The Hitch-Hiker (1953) Script

At the next intersection, why don't you turn south?

Chocolate Mountains were east last time we headed that way.

Who needs the mountains? Head for San Felipe.

There's nothing to do in San Felipe but fish.


That was the idea, wasn't it?

Yeah, I guess so.

We might just pick up a drink in Mexicale.

Remember Floribel at the Alhambra Club? Yeah.

She's probably dead by now. It was a long time ago.

Yeah. Poor old Floribel.

Well, there's no harm in drinking a toast to her.

Well, okay.

Except for the war, this is my first time away from Maudie and the kids.

D'you wanna turn back? No, no. We've come this far.

Mexicale's beginning to sound good.

Guess maybes.

I remember that joint.

Bienvenidos, caballeros! Bienvenidos a Mexico...

This is the place, señores, come in.

Juanita's starting her famous fan dance. You're just in time.

We might as well take a look. Hey, Gil! Gil?

Sorry, friend, no sale.

Oh, well. San Felipe, here we come.

Out of gas? Yeah.

Hop in.

We're going to San Felipe, you can pick up gas there and hitch a ride back.

Waiting out there long? Yeah.

Light me a cigarette.



What are you doing, rolling 'em?

Face front.

And keep driving.

Sure, I'm Emmet Myers.

Do what I tell you, and no fast moves.

A lot of dead heroes back there got nervous.

From now on, when you're driving, keep both hands high on that wheel.

You, keep one hand on the top of this seat, the other hand high on that window.

All right. Now turn off the next side road we come to.

Pull up.

Open the glove compartment.

What's the box?

Cartridges, 22s. Give 'em to me.

Close it.

Now this is how we get out, after this.

First, give me the keys.

Now we oughta get out the same side, this one.

I get out first, then you.

Stand away from the car. And then you.

Let's go.

Drop your jackets around your elbows.

Turn around.

We're gonna open the trunk. Move.

Pull your jackets up.

You, open the trunk.

Both of you, keep your hands on the lid.

Throw me the keys.

Now get the blankets.

You'd never make it!

Get the groceries, you.

Whose gun is that? Mine.

Do you like to shoot? Yeah.

So do I. So I'm warning you, don't try anything smart with me.


I told you my name. What's yours?

Mine's Gilbert Bowen. He's Roy Collins.

What do you do for a living?

I'm a draughtsman. He runs a garage.

That makes you smarter.

Or does it?

You're lucky. It hit an empty chamber. I used it a while back.

No fast moves! The last guy made that mistake.

When are you due back?

No particular time.

We told our wives to expect us home when we got there.

You got wives, huh? Any kids?

I have.

Just keep thinking how nice it'll be to see 'em again.

There's a checkpoint. Slow down. No talking.

If I give you the word, step on it.

This car rides pretty good.

When I get where I'm going, I think I'll sell it.

Where are we going?

Pull in at the next pump. We'll fill up and get a road map.

I got an idea.

A pretty good one.

Aquí estás, señor. Gracias.

Speak English, you. He doesn't understand English.

I don't understand Mexican.

Never mind the change, let's get out of here.


Gimme the map.

Take the first side road we come to.

Pull up.


All right, now get out like I told you.

Here, you're the smart guy. Spread the map out on the hood.

Get your hands up on the car. Look for a town called Santa Rosalia.

How far is it?

About 500 miles. Is it on the Gulf of California?

Yeah. Say anything about a ferry across the Gulf?


Not bad.

We're loaded with time.

We can make that easy.

After that, I won't need you guys any more.

I guess we won't be having rabbit for dinner.

I wasn't trying.


Put the can on that rock there.

Gimme the map.

Not that one! The other one.

That's it.

All right, Collins. Put the can back on the rock.

Don't forget, this is loaded too. You try. Let's see how good you are.

Go ahead.

Not bad.


Pick up the can.

Take it onto that point there.

If you don't, I'll let Bowen have it.

Onto the point, that's right.


Now hold it up. You won't get hurt, your buddy's good with guns.

You're crazy! I won't do it. It's just a game. Go ahead.

Collins, hold it closer to you.

What's the matter, are you scared? Hold it closer.

You want me to try? I might miss this time.


Come on Gil, get going.

Nervous? Relax.

All right, Collins, come on in.

Fun's over.

You guys worked up quite a sweat.


Collins! What do you want?

Turn on the radio. Why bother?

All you get is Mexican commercials. Never mind. Turn it on.

Get something else. Like what?

One of those news guys from the States.

Scheduled for 10am at the White House.

On the crime front, the police of 9 western states, from Washington in the north to Colorado and Utah in the east, have been alerted to keep a continue search for Kansas desperado, Emmet Myers.

Reports have placed the killer in Florida, Detroit and Seattle, although the police have discounted most of these. His latest victim, William Johnson, a salesman from Portland, Oregon, was found late yesterday in Imperial County, California.

The victim's car, possibly with Myers in it, has not yet been found.

The United Nations... Shut it off.

They're not even close!

You guys don't have to worry.

Not yet.

You can start sweating when they put me in this car...

If they ever do.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, Sam Hayes reporting.

At the top of the news tonight there's a report that Hitch-hike murderer, Emmet Myers, is still at large.

Yesterday, the devil thumbed another ride and William Johnson of Portland asked him to hop in. Now, he is dead.

In an all-out effort to apprehend Myers, the police have set up roadblocks on all major highways of the western states, and all border stations are being closely watched.

Myers is slight, 28 years of age, is wearing a dark shirt, dark grey trousers and a black leather jacket.

His right eyelid is partially paralysed.

If you are in possession of any information regarding the whereabouts of this individual, please communicate with your nearest office of police or office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Pull up.




Each of you take one.

Get around the car.

We'll camp here tonight.

I know what you're thinking, Collins.

You haven't got a chance.

You guys are gonna die, that's all. It's just a question of when.

Santa Rosalia, that's the end of the line.

If the cops find out we're together or if you try to cross me up...

You know, you make pretty good targets from where I sit.

Anyway, you couldn't tell if I was awake or asleep.

I've one bum eye.

It won't stay closed.

Pretty good, huh?

We're getting out here and buy some grub.

We get out of the car like usual.

You guys go in the store ahead of me.

No Mexican. I'm talking to you.

When he tells you how much, you pay. Is that clear?

One other thing. I'll have my hand in my pocket.

So far, my record in Mexico's clean, I wanna keep it that way.

Let's go.

Buenos días, señores.

Buenos días, señores. Provisiones?

Tengo un gran surtido de frutas y legumbres al mismo precio que existen en Tijuana.

What did he say about Tijuana?

He says their prices are about the same as in Tijuana.

Never mind the kid.

What do you want? Some beans and stuff.

And tomato soup. I like that. Get four cans.

He wants four cans of beans and tomato soup, three cans of chilli.

It's no use. He doesn't understand English.

You're not talking Mexican. Take the cans. Give them to Collins.

I can take some more.

Go on, load it up.

That'll hold us. Pay him.

Quince pesos, diez centavos, señor.

Dame una manzana. Dame una manzana.

Dame una manzana.

Get her away from me.

Put the kid down. Let's get outta here. Come on, Collins.

Hasta luego señores. Muchas gracias.

Vaya usted con Dios.

What did you say to her? You wouldn't understand.

What did you say to her?

I said, "Go you with God, little one".

Get in.

Hey, mister.

You live in El Centro. I live there some time. Nice place, huh?

Where'd you get the watch, Bowen?

My wife gave it to me.

Throw it over here.

Didn't you hear me? I told you to throw it over here.

I had a watch like this once, when I was 17.

Nobody gave it to me.

I took it.

I knocked off a broken-down jewellery store outside of Tulsa.

It was a cinch.

You guys are soft.

You know what makes you that way?

You're up to your necks in IOUs.

You're suckers.

You're scared to get out on your own.

You always had it good, so you're soft.

Well, not me.

Nobody ever gave me anything.

So I don't owe nobody.

My folks were duff.

When I was born, they took one look at this... puss of mine and told me to get lost.

I didn't need 'em. I didn't need any of em.

I got what I wanted my own way.

When you get the know-how and a few bucks in your pocket, you can buy anything or... anybody.

Especially if they're at the point of a gun. That really scares 'em.

You ever been at the other end of a gun?

No. And I never will be.

I'm gonna listen to the news.

Turn it up. We'd like to hear what's going on.

You just get the grub ready. Anything interesting, I'll let you know.

We've got to raise the hood and put that radio out of commission.

When he finds out they're looking for us together, we're through.

Never mind the radio. We gotta get him. You can't beat him that way.

Give him one good reason and he'll kill us.

We gotta take the chance.

As long as he needs us, we'll stay alive.

When he's ready to jump us, we'll jump him. Not before.

Maybe today, maybe tomorrow.

All right, now.

They've found Johnson's car.

They know I'm in Mexico.

And they're looking for you, too, in the Chocolate Mountains.

Where are the Chocolate Mountains?

In Arizona, near home. Not in Mexico?


Well, what d'you know?

That's where you told your wives you were going, uh?

Then you came to Mexico.

What for?


You boys oughta be ashamed of yourselves.

Causing all that trouble, telling lies.

You've got everybody looking for you in them mountains.

I told you, turn the radio on. I did.

It takes time to warm up.

Try another station.

Stop it. Stop it! I can't. I gotta pull up and disconnect it.

Then pull up!

Come on, raise the hood. And keep your hands on it.

Come on, Collins, get to work.

Get the right one the first time.

Don't pull the radio wire!

Faster, faster! I thought you were a mechanic.

I'm going as fast as I can.

Watch it.

Come on.

Throw the tools in the back.

The radio, remember? Make it work.

I can't.

Pull up.

So you did bust it, Collins.

Cut it out! He didn't do it. It's the static in the hills.

The stations aren't strong enough in the daytime, tonight it'll work.

Tonight it'd better. Take the wheel.

Now, in Punta Prieta, in August 7th, three Americans stopped for provisions at a store owned by José Andrade.

Andrade gave a description of Myers as being one of them.

Another witness stated that three men left the store and drove away in a green sedan bearing the same plates.

This confirms our theory that Collins and Bowen are with him.

He seems to be heading south, staying clear of main highways.

Exactly. To the west, this is more or less barren and would afford no means of escape.

His most logical move would be Santa Rosalia.

Then Guaymas.

Make sure that fire's out. Pour the coffee on it.

Get down!

I've gotta get a closer look at that car. On your feet.

Through there. At the other end, lie flat. Get going!

Get a move on! Are you trying to wreck it?

Drive like I tell you.


What did I tell you? Shut up! Get that spare tyre out. Move!

Keep working. Keep your traps shut, no matter what. I'll be watching.

Buenos días, señores.

Son Americanos? Do you need any help?

Que raro, no me contestan. Bueno, vámos!

The search for Gilbert Bowen and Roy Collins, believed to have been last seen with Emmet Myers, mass killer, is being stepped up by the hour.

Helicopters are working in shifts, scouring the entire area from El Centro south to the Gulf of California.

The planes are maintaining close liaison with the ground, reporting isolated cars and campers.

The Mexican police have now joined this strange race against death.

Hold it right there.


Break the lock.

Okay, one of you on the pump.

"Maudie and Gilbert Bowen".

Mayo 12 del '41.

Sí, sí, pronto.

Now, as you will notice, when interrogated at the road block, the man and his wife were very definite in their statement that they only saw two men. This was below El Arco.

There is a point, however, which we feel is of importance.

The couple stated that the behaviour of the men seemed strange.

That they refused to talk to them.

It's possible that Myers my have been concealed nearby, covering them.

We'll consider that possibility.

Now, on the assumption that Myers is listening to the radio, we're issuing these broadcasts in the state, containing false information as to his whereabouts and not connecting the two men with him.

We'd appreciate your cooperation and following the same procedure.

This ought to be the main highway. It isn't.

What do you mean? Looks like an abandoned airstrip.

It's okay for tonight. Get over there.

No, you're wrong, you're wrong! It's no use to try to talk me out of it.

Tonight I'm gonna chance it. You're out of your mind!

I've played it your way long enough. From now on we're each on our own.

It's no good, we've got to stay together.

I've got a break I'm gonna take it, you do whatever you want...

Across the runway, there's trees.

Keep going!

You guys are really dumb. Why, you dirty...

You thought I was asleep, huh?

You're beginning to get ideas...

I don't like that.

Load him in the car.

Your buddy's all washed up for tonight.

Over there.


You, Collins, throw a rock down that shaft.

Nice and deep.

This is fine.

Cut it out! If you're gonna kill us, do it and get it over with.

I thought you never killed without a reason.

Go get the rest of the canned goods out of the car.

We'll have a real good meal.

Save 'em for the next guy that picks you up.

Anything you say.

We interrupt this hour of music to bring you a flash bulletin.

The Californian and Mexican police have abandoned their theory that Emmet Myers is connected with the disappearance of Gilbert Bowen and Roy Collins.

They have been missing since last Sunday, supposedly on a fishing trip.

The police of both sides of the border now feel that Myers is travelling alone and has apparently abandoned his intention of seeking escape by way of Santa Rosalia.

What d'you know?!

This kind of changes my plans.

Looks like you and me are going fishing after all.

On your feet. Back to the car. Let's go.

We're not going anyplace.

Stand up!

What did you do to it? There's a big hole in that crankcase.

All right, we'll walk.

Just what that sore ankle of yours needs, Collins, a nice, long hike.

Get up!

Now get the fishing gear out of the back. Move!

Stay with it. He'll never leave you out here alive.

Yeah. Cut the gab.

Get down!

Let's get going.

Maybe we'll have to leave you here.

Too bad.

Come on, Roy, try.

Here we are! Here we are!

Can't you see us?

Look! Here we are! Down here.

Oh, please, God! Hear me!

Hear me!

Come back! Come back.

Leave him alone. Can't you see he's praying?

Get under the bridge, quick!


Go ahead if you can stand that filthy stuff.

You know, Collins? You're just about my size.

Put you in a black shirt and dark pants... with a leather jacket... you'd look just like Emmet Myers, to anyone who never saw him.

And nobody in Santa Rosalia ever saw him.

Let's change.

Get up on the bank and take your clothes off.

Come on, get up!

Looks great, doesn't it? You won't be there long.

Collins! There are cops down there. In those clothes, they might shoot you.

That'd solve your problems, wouldn't it?

Not if they found they made a mistake.

We'll hit a joint on the outskirts.

I might even buy you boys a beer. Get moving.

Buenas tardes, señores. Buenas tardes. Give us three beers.

Yo no hablo Inglés.

He doesn't speak English.

Tres cervezas. Sí, sí.

When I want you to talk Mex, I'll tell you.

Sit down, Collins. Rest your sore foot.

You can talk it now. Ask about the ferry to Guaymas.

I'll be watching his face. If he looks frightened, I shoot.

Cuándo sale el chalana para Guaymas?

Los martes y viernes a las 9 de la noche Friday, that's today, and Tuesday, 9 o'clock.

Ask him where we catch it. Dónde puedo embarcar?

En el muelle. Pero ahora no pueden embarcarse, porque el mes pasado se quemó y lo están reparando en Guaymas.

You're out of luck. The ferry burned up. It's being repaired in Guaymas.

You're lying.

Ask if he knows anyone who speaks English.

Yo no hablo bien español, no comprendo.

Usted no habla Inglés?

Yo no, pero mi primo José, sí. Venga conmigo.

He says his cousin speaks English, follow him.


José! Levántate, despierta!

José, José, despierta! Que pasó?

Estos americanos quieren hablar contigo.

Los dejo aquí con mi primo. Si algo necesitan... confianza.

What can I do for you?

We wanna find out about the ferry to Guaymas.

You wanna go fishing?

Too bad. No ferry more for the next two months maybe.

She burned up. Thank you.

Fishing is good here. Not as good as Guaymas or La Paz, but okay.

You have motor boat? You know someone who has a boat?

Sure, sure. My friend Jaime, he have one. Motor runs good.

How do we get to this Jaime? In the mine, where he works.

Let's go. He's not finished until six.

I'll fix it for you tomorrow morning. I wanna go now.

At six, then. By the time he gets the boat ready, there is no sun.

My friend does not like using too much boat at night.

He sees his wife and kids only at night. Give him some more.

For me? Yeah.

You pay my friend too? Yeah.

You be at pier at 8.30. The name of the boat is Estrella.

A thousand thanks, señor.


We'll go to town and wait by the water till dark. Let's go.

Hold it a minute, will you? Hang on.

Better go fishing when you've got the chance.

That's what you came down here for, wasn't it?

You guys are really fools.

If you wanted, one of you would have got away.

But you kept thinking about each other. So you missed some chances.

You got tired. You slowed down.

Now it's pretty late.

Yeah, tomorrow I'll be in Guaymas.

Too bad you're not making the whole trip with me.

That'd be kinda silly, wouldn't it?

You stink, Myers!

You smell. Just like your clothes.

Sure, you'll get to Guaymas, but they'll catch up with you and put you out of your misery.

You haven't got a chance. You haven't got a thing except that gun.

You'd better hang on to it, because without it, you're nothing.

You're finished! Shut up!

Gracias, Carlos.


Pronto! Llame la policía! Este hombre está en la cantina de mi primo!

Se va esta noche en la estrella! El barco de mi amigo Jaime!

No Carlos, no estoy borracho! Llame a la policía!

Bueno. La policía. No, no, no, la policía!

Hold it.

All right, Collins. Now you get to take a nice walk all by yourself.

Down the alley and out on the dock. Me and Bowen will follow.

If you try to tip anyone off, I'll let Bowen have it.

You wouldn't want that, would you? Get going.

Go ahead, Collins.

All the way out. Keep under the lights.


Alto ahí!

I'm not Myers! I'm not Myers!

D'you hear me? I'm not Myers!

Alto! Alto!

Alto! Alto ahí!

Alto! Alto!

Put your hands up. Walk this way.

Do as he tells you, Myers.

You're all through.

That's enough!


I'm sorry. We have to have full report.

You understand. Gracias.

It's all right.