The Horde (2016) Script

Getting chilly out here. Shall we take this party inside?

Okay, babe.

Just watch your step, all right?

That's better.

See? Isn't this better than Vegas?

Well, I guess.

Come on, sweetie. There's no noise, no traffic.

No smoke, no... No room service.

I'll be your room service.

Oh, wine. Okay.


One for you.

Okay, okay.

Thank you.

To us. To us.

Okay, room service.

How about some cheese and crackers to go with this wine?

As you wish.

Oh, God. Here you go. Be right back.

Come on, Charlie.



You fucking asshole. You shoulda seen your face.

No, this... this is you. "Boo."


Charlie! No!

Charlie, please!

Charlie! Help me, please!

Ah, bitch!

Oh, my God!

Please! Somebody help me!

No! No!

Somebody please help me!

Somebody help me.

Welcome to our woods.

Okay, guys, everyone who's going on our extra credit trip... the beautiful Sapphire Lake, please stay for a few minutes.

And everybody else, you don't know what you'll be missing.

And don't forget that your final exam pictures are due Tuesday morning.

Okay? Have a good weekend.


And we are left... with us.

Do I really have to go on this stupid camping trip?

No, Riley, you can fail the class...

...not graduate, and take it again next year.

What if my dad buys a new photo lab for campus?

Then you're gonna have a great place to retake the class next semester.

Oh, damn! She told you, son.

Shut up, Derrick.

It'll be a great chance to take pics and enjoy nature.

Yeah, the only nature you'll be exploring is each other.

We'll be leaving bright and early, guys.

So, remember to charge your camera batteries and bring extra memory cards.

Should be nice and warm. 70's all weekend.

Perfect weather for skinny dipping.

Okay, skinny dippers. Don't forget to bring your clothes.

And bring some snacks too, all right?

We'll meet in the lot, and then we'll leave at 6:00 a.m. sharp.

Any questions? Um...

Do we get extra credit for pictures of Bigfoot?

Technically, there's never been a picture of Bigfoot.

All been proven fakes, like Loch Ness.

Derrick, if you get a picture of Bigfoot...

...I'll give you an A. Yes.

All right, guys. Bright and early we'll see you in the morning.

So it's 8:00 this Saturday?

Yes, Mr. Crenshaw, you are all set.

Great, and you got us a booth by the window overlooking the water?

She loves the water. Yes, sir. It's our best table.

Great. All right, and it's romantic, right? Because it's a special occasion.

Oh, I'm sure she'll like it. It's very romantic.

All right. Thank you, bye.

What do you think, boy? Hmm?

You like it? Not bad, huh? Yeah.

Selina, there's...

...something I wanted to ask you. I, uh...

Ever since we...

From the moment that I... Jesus.

What're you doing for the next 60 years?

How would you do it, boy, huh? Hmm?

Yeah, you're a big help. Could tell you 10 ways to sink a battleship...

...but I can't figure out how to ask one question.

Hi, babe.

Hey. How are you?

Hi, my little fuzzy bunny. I missed you. Did you miss your mommy?

Oh, my God. So how's my little professor, huh?

Good, but I'm tired.

Mmm, you're tense. Yeah. That feels really good.

Just got a lot going on with school.

I'm grading finals and doing the schedules...

...and planning the extra credit camping trip this weekend for Saturday.

That's this Saturday? I thought it was next Saturday.

No, we had to move it up because of everyone's schedules.

Oh. Why? What's wrong?

Nothing, I just had something planned for us.

Wait, what did you have planned?

Mmm, nothing special. It's all right.


...why don't you come camping with us?

I hear that the lake is beautiful. And you love the woods.

Come on, please. Don't make me beg.

Sure, it'll be fun. Really?

Yeah. Oh, my God.

I'm so excited.

Thank you.

I'm gonna go take a bubble bath, and then I'm going to thank you properly.

Can't wait.

Always have a contingency.

Everything's packed in the car except this.

Thanks, baby. Mm-hmm.

Okay. What's that?

Well, sweetie, back in the SEALs we called this a gun.

I know it's gun, you smartass, but it stays here.

Yeah. You know how I feel about those things.

Yeah, I know, but I kinda like to have it with me.

My little SEAL. You're always prepared.

That's the boy scouts.

Okay, we're going on a photography camping trip.

We're not taking out Isis.

You left the SEALs a long time ago, and all those dangerous missions.

You're not that guy anymore.



Is my knife okay? Can I bring that? Hmm?

Yes, you can bring your knife. I may need you to whittle me a marshmallow stick.

I'll give you marshmallow stick.

Come here.

God, I love you.

I love you too.

And thank you for coming with us. It really means a lot.

It'll be fun. Yeah.

Come on, let's go. Okay.

Thanks for driving, John. No problem.

Oh, yeah. Thanks, Mr. Crenshaw. Not sure my pimp-mobile would've made it.

Yes, thank you, Mr. Crenshaw.

Hey, did you guys all know that Sapphire Lake is one of the oldest lakes in the state?

And in the early 1900s, they built these small mining towns in the area.

Really? Oh, slugbug red!

Oh, uh...

How you two doing back there? Got enough room?

We're great, thanks.

It's cozy.

How much longer?

About three more hours.

Hey, Mr. Crenshaw, I think you might need to clean that backseat.

I think I'll be okay. Guys, call me John.

Okay, John.

How about you, Riley? You ready to get out there and get some really cool nature shots?

No, I'm not. I just signed up for this stupid class...

...because I needed three more credits to graduate and I thought it would be easy.

Now I'm stuck here with all of you.

Well, it would be easy if you got a little creative and actually did the work.

Whatever. What kind of car is this, anyway?

It's a Tahoe.

I think my dad's gardener drives one of these.

I thought it would be bigger.

Nice kid.

Can't be without my gun.

Dad, Riley's touching me.

Seriously? Come on, man.

Lighten up, dude.

What? What's your problem?


Are we there yet? Are we close? We're getting close, guys.

John, can we stop? I could use a burger. Yeah, I'm hungry too.

How about you two lovebirds back there? Are you guys hungry?

Yeah. We could eat.

I'm starved.

Let's eat.

Whew. Let's eat, guys.


Babe, are you coming?

Yeah, I just gotta check on the gear. I think one of these tie downs is a little loose.

Okay, I'll see you inside? Yeah.

You're a soldier? You're a soldier, right?

Yeah, I was. Me too.

It's too much war. Too much.

War everywhere.

There's war here, too.

What do you mean?

War's not always between two countries.

There are big wars, and...

...there are little ones that sneak up on you.

Stab you in the back.

Be careful, soldier.

Yes, sir.

How you doing?

Hey, good. What can I do for you? Just a coke.

Hard stuff, huh?

I'm driving.

The hell was that? That was ridiculous.

You looked like you were gonna poop your pants.

Are you kidding me? There's only one bathroom in this shithole?

You could use the ladies room.

I can't wait till we get out to the lake.

Me and Sheila are gonna take some artistic nudes.

Sweet! What about you, man? What're you gonna shoot?

As little as possible.

Hey, dude, you have the best equipment money can buy.

You should have fun with it, get weird. Yeah, man, you got slammin' stuff.

Okay, whatever.

Hey. Careful, moron.

These boots cost more than your truck.

Shut the fuck up, asshole.


Dude, he'd cut your dick off.

Hey, where you headed to? Heading up to Sapphire Lake.

Ah, good hunting and fishing.

I used to go up there when I was a kid with my cousins.

I used to do a lot of fishing with my dad when I was growing up.

What're you doing up there? It's a nature photography trip.

You don't really look like the nature photography type.

I'm just tagging along on this one. Yeah.

Riley, you sure you're gonna be able to eat here? I mean, it's not a...

...4-star restaurant or anything.

There's literally nothing here or anything.

You're pretty good. Okay, okay. That's cool, that's...

Hey. Hey, hey! Hey, ladies. Ladies, hey.

Why don't y'all ditch these losers and, uh, come out back and party with us?

Can I get you a little more there?

You know what? I'm all right.

No, thank you.

Why? We ain't good enough for you?

We got party favors.

I bet you taste like cherry pie.

Hey, leave her alone, gomer.

Here you go, brother. Keep the change.

Oh, thanks.

What's going on here, boys?

Why don't you mind your own damn business?

They are my business.

These rednecks were trying to take the girls out back.

Your friend's got a big mouth. Yeah, he does.

Look, why don't I buy you guys a round of drinks, go back and play some pool?

Why don't you shut the fuck up?

You know what? Kitchen's closed. We're leaving.

I'll tell you when you can leave.

Now, I'm gonna give you a rare opportunity.

Walk away.

Fuck you.

What's going on here, son?

These guys attacked us, we were just trying to leave.

Jacob, what's the story here? No, it's just like he said, Randall.

Zeke and them started it, man was just protecting his own.

You got any ID on you?


"John Crenshaw." That's your SUV out there?

Yes, sir.

Why don't y'all pile on in and get out?

Exactly what I was thinking. What, you're not gonna arrest them?

My father will have your badge for this. Shut up, Riley.

I'd put a muzzle on that boy. I agree. So, are we good?

Yeah, we're good.

Let's go, guys. Get in the SUV.

Y'all drive safe, now, you hear?


Did you guys see that? It was like a freakin' video game.

All right, guys. Let's gear up.

Got a three-mile hike in to the lake.

Wait, I... I've got no service. Me neither.

And you won't. This place is a huge bowl, it's a dead zone. Here, Riley, take this.

I have a satphone in my backpack in case of emergencies.

Is ordering dominos considered an emergency?


All right. Let's go, guys. Whoo!

Oh, my God. Oh, sorry! I'm sorry!

Babe, I'm so glad you're here. Me too.

Guys, guys, guys. Shh...

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, that thing is disgusting.


He's got a little afro.

He's so cute. Look at him.

All right, guys. Everyone get him? I think it's Riley's mom.

All right, guys, come on.

Plenty more to see. Don't disturb it. Don't scare it.

Oh, my God, he's so cute. How much longer do we have? My feet hurt.

About 40 minutes.

I bet those boots were worth all the money you paid for 'em, huh, Riley?

Shut up, Chris.

All right, guys, let's make camp over here.

Come on, slowpokes.

Pick out a spot for your tents. Wow!

Gear down.

Not bad. Yeah, we made it.

Still no service.

Need a hand? I got it.

You've got that backwards.

I said I have it.

Suit yourself.

Now that we finally made it after our little hiccup this morning.

That was a badass hiccup. Yes.

Like I was saying, I want you guys to be careful while you're out there, okay?

Be aware of your surroundings, but get creative.

Riley, are you listening?

I want you to be creative, try different compositions and settings...

...and subjects with your cameras. Okay? And what am I always saying?

"Remember there's beauty in everything."

I love it. Okay, go. Have fun.

Well, we're gonna take a little "nature walk."

Yeah, we'll see you guys later.

Oh, my God.

Work it, baby.

Guys, don't go too far.


You're good with them. Thanks.

Never seen you in teacher-mode before. It's nice.

Thank you.

And thank you for helping us with our situation this morning.

I'd do anything for you.

How much trouble you think they're gonna get into?

A lot.

Huh? You wanna go?

If there's a lake, I wanna go to that lake.

Yeah? Yeah.

Be good for taking pictures.

Selina, can I ask you something? Of course, anything.

How did you know that you were in love?

I don't know, I'm no expert.

I, um, I guess when you can't imagine yourself living without someone.

You get that warm, fuzzy feeling and you can't help but smile.

I found a turtle.

You guys are scaring him. Go, go, go, go. You ruined my shot.

So is that how it is with John?

Yeah, I guess so.

Is that the smile you're talking about? Maybe.

What about you, is there anyone special in your life?

Derrick? Shh!

I'm not gonna say anything. I never suspected.

Well, I've never been in love. Amongst other things.


Like I've never had...

Sex? Yeah.

That's okay. You have plenty of time for that.

It'll happen when you're ready.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Now, why don't you go join Derrick and help him tame that turtle?

I'm gonna go find my beau. All right, I will. Thank you, Selina.

You're welcome.

Oh, this looks like a great spot, baby.

Yeah. Fuck.

Let's see some of the natural beauty that Selina was talking about.

You got it. Okay, stay there.

You got this. Come on, I got you.

There you go, good job. Yeah. Thanks, babe.

Okay, this is your spot. Use it. Sorry.

Oh, my God. Yes. You have the perfect canvas.

So, you know what to do. I got this.

Just use the moves that we practiced.

There we go. Oh, my God, yes.

Oh, baby, how are you so hot?

Okay, wait. Let me go set it up. Hold on. I'll be right back. I promise.

Okay, hurry.

I'm setting this for...

...10 seconds. Okay.

What're you doing? You ruined my shot!

Always be aware of your surroundings.


I think the words you're looking for are "Thank you."

You know, Riley, it's okay to be nice to people.

Thank you.

Hi. Hi.

Got a minute? Yeah.

Let's take this off you. What is this?

It's beautiful.

Like you.

Here. Thank you.

I've been racking my brain trying to figure out how to say this.

Try to be... try to be funny, or creative.

But you know me, I'm kind of a straightforward guy.

Always trying to do what I set out to do.

So, um...


...I love you.

I wanna be with you for the rest of my life.

Will you marry me?

Yes. Yes!

Yes, I'll marry you.

Thirsty? Yeah.

Oh, my God.

Surprised? Yes.

There you go. Thanks.

To the rest of our lives. Together.

I love you, John.

I love you. I love you.

I guess they found nature. Oh, my God. Yes.

Yes, they did. What do you teach in that class?

I don't know.

I love the great outdoors. Me, too.

I can't wait to see these pics.

Oh, I know. They're gonna look great.

I gotta take a piss. You're so romantic.

You know, baby, I was thinking. With all those photos we took...

...probably make a book. You know, one of those oversized coffee table books.

What do you think?

What the fuck?

That's it. Don't scream, I'm not gonna hurt you.


No! We don't kill breeders!

I kill who I want.

If I need your advice, I'll squeeze your maggot, mutant brain.

You understand? Yeah.


Come on.

Marshmallow, Mr. C? No, thanks.

Where are Chris and Sheila? Oh, probably out exploring nature, again.

Pretty sure those two were part rabbit.

I can't believe you guys just got engaged.

I know, it's a total surprise.

It's was supposed to be at a restaurant. But, uh, that didn't work out.

I think it's romantic. Yeah. Well, congrats, guys.

Can I see the ring?

It's so beautiful. Don't you think, Riley?


What there is of it.

You're a marine, right?


Our tax dollars at work.

So I guess it helped pay for that, huh? I would've gone bigger, but that's just me.

So, have you ever killed anyone important?

I've done a lot of things for this country.

Thing's I'm very proud of and, uh...

...things I'm not very proud of.

You have no idea what I've seen human beings capable of doing.

Never take your freedom for granted.

I'm gonna get some more firewood.

You are an asshole, Riley.

What did I say?

Do you think I should go apologize?

I thing that would be a really good idea.

I'm gonna go use the little girl's room.


Hailey! Oh!



Let go of me! Oh, God!

Shut up! Where are they?

They went over.

Breeders are accounted for, so is the meat.

This one's mine.

Take the meat to Earl. Prepare that little one there.

And this one here, take her to my house. Nobody touches her.


Hey. What? What is it? What?

I need to talk to you about the shipment.

As long as there's no delays, otherwise you'll see Earl.

No, no, there's no... no delays. It's just everything's going according to plan.

I just need to show you something.

I'll be there. Go. Okay. That girl's real pretty, huh?

Shut up and go. Okay.

No! No! No, let me go!

Please, no! No!

Please stop!

Shut up.

Wait! What're you doing?


Please, don't hurt me. You have pretty hands.

Please stop!

Let's go! Get on with it!

I got better things to do. Please, no.

At least you'll have company.

She's purdy.

Not for long. Stop! Please!

No! Stop! Please!

You goin' to be just like Jesus.

No, no, no!

Please stop!


Shut up!

There's only one more.

Please, no!

No! No, please no!


See, sweetheart. That wasn't so bad.

Now this...

...this is gonna be bad.

No, please no! No!


Are we on schedule?

Yeah, but... But what?

Well, we need some more ephedra.

We have enough for this shipment, but we can't make anymore without it.

We're almost out. Well, I'll get you some. Anything else?

Um, yeah. Can we get some ventilation in this shit shack? There's fumes everywhere.

Just get it done. Understood?

Yeah, yeah. Don't "yeah, yeah" me. Understood?

Yes, sir, Cylus.

Don't fuck with me.

Get me... get me down.

Sweetheart, come on. Come on.

That's a girl.

Who are you?

Let me down from here.

I see you've met my daughter.

Do you even know who my father is?

Let me go.

Stop it.


Listen, anything you want. Just name your price and you can have it.

Just let me go. Please.


Derrick? Holy shit.

Please just let me go. However much you want I can have it wired to an account.

Just anywhere. Please. Oh, shit.

Oh! I can...

...I can give you anything that you want if you just let me go.

Just name you price.

Your friend...

...the one in the pot...

...he was only about a half the pain in the ass...

...that you are.

Well, of course, there was, uh...

...screaming and the...

...the begging, and the...

...oh, and the crying.

But then...

...there was the realization and...


When this cold...

...steel blade...

...cuts into warm flesh...

...and that first...

...spray of blood...

What's left?

What's left?

Just the screaming...

"Oh, God!"

I love...

...the screaming.

Please. Whatever you want you can have it.

I can have it wired to an account... Quiet, quiet.

Please just...

My father will give you whatever you want. Quiet! Will you shut up?


Shut up.

Come on, come on. Open up. Open. Op... Open up.

That's a boy.


No. Please. No.

You know...

...what my favorite cut of meat is? Huh? Do you?

Take a guess. Go.

Huh? What?

Oh, no.

I'll tell you.


My favorite cut of meat... an 11-year-old girl's thigh.

Oh, yeah. You see... have to get them...

...before the...

...muscles form and it gets all stringy.


...then they are nice and tender.

You know, people say that...


...fear makes meat stringy and... gives it a strange wild taste, but...

...let me tell you from experience...

...a little bit of fear...

...makes meat sweet.

We don't have an 11-year-old girl. We have you.

And you will do fine.

Notably... daughter... going to love...

...this leg.

Now, relax, sweetheart.

This is gonna hurt you a lot more...

...than it's ever gonna hurt me.

Well, a direct assault is a suicide.

Make them come to me.

God. Chris.


I was wondering when you were gonna wake up.

I must've hit you harder than I thought.

Where am I? You're in my home.

Well, for the time being it is.


No, I don't want any wine.

Where's John? Where are my students?

If John is that rather intense individual who killed my men...

...he's dead.

As far as your students, they're being well taken care of.

You bastard! No, no, no. Let's keep this civil.

Unlike my savage friends out there...

...I like certain amenities.

What are those things?

Those "things" are the original descendants of this town.

Most of the townsfolk either died...

...or moved away when the miners found out that uranium...

...was leaking into the water table.

A few families did not leave thinking that the water wasn't harmful.

You couple radiation with a whole lot of inbreeding...

...and you get the best mutated watch dogs anyone could ask for.

Especially now that they've acquired a taste for human flesh.

- And who are you? - I'm just someone who was serving...

...three consecutive life sentences for murder.

I was being transported with 12 other inmates to a maximum security prison...

...when our bus slid off the road during a rain storm three years ago.

Everybody died but me, Wilson and Stone.

We dressed the bodies in our clothes, burnt the bus.

They all think we're dead.

I'm business minded. Wilson is an expert meth cooker.

Stone is just a very big homicidal man.

But when we came upon this place...

...I figured what a perfect opportunity to set up a lab...

...cook up enough crystal and stockpile as much cash as we could... get out of the country and go to an island somewhere.

What I'm asking is...

...will you come with me?

Are you fucking kidding?

I'd rather die before I go anywhere with you.

That can be arranged.

But the reason you're here and not chained up in that pit...

...getting gang-raped by those savages is because I said so.

And that can change in any second.

Now that I've told you all about me...

...let's get better acquainted.

Don't! Don't you...

What? I told you I didn't want to be disturbed!

Sor... so sorry, Mr. Atkinson. It... You got to see this.

Move! Move!

We cannot have this.

I want you to go out there and find our new friend...

...and bring him back to me alive.

I want to peel the skin off his body in front of his woman...

...and I want to hear him scream!

And I'm gonna cut his fucking heart out and feed it to the one who brings it to me.

Now go help me. Help me. Go!

Find him!

We need to stop this messing around, all right?

Let me handle this. I can take him. Let the animals handle it.

These inbred freaks couldn't find their asses with both hands.

Let them do their job. The know every inch of the woods.

But they don't know him. I'm telling you he's ex-marine, special forces, something.

He's dangerous and he is trouble for us.

They will find him.

I hope you're right.

'Cause I want out of this cesspool. Soon.

So do I.

Well, I guess you heard your boyfriend is still alive.

Don't get too excited. My men are gonna hunt him down, bring him here...

...and they're gonna chop him up while I fuck you in front of him.

What's so funny?

The fact that you actually think that you're hunting him.

Do you think they're gonna find him, boss? Of course they will, you idiot.

These savages know every inch of the woods.

It's just a matter of time. It's just one man.

But he's already taken out half our men. Shut the fuck up! No.

Hey, sling blade.

Jesus, Riley.

Kill me.


I'm gonna get you out of here. I need to stop the bleeding.

I'm sorry, Riley.

No, please! No!

Hailey, it's me. It's me. No, no!

It's me. It's John. John?

I'm here. Okay? Oh, please will you help me?

I'm gonna take these out.

No, please don't! Don't!

Okay, okay.

One more. One more. One more.

One, two...

Hold on a second.

It's to stop the bleeding. It's gonna stop the bleeding.

Hold this here. Squeeze. Squeeze.

Where did they take Selina? I don't know. They separated us.


I know it hurts, sweetie.

Listen, listen. I'm gonna get you safe, okay?

But you have to be quiet now, okay? Can you do that for me? Please?

Please? All right. You got to be quiet. There's a lot more of them here.

Follow me. Come on. Come on.

Okay, you stay down. I'll be back for you, okay?

Thank you. All right.

Who the fuck are you?

Where's the girl? Fuck you.

Where is she? Long dark hair, tank top.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Oh, fuck!

Okay! Okay! All right! I'm gonna ask you one more time...

...and I swear to God if you don't tell me...

...I'm gonna show you pain that you never even imagined existed.

Where is she?

Okay, okay, okay, all right, all right, all right, all right!

Okay. I'm gonna talk. She's up the road at Atkinson's house.

He wanted to keep her to himself. I promise. I promise that's where she is.

That's a shame though.

I wanted to taste that sweet ass!

It's about time I showed you some fucking manners.

Spider! Spider, come!

Watch her. If she moves, kill the bitch.


Are you okay? Yes.

Come here. Come here. I got you. I got you.

I love you.

All right, I'm gonna get you out of here. All right?

Okay. All right.

All right.

Take this.

And stay close.

I got it.


Where are the kids? Are they okay? Only Hailey. I'm sorry.

Get back.

Come on, John. Come on. Come on, start for me.

Come on, you piece of shit.

Hurry up!

Got it, guys. Got it?


You couldn't just go away, could you?

You had to keep coming back.

Now get up.

I thought you were good.

Huh? Mr. Special Forces.

I'm gonna take your lady and I'm gonna finish the job before I go home.

Come on, service boy. I thought you were tougher than this.

Are you gonna run away from me? Get back here.

Mr. Atkinson, stop!

Hit it.


Steady. Steady.

Get down. Go, John!

John... Take the wheel!

I'm loaded up. Steady it, steady it.


You son of a bitch! Son of a bitch!

Give me my bow.

Oh, fuck! There's two of 'em.

Let's go! Let's go!

We're almost out of gas.

Jacob! Jacob, you in there?


Hey, how're you doing? Jesus! You guys been in an accident?

We need to use your phone. Yeah, yeah, come on in.

Let's get her to the bar.

Here you go.

Call the police.

Do you want the State Police or the sheriff?

The State Police.

Thank you.

Do you want anything? I have coffee? Tea?

Hello. Yeah, I'd like to report a homicide.

Yeah, we're at Lou's Roadhouse.

Yeah. Hurry up.

Okay, they're on their way. They're sending a unit out.

They're gonna take our story and get you to the hospital, okay?

Yeah, I'm gonna go get the first aid kit.

That'd be great. Thanks. Yeah.

All right, I'll be right back.

I just can't believe what you're saying. A whole town of cannibalistic killers?

It's unreal. Now, trust me. It's very real.

Where are those cops? We called them over an hour ago.

Well, the nearest State Police barracks is 83 miles from here.

Great. Look, can I get you anything?

No, I'm fine.

Whoa, what the hell is this?

This is business and you fucked it up.

I called the State Police.

Yeah, and I dialed, remember?

Get away from me, you son of a bitch! You cost us a lot of money, boy.

Yes, you did.

1.3 million dollars to be exact.

My sister hits harder than you.

Your little fire stunt costs us four month's work.

What, you didn't have fire insurance?

I should've put the arrow in your eye.

So, let me guess. You make your product and sell it through these two nimrods...

...and your friend over there. Uh, cousin actually.


That explains a lot. Does it?

Stop! Shut up!


And you, Sheriff, what?

You just keep the real cops away, huh? Yeah.

And, uh, get rid of the cars up by the lake.

Oh, and... I almost forgot. I do background checks on people, too, Mr. Crenshaw.

Yes, John Crenshaw.

838 Dundee Drive.

I know where you live. I know where your family lives.

And when I'm done here with you, I'm gonna visit your family...

...and I'm gonna kill them slowly and painfully.

But... not until I'm done with your little wife to be.

It's a shame you're not gonna be around to see what I have planned for her.

If you touch her...

...I'll kill you.

You watch too many movies. And you, genius...

Do they let you do anything...

...or do you just wipe his ass?

Pick him up.

So what, nothing? No more smartass remarks there, Mr. Big Bad Navy Seal, huh?

What was that?


Shoot him! Shut up!

You're gonna let me out of here or I swear to God, I'll kill her!

You see, Jacob, you were the only one I wasn't sure about.

That's why I let you dial the phone.

And if the State Police showed up, I would've known you weren't involved.

That's not the case here, is it?

I'm gonna count to three and I'm going to blow her fucking head off.


...two... Three.


No bullets, asshole.

Can't we just talk about this?

No, we can't.


Listen to me. It'll be okay.

Go outside, get in the car and start it up. Lock yourselves in.

I'll be right out. I got to clean this up.

Oh, fuck.

For everyone you murdered...


Sheila, Derrick.


I knew you weren't smart enough to do this by yourself.

That's why I wanted to get all the players in one spot.

Never threaten my family, you piece of shit.

You think this is over? Remember their names.


What did you do to him? I gave him what he deserved.