The Hills Have Eyes (2006) Script

Help me. Help me. Help me.

My cake is ready.

Time for the show. Everybody on stage.


Is that you?

Goddamn it.





If that's you, Jupiter...

...I got some buckshot for you, you hear me?

I told you, it's over!

I'm out, you hear me?

You're on your own now!

I -I I'm sorry, I can't do this anymore.



It's hot out here.

Stay in the car, out of the wind.

Well, honey, I have to stretch my legs.

Where the hell is everybody?



Get up, jackass. Bobby.

Fill her up, check the fluids, my friend. Oh, yeah. Right away, sir.

Beauty, stop it. No. Piece of shit.

Damn it.

You okay?

Tell me again why we couldn't fly like normal people.

Right, they wouldn't let your dad drive the plane.

Doug, relax. It's their silver anniversary, and they're so happy you came.

Your parents can't stand me. No, you're wrong. They love you.

I could have taken them on a cruise.

You know what? Stop. I never ask you for anything, okay?

Just think how happy you'll be when Catherine comes along on our 25th.

It's okay.

It's not gonna be in a fucking trailer home.

Don't see too many travelers around here. Where y'all headed?

San Diego. California?

Sure didn't take the fastest road.

Oh, no. We absolutely had to see the desert.

Didn't we, Bob? Absolutely.

There ain't nothing to see in the desert.

Really? Do you hear that, honey?


Don't you know it's illegal to smoke around a gas pump?


Come here. Where's your mom? He's a good little piggy.

Little baby piggy. Little baby piggy.

Hey, Bobby, come over here.

Look at this. Oh, my God.

That's so random.

You two make a perfect pair.

You're sweet. Yeah.

What are you doing? Don't pee there.

What the hell do you care? Just turn around for a second.


Don't you see that?

Excuse me, you have a phone I can use? I can't get a signal.

No, I don't.

Hey, Bukowski. Give the cell phone a rest.

Sorry, Bob. Duty calls.

Honey, you've been on the phone since we left. Really.

I've been gone. I have to make sure my store's not burning to the ground.

Oh, God.

Thanks, Brenda.

What the hell, Brenda?!

Damn it.

Damn it, got it all over my hand. How far are we from I-88?

Freaking perv. What?

At least five or six hours away.

You hungry, sweetie?

Why couldn't we have gone through Santa Fe?

Could you put a cork in it.

Well, if I do say so myself, ma'am, your husband here's quite right.

This is the only southbound road going to I-88.

From there, you can take the 40 to California...

...but it's a long, old drive.

That doesn't bother me. I like to drive at night.

I used to work the night patrol for 15 years.

Is that right? You a cop? Detective.

Not anymore, thank God.

I'm starting my own security firm.

You a cop too, mister?

No. I'm in telecommunications. I sell cell phones.

Well, hell, you won't find any customers around here.

Yeah, no kidding.

Everything's fine. Oil's okay.

Beauty, come back here!

Hey! Buddy, what do I owe you?

Forty-six dollars, even. Bob, here, let me take care of that.

I can still afford the gas, Bukowski.

Keep the change, my friend. That's not what I meant.




Beauty? Come on, girl.


Beauty, come on, girl.


Is anyone there?


Beauty, what are you doing? Can I help you, miss?

I'm sorry. It's just our dog. She just...

She got out and she won't stay put.

Lynn! We're leaving! Come on, girl. Let's go.

That's all right. I got her. Okay.

Honey? Honey? Could you tell him to take it a bit easy?

The heat's making me nauseous. Let's go!

Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.

Honey, we're on vacation.

Yeah? You know...'s not on the map...

...but if you take a left at the dirt road couple miles from here...'ll lead you through the hills, probably save you a couple of hours.

Can't miss it.

There's an old fence right in front.

Well, thank you. Thank you very much.

Old fence, dirt road, two miles.

You have a safe trip. Thank you.

Dad, I hate your singing.

Guys, no.

Can you imagine the first people to cross this desert?

They didn't know where they were. I can, because neither do we.

Brenda, the road is here, right? It exists. It's got to go somewhere.

Besides, look how beautiful it is. The light on the rocks.

It's gorgeous.

This is so fucked.

Excuse me. Watch your language, young lady.

I would like a little backup here.

This is such bullshit.

Hey, watch your fucking mouth. Can we just calm down here?

We're all a little tired, okay? Yeah, Mom.

Didn't you grow up in the '60s? Why are you so uptight?

Your mom didn't used to be uptight. She was a little hippie chick.

No. Yeah.

You should've seen her at your age. She was a little hottie.

Dad. Stop that.

Driving through the New Mexico desert in the middle of summer...

...with a broken air conditioner.

Great vacation.

Well, I'm glad you came...

...because I would have been so fucking bored otherwise.


So bored.

Give up on that, man. I tried for an hour and a half.

Thing's ancient. Wiring's medieval. Needs to be replaced.


There. It's just the thermostat.

It was disconnected. Anyway... least we can breathe now.

Hey, I thought you quit smoking.

Does my sister know? Hey, man...

...fuck your sister.

You know, Big Bob would get pretty pissed off...

...if he found out you were smoking in his newly renovated '88 Airstream.

Yeah? Well, fuck Big Bob too.

Here. Want one? Go ahead.

Your sister would cut my nuts off if you started.

I think she did that a long time ago.

I think you're right.

I think we're on this blue road.

Mom, we're not on the blue road or any other road.

The guy said it wasn't on the map, remember?

Oh, my God!

Hang on!

Watch the baby!

Honey? Where's the baby? Where's the baby?

She's right here. She's fine.

What the hell? What the hell happened?

The heat must have caused a blowout.

Are you okay? You sure? Yes, I'm fine. I'm just a little shaken up.

God. . .. Where's Bobby?

Bobby? Are you all right, honey? Are you okay?

He's all right.

I knew this wasn't safe for the baby. We're okay! Fine!

Son of a bitch!

Okay, okay. We're all right.

The whole trailer... I know, I know.

Come here, guys. Come here.



We are so fucked.

Did you find a signal? No. Nothing.

Ninety-seven percent nationwide coverage.

We find ourselves in that 3 percent. Yeah.

Your dad wanted to see the desert. Hope he's enjoying himself.

Doug, don't start.

Maybe somebody will need a rent-a-cop. Doug.

What? Come on.

Every chance he gets, he takes me down a peg.

I can't snap back at him?

Yeah, well, don't stoop to his level.

Two hundred degrees out here. It's everybody's fault.

It's all of you. Get off my back.

General? What's the damage?

The axle is broken. And it's...


Can we fix it?


The frame is twisted to hell. We can't...

With what? I mean...

Give me your cell phone. I'll call a tow truck.

No signal. I tried.

Well, we can use the CB.

Try, but I doubt you're gonna get anybody.

The freeway's on the other side of those hills. You won't get a signal.

So, what are we gonna do?

Excuse me.

Bob? What are we doing?

We walk.

We walk? Yeah. You and me.

We're in the middle of the desert. We're miles from anywhere.

Well, it's either that...

...or we sit and wait for somebody to drive by.

Seen anybody drive by since we got off the freeway?

I haven't seen anyone since you took the shortcut.

Honey, let's go for a walk. Okay.

There's nothing there, you shitheads.

I'm sure this desert is full of rattlesnakes.

I think that's locked. Bobby, come here.

Yes, sir. Thanks, honey.

You're welcome.

You know, I saw... Mom? What?

Safety's on, boy. Yes, sir.

I saw a documentary on desert snakes...

...on the Discovery Channel. There's some species...

...if you get bit, you die within, like, 25 minutes.

Really? I'd like to see how they stack up against this one.

I thought this was gonna stay locked up, honey.

I thought you weren't talking to me. You're right.

Relax, I'm a licensed professional. I'll take my bullets over your prayers.

Some things never change.

So what about, like, scorpions and coyotes and stuff?

Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition.

Hey, Doug. You wanna try? Hey! Don't point that at me!

Don't worry. The safety's on.

Bobby? Yeah?

Leave Doug alone. He's a Democrat. He doesn't believe in guns.

Oh, come on, Dougie.

Come here. Just one shot.

It makes you feel kind of powerful. You might like it.

I don't think so. I'd probably just shoot my foot off.

You know, he's right.

He'd probably shoot his foot off.

Hey, B. Hey.

How you holding up?

I am thrilled.

Yeah. This is a total drag.

Yeah, well, you know, I really don't care what they say.

Next year, I am going to Cancun with my friends.

Not going on any more of these family trips.

Well, we're not gonna have many more of them, you know?

And if you wanna go to Cancun, you're gonna have to get a job.

Oh, yeah. What, you mean like your job?

Brenda, I help Doug out at the store, okay?


Honey, can you bring me my jacket?

I'll be right there, honey!

Bobby! Fucker!

Could you get me a Twinkie? No.

I'll walk in this direction.

Fine. Find out where the road leads, I'll head back the way we came.

Stay away from me. All right.

Road's gotta lead somewhere.

Maybe to the freeway. Are you taking a gun too?

No. No, honey, I'm not. I don't need a gun to find help.

No, I don't want this. You need the hat.

You're walking in the desert. It gives me hat head.

It's not about fashion. All right. Thank you.

Listen, if you don't find help within five or six miles, just come back.

Here, honey. I'm gonna go to the gas station.

You're just never gonna make it back by sunset is the only problem.

Honey, it's only about eight miles.

I'll borrow the old man's car, use his phone.

I'll be back with a tow truck before nightfall.

Can I go with Doug? No. Stay with your mother and sisters.

Now, Brenda, listen up. Your brother is in charge, all right?

So don't tease him. We should pray before you go.

Oh, Mom! Brenda, is it really so much to ask?

Yes. Come on.

Damn it. We're waiting.

Thank God no one's watching us.

Bobby. Stop. Stop it.

Please bless us at this time, and send your guardian angels to help us... walk through this valley, in our faith...

...with the help of our dear Lord. Amen.

Amen. Amen.


Bye, Dad. Be careful.

See you guys in a few hours.

Keep the hat on, okay?

Am I wearing it? Don't give me that look.

Do you see it on my head? I love you.


Hi, sweetness. Hello.

Who doesn't wanna sleep anymore?

Are you hungry?

Please take your feet off the table.

Honestly. Just because we're camping doesn't mean you get to act like a pig.

Honey, really, you shouldn't go...

...from the breast to bottle, breast to bottle.

At her age, she should get used to one or the other.

Mom, thanks for the advice, but she's my baby.

I can't believe we're stranded in the middle of nowhere on your anniversary.

If we just stayed on the main road, we'd be in California right now.

What I'd give for a hot shower and a cold margarita.

The beach.

A massage. I'll take a real bed.

Yeah. The chronic.

What? Brenda.

What? The chronic...

It's pot, Mom.

Who smokes pot? Yes, exactly, who smokes pot?

Hey, has anybody seen my red sweatshirt?

You know, the hoodie thing in the back seat? Brenda?

Weren't you, like, sleeping on it?

I haven't touched your smelly sweatshirt.

Why are the dogs so excited?

There's probably some rattlesnakes somewhere around.

You know how Freud would have interpreted...

...your obsession with rattlesnakes, Mom?

Bobby. So bad.

Bobby Carter! Stop that. Gross.

So wrong.

That was a little gross. I'm sorry. I apologize to the table.

Well, thank you.

I'm really glad that we all came on this trip together.

Well, that makes one of us.

Where is the fruit? Does anyone need anything?


Brenda? Are you kidding me?! Do you know how long...?

Bobby! Sorry.

Bobby, it's dinnertime! I'll get him, Mom.

This always happens. Bobby!

I don't want you going away from the trailer right now.






What the hell?

Look at that.



Hey, buddy?



Hey, I had a bit of a wreck out on your shortcut.


I got some water, all right?

It's dead. Damn.

Yo, my friend! Hey!

You here?

You home?



You son of a bitch.



I got a buckshot, you hear?

Hey, mister.

You don't understand what's going on here.


The kids...

...grew up in the mines like wild animals.

Open the door, slowly!

What kind of place is that for children?

What kind of a place is that?

Okay. Put the weapon down. Put it down, easy.

Put it down.

I did the best I could.

I'm sorry. Hey!




Daddy. Daddy.


Daddy. Daddy.


Would you give me that gun, Pluto!

Give me the darn gun. Get over here.

That's mine. Come on! You oughtn't to have a gun.



Hey, I'm here! I'll be back in a minute!






Okay, let me just... Oh, honey, the hair.


You know, you really are so lucky that Brenda found you.

I mean, what if you'd had to spend the whole night out there in the cold?

Hey, Bobby.

Don't worry. Beauty will come back when she's hungry, okay?

Did you try the radio? It doesn't work.

But we heard something.

Some sort of breathing.

What breathing?

It was weird. Right, Mom?

I'm sure it was just static.


It sounded like a perverted call.

Only Mom would get an obscene phone call out here.

Bobby. What...?

Honey? No, no! I want you guys to stay here.

What is wrong with him?

What's he doing?


Beasfl BeasU Hey, Bobby Jesus Christ! Hey, whoa!

Stop pointing the gun at me. Please.

Jesus, Bobby. Doug, I'm sorry, man.

It's me.

You okay? Yeah.


I didn't mean to startle you, man.

I found this place. You wouldn't believe it.

It's like The Twilight Zone.

Hey. Is that Bob?

It's Doug. It's Doug. It's okay.

Oh, honey. Oh, my God.

Thank God you're okay. I was so worried.

No, I'm fine. Just exhausted.

Look at all this stuff I found. What is this?

There's a huge crater out there.

People must use it as a dumpsite. I've never seen anything like it in my life.

A lot of this stuff is brand-new.

What are we gonna do with a fishing pole out here?

I thought you went to find somebody. The road dead-ends in five miles.

That's where the crater is. It's not a shortcut.

It dead-ends? Dead end.

That old man was full of shit. I hope your dad did better.

Maybe we just missed a turn.

You guys cook any dinner? I'm starving.

Yeah. Come on in. Great. Thanks.

Brenda, you have any lip balm? My lips are really dry.

Are you serious? That's gross. I'm not letting you use my lip balm.

Do you use it without telling me?

There's nothing wrong with him... Baby needs to go to bed.

Wait, Bobby, don't close that door. We're leaving in a second.

Get some rest with Daddy.

You guys aren't gonna wait till Dad gets back?

No, Bobby, I'm exhausted. I need to get some sleep.

No, no, no. It's fine. You'll be more comfortable here.

Because I'll sleep on the floor.

Mom and Brenda will be up front, you and Lynn in back.

We got extra sleeping bags and stuff too.

Bobby, you got six people sleeping in a three-person trailer. It's not comfortable.

It's a little bit weird. Okay?

Honey, you gonna bring the water? Yeah.

Hey, Doug. Can I talk to you? What's up?

Baby, you coming? I'm almost ready.

What's going on?

When I...

Bobby.Bobby. No,no,no.

Hey, I'm sure your dad's gonna be back soon, okay?

I mean, come on. He's Big Bob, right?

It's gonna take more than a couple of snakes and scorpions to stop him.


Excuse me. Sorry.

Did you get pillows?

They're in the SUV.

Hey, hey, listen.

If he's not back by midnight, we'll both go looking for him. Deal?

Yeah. Deal. Okay.

Get some rest, man. Good night, Bobby.

Good night.

What are you doing? There's no mosquitoes in the desert.

Honey, there's mosquitoes everywhere.





Beasfl Beast


Beast Beast?

Beasty? Come here, boy.


GUYS! Guys!

Oh, God. Guys. Open.

Jesus. Bobby What is it, Bobby?

Something is going on around here. What is it?

There are people or something living in those hills.

People? No, no, no. Doug.

Doug, please. Bobby. Bobby, listen to me.

We're in the middle of nowhere, okay? Nobody lives in those hills.

Beauty's dead.

What? I found her...

...and she was, like...

It looked like somebody had, like, cut her open, you know?

Cut her open? Yeah. I didn't want to say anything...

...because I didn't want to scare everyone...

...and I didn't wanna get Mom upset.

But I'm telling you, there is something going on, okay?

And Dad's not even back yet.

Okay. All right. Stay right there.

I'll come check this out.

We're not alone.

All right, Lynn, you stay here, you lock the car, okay?

We're gonna check this out. Now, where did you see this?


It's Bob. Wait. We don't know what that is.

It's Bob! We don't know what that is!

Bob! I'm coming. Dad?

Dad! Help!

Brenda, watch the baby.


Get back!

Hey, little birdie. Hey, little birdie.

Get your mother out of here! Get your mother out of here!

Doug! Do something!

You've gotta be a man to do that!

I told you to move, so move!

Get! Get!

Fuck off!

Not my Bob!

It's not my Bob! Come on, Mom. Let's go.

No, just come on.

What was that?

Mom, just stay here, okay?

Help! Help!

Oh, you fat.

Big, fat and juicy.

No. No, please!


Bobby, where you going?

Fucking kill those motherfuckers!

Get back here! Don't do something stupid!

They're in the trailer!

Get her out of the door! Help!

Stop it! Shoot him!


Help me! Come on, now.

Look at me. Look at me. Stop, stop.

That's it. Look at me.


I'll come back for you. Brenda!

Bitch stuck me like a pig!

Are you okay? Are you okay?

Oh, God! Don't move.

Don't move, honey. Don't move.

Okay. Okay. All right. You're gonna be okay.

You're gonna be okay.

Sweetheart. Okay.



Lynn, come on!


Come on.

What are we gonna do, huh?

What are we gonna do if they come back, Doug?

This trailer is so small. I clean and clean.

It's still a mess.

It's a mess.

Is Big Bob home?

Not yet.

Everybody went to bed?

Yes? Yeah.

Brenda's right here and Bobby's in the back.

Lynnie's sleeping?

You need anything?

A blanket.

It's cold. It's cold. Okay.

Nice and warm, huh? Nice and warm.

You're so sweet, Doug.

I understand why Lynnie loves you so much.

I'm not gonna take this shit.

We're not going anywhere. You wanna die too?

I don't fucking care! Do you wanna die?!

Look what they did to your mother! Look what they did to your sister!

You need to think. You're not a child anymore.

You won't make it three feet out there. Now, we need a plan.

We need to think.

We need to think. Think about what?!

They have Catherine, your daughter, and you're gonna sit and do nothing?!

You're a pussy, just like my dad said!

You shut the fuck up! Shut up! Shut your mouth!

Fuck you.


Goggle? No!

Turn the lights on. Turn the lights on.

Turn the lights on.

He said he's coming back. Quiet.

He said he's coming back for me. Please.

It's them.

It's them. It's them.



You copy, Goggle?

Where's Goggle?

He stayed back there. He's keeping an eye on them.

I told you.


I told you, you've gotta kill them all!

Beast! Beast! You're alive!

Oh, good boy. Good Beast.

Oh, good boy.

Good boy.

Jupiter's going to finish them off.

Why are you doing this to us?

Why are you doing this? You hear me?

Give me back my baby.

What the fuck do you want from us?

What do you want?!

You give me back my little girl, you hear me?

Bobby... many bullets do you have left?

A clip and a half.

What are we doing?

Which way, Beast? Which way?

Come on. Follow the trail.

Come on, big guy-

I hope you're not afraid of the dark.

Where are we?

Which way, Beast?

Good boy.


Bobby, I followed the blood trail.

It leads to a town or something out here.


Who knows, maybe someone heard our calls.

Nobody's gonna hear the fucking calls, Brenda!

Nobody will see the goddamn smoke in this desert!

We're in the middle of freaking...


I'm sorry. It's okay.

I'm so scared.

Who are these people?

Good dog. Stay.

Did you push her? Yes.

Did you destroy the furniture? No.

Did you call her trailer-park trash? I did not.

I did treasure my marriage. I respected her.

That's when her abuse started.

So now you're saying... I'm still in love with her.

You couldn't "treasure the marriage" if you wanted to end it two weeks into it.

I wanted to end it because I had a feeling that things weren't gonna work.

She wasn't working as a team player.

I tried coaching her... What were you doing coaching her?

Is she your child?! No, she's not my child.

Coaching her in what?

She wanted me to eat dinner, spaghetti...

...and I wanted to go out before it got dark. It was getting dark...

She hit me with a plate of spaghetti. She hit you?

When that happened, I grabbed my coat and I ran out the door.

Watch her head, Bobby.

Come on.

O say, can you see By the dawn's early light What so proudly we hailed At the twilight's last gleaming?

Whose broad stripes and bright stars Through the perilous fight O'er the ramparts we hatted Were so gallantly streaming?

And the rockets' red glare The bombs bursting in air Gave proof through the night That our flag was still there

Where's my daughter?

Where is she?

Answer me.

I don't know where she is.

I never leave...

...this place.

Your people asked our families... leave their town.

And you destroyed our homes.

We went into the mines.

You set off your bombs...

...and turned everything to ashes.


...made us what we've become.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

Where's my baby?

What's so funny?

It's breakfast time.

Please don't kill me. "Please don't kill me."

Please don't kill me. "Please don't kill me."


Kill the baby.

Baby. Baby.

Get out the way, Ruby.

I said, get.

Now get.

Mister, would you play with us?



It's okay. Fine.

It's okay.

It's okay. It's okay.

No. No. No.

No! Come on, Brenda.

Bobby! Stay with me. Stay with me.

What happened? Come on. Come on.

It's gonna be all right.


Please. Please.


Come on out, you motherfucker.

Look. Look. Look.

It's just a tumbleweed. Come on.

Come on, let's go back to the trailer. Come on.

Come on.

Oh, my God! She's gone.

She's fucking gone! She's gone! Brenda!

Go get the trailer ready! Brenda! Go... Where's Mom?!

Go get the trailer ready, okay? Go. Where's Mom?!

Where's Mom?!

Listen, go get the trailer ready.

Go in. Do what we talked about.

Go, go, go. Get the window. Get the window.

It's stuck!

Move! Go, go, go. Get out.






Come back here!

You little bitch!

Come back!

Give me that baby!


Come on, let's get out of here.

Oh, my God. Look! Bobby!