The Horseman (2008) Script

Yeah? Hi.

They're in the cupboard.

Keys is just...

they'll be on the top.

Just take 'em and fuck off.

I want to know who else did it.

I don't know.


Jog your memory?

I don't fucking know.

I don't deal with the actors.

You don't?






Talk to Finn.

He knows.

He runs the whole show.

His number's in the teletext over there.

I already met up with old mate Finn.

He told me a lot of things.

How do you think I wound up here?

I swear to God, I never touched her.

Yeah, well, someone did.

It wasn't me.

It wasn't me.

I just built the fuckin' set!



Oh, shit!



Can I take your order?

Oh, yeah.

I'll have the rump steak, medium rare, with pepper sauce, thanks.

Chips or veggies?

Just veggies.

Won't be long.


Are you going north?

No, wrong way.

I'm trying to get to rockhampton.


I'll take you if you want.

I thought you said you couldn't.

You want a ride or not?

I've got one.

You running from somewhere?

I'm visiting a friend.

A friend.

How old are you?

How old are you?

I'm 44, and I don't want to get pulled over with some underage runaway in the car.

Catch my drift?

I'm 18, so you can relax.

And I'm not running away.

I just need to get to rockhampton.

Yeah, well, I'll be passing through.


It smells like a barbecue in here.

It's dinner.

Pass it over.

You want some?

All right.

I might just steal some veggies.


Is this a business trip?


What sort of work do you do?

Pest control.


I usually just sweep bugs outside, except for huntsman spiders.

Can you pass me a napkin from in the glove box?

Who's this?

My daughter.

What's her name?


Does she live with you?

You may want to take a seat.

She was found lying on her back, which means when she vomited, the airways became blocked, causing suffocation.

The toxicology report found alcohol, cocaine, and heroin in her blood.

We also found traces of semen.

Where did they find her?

Thatcher's lane.

Emergency services received an anonymous call from a pay phone.

Someone was with her.

It appears so.

But unfortunately, being an industrial area on a Sunday, we're finding it very difficult to get a witness.

¶ ¶

hi, there. Can I help you?

Yeah, I've come about one of the videos you stock.

Have you seen our full catalogue?

No, but this is the one I'm really interested in.


We usually do most of our business through the mail or by phone, so in the future, just give us a call.


So this video, how many do you have?

Couple of hundred.

Why, do you want 'em all?


You serious?

Yeah, I wanted every single copy.

Jesus, how big's your store?

I'm more of an agent.

When I find a good movie, I take it to the stores.


Different way of doing things, but, hey, I'll take your money.

We got 231 copies here.

So you want 'em all?


Including GST, you're looking at $2,656.50.

You take credit?

Sure do.

Where do you want 'em delivered?

I'll grab 'em now, if that's all right.

No problem.

Mick, can you bring out all the copies we have of video 26160, young city sluts?

Do you know the people who made this?

Sure do.

Finn and I go way back.

There's your order slip.

Just show it to Mick on your way out.

So Finn, he's the producer?

Well, I guess you'd call him that.

Spends most of his time doing fight promotions.

Actually, this video was shot at one of his gyms.


Were you there when they shot it?

You often advise people on those shoots.

Imagine being so close, you can smell it.

I want to get in touch with Finn, you know, see what else he's got.

Yeah, I could organize that.

It'll all be in our back catalogs.

Well, I'm also interested in commissioning some work.

Yeah, he's talented, ain't he, old Finn?

Let me grab your postal address so I can put you on our mailing list.

No, I'd really like to contact him.

I got some great ideas.

Don't we all, mate?

I just can't give out his details.

Let me give him a call.

He can contact you.

Write down the address.

Give me the address.

I want his home address, not a P.O. Box.

I don't have it.

Then tell me where his gym is.

Who else fucked her?


In the video, there's three of them, but the cops tell me there were four involved.

The cops?

What have you told 'em?

Who was it?


This Finn?

Someone else?

I wouldn't have a clue.

Did she smell good?


Did she smell good?

There's a pot down there.

It's an urn.



My daughter's in there... half of her, anyway.

My wife has the rest of her.

How did she...


That's awful.

Are you gonna scatter her somewhere?

I don't know yet.

Yeah, right.


All right, Finn.

All right, take care, man.

I want you to tell me about Jessica Fortesky, the girl in the video.

How did she get involved?

I told you, she came to me.

She just wanted to make some extra dosh.

How much was she worth?

Why don't you ask her?

Because she's dead.


Heroin, but you already know that!

Fuck off!

I've been in this fucking business for 20 years!

You think I'd still be around if I drugged my actors, eh?

Look at her, for christ's sakes!

You think I wanted her like that?

Then why did you shoot her?

Because it's fucking expensive, yeah?

Look, no one had a problem with it.

Someone called an ambulance for her and left her in a fucking alleyway to die!

And you fucking think it was one of us, eh?

You think we fuckin' were all involved in it, eh?

Tell you what, mate.

She came here stoned off her fucking tits, yeah?

She did what she had to do, you hear?

All that rootin', yeah?

Collected her money and buggered off all by herself.

You think we fuckin' had anything to hide, eh?

Do you think if we had anything to hide, we'd be making fuckin' hundreds of videos, sending it around the world?

Do you think so, eh?

You think I'm gonna do that if we fuckin' bumped her off?

Fuckin' hell.


Just let me out of this.

It's not your fault.

I know. You're feeling cranky.

You're her dad, I know, or what are you?

Fuckin' uncle, whatever.

Look, my kids were just the same.

They just wouldn't have the bother of it either.

I want you to tell me the names and addresses of everyone involved, starting with the actors.

Look, mate, you ain't gonna get anywhere with this bullshit.

Forget about it, eh?

Look, no one did anything wrong.

Stay fucking still.

Stay fucking still.

You like football?

Take a deep breath.

Christ! You fuckin' bastard!

You're gonna die for this!

You want more? You want more?

All right!

Jimmy, he come from up north in gladstone.

Yes, I know.

What about the other ones?

All right, all right, all right.

Fuckin' Paul, he said he drived down from Mackay or something.

Look, in my phone.

It's in the fucking... on my pants there.

Just look in there.

All the phone numbers are in there.

Go on, have a look.

It's under Paul Lynchip.

You gonna fuck off now?

You got what you wanted.

I want the other one.

What about the other one?

I don't fuckin' know.

I never dealt with him.

He's Jim's brother.

He's his little brother or something.

You want him, just go and fuckin' ask Jim, all right?

And what about the tapes you shot on?

All right, a bloke called Walters, right?

He lives in Ipswich. His number's in there too.

Now fuck off!

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. All right, yeah, yeah.

You're welcome. Fuck off.

No, no, no.

Now I want to know who else did her.

Kill this piece of fucking shit!

Hey, Finn.

You all right, man?

Oh, yeah, just fuckin' peachy.

I just got a bike pump stuck in me dick!

Now, bring that fuckin' cunt in here!

You like that?


Oh, shit.

Oh, shit.

I apologize in advance if I start snoring.


As long as you don't sleep naked.

Mind if I put the telly on live for a while?

Helps me sleep.

Yeah, that's cool.

I do that at home.

Developments in a fatal house fire today as investigators believe arson is to blame.

The revelation came as authorities uncovered a pornographic video operation inside the residence.

The enterprise was linked with two other businesses where three men were murdered earlier this week.

The news is too depressing.

Nothing on?

Not really.

I saw your arm.

Why do you do that?

I don't anymore.

Why do you?

I don't know.

Most of the time, I feel like I'm in a daze.

Helps me feel something.

I'm gonna have a shower.

Oh, before I forget, I might have to visit a client tomorrow.

He lives nearby. It won't take long.

That's okay.

I'll just sleep in.

After we spoke on the phone, I had a look around.

If there's anywhere they're gonna be, they'll be in these old kennels here, I reckon.

That's good thinking.

I've been meaning to tear the fucking things down for years.

Oh, yeah.

Here, take a look.




Oh, fuck.

You were recently in a porn shoot with my daughter.

I want to know who she left with.

You're a fuckin' dead man!

Who did she leave with?

I don't know.

She was still there when I left.

I don't fucking know.

Who else was at the shoot?

A producer, Finn.

Some cameraman.

I didn't even know his name.

And the guy that owned the warehouse.

Which one of them fucked her?

I don't know.

Probably Finn.

Where's your brother?

You think I'm gonna tell you that?

Yes, I do, actually.

Listen, listen.

Your daughter came to the shoot by herself, mate.

No one forced her to do nothing.

No one forced her to do nothing.

No one fucking forced her to do nothing!

You raped her!

What's wrong? You afraid?

Come on, there's nothing to be afraid of.

Nothing to be afraid of.

It's just a little cut.


Tiny little cut!

Now it's your turn.

Which one?

Left or right?

Fuck you!

Tell me where to find your brother!


He lives down the road.

Shut your fucking hole, Irene!

Chantam Road, number 64.

He's coming over here soon.

You're mr. Fortesky, aren't you?

Who are you?

Irene, his wife.

You sent the video.



What'd you think I'd do?

I don't know.

I was hoping something like this.

That video turned up in the post one day.

I didn't know what it was, so I sat down and watched it.

Then I saw her face in the paper.

They're pigs, him and his fucking brother.

You better go.

Come back later and call the police.

This okay?


Get him!

Get him!


Oh, no!





He'll be here in about an hour.

Have you got a light?

You know, when I started smoking, I was the coolest son of a bitch in school.

Not till 20 years later you think about quitting.

By then your teeth are yellow, you smell like shit, and they got you by the balls.

So how long you planning to stay up here?

Don't know.

Just promise me next time I come through, I don't see you working here with eight kids.

I'm not planning on having kids for a long time.

I remember thinking that.

Then one day, me girlfriend gives me a call, tells me she's pregnant.

What did you do?

I married her.

It must suck for guys.

Jeez, I haven't heard that before from a member of the female race.

Well, you have no choice.

If she wants it, she's having it.

Well, that's him.

Well, it's been nice meeting you.

You too.

I hope everything works out.


It's got my mobile on it, just in case.

Thanks, Christian.

Say "bye-bye."


I don't know. It could've been any of them.

I didn't hang around. I just left.

Oh, you left too?


Yeah, you can even see me walk out in the video.

If you don't believe me, I'll put it on.

I'll show you.

And what made you suddenly leave?


I went there because I thought it'd be a bit of fun.

And then when I saw otherwise, I left.

And what did you see?

It was just the way that Finn kept directing us.

He kept saying, "be rougher on her.

Keep everyone at once going on her."

The other guys loved it, but I just walked out.

You left her with them.


No, no, no, I had words with Finn.

I told him that it wasn't right.

And what did he say?

He said, "that's why she's getting paid."

Did you talk to her at all?

A little.

Did she say why?

Why what?

Why she was there.


No, it was a quick introduction.

There were drinks going around.

Finn was bringing around lines of coke.

Everyone was getting fucked up.

And she had some.

Yeah, Finn was encouraging her.


I think she had her doubts.

Something about it not being about... hang on, hang on.

Was she stoned when she got there?

No, not that I could tell.

I don't know.

Then when did she take the heroin?


That must have been when she disappeared with Derek.

Who the fuck is Derek?

Hehe works with Finn.

And she went somewhere with him.

Yeah, she... she looked like she was gonna walk off, so he... so he took her in a room, and then, I don't know.

They were in there for a while.

When she came out, she... she didn't say anything.

She looked all over the place.

Do you think he might have...

Forced himself?

I don't know.

Yeah, maybe.

I don't... I don't know.

They were in there long enough.

And then what happened?

Then then Finn saw... then Finn saw her, and then he had words with Derek.

He said... he said he didn't want her looking all drunk and we had to shoot straightaway before she passed out.

Fuck! Stop!

Where the fuck can I find this Derek?

I don't know him.

You don't know. You don't know!

You don't know.

You sure you don't know?

I don't know him.

You don't know, all right.

Please, wait, wait, wait!

I swear to God, I don't know him.

Talk to Finn. Talk to Finn.

He's the only one that knows Derek.

Finn's dead.

Well, then... then talk to the brothers.

They knew him.

Yeah, well, they're dead too.

Wait, please!

Do you think I want to protect him?

I don't.

I just want to help you. Please.

You'd like to help?

What do you expect me to do?

You got to give something!

Like what?

What are you gonna do, fight them all?

She was there because she chose to be.

She fuckin' chose to be?

She had no choice!

No choice!

Get up!

Please, please.

Wait, wait, wait, wait!


You don't have to do this.

You don't have to do this.

You could just walk way.

You could just walk away.

You keep the videotape.

You can blackmail me for the rest of my life.

I won't go to the police, I promise.


I have a family.

I have a family.

Please, please.

I have a little daughter.


So did I.

She's dead.

I know.

No, you don't.

She's dead.

She's not up there dancing around.

She's a pile of dust.

I can hold her in one hand.

Still, it's better than burying her.

I couldn't bear the thought of her tiny little body rotting in the ground.


Hi, Christian.

It's alice.


Are you driving back to brisbane any time soon?

Yeah, I'm... I'm heading back right now.

Have you gone past here yet?

No, I'll be passing through in about an hour.

Do you think I could catch a lift?

Of course that's all right.

I'm just at the petrol station.


Well, wait for me there.

Okay, thanks.


You all right?


You're pregnant, aren't you?

Ten weeks.

When'd you find out?


This guy in town, he's the father?

I want to get it sorted, but the longer you leave it, the more expensive it gets, so I needed him to chip in.

Did he come through?

Stole a couple hundred bucks from his brothers.

Your parents know?

Dad called me a stupid little slut, and mom didn't say anything, so fuck them both.

Where are you planning to go now?

My friend kim said I could stay a while, and I can get to school with her.

Well, if you want my two cents, you probably scared the shit out of them already running away like this.

I know it'll be hard to go back and face them, but...

I'm sure if you do, they'll listen this time, make it right.

They had their chance.

Can I ask you something?

What's it like having kids?

It's scary...

But worth it.

I cried like a baby when she was born.

I didn't expect it.

I don't know. They fill you with something you never really knew you needed or wanted.

And no one will ever hug you like your own kid when you come home from work or...

They hear a bump in the night.

They come to you for protection.

You give 'em a cuddle, and they go straight back to sleep, 'cause you're so strong... at least, they think you are.

Makes you feel important.

I remember thinking I wanted to teach her all of life's little secrets, all those things I knew and no one else did, warn her about boys.

I never knew quite what to expect from her, that's for sure.

Sometimes she'd lock herself in her room, wouldn't talk to anyone.

She got that from me.

Other times, she'd go crazy and throw parties.

She was such a little drama queen.

She got that from her mother.

What really scares me, though, is, I think she really felt alone.

That's the worst thing you can feel.

Did you want to scatter her somewhere?

Somewhere with water, the beach or a river.

Now I just want to do it, get it over with.

Can't keep her locked up in a pot.

We just passed a turnoff for the beach.

What's up?

Nothing, just a client.

Have you got more business or something?


I'm finished.

So where am I dropping you?




Sorry, I'm aware I was speeding.

Your license.

Keep your hands on the steering wheel.

Who's traveling with you?

Her name's...

I'm talking to her. Miss?


Do you know this man?


Can you please step out of the car, thank you?


What's the problem?

Get out of the car.


Around the front.

Move round the front of the car.

Stay there.

Now get out.

Close the door.

Up against the car.

Turn round against the car.

Don't look at me. Look at the car.

Catch these.

Handcuff his right wrist.

Just do what he says.

All right, now his other one.

All right, now move out the... move out the way!

Stop there.

Stop there!

You are under arrest for the suspected murder of six people.


Shut your mouth!

All right.

To my car; Come on.

Move it.

Don't look at me!

Move. Come on!

What's going on?

Tell me.

Tell me!

Some men hurt jesse.

What did you do?

Where are you taking us?

What the fuck is this?

Where are we?

Don't fucking... get out of the car!

Leave her alone!

Leave her!

No, please!

Let her go!


You must be mr. Fortesky.

Have you been looking for me?



Well, you should be.

His wallet, keys, knife, and your mate's mobile phone.

You should've gotten rid of this.

I'm glad you didn't.

You'd be surprised the contacts I've got, right?

Oh, fuck off.

Yeah, yeah.

Jeez, youse pigs are getting expensive.

You hanging around this time, hmm?

What are you gonna do with the girl?


The girl.

You like her, you dirty old pig?

Don't fuckin' touch me.

Hang on to him.

What are you doin'?

I'm takin' my cuffs.

We're using 'em.

What, the four of you can't hang on to him?

Hold him. Hold him.

Give me the girl.

Give me the girl!

Please, she's got nothing... please, she's got nothing to do with... she'll be fine.

We're lovers, not fighters.

Come on, I've got plenty of... I've got money!

Really? Yes.

How much is she worth?


Yeah? Yes.

How about $20,000?


Not bad.

I think we can squeeze a little more.

How about $100,000?

We can go to the bank tomorrow.

Anything, $100,000.

I can arrange it.

You know, I went to school with Jim and his brother!


So you know what I'm thinkin'?

I'm gonna get my money's worth out of the two of youse tonight.

Oh, yeah.

Get the rope and tie him up, Chuck.

Take him down.

Little party?

Yeah, my boy, dig in.

Give me the arms.

Fuck off!

Fuck off!

Let's go, please.

Get on him.

Oh, for fuck's sake.

Get your ass up!

Hold him, Chuck.

Hold him.

Hold him!

You fuckin'...

Get the fuck up.

We don't even sleep in the same room.

When we watch television, she watches it in her room.

I watch it in my room.

I haven't slept with her for two years.

A man should be able to sleep with his own wife.

Why does... fuck!

Leave her the fuck alone!

You okay?

It's gonna be all right.

It's gonna be all right.

Come here, you fucker!

Look who's waking up.



Charles, just hang on.

Hang on.

Do you know how much of a headache that dead pig's gonna be?


You fuck with one, and the rest come after you.


this little princess and I have got to get ready.

Got someone special on their way over here to meet her.

Before we go...

We might have that little chat about that slag daughter of yours.

You still want to know what happened, right?

I know what you did to her.

But you've been missing out on all of the good bits.

See, she got a little up tight before the shoot.

Bit of "h" settled her down.

But she asked for it.


Didn't give a good look, though.

Finn wasn't too happy.

But she didn't complain.


In fact...

She wanted a little topper before she left.

And you know what?

Yeah, we had a little private time together.

Oh, yeah.

You heard me.

But hey...

I had to give the hospital a call right after I dumped her off.

So that's got to be worth a couple of points there.

If it makes any difference...

I did feel pretty rotten about the whole thing.



Hey, hey, hey, hey.

If you don't mind, I'm gonna leave you with Chuck here.

As much as I'd love to stay and watch, believe it or not, I really don't like violence.

Come on, love.

Come on.

See ya.

Alone at last, eh?



Now, you might feel a small pinch, yeah?

Let me know if it hurts, all right?


Wait, wait.

Stop fucking moving.

Oh, oh, whoa, whoa.



Just let me seal that up for you.


Where's Derek?

He's in the shed.

Where? Over there.


Everything set up?

I don't know, mate.

It's unlocked. Just pop your head in.

The fuck are you doing?

What are you up to there, eh?


All right, then.

Up we come.

Up we come.

Good boy.

All right.

Hang on a minute.





Let's make a pirate out of you.


One minute.

She wants me to pick up some cigarettes on the way home.

Trying to get her to quit.

Let her have 'em.

The bitch'll die quicker.

Is that right?


That was a bit rude, buddy.

Talking about my fuckin' lovely.

All right.

Now, you go down again.

You're fuckin' staying there, all right?

I'm not poppin' a discount for you, okay?

Where were we?

I believe it was moe.

Come here, you fuck!

Oh, shit.