yourselves comfortable.

Adam: Yeah, absolutely.

That's not even sexy.

Hey where are you two scoundrels running off to?


Adam: Oh, my god. He's my cousin.

Adam: He hits puberty and look at him go.


They're gonna get lost in this place man, it's huge.

Woman: It's crazy.

Man: I told you it was awesome.

Hey, look at that.

Woman: Wow. Man: 1898, baby.

Woman: That's kind of creepy. Man: I know, huh.

Yeah, kind of turns me on, actually.

We need some drinks don't we? You want some drinks?

Yes. Okay.

Mind if we explore the place a little?

Joe: Oh, by all means, yes, just don't get lost.

Make sure you come back.

See you in a little bit boys.

Joe: Bye bye.

This place is ridiculous.

(Scoffs) Jesus.


Stop it.

Really is good to see you, man.

You too buddy.


Basement hasn't changed much, huh?

Since we were kids. No.

This place still creeps me out. Very creepy.

Hey, let's get that wood on the fire.

Let's do it.

Party time.

There you are. There you are.

Hey. You get lost or what?

I'm trying to. (Chuckles)

This place is amazing. It's not hard.

Yeah, it looks good.

Oh, hello.

This place is amazing.

Yeah, you should see my place.

Why, is it like this? No, but you should see it.

(Chuckles) Okay, awesome.


(Guys chuckle)

Wow man, look at them.

Told you.

Get 'em all for yourself, man.

Yeah, life is good, can't complain.


What's up man. What's up Zeke.

Not much. How you doing? Good to see you.

Where were you man? I was there sneaking a beer.

Oh, okay.

I was in the fridge. How you doing?

I haven't seen you in ages. It's been a while.

Yeah. You still in the city?

NYC. You need to come visit.

Yeah I will. You still acting?

Still trying. Think you can get me in there.

Yeah. Nice dude.

I seen you on that... What was it?

The hemorrhoids commercial? Constipation.

Sorry, man.

I've obviously got the face of a man who can't shit.



Twenty grand. Woo, yeah.

Krista. Hey.

How are you? Good how are you?

Good, real good to see you. You're famous.

Oh, I wouldn't say that. Yeah, you are.

We just stopped by for a little bit.

Very cool.

Zeke, it's nice to see you brought your own hoe.

Up yours, Joe.

And nice to see you too, Krista.

So, place looks good?

Yeah, it's bomb, dude, the crown...

All this inset in the ceiling. This...

They did a nice job restoring it. It's real nice.

Yeah, it's kind of weird though that your dad restored this place after what happened.

Hey. Hey.

Every home has a history.

Some are just more flavorful than others.




So did Joe tell you about the house?

It used to be a brothel.

Joe's great grandpa founded it.

You got me.

I'm the descendant of pimps.

Well, if he didn't tell you about the house, then he certainly didn't tell you about Alice.

It all started over 100 years ago.

Two sisters were forced into prostitution.

Their names were Alice and her sister Delilah.

Their parents had died of a terrible fever leaving the two girls and their only known relative, an uncle.

Unfortunately their uncle was a horrible man who had a gambling problem.

He sold the girls to a local brothel, which was owned by Joe's great grandpa, Sr. Davenport, to repay his debt.

Use her for something.

You eat like a horse.

What'd you say?

I said it is he who eats like a horse.

Reply with a sir!

It is he who eats like a horse. Sir.

Innocence mixed with defiance.

Yes. I like it.

You'll find that they're usually very obedient.

Especially the older one.

But you'll have no problems.

Sr. Davenport: What's your name?


Sr. Davenport: From now on you're Alice D.

Kristen: Years went by, and Alice grew into a beautiful young woman.

Constantly defiant.

Sr. Davenport had her chained to the bed.

Her beauty and spirit were what Sr. Davenport loved the most.

Alice: No, no.



Woman: So, what happened to her?

She offed herself.


That's a beautiful little story.

Except it's not a story.

It's the truth and you know it.

Hey, why you gotta come in here and be a buzz kill?

Are you jealous? No.

I think you're jealous.

I think you want this.

I don't wanna be anything like you.

Or your family.

Treating people like their objects, making money off of human slaves.

Wow. How original.

That was a long time ago, sweetheart.

Yeah. Except all through high school you used to brag about your family history.

Look at you.

You're still treating women like objects.

Women are objects.

Beautiful luscious objects.

And it seems to be sometimes they like to be objectified.

Am I right? Mm-hmm.

Listen, Krista, I'm sorry but... I'm just not that into you.

I know deep down inside you wanna climb up on me and hate fuck.

But you're just not my type.

I hate you.

Well, if you hate me so much, and if you hate all of this, why don't you just beat it.

I think I'm ready to go.

Hmm, okay.

That was an all-time record.

Don't let Alice scare you too much.

Not here.

I want a nicer room.

Yes ma'am.

Oh, hey.



I'm Michael, I don't know if you remember from earlier.

Jenny. Hey, Jenny.


It's a pretty cool place huh? Mm-hmm.

So you know Joe, is that right?

Oh, no, I know Natasha.

You're friends with Natasha. Mm-hmm.

How do you guys know each other?

We just know each other.


You okay?

Uh, yeah.

Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

It's just...

It's nothing. I'm...

I'm ready to party.

Do you wanna get a drink? Yeah, I'm sorry.

I should have offered. Yeah. Okay.


Krista brought that, man.

Really? Yes.

It's not really smart leaving that stuff around you, I know that for sure.

She put a nice little ribbon on there and everything.


Classy chick. Yeah, she is.

Oh, well, at least she's got good taste in liquor.

Shall we? Yeah, man, pour some out.

Hey, you guys, want some whiskey?

All: Yeah, cool.

All right.

Man: Jesus.

Woman: How many staircases are in this place?

Man: A lot. Let's go.

Michael: Pictures and paintings.

Adam: Is that it?

Yeah this is it.

Oh, yeah. There it is my man.

Right there.

Isn't this the Rumsky room?

This is the Rumsky room. Sally Rumsky.

Your old blue bags, your remember her?

Damn that girl had a...

Sally Rumsky didn't hear it.

This is the stash spot right here man.

Many o nights.

(Loud bang)

Memories, man.

Memories. Memories.

So... Jen.

I didn't get to meet you last night but...

I'm glad you're here.


Did Natasha explain everything to you?

Yeah. Yeah.

Tasha, you explain the rules to Jen?

I just wanna make sure we're cool.


I mean I love to have a good time and...

I wanna make sure we're on the same page.


You see, I'm paying you a lot of money, which means I own your ass tonight.

Anything me and my boys want, we get.

You got it? Mm-hmm.



Put that down.

Hey, hey.

Hey. Relax. Relax.


Just relax.

Joe: Yeah, that's better.

That's better.

So you're not even gonna get like a small percentage of trust fund or whatever?

Probably not. You still love me?


Here we go.

Hey, what about this one, baby?

Yeah. Huh?

Looks good.

This place is so big.

Just keeps going and going.

Maybe I should have slept with your cousin.

If he wasn't such a prick.

You better be kidding.

There's like so many random little crevices.

Hey, come here.


What? What's the matter?

Were you looking at that whore downstairs in the butt dress?

Hey, don't say that, all right?

I don't care about anyone but you.

It's just that...

...right when that one girl with the black dress...

Mm-hmm. ...came in.


You just kind of stopped kissing me.

No, I didn't But, that doesn't matter now because... are my little angel, and this is our weekend.

What is this?

(Chain rattles)



Well, that's kind of sexy.

They just hooked onto the bed?


You wanna use them?

Come on, let's use them.

(Drops chain)

Or not.

You know those whores are going to hell.

Oh, just kiss me.

(She chuckles)

If you wanna use them, we can but we don't have to.

Tonight might be special.

(Loud bang)

What the hell was that? What was that?

(Ghostly humming)

Do you hear that? Shh.

(Ghostly humming)

(floor creaking)

(heavy breathing)

(loud bang)




Get out! Get out!

(Muffled screaming)

Lighten up. Okay.

Drink, okay? Okay.

Trying to blaze. (Chuckles)

They're hot chicks, man, right?


Oh, yeah.

Joe out did himself, man.

Uh... That Jenny girl seems like a sweetheart.

Dude, you sweet on her?

Yeah, I sweet on her.

I knew you would be.

No, I mean she seems sweet.

She's... Yeah, she's shy.

I don't think she realized how gorgeous she is.

You... You want her first?

I'm just saying if you like her, you know...

You should probably get with that first.


Just a thought, that's all I'm saying.

And she's perfect I mean, she's totally perfect for you.

Joe must have picked her out.

For you, particularly.

What do you mean, Joe picked her out for me?

What do you mean, what do I mean?

What you just said.

Joe must have picked her out for me.

Oh, my god.

The girls are hookers, man. Are you serious?


Adam: Holy shit.


Dude, I wouldn't worry about it, they're totally paid for.

Courtesy Joe, man. He hooked it up.

Yeah, well, look Adam, I don't have to pay for sex.

I do.

I mean, I don't, but I do.

Like sometimes, depending on the chick really.

Fat girls, they love me, I don't know why.

Gravitational pulls, I don't know.

She seemed like a cool chick.

No, dude, I wouldn't worry about it.

Just bang the hell out of her, and then love will follow.

Aren't you guys getting a little too old for this shit?

I mean you were pulling these pranks back in high school.

No, man, I don't think so.


I came all the way home for this party and all the girls are prostitutes.

That's fantastic.

Michael: This is fantastic, guys.

You know, if I wanted a hooker I could have just stayed in New York.


What are you talking about?

Dude, it's gonna be amazing. Hey, Michael!


This place is haunted.

All women are whores, okay?

These one's aren't allowed to play hard to get.

Dude. Hey, lighten up.

All right?

Get yourself a drink. Let's have some fun, come on.

He's right, you know.


What's wrong with you?

At least they're not bad looking.

I mean they're good looking guys.

At least they're not... Fat and hairy.

Or smelly, ew.

Anita, can you go hang out with the guys a little bit?

Give us a second.


Listen you're gonna stop pouting and start having fun, or else this is gonna be the worst night of your life.

Hey. I'm talking to you.

Do you want the money or not? Because it's kinda a done deal.

Yeah, I need money.

I have my tuition and my sister's sick--

I don't... You don't have to tell me why, okay?

We all have our reasons for being here, trust me, I get it.

You have to be appearing to have fun, okay?

You're making me look like an idiot for bringing you here.

Do you know how many girls would have clawed your eyes out for this job?


He wanted someone sweet and innocent and lucky for you, you're the only bitch I know that's sweet and innocent anymore, okay?

Listen, stop, stop, stop.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that we have to do this, okay?

I'm sorry for whatever's going on in your head or at home and whatever, okay, but the best advice I can give you...

Just... Just try to have fun, okay?

Let's go make you a drink.


Just loosen up.

Okay. It'll be good.

Okay. All right.

Come on.

So you ready to party?

What should I make you?

Something that'll make me--

Look, I didn't know that you guys were hookers.

Sorry, I'm not into it.

Just tell me what you want to drink.

I'm not a hooker.

You're not a hooker?

Then what are you?

Screw you.

You don't even know me so you have no right to judge me.

I'm not judging you, I'm just not into hookers.

I said I'm not a hooker.

Then why are you here?

Why are you here?

I'm here because one of my best friends is throwing a party.

I had no clue that he hired you.

Well I really need the money.

You need the money.

So you're just willing to--

Listen I need the money.

Come on, get a job.

I have a job. Then get another one.

This isn't me okay. You have no right to judge me.

This is a one-time thing.

I'm doing this for one night.

(Glass breaks)

Wow. You suck.

Wow that is-- Oh!

That was close.

I almost won.

Yeah. Okay.

It's a secret, it's a secret, it's a secret.

What's under there?

Oh, got some chalk on your belly.


Here you guys. That's a good start.

Oh, my God!

Couldn't really spin on it. So get naked.

Pants. Pants. It's a war.

Adam: Depends how you define winning.

I'm gonna go...

Joe: There you are.

Let me show you my room.

I thought you were playing.

Oh, nah, this is more fun.

(Ominous sounds)

This is it.

Oh, that was nice.

I almost got it.

No, you didn't, but see the whole problem is you hit the 12 ball and...

Really close.


The cue ball is the one you wanna start with.

Nice. Ah.

Michael, yes, finally. God.

Where you been all my life, man? I need a partner.

Look at these ladies.

How are you? Where's Joe and Jenny?


I don't know man. We were playing Joe took off right in the middle of the game.

Who cares about them? Come join us.

He must be showing her around, partner.

Why don't you enjoy the house too?

Adam: Yes, yes.

That's a fantastic idea, man. See I'm depending on you.

This is really important, okay?

Wear big balls. Go.

Yes. Yes.

Nice, ladies. We lost.

Oh, well. Show the goods.

What do you got, what do you got for me?


That's a good start.

That's good too.

Joe: You're gonna enjoy this.

I guarantee it.


(Door opens)

Joe: Oh. Bad timing, buddy.

We're getting busy here.

Hey, can I...

Joe: Can you what, man? Spit it out.

I kind of wanted to bang her first.


Lucky girl.

You know what?

My gift to you.

(Joe sighs)

Don't be too nice.

Come on, let's go to a room.

No, no, no, no, no.

You stay here. You use mine, okay?

I like that.

Get in there.

What are you staring at? Michael: I'm staring at a girl who is obviously in over her head.

I didn't ask for your help.

I'm sorry, you're right.

You're right.

Do you want me to go get Joe and Adam too?

I was informed about 30 minutes ago that tonight is anything goes, so...

I'd be more than happy to go get them for you.

They'd probably be willing to come up here for a good time.

Just so you know, I'm not interested in sleeping with you.

The feelings are mutual.

Devils. Devils.



Man. Alpha female.

The dominant. The dom.

The dom. The dom.

It just depends.

Rough is extra, baby.

You wanna get a room? Yeah.

Who is this creepy old dude?

Oh, so now you're talking to me?

I'm asking for information. Doesn't mean I like you.

It's Joe's great grandfather.

Sr. Davenport.

How do you know?

Joe had it hanging in his bedroom when we were kids.

What a creep.

Is the story true about that girl Alice?

And his great grandfather?

How do you know about that? The red headed girl told me.

From what Joe told me, yeah, it's true.

How'd she do it?

Well, there's been many theories, many stories.

One time when Joe was really drunk he told me that his dad had told him what really happened.

Alice and her sister were sold to Joe's great grandfather by their uncle to help repay a debt.

Eventually Alice's sister got sold off to another guy.

And after years and years of being enslaved here, Alice grew more and more defiant.

Man: Look at that delicate little rose over there.

I bet she costs a sweet penny, huh?

Sweet and a neat like a little bird.

But I like mine with some handle.

I'll be collecting for all that grabbing.

You'll be collecting for more than that.

Let me see how mean she really is.

(Snaps fingers)

Hello, little lady.

I said hello, little lady.

Man: Stupid whore!

Chain her.

Don't forget, I own you.

(Alice screams)

I apologize. This visit is free.

Thank you.

Come on, baby, don't be sad.

I'll take care of you.

Let's go upstairs.

You've got a full night's work. Unchain her.




(loud bang)


What a way to go.

Pretty heavy stuff, huh?

You must think I'm a real asshole to be friends with him, huh?

Yeah. Pretty much.

You know I built that myself.

You made this?



Michael: Where are you going? Snooping in Joe's underwear?

(She chuckles)

You all right? Yeah, yeah, I'm good.

I need to sit down.

You okay? Yeah.

Do you feel weak?

A little bit. Here, sit down.

You okay?

What's wrong?

I just feel kind of dizzy.

All right just rest. Rest.

Yeah, this is the one.

No, no, no, no.

Mood lighting, baby.

Why can't you keep that one on?

Just leave that one on. Okay, that's cool.

Adam: Mmm.

Anita: Oh, yeah.

What was that?


Do you hear that?

(Chuckles) I didn't hear anything.

Just relax.

Do you hear that?

(Adam sighs)

I don't hear anything.

Okay, just relax.

I feel so weird.

You feel weird?

It's the weed, baby.

(Loud bang) (Adam grunts)

What the hell are you doing?

I'm not gonna ask you any more questions about why you're here. Okay?


No problem.


Was that you screaming, Jennifer?

Hey, don't use up all your energy.

Remember, it's my turn next.

What do you mean?

Michael: Woo, yeah!

(Jennifer laughs)

Oh, yeah, baby!

(Banging) Oh, right there!

Oh, yeah.

(Jennifer laughing)

You think they're screwing?

We'll top 'em.

We'll top 'em.

Nice work. Good prank.

You wanna drink?

Uh, yeah.

Natasha. Natasha.

Where are you going?

Joe: What's wrong?


Are you seeing stuff?


I think...

I think I just need a cold bath or something.

Oh, that's sexy.

You know what, there's a nice bathtub.

You want me to run you a bath?

That sounds very nice.

Yeah. Okay.

Okay, let's do that.

Have fun, guys. Yeah, you too. Jesus.

So, what are we gonna do?

What do you wanna do?

Let's go upstairs.

Let's go.

You got it.

Do you believe in ghosts?


Why not?

I thought you said no more questions.

I lied.

Guess I can forgive you.

Thank you.

Next question.

Favorite color?

(Chuckles) Favorite color.


Come on, we gotta talk about something, I'm not just gonna sit here in silence.


Blue, I guess.

Me too.

You copycat.

Um... Copycat.


Favorite food it's tough.

Oh, it's tough.

'Cause I got like pizza, chocolate, sushi--

You have to pick one.

Oh, so you're making up the rules now?




I am not predictable. Yeah, you are.

Come on. You are so predictable.


(Jennifer chuckles)

Try me.

All right. All right.


You're parents are happily married, you've got three strapping brothers who are your best friends.

You're mom's a homemaker, dad's a lawyer, and mommy loved to make her growing boys peach pie on the weekends-- (makes a buzzing sound)

Stop. (Chuckles)

Just stop.



Actually, my parents got divorced when I was nine.

My dad is a lawyer, you got that right.

But he moved to Chicago,,, Married his 20 year younger secretary and now has a new family.

I have an older and a younger sister, and my mom's an elementary school teacher.

And I have never had peach pie.

Do you ever see him?

My dad? Mm-hmm.

Not really.

We don't have much in common.

How about you?

My favorite food of all time.

It's easy, my grandma's Irish cooking.

Stew with potatoes and carrots and lamb, brown bread--

I meant your family.

It takes me back.

Is your grandma around anymore?

No one's around anymore.

It's just myself and my younger sister, and she's eight.

She's why you're here.


My dad, he left after our mom died.

My grandma, she passed last year so it's just us.

And when I work I have to find someone to stay with her which doesn't always happen.

So it's hard to go to school, pay for school, keep a steady job, take care of her and make ends meet.

I'm sorry.

No, don't be.

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

I'll do whatever I have to do to take care of her.

I shouldn't have judged you.

It's no biggie.

Is that why you don't believe in ghosts?

What do you mean?

You mom and your grandma.

Yeah, I guess. I mean...

They'd come to me if they could, right?


Maybe, I don't know.

I feel like maybe spirits get stuck sometimes.

Like if they really want to--

I don't want to talk about it anymore, okay?



You're not gonna sleep with them.

Unless you want to.


You're not really my type.


I'll be right there, baby.

Yeah, yeah.



It's killer weed.

Proud of you.


Hi, ladies.


Get in there.


(Natasha grunts)



Wait, wait.


God damn.

(Heavy breathing)

(light buzzing)

(light buzzing)

Hey, wake up.

(Ghostly humming)


Hey. Hmm?

Come on. Come here.

(Light buzzing)

Hey, guys, don't mess around.



(heavy breathing)

Adam: Here we go.

(Natasha laughing)

Adam: Careful.

Hey Michael.

We're busy.

Hey man, you want a drink? No, we're busy.

Find another hoe.

(Whispering) You're not a hoe.


What are they doing out there?

Joe and them get a little crazy sometimes.

They've been really loud.

I feel so messed up.

I feel great.

No, I think we're like really messed up, Michael.

The room is, like, moving.

It is moving.

(Laughs) What a freaking party.

What was that?


Don't be.

(Heavy breathing)

(ghostly whispers)

Alice: Natasha.



No! No!



Hey man.

Hey, what the hell.

Hey, hey.

I don't know what's going on.

There's-- Where's Anita?

I don't know. I don't know.


Alice: Natasha.



Adam: Where's Anita? We were in the tub and then there was this-- This...

Oh, God!

No! No!


Leave me alone.

Just leave me alone.


What the hell are you doing?

Adam: What the hell are you doing?

What are you doing, man?


Have you lost your mind, huh?

(Glass breaks)

(glass breaks)


Michael: What's going on down here?

What the hell happened? What happened, huh?


(Jennifer screams)

No! No!

Michael: Jennifer! Run!


I own you, whore.

Alice: Joe, come to me, Joe.

Joe, come to me.

(Loud bang)