The Hill (1965) Script

Captioning made possible by Warner Brothers.


Man fainted!

Good morning, sir.

Heat exhaustion.

We're expecting a new lot of prisoners in, aren't we?

I have five listed, sir, but we could get a lot more.

Can we?

The new push has started.

Soon as there's a bit of action, the bloody layabouts are begging to get in here.

Got a special coming in, sir... A broken sergeant major.

What, roberts? So they found him guilty?

No doubt about that, was there, sir?

I suppose not.

I want him fit, sir.

If he's fit, you'll get him, sergeant major.

I want him, sir.









Morning, harris.

Morning, sir.

You the new staff?


Name, sir?

Staff williams, sir.



You going to keep them line dodgers idling all day?


Present arms!

Worked in the civvy jails, haven't you?

Yes, sir.

And aldershot?

Yes, sir.

Why give up the comforts of civvy life?

I wanted overseas, sir.

Jerry bombed the scrubs. Is that right?

Yes, sir.

Then you'll like it here...

Nice and peaceful, ain't it, staff harris?

I'll do my job anywhere I'm sent, sir.

Hah. Enjoy prison work?

Fancy I'm the right man for the job, sir.

Do you? Staff harris here don't reckon himself as a man with a mission.

Is that right, harris?

Well, there's other jobs.

They can still use men up front, sir.

Then why the hell didn't you join the commandos?

All I meant was...

I've done 25 years.

Where do you think I'd like to be right now?

Nobody's gonna pin a medal on us, but get this straight...

One job's as important as the next. Is that clear?

Two prisoners for release, sir.

Double them over here.

Left! Right! Right wheel!

Left! Right! Left! Right!

Left! Right! Mark time!

Carry on, gate.


About turn!

Right turn!

Keep them knees up. Keep them up!

Halt! 1, 1, 2!

Now... let's have your names.


743... walters, sir.

Put your kit bag down. You.

158... martin, sir.

Put your kit down.

Due for release, eh?

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Why were you in for, martin?

Went absent, sir.

You, walters? Went absent, sir.

Be going absent again?

No, sir. No, sir.

When they came to me, they were on the run.

Living it up in cairo, wasn't it?

Yes, sir.

Living with a couple of cabaret bints.

Very tough they was, considering they was pimps.

Wasn't going to do nothing I told them, was you?

Well, speak up.

We sort of thought like that, sir.

Any complaints about any members of my staff?

No, sir. No, sir.

Glad of that.

We treated you well... Better than you deserve.

You look better, and you smell sweeter.

Gave you both hell, didn't I?

No, sir.

Could have been worse, sir.

Who told you to make a speech?

You know why I made you suffer?

To find out if there's any good in you.

You hurt yourself trying to beat me.

You take the hill, pack drill, the lot...

And learn about discipline the hard way.

I've doubled in thousands like you...

The dregs, the dross, the filth of the gutters...

But when I've doubled them out, they've turned out like you two, like men... and a credit to the uniform.

Pick up your kits.

About turn!

Double march!

Left! Right! Left! Right!

Left! Right! Left!

Come on! Move it!

Move it! Come on!

Hop to it! Move it!



You got room in b-wing for five prisoners?

Yes, sir.

All in one cell. Fix it.

Sir. I will.

New scum and old scum are bad mixers.

I'll assign staff williams to you, harris.

He can cut his teeth on this new lot.

Mark time!

Fix it.



New intake of prisoners, sir.

Sweat them down.

Double them before you give them to me.


Double march! Left! Right!

Left! Right! Left! Right!

Left! Right! Left! Right!

I'm a fair man, staff.

All I ask is that the prisoners obey orders at the double.

Your job is to see that they do.


Every man on my staff's got my full backing.

There's the commandant, of course.

The commandant signs bits of paper.

He'd sign his own death warrant if I handed it to him.

But I run this place, you got that?

The commandant doesn't like being troubled with trivialities.

So only take up serious matters with him, staff, like arson or sudden death...

But see me first always.

Left turn!

Left! Right! Left! Right!

Mark time!


Take over, staff.


Pick up your dressing.

Come on! Look lively!

Stand still!

Turn out your kits.

Tidy it up.

Tidy it up.

Tidy it up.

Tidy it up.

Tidy it up.

Tidy it up.

Stand still!

Sir, that's my wed...

You'll get a receipt.

Love letters.

Please, sir, they're my wife's.

Tell it to the sergeant major.

Those letters, sir. Please, they're my wife's.

I'll tell you when to speak.

So that's the way your bloody mind works, is it?

Thought you'd contaminate his majesty's prison with fornicating pictures, did you?


Thought we'd let you keep them for pinups, I suppose, you dirty-minded animal!

Staff, what's this?

Tell it to the sergeant major.

Sergeant major...

Shut up!



Let's have your names.


132... Private mcgrath, sir.


736... Private king, sir.

929... Private stevens, sir.


824... private bartlett, sir.

421... trooper roberts, sir.

So you're roberts, eh?

Yes, sir.

My guess is willie, sir.

He's my pal.

I bet he put those postcards in my kit.

He planted them on you?

That's willie, sir...

Always dropping me in it.

Your charge sheet says you stole three bottles of whiskey from the sergeants' mess.

And you weren't charged with being drunk, too?

My unlucky day, sir.

I make the jokes here.

When you've served your sentence, you'll be arrested at the gates and charged with having in your possession obscene photographs.

Now you can start laughing.

Ha ha ha!

Watch it!

Watch it.

You... stole 10 motor vehicle tires.

Yes, sir.

What did you do with them?

I flogged them, sir.

To the enemy?

No. To the wogs.

And what do you call them?

Your little friends?

Sold them guns, too, have you?

No, sir.

You would, if you had a chance.

How many times have you been inside now?

Nine, sir.

Just about due for your pension, eh?

When'd you last see action?

Action, sir? Um... uh, let me see... you've never seen any.

Well, I never quite got around to it, you see.

No, you didn't, did you?

It's the luck of the game, sir.

Bartlett... let me tell you that the front line is going to be a damn sight more comfortable than here.



You're the fighting man, mcgrath.

Yes, sir.

I see. You assaulted three members of the corps of military police.

Yes, sir.

You seen any other action apart from that?

If you're asking if I'm a coward, sir...

I'll soon have the answer to that.

I didn't flog tires to the enemy or sell dirty postcards on the streets of cairo.

No. You got boozed up and tried to obstruct the police.

I don't need a drink before...

Your kind always needs a drink.

Mcgrath, I've a dozen like you inside here.

They all came here thinking they were going to run this place.

I just doubled a couple of them out.

Went absent, stevens?

Yes, sir.

Didn't fancy the sound of gunfire?

It wasn't that, sir.

I was...

Tried to stow away on a boat leaving for england.

I was trying to get home, you see, sir.

Not very smart, stevens.

The smart thing to do is to go to the airport, give a yank 20 quid, and he'd fly you to hong kong if you wanted it.

It was home I wanted, sir.

Missing your wife, stevens?

Yes. Yes, sir.

If every man who wanted a cuddle and a little bit of loving kindness took off for england, there wouldn't be any bloody army left over here, now, would there?

No, sir.

You're out of place here, stevens.

Obey orders, get out as soon as you can.

Thank you, sir.



Your commanding officer gave you an order.

He ordered you to fight, so you knocked his teeth out.

Is that right?


Is that all you've got to say?

Sir, it's all I want to say.

See that hill?

I noticed it as I came in.

We built it special.

A few tons of sand and rock and a lot of labor and sweat.

The prisoners built it.

That's marvelous, sir.

It's a great construction feat.

Something tells me you're going to get to know it well.

I don't want any special privileges.

It's hot on that hill. Hot.

I fancied I saw snow on the top when I came in.

Dead set on having a go at it, aren't you?

I can do without it, sir, but I think you've got other plans for me.


Would you like to drill with these men?

Anything you order, I can do, sir.

It's a pity I won't see it.

You can't drill with them.

You're black.

I already know that, sir.

I only take notice of one thing... the book.

King's rules and regulations lay it down in black and white that hottentots, bosutos, voodoo boys, and sons of witch doctors do their square-bashing separate and away from white men.

I'm a british subject from the west indies.

You're black.

That makes me happy when I see some white men, sir.

Don't answer back, you different-colored bastard.

Man, I spit.


Over here.

See if the m.o.'s ready to inspect these men.


So you're a british subject, eh?


Yes, what?

Yes, sir.

Then you have equal privileges.

You can drill with these men, and you can dance over that hill with them.

Be my pleasure, sir.

Six prisoners present and correct, sir!

46 prisoners correct, sir!

16 prisoners present and correct, sir!

15 prisoners present and correct, sir!

18 prisoners all present and correct, sir!

Five new prisoners all present and correct, sir!

18 prisoners all present and correct, sir!

Now if any of you are excused boots, pack drill, breathing, have six toes, two heads, or a dose of the clap, are pigeon-chested, wall-eyed, or still have to be breast-fed, speak up now.

That's me set piece. It always gets a laugh.

Ready for medical inspection, sir.

King, fall out.

Double over to the m.o. left! Right! Left! Right!

So you're the busted sergeant major, are you?

Eyes front!

I'll bet your boys loved you.

How many of them died for you, roberts?

Some of them died, sir, fighting.

Don't give me the big hero stuff.

You got busted for cowardice.


Eyes front!

Not a swatty in the middle east has not heard about you.

What are you supposed to be, a brave man in a permanent base job?


Stevens! Fall out and double away with you.

Left! Right! Left! Right!

Get those knees up, will you?!

Get them up! Up! Up!

Medical inspection.

Man, the only place that crazy doctor inspected... no talking.

How he going to know I a-1 by only just looking at my secret weapon?

I told you no talking!

King, roberts, you're on charge.

But, staff, he didn't speak.

Don't answer back.

Staff, you charge me. That man ain't speak.

King, you're a dead cert for bread and water if you don't stop flapping that big trap of yours.

I told you, staff, he didn't speak.

Why don't you shut up?

I don't want them two dropping me in it.

Next staff!

Yes, sir!

All right, mcgrath, fall out!

What the hell you doing, stevens?

Cut out this bashful virgin act.

Left! Right! Left! Right!


You two had a great time of it with the sergeant major, but I'm taking care of your welfare from now on.

I'll tell you here and now, I hate the bloody sight of the pair of you!

Next, staff!

Bartlett! Fall out and double over!

Well, move! Move! Move!

Get your knees up!

Get them up!

One of these shy lads, are you, stevens?



I was...

You what? One of these cads who can't make up his mind whether he's a boy or a girl?

I'm married, sir.

Are you now?

And who's who in your little partnership?

We don't have to be treated like that, do we?

I mean... eyes front!

We're not animals.

Haven't made up my mind whether you're fish or fowl yet, stevens.


I want this one scrubbed with a yard broom.

He's blacker than a darky!

Next, staff!

Roberts, double!

Move it!


Hat off!


This is roberts, sir.

Take your shirt off.

Any serious illnesses?

Do you mean recently, sir?

Any time.

Smokers cough.

Drop your trousers.

Anything else?

Like what?

Any recent incapacities.

I wouldn't brag about it if I had, sir.

Roberts, in this place, it pays to give a plain answer to a simple question.

Try learning that golden rule.

Turn around.

Right. Get dressed.

Then I'm fit, sir?


Where are you sending me, to a stud farm?

Roberts, I give you one week, just one week.

Now get out.

Hurry it up.

Yes, sir.

About turn!

Double march!

Left! Right! Left! Right!


Stand at ease!


Stand at ease!


Stand at ease!



I suggest you take the prisoners on a short excursion.


To the hill, staff.

I suggest you take them to the hill.

Let them walk around it, inspect it at their leisure.

Then take them up and down it, say, half a dozen times. No more.

Just half a dozen times.

But not roberts, staff.

Not roberts, sir?

Not roberts.

Give him half an hour.

That's plenty.

Just half an hour.

Carry on, staff.

Detail, pick up your kits.

Move! Move! Move!

Stand still!

Roberts, you're idle on parade.

You're on another charge.

Remainder, three paces forward march.

Left turn!

By the front, quick march!

Left! Right! Left! Right!

Left! Right! Left! Right!

Left! Right! Left! Right!

You're a clever bag of tricks, you are, roberts.

Not inside glasshouse half an hour, and you use your bloody influence you get us a ride on the hill.

Aye, I'll bet there's one saturday night booze-up your father's always regretted.

Roberts, you listening to me?

If the ride on the hill leaves any marks on me, I'll leave a bloody few on you.


Stand still!

The hill.

Right turn!

By the front, double march!

Left! Right! Left! Right!

Left! Right! Left wheel!

Left! Right! Left! Right!

Left! Right! Left! Right!

Pick up your step!

Left! Right! Left! Right!

Left! Right! Left! Right!

Left! Right! Left! Right!

Left! Right! Left!

Left wheel!

Left! Right! Left! Right!

Left! Right! Left! Right!

Left! Right! Left wheel!

Left! Right! Left! Right!

Left! Right! Left! Right!

Left! Right! Left! Right!

Left! Right! Left! Right!

Left wheel!

Detail, halt!

Stand still!

Left turn!

This is the north face, gentlemen.

I mean, ladies and gentlemen.

On a clear day, you can see mother india.

Still patches of snow on the top, roberts?

Damned funny hill... Nothing seems to grow on it.

It's full of surprises.

The only thing that's been known to grow on that hill is soldiers!

They grow weary!

Now we're gonna double up it.

By the mark, double march!

About turn!


About turn!

About turn!

About turn!



Move it!

Right, fall in!

Fall in!

Stand still.

Come on, you five!

Pick up your dressing.

Stand still.

All right, detail, stand at ease!

Not you, roberts.

Now take your towels out.

Not you, roberts.

You're going to continue doubling, roberts.

About turn!

Double march!

Take them away, staff.

Left incline. Double march!

Come on, get your knees up!

Left, right, left, right, left, right!



Get your clothes off.

Get in!


Now! Bloody move it!


Left, left, left, left, left, left, left, left, left, left, left, left, left, left, left, left, left, left, left...

mark time.


Left turn.

Right. Change clothes, lay out your kit and be smart about it.



That's enough, staff.

Yes, sir!

Walk him... or lift him.

Put him in the shade and rest him.

My picture got wet.

That's my wife.

And she looks like a very nice girl.

She is. Jean... That's her name.

Looks too good for you, stevens.

Let's see.

Now go careful. It's still wet.

Oh. Ha. Wouldn't mind half an hour with her, eh?

Hold on, hold on. Just want to have a shiftie.

What's her legs like? Can't see her legs.

Come on, give it to me.

What's she got stuck up her jumper, a couple of barrage balloons, eh?

She's not a bad old piece, is she?

Give the photo back.

All right, all right. I just wanted a look.

From out here, sounds like a monkey house.

Looks like a monkey house. Smells like a monkey house.

Didn't I tell you to smarten it up?

Right. Get your mess tins and get into line.

Come on! Get a move on. Move it!

Move it or you'll suffer!

Come on, come on, come on!

Left turn.

Left. Double march.

Left, left, left.

Left wheel.

Left, left, left, left, left, left.

Right wheel. Key, staff.

Mark time.

What about my grub, then?

Nails, lad! Come on, hold your nails out.

Hup, hup, hup, hup.

Ration correct?

Bread's a bit short, sir.

Weigh it!

It's overweight. Cut a bit off.



Yes, sir.

Come on, get those knees up!

Up! Come on!

Left, left, left, right, left, left, left, left, right, left.

Move on!

Right turn!

Move forward.

Staff, I'll see to them.

What about my grub?

You missed it, didn't you?

Like that hill, roberts?

Roberts, the court- Martial broke you, but I'm going to finish the job.

I'm going to bust you wide open.

I've got your number. You'd work as a dustman if they gave you a uniform and a couple of men to yell at.

You think that's funny?

Well, no.

I'll teach you.

But everybody else...

Get into your kit!

Move it!

I'll teach you, and that goes for the rest of you.

Move it, I said! Double outside!

Mark time!

You dropped that little lad right in it, didn't you, roberts?

Yeah, and we're gonna be next if he don't keep his big trap shut.

Don't make things worse than they are, roberts.

Look... he wants me.

He wants you 'cause you're the wrong color.

The rest of you he doesn't find all that interesting... yet.

But he'll have you just the same.

The r.s.m. Likes making toy soldiers.

Williams likes breaking them.

Now you all work out what you're going to do about it.

Maybe you're right.

But keep your big mouth shut and don't give him too many opportunities.

How come you put one on your officer, roberts?

He asked for it.

For ordering you up the line, you mean?

For ordering me up the line.

Wasn't very considerate, was he?

Should have ordered you to a rest home.

I'd have volunteered for that.

You know, there's a yarn going around that you beat up your officer and then ordered your lads out of line.

Is that the story?

That's what I heard.

It's true I stuck it on him.

Why, roberts?

Oh, you'll read all about it when I write my memoirs.

How joe roberts saw action one day and didn't fancy a second basin?

Well, I'll try and make it read a bit better than that.

How's this?

Half the regiment wiped out, but not gallant sergeant major joe roberts.

I couldn't have that, you see.

I was due a week's leave in cairo.

The lads who'd gone in...

Any of them still alive, roberts?

Any of them still alive, roberts?

I am.

Now that's all for now.

Leave him.

There'll be no more fighting.

Ain't we in trouble enough already?

So chuck this in.

All right.

But I'll find a quiet corner to finish the job off.

Mcgrath, you try that again, I'll kill you.

Williams is gunning for you.

Maybe I'll just leave it to him.

You're a real thick nut, soldier.

You'd shoot up kids in the next street if you was ordered to.

I told you to chuck it in!

Chuck it in!


I hope you lot can put up a better show than that.

Well, who knocked you about, roberts?

I bumped into the wall.

Who was it?

Like he said, staff.

He bumped into the wall.

Well, if you keep bumping into walls, roberts, let me know who's pushing you.

I won't stand for any punch-up artists, mcgrath.

Aye, staff.

Right! Into your kit, the lot of you.

Well, move it!

Get stevens up.

Yes, staff.


He's in no fit shape for a second helping.

Fall in outside, at the double!

Get in line!

The sergeant major fancies he has the patent on how to make soldiers.

I'm going to prove to him and to you lot that I've got it as well.

Eyes front! Left turn. Double march.

Left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right!

Left, right, left, right, left, right, left...


Stand still. Right turn.

Come on out of it, you four.

Come on, move. Buckets of water.


Come on, move out!

Left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right...

about... face!


By the right, double.



Man fainted!

Right. Up you go.


Roberts, move it!

Staff, take over!

Fill them up again.

Come in.

Hello, charlie.

Hello, bert.




Thought you ought to know, bert, williams has got all the mob from cell eight on the hill.

Has he?

Including the lad he had on it a while ago.


I don't think the lad's up to it, bert.

I bet you were good to your mother.

And I know you're too good to the prisoners.

Getting idle, your men are.

Next thing you'll be having them in the mess for a saturday night boozer.

Think I'm losing my touch?

Losing your touch, bert?

25 years service in.

Think you'd know your job.

And you do.

You think you can make soldiers out of muck, and you can.

Got an easy way with you, charlie, but don't come the old soldier with me.

Stevens is a-1 fit for punishment.

Bert, honest, he doesn't look that way right now.

It's here in black and white.

The m.o. Passed him fit. Now get out, or I'll have you doubling with your little mates.

Oop. Not over that hill.

Even you wouldn't get me over that hill, eh?

Water, over here!

Bartlett, on your feet, lad.


You... douse him!

Roberts, on your feet, lad.


On your feet and double!

Douse him!

Staff, he's crazy!

I said douse him!

Eh... ha ha!


Ahh ha ha ha!

All right, you bastards. Fall in!

Move it!

Stand tall.


By the front!

By the front!

Double march!

Left, right, left, right.

Left, right, left, right, left, right, left.

Obeying orders. He won't beat me.

Mark time!

Thank you, staff.

Forward! Right wheel!

Left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right.

Left, right, left, right.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Carry on, staff.



Thought you might like a nightcap, sir.

Good night, sir.

Eh... eh...


Staff. Staff.

Staff, it's me.

It's jacko, staff.

Staff, it's jacko.

Yeah. It's jacko, staff... and I'm still... up on my feet.

Ah, staff, staff... it's jacko, the different-colored man, sir.

Ha. Staff. Staff... you want to take me out again, staff?

Huh? Ahh!

You can't beat jacko, staff.

Ha. No. Oh, no.

No. No man can... no man can beat jacko, staff.

No man can beat jacko, staff.

Darky, go to your bed.


Darky. Darky!

O.k., o.k. all right. I'm ready for another basin.

Oh, get in your bed!

Williams shouting orders at me.

I can do it again.

Anytime. Williams...

Williams won't beat me.

You sand happy bastards.

It's night.

That's not the sun. It's a gestapo lamp.

Get your kits off.

Give him a hand.

Come on, let's have it off.



Come on. Here you go.

Straps like bleeding knives.

I'll get your shirt off.


Stevens... here.


Look at monty.

Hey, you're a wise boy, aren't you?

All these wogs are a load of cobblers.

Monty, the screw'll put you over the hill if he catches you smoking.

And it's commandant's inspection today.

Three hours standing to instead of doubling.

Oh, some rest.

All day long in the blazing sun.

I'll tell you one thing.

They won't fault my equipment.

It's perfect.

Yeah. But stevens can't go on forever with his kit like this.

Well, he'll get the stick for it, then, won't he?



"A" section all present and correct, staff!

"B" section all present and correct, staff.

"C" section all present and correct, staff.

"D" section all present and correct, staff!

"A" company all present and correct, staff!

"B" company all present and correct, staff.

"A" wing all present and correct, sir!

Carry on, staff!

"B" wing all present and correct, sir!

Carry on, staff!

Stand tall. Stand tall!

Staff... stand the prisoners... at ease!

"A" wing... stand at... ease!

"B" wing, stand at... ease!

Five minutes' rest.

Half an hour's attention.

Don't half crease you, don't it?

We're all doing time... even the screws.

All prisoners present and correct, sir.

Front rank, one pace! Forward! March!

Stevens, your kit's a blinding wonder, lad.

You'll have r.s.m. Jealous.

Take his name.



Whitewash! One pace forward!


Left turn!

What did you clean your kit with, lad?

Whitewash, staff.

The commandant knows you used whitewash.

The r.s.m. Knows, I know, but you don't have to own up to it.

Double march!

Take over, staff.

Left wheel!

Left! Left! Left, right, left!


Whitewash, roberts?

You're too clever, roberts.

That's your trouble.

Stevens' kit was dirty, mack.

He was bound to get some stick anyway.

He's still too clever, jacko.

Too damn clever by half.

When it dries out, look as good as new, lad.


Broken the king's heart if the r.s.m. Phoned him and told him you'd been defacing his walls.

Would it, staff?

Son, you shouldn't be in here, you know?

You shouldn't even be in the army.

We'd a queer in here a few weeks back.

I'm not queer!

I know you're not. Why don't you listen?

That nanny had a way with her.

She sang, and she laughed all day.

Put her over the hill, and she went into a dance routine.

Better than those belly dancers in the cabarets.

She wasn't any stronger than you, but she knew how to survive, and that's what you need to learn in this army.

You've got to learn how to, you know...

how to survive.

Seem to have smartened up the prisoners from cell eight, staff.

Thank you, sir.

But what about stevens, eh?

Yes, sir. I'll Miss that, sir.

Didn't think stevens would try it on, sir.

He wouldn't.

Somebody put him up to it.

I'll take them all out, sir, and we'll find the right man.

Oh, christ!

Knocked the rocks over, haven't you, lad?

Pick them up again.

Very pretty, roberts.

Very pretty.


Cut it off! Cut it off!

King, double!

All right, king, you're in charge.

I said double.

All right, bartlett, up you go, lad.

I don't think I'll be able to do this, staff.

Of course you will, lad. Come along.

You'll have to excuse me if I can't.

Get up there, bartlett.

Come on, bartlett, let's have it!

Get up it!

I'm not built for this sort of...

Get up it, bartlett!

Please, staff.

Bartlett, get up it!

I can't, staff.

Get up it, bartlett!

I'm fat!

I'm fat!

You all know, don't you?


Still! Left turn!

Stevens, you're a dead bloody loss.

Put it on.

Hurry it up.

Double march!

I only wanted to go home.

I can't... can't stand any more.

Can't stand any more.

Oh, god, help me!

Will you shut up?

Lay off.

If he goes on like that, we'll have the padre in next thinking he's got a new customer.

He can't take that hill.



I can't do any march.

I just want to... I just want to lay down.

Roberts, if he goes sick, he goes on sick parade.

You get a screw's permission to bed him down.

You're not dropping us in it again.

That's right.


Staff, we got a sick man in here!

All right.

That's enough.

Williams had him on the hill.

You get the vet.

Staff, I want out from these lunatics, staff.

Bed the lad down, roberts.

You want something, staff?


I'd like a word with you.

This is my cell. I'm responsible here.

I'm not, thank god.

Then leave it to me.

You've got a sick man in here.

I can deal with it.

I've given instructions to bed him down.

If you don't get out sharp, staff, I'll put you on report and let the r.s.m. Decide what's right or not.

I can organize a visit from the m.o., see what he says.

Mcgrath, what's wrong with him?

I'm not a vet, staff.

Right, get your towels.

You've all had a busy time, so I'm putting you under the showers to sweeten you up and smarten you up.

We're taking stevens with us.

Yes, staff.

Thank you very much indeed, staff.

Get him on his feet. Get him up, bartlett.

Yes, staff.

Come on. Staff wants you up.

Oh, no.

Staff wants you upsy-daisy!

On your feet!

He's in no fit state to walk.

So he's in a terrible way, is he?

We'll soon see.

Double over here, stevens.

Please, joe, make him leave me alone.

Please help me.

I can't take any more.

O.k., stevens.

Very touching.

I'll get the preacher in to you two and get you married.

All right, double outside.


Drag that fairy out.

If I'd known you were on your honeymoon, I'd have had you in a separate cell.

I don't hold with one of my staff complaining about a brother officer.

Listen, if williams cripples stevens, you'll take the can back, not williams.

You're telling me again how to run this place?

If I hear any more complaints out of you, I'll have you posted.

Sir, I suggest you let the m.o. Decide whether or not stevens is fit for punishment.

I make the decisions. Me. I'll see if he's fit or not.

Now get out!

Time is up!

Hey, not that one.


That turns on the gas.


What's this I hear about stevens, mr. Wilson?

Nothing to worry about, sir.

Well, staff harris told me.

Harris, he's like a dream walking.

If stevens were sick, he'd be here, wouldn't he, sir?

Yes, I suppose so.

Well, since I'm here, I'd better see him.

Think I don't know my job, sir?

Think I don't know what's going on?

I never said that.

I know what staff williams is doing.

Staff harris told me...

Harris, hmm?

He's sand happy.

I'm still in charge here, sir.

I want to see stevens.

You've seen him, sir.

What do you mean?

You passed him fit, fit for duty and punishment.

The hill, sergeant major.

If one of the staff overdoes the good work...

I can take it, sir. Any fit man can take it, sir.

Yes, well, as you say, if he was sick, he'd be here, wouldn't he?



God, it's hot.

It's like an oven in here.

Lights out, five minutes.

Still no sign of the m.o., eh?

Lights out, five minutes.

Lights out, five minutes.

He looks better.

Yeah. Maybe harris will get the vet tomorrow.

It's a laugh.

What is?

All we ever get in this dump is medicine and duty.

One lunatic, you know, in ceneffia, that was a right nick, that was.

He made his blankets up into a kind of a nest, you see.

And he sat there all night in the middle of them going, "cuckoo, cuckoo" all night long.

He was trying to work his ticket.

No. He was round the bend.

He'd been frightened by an hand grenade, I think.

Anyway, the screw got the vet in, you see, and you know what the vet recommended?

Medicine and duty.

Anyway, the vet had a bright idea, you see.

He sort of fancied himself a bit of a trick cyclist, and he put this dummy hand grenade into the nest with the cuckoo.

And you know what the cuckoo done?

Tried to hatch it out.

You've heard it.

Anyway, you got to laugh because some of these screws are comics.

I mean, take williams.

There's stevens there on his chin strap.

All williams can think of doing is giving him the old "attention!"

"About turn!

Double march!"

He's off.

I wonder if he could hatch out a packet of players for monty bartlett.

Here, stevens, stick at it, kiddo.

You're a cert for your ticket, you are.

Boom boom boom boom boom.

Keep them up, boy. Keep them up.

Come on, boy. Boom boom boom boom.

He's dead.

The m.o. Will have to write out a death certificate, won't he?

What will he diagnose, carelessness?

What's that?

Careless of stevens to drop dead?

A bit late for your jokes, charlie.

Word got around yet?

It will, bert.

There might be some trouble.

We'd better be on our toes.

I'd like to make a suggestion.


Move williams out of the block.

Put him on the gate where he can't do so much damage.

That would be as good as admitting I think williams killed the lad.

Bert, I'd sooner have williams doubling in here than anybody.

Listen. I ordered williams to smarten up the prisoners in cell eight.

Yes. We all accept that.

If stevens was fit, he'd still be here, wouldn't he?

The army judged him a-1.

The m.o. Passed him fit for punishment.

Looks like stevens was only fit to drop.

It's not your worry. It's the m.o.'s.

Thank you, bert.

You said you backed your staff.

We ain't celebrating a glorious victory, williams.

We're patching up a bloody disaster.

You realize I'll have to make a full report.

We all will, sir.

He was perfectly fit when I examined him.

When you did what?

Well, when I made...

When I examined him.

You only looked at his watch and chain.

Look here, sergeant...

You passed him fit, so I handed him over to staff williams.

He was...

Well, he was kept out in the sun too long.

I checked on his records.

Base job in an office.

Well, anybody could see that.

Suddenly to be drilling for hour after hour in the blazing sunshine... well, it was fatal in his case.

Sounds like accidental death, sir.


The man was a-1.

But to come from a base job to this place?

You understand these things better than me, sir.

Accidental death, that's what I thought, sir.

Well, I hope so.

I've dented a few, sir, but I've never murdered any.

I wasn't referring to you.

That goes for my staff, too, sir.

Good night, sir.

Accidental death.

If there's another accidental death and you're in any way connected with it, staff...

waiting to find out what williams is going to pull next is like waiting to go into action.

You know the feeling?

I'm the fella who refused to go in. Remember me?

You beat up your officer because he ordered the boys in?

Yeah, that's right.

'Cause he ordered the boys in.

Was he going in hisself?


I took them in.

Right away we lost half our tanks, so I pulled the boys out.

I put the major in the picture, told him the situation was hopeless.

If the mines didn't get us, jerry's antitank guns would.

What did the major say?

Get back in.

He was very calm about it.

He said that he had his orders.

Next thing I knew, the boys were pulling me off him.

Man, there's too many people in this army giving you wrong orders.

Somebody got to have the guts to cancel some of them damn wrong orders.

There'd be no bloody army left if we didn't obey orders.


you feel pretty bad about this, huh?

Look, it's not just disobeying orders.

It's rules, regulations, me.

But, man, you saved all them boys from getting killed for nothing.

The troop sergeant took them in.

I was put in to close the ranks.

None of them came back.

Bloody cockroaches.

As if we haven't got enough to suffer without you two talking half the night.

Can't you let a man sleep?

You ain't been sleeping much yourself, joe.


Another stinking hot day.

You can practically hear it boiling already.

Look at monty. Flat out.

Wake up!

Who done that?

I did.

You want to watch it, mate.

You just want to watch it.

Somebody ought to write to the m.p. About this dump.

Yeah, why don't you?

Him? I bet he can't even write.

What's so clever about being able to write, then?

The secret in this old world, mate, is to use your loaf.

Maybe I can't read, but when it comes to knocking off stuff, I'm way out in front on me own.

I'll bet you are.

You're a fair sample of the no-talent class.

Thieving three bottles of whiskey.


I didn't thieve them, man.

I drank them.

Bet he can't write neither.

Monty, just because I'm black, do I have to be damn ignorant, too?

You blacks ain't got the brains of us whites.

Listen to that man.

You got it downstairs, mate, but we got it upstairs.

Live up trees, you blokes do.

I seen a film about his tribe once.

It's called "tarzan, the ape man."

When charlie blogs found your lot, you was walking around starkers, living on monkey nuts.

So this is a member of the great white race, and there's plenty like monty.

We just call them white trash.

I don't go for that expression...

"white trash."

What's staff williams?

Belt up!

I don't want to hear about williams.

That I can believe.

I'm making a report about williams.

Now listen, roberts, we're all aware of what happened, but there's nothing we can do about it.


It's a pity about stevens.

We're all in sympathy.

He had a rough deal.

So I can count on you when I go to the commandant?

To inquire after his health or what?

Of course. And then we'll slap a murder charge against williams.

Wakey, wakey!

Rise and shine! Rise and shine!

Who killed stevens?

You hear that?

Are you going to sit on your jacksies and do nothing?

Take over, staff!


What the hell's going on here?

Sir, the prisoners.

Sounds like a victory celebration.

Get every available staff here on the double.

Armed, sir?

Where the hell do you think you are... chicago?


Let them out!

I said let them out!

♪ Kiss me good night, sergeant major ♪

♪ tuck me in my little wooden bed... ♪ Stevens! Stevens!

Stevens! Stevens!

Stevens! Stevens!

Stevens! Stevens!

Stevens! Stevens!

Stevens! Stevens!

Stevens! Stevens!

Stevens! Stevens!

Stevens! Stevens!

Stevens! Stevens!

Stevens! Stevens!

Stevens! Stevens!

Stevens! Stevens!

Stevens! Stevens!

Stevens! Stevens!

Stevens! Stevens!

Stevens! Stevens!

Stevens! Stevens!

What's your name...

Oliver twist?

Put that mess tin down.

It's too early for breakfast.

What's your name?


Staff burton!


We've had a miracle. There's a man returned from the dead.

Take him back to the mortuary.

The mortuary, sir?

To the mortuary via the hill.

Give him a last good run before we bury him.

Double him away.

Left, right, left, right.



Double away and get me a copy of the krs.



Johnson, sir.

Did you start the mutiny?

I didn't start nothing, sir.

Then what was all the noise in aid of, exercising your lungs?

Who killed stevens?

Staff. Sir!

Double this man out to the mortuary!

Show him the body.

If he finds any marks, abrasions, or bullet wounds on the body, take him over to the commandant's office and stay with him while he writes out his statement.

Then let him see the commandant on his own so he can speak freely.

Yes, sir.

Double out!

Double out!

Left, right! Left, right!

Left, right! Left, right!

Now, you've all been making a hell of a racket!

There'll be no more of it, or I'll have the lot of you over the hill, every damn one of you!

Now if you've any complaints, you're free to see the commandant.

Any more trouble... and I'll read you the riot act.

You know how long it takes?

And if that doesn't have any effect, I'll charge the ringleaders with mutiny!

Who's the ringleaders?

Every fifth man!

Think that over.

I don't waste my breath on idle threats.

Now, let's have you looking like soldiers.

Prisoners, attention!

Stand at ease! Let's have that again!

Prisoners... attention!


Now, any man here got any complaints?

Anybody want to see the commandant?

Anybody witness any murders recently?

Scared to open your traps or what?

Anybody wishing to see the commandant, step forward.

Why do you want to see him?

I wish to report, sir, staff williams responsible for stevens' death.


All the men in my cell know what happened, sir.

Bartlett, double over here.

You saw staff williams murder private stevens, is that right?

No, sir, I never saw nothing of the kind.

Don't lie to me, lad.

You saw him with blood-stained hands, didn't you, now?

No, sir. Request to be moved to another cell.

Request refused. Get back into line.

Mcgrath, double over here.

Is it right you saw a murder committed, mcgrath?

No, sir.

But I'll be committing one if roberts doesn't stop squawking.

Double back.

King, double over here.

Now, let's hear from you, king.

Sir, st-staff williams murdered stevens, all right.

My only worry's how we going to prove it.

Double away, king.

Staff williams!

Yes, sir!

Did you hear that?

Yes, sir.

Serious allegation, that is.

He's lying, sir.

I never laid a finger on stevens.

Staff harris!


I want roberts and king on commandant's parade, 0930 hours.

Yes, sir.

Notify the medical officer he's wanted at the commandant's office, 0930 hours.

Seems stevens didn't die of sunstroke.

He was murdered... in cold blood!

Is that right, sir?

Let him be sure to be there.

His professional reputation's at stake.

Our m.o., sir?

I won't wear that.

It's well-known he can make the lame walk, the blind see, and the maimed dance over the hill.

What else can he do, staff?

Ride a bicycle to the sea, no hands, and turn water into wine, sir.

But can he raise the dead, staff?

No, sir, he can't raise them, but he can lower them.

Yes, I got your vocation placed now.

You should have been a music hall comic.

Yes, sir.

Permission to organize a smoking concert for the prisoners.


You've organized too bloody many already, charlie.

Think I don't know?

Got a light, sir?

No, but I've got a pack to put on your back if I catch you smoking.

Bartlett and mcgrath, stand by for a call.

You may be needed.

Now, you'll all be having cheese with your lunch today.


Now, get back into your cells and look sharp about it.

You've all had a lovely time.

Staffs, take over.

♪ Kiss me good night, sergeant major ♪

♪ tuck me in my little wooden bed ♪

♪ we all love you, sergeant major ♪

♪ when we hear you calling, shake a leg ♪

♪ don't forget to wake me in the morning ♪

♪ and bring me 'round a nice hot cup of tea ♪

♪ oh, blimey ♪

♪ kiss me good night, sergeant major ♪ trying to get at me, eh, charlie?

Who, me?

As from now, you'll be taking orders from williams.

So that's the way it is.

I know you won't mind.

You're always bragging you don't seek promotion or favors.

I'd sooner be out of it, sir. Well out of it.

You're getting passed over, staff.

Inside, king.

Think you can get away with this?

I should be asking you that.

Thank you, staff.

You know what the outcome will be?

There'll be a court of inquiry and I'll be exonerated.

Nah. You're getting nervous, williams.

You want me, don't you?

You fancy your chances?

You make a move and I'll drop you.

Not a bad idea.

Just us two.

There's a solitary at the end.

Nobody can see into that.

I'll lock us inside, roberts, just us two.

You're on.

March over.

Me first.


Let him go.

Go back to your duties.

Come on, double away!

I want no more trouble, no more out of you.

You'll learn discipline.

Learn we mean business.

And you'd better do some quick thinking, roberts.

Staff, I want to transfer out of here.

You're going out, bartlett, you little runt, out over the hill.

Get your packs on, all of you.

Get roberts up. He's coming with us.

I'll be back for you.

You've got five minutes.

Joe's on commandant's orders.

How's williams going to explain this?

You think the commandant's never set eyes on a prisoner who's been done over before?

I got something to say about this.

I'll make damn sure he listens.

If not, I'm get word outside.

You two drive a fella up the wall.

Somebody's going to find out what's going on in here, what's happening.

We're inside, sergeant major, inside.

The bloody world outside doesn't give a damn.

We're the horrible 2%.

The dodgy boys, the spivs, the cowards, the thieves.

We're the weak chain in the system.

Oh, to hell with you.

Into your kit, roberts.

No. Not for you, williams.

Right. Two volunteers to drag roberts over the hill.

You bartlett, you mcgrath.

Yes, staff.


To hell with this.

I'm giving you an order, mcgrath.

Listen, williams, the army didn't buy me in a slave market.

I'll double over the hill for you, but I'll not take another man with me!

Right. I'll get all the volunteers I want and have the lot of you out!

He's barmy.

I got to get out of this bugger.

Shut up!

Well, what's the matter with you, then?

Joe, you tell him. Go on.

I'll obey any order.

I... i'm not looking for no trouble.



Staff, I've got to get out of here!

All right, cut it out.

Staff, they're crucifying me.

Move him, staff.

Get your small kit and report to the m.o. no. I'm on commandant's orders.

I'm not missing that.

Let me see this.

King, mcgrath, carry him over to the m.o.

I'll see you see the commandant.

Don't worry. Come on, sharp.

Easy with him. Easy.

All right, watch that going through the door.

Keep your head low.

Put me in another cell, staff.

I've had a bellyful of this lot.

Oh, clear off.

Well, I'm only looking after number one, ain't I?!

What's the matter with everybody in this... bloody place?

They're not here, staff.

They've gone.

Staff harris has turned them over to the m.o. back to your detail.

About turn, double march!

Left, right, left, right, left, right.

Get him over here.

What's this, staff?

Roberts is reporting sick.

Double outside, you two.

O.k., double out.

On your feet, roberts.

Jerk him out of it, staff.

He's got a busted foot.

What the hell are you two doing outside here?

Brought roberts over, sir. He's poorly.

On your feet.

He's got a foot injury, sir.

On your feet, roberts, and stand to attention.

March outside.

Left, right, left, right.

Keep marching.

Double inside, you two.

Right, double in.

Left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right.


About turn.

Ohh! Para 528, section 7...

An officer will not reprove a warrant officer or an n.c.o. in the presence or hearing of a private soldier.

You know the krrs, don't you?

Yes, sir.

You're breaking every rule in the book.

And you live by it, don't you?

We're both regulars. We are the army.

What the hell else...

Well, I lived by the book.

Para this and para under section

"x," "y," zed that.

But queen victoria is dead.

It's out of date.

What kind of a soldier are you?

I'm a live one, unless williams has got other plans for me.

Discipline. The army is run on discipline.

I'm a regular soldier because I couldn't get a bloody job in civvy street.

But I was a good toy, clockwork soldier, just like you are.

You throw an order at me, and I could pick it up like a dog picks a bone.

On your feet, and you listen...

No, you listen!

Three bloody years in the desert!

Three bloody years fighting with underpaid gunmen!

That's what we are.

Treason! You're talking treason!

Get on your feet!

O.k., treason.

That's, uh, para 531, uh, section 7...

Any person committing, uh, any traitorous or, uh, uh, mutinous practice may be, uh, sentenced to penal servitude for the term of his natural life.


All right.

All I know is that I can't do things that don't make sense to me anymore!

You can. You can still live by the book!

But it's out of date!

It's stupid and out of date!

So, you quit, eh?

Glasshouse permanent for the rest of the war?


You'd... sign away our bloody empire?

Yes. Give it to jacko. Maybe he could use it.

To the niggers?

They couldn't run a knocking shop.

On your feet! Stand up and stand still.

Yes, I'm on my feet.

Well, what's the charge, failing to obey an order?

Or, no, drunk in charge of a cigarette lighter?

Oh, you crazy bastard. You'd prop up dead men and inspect them if you was ordered to.

Right. You're right!

Keep those men on the move!




You used to be an nco, you used to be a soldier, but you've forgotten.

I'm going to teach you, teach you from the beginning.

I'll make you into something the army can be proud of.

You'll double drill, do any damn thing I tell you.

Roberts, you'll be lost...

Lost unless somebody's shouting an order at you.



How did roberts get into this state?

Been fighting with one of the prisoners, sir... mcgrath.

I see.

He got stuck into me as well.

Did he?

I took him out of the cell, gave him the order to double.

He refused and struck me. We had to restrain him, sir.

Any witnesses, staff?

Henshaw and colby, sir.

Hope he didn't beat you up too bad, staff.

If henshaw and colby hadn't come along, sir...

It's clear roberts is a dangerous fellow, but if you ever have to restrain him again, I don't want him looking like a battle casualty, understand?

He came after me and went smack into the wall, sir.

He must have.

There's no other logical explanation.

Mcgrath did most of the damage.

Yes. Charge him with fighting mcgrath, colby, and henshaw, and with insubordination.

Mcgrath didn't beat me up. Williams did!


Staff, from now on, I'm looking after his welfare.

Sir, I can manage him.

No, you can't, staff.

You're a bloody revelation.

But let me tell you, this is your last chance.

Beat up another one of my lads, and I'll have you inside here.

And if the prisoners don't cripple you, I will.

Now get the others over here.

Yes, sir.

Double over, you two!

Come on, move it!

Left foot, left foot, left foot, left foot!


Stand still!

Mcgrath, you had a fight with roberts, is that right?

We had a slight difference.

And you witnessed it.

They had a scrap.

You made a right job of him, didn't you?

I'm not responsible for the state he's in.

Then who is?

Staff williams, sir.

He took joe out.

When joe come back, he was like that.

There was no damn way mcgrath had anything to do with it.

Stand at attention when I'm talking to you!

Now, nigger boy, tell me again, what did you see?

You black ape, I'm talking to you!

Do you want to do a dose of solitary?

You stinking, filthy nigger, answer me! What did you see?

I'll see you in hell, you... you... you... you... you ruddy useless sergeant major!

In hell!

Look at that.

Dancing about like a flea-bitten monkey.

Thinks he's still in the jungle.

I'll teach you you're in the british army.

I... I quit your stinking army!

You hear that, you loudmouthed sergeant major.

I give up this damn soldering.

Now what are you gonna do about it?!

Throw every charge in the book at him, staff.


But first of all, see that harris has him outside the commandant's office

0930 hours.

The commandant can hear his case.

Yes, sir. You'll be there, sir?

No, staff. I shall be busy making arrangements for stevens' funeral.

You're going to let them shoot their mouths off and not be there, sir?

You worried, staff?

Any cause to be?

I haven't.

Let them shout, then I'll have my say.

Double away, you two. Left turn, double march!

Move it! Move! Move! Move!

Left, right, left, right.

Go on, double.



Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Oh, you're a clever boy, you are. Ha ha ha.

I quit this army.

Don't be daft.

Clever boy.

What's the clever thing to do, go crawling to williams the way you do?

Just watch your big mouth!

I'll kill that man if he lift one finger to me...

One finger.

Yeah, go on. You're all shout.

I know how tough you are.

Now, watch your step.

You useless article.

Made in yorkshire.

Exported to the middle east and marked fragile!

Come on!

Go on!

You're the big man in the cell.

You're the hero of the cell.

Come on!

What the hell is this now?

Come on, break it up!

Break it up! Break it up!

Come on!

Come on, break it up!

You're on commandant's orders.

Get dressed, king. Get outside.

I quit the army!

Get dressed!

I'm... i'm finished with the army, and this is what I think of british justice.

Stark raving bonkers.

Outside, all of you.

King, what the hell's wrong with you?

I'm finished with the army, so I don't wear the uniform.

You're going into the commandant's dressed like this then?

Unless you got a top hat and a bone to put through me nose.

That's the way you white folks think we dress back home.

This ought to be one day to remember.

Come on, then, all right, double!

Come on, double! Left, left, left, right, left.

Left, left, left, right, left.

There you are, roberts.

What's the verdict... Medicine or duty?

Go back to your cell, pick up your kit, then I'm recommending you for hospital.

I wouldn't do that.

The r.s.m. Wouldn't like that.

I decide what's...

You decide nothing.

You just do what you're told.

Look here, roberts, I'm making a full report about you.

Well, you'd better, because I'm fighting every one of you... in this lousy dump.

Every single one of you.

Left, right, left, right.

Left, left, left, right, left.

Left, left.

You've had me for a soldier.

Wouldn't get me in the boy scouts after that.

Shut up, lad!

King, attention!

Mr. Harris, you may tell mister commandant that Mr. Jacko king will see him now.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Hey, king, is that right?

Ha ha...

Grrr! Grrr!

Get back to work!

Aaaahhh! Aaaahhh!

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Aaaahhhh! Aaaahhhh!


Oohh! Ha ha ha.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Horace, sit down.

Don't stand up for me.

I've jagged in me rank.


I recommend this brand, but I cannot recommend your hotel, horace.

The service is lousy.


Sir! He's round the bend, sir.

I can't do anything with him.

So, you don't like the hotel?

Not since one of the guests died, no.

Staff, get this madman out.

Send the r.s.m. To me.

He's making funeral arrangements, sir.


Stevens died, sir.

Why wasn't I told?

You weren't here.

Send the r.s.m. To me the minute he gets back.

Who died?

George stevens!

Williams murdered him!

Get this maniac out! Out!


King, double out, lad! Double!




williams murdered stevens.

Don't forget that.

He murdered him.

All right, get back to your details.

All right! Party, halt!

Get those prisoners out of here, staff harris.

About turn!

Double march!

Roberts imagines that he's being persecuted.

Imagines he was beaten up by one of the staff, does he?

Even that.

So he was.

What did you say?

So he was.

You realize I'll have to report that.

Let's hope you do.

If it's true.

You know it's true.

Yes, harris, but would you tell the commandant that?

Yes. Yes, I will.

I will.

There will have to be an inquiry.

You will have to give evidence.

Yes, I know, but yours is the only evidence the court will take seriously.

After the r.s.m.'s testified that I'm useless as a prison officer, followed by every screw he can muster and williams...

Of course I'll need evidence, but this man's here for striking an officer.

They'll have a very strong case, harris.

Evidence? If you don't move soon, you'll have all the evidence you need...

His coffin.

You two get your kits. You're going into solitary.

About turn! Double in!

Left, right! Left, right! Left, right! Left, right!

Come on! Move it!

The men are not to come in here, staff.

Well, my orders, sir, were...

I'm giving the orders now, and I have a very serious complaint against you, williams.

From roberts, sir?

And staff harris.

His days are numbered.

I've just had a word with the commandant, and I'll answer any queries as to how I treat prisoners at the court of inquiry, sir.

I'll see the other prisoners now.

In fairness, sir, send the r.s.m. Before you...

I'll conduct this my own way.

Have you any complaints?

Sir, I want you to fix it for me to get posted out of this cell, sir.

I can't take much more of this shout.

Get me out of here, sir.

You... you, any complaints?

I falsely confessed to the commandant that I half beat up roberts, and that's why I'm going to solitary.

I'm telling you the army's had me for a soldier if something's not done about this.

Right. Go on.

I haven't always seen eye to eye with you, roberts, but good luck.

Mcgrath, watch out for yourself.

Why is this man improperly dressed?

Refuses to wear king's uniform.

Stand to attention.

Oh, no. No, man.

I don't recognize the army or the officers. I quit.

I said stand to attention.

You're talking to a civilian, cuthbert.

Give him to me, sir. I'll teach him.

Joe, you tell me your visiting hours, I'll come up and see you sometime.

Harris, take this lunatic into the corridor and keep him there till I'm ready for him.

Yes, sir. After you, Mr. King.

See you later, joe.

O.k., Mr. King.

Double out!


Bartlett, move it!

You see what we're up against, sir?

If you're easy on them, we won't be able to do a damn thing with them, will we, sir?

What the hell are these men doing idling here in the corridor?

Orders, sir.

Whose orders?


What's going on here, sir?

I'm giving these men a medical.

On sick report, are they? Why?

It's not your place to question me, sergeant major.

Soon as you pass them fit, I want them, sir.

I've had complaints about williams' treatment...

Prisoners complaining? We get that sometimes.

King just tried it. Walked in.

Walked in, mind you, on the commandant half naked, just in his tribal feathers.

What kind of a bloody fool are you trying to make of me, sir?

The complaint against williams came from staff harris.


What have you told him?

I told him the truth, sir.

The truth?

What the hell are you talking about?

It's not your fault, sir. It's williams'.

It's me! Me!

Who the hell runs this place?

Retract all you've said, charlie!

Put your finger on him, bert. Get him.

You telling me again how to run this place, are you?

Outside, staff!

Sergeant major, roberts is going into hospital.

Keep him here, sir, in a cell.

Be better if you attend him here, sir.

Sergeant major...

In 25 years, I've never known a balls up like it!

From now on, I'm checking on every man, every prisoner, every staff!

Staff harris.


Report on your brother officers, would you?

Try and undermine my authority, eh?

A useless article like you?

Harris, you're under close arrest!

No. Don't push me too hard. You're...

I'm breaking you!

Now, before you're confined to your quarters, do something useful.

Get a cell ready for roberts.

No. Help roberts with his kit.

He's going to hospital.

I'm in charge of discipline here, sir!

You look after your department, and I'll look after mine.

Don't try and cancel out my orders!

I have the final word where the men's health is concerned.

Perhaps I was hasty.

I've had a day of it.

Yes. So has roberts.

He's going into hospital.

Pity you didn't put roberts and stevens on light duty, sir.


I thought stevens looked delicate, but that wasn't my worry, was it?

What are you driving at?

Well, were they fit?

Let's start with stevens.

Was he fit?

If I understand you right, by god, you're going to be in serious trouble.

You give him a medical?

He did not. I was there, wasn't I?

Passed him a-1 fit for punishment.

I punished him alongside roberts, king, bartlett, and mcgrath.

Well, he's dead.

Heat exhaustion.

Sunstroke and...

Stevens was a sick man, and I only caught on when it was too late.

I'll swear to it.

Your neglect lumbered me with a dead man.

Now, you put roberts into hospital and give me the chance to break you.

Sergeant major...

Don't let them get away with it.

Sergeant major, he's trying blackmail.

You heard him.

I'm putting roberts in a cell.

Look, I gave an order.

Get roberts into hospital, sir.

A court-martial will break you, sir, not williams.

Shut your trap, harris.

The commandant's got to check on this lot now.

I won't be slow in telling him.

It's me who's going to bust you, bert. I'm sorry.

I'll double harris to his quarters.

That's not the sort of doubling you're going to do.

Get roberts out.

Me. I'm running this place.

You ain't running this place, bert!

Williams is!

Look at him! He took over days ago!

You still haven't caught on!

I'm reporting everything that happened here.

It's you I'm after, but I won't worry too much if you go down with him.

I'm phoning for an ambulance.

Roberts is going to hospital.

Then I'm going to see the area commander.

Try and blackmail me, would you, williams?

Well, try it. Go on. Try it.

Have you anything else to say?

Yes, sir. You won't do any better than stevens on that hill.

What the hell are you doing here?

Get back.

Do you hear me?

I'm giving you an order.

Get away from that door.

Move along, lads.

Thank you very much, sir.

Thank you, sir.

Right, bartlett.

I'm putting you in another cell.

Follow me.

I knew I could trust you, staff.

It was getting very dicey in there, staff.

Roberts, get your kit.

I'm moving you into a lonely cell.

Oh, why don't you catch on?

Your days of turning men into toy soldiers are over.

I run this place. Me.

I say what goes and what don't go.

Williams, I told you when you came here I stand by my staff.

You won't get me into another bloody mess like this again.

I'm putting you on the gate.

Listen, harris and the m.o...

You're a bit too hot, even for me.

You don't seem to understand.

We stand together.

You work alongside me, and I'll show you how it's done.

You don't belt them in this game.

You break them, gently break them.

Then you build them up again into men, into soldiers.

Listen, we throw it all onto harris and the m.o. people listen to me when I'm talking!

Will you shut up a minute?

Pay attention.

I've got enough on my plate...

You trying to give me orders?!

No one does that!

I run this place. Me.

I say what goes and what don't go.

Even if you go to the commandant, think he'll listen?

He's saying yes to me before I've even walked through the door.

Now get this place cleaned up.

It's a pigsty.

Carry on, staff.

In 25 years, I've never known anything like it.


Not in 25 years. Never.

You're on your own now, williams.

No, you're still with me, roberts.

Just you and me this time.

Don't touch him.

Don't muck it up, boys.


You'll muck it up.

Don't touch him.

We've won!

We've won!

You'll muck it up!

Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on!

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