The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch (2008) Script

Mr Winch. Good evening.

What do you want?

Don't worry, I'm not after your money anymore.

I've met someone who has offered me much more...

What do you want?

To say goodbye.

Goodbye for good, in fact.

Exactly, go to hell! - After you, Nerio...

Good evening, Mr Winch!

This is him.


What are you doing, son?

And him?


What are you doing here?

You're not happy to see me?

Hello, Freddy. - Hello Why didn't you say you were coming?

I've always liked surprises.

I'd like you to do something for me.

Something important.

(Mato Grosso State Brazil)

When did you arrive?


When are you leaving again?


Where are you going?

I'm heading up the river.

How far up?

It's a long river...

I have plenty of time.

What's your name?


Largo what?


I don't do my invincibility tattoo for just anyone.

The last man I did it for got shot at as soon as he stepped out of here.

Some business over a girl...

He stopped the bullet with his teeth!

I have another one who stepped on a land-mine.

Not a scratch on him...

Just an eye to do and you'll be invincible...

Let go of me!

Hey! I haven't finished!

Let go of me!

Let go!

Give her a kiss!

She's a tough one.

Let go, you fat pig!

Let go of me!

Let go! - Hi.

Don't take it personally but I don't think you're her type.


There's an eye missing!

Hey, fat pig!

I could've managed alone.

You want to manage alone?

You know these guys? - A private militia.

They must know I work for an NGO. They hate us.

Back up!

Is it fine here?


I couldn't have managed alone.



I really like it.


Your name.

I really like your name.

The militia are paid by multinationals.

They watch over the workers, poor guys, dragged from their villages.

They're treated like slaves.

And the police?

They're all corrupt.

To the very core.

Well, as my communist granddad always said, money buys everything.

And what are you doing in this backwater?

Wandering around.

Where are you from?

Where are you from with that odd name?

It's a long story.

This is Alexandre Meyer! I must speak with him immediatly...

Do you know what time it is?

Yes, I know what time it is! It's urgent!

Mister Kosrsky...

What's wrong?

Nerio Winch died last night...

I think they're waiting for Tokyo to close before announcing it.

In that case there is no time to lose.

You've travelled a lot, Mr Winczlav.

Where's this from?

It's not mine...

It's not yours.

Fifty years in prison! Fifty!

The W Group remains the largest conglomerate of multinational companies

...ever held by one man.

Originally from the Balkans, Nerio Winch was the perfect image of the self-made man.

The businessman with Swiss, American dual nationality had recently established the headquarters of his group in Hong Kong, convinced that China was capitalism's new Promised Land.

The preliminary clinical exams indicate that Mr Winch had a dizzy spell and fell into the water as a result of it...

... The announcement of Nerio Winch's death has thrown stock markets into confusion.

A delicate situation for Ann Ferguson who has been Nerio Winch's right-hand for several years now...

... As number two in the group, I shall of course be acting temporarily as manager.

There will be a general meeting of the shareholders next Monday to designate a new chairman.

Mr Winch's passing is an immeasurable loss for the 392,000 employees.

Use the underground car park.

Nevertheless, I can guarantee that this group that he founded and that bears his name shall live on.

I shall fight for that myself.

This is war!

There you go, exaggerating as usual.

IMX, does anyone know that name?

For the last three weeks, that investment fund has discreetly been buying up shares in the Group.

Two hours before the announcement of Nerio's death, they'd snapped up everything available on the markets.

It can't just be a coincidence.

Who's behind it?

The IMX head office is in the Cayman Islands...

The perfect front...

Buying up shares in the group, whatever for? It's a waste of time.

Everyone knows that Nerio has a majority 65%. share in the group.

Had. Do I need to remind you he's dead?

We're defenceless. If we don't come up with a riposte by the end of the day, the group is heading for disaster.

What does the temporary manager think?

Hum, my dear William, I think that Nerio had come up with an excellent riposte.

A son.

Nerio never had children!

An adopted son.

Run, Largo! Run!




Stop it, Dad!

Goran, open the door!

Where's Largo vanished to?

This old dog knows all the tricks.

I don't know him.

Hannah and I never lied to you.

We just wanted this to happen later. As late as possible.

You don't love me.

Never say that again!

We've raised you as our own son.

As long as there's breath in this body, you can count on me.

Largo, your real father is him.

Hello, Largo.

You understand why I wanted you to grow up here far from the city.

I'm the one who introduced Hannah to Josip.

He came to see me in Switzerland.

She was a waitress in the bar downstairs.

I know all that.

You know all that...

It's time to prepare for the role that awaits you.

What role?

Later, my boy, later...

What if I refuse?

I remember that one of my old teachers used to say, "The road to excellence is gruelling but, Lord, it's so exhilarating!"

Gentlemen, be excellent!

Your parents have chosen Valmont to make you...

A real fairy tale.

Nobody knew about it?

Not even you?

Nerio's caution was legendary, as you know.

I found out last night, when Jacques Wallenberg called me, the swiss lawer.

He is Nerio's executor.

I'm sure you'll agree that an inheritance of twenty billion dollars... is enougn to insight envy.

In fact, the young man isn't even called Winch but Winczlav, Nerio's real name.

So can we meet this heir?

(Sao Jose Prison Mato Grosso State Brazil)


My passport! Quick!

Mr Winczlav! You are... - Passport!

Freeze, I said!



Hello, Largo.

You are free, Mr Winczlav!

I didn't ask for your help.

How would you manage? - I have my own way.

They went that way!

Move it!

Find them!

Find them!

It's my car.

I have my own way.


What are you doing?

I have my own way, ok!

I don't like your own way.

It's a while since I saw you.

Three years.

I've changed. I've learned stuff.

Such as?

Stuff Swiss schools don't teach.

I really don't like your own way.

Well, you haven't changed. I consider that a compliment.

Never happy, huh?

Look out!

My foot's trapped!

Don't stay here, Largo!

Get out!

Shut up!


Tell Nerio, I'm too old to be brought home.

Your father's dead, Largo.

The Group's spokesman has admitted that Nerio Winch had been suffering from a brain tumor for the last few months

Mister Winch...

Come in.

In the name of this hospital and as its director, I would like to express my sincere condolences.

Before you father's cremation.

I took the liberty of conducting a second, more detailed post mortem.

Being that you are the only member of his family, I'll give you the sole copy of the report.

It's up to you, if you choose to make it public or not.

I had the honour of knowing your father, he was an exceptional man and... a generous donor.

You expect people to pity you?

Not when you inherit 20 billion!

Don't you get it?

I don't want the inheritance.

Get this straight, Largo. The destiny that awaits you takes precedence.

I don't want to become like you.

You scare people. They hate you. That's why you're alone.

Loneliness is the price of power.

And I'm not entirely alone. I have you: you're my son.

I can pass things on. That matters.

Money. Always money...

That's not what I meant.

You see this knife?

It's worth just a few dollars...

Yet it's my most precious belonging.

My father drank like a fish.

He used to beat my mother and me.

Nearly every evening.

When I was 13, I worked in secret for the village grocer.

After a few months, I could buy the thing I dreamed of.

When he tried again, I threatened to kill him if he didn't let us leave.

For the first time, he was scared of me.

He could see I was serious, that I'd do as I said.

There's what life gives you...

...and what you do with it!

Those are the two forces that make you what you are.


It's yours.

Hello, sir.

Forgive this informal awakening. You were deaf to my verbal endeavours.

And you are?

Gauthier, sir. Your late father's butler.

Please accept my condolences, sir.

Mr Freddy dropped you off.

You seemed very tired indeed.

The journey, no doubt.

The alcohol, Gauthier.

The alcohol.

I took the liberty to clean your clothes.

Yet I'm afraid your undershirt is beyond redemption.

I should have warned you.

There's a slight swell today.

When he moved to Hong Kong, your father settled on this yacht.

I think he liked the view.

I'm not surprised.

Already an invitation for you, sir.

Mr Korsky requests your presence for lunch at "Amber".


Mikhail Korsky, 42, from Georgia, head of the Korsk Corporation. Rich from gunrunning.

However, for some years now, he has moved into more worthy fields.

Real estate, banking...

No one knows his exact worth but everyone agrees it's colossal.

Three years ago, someone attempted to poison Mr Korsky...


...and left him marked for life.

Are you always so precise?

I trained at the Regent Street Gentlemen's School, sir.

No one knows his face or his name, but there have been rumors of a mysterious heir.

The heir is... the famous billionaire's adopted son...

No... No, no, no, no, no... I swear!

No! I didn't know!

Look... Look... I'll call him...

I'll find out and I'll call you back...

Yes... I know... I know...

Look, I promise you I... Hello?


Good morning, Mr Meyer. - Good morning, Have you heard about this heir business?

Don't pay too much attention to these rumours Rebecca...

But he's here! He's with the board now!

As executor, I can tell you that Mr Winch's desire was always very clear.

The one and only heir to his fortune has to be his adopted son.

But there's no rhyme or reason to it!

I mean here's a boy from Lord knows where and who claims to be the heir of the world's fifth largest fortune...

It's outrageous.

Mr Wallenberg, have you previously met or even glimpsed this young man?

Nerio's always liked to keep his secrets secret...

Have you, yes or no, met this man before today?


So, in short, nobody knows you.

Where is the proof?

You must think we're stupid, young man.

You don't know whom you're dealing with here!

With good lawyers, we could drag this out for years!

And that is exactly what we're going to do!

Mister Kwan, is that right?

That's right, yes.

William Kwan. Nerio admired your university career. Princeton, Harvard. Your mother must be very proud of you after raising you on her own.

Do you still check the knot of your tie everytime you feel awkward?

Nerio told me about you. Nerio told me about everyone of you.

So believe me, I know exactly whom I'm dealing with.

Nerio anticipated your reactions.

Shortly after I was adopted, he transferred all... his majority holdings to the Anstalt, based in Liechtenstein.

Now Mr Wallenberg, could you explain to our friends here the specific workings of that company?

The shares are "bearer" shares...

In other words, the person who physically has those shares is the owner of the company...

In this way, the company can be passed on without paying any inheritance tax and to become the new owner, the heir has only to recover the shares...

Ten shares, to be precise!

Ten shares hidden in a location that I am the only one to know about.

And that's all the proof that I need!

Now, of course if you still feel like contacting your lawyers, please go ahead.

I just spoke to Miss Pennywinkle...

There is no way you'll be able to have an appointment... with the heir before next week...

Next week?

Surely you don't intend to... run the Group?

I have only one attention.

Find out who killed Nerio Winch.

Until someone proves otherwise, his death was accidental.

You believe so?

I believe someone has decided to take over the group by any means possible.

Where do you think you are?

Mister Winch? - Meyer?

I am sorry but I really must talk to you.

My god! He got shot!

Please forgive me, Mister Winch.

Stephan Marcus... Head of security for the group.

Mister Marcus!

Do you mind explaining what is going on?

Sorry Miss Pennywinkle...

The famous Miss Pennywinkle...

Pleased to meet you, Mister Winch.

Alexandre Meyer... He works in the finance department.


He left me a message this morning. Extremely tense.

He wanted to know if the story about the heir was true...

What are you doing?

I don't think the police would like this, Mr Winch...

Mr Meyer?

I have Mr Korsky for you.

Korsky - Korsky?

What does Meyer have to do with that crook?

Korsky's invited me to lunch today. Absolutly out of the question!

I have an appointment with Mister Korsky...

Please follow me, sir.

Icham Let him go

Forgive him...

Icham always likes to do his job properly.

Such a rare quality these days...

That's right.

I'm going down to the spa...

Naomi, divine, isn't she?


I'm going to buy out the W Group.

You think so?

IMX Does that sound familiar?

I've heard of it. Of course you've heard of it!

It's an investment fund that, as we speak, owns...

Six percent of the W Group...

And do you know who this fund belongs to?

To you.

For the last few weeks, I've been buying out all the available shares of the W Group.

And I know exactly who to buy them from.

Thanks to a certain Meyer...

I'm the story's bad guy.

You're perfect.

Nerio's death has upset the market. So today, I'm shifting into higher gear...

In exactly twenty minutes, I'll be announcing my takeover bid.

I preferred to tell you in person.

I find it more... more elegant.

I didn't know gun running brought in so much...

They... They always say the first billion is suspect.

Two weeks from now, I'll be at the head of the W Group and believe me, everyone will forget the errors of my youth...

If it's respectability you're after, there are more effective ways...

Give your 13 billion to UNICEF...

And, believe me... Everyone will forget the errors of your youth as you say...

With a little bit of luck, you might even receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

Why not?

But everything in its time. First I'm going to buy you out.

You know you're wasting your time.

The group's capital is blocked. I hold a 65%. majority share...

From what I hear... that has yet to be proved.

You don't have to worry about that.

Come in!

Be gentle please.

Very good, madam.

That was a quick lunch.

Ever since I was in jail, I've lost my appetite.

You were in jail?

A very pretty girl put me there.

She vanished after a very pleasant night.

But left a souvenir in my pocket.

What do you know about her?


Well, I remember one particular thing.

A beauty mark on her buttock, the left one I think.

Or the right. I'm not sure.

I'll get another masseur.

Take your clothes off. Lie down. I'll be back in two minutes.

Your car is ready.

Find out all you can about her, Freddy.

After she got me arrested, this girl told a friend where to find me.

Perhaps she fell madly in love with you.

Or letting your friend know was part of the trap.

What trap?

You'll find out sooner or later.

(Republic of Croatia)

(3 years earlier)

See, they haven't changed a thing.

Not defending yourself, soldier?

When do you finish? - In six months.

But I'll sign on for longer.

That was my last year here.

And... the photos at Vlatko's party?

In the green album, I think. - I'll get it.

He won't say where he adopted me.

Was this the place?

I have the right to know, Hannah.

I'm categorical. Adopted children have no legal access to their files.

Listen, I've come a long way.

Do me a favour, let me take a look.

It's important for me.

The law is the law. I didn't make it.

Hands up, bastard!

What are you doing here?

I hesitated about posting bail for you.

I think I pitied you.

Thanks for everything.


I have good news and bad news.

The bad? - The good first.

I spent the night there and got into the archives.

I looked everywhere.

I searched the whole place.

But your file wasn't there.

It must be someplace else.

I asked. All the files are there.

I'm sorry, Largo.

Mister Korsky, what are your comments today on the Winch Corporation takeover?

I had a great admiration for Nerio Winch.

But, today, I think my takeover bid is the best possible thing that could happen to the group which bears his name.

And what is your next move?

I'm going to buy some sweets.

Thank you!

Korsky's takeover bid is warmly welcomed on the markets...

This smells bad... Very bad.

With the blocking minorities called into play, Korsky is going to be like poison.

Let's work out an agreement.

It's the most sensible thing to do.


What do you suggest?

A counter takeover bid on Korsky.

You don't do things by halves.

Nerio knew that Korsky was plotting something.

We had a defence plan. Just in case...

And as you all know, Nerio's best defence was attack.

Except that you're going to be attacking a ghost company...

The Korsk shareholder base is spread out over a host of companies based in various tax heavens.

Korsky probably bought out Meyer, but I've got one better... I've got someone in his personnal entourage.

Who's your spy? - That doesn't matter.

Only the result matters. Take a look.

Korsky's best kept secret...

You see, my dear Mister Kwan, the Korsk's shareholder base isn't so mysterious.

We have options on 19% of the shares...

Our takeover bid will be a complete surprise.

And a crushing victory.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

The law obliges us to inform the other company that it is the object of a takeover bid.

Korsky will have time to find a riposte.

If a takeover bid is made by a private individual, acting in his own name, there is no need to announce it.

They won't see it coming.

My rough guess is that such an operation could cost three billion...

Do you have that much in your account?

No, I don't...

Well, I don't have it on me...

And that's what bankers are for, Largo...

William, you have to lend him the money. You can't be serious?

You want Korsky to eat us alive?

You're asking me to lend three billion to some kid from God knows where?

You must be dreaming!

At least wait until Monday's general meeting!

No, we don't have the time.

I refuse to take that risk without any guarantees.

What if I give you t he shares in the Anstalt as a guarantee, Ms Kwan.

Would that suit you?

I'll be back with the shares in 24 hours.

You'll appreciate the irony of this, Largo.

The impostor is suddenly our saviour.

A little too simple.

Show me the telephone Miss Pennywinckle gave you A GPS will be enough to track you Alright

You won't say where you're going?

You like secrets. Like your father.

I spent 20 years at his side without even suspecting your existence.

(3 years earlier)

For how long?

Two years minimum. Renewable.

Let me through.

Excuse me a second.

Carry on.

I'm listening.

My orphanage file. I want it.

I don't know what you mean.

I went there. I went to the orphanage.

Who told you? - Forget that. I went there.

My file's the only one missing.

You should have told me.

You don't go behind my back.

You never told me anything!

You're a Winch, Largo.

You're my son.

Nothing else matters.

The past belongs to the past. What matters... is your future!

That file is the only thing that really belongs to me.

It's mine.

It's my history.

So you'll give it back to me.

Who do you think you are?

I want my file.

I don't have it. - Liar!

Don't insult your father.

You're not my father.

That's not for you to decide.

Give me that file back.

I burned it.

Find yourself another heir.

(Republic of Croatia)

Josip would never let you listen to that.

You got my message? How long can you stay?

That's Freddy. He called 15 minutes ago.


I have stuff on Naomi, Korsky's girl.

She's a sort of escort girl, often involved in shady business deals.

Who does she work for? - Money.

And for Korsky.

She's been with him a month.

But she vanished this morning. Korsky's going frantic.

How do you know that?

I've always had good informers. Nerio loved that.

Take care, Largo.

Give Gauthier my love.

You know, I think I'll do the same as Nerio.

Get cremated.

It's silly but I imagine the wind carrying my ashes off.

I feel as if I'll be free then.

Whereas being cramped in a tiny box...

And do you think I'll still be free?

That depends on you, Largo.

He had it all worked out.

Even dead, he still decides.

Go to bed. Your room's ready for you.

Where's Largo?

You're going to have to be very cooperative.

Where's Largo?

"I've gone to Sarjevane. See you later."

The last monks left the island in 1908.

The perfect escape from the rat race.

We'll come here every year for a month.

I'll teach you your future business.

Thank you, Mister Winch.

You've done just what we expected of you.

Take the shares out of the safe and slide them over to me.

No sudden moves.

Who are you working for? For you, Mister Winch...

Drop the knife.

I asked you a question. And I gave you an order.

I suppose these people work for me too...

Model employees.

I can see that.

I hope you get a risk bonus...

Don't shoot!

Don't shoot him!

Now we can shoot him!

You should have heeded your instinct.

You knew someone was pulling the strings.

Someone who wanted you to fetch the shares since you alone knew where they were hidden.

And now...

What do you plan to do?






What do you mean, vanished?

He was supposed to be here last night.

I can't reach him... No one knows where he is.

Is this some kind of a joke? - I knew it.

We have to cancel the general meeting!

We'll prepare a press release... We have to find an excuse...

To panic the shareholders... And pave the way for Korsky, certainly not!

You're out of your depth. I won't let you lead this group to its ruin.

I am acting in the sole interest of the group!

Unlike you, for I have no personal ambition.

You don't have the stature for it.

And you're losing your cool.

Largo Winch is our only chance of survival.

The general meeting is maintained.

And you'll better not stop praying that Nerio's heir appears.

I don't think that's the best thing that could happen to us.

Your Largo Winczlav escaped from a prison in South America where he was being held for drug trafficking.

An international warrant for his arrest was issued out this morning...

Good news. We'll end up finding him now.

You still think that this heir is the best way to save the Group?

The general meeting will go ahead as planned, tomorrow.

We have 24 hours to come up with a solution...

Hi, Largo.

Don't worry, I didn't recognize you either.

You see, I didn't set off to see the world.

I took over as doctor from my father.


But I haven't ruled it out.

Turn over.

My cousin found you by the roadside.

It's a miracle you're alive with a wound like this.

I'm invincible.


What happened?

I don't remember a thing.

I'm sorry.

He's going to call, I can tell.

No, Mister Kwan.

I have no idea where he can be.


Thank you, Lord! Thank you!

Where are you?

In heaven.

You have to get me back, Freddy.

Aren't you too old to be brought home?

Do I come with you?

Let me handle it, Gauthier.

Odd place for a meeting.

I'd rather avoid the group's HQ.

I don't want to end up like Meyer.

Largo is alive. You missed him. But I can tell you where he is.

I don't understand...

Don't give me that! Largo told me everything.

What is it you want?

Nerio Winch is dead. His son is on the run.

My career prospects aren't looking good.

So my contact with Largo is the last card I have left. The very last.

And I plan to use it.

You're full of shit.

Largo is dead. I know, I'm the one who killed him.

I know.

One bullet. Fired from a helicopter.

He fell into the sea. You thought he was dead.

Now who on earth could have told me all that?


I'm not talking to you again. I deal with your boss from now on.

You're expected. No funny business.

Come in, Mr Kaplan.

Just fine-tuning tomorrow's speech. The surroundings help, don't you find?

I'm no expert on long speeches.

Don't judge me.

Appearances can be misleading.

I did it all for the group. Only for the group.

And if Marcus is to be believed, you're in no position to preach at me.

Was killing Nerio in the group's interests?

He was sick and dying. You know that.

But you had him killed.

I had to keep control of timing.

I'd never leave the group in the hands of some wild adventurer like Largo.

You use strange methods...

The only person who can take over from Nerio Winch is me.


But you need to convince the meeting.

I have one last card to play that will win me the game.

So, Mr Kaplan,

where is our friend Largo?

He'll call me to say where to pick him up.

How much?

Much more than what your spy in Korsky's firm cost you.

A figure. - Not a cent.

Mail me the plans for your attack on Korsk Inc.

In two weeks, if I carefully invest my savings, you'll make me a rich man. A very rich man.

Insider trading...

Nerio must have rubbed off on you too.

This is what we'll do.

Stay at the hotel with Marcus.

In a few minutes, you'll receive the plan for the Korsk takeover bid.

Then you'll just need to wait for Largo's call.

In a few hours, it will all be over.

Good night, Mr Kaplan.

Don't miss him this time.

Sure your friend will come?


I'll be back.

What for?

To see you.

Don't talk rubbish.

Go on. Off you go.

This is the asshole of the world, here!

It's my home.

I don't believe a word of what you told me on the phone.

But you came anyway.

I can't help it, I'm a gambler.

But I'm warning you, I hate to lose.

Straight from Ferguson's office...

Any minute now, your group will be taken over by the W Group.

Who gave them these informations?



She works for Ferguson.


Slit this bastard's throat!

That's why she vanished.

Ferguson organized everything. She's the one who had Nerio killed...

She's the one who manipulated Meyer to pass on information to you about the Group.

And she's the one who had him killed when he panicked.

That's absurd! - No it's not, it's smart!

You had to be persuaded to attack us!

There had to be a threat to force me to get my shares.

You are the bad guy in the story!

But Ferguson wrote that story!

Let's have a drink!

Let's see if you're a real gambler now...

Withdraw your takeover bid.

Without that threat, Ferguson won't be able to convince the general meeting to give her full powers.

And I'll take care of the rest.

Over my dead body.

You're going to lose everything.

Yeah. Will that be all?

Take me to Hong Kong.

The general meeting starts tomorrow at 11 h. I've got to be there.

You and I are the same.

Two dirty foreigners.

People like Ferguson despise us.


In dollars... That's what you wanted?

I prefer security...

If you don't mind, I'll count it.

It's a pleasure to work with a professional like you.

Don't get carried away, Marcus.

You couldn't afford me.

Good to hear you, Largo.

I checked your mail. It was there.

My new pals loved it.

I'm coming back with them.


Where do I pick you up?

Ok. See you later.

He's waiting for me.

I've had a wire on Korsky's phone for months now...

And Largo just called you from that very phone.

The board of directors will hold a general meeting at eleven o'clock...

The Winch Group is now a fortress under siege.

It will have to name a general or the enemy Korsky will claim a crushing (victory)...

The general meeting must accept the mysterious heir or leave the door open to a takeover by Korsk Inc.

Are you looking for someone?

The trunk.

He can't be far.

Do you know a body international warrant that's up on you?

I'm sure that a man like can help me bypass the formalities.

You're going to have 25 minutes to reach the meeting.

My driver will take you there. You'll be fine.

I have to be at the Grand Hyatt by 11 o'clock.

Not too tired from the flight, sir?

It's kind of you to pick me up.

The usual chauffeur took too many sleeping pills.

Sign. At the bottom, on the right.

A marriage contract?

An I.O. U.

The fare's pretty high.

It's my rate.

I think I forgot the child lock.

Marcus is here.

He'll pay to find you.

You won't do that.

Marcus? I have something for you.

6 feet tall, dark hair, green eyes...

I'm on the Ku Lan road.

You're really nothing but a...

Only guys like you can afford to despise money.


There's a guy in the presidential suite.

Ferguson has planned everything.

When this young man called me yesterday, I was sceptical.

But I have to admit that his story seems perfectly credible.

Here's his orphanage file.

Largo's relationship with his adopted father had become strained in recent years.

You know Largo is wanted for drug trafficking?

Yes, I was informed of that.

When he heard that Largo was on drugs and dealing, Mr Winch decided to change his heir.

And he gave him these.

The shares in the Zunkunft Anstalt.

Sadness yes! But also joy!

The joy of continuing his work, of respecting his memory.

Today, friends, partners, rivals, we should take a moment to remember his life.

It all started on the 13th of august 1933, in a little village in Bosnia-Herzegovnia.

Born into a modest family, Nerio Winch's childhood was, in his own words, difficult...

Are you crazy?

I want all the gates closed!

Yes sir. All the gates are closed, sir.

... Nerio Winch was one of those men, who were born to change the world they live in.

... And a bottle of wine...

I don't know. The best...

Too late, Largo.

No, not yet.

Look at yourself.

And look at me.

Who's going to want you as the heir? Who?

This group, this money, they're mine.

As much as yours.

Deep down, you started it all.

You shouldn't have asked me to go with you that night.

I looked for your file for hours.

I knew it mattered to you.

I didn't find it.

But I came across something much more interesting for me.

When he first went there, Nerio Winczlav left with two children.


And you, Largo.

He knew he'd come back for you one day, so he took two children.

Hannah and Josip couldn't have kids.

He gave them the gift of a child. Me.

And to you... he gave a destiny!

I don't believe in luck. I don't believe in coincidence.

I believe that each man holds his destiny in his hands.

He would have told me.

He always wanted to make all the decisions.

Your life. Mine. Hannah's.

I should never have found out.

But unfortunately I did.

I wanted Nerio to know he didn't control everything.

I went to see him.

I threatened to go public with it.

And he gave you money.

But he made a mistake.

He told Ferguson everything.

Ferguson found me and she offered me much, much more money than he did.

On one condition.

That I head the group and be content with the dividends.

Put it inside!

You can understand why I accepted.

Did you accept Hannah's death too?

What are you talking about?

She'd dead, Goran.

They killed her.

Listen, I'll grab his gun while you smash his head in.


You heard me right! Do it!

Your father struggled too.

It's nothing.

Everything's fine. Just fine.

Today we are at a turning point in our history.

Our founder has passed away.

A group with an appalling reputation has made a hostile take-over bid against us.

But we must stick together to fight it.

What do you want?

... Leaving a surprise in store for us which will ensure the continued success of our group...

My dear friends, twenty-seven years ago, Nerio Winch...

I did it all for the group. Only for the group.

Was killing Nerio in the group's interests?

He was sick and dying. You know that.

But you had him killed.

I had to keep control of things.

When Nerio told me he had cancer, he also told me about his heir. I asked about him.

I'd never leave the group in the hands of some wild adventurer like Largo.

It was madness on Nerio's part. A whim.

In 6 months, Largo would have destroyed everything Nerio had built up.

This group that, with all due modesty, I consolidated with him.

I have the shares, as agreed.

Well done, Largo. You win.

But how will you use this?

Ladies and gentlemen, please! allow me to introduce...

Nerio Winch's heir.

Mister Largo Winch!

...Cleared of all accusations of drug trafficking, the new CEO's first decision was to reach an agreement with Mikhail Korsky to put an end to hostilities between Korsk and the W Group.

The Group's spokesman has admitted that Nerio Winch had been suffering from a brain tumor for the past few months.

Even if the wildest rumors have been circulating, his death does, indeed, seem to have been an accident...

Ma'am, you can board now.

Do you have a stamp?

I can post it for you.

You should write your name on the back...

Hands up!

What's your name? - Danis Vlatkovic.

Hello, Danis.

You're on my territory!

I'm leaving.

Will you let me go?

Thank you.

How about you? What's your name?

Largo Winch!

Take care, Largo Winch!