The Hollow (2016) Script


Go faster, use your hand more.

Now that's too fucking fast.

Come on Kami, I still gotta teach you how to do this?

You don't have to be such a jerk, Ray.

I'm trying.

I haven't been sucking dick my whole life, okay?

Fine, baby girl.


But you've been sucking mine long enough to know how I like it.

So maybe let's aim for a little bit of improvement, okay?

And maybe who knows, I throw you a little something, something on the back end.

You take care of Ray Ray, he takes care of you.

Come on get to it.

Whoa, take your top off first.

Don't give me them pouty eyes.

That's what I'm talkin' about.

Leave that on.

Come on I ain't got much time.

That's a little bit better.

This mother fucker.

Don't stop this won't take long.

Hey, Ray, wassup?

It's Deputy fucking Everett to your black ass Willie Joe.

What the hell you want?

That's it.

Who's that you talking too?

I'm talkin' to the hot ass bitch who's sucking my cock right now, what's it to ya?

Is that Kami King giving you head?

Goddammit, Kami, I told you not to stop.

Hey when you comin' to my house mama?

What you want Willie Joe?

I need a half.

Baby girl, gotta do a little business.

You just keep doin' what you doin'.

Pay me bitch.

It's an extra 20. For what?

Interrupting my coffee break.

You want the shit or not?

Dumb ass mother fucker.

Pleasure doin' business with you.

You're an ass, Ray.

Why don't you buy from somebody else then mother fucker?

Wait, ain't nobody else in Cutler County.

Guess you shit outta luck.

Now get the fuck outta here before I arrest you for possession.

Jesus. Goddammit, Lucas.

Didn't I say 20 minutes?

Been at least 25.

Why don't you just tell me the next time you plan on ordering up a lot lizard in the middle of a shift.

I ain't no fucking lot lizard, Lucas!

Sorry, Kami.

I didn't know it was you.

Luc, why don't you just go over there by the bushes, enjoy your coffee and we'll finish up here.

Or better yet go back across the street and get yourself a honey bun.

Get me one too.

Thanks, buddy. Asshole.

Come on baby girl.

That's right, yeah.

Just focus.


Hey, Charlie.

Make me something strong and sweet.

Thanks Okay.

You're too late.

I'm already drunk and horny.

Sorry, I forgot to get turned on.

I had to finish up that paperwork you blew off.

I didn't blow it off.

I just,

they don't need that shit anyway.

I just found it superfluous, you know?

Well, unfortunately, the bureau didn't agree with your assessment.

Hey, come here.

I am here.

Go to bed with me tonight.


Just go to bed with me.

Vaughn. Don't Vaughn me, Jesus, and stay the whole night.

Like we're not tryin' to pretend it didn't happen, you know.

Then I'll put on some music, I mean, your place, my place, we just.

What makes tonight special?

Didn't we make a big enough mess going down that path?

We did.

But the mess is already made.

I'm just saying why don't we wallow in it?

You know, just for a night, just for a night, just for one night only.

No, Vaughn I don't wallow.

You don't wallow? No.

And fraternization is against policy.


Half the bureau's sleeping with each other.

I mean do me a favor?

Let's just call it what it is.

Yeah, hey, you know what, I know it's really hard to believe that you're still my supervisory agent.

But we still have to be able to work together.

Not until tomorrow.

Carrying on with Kami King ain't the best idea.

Why don't you mind your own damn business?

Let me worry about what I do and don't do.

You're such a busy body.

I just don't wanna see you make a mistake, that's all.

You know what, if I want somebody to tell me about all I'm don't wrong, I'll go home to my wife.

Where you going lover?

Gotta get out to pump the gas.

I'll do that, you ask them where we can stay.

Evening officers.


You guys know of a cheap hotel around here?

You guys?

We're deputies, not officers.



You guys must be a long way from home.

Yeah, we kinda are.

But it's good.

We're getting married.

Just passing through.

Just looking for somewhere quiet we can be alone together, maybe get a little sleep.

A very little.

Well, there's Maxie's place right up here off of 51.

Naw, don't go there.

They got roaches big as rabbits in that fucking place.

Naw, I know a great spot.

It's about a mile up the road that way.

The truck stop on the left, a little ways past that there's a road closed sign, just go on around that, there's a little road turns to dirt after about 100 yards.

Go on down there, there's a big ol' clearin, ' lake, trees on every side.

Ya'll probably think it's romantic.

No one will bother us there?

Nah, maybe some high school kids parkin'.

Sounds perfect, let's do that.

Okay, well thanks for the suggestion.

You sent 'em to the hollow?

You know what goes on there now a days.

I don't know shit about what goes on there.

'Cept what's always gone on there.

I swear to God, Lucas, you've turned into such a fucking pussy.


All right, be there in 10.

Jerry's got the new batch ready.

I don't give a shit and I wish you wouldn't involve me in it.

Well you're in it up to your fucking eyeballs, Lucas, so get used to it.

I guess this is our dirt road.

Yeah, looks like it.

Look, be careful.

It's really creepy. Don't judge.

He said it's gonna be romantic.

Do you see that kid?

Why would he be out here so late?

This good?

I don't think this is such a good idea.

It's an adventure.

Isn't that what we're all about now?

Yeah, I guess we are, but we could be adventurous in a hotel room.

I think it's all motels down here.

I don't think I understand the difference.

This place is really beautiful.

You wanna maybe get a blanket, go outside?


I'm glad we did this, I don't care what happens.

I love you.

I love you too.

Who do you think that is?

Kids with no where else to go, like the deputy said.

Baby, they're doing the same thing we're doing.

I just feel like, you know, we're supposed to be fighting crime, not causing it.

You've gotta be kidding me with that shit.

Fighting crime?

Who are you, fucking Batman?

Don't be a child.

Okay, my phraseology was stupid, but the point holds.


Where do you get this shit?

Just trying to let you know where I stand.

I don't wanna go down for you dealing shit.

It's not on me.

Naw, you just watch, right?

You been in a courtroom lately?

You know what they call watching?

Here's a big word for you, accomplice.

Keep an eye out for the law, okay?

Wait a minute dip shit, we are the fuckin' law.

Quit your fuckin' belly achin'.

Get a condom.

What the fuck?


No, be still.

Maybe he thinks we're asleep.

Daddy, daddy.

Let's make pancakes, Mommy said.

Mommy said what?

Let's make pancakes.

Baby, baby girl, Daddy just got to sleep okay.

Mama's not always right.

Sorry baby, she's up.

Why'd she have to make a bunch of racket gettin' dressed?

She's five, Ray, she wakes up when she wants to, racket or not.

Look, I gotta get to work.

Principal Markey's already been on me once about Max and I being late.

I'm gonna have a talk with that douche bag.

He thinks he's god's gift.

No, honey, all I'm saying is working graveyard doesn't mean you don't still have responsibilities at home.


You wanna sleep in?

Find some money for a baby sitter for Tilly.

What, why can't your Momma take her?

Momma takes Uncle Webb to dialysis on Thursdays, you know that.

Well, let Tilly go with them.

My gosh you are ridiculous sometimes.

I gotta go, you got her or not?

Look, I don't know why you're in a foul mood, 'cause all I've been doin' is workin' all night like a dog to provide for this family and I deserve just a little bit of consideration.

I'm sure last night was tirin' for you.

What do you want me to do about it?

You want a little back rub or something?

I really would like a back rub, but you ain't gonna give me one.

So I think it's pretty fuckin' cruel for you to taunt me with it.

What have I told you about cussing in front of the kids?

I was, it was under my breath.

Are you still jumping?

Are you gonna answer your phone?


Hey, Donna.


All right.

I'll be right there.

Call your sister.

Hey, I used your tootbrush.


I used your toothbrush.

It's all over between us.

What time is it?

You've gotta get up, we're going to Mississippi.


What's in Mississippi?

Triple homicide.

One of the VIC's was a congressman's daughter.

I'm supposed to have Jacob today.

On a Thursday?

We were gonna go to a ball game.

I was supposed to have him for the weekend.

So that's what last night was about?


Maybe, I don't know.

Well you gotta get up.

Hey sugar tits.

Hey Chief.

You know I don't like it when you do that.

What's that?

Sexually harass me.

Hell, that's just how I say good mornin'.

You're a big boy Ray, use your words.

Shit's hit the fan?

You might wanna pick that cigarette butt up.

This is a crime scene.

Hey, Ray.

I am sorry about Kami.

I barely knew her.

I really don't wanna go to Mississippi today.

I need that like a fuckin' hole in the head.

I should spend some time with my son.

Now hey, Vaughn, you've got an opportunity to work point in the murder of a U.S. Congressman's daughter.

Kayhill's giving you a huge vote of confidence here.

It's his way of acknowledging that you're okay.

What if I'm not okay?

What if I'm not okay?

You're a good agent.

End of story.

Baby, I know how important Jacob is to you, but you've gotta think big picture.

Big picture, right?

Hey, Jenna.

Are you serious?

Bringing her here?

We're on our way to the airport.

What do you want me to do?

I don't want you to do anything.

Look, Jenna, I was really looking forward to this and I really appreciate you letting me.

I'm just saying I want to spend more time with him, but this case...

Is more important than your son.

No, I didn't say that did I?

Please, Jenna.

I'm sorry.

Can I see him?



How you doing ol' buddy?

So, we're not gonna see a ballgame?

No, I can't, I can't today.

But I tell you what, I really wanna hang out with you.

But some bad stuff happened and they need me.

So you're the only one who can get the bad guys?

No, no, I'm not, it's just,

Daddy needs to go to work, but I'll tell you what, okay, the second that I get back, I will call you and we'll go see a game together.

How does that sound?

I'll have to ask Mom.


I'll call you, okay?


He goes to bed at 8:30.

I'll call before 8:30.

Gimme a hug.

I love you.

Be good for your Mom, okay?


Thank you.

Lord, take her soul to yo, u please.

I know she weren't perfect, but don't let her burn a moment.

Mr. Mayor.


Listen, I need ya'll to take this real seriously, okay?

I'm gonna go see the family.


What in the Sam holy fuck happened here last night?

Don't give me that shit eating grin.

Do you know what happened here?

Hey, dumb ass!

Look at me, I'm the one talking to you.


Shut the fuck up, Lucas!

Look, I don't know what everybody's angstin' about, but I can say with some certainty, that I didn't have anything to do with this.

She was found with drugs.


You don't know nothin' 'bout that?

Meth or how Kami got it?

Don't be an asshole, Ray!

The little girl in that SUV, the one with the Illinois plates.

She is the daughter of a United States Congressman, from the state of fucking Illinois.

Do you even know where Illinois is?

That means the F.B.I. has been called in and that means they're gonna be all over Cutler County.

The federal fuckin' government.

That means you are gonna pull your dick out of the county ass and put your little sideline business on hold until we figure out what happened here.

And if I found out that you had anything to do with it I will kill you myself.


Okay, first, it's not my sideline business, now you know damn well that's true.

Second, I don't think you could kill me, not in a fair fight that is.

And third, I didn't have anything to do with killin' anybody.

I didn't have anything to do with any of this.

I hope you're tellin' the truth, Ray.

I swear I hope you're tellin' the truth.

I'm tryin' to mind my own business and get to my retirement and do a little bit if fishin' and the last thing I need right now is this kinda bullshit!

Now, you'll excuse me I gotta go meet and greet with the F.B. fuckin' I.

The hell you lookin' at?


You tell your daddy Kami was with us last night?

You mean with you?

I told you... Don't fuck with me on this.

Of course I didn't.

Be sure now.


Sherriff Beau McKinney.

Welcome to Mississippi.

Special Agent Vaughn Killinger, F.B.I., Criminal Division.

This is Special Agent DeSoto.

How do you, do Ma'am?

And Jordan Mills, our resident scraper and swab-er.

Scraper and swab-er?

Jordan's our forensic pathologist.

She'll be working alongside your M.E.


Medical Examiner.

Well, medical examiner.


Right, right, no it's usually just, it's a one man job is all.

It's just the three of yous?

Just the three of us here yes, but our tech guys are setting up shop at your office.

At my office?

All right, well that sounds serious.

Hope this don't take too long.


Whatcha got here, Sheriff?

We got a hell of a damn mess is what we got.

We've got three dead kids and one of 'em is a little girl with her face bashed in.

I don't know how that happened.

I can't believe it's Kami.

And them kids?

Why'd you send 'em down here?

I mean you must feel...

First time me and Trisha fucked was right here by this lake.

Bed of my pickup.

We was 16 years old.

This place was sweet.

It was all there was.

Why are you feeling nostalgic?

I don't even know what the fuck that means.

Speak fuckin' English when you talk to me, Lucas.

I'm just sayin'.

Goddammit if there weren't so many people around I'd kick your fuckin ass right here.

And I'd tell Daddy everything I remember about last night.

No response?

That's uncommon for you.

You just reminded me of somethin' I gotta take care of.

Don't make plans for when we get off.

There you go.

Who found the bodies?

Leroy Cribbs.

Said he come down here fishin' this mornin'.

Where's his fishing pole?

Yeah, let's make sure he doesn't get away before somebody on our team talks to him.

Yeah, well as you can see we're already doin' that.

There's an awful lot of people on the wrong side of the tape.

Can we fix that, please?

What exactly would you like me to do about it?

I'd like you to minimize the contamination already done to the crime scene.

Try to make sure there isn't anymore.

Can you do that?


Why don't we just take a look at the bodies.

I'll leave you with that then, Sheriff.

Foos, Chief.

These guys look like pricks.

God, it's hot as balls down here.

Sweating my ass off, my head is killing me.

Maybe you shouldn't drink so much.

Maybe I should drink some more.

Can we get everybody that doesn't have to be here just the hell out of the way?

If somebody'll come take this dog.

That there is the local girl.

Agents, this is Deputy Ray Everett.


Hi, Sarah.

Well, you must not shake hands.

Excuse me, I'm Lucas, Deputy McKinney.

Welcome to our town.

Hi, Lucas.

Alright, let's take a look.

Geez, well, I think we can rule out accident.

This was personal.

Eye socket's crushed.

Maybe her jaw's broken too?

She was hit with something harder than a fist.

Make out session gone south.

No pun intended.

Were the others beaten like this?

Nope, just Shawn.

Wrong place, wrong time.

Who was she?

High school girl.

Kind of a cheerleader with a questionable reputation type.

Questionable how?



I wonder if the local meth dealer knows anything.

Let's get a tox screen as soon as possible, okay?


There was more in the car, along with some paraphernalia.

We, we left it pretty near the way we found it though.

It's not unusual that some shady stuff goes on down here.

All right, shady stuff like what?

Listen, the Congressman is supposed to be on his way to I.D. his daughter's body and we were told to clean her up.

So, if ya'll wanna see the bodies on scene, you probably wanna hurry along.

Told by who?

The Congressman's office.

'Cause last I checked, the Congressman wasn't on the F.B.I. payroll.

Well, still.

If you don't mind, steppin' it up.


Yeah, we need to do that right now.

Yeah, appreciate it.

"It's not unusual"?

What the fuck was that?

And why in the hell didn't you check the body and the car?

I wasn't the first one here, Ray.

I work graveyard too, remember?

You a fuckin' idiot, Lucas.

Let thy justice roll down like waters,

and righteousness like a mighty stream.

They say it's the worst pain a human being can feel, losing a child.

Shame it happened here.

You wanna talk to the Congressman?

Not really.

But I guess we should.

I forbade her to get married.

She was just out of college, had been accepted to Yale law.

I thought she was going to derail her career.

Her career, she was 22 years old, Will, really?

I mean, I just wanted her to wait.

That boy...

I didn't think he was worthy of her.

I guess I didn't think she would openly defy me.

I'm sure you did what you thought was best for her.

Did I?

Maybe it is my fault.

Could I be somehow responsible?

Maybe, maybe not.

What did you say?

Parents always think they know what's best for their kids.

Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

You're a fucking asshole.

Why Mississippi?

It's a long way from home.

I think that was the point.

What does that mean, Lily?

It means exactly what it sounds like, Will.

Where's your nearest restroom?

It's back that way, round the corner to the right.

I'll see to it you get whatever resources you need to find the person who did this.

It's imperative you find the person who did this.


Are you listening to me?

At this time I'm prepared to make a brief statement.

Is there any connection between the victims?


What do you expect?

He's a public figure.

He put himself in that world.

He's a father who just lost his daughter.

You could have a little understanding.

I understand.

Where we going?

Start with the King girl's parents, the high school.

No more parents today.

I need to make a pit stop.

Okay, give me two minutes.

Hurry up.


Hey you got anything to drink?

You got eyes?

You got pretty near anything you can imagine on that back wall.

Yeah, no, I, I mean alcohol.

Nah, we don't sell that devil's liquor here.

Cutler's dry as a bone, thank ya, Jesus.

You gonna have to cross the line on over into Green.

Right, how far is that?

Far enough away from us righteous folk.

Are you fucking with me?

We're fucked.

What are we doin' here?

Why'd you make me come, Ray?

I got a date with Dina tonight, I need to get home.

You know, this is a hell of a lot more important than your little piece of ass, all right?

Now, you with me or you gonna try to fuck me on this?

Go on and tell me one way or another so I can make arrangements.

I'm with you, Ray, okay?


You know Jolene if you stopped smoking so much of this shit you could be somebody.

If you stop smoking so much.

What you think I'm gonna be?

You can have a dream.

I got dreams.

Who there?

What the hell you doin' bustin' up in my house?


Didn't realize you had a thing for dark meat.

Fuck you, Ray.

You might wanna put your pants on and take your leave.

Come on, now.

Wait, I ain't even got a vehicle here.

Then step the fuck out on the front porch.

Jesus Christ.


What I ask you outside?

You wanna change your answer?


Heard about what happened to Kami and that Congressman's daughter last night?

I mighta heard somethin'.

What's it worth to you?

You know maybe you wanna throw me a little somethin' somethin' in exchange for my silence.

I can be bought.



Fuckin' up big time boy!

Please God stop!

What do you want?

What do you want?

How does it feel motherfucker?

You made your point!

Get the fuck off me, Lucas!

You tell anybody you saw me with Kami last night?

Did you tell anybody you saw me with Kami last night?

Say the fucking word or I'll do it again!

No, please!

No, fuck no!

I ain't said nobody but Jolene.

I swear.

Did you tell Jolene?

I can't remember.

You listen to me and you listen to me good now.

I ain't giving you shit and I sure as shit ain't gonna be bought to you.

But I swear to God, if you open that black ass mouth of yours to anybody, anybody about what you saw last night I'm gonna come back here and lay more permanent hurt on you, you feel me?

Do you feel me, motherfucker!

Yes, I feel you.

I feel you for real, I swear, dude.

I swear.

You better.

Let's get the fuck outta here.

Dumbass motherfucker.

You really gotta find yourself a more upstanding individual to hang around with.



A man's gotta do what he's gotta do to protect his interest.

Hey, Ray.

You don't think maybe you could give me a little somethin' you know, for my trouble?

See, I can be a nice guy.

You just keep looking out the window, Lucas.

In these kinds of losses, tragedies really can be devastating to an entire community especially a small close-knit town like ours.

And the high school, in particular, feels the brunt most of all.

Now, we had a young man die in an automobile accident last year.

I think these kids they're too young to come to terms with the idea of mortality, you know?

So, when they're forced to reckon with it it shakes them up pretty hard.

Now these girls, they knew Kami better than anybody.

I recommend starting with them.

Thank you, but I was thinking we could talk a little more with you first.

I'm pretty sure you know these kids pretty well.

Sure, that's fair.

Why don't we take it into my office?


But both teams is still practicing, cheerleaders aren't priorities, right?

We should get this over with.

We got a football game this weekend and it's fallin' on me to decide whether we should have extra curricular activities with all this mess.

Sure, I just have a few more questions.

Football's a big deal down here.

Okay, I'm gonna stay and talk to the kids, okay?


Right this way.

Look, like I've said.

Kami had her share of problems.

She didn't always run with the good crowd, if you know what I mean.

But in general, she was a pistol, had a lot of spunk and she was well-liked.

So, you had a relationship with her.

What do you mean by that?

Well, judging from the way you talk about her you clearly took an interest in her.

I take an interest in all my students.

Was she dating anyone?

Well, she was a free-spirited girl.


Hey mister, you know this is a dry county and you're on the ground's of public high school.

Shame on you, sir.

It's empty.

Ain't that always the way then.

Bottles always bone dry just when you need it most.

Hey man, I'm just messin' with you.

I got one of my own.

Does that make us kindred spirits?

Of course, I'm a bourbon man myself.

You want a nip?

No, thank you.

Like my granddaddy always said, "See no evil, hear no evil."

That's my grandson out there playing quarterback.

I love to come out here and watch him play.

And he has what the scout's call "football intelligence", that's the ability to be able to see things before they materialize on the field.

He's a very important quarterback.

You know what I think?

I think you're the incarnation of high level law enforcement sent here to save us from ourselves, amongst all this tragedy.

I don't know about that.

I'm just here to find out what happened to three young kids that should be alive right now.

Indeed, sir.

John Dawson.

Folks around here call me Big John.

I reckon I don't even know why.

Pleased to make your acquaintance.

And you are?

Vaughn Killinger, I'm with the bureau.


I'm impressed.

So, tell me, John, what do you do around here?

That's a loaded question, sir.

But I believe, most recently, she was spending quite a bit of time with our quarterback, Tad Dawson.


Well, if we have any more questions we'll let you know.

And, please, give me a call if there's anything else you can think of that might be relevant.

I surely will.

Just out of curiosity.

Do you actually use those paddles on students or are they more for show?

For show?


I certainly do use them when necessary.

I've developed a reputation for being a strict disciplinarian over the years.

The ones I most proud of are once given to me by former students, who knew good and well how hard I could swing one.

Well, I'm sure you'll make the right decision about the game.

Baseball gets all the credit for being a thinking man's sport.

People think that football is all about natural ability, speed and strength.

But to be a great quarterback you got to think like a chess master and you got to be able to move quickly in the heat of battle.

You ever play a sport?


Is that your colleague over there?

My, my she is a beautiful woman.

You're a lucky man.

I certainly am.

Hey, Sarah, this is John.

John Dawson, country lawyer, pleasure to meet you, ma'am.


You wouldn't happen to be related to Tad Dawson, the quarterback?

Yes, ma'am, I am.

Hey John.

I was just on my way out.

What the hell is all this crap I'm hearing about you thinking about cancelling the football game?

Now you better be able to answer this.

What the hell are two FBI agents doing around here asking questions about my grandson?



Agents came by the school this afternoon.

What's an agent, daddy?

Somebody who ain't from here.


It's tetrazzini.

Yeah, I guess I ain't in the mood for tetrazzini.

Got any idea who did it?


Surely they must have some theory or somethin'.

It must be on top of you since you were working last night.

What makes you say that?



Well, I'm eatin' right now.

No, no.

No, I meant no disrespect.

Okay, I got you.

I'll be right there.

Really, what now?

Put a paper towel on the plate and put it in the oven.

I won't be long.

Where is daddy going?


I'm not dressed.

Yeah, most times I call that positive but I don't know.

I wanna do something, I don't know.

I feel kinda restless.

It's been a really long day.

What do you wanna do?

Cross the line.

You can't win them all, baby.

Can you win any?

Let me do with that.

I can't get away from these guys.

They're allowed to recreate, aren't they?

I mean, this is the closest place there is.

Really, they seem okay.

I got a sick feeling about all this.

'Cause of Ray?

Can I talk to you honest?

How long are you gonna keep drinking and being pissed off?

Some people just wanna be liked by people, whoever.

I don't give a shit about that.

I just wanna like myself.

I got a headache.

I'm tired.

I feel responsible somehow.

Responsible 'cause I lost my shit with Jenna that night?

Look, I married the wrong woman in the first place.

Not that I absolutely fucking love to drink, not beer but it's good.

You know what I'm trying to say.

Responsible because of us.

You know what?

You are responsible.

You're responsible for keeping me from losing my job, probably for keeping me alive.

You're just so dramatic.


No, I'm just saying if it wasn't for you...



I said I'd call Jacob before his bedtime.

I'll be back.

Vaughn, it's...

Do you want another beer?

Two more.

Hey, Agent Desoto, right?


I'm Dinah, the dog girl.

K-9 patrol unit, with the sheriff's department?

Hey, Jenna, is he up?

No, no.

Yeah, I saw you at the scene with the German shepherd.

Yeah, yeah, I love dogs.

'Cause they're so much not like people.

Yeah, that's right.

God damn it, Jenna!

The time just slipped away from me.

I was traveling then I was working...

No, it's not an excuse!

So, is this the local hang out?

Yeah, you like it?

My daddy owns it.

You know, the folks in Cutler?

They were scandalized to be so close for a hot minute there.

But 30 years running this side of the line.

That's something, ain't it?

I guess it is.

Okay, it's an excuse but it's the truth.

I'm just trying to tell you what happened.

Is that him?

Is that him talking in the background?

I guess I'll be seeing you again.

Bright and early.

Hey pretty lady.

Can I buy you a drink?

No, thank you.

You must not be from around here, are you?

I sure not.

I'm sorry.

I'm fucking sorry.

How many times do you want me to say it?

You're being a little rude right now.

We don't take too kindly rude folks around here.

Ain't nothing wrong with buying a drink for a good-looking woman.

It was not my intention to be rude.

I'm with somebody, okay?

Have a nice night.

Jenna, Jenna!

What the hell did I do to piss you off?

It ain't like I asked you to take you around back and fuck you sideways.

I don't think you really wanna do this.

Yeah, why is that?

Let me tell you a secret.

I like secrets.

It will be better tomorrow.

It will be better tomorrow.

I will fucking kill you, bitch!

You're threatening a federal agent.

This bitch says she knows how to rip a man's balls off.

You don't talk to a man that way.

What the fuck is going on here?

I was just stating a fact.

Why don't you mind your own goddamn business?

I hesitate to hit a woman but I take pleasure in whooping your ass.

Try me.

I kinda feel like I need to beat on something right now.

Billy, come on man.

These are FBI agents.

It don't matter to me if they're fucking Pope John Paul.

Vaughn, I got this.

Are you Catholic?


Well, Pope John Paul is not the pope anymore.

He's like two popes back and he's dead.

He was canonized in very short order which you probably know if you were a Catholic.

Although I'm not sure 'cause you're neither very smart nor observant but you're probably not because this is a generalization so forgive me, but I find that close-minded hillbilly redneck motherfuckers like yourself tend to proclaim some radicalized Protestants instead of Christianity.

But if there is a God you should tread very, very lightly.

Okay, Vaughn, let's go.

What the hell did you just say to me?

Are you hard of hearing, asshole?

Vaughn, drop it!

Let's get out of here.

That's right you little pussy.

Hide behind the woman and big words of yours.

You ain't gonna last longer around here.

Jesus, Billy.

I got an idea.

Why don't you rear back and hit me as hard as you can and we'll see where we get from there.

Come on, do it, hit me.

Hit me!

That's enough, Billy.

Let him go.

Look, Agent, he's sorry.

He's just got a big mouth, okay?

I said let him go.

Do what he says, Lucas.

He's a federal agent.

At least we're gonna take this outside, you hear me?

My pleasure.

What the fuck!

Evening, Ray.


I appreciate you stopping by like this on such short notice to talk to me.

Yes, sir.

Can I get you a nice cold glass of lemonade?

I went in and made it fresh this evening.

If you want, I could spice it up for you with a little bourbon.

No, thanks.



My grandson, he's going to be starting quarterback this year for Cutler.

I heard.

I'm damn proud of him and he's worked long and hard for this opportunity.

Of course, I could've interceded on his behalf.

I got him under center a couple years early, his junior, maybe even sophomore year.

And I figured it'd be better for him as a man if he earned that opportunity himself just like everybody else does under their own fruition and he did by God.

But of course as a result of that decision, he has only this season, his senior year, to either make it or see his hopes and dreams shattered and broken right before his eyes.

Are you following me on this, Ray?

Yeah, I follow.

You see, I'm not gonna let anyone mar his chance to prove himself at an elite level to the scouts, for college or even the pros for that matter.

You see, I'll stop at nothing to protect my grandson.

And I will not let any obstacles or distractions get in his way.

Not even this little distasteful matter that's come in our fair town.



US Congress or the FBI, I ain't gonna let none of them fuck with my golden boy.

Now you've been loyal, Ray, damn loyal, but on this matter I am gonna require a level of loyalty that you may find somewhat uncomfortable.

Are you prepared for that?

I hope so.

Now this girl, do you know how she came to be in possession of our product?

I do not think she bought it.

Hey, hey, I can do that.

Just shut up!

Don't tell me it was irresponsible.

Well, we could've left when I said but...

But instead you threatened to rip his balls off so what were you gonna do?

I was just showing him I wasn't intimidated.


But you didn't have to escalate the situation.

No, no, I didn't but it made me feel...

Get the off with that!


You wanna dance?

Vaughn, you're still bleeding.

Just shut up and dance with me.

Just dance.


There's no music.

I mean...

You need music?


Sure, there is.


It's not very loud.

There's always something, isn't there?

Fucking dance with me.

I think a lot about after everything that happened.

When we've been to that cabin in the mountains just kind of decompressed and we talked, and drank coffee, and wine, and had sex a lot, danced naked on the porch.

It's like we were in some kind of a bubble that no shit in the world couldn't penetrate and I felt real, real peace, peace of mind or something.

This situation with Jenna was so horrible

'cause of Jacob, not like because of Jacob and yet despite all of that there was this relief

and there was you.

And then what do we do?

We came back.

I can't do this anymore, okay?

I'm a liability, I know it.

No, listen to me.

Let's go back.

Let's go back to the mountain where everything isn't so dark and complicated.

You know, it was so lovely.

But real life is dark and complicated and

nobody and nothing can fill that empty space inside you but you.

I love you.

How can you say that?

You know how.

I'm going to bed.

I got an early one.

I see, you're not gonna even talk to me.



Keep your voice down, the kids are asleep.

You wake them up you make sure they go back down again.

I'm dead tired, Trish, all right?

I know you got something stewin'.

It worries me.

Our babies only have one daddy.

I'm gonna do whatever I got to do to make sure them kids is taken care of.

I promise you that.

Just don't get yourself arrested or killed doing it.

Can you do that for me?

If the desert didn't kill me, this town sure shit ain't.

Besides, I got real good life insurance, probably worse more dead than alive anyway.

Shut up, Ray.

You're not indestructible.

Maybe I ain't.

But maybe, maybe I am.

Come on to bed when you're ready.


What are you smiling about?


I heard you all had a rough night last night.

You might wanna stand on this side of the county line from here on out.

We better get started.

Hey, you want some coffee?


Some things you just can't find inside of the county line.

I'm not sure I know what to make of you.

Hey, there's a guy from the attorney-general's office in there, US attorney-general.



Hello, Vaughn.

You look rough.


Yes, sir? What?

The congressman and the attorney-general are close.

I'm just here to watch from the sideline, make sure all the basis are covered.

Two different sports.


Sidelines football, base is baseball.

Good to see you, Vaughn.

It's great to see you too, Bryce, really great.

All right, let's get started.


Since the other two VIC's were essentially executed in a cold, straightforward fashion likely because they witnessed or were perceived to witness the King incident, I thought that we should focus on our local girl.

First, the TOC screen was positive for meth as we figured it would be and there were physiological signs she had been using for quite a while.

The blow to the face, my guess, based on the severity of the socket fracture and the diameter of the bruising is that she was hit with something hard.

Metal, the butt of a handgun, a .45, not unlike the one you're wearing, deputy.

What does that mean?

Only that Kami's killer hit her with a gun like the ones that each of you were carrying and then shot her and the other two VIC's with the same weapon.

There were no signs of sexual assault, although she had had intercourse fairly recently.


No, he obviously wore a condom.

There's a surprise.

Why is that?

Ray, you wanna stay?

Keep your mouth shut.

I did, however, find some skin cells under her fingernails.

We are running a DNA profile now.

I also found evidence of sustained trauma to Kami's buttocks.

The inconsistent levels of bruising and redness and the evidence of healing in places suggest that these injuries were ongoing, sustained over a couple of months and they were probably inflicted with a long, wooden implement of some kind.

A paddle?

Yes, something just like that.

That's great work.

Thanks, Jordy.

This is bad for everybody.

Bad, bad, bad.

Paddle marks don't prove anything, except she got in trouble at school, a lot.

There's more to it than that.

Okay, so we got the guy.

You're still here.

No, we don't got the guy.

You're clearly still pissed.

I can see that, okay?

Just so you know, I've moved on.

You've moved on, Bryce?


Moved on from what exactly?

I lost custody to my kid.

What did you lose?

Jenna and I practically grew up together, Vaughn.

You knew that.

Is that why you told the court that I was a danger to him 'cause you and Jenna go back, you both come from money?

Don't give me that DC elite called loyalty bullshit!

Okay, guys, can we do this another time?

You fucked up.

You fucked up.

Jenna was in the right.

Do you still not get that?

Hey, if you wanna blame somebody, Vaughn, you blame yourself.

I do, everyday.

Guys, we just got a 911 call I think you're gonna wanna hear about.

God, welcome to small town Mississippi where the sheriff's department's also putting out the fires.

Some miracle this place hasn't burned to the fucking ground.

Now they sent me this ass hat from the attorney-general's office.

Out of all the people...

It's like some kind of sick joke.

Okay, just keep it together, okay?

Let's get through this and get back home and maybe...

Maybe what, what?

Things will change?

Yeah, maybe they will.

Maybe I will.

Maybe I'm ready.

You changed your mind after last night?

Yeah, or because of last night.

Get on the fucking car.

I just went to pick a thing.

I couldn't have been gone over 20 minutes.

My Lord Jesus.

He's somebody as pretty closely connected to the scene here.

In that scene, you mean.

Everything is wrong with this town scene.

What does the girl know?

Damn if I know.

He's in the back.

Wait here.

What about Willie Joe?

What about him?

I mean, shouldn't we be over there?

We will be in a minute.

Well, Deputy Everett.

You fellas excuse me, I got a legal matter in which to attend.

Care for one of these fine Maduros, Ray?

Just had them flown in from Honduras this morning.

No, thanks.

Suit yourself.

Sit down.

We got a lot going on, so if we could just speed this along.

So, then you don't want your money then.

Yes, I do.

Well, then you be polite and you sit your ass down, Raymond.

What the fuck!

You were fucking my grandson's girlfriend.

The dead one?

Or shall I say the prematurely deceased underage one?

How did you find out?

A little blackbird told me.

Or told Myron actually.

Willie Joe.

Myron, he's a little scarier than you.

Don't take it personally.

Myron killed Willie Joe, you motherfuckers.

I wouldn't say that at all.

That did not happen.

Goddamn it, I was just over there, John.

Doing what?

Same of what we found on Kami, I'm sure.

What's the verdict, Jordy?

Well, I think technically we can roll this in overdose except he has a couple of broken ribs and a burn, maybe from a Taser.

Maybe he saw something he wasn't supposed to see.

This guy got anything common around here, sheriff?

Well, we do have a little bit of a drug issue here.

I'm not talking about the overdose.

You best be careful I didn't try to pin this on you.

Why the fuck did you kill Willie Joe?

You better be careful about your words there, Raymond.

For fear that others might want to turn that question around on you.

Such as why did you go there and try to intimidate him?

And now we got to hear about this elicit secret affair you have with Kami King?

I mean, this is scandalous, boy.

A lot of people had somethin' going on with Kami.

Yeah, but you're the only one I didn't know about.

You've been deceitful, Ray.

Look, I'm sorry.

You sure as hell are.

Does your wife know you're an adulterer?

I was afraid to tell you but you leave my family out of this.

You were afraid?

Well, you had every right to be.

Only you didn't help your situation by not telling me the whole truth.

Now, did I not tell you that I needed your utmost loyalty in this matter, didn't I?

Yes, sir.

And did I not take you under my big old wings and save you when you got back from the desert in that nasty ass condition you were in?

What, you didn't think that was doing of Sheriff Bo McKenya, did you?

Did you?

No, sir.

You are gonna make this up to my grandson and me, aren't you?

Yes, sir, I will.

Now, what conclusions had the FBI come to?

Have they found out about Principal Markey's deviant sexual behavior yet?

You mean the paddle marks?

That's the least of him.

Rumor is there were videos.

I hadn't heard about that.

Yeah, well now you have.

You see, this whole damn thing is an embarrassment to me.

And this is what you're gonna do, Ray.

You gonna take Principal Markey for a ride down in the hollow and you gonna leave him there.

No, this is where I draw the line.

You want somethin' like that done you get Myron to do it.

Myron is busy.

Not too busy to kill Willie Joe.

Myron did not kill Willie Joe.

And you would be doing yourself and your family a great service if you never utter those words or you imply them again, understood?

Consider this your penance.

Principal Markey's life for the life of one of your children.

You don't kill children.

I do what I have to do, no more no less, period.

Are you angry, Ray?

So am I, I'm angry and I'm scared.

See, I'm afraid my grandson may have killed that girl, filthy, strumpet slut that she was.

But I am not gonna allow that misstep to ruin his life.

That boy has got a bright light of a future ahead of him and not even the God damn federal government is gonna dim that light.

Now you pick up that gun and you do what you're told.

Don't forget your money.

You earned it.

You make it look like a suicide.

But first, we gonna need a confession.

I thought video, written, whatever comes easier.

And one more thing, are you sure you won't have one of these Maduros?

They really are quite nice.

They are black, bold and delicious.

Now get the hell out of my sight.

If the girl knows anything she's not talking.

I'm starting to get the sense the sheriff's department knows something they're not telling us.

We still need to talk to Kami's parents.

K hell.

This is Agent Desoto.

Yes, sir, making progress.

Well that's not exactly how it happened.

Just let me explain.


Hey, hey, don't do anything stupid, Jolene.

Everything's okay, really.

We're just here to figure out what happened to your boyfriend.

Now I can see you cared about him.

Can you help us?

He had a drug problem.

Seems pretty common around here.

Who beat him up?

I'm in charge, not him.


Jolene. Shut up, deputy.

Who beat him up, Jolene?

I don't know.

I think you do know, Jolene.

And if you don't tell me right now I'm gonna haul your ass in for obstructing justice.

You understand that?

Do you understand what that means?

Ray, help me.



Why don't you take your best shot, city boy?

But I'm gonna warn you, I might be a little more to handle than that drunk son of a bitch you beat up in a bar last night.

This place stinks to high hell and your ass is sitting on top of the dung heap, am I right?

No, sir, you are not.

You don't know shit about this town and you damn sure don't know fuck about me.

What is it you don't want her to tell me?

Ray, Ray.

What is it, Ray?


Hey, listen to me. Can I have some water?

Vaughn, can I talk to you? Listen to me!

K. Hall's not happy.



Hey, I'm right here.

We're on a very short leash here, okay?

There's a bright hot light shining down on the bureau and K. Hall's feeling it.

He's threatening to pull us or worse so let's get this done, okay?

You mean, he's threatening to pull me, not us, right?


So, you wanna sit on this or go talk to the parents?


Did Kami ever talk about her personal life with you?

Her social or romantic relationships?

You judge her, don't you?

I can see it in your eyes.

It's not my job to judge, Mrs. King, just to find out who's to blame.

Who's to blame?

None of us are blameless.



Did you blaspheme in my home?

With my daughter's body not yet in the ground?

You are a Godless man.

I see no salvation for you.

You and me both.

Ma'am, did Kami ever talk about Principal Markey?

Or maybe Tad Dawson?

Agents, I respect your position but is it entirely necessary to do this now?


You made your point, ma'am.

But I'm actually here to find out who killed your daughter whether or not you wanna condemn me to eternal damnation, okay?

You think I'm slow because I believe in the Lord and seek His ways?

Because I find comfort in knowing that my daughter only rest in Abraham's bosom because flesh was pierced and blood was shed at Calvary?

Mrs. King, were you aware of Kami's drug problem?

Vaughn. What?

It's not a secret, not anymore.

Get out of my house.

Get out!

Get out!


Get out!

Let's go, come on.

Good-lookin' horse.

She is now.

You should've seen her when they first brought her to me.

To what do I owe this honor?

I went and got greedy.

I think it's gonna cost me.

Cost you what?

I guess, I guess I thought I was owed something more than a poultry living and all, and my family deserves something better.

But I can't seem to see the reason in most anything now.

There's your fault.

So did I, so did your granddaddy.

That's what poor folks do.

We do things that other people can't do, or won't.

It don't make us better.

What don't?

Firin' a gun, killin' a man?

Most folks wouldn't get in a pen with an 800 pound animal that could kill them with the flick of his head or the stomp of his foot.

A lot of folks think I'm stupid

'cause of all the broke bones I got, concussions.

That's the beauty of it 'cause there's a need, a hole that got to be filled

and that's the choice I made.

Accept that risk, danger or the people won't.

You're a strong man, Ray, that's what you do.

I can't blame you for using what little talent you got to make a better life for your family.

You don't know what I've stooped to.

I know John Dawson is a bad man.

I've put my family at risk.

There are things you can do to change that, ain't there?

I don't know.

There better be.

Those kids deserve better than you,

you deserve better than me,

but I did raise you to make your own choices.

What do you say, we grab those horses and go for a nice long ride like we used to when you were a kid?

I sure wish I could.

Bye, daddy.

So, I know this is off topic.

When you said,

when you said you might be ready.

There are a lot of variables, Vaughn.



Variables like?

Please, okay?

We're not really gonna buy a fucking cabin in the mountains and run a souvenir shop, are we?

Why not?

We can.



Yeah, all right, we'll be right there.


We got to get back.


I'm ready.

You like that, don't you?




You like it when I beat that ass like this, don't you?

Yes, sir.

What, this just showed up?

With a note from Kami King.

Kami wasn't ever the best student but apparently she had an arrangement, whereby she could pass her classes.

An insurance should she fail to make that in that arrangement.

Yeah, but do we even know that this note was written by Kami?

If I had a hand-writing sample I can make a good guess.

Well, that should be easy enough to get.

So, we've got the guy.

What are we waiting for?

Still doesn't mean he killed her.

I mean, it's obvious.

No, the only thing that's obvious is you, Bryce.

Why don't you take a step back, we got this, okay?

Okay, forgive me if I have some concerns about your ability to look at matters with a clear head.

What do you wanna do?

Bring him in.

It's way too easy.

I am not asking, Vaughn.

Look, we're not just talking about the death of your little trailer park girl here, remember?

We're talking about the death of a congressman's daughter.

Do you honestly think that I make a distinction between the two, you asshole.

Look, Bryce, why don't we play this out for another 24 hours and see where we are.

There is a football game tonight.


I wanna talk to that quarterback again.

I'm going with you.


I think, mister, your drawing's funny looking.

It's a little funny looking but we all get a little funny looking when we get older.

What is going on, Ray?

I think I'm gonna let you take it from here, okay?

Mr. John asked me to tell you everything is set up for you.


If you ever get that close to my children again I will end you, you understand me?

Everything is set up for you.

Hey baby girl.

Hey daddy.

You okay?

All right, what the hell is going on here?

Mr. Dawson, please.

John, the agents just had a few more questions for Tad.

Yes, I heard.

Good news travels fast around here.

I know you're aware of this but my grandson is but a mere child.

Now he is entitled to counsel if he's gonna be interrogated.

Mr. Dawson, your grandson is 18 and he waived his right to counsel.

Well, how very noble of him.

Look, we just wanna eliminate him as a suspect.

We're just gonna take a DNA sample...

No, no, no.

No, sir.

As his attorney, I will not allow that.

So you're his attorney now?

I thought you were just his grandfather.

On this matter, I will act as both, sir.

John Dawson, yes?

Bryce McDaniel, Bryce McDaniel attorney-general's office.

I think we have some mutual friends.

Well, la-Di-da.

For your sake, I hope that's true, sir.

Pardon me.

I'm just joshing with you, buddy.

That's hell of a tie you got on, especially like that little clip.

If you all excuse me.

Beauregard, I need to talk to you in private.

Yeah, of course.

Tad, you mind the coach.

Hey, hey, where are you taking him?

What the fuck is going on here?

Big John runs this town.

The joke is that when he dies he may see fit to will it back to the people.

I'm sorry, what?

You're gonna fix this, right Ray?

If I can.

No, you're gonna fix it.

That man was in our kitchen with our baby.

I know.

I let a lot slide.

I know you've had other women.

I don't even know what do half the time.

But you've always provided, you've been a decent father but we are all in this mess now.

You put us there.

I sure did.

I sure did.

I sent that Congressman's daughter down in the hollow.


I met 'em at Rainer's gas station.

He's looking for somewhere to bed down for the night, make out or something.

I thought her and her pussy boyfriend should make the acquaintance of our local wildlife.

Hell, I didn't know who they was.

I was just being an asshole.


Maybe they reminded me of us

in that place

when this town was different.

I don't know why I did it.

I don't care neither.


I saw Kami King that night, too.

Can you believe that?

She sucked my cock.

Something you don't ever do no more.

Son of a bitch!

God damn it, woman!

My God, Ray.

Did you kill that kid?

Hell no.

Well then, you better get your shit together and fix this!

And you better pray that me and your babies are still here after you do.

This is completely unacceptable.

With all due respect, sheriff, you are not in charge of this investigation.

Look, I am looking out for all of you here, for all parties involved.

What the hell does that mean?

What's the problem?

We have enough for a warrant for the principal, isn't that clear enough?

Are you that dense, Bryce?

You don't see what's happening here?

Jesus Christ, Sarah.

Seriously, if the kid's not guilty why is the DNA sample a problem?

We're both men of vice, Agent Killinger.

I'm man enough to admit mine.

But I think we're both reveling the notion that those all vices that will lead to our ultimate destruction.

But do you know when a vice becomes a sin?

When a man of vice raises his hands against the weak, undeserving party.

I want you to think about that.

I want you to think about that real well.

Hey Jenna.

Jenna, where is Jacob?

John is just making sure that everything is up to snuff that's all.

Excuse me, what?

We are the FBI!

You know, I don't think that means as much as you think down here.

What the fuck is this?

Vaughn, just stop.

Agent Killinger, is it true that you're arrested on domestic abuse charges years ago?

No comment.

Back up, back up.

The charges were dropped. We're not here to talk about Agent Killinger's personal life.

This is about finding out what happened to three innocent kids.

But you were put on probation for your actions, is that correct?

Leave me alone.

We have no further comments at this time.

Agent Killinger, do you have a history of alcohol abuse?

We have no further comments at this time.


Mr. McDaniel, you represented Agent Killinger's wife in the legal proceedings that followed the incident, correct?

No further comments at this time.

Do you work in this investigation?

We have no further comment at this time.


Hey Ray.

Get some clothes on.

Get some fucking clothes on.

I need you to help me with something.

Who is it?

Ray, we're kinda in the middle of something.

This is serious.

It's always the end of the fucking world with you, isn't it Ray?

I wasn't talking to you sugar tits.

I'm trying to talk to my partner here, okay?

And I'm not in the mood for any bullshit.

Won't you step outside so we can talk in private.


Okay, here it is.

I'm not seeing any visitors.

Fuck off.

Fuck off, fuck off.


What are you doing?

You think this will make it better? It's not.

You're fucking up again.

That's what I do.

Vaughn fucks up again and again and again.

Did I tell you about the time I was?

Anyway, it doesn't matter.

Here it is, newsflash,

Big Daddy Dawson.

What, the killer?

Fucking puppet master.

Principal, the quarterback, Everett scumbags.

Do you think it matter, any of this?

Does it even fucking matter?

Fuck it.

Vaughn, nothing can change what happened, okay?

You can drink yourself into a fucking oblivion it'll still be there.

Will I get to see my son again?


I would like my time, occasional custody.

Probably in time, yeah.

Fuck off.

Fuck yourself!

Fuck off.

Jenna's never gonna let that happen.

She's never gonna let me off the hook.

You don't know that.

Don't tell me what I fucking know, okay?

I know what I fucking know, okay?

Calm down, all right? Don't, don't.

Calm down and listen to me.


My God, I'm sorry.

I'm not her.

I'm not her.

I will kick your ass for real.


Stop feeling sorry for yourself, Vaughn!

Hey, I know y'all all going through some stuff but I think my boyfriend's about to do something real stupid.

Tonight, we gather to celebrate our bright young athletes on the hand, but on the other we come together to mourn the loss of one of our own, Kami King.

Kami was many things to many people, but most of all she was loved and she will be solely missed.

Brother Hedgepath will say a prayer for Kami and the other young people lost in Wednesday night's senseless act of violence.

Please bow your heads and let us pray for God's mercy.

We oftentimes do not understand why things happen as they do, Lord.

But your wisdom, your infinite wisdom is beyond the scope of our meager understanding.

Your word tells us that you love us.

Sir, Ray needs to speak with you.

He says it's urgent.

Son, we're in the middle of a prayer for the dead.

Have you no shame?

I'm sorry, sir.

But Ray says your grandson's welfare depends on you talking to him right now.

I'm gonna be all right.

Go on.

Into our city, into our streets.

We pray for your guidance.

We thank you for giving us the ability to love one another as we love ourselves.

In the precious name of Jesus, Amen.


Go Bobcats!

Everett the deputy?

Yeah, he's always rooking Lucas in on something.

Most of the time it ain't good.

Jordy, what do you got?

DNA's back.

You best make this quick.

I do not miss kickoff.

You're gonna miss it tonight.

Are you out of your God damn mind?

Get in the truck.

I'm not getting in any damn truck.

You sure about this, Ray? Get out of here, Luc.

Don't you go anywhere, son.

Get the fuck out of here.

You better stop this madness, Ray.

I said get in the fucking truck!

You're done as soon as you figure out what to do with him.

I need you.

I could fucking kill you if I didn't love you so much.

Get to the hollow.

Get the sheriff to meet us there.

What, and he confessed?

DNA had him dead to rights.

A deputy from Jackson County, Kentucky, well former, he got pinched on a molestation charge, got fired of course and did three years, then he started driving trucks.

What else does a registered sex offender to do?

People don't change, do they?

He's just passing through, looking to score some crystal and a hooker.

And he found a feisty one.

She wasn't a hooker.

Really? Really.

He killed her and the others with this county issue .45.

But they didn't make him give it back?

That's smart.

Hey, are we almost there?

I'm gonna be sick.

I think I'm gonna be sick.

Lovely, great.

Get out of the truck you bad prick.

Ain't you bright, are you Ray?

No, I ain't.


I wonder how my grandson is doing.

Raining as hell on the passing here.


Are you sure you thought this through?

If you kill me you ain't gonna get away with it.

Why not?

You always do.

You're a long damn way from me, Raymond.

Maybe I get a confession.

Make it look like a suicide.

Whatever happens to me you will never threaten my family again.

You're a coward and a fool.

Move along, son of a bitch!

There's things I can do for you and your kin if you just stop this bullshit.

Shut up!

Better think about your kids, Ray.

It's what I am thinking about.

You're shaming them growing up without a daddy.


Thank God you're here. He's gonna kill me.

Shut up!

Both of you, put your hands up right fucking now.

Deputy, put the gun down.


Not as long as he draws breath.

Put the gun down or I will put you down!


Back off y'all!

I mean to do what I come to do.

Sarah, back off! He means it!

Put the gun down, deputy.

Sarah! Vaughn, I got this.

Goddamn it woman, shoot!

Goddamn it shoot!

I'm shot! Turn!

Look at me.

I'm hurt.

Hold on.

Hold on, okay?

I'm shot.

Hey Jordy.

Jordy, get me an ambulance right fucking now.

I mean it, okay?

Hey baby.

I am so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

No more sorries.

No more sorries.


Watch... Who?

Watch him.

Hey, what the fuck do you think you're doing?

Move away from the gun right fucking now.

Yes, sir.

Hold on.

God, what an unholy mess.

You don't think that you could maybe get on that radio and get somebody out here to give me a ride back to the stadium so I could see my grandson play?

You shot me.

No, he did.

Your grandson didn't do it.

Maybe you should try talking to him sometime.

Were you in the desert?

Me too.


Hold on, okay?

It's okay.

Come on girls, let's find out how much this is gonna cost.


You getting some candy?


Still slow?

Still slow, but I kinda like it that way.

You nervous yet? No.

Really? What?

Maybe a little, yeah.

So you're sure you wanna pick him up in the patrol car?


What time does his flight get in again?

Turn the light bar on.