The Hero of Color City (2014) Script

Ben, it's nearly eight o'clock, honey.

Are you in bed?

Okay, Mom.

I'm on the bed. Not on, in.

As in, you are "in" trouble, mister.

But Mom, I have to finish this drawing.

It's a king.

That's terrific. And who's that little guy?

Kind of a flying thing.

I drew them on the same paper 'cause they're pals.

Well, pal... You're my flying thing and you're flying right into bed.

You can color more tomorrow.

After we clean up this room.

Which means you need to feed the Trashosaur.

Lights out, little guy.

I love you. I love you too, Mom.

Good night, honey.

Where am I? How did I get here?

It's pretty dark. Nothing to be afraid of.

I hope.

Oh, it's the gang. They must be nearby.

Up and at 'em, slowpokes. We only got till morning.

We gotta be back before Ben wakes up, and one minute's gone already.

Come on, we're burnin' moonlight!

Keep it down, you rusty wagon wheels.

You'll wake the young 'un.

Would you look what Ben colored with me today.

A green dog. Usually he just uses me for grass, or leaves. That is one groovy puppy.

You know, last week, Ben used me to color an elephant.

A blue elephant.

Kid sure is creative.

All he ever uses me for is night.

But nighttime is party time.

And another thing: he never colors inside the lines.

Is it too much to ask for my chroma and pigmentation not to be spread around haphazardly?

He colors like a six-year-old.

He is a six-year-old.

Once in awhile, I'm an outline.

What's it take to get some help around this joint?

Zam, what are you doing up there?

I don't know, what are you doing down there?

Ben must have left her there before he went to bed.

Hello. Don't flip your lid, Red.

I got you covered.

Well, it's about time. Been up there all day.

Well, I thought it was a perfect catch.

I probably would have dropped her.

Tangerine. Hello.


I'm here. Oh, did he see me?

I've... I've been here. Baby blue?

Orange? Juicy.

White. Did you see?

Did you, Brown? Ben reached for me today.

Well, almost reached for me, but still...

I saw it, White, and you know, pretty soon Ben's going to draw a holiday card.

Now who do you think he's gonna use for snow?

Me! Gee, thanks, Brown.

Tutti Frutti?

Refried Bean.

Aw, come on!

All right now, let's see here.

Yella? Yella? Yella!

She's probably hiding in a corner somewhere.

Scared stiff, as usual.

Almost there.

Just a few more steps.

Oh! Excuse me, I...


You'll wake the kid. Where's the fire?

Monster... under bed.

Almost... almost got me.

A monster? At this time of year?

It'll probably devour us all.

A sock monkey?

Silly me. Forget about it, Yellow.

Never trust a toy made from old laundry.

And look at his smile. Very insincere.

Oh! Time flies, fellas. We better head back.

Well, hold up there, you young whippersnappers.

Always with the hippity-hop music you have now.

Why, back in my day, crayons came four in a box, and none of these fancy waxes neither.

We were mostly made of charcoal and mud.

Those were the days.

Don't let it fracture you, Yellow. Everyone gets scared sometimes.

You don't.

Hey, come on. I know how to cheer you up.

Some extreme fun.

No, no. Nothing with an "extreme" in front of it.

You go on ahead.

You sure?

Why am I always so afraid of everything?

You sure looked like a monster.

I had every reason to be scared.

It's not like I jump at every little...

Oh, it's just...

Navy blue? Aquamarine?

Aye aye, sir.


Whoo! What a gas.

It wasn't me.

Consarn it, Blue! You almost woke Ben up.

Ooh. My bad.

Time's a-wastin'. We better high-tail it.

Okay, come on. Watch out.

I love it!

Look out below!




Has anyone seen Yella?

Wait for me! I'm here, Brown.


Blue? Red?

Anyone? I'm still here, guys.

With the drawings, and the... dinosaur.

Oh, no.

Deep breaths. Find your happy place.


Get... get away from me! You... you... monster!


Now see here, we're hardly monsters.

Just pigments of Ben's imagination.


Handsome scribbles.

It has two heads! Ooh, two heads?

We should be so lucky. I'm his wingman.

Probably because I have wings.

The name is Nat. You're a gnat?

Not a gnat, Nat! I'm a flying... thing.

Oh, and his best friend.

Who is he? What is he?

Allow me to introduce the Crown Prince of Chiaroscuro, the Head of the Colorwealth, the Archduke of Saturation, the one and only, His Royal Poobah, King Scrawl.

What do you want from me?

Obviously. You're a crayon. We're sketches.

What do I have to do, draw you a picture?

Look, we just need a little color.

I was thinking of something in a paisley.

Wha... what? By myself?

I'm not supposed to color strangers.

And besides, my tip is all worn out...

Well, what about all your friends?

Can't they give us some color?

They're all gone. See?

Gone? Where?

Through the secret door to Color City, where crayons live.

All the crayons? Secret door?

You're right, boss. That certainly looks like a secret door.

That's not the secret door.

And anyway, only crayons are allowed in Color City.

Maybe we need to knock.

Oh, there's a doorbell! This must be the place.

But that really isn't the way to Color City.

Don't listen to her, boss. She's just trying to trick us.

What about this doohickey?

Get me out of here!

Please let me out! I don't like small places.

I've never even been to Rhode Island.

Zing! Thanks, Your Royal Stompiness.

Hey. Where's Little Miss Yellow?

I'm home.

Color City!

I... I made it. Yay!

Hey, Yellow, how you doing? Hi, Yellow.

Yellow! Where you been? We were worried.

I assumed the worst. There's a shock.

You know, Brown was about to organize a search party.

Or, as I think he put it, a... posse.

It was awful. I was attacked.

What? By a big, huge, ginormous...

Sock monkey? A rubber ducky?

Wave of panic. Yeah, that's it.

I was scared because I was all alone.

Well, at least it wasn't a monster this time.

And just look at your tip. Blunt as blunt can be.

You could use a little trip to the spa.

Good idea, Blue.

You'll be as good as new in no time, you'll see.

Do we have an appointment?

Ma cherie, hello. What happened to you?

My gentle, blushing flower.

I had an... episode?

Surprise, surprise, she got left behind in Ben's room.

I'm such a klutz.

Left behind?! But anything could have happened.

You could have been hurt.

Or broken, no?

Broken? I... No. Anything but that.

Aiee! Look at your tip! It's all flat and horrible.

Alors, we fix you in a jiffy.

See you at the beach, Yellow.

But not so fast.

You do not need the spa.

But Madame Pink, I was used today.

What did you color?

Oh, Ben used me to draw...

A sheet of paper. A sheet of paper.

What? No. Oh, yes! Yes.

I mean, a cloud.

A cloud? No. Yes!

Fruit! White fruit?

No. Yes.

An apple. Banana?

An orange! Say what?

How many times must we go through this?

I know you have not been used.

Please. I've never even been in the spa.

Someday you will. But not today.

Someday soon, I hope.

Coloring is overrated.

Are you kidding? Coloring is what we do.

I just know I'll be useful someday.

I just have to be.

Oh, hi!

What does this mean, this... sock monkey? Qu'est ce que c'est?

It's kind of like a real monkey, but made out of socks.


I know, right? I just wish...

If only I was cool, like Blue.

Or as strong as Red.

Or even as organized as Green.

They would have known how to deal with King Scrawl.

King Who? What, what, what?


Oh, cherie, we are all special in our own way.

We each get to be one color.

Except for Tutti Frutti!

Whoo hoo hoo! I can sing a rainbow!

Oui. Except for her.

Being yellow is a good thing, n'est ce pas?

I guess.

Yellow. Yellow? Tick-tock, beach party.

Oh, I almost forgot.

I'm meeting my pals at the marina.

Au revoir!

Hey there, Yellow. Hello, dearie.

Hey, Yellow.

Get off my lawn!

Madame is right. Maybe I am special.

I can be anything I want.

With colors so bright Oh, it reminds me of Spring And ringing my bell just makes me want to sing The air is so rosy, so sparkly and light It's golden all day and deep purple at night Riding along makes me feel so happy The city is shining, its colors are snappy The sky is so blue and the buildings all gleam If I wasn't awake, I'd be in a dream Ring a little bell and off I go singing The colors keep time to my bell's ding-a-linging A bright little tune I will sing from the start The song that I sing also rings in my heart When you are singing, your cares disappear And when you are ringing, it makes colors clear A red star is twinkling, there's green in the trees Blue is a whisper and white is the breeze Some hues are loud, and others are mellow I love them all, from magenta to yellow Colors are with us in moon glow or sun And singing about them is just so much fun Ring a little bell and off I go singing The colors keep time to my bell's ding-linging A bright little tune I will sing from the start The song that I sing also rings in my heart

Ring a little bell Ring a little bell Ring a little bell The song that I sing also rings in my heart

Oh, no! It's him.

One blueberry frappé.

Thank you, darling. Just what the doctor ordered.

Hello, all.

I hope I'm not late.

Yellow should be here any second.

You know, Green, I'm starting to get worried about Yellow.

Oh? She's seeing monsters everywhere.

Yeah. I hope she hasn't snapped her cap.

Girl's going all delusional on us.

Yikes! Yikes?

Yikes, man!

I'm going this way now!

That's a big monster.

He's crayon-napping Yellow! Somebody do something!

Doesn't screaming and running in circles count?

I guess.

Hold it! All right, you varmint.

As sheriff of this here city and on behalf of crayons everywhere, I order you to cease and desist any and all monster-related activities.


After him! Charge!

Oh, my goodness. Hold on, hold on!

That doesn't look safe at all. Oh, Yellow!

Keep him in your sights! It's time for Plan A.

This way, this way!

Put me down! Put me down! Put me down!

Let me go!

Don't let me go! Don't let me go!

Don't let me go!

Afraid of heights?

Heights, crowds, germs, the dark... Okay, okay... vacuum cleaners, cats, bugs, sock monkeys...

I get the picture!

And trees. Trees?

You're afraid of trees?

They've got pointy branches!

Well, their bark is worse than their bite, you know.

Oh, that was awesome!

I'm so funny.

Yee-haw! Plan A for aero-plane!


Hang on! I'm comin' for ya', Yella!


Whoa, Nellie!

I got some sort of turkey on my tail!

Hoo-doggies, I been hit!

I got her! I got her! I got her!



Brown, are you all right?

I think my saddle's sore.

We must rush you to the hospital!

Tout suite!

Well, what do we do now, your Royal Clumsiness?

I gotcha.

Why deal with this pain in the tail when we can go straight to the source?

Blue, you and Brown really saved my wrapper.

Please. You're making me blush.

And when I blush, I turn purple.

What's so wrong with that?

Did you see that? The monster was all...

And Yellow was all...

And we were all... And it was horrible!

Well, he's gone. Our troubles are over.

I sure wish that were true. Lookee yonder.

What does it mean?

I'm afraid our troubles are only just beginning.

All right, all right, simmer down now, young 'uns.

We've put our best minds to work on the sitch-e-ation.

Professor Heliotrope from ColorTech University is here to make his report. Professor?

Oh, now it's my turn to speak with the talking and the lips with the flapping and explaining.

Hello, nice cowboy man.

I'm not quite ready though with the screen for the light and the showing of the thing which is happening with...

Oh! Where did everyone go? It's like a magic trick.

Oh, my glasses. There they are.

Okay, well... Well, then.

Lights, please and thank you, very nice.

All right, the slide numbering one, please.

Then slide the first, the premiere, yes.

Thank you. Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Well, this represents the rainbow which comes down with all the color and the color falling into the lake, giving us the tinting and all the prettiness in the city, like I said, for living. Living and happy, smiling.

Slide number two. The two is next to one and number four through... Thank you.

And here we see the colorfall, through which the metamorphosis of the rain...

Ooh, double rainbow! To the lake, to the lake, gives us the color, setting us apart from other art materials like ink blots, and lumps of clay and pencil lead, and what do they do with the pastels?

The smudging. All right and the next slide.

Oh, you're good at that. Thank you.

Oh, and here I am at the beach last year having a wonderful vacation, it was so nice.

They brought me the drink with the big thing in it that stabbed me in the eye.

I don't even know how that got in there.

Okay, let's move along. Press the button.

See, again, you're very good at this in the back.

Look, now, there are...

Drumroll and moment of seriousness.

Here, you can clearly see my postulation:

Limpidus non carborundum est.

Run that by us again, Professor.

In English?

What, you didn't get it the first time?

All right, I'll do it again.

Assuming the insertion of the Monster between the Rainbow and the Colorfall, he...

It's very simple, actually.

No color, removed. We become transparent.

Transparent? You mean I'll lose my color?

Well, everybody will lose their color.

And if we lose our color, we'll cease to exist.

Any questions?

It figures.

Whoa, whoa! Hold your horses.

Folks, I ain't gonna sugarcoat it.

We're up a crick without a paddle.

I'll say! No Crayon I've ever heard of has traveled that far before.

Now Red, no need to get everyone more riled up than they already are.

Green, what time is it? We have precisely five hours, fifty-eight minutes and twenty-seven seconds before Ben wakes up. All right, all right.

We need ourselves some volunteers to go upriver and stop this scrawly sidewinder who's messing with our color.

Who'll be first? I'm in.

Atta boy. Knew we could count on you. Anybody else?

We each get to be one color.

I'm tired of feeling useless. This is our chance.

Always knew we'd end up on a perilous mission of doom.

We're in!


Do I see another bold color in the house?

Green? Nice going, Greenhorn!

Someone's gotta keep track of time and keep things organized.

No big galoot is gonna steal my color.

I'm coming too! Zam!

This is gonna be one crazy voyage.

Well, there's our posse.

Unless there's another volunteer? We got room for one more.

Not a lot of room. I have luggage!

Lawn, lawn... get off my lawn.

Come on, boss. Almost there.


It's so pretty. I love it.

I hope he's right about this color thing.

Well, if you're ready, so am I, your Royal Tie-Dyediness.

On your mark, get set. Color!


This is so much fun!

Hoo-ha, boss. We're in color!

You think this is the right combination for me?

I'm a sort of an autumn.

I don't want to look too summer-y.

Oh, you've paled out a bit.

Well, that was disappointing.

Just jumping in doesn't seem to do the trick.

I guess it's only crayons that can color drawings like us.

You know, decent, sophisticated, grown up.

Hard lines, handsome...

What's going on? What do you see? What's happening?

Yes, I see, your Royal Plumbermeister!

If we plug up the colorfall, the crayons will have to come here to unclog it, and then we can get them to color us!

Avast, me hearties! This be our vessel?

Well, Green, it's good to see you came prepared.

Oh, indeed, only the essentials.

My cappuccino machine, my bunny slippers, etcetera, etcetera.

Hey, didn't you pack anything?

We had to pack? No one told me.

Did you pack anything?

Only my sunny disposition.

People, people, don't freak.

I didn't bring anything either.

Well, I hope you at least packed clean underwear.

Of course! Six pairs.

Plus two in case of accident.

Hello, everyone! Yellow, it's good to see ya.

Cool, man! You're coming with us?

No, no. I'm not going.

This is just some things I thought you'd need.

It's the least I can do. Nice job.

Compass. Tent. Lantern.

"Map of Scary Places."

It's a map.

Very practical.

And it's utilitarian, and it's pragmatic, too!

Those are synonyms, I think.

One word before you depart.

You're going where no crayon has ever gone before.

I sure wish I was going with you, but I'm a bit, hog-tied.

All I can do is wish you luck and remind you not to be late, 'cause if you don't get back before Ben wakes up, you'll be lost forever.

No Ben, no coloring, no nothing.

Oh, yes, Inkdiana.

I spoke at a seminar once there one time.

They have a lovely convention center.

Oh, yes, indeed! Very colorful!

No! The map!

Why don't you take that...

Here, Blue, you'll need this. Oh, thanks, Yellow!

What am I looking at here?

Oh, Blue, that's the wrong side. Here, like this.

A cotton blend!

That's some quality rope, if I do say so myself.

You really should only go for the quality ropes.

And cables, and bungees.

And anything else that falls in the line of string.

What the...?

Hey, I didn't say cast off, but... cast off!

Cast off? Wait!

I'm not supposed to be here!

Oh, they are so brave, n'est-ce pas?

Braver than a armadillo crossing the highway.

Yellow! Up top! I'm glad you decided to come!

Well, I didn't exactly decide to.

Don't worry, it's gonna be fun!

Isn't this exciting? Exciting?

We could get the wax peeled off our tips, our wrappers could get torn, or we might even get broken.



This isn't too bad.

I can handle this. A nice relaxing boat ride.

Heave ho, I'm pirate-talking Heave ho, our knees are knocking Heave ho, our boat is rocking Early in the morning To be at sea.

The fresh, clean salt air.

The gentle swaying of the ship.

Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

Oh, on my wrapper.

Argh, a landlubber. My apologies.

Being on the water brings out my inner pirate.


Heave ho, off we go It's time to save the day From the giant Who's trying to take our colors away I'm Green, I like to stay on track If we're on time, I've got your back How can we pick up some slack While heading down the river?

Heave ho, off we go I'm Blue and very cool I'll take some risks, but I'm no fool Playing safe is still the rule While sailing to adventure Heave ho Off we go It's time to save the day From the giant Who's trying to take our colors away My color's White, my time will come When it's my turn to have some fun Right now I'm a little numb Feeling kind of queasy Heave ho, off we go My brother White, you've got it wrong Listen to Black, before too long We won't be here to sing this song We're headed for disaster Heave ho, off we go It's time to save the day Hooray. From the giant Who's trying to take our colors away Who says, Black? We cannot fail I'm tough and strong Red will prevail Oops, I think I've chipped a nail So call the paramedics!

Heave ho, off we go I'm worried and I fear I'm Yellow, and to be right here With danger lurking very near It's not what I intended It's not. It's really not.

Heave ho, off we go

- It's time to save the day Hooray!

From the giant Who's trying to take our colors away So, heave ho, off we go It's time to save the day From the giant Who's trying to take our colors away He can't take our colors away No, he won't take our colors away

'Cause we're here to save the day!

My theory seems to be...

I believe the proper terminology would be... correct-o-mundo!

Oh, this is not good. Not good at all.

I'd invite you to take a look, but it seems my ocular orb has become somewhat fastened to this contraption...

Qu'est que c'est?

He means his eye is stuck.

Oh, thank you, nice Cowboy Man and Pink Lady.

There must have been... suction created with the surface tension when my eyeball came in contact with the curvature of the eyepiece lens, causing the predicament that, with your application of continuous gyration and torque was finally broken, allowing me to esca...

Glad we could help, Professor.

Just what I feared.

That varmint is blocking up the rainbow!

Here, take a look-see.

Zut alors! A chroma-tastrophe.

If this continues, we shall soon be mere silhouettes!

I believe you are already starting to fade.

And you don't have your usual rosy glow.

Oh, well, this isn't my usual eyeball, but our heroes are coming to a bifurcation!

Hey! Which way?

Let me see...

We need to make a decision here.

It says "Danger!"

Almost there. Go left.

Left? Right.

Right? You said left. I meant correct.

Go left. Left. You sure?

Right. Right right?

Or correct right? Right right!

Make up your mind! Left!

Okay, turning left!


Right. Okay.

Where are we? According to the map, we're heading down the Scary Narrows.

The rapids! Hang on tight!

What do we do now?

We end up in Davy Jones's school supplies.

Oh, no.

We have to stay inside the shorelines.

Blue! Give the wheel to Green!

Me? Him?

He's the best at staying in the lines.

That's not cool!

The lines are getting too close together!

We'll never make it.

We're doomed.

I landed on my keys.

Oh! I'm still in one piece!

You dodged the whole thing! You saved us!

Well, it only goes to show that sometimes, you just have to color outside the lines.

Way to go, Green!

Well, thank you, but I can't take all the credit.

It was Yellow's idea.

It sure was.

That was some fast thinking.

Green, I think you forgot your sunscreen there.


You've got tan-lines.

I do?

Well, I've never had them before.

You do too, Red.

What? I'm going a bit gray myself.

Oh, no! What is it?

These aren't tan lines. We're starting to fade.

That can only mean one thing.

What do you think it'll be like when we have color, boss?

I think I'd like to have polka dots.

Or maybe I could be plaid!

I bet Lois would go out with me if I was plaid.

Girls love straight lines crisscrossing, crisscrossing.

Make you look handsome.


Oh! Great work, your Royal Brawniness.

Keep this up and we'll be done in no time!

Hey, you're not gonna let some spooky unnatural fog scare you?

Anything could be in that fog.

Any kind of creepy, crawly, ookie, slimy monster.

I'll take the lead.

Let's go everybody.

What is this place? Everything's so glum.

Yeah, makes Black look downright cheery.


You're always so brave, Blue.

How do you do it? What's your secret?

No secret.

But you're never afraid.

That's what you think.

I've got the heebie-jeebies right now.

You do? But you don't show it.

Oh. Well, maybe that's the secret.

Creepy crawlies! Yellow was right.

Go back!

Go away!

You are not welcome here.

Come any closer and we'll leave you on the dashboard of a hot car!

I always knew I'd end up melted by spooky disembodied voices.

I'm not afraid of any fog creature... much.

Come on out! I dare you!

I double dog dare you!

And don't come back. Moo.


Something smells fishy.

Blue must have forgotten to change his socks again.

I mean something's not right.

Someone's gotta sneak back.

What? Behind enemy lines?

Ha. I'll do it!

No. White has to go.

Alone. Me?!

Why me?

Look at you.

You're naturally camouflaged. You'll blend right in.

I know this is hard to do. Believe me, I know.

But we need you.

You need... me?

Wow, you guys need me.

This is my moment to shine.

I'll do it!

Was I okay? You were great.

What about me? Did I overplay it?

No, no. I really liked the "or else" part.

It implied consequences.

Perilous consequences.

Moo. Yeah, Cow.

I really felt the complexity of your backstory and the emotional shading of your delivery.

Why, you're not monsters!




Fellas, it was a trick.

No, no, no. We really are monsters!

Yeah, I... I'm a dragon.

Fierce, vicious.

Very scary.

Not so hard!

So this was the menace?

You bovine buffoon! You lactose lunatic!

You... Moo.

White! You were wonderful.

As Brown would say...

"Aww, shucks, ma'am. T'wern't nothin'."

Okay, you know, 'fess up. Who are you guys?

We're, we're...

We're unfinished drawings.

The unfinished. The not-quite-good-enough.

The ones that never made it on Ben's wall or Mom's fridge.

Most of us don't even have names.

I'm Duck. This is Cow. Moo.

Everyone calls me Bumble Bee.

Astronaut. Horse.

He's Race Car.

Pathetic, right?

My name's Ricky...

But... but, I'm... I'm not exactly sure why.

You live here?

What he means is nobody wants to hang out with us.

Moo, moo.

Besides, we have to hide here.

If we don't, "it" might find us.

"It?" What's... it?

The Great Waste.

A terrible creature that eats unfinished drawings.

Eats... drawings?

Yup. Stinger, wings, cute little chef's hat...

He'd make a bee-lightful tuna sandwich out of me!

Get a grip, bumble-boy.

Come on, gang, we've got our own monster to fight.

Maybe we'll catch you on the way back.

How do we get out of here?

We're west of Eraser Mesa.

No, no, no, avoid that place. You'll get rubbed out.

We could head towards Glueisiana.

You don't want to get stuck there.

How about cutting through Pencilvania?

Oh, what's the point?

Well, what do you suggest?

The quickest way is across the Wasteland.

We can take you. But it's a desert!

We'll never make it. It's too hot.

We'll melt! Hot? You betcha.

But it's also our home. We can get you across.

But, we'll have to go fast!


Hey, this is kinda fun!

In fact... I love this!

We're here.

Here? This is Rubber Band Ridge.

From here, it's just a quick shot to the top of the mountain.

We'll show you how.

I do wish there was something we could do for you guys.

Maybe we can.

What do you mean?

We could color our friends.

Coloring? Now?

Plus we're already fading.

If you ask me, we don't have any color to spare.

And don't forget about the big scary monster and his... flying thing.

I know we still have a long way to go, but it's the right thing to do.

The drawings helped us. It's our turn to help them.

Well... I'm a crayon.

Coloring is what I do.

This is my destiny.

And that cow needs some white!

Moo, moo? And some black, too.

See? It hardly takes a second.

There. Now you're a palomino.

How about adding a little oomph to that fire!

What's a Mallard without green feathers?

And a racecar without a slick paint job is just a rust bucket.

Whenever I'm looking for something to do A story brings me in Away from the things that make me afraid And then I can begin You see, it's me My magic's coming through Color the world The greatest thing to do Drawing our stories we like to explore With color and with style Led by our feelings and through every door We're finding our own smiles Let's sing and dance Our magic never ends Color the world It's better with our friends Better with our, better with our Friends Houston, we don't have a problem!

I am bee-utiful!

Hot stuff comin' through!

Oh, I wish we had the words to thank you.

Bee-cisely, we're all utterly grateful.

She does have a way with words.

Are you guys gonna be all right?

I think so, Ducky-Duck.

We would have liked to give you even brighter colors, but we are getting paler by the minute.

And we've only minutes to spare.

Well, then, let's get moving.

Are you guys sure about this?

Unless you know how to fly, this is the fastest way to the top.

I always knew we'd end up being launched into oblivion.

Five... four, three, two, one.

Blast off!

Help me. Someone. Hurry!

I'm stuck in a rock.


Zam good or Zam bad?


He and that flying thing are hoarding all the color for themselves!

What is that guy, anyway?

Some sort of a bat? I don't know.

There are creeps and there are jerks, but this guy, he's a real creep-jerk!

How do we stop him? He is stronger than us.

He is meaner than us! He is badder than us.

We got to have a plan.

Plan? Good idea.

What's the plan? Don't know.

Planning is not my thing, dig?

Maybe we can distract him long enough to destroy the dam?

And how do we do that?

Well... one of us will have to act as bait.

And I know just who that should be.

Yellow. Exactly.

What? Wait, me?

Blue... are you sure?


We gotta think outside the crayon-box on this one!

He chased her around Color City. I bet he'll follow her again.

Besides, I believe in you, Yellow.

Maybe it's time you believed in yourself.

I... I believe in me, too.

I can do it!

I can't do it!

What was I thinking, coming here on my own?

I'll never change.

I'm yellow. Yellow, yellow to the core.

I'll just sit here. That's it.

I'll sit here on this rock for a while, then go back and tell them I couldn't find Scrawl.

I'll just say I got lost in this snow.


This isn't snow. It's...

P... P... paper!

Eeek! The.. the... the Great Waste!

Help, help, help! Help, help, help!

That's it, your Royal Chop-Sockiness!

Wax on, wax off!

Yeah, you better run, you Trashosaurus Rex!

You saved me.


We tried to tell you.

All we ever wanted was some color.

Without it, we're just...

Unfinished drawings.

You helped me.

Now it's my turn to help you.

There. Now you truly are King Scrawl.

Thank you.

You're welcome, but we're almost out of color.

We have to get the colorfall flowing again.

This is my fault. I was being greedy.

I never meant to cause you any harm.

The dam must come down right away.

But your Royal Clogginess, the dam is too strong for us to knock down by ourselves.

My friends will help.

Oh, I'm not so sure about that.

I think the other crayons are afraid of me.

I'll explain.

It was all a big misunderstanding.

You'll see.

I knew this Rubber Bandolero would come in handy.

We'll stretch it across the canyon, and when Scrawl gets near...

Whammo! We get him.

Signal! Signal! Bird sounds!

That's the signal. Here they come!

Places everyone. It's show time!

Hello? Guys?

Everything's okay. Olly olly auburn-free!

They must be around here somewhere.


It's a trap!

I knew it, your Sitting Duckliness.

No, wait!

We should never have followed her into Color City.

An ambush. And I trusted you.

Get me down from here.

I don't think I can, your Upside Downliness.

I can only make paper cuts, and this thing is rubber.

Please, listen to me!

You know him?

You led him to Color City?

Well, not exactly...

And how come he can speak?

Did you draw him a mouth?

Yes, but he... Whose side are you on, Yellow?

Wait, listen...

Just stay out of our way, Yellow.

Haven't you done enough? Please, please.

You don't understand.

You're right. We don't.

Pardon my language, but you, sir, are a Grade-A poopy pants.

Poopy pants? Well, that's awfully harsh, don't you think?

So what'll we do with them now?

Gee, I don't know. Planning's not my thing.

I think I mentioned that.

Anyone got an idea?

Let's make him into a great big paper pinata, and whammo!

Yes! That sounds both appropriate and timely.

Well, then... Charge!

This doesn't look good, your Punching Bagliness.


Leave him alone!

Oh, you've gotta be kidding me.

Siding with the monster again?!

Stop calling him that! He's not a monster! He's a king.

Very nice landing.


And he saved my life.

What? He did?

He's good and kind and all he wants is some color.

We never gave him a chance to explain.

We judged him because we were afraid.

I was afraid, too.

But not anymore.

Oh. Zam.



Well, I... I suppose, in light of this new information...

We've all acted like jerks.

Yeah. Creep-jerks.

And I am the worst offender of all.

Will you forgive me?

I'm sorry. A happy ending gets me every time.

It's not over yet.

We've still got important work to do.

And very little time.

Colors are runnin' faster than a red sock in a washing machine.

It is the end. Le coup de grace!

Soon we will be saying au revoir, mon ami.

My fade-o-meter tells me that we are now only 15.6 percent of our original color and dimming with alacrity!

There, there. It ain't over till the fat crayon sings.

Spoke too soon.



Heave! Ho!!



It won't budge! We need more help!

There's no one else. It's up to us.

Not quite, your Royal Mistakenliness.

I have brought reinforcements.

What was that?

Sounds like the cavalry!

I've always had a way with giant terrestrial vertebrates.

Hey, this way.

Yeah. Okay, big fella.

Get ready to pull.

All right, everybody. On three.






Hue, shade, tint, saturation are all returning!

It seems appropriate to interject at this juncture a hearty hoo-ha!

Those rapscallions did it!


C'est manifique!

Shucks, ma'am.

Spontaneous osculation, reaction of embarrassment combined with a measure of bashful delight. Oh, very good.

Very good, indeed.

Stay cool!

If you can get us back to Color City right away, I think there's enough time.

Very possibly.

Looking good, your Royal Highness.

As do you, my trusty...

What are you, anyway?

Bug, bird, bat...

It doesn't matter when you look this good!

And you have great friends.

You know, I debated about pinstripes, but it's not really the season. Maybe this winter.

I don't know. Tweed's the...

Folks, we owe our heroes a great big ball of thanks.

And none more so than Yella.

So, little miss, the highest award we can bestow:

The Color Wheel of Honor.

Professor, the medal, please.

Oh, no, no, that's not it.

Oh, how did that get in there?

This? No. Oh, my, this isn't mine.

Oh, is that a gelatin marsupial? I wonder if it's still good.

Nope, not good! No, it's awf... Oh, wait.

Oh, bingo! Here it is!

I knew it was here all along, it was just at the bottom...

You truly are the Hero of Color City.

Sorry, folks, this square dance is over.

Ben is waking up in five... Hurry, folks! four... After you. three... two...


When did I...


I am bee-utiful!

Houston, we don't have a problem.

Hot stuff comin' through!

Oh, I wish we had the words to thank you.

Ooh, hey, Ricky. I wonder if there's a way to share crayons with children who might not have any of their own. Oh. What about recycling?

Really? Recycle crayons? How?

Kids, parents and teachers can collect used, but still good crayons. Then the Crayon Collection will help find them new homes with other boys and girls.

Sounds easy-peasy.

Yup. Just go to and click on the "recycle" button to start saving crayons for kids everywhere.

And more crayons mean more drawings.

Like us!

I finally made it.