The Hills Have Eyes II (2007) Script

No! No! No! No! No!

No! No! Die!

Colonel Redding. Now there's a piece of work.

I can't believe he's having us wire up this hellhole.

He's obsessed with something. What's he expecting to find down there?

Ghosts of old miners?

They're here! Hey.

You ready to test 'em?

All right. You got everybody?

Number one's dead.


How about now?

- Whoa. Good there. How about the security dummies?

They're dead too.

Hold on.

What the hell?

What you got?

- I got a shitload of false readings. Stand by. Again?

- What's going on in here? Damn it!

We just lost our feed. I'll go check the main junction.

Spooky down there, isn't it?

We were the first ones in there since the '50s.

Maybe it is haunted. Glad it's you and not me in there.

Aw, fuck!

- What's with the junction box? It's history.

Our friends the rats again.

They love the taste of the insulation.

All right, I'll call base. Should be able to get a backup here in an hour or so. Shit.

Dr. Wilson, have you seen Foster?

Calibrating the infrared sensor up top the mountain.

Dumb sons of bitches. Sorry, Colonel Redding.

Guys aren't supposed to be here without a goddamn escort!



Wilson, come in.

Where are these guys?

Han, do you read me? It's Foster.

Han, come in.

Han, it's Foster.


Are you... lost?

My name is Dr. Foster. Uh-

Do you- Do you have a name?

"Roonawee." "Roonawee"?

Run away! Run away?



Now, where are you? Come on.

Come out of your holes.

Come on, you cocksucker motherfucker sons of bitches!


Go! Go! Move out! Move out! Go! Keep moving! Keep mov-


Oh, shit! Take cover!

Come on, Crank!

Whoa! Ow!

Leave it! I gotta get my helmet.

Spitter, forget your fucking helmet! Get back here!

It's not supposed to be this bad! Die!

- America's mothers suck cock! What the fuck did you say?

- Your American mothers suck cock! Uh, Crank?

Fuck you! America number one, bitch!

Crank, no! No!

Crank! Let's move, pussies!

Crank, you dumb motherfucker! Don't freak out!

- I know what to do. Get out of the way. Give him some cover!

- I got this. I got this. You get out!

- This is fortress of Allah! Napoleon, get the door.

- What? Get the door, man!

I can't hear you! Get the fuckin' door! Fuck!

- This is the mother of all doors! Fall back!

Shit! Take cover! Run!



You killed my babies!

- You killed my babies! You killed my babies! Watch out.

- Watch her. We didn't mean to.

No! Napoleon! Kaboom!

Oh, you're dead.


A stunning display of individual and group stupidity.

Seventeen civilians killed, and yourselves.

I'm in fucking awe!

Cole! Never leave cover to retrieve your helmet!

You won't have a head to put it on anyway.

Johnson, do not drop your weapon to protect your ears.

You are better off deaf than dead.

Medina, since you are not Rambo resurrected... do not charge while your head is securely up your ass.

That's how innocent people get killed. And you, Napoleon.

It's Napoli, Sarge. You're quite the killer, aren't you, Napoleon?

Almost got your whole squad blown to hell in six seconds.

That's a mighty impressive body count for somebody who's against the war.

What? Oh, yeah. Your brother didn't tell you?

Pretty mouth here's got himself a bumper sticker.

It says, "Conversation, not confrontation."

What's up with that shit? You against the war, Doonesbury?

Not all wars, Sarge. I just think that the president lies too much.

All presidents lie, asshole! That's their fucking job.

Yes, sir. No president has told the truth since Truman.

And do you know what he said? No, Sarge.

He said that the buck stops here!

Now, you have all failed combat... and are therefore officially dead.


Fall in at that deuce and a half with all gear.

We will deploy to the Agave Ridge rifle range.

There, you can complete your failure of these exercises... by blowin' each other's dead heads off!

And on our way, we're stopping at Sector 16... to deliver equipment to scientists who are working there.

This is a top secret area, so do not wander off or talk to anybody.

Now, get your sorry rookie butts in the back of that truck, now!

Let's go! Let's go!

Let's go, Spitter! If I had some steak on a string, you'd move real fast!

Jesus! How big is this place?

It's about 1,300 square miles. They used to test nuclear weapons here.

Well, isn't it radioactive then?

Not according to the army. Fuck.

Maybe I should thank Napoleon.

If we're all officially dead like Sarge said...

I won't be tried for war crimes.

The killing of innocent mannequins is serious shit.

- Where I come from, it's never good to be dead. Aw, Crank.

You're takin' all the fun out of the afterlife.

Shove the afterlife up your ass.

- That's cold, man. Clyde, huh?

Made the same mistake when I was a kid. So is Clyde still your dude?

Uh, yeah, Stump. Clyde's still my dude.

Stump, that's her son. He's, like, four years old.

That is so fucked up.

One good thing about being dead-

Wouldn't have to listen to all your bullshit.

Oh. That's all there is out here. Just a bunch of bullshit.

This bullshit's got a crazy past.

You guys know they used to use this as a test ground for A-bombs?

You guys know this used to be a test ground for A-bombs?

- Who the fuck asked you, peace-ass shit boy? Oh, right.

I'm sorry. I forgot I was dealing with Rambo resurrected.

You Rambo resurrect my balls, bitch.

You with the-

- Whoa, whoa, whoa! Come on, Crank!

- You wanna die young, cabrón? You guys, stop!

I'll kill you right now! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Crank!

I killed somebody once.

It was easy. That's why it's so dangerous.

I don't fuckin' like that guy.

Well, I don't like bein' out here havin' to put up with you, but I deal with it.

So deal with it.

- Thanks. Don't mind Crank.

He's just a cranky motherfucker.

- They're so top secret, they're invisible, huh? You got that right.


Oh, leg's asleep. Dick's asleep.

You wanna wake it up? Nah, that's your daddy's job.

Hey, you two, cut the bullshit.

Off-load that crate. Put it in the tent. Spitter, get me base.

National Guard Yankee-Five-Niner calling Yuma Flats Base. Over.

National Guard Yankee-Five-Niner calling Yuma Flats Base.


- Nothing, sir. It's the hills. Keep trying.

National Guard Yankee-Five-Niner to Yuma Flats Base. Over.


Private Crackhead. Sarge?

See if you can find Colonel Redding. He's supposed to be the security over here.

See these cables? They run into that old bunker over there. Check it out. Watch your step.

Yes, sir, Sergeant. Private Mickey Mouse.

See if you can find some gas. There's gotta be some cans around here somewhere.

Yes, Sergeant.

Napoleon, where the fuck are you goin'?

I was just gonna use the facility. Are you fucking kidding me?

You are in mountain assault training. There are no port-a-potties in Kandahar.

You will take your dumps behind the cactus with the scorpions.

Do you understand me? What do I use for T.P., sir?

Use your fuckin' hand.

Yes, Sarge.


Colonel Redding?

Stupid bats!

No gas, sir, but I found this.

Satellite phone. Must've been how they contacted base.

- I don't think it's working. Man, somebody's got a temper.

Mine's all buttoned up, Sarge. Nobody's home.

Whose radio's that?

- Must be one of theirs. Wilson? Han? You there?

Hello? Who the fuck is this?

This is Sergeant Jeffrey Millstone of the U.S. National Guard.

Who is this, and what's your position?

I need help.

I'm up the hill.

Are you in distress?

Fuck! Spitter, what's the range on these things?

Couple miles. Line of sight.

Sarge. Looks like a signal mirror.

It's gotta be him.

We're on a search and rescue mission. That's right, we are!

Shut the fuck up!

I said search and rescue, not fuckin' spring break.

I want you back here with weapons and gear for a climbing assault in five.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir, Sarge.

No disrespect, but do you really think it's a good idea... goin' up there without contacting headquarters?

Do you like fucking with me, Napoleon?

I think you do. You know what?

You're officially in charge of guarding the latrine.

Not using it, but guarding it.

I want you to stand on one leg and hold your rifle over your fucking head... and make sure that no one steals or molests that port-a-potty... or I will have your Gomer Pyle ass court-martialed immediately.

Do you understand what I'm saying to you? Do you understand me?

Yeah, I'll go. I just think that it's a bad idea.

Get over there and guard that fuckin' latrine, now! Sir, yes, sir!

Live ammo or blanks? One live mag each weapon. It's heavier.

Flashlights and hydration packs too. The more weight, the better for you clowns.

You're halfway through your training, and you look like a bunch of raw recruits.

You're a disgrace to the U.S. National Guard, and you wouldn't last five minutes in combat.

One leg, Gomer Pyle!

The rest of you, get your asses up that hill.

And wipe those silly smiles off your faces now!

Let's move! One leg, Pyle!

One leg!

You're so bad. Company, halt! Johnson!

Sir? You stay here.

Spitter's coming with us. Get on the main radio and try to raise somebody.

If you can get through to a medevac, the guy'll have a hell of a better chance.

Now, move. Yes, Sarge.

Don't forget to write.

Get goin'! Turn around! One leg!

One leg, Gomer Pyle!

Mayday. Mayday. This is the National Guard Yankee-Five-Niner... calling the Yuma Flats Base requesting a medevac.




Mayday. Mayday. This is the National Guard Yankee-Five-Niner... calling the Yuma Flats Base requesting a medevac.


What the hell are scientists doing way the hell out here?

There's nothing but rocks and rattlesnakes.

Army business, dumb ass, and definitely none of your business.

But, Sarge, I am in the army.

Which gives you the right to shut the fuck up!

Okay. I'll just shut the fuck up then.

How many people are supposed to be here?

I have no idea. Maybe we can ask him up there.

What are we supposed to do when we find this dude?

Well, it depends on how bad he is.

We wait for a medevac, or we'll hump him down by hand.

I know I'm not supposed to talk, Sarge, but I hope-

Shit, man!

Come on, pull! I got you, Mickey!


- Shit. You saved my life, Sarge.

Yeah, well, nobody's perfect.

How far down does that thing go?


Could be a hundred feet deep or a hundred years old.

Just waitin' to suck your ass in.

So keep your eyes open. There's a lot of old mines around here.

How's your ankle, Mickey? I'm fine, I'm fine. Let's go.

We cannot afford to slow down. Come on, Sarge. Let's go.

Ow! Head back to base camp.

Oh, come on, Sarge. Mick, back to camp.

Now. That's an order.

What the fuck is everybody lookin' at? Let's keep movin'!

Screw it.

Hey! You're not supposed to do that. Duty calls.

Mayday. Mayday. This is the National Guard Yankee-Five-Niner... calling the Yuma Flats Base requesting a medevac.


Mayday. Mayday.

This is the National Guard Yankee-Five-Niner calling the Yuma Flats Base-

Oh, fuck! Fuck! What?

There's a hand in the shitter! What?

Check it out! Oh, fuckin'-


There's nobody in there.

Down... there.

Who was that guy? Shit-Man the Barbarian! I have no idea!

Help me!

- Oh, man. Oh, God!

I can't tell one rock from another.

It was between those three.

Seems like that's the only way up right there.

That ain't so bad. Nah, man.

Not so bad at all... if you're a fuckin' squirrel.

What's with all these cuts? I don't know.

Who did this to you?

They're... here.

Who's they?

None of the cuts were that deep.

Massive infection. What?

Shit stinks because it's full of pathogens.

Whoever did this to him wanted him to die slowly.

What kind of person could do that to someone?

I honestly don't know.

Let's go, Delmar.

There you go.

Pick your spots.

Find the creases.

You got it. You got it!

- Ow! Keep goin', soldier.

There you go. That's what I'm talkin' about, Delmar.

- Whoo! Nice! All right. All right!

- All right! Yeah! Spider-Man!

You are officially a bad motherfucker.

Stump, you're up next. The rest of you, get your asses ready.

Love you, Mommy.

Take your time and pick your spots, Stump.


Oh, easy. Sarge says we're moving out.

Well, make some noise next time you come up behind me!

Yeah, whatever. Look, I'm just the messenger.

Chicks, man.

Hello? Hello?

Over. Hello? Hello? Over.

- Hello? Hello? Over. You get through to 'em?

This radio sucks!

Hello? Sarge? Anybody?

Holy shit!

Oh, my God. Oh, no, no, no!

No! Oh, my God!

Shit! What are you doin'?

Fuck! What?

Where's your rifle?

Oh, God, it's gone!

Oh, God!

Let's just get up there. No, no, no, no, no. We're not goin' up that hill.

I'm not hiding down here waiting for them to come down!

What? You scared?

It's not about being scared. It's about not making idiotic and possibly fatal decisions.

Right. I forgot who I was speaking to.

The same genius who got his whole squad blown to hell.

Didn't you hear what he said? Someone is here. You wanna die like him?

Let's just get up with the others.

Hello, Sarge? Hello, Sarge?

Hello? Sarge? Anyone?

Can anybody out there read me?


What? I don't know-





Did I hit him?

Mickey! Mickey!

Hey, who was that? Mickey, something's going on! Oh, God. Are you all right?

Yeah, I just twisted my ankle-

Hold on!

Holy shit! Fuck!

Hold on! Hold on! I got you!

Oh, shit! Oh, God!

Shit! Hold on! I got you!

Shoot the fucker! Shoot him!

- Shoot him! I can't see in there!

I don't have a shot!

Fucking help me, man!

Don't let go! Mickey!

Oh, God! Oh!


- Oh, God! Mickey!

Man, this is some bullshit.

What? Thought I heard something.

- A shot. This is a military base.

People are shootin' all over the place.

I think it came from camp. Has anybody checked in with Amber recently?

Mickey's down there by now. You know he's got her in a tent... and they're doin' a whole nother kind of training.

You know what I mean?

- Sarge, up there! I see it!

Another one. You two, get your asses up here!

Come on.



Oh, no.

The red and black high-top forces. What?

And it's my size too? What the fuck's it doing way up here?

Now, if we could only find the other ones, we'd be in business.

Sarge, over here!


What the fuck is in his head?

- Private Crackhead, fish it out. Huh?


"Dr. Paul Foster. Department of Defense."

Looks like we found one of our scientists.

Lock and load. This isn't supposed to happen on an army base, man.

- In the middle of a U.S. military facility. The size of Rhode Island.

Look, if some asshole wants to go nuts, this is a damn good place to do it.

Spitter, get Amber on the radio.

Stark Nine. Stark Nine. Amber, this is Spitter. You read me? Over.

Stark Nine. Stark Nine. Amber, this is Spitter. You read me? Over.

There's too much interference.

- Sarge, we should go back down- Amber's fine. She's got Mick and Napoleon.

- Help me. That their radio?

Let me have it. Colonel Redding, is this you?

Hello? Can you hear me?

That wasn't the same voice as before.

Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. But if somebody's hurt, we're gonna help him.

And if somebody is fucking with us, we're gonna find out who it is.

Sarge- I told you before, this isn't spring break.

One way or the other, lives are at stake.

That's how it is.

Crank, Spitter, you stay with me on lead.

Missy, Stump, Delmar, you bring up the rear. Watch our backs.

Stay alert and stay alive. Let's move.

You hear somethin'?

I don't know. Maybe a bird?

Keep your eyes open. Okay.

What the fuck was that?

Aw, shit!

What the fuck- No!


Spitter! Fuck! Oh, fuck, man! Sarge!

That was Spit, man.


- Sarge! I didn't mean to do that!


You hurt? You hurt?

I didn't mean to do that. Do what?

Sarge! Sarge! Sarge!


What do we do? Go get me the medi-pack.

Medi-pack? D! Medi-pack! Bring it over here!

Fuck, man! Fuck.

What happened? I swear, man, this dude just popped out of nowhere.

- He stabbed Spit in the back. Hey, man.

I didn't mean to. Fuck, man.

- Is he okay? Is he okay? Sarge?

Sarge? Come on, breathe.

Breathe, Sarge.

Sarge, stay with us.

- Sarge! What do we need?

What do you need?


Missy, what do you need?

Crank! Crank! Tell them, man! Tell them!

It was an accident. It was a fucking accident.

They're fucking with us. These guys are smart.

Amber? Where's Mickey?

Watch between the rocks. Under your feet too.

That's how they got Mickey? That's how they did it.


What is it?

What do you see, Delmar?

It's nothin'. We're almost there.

All right, guys. Let's rig a line and get Sarge down.

I'm going down with him. Sorry, Spit. I don't know how to rig for a two-man.

- Yeah, me either, man. I can do it.

All right. All right. Let's make it happen.

You need two, right? Yeah.

Oh, and a couple of those carabiners.

Prop him up.

Yo, prop him up.

You sure you know what you're doing? Double bowline.

- Right knot for the job. You sure about that?

I was an Eagle Scout. It better fuckin' hold.

Come on, Spit. Let's do it.

You ready? All right.

I'm sorry, Spitter. It's the only way.

If he's loose, he'll fall out of his harness. Okay?



- See you down there, cabrón. Okay, man.


Easy. Easy.


You got it, Spitter.

All right, man. Plant your feet.

Take it easy.

Right there, Spitter. You got it. Plant your feet, man.

- You're doin' good, Spitter. Little more. Little more.

Right there.

Napoleon, get your thumb out of your ass and help us out!

- You comfortable? Yeah.

You're looking good, man. Keep it right there.

- All right, slow down. I'm about to lose visual. Slow down a little.

Keep it slow, Spitter.

Yo, slow down. Slow down.

Spitter! Spitter! Spit-

Spitter! What happened?

What- What happened?

- What happened? He's fuckin' dead, man.

- What the fuck happened? He's fuckin' dead.

Your fuckin' knot didn't hold, you lying faggot!

- The rope must've broke. The rope didn't break.

- Exactly. It was cut.

Oh, man, we're gettin' picked off one by one here.

You motherfuckers!

You motherfuckers are dead!

You hear me?


Aw, shit!

Where are the ropes?

- Hey, who's got the rest of the ropes? I put 'em up there.

They're gone. They're not here.

We can't get down without the ropes.

Who the hell is doing all of this fuckin' bullshit to us?

Whoever these fuckers are, they want us dead.

No, that's where they want us- thinkin' we got no chance.

We're gonna get out of this together.

Let's think about that.

- How do we get down? There's gotta be a way.

They got up here. We'll take the same way down.

Watch your step. It's a long way down.


You're not gonna like this.


Oh, fuck, man!

Another dead end!

No way we're gettin' down without ropes. I told you!

We go back and find another way.

Oh, shit!

D., why the fuck are we moving towards the weird noises?

- Just shut the hell up! You shut the hell up!

This is bullshit!

D...! Shh!

Holy shit.

Go ahead and shoot. Let's get some first aid.

Coming up. Napoleon, watch our backs.

- Got it. Colonel Redding.

Just hang on, sir, okay? We're gonna get you out of here.

Where's your C.O.? Where's your commanding officer?

We lost him.

Better let me see those wounds, sir. You don't have a fucking clue!


Sir, if you know something we should know, now's the time.

I just needed a little proof.

Proof of what? What's going on here, Colonel?

It's not the fucks in caves... halfway around the world that keep me up at night.


They're right here in the middle of our own goddamn base.

People still living in the mines.

They thought they got rid of them, but I knew they didn't.

You knew about these fuckers? One or two more nights...

I-I-I-I could've had 'em blown back to the Stone Age.

Tell us what to do, Colonel. How do we get out of here?

That's a good fuckin' question, isn't it?

You could-You could go down through the mines... except they'd kill you for sure.

All except the girls.

You ladies, they'll keep you alive for breeding... and trying to get their numbers back up.


Yeah, whatever, asshole. How do we get down this hill?


What the fuck? What the fuck was that, man?

I don't know how much more of this I can take.

I'm so fucking scared. We're gonna get through this.

We're gonna make it out of here, okay?

You think?

Have to. I'm the only real family Clyde's got.

Give anything just to smell his hair again.

You never talk about him.

Work's work. Family is- I don't know- sacred.

I always tried keeping the two separate.

I guess that's all bullshit now.

He's beautiful.




Is he dead?


Got him.

You all right? Mm-hmm.

That's the piece of shit that jumped me back at camp.

I think he killed Mickey too.

Damn. He's fuckin' ugly.

- Fuckin' stinks. He's fucking big, man.

Still, nothing a little hot lead can't fix.

Hot lead? Listen to you, man.

Yeah, well, it's just one. How many are left?

Hey, bring 'em on, man.

Hey. You guys did good.

Thanks. Smells like shit.

Yeah! We got this.

Where's Missy?

Hey, Missy?

Shit! It's Missy!


Watch yourselves.



Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on. Delmar, you heard what that dude said.

We should climb down, man.

- What are you talkin' about? I'm talkin' about you and me.

We don't need ropes. We can make it down freestyle no sweat, man.

Let's just do it. What about the rest of us?

What about Missy? We can get down fast, and you know it.

The rest of you guys, just-just hang tough, and we're gonna bring back some help.

Fuck that! We stick together. It's the best way.

- We separate- We're dead.

You got that right.

Stump. I'm gonna take my chances, man.

Stump. Stay with us, man. Come on.

When I get down, I'm gonna bring back help. This is stupid, man!

Crank, that is fuckin' stupid, man.

I'm gonna bring back help.


You guys ready for this?

We got your back.

It stinks in here.

- You see anything? There's only one way they could've gone.

Dead end? Where the fuck are they?


Down here.

I can't see shit.

I'll check it out. Wait for my signal.

- You good? Clear!


Oh, God.

Oh, my God!

Get 'em off me!

You're fine. It's all right.

Jesus Christ.

You cool, Napoleon?

Yeah, I think so. Aw, Jesus!

Come on, Crank. Where the hell are we?

Next level down.

All right. Okay.


It's just fuckin' rocks.

You're not gonna-

I'm not gonna let you bastards get me.

Not me, not today. It's not gonna happen.

Hey, guys.

There's a breeze.



This is where the fuckers hid to cut the ropes.

We can't just leave them down there.

There's nothing we can do for 'em now except find Missy and get the fuck out of here.

Missy's probably dead too.

You're not doing anybody any good talking like that.

Come on.



Help me! Oh, God!

Oh, no!

Is it a dead end?

No. No, it goes through.

How deep is it? Let's see.

How many do you think there are?

Who knows? Too many.

What are you doing? Saving one for myself.


Do you remember what Crank said?

"Dead is never better."

We're gonna get out of here.

It's just-

Amber! Napoleon!

Hang on! Shit!


What the hell? Shit!

Come on.

You guys all right?



Where's my rifle?

You okay? Shit.


You guys all right?

Yeah. We're all right.

We're gonna find a way down.

No problem. Hang on.



What are you doing?


I thought I heard something.

Oh, shit.

I think that's the level they're on.

- Do you think we could climb down without gear? See that beam?

If we can make it across, we slide down that.

I think I can make that jump.

What are you doing?

Crank? Crank? Wait!

- Crank! Fuck!


Delmar, your arm!

Your arm!

Hang on!


Let's keep it moving.

Let's go.

Oh, God.




Dirty cunt!

No! Come here.


So sweet.

No. Was her. Papa. No.

No. You give me baby.

Shit. Goddamn it. Come on.



Help me!

Somebody, help me!

Shit. It's Stump's headband.


Oh, my God.

Oh, shit.

Where is he?



Okay! Got you.



Kill them all.

Napoleon. We gotta go.

He's got a gun. Come on.


The hatch. Get the hatch. Get the hatch!

Shh! Shh.

Missy? Missy?

Which way?

You safe here.


I'm right behind you. Let's go.


What the hell happened here?

Come on, bitch!

Yeah, baby! It's all about volume!

- Gotta have volume! It's Crank.

You okay? I'm all right. I'm all right.

Lone Ranger shoulder wound. Missed the bone completely.


You good? Yeah. Yeah.

Who you fucking with, huh? Who you fucking with?

Crank? Crank?

You got any ammo left?


I'm out too.

Delmar. Your bayonet.

Crank. Delmar. Shit.

Down here.

Oh, shit.

Oh, shit. You guys are alive!

What happened to you? Delmar, are you all right?

Be a hell of a lot better when we get out of here. Were you shot?

- I'm fine. It's nothing. You sure?

Hi. Shit!

What the hell is that?

He's okay. Are you out of your goddamn mind? He's one of them.

- No, he just saved our lives. No fear. You come.

Follow me.


This way.

Whoa, whoa. You good? I'm all right.

Don't worry. I'm all right.

We gotta get him outta here.

Missy's not that far. You heard her screams.

How are we gonna get her outta here without any goddamn ammo?

- We can fight 'em with rocks and rifle butts if we have to. Who's Rambo resurrected now?

I just wanna get everyone outta here. Yeah?

Well, tell that to Mickey and Spitter and Stump! Crank! Shut the hell up!

You trust that guy? He hid us from them. He didn't give us up.

We don't have any choice. We have to trust him. Bullshit!

- God knows where he's taking us. To be honest with you...

I'm not sure God knows anything about this place.

Through here.

Must through here.


Oh, shit.

- Holy shit! Oh, man!

Oh, God.

- Geez! What the fuck!

Oh, man.

Oh, my God! It's Mickey!

- Don't look! Oh, God!

You sick fuck! You should be shot!

I should kill you! Crank!

What, man? Why you always trying to shut me down, Delmar, huh?

Don't freak out. Don't freak out. What the fuck?

Don't freak out. D-Don't freak out.

- Fuck, Delmar! What?

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Delmar.


Delmar. What the fuck, man?

You were hit twice?

Oh, fuck. Why didn't- Why didn't you tell me?

Don't do this, man. Don't do this!

Don't do this. Don't leave me, man.

Don't fucking leave me.


Get me a medi-pack. Napoleon!

Get me- Get me a medi-pack. Come on.


I'm not gonna leave him.

I'm not gonna leave him here. You sick fuck!

You're not gonna have him! Okay, okay.

I'm gonna get you outta here.

Get us outta here.


Come on.

I'll get you outta here.

Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!

I bet this leads outside!

Help me get this fuckin' door open.

- Come on! Hey, would you forget it, Crank?

Would you forget it? It's a blast door. You're never gonna get it open.

Fuck you!

We need to get outta here, you fucking retard!

Crank! How the fuck do we get outta here?

What about Missy? Would you get off this shit that she's alive?

Missy is fucking dead! Okay?

Just like the rest of 'em.

Just like we're gonna be if we don't get the fuck outta here!

We are not leaving this place without her.

You're stupid, okay?

How the fuck do we get outta here, man? Which way is it?

What's over there? What's over here?

- I'm going back for her! Amber, stay here.

Guys! Amber?

Oh, shit. Guys! Check it out!

Everything we need.


Everything we fucking need!

No touch. No touch.

- No touch. No touch! Amber.

Please, don't. Hey!

I'm begging you. I'd go back for you.


Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah. Oh, shit.

Oh, dynamite. Perfect.

Oh, yeah. I'm gonna get outta here after all.

Oh, yeah. Oh, Delmar. We're getting outta here, baby.

What the-


Oh, God. Crank!

Oh, God. You okay? I'm all right.




It's Missy.

Let's do it.

Missy's phone. What?

Do you still have Missy's phone?

Wait here.

I can't take it anymore. I don't wanna be quiet.

I want to get out of here.

We're gonna die. Don't you get it? We're gonna die!

Which way to go?

Which way do we go, Napoleon? Where?

I can't take it anymore, Napoleon. I can't!

- I don't wanna be quiet. Genius.

I want to get out of here. We're gonna die. Don't you get it? We're gonna die!

Jesus Christ. Amber.

You okay? Give me this arm. Stay with me. Amber, I wanna get out.

It's okay. We got you. We got you.

Where's everybody else?

We're gonna die.

Love you, Mommy.

Get me outta here, please! Don't let him touch me again.

Come on. Let's go. Please.

Don't let him touch me. Amber.

Come on! We got you!

Napoleon! I don't hear him anymore.

What are you doing?

Let's just get out of here.



We don't have time-

Come here!

No! Die!

Bitch! Die!


Napoleon, get up. Get up!

Napoleon, get up!




Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die.

Come on. Come on!

Get her! Missy, let's go! Let's get outta here!

No! Come on!

- Motherfucker! Missy!

Come on! Missy!

Don't let him get his knife!

Get my leg!

Let go of her!

Missy! Get something! Missy!