The House of the Seven Hawks (1959) Script

Mr Nordley? Yeah.

Captain Gannet wants to have a word with you.

What about?

Oh, I'm sure Captain Gannet will tell you, Mr Nordley.

I'm sure he will, Mr Tulper.

Sit down Mr Nordley.

I've got a boat to get ready, Captain Gannet.

Yes, you're chartered on a coastwise trip.

To Portsea I see. That's right.

A passenger named "Anselm". Yeah, I'm expecting him this morning.

It is a coastwise trip?

Well, that's what my manifest says. Then, you're not going foreign?

Not unless I file for it on my manifest.

Do you always Mr Nordley?

I'm trying not to understand you, Captain.

I suggest it's in your interest to do so.

You're licensed under authority from my office ..

To operate a charter service out of British ports.

You are subject to British law.

You see Mr Nordley.

Not being a British subject does not entitle you a special privilege.

I never asked for special privilege.

But we have proof that you've taken it.

You've made it a practice to go foreign without proper clearance.

Sure, I smuggle contraband cheese in the works of unregistered watches.

I am not amused.

I must caution you Mr Nordley.

You risk suspension of your license, perhaps confiscation of your boat.

That is all, Mr Nordley.

Mr Nordley? Yeah.

I'm Mr Anselm. How do you do, sir.

Can you cast off at once?

I'm provisioned. Be ready to shove off in an hour.


Oh Mr Nordley.

Is this your passenger? Yeah.

I should think carefully on what the Captain has said.

Oh, I will Mr Tulper, I will.

Stowed away alright? Yes, it's quite comfortable.

Feeling sick? No.

Just a little.

Well, we are pitching some. I could take in the Jib.

No, no .. I'll be alright.

You always handle this boat alone?

It's no problem, coastwise. I could help.

Are you a sailor? I'm a Dutchman.

Now, there is no need for you to crew Mr Anselm.

However, if you like I could pick up another hand at Portsea.

I don't want to go to Portsea, Mr Nordley.

It's your money. Where'd you want to go?


Mr Anselm, do you mind putting down those glasses?


Now, you chartered me for a 7-day cruise along the east coast .. fifty pounds.

Now you want to go across the North Sea.

To the Port of Maassluis. We arrive at Maassluis by morning.

You wait for me for two days and then we put back to Baymouth.

You're not going to take an inventory of those whitecaps again, are you.

Now you want to go to Holland, but I'm not cleared to go foreign.

If I decide to take you, I'll have to radio Baymouth.

No, I don't want the Port authorities to know that the Aloha left English waters.

Mr Anselm, that's illegal.

Only if you are caught, Mr Nordley.

And you won't be.

What do the Police, here or over there, want you for?

I can assure you Mr Nordley, the Police do NOT want me.

I'm sorry, I can't trust a man who isn't wanted by the Police.

Especially when I'm asked to risk my license, maybe my ship.

I depend on her for my living.

It's a small risk.

And I can pay well.

How "well" is well?

You may name a reasonable price Mr Nordley.

Tax free.

Of course, you had this in mind when you chartered me.

Of course.

It wasn't my advertisement in the newspaper?


Who told you about me?

A man in The Hague who knows you.

Charlie Ponz.

Five hundred pounds.


Two-fifty when we arrive at Maassluis.

And the balance when we return to Baymouth.

And now if you'll forgive me I ..

I will go below.

I am Dutch but I ..

Truly do not feel too well.

We're running close Mr Anselm. Would you like some breakfast?

Mr Anselm.

Mr Anselm.

Calling L B E.

This is the Aloha.

The Aloha.

Calling L B E.

L B E.

Ahoy there!

Hello there.

Thank you. My pleasure.

Did you have a good crossing?


Good .. I was worried.

You were? Why?

Well, he's not a very good sailor.

Although he doesn't want to admit it.

Where is he? Down below?

How'd you know he was aboard?

He sent me a telegram.

This is the "Aloha"? British?


Well then, why do you look so surprised?

He's aboard alright, but ..

Is he any relation of yours?


My father.

I see.

Miss Anselm.

There's something wrong, isn't there?

I'm sorry Miss Anselm, but weren't you notified?

I radioed the Harbor Master at Maassluis.

He's dead, isn't he?

His heart.

I want to see him. Don't you think you should wait?

No, I want to see him.

He's in the cabin below.

Try the heels on his shoes.

Sergeant Straatman from the Maassluis Police.

How are you, sir. How do you do.

Since it is a death we have to notify them.

You say Herr Anselm complained of feeling ill?

Yes, we were two hours out of Baymouth.

He looked sick. Said he'd feel better if he went to his bunk for a while.

And when did you discover he was dead? This morning 4 o'clock.

I radioed the Harbor Master here at once.

Yah. The Harbor Master got his call at four hours and fifteen minutes.

I think I would like to go below.

He looked sick when I brought him tea at 23 hundred.

His face was chalky, his skin was clammy.

I thought he was just sea-sick. We were pitching quite a bit.

You will come ashore with me please, Mr Nordley.

[ Dutch language ]

Sit down Mein Herr.

Cigarette, Mein Herr?

Thank you.

Sergeant Straatman.

You will come with me please.

Where? To The Hague.


Inspector Van Der Stoor wishes to see you.

What about? Your passenger.

Wait a minute, I've explained everything to you. I don't understand why ..

Because Mr Nordley your passenger named Anselm.

Is Inspector Sluiter of The Hague Police.

You will come with me.

Come in .. come in.

Oh yes, yes of course. How do you do Herr Nordley?

Thank you Straatman.

You know of course, that your passenger was Inspector Sluiter?

You know that, of course? I know it now.

When did you first find out that your passenger was Inspector Sluiter?

When I arrived at Maassluis. Not when he chartered your ship?

No, he introduced himself as a Mister "Anselm".

Yes, yes .. so you stated to Maassluis.

Tell me exactly, how did Inspector Sluiter come to charter your ship?

I ran a small advert in the London Times. He answered it.

To cruise, you said, in England waters? Yeah.

And then he changed his mind.

Didn't that seem curious to you?

I make my living taking people where they want to go.

And no questions asked?

Sit down please. Thank you.

Inspector Sluiter was in London ..

On an official investigation for The Hague Police.

We do not know .. not yet.

Why he chose this unorthodox method of returning.

But we do have reason to believe he was returning with an important document.

A paper perhaps .. or .. a letter.

When he came on your ship at Baymouth.

He had only his suitcase with him.

And this?

Yeah, that's right.

Did you go through Sluiter's luggage?

What would you have done? A man comes aboard for a coastwise cruise.

Suddenly he pays me extra to take him to Holland, and then dies on me.

Sure, I .. I went through his things.

I'd have done the same with the briefcase, but I couldn't find the key.

But the lock of the briefcase you see, has been forced.

The daughter did that.

His daughter?

She hailed me and came aboard as I was approaching Maassluis.


I want to see Inspector Sluiter's daughter at once please.

She's here?

Why does that surprise you?

She disappeared after she searched her father's belongings.

You'll know, Mein Herr Nordley.

It is not very polite of me.

I have not believed a single word of your story.

Well, you'll have to settle for it, because it's all the story I've got.

Now the medical examiner at Maassluis.

Found marks of adhesive tape on Sluiter's body but ..

No wound and no injury. As if he'd had something ..

Strapped to his side.

I never give my passengers physical examinations.

Not even post-mortems?

How much did Sluiter pay you?

Fifty pounds.

Now you only had nine pounds and seven shillings when you landed at Maassluis.

No money was found on-board the Aloha by the Police.

What happened to the fifty pounds that Sluiter paid you?

He hadn't paid me yet. So?

Don't you ordinarily ask for payment before you put out on such a trip?

He said he'd pay me out of that.

Out of what?

Out of the money here on the table.

Out of this?

Yes, he said he'd pay me as soon as we arrived at ..

Then you knew he had this money.

You saw this money?

Either you or he, opened the briefcase.

Uh .. no.

But you just said he told you he would pay you out of this money.

Well, he told me had it.

And once again you just trusted him?

Now you are being difficult, Mein Herr.

Now please, do not be difficult.

It makes me rude when I have to deal with difficult people.

And I do not like to be rude.

So please.

[ Door knocks ]

Come in.

Now, my dear.

Tell me, have you ever seen this young man?


And you, Mein Herr Nordley. Do you recognize this young lady?


Then I introduce Inspector Sluiter's daughter.

She's not the girl who came aboard my ship.

That I believe, yes. Finally, something I believe.

She is not the girl who came aboard your ship.

Then who is the girl who you say came aboard your ship?

I don't know. Or was there such a woman?

Alright, look. I've bought all of this I can use.

Sorry for Miss Sluiter, for The Hague Police. I'm sorry for the whole world.

But I'm not going to be nibbled to death by you.

If you're through asking your questions, I'll shove off for England.

You will "shove off" for England, when I release you.

Are you arresting me?

Holding you as a material witness.

Until after the inquest.

Well, I'm not sure you can hold me.

You can communicate with the British Embassy. That is your privilege.


I'm not a British subject. American?

Very well then. The American Embassy.

You may use the telephone.

So I went foreign without a clearance.

That's for the British to worry about. Not for you to hold me here in Holland.

A man on my ship died of a heart-attack. No, Mein Herr!

The man on-board your ship did not die of a heart-attack.

The man aboard your ship .. was murdered.

Inspector Sluiter suffered from diabetes.

These insulin capsules should contain ten units per cubic centigram.

But somebody changed them from hundred-unit capsules.

Inspector Sluiter died of an overdose of insulin.

Taken about ten o'clock yesterday morning.

He didn't come aboard my ship until one-thirty.

That remains to be verified.

You will please go with the officer now.

Nordley .. John? Yeah.

Your personal belongings.

Sign the envelope.

Sign here.

What's that? Release on bail.

Who bailed me out? I do not know.

You must remain within the city limits of The Hague.

If you leave, your bail is revoked and you become a fugitive.

My boat is harbored at Maassluis. I'd like to stay on.

The Aloha is in Police custody, under guard.

No-one is allowed aboard.

I've no place to stay in The Hague and I've got no money.

The bail application states that you reside at the Hotel Fonesca.

Did Mr Van Der Stoor here make the reservations?

Mein Herr Van Der Stoor only makes jail reservations .. sign here.


I'll be at the Hotel Fonesca.


My name's Nordley. Have you got a reservation for me?

Nordley .. yes sir. Room 206.

What's the rate?

It's been paid, sir.

Who paid for it? I don't know.

It's down in the book as "paid".

Give me a line will you. I'll get the number for you, sir.

Just give me a line, I'll dial it.

Charlie? .. Me ..

I'm okay.

Don't say anything. Just meet me in one hour.

Usual place.

Hey, Peter Pan.

Tell Van Der Stoor I want permission to go aboard my ship.


I need clothes.


Look, it's your job to tail me, okay.

I won't give you more trouble than is necessary.

Just tell Van Der Stoor I want to go aboard my ship to get some clothes.

You can go back to your comic strip now.

Ah .. good morning Mein Herr. Morning.

Permit me .. Dekker .. Wilhelm Dekker.

I hope you find your quarters satisfactory.

Here Mein Herr, is your bath.

Come. See.

It is very comfortable.

Here. Complete with tub and douche.

And here you see all your implements for your toilet.

Razor, soap, lotion, comb, brush.

Teeths-brush. Even paste for the teeth.

Look you thought of everything, even to my "teeths".

Where do I send my thanks?

Oh please, please. No thanks are necessary.

I know how it is to be in difficulties in a strange country.

What kind of perfume do you use?

Do you like it, Mein Herr?

It's a special blend, a secret formula. A lady makes it up for me.

Could I send you some?

Yeah, tell her to leave a quart on my doorstep every morning.

A quart?

What kind of difficulties am I supposed to be in?

Well, Mein Herr. Would you not call it a difficulty to arrive at a Dutch port ..

With a dead Dutch police inspector on-board?

Well .. it could be embarrassing. But I declared him at customs.

Alright. Look Dekker. You bail me out, buy me a hotel room ..

Furnish me a razor and offer me your secret formula perfume.

Well, that is how I am.

But what do you expect me to do to show my gratitude?

A very simple thing.

Merely to come with me to speak with my colleague Captain Rohner.

Rohner? Does he use the same perfume? He's a gentleman. You will like him.

Yes, yes, I promise you, and he is most anxious to make your acquaintance.

I'm not sure I want to speak to Captain Rohner.

But you must .. you must believe me.

Why should I believe you?

Dekker .. Wilhelm Dekker.

You ask anyone in The Hague if you should believe Wilhelm Dekker.

Alright, I'll ask.

And the first one I'll ask is that Police Detective down in the lobby.


Oh no, that is no Police Detective That is Peter.

Peter is employed by Captain Rohner.

He is huh .. to do what?

This and that.

I'll bet.

Please, Captain Rohner will be very hurt and displeased if you refuse to see him.

He is .. very sensitive.


You sure you can get me some perfume?

Quite certain.

Alright, let's go.

Ah Mr Nordley .. how do you do sir?

Good of you to call. Permit me. I am Captain Rohner.

Alright. Come, sir.

I think we shall be comfortable here. Wilhelm, the whiskey please.

I trust you found your accommodation to your taste?

Better than the Police cell. Ah yes, the Police.

No regard for one's sensibilities.

Come sir .. shall we talk?

I'm listening.

I said "talk" sir.

Which implies conversation.

The free flow of words and ideas can be creative.

I prefer to be creative, but I must have your cooperation.

Looks like you've got enough words for both of us.

Just to prove my point, Mr Nordley. Ah, here we are. Will you drink, sir?

It depends.


What we're drinking to.

I leave the honors to you, sir.

I pass.

Then sir, I propose we drink.

To the memory of Inspector Sluiter.

Poor Sluiter .. dead and gone.

He'll get used to it.

Ah yes .. he will.

Indeed he will, sir, but ..

The question remains .. will we?

It's a blow, but I'm bearing up.

Perhaps Mr Nordley because you knew him so little?

Only well enough to tuck him in for the last time.

I always regretted that I was deprived the privilege of ..

Hearing his last words.

Well, he didn't say much, but it was touching.


I'll always remember those last words.

What were the words, Mr Nordley? What were the words?

Well he knew he was dying. Yes.

He looked up at me.

Eyes filled with love and forgiveness.

Yes .. yes.

And he said.

He said "I knock with seven".

And he turned his face to the wall, belched twice and died.

"I knock with seven"?

Very amusing, Mr Nordley.

Not if you had been there.

What does it mean "I knock with seven"? Be quiet.

Mr Nordley.

I am a man who dislikes violence.

Or the threats of violence.


Alright, you brought me here. What do you want?

A little civility. All out of civility. Anything else?

After Sluiter died.

You searched his belongings. And what did I find?

That sir, I expect you to tell me.

Sluiter was bringing back something from London. Something which belongs to me.

If it belongs to you, you should know what it is.

But did not Inspector Van Der Stoor ask you about it?

And I had no answers for him. I have less for you.

You are wrong Mr Nordley .. wrong.

I think, for me, you will find answers.

When you find the right questions.

Until then, don't waste my time.

You put me at the Hotel Fonesca. You'll find me there, but I'm not waiting long.

And you!

Don't forget that perfume you promised me.

Hello Captain, sir. By cripes, it is good to see you again.

Here, I have for us a bottle of good Holland gin and I must say ..

Listen Charlie, I know you.

What you got me into now?

Sending me a Police Inspector and I wind up with a stiff.

But Captain, sir.

I swear it. I didn't know.

Would Charlie Ponz have anything to do with the Police?

Charlie Ponz .. does it make sense Captain, sir?

He mentioned your name. He was told to.

By who?

Rohner. A man named Rohner.

Alright Charlie.

Give me all of it. But it had better be good.

Well Captain, sir. It was this way.

This man, this Rohner, he wants to find a small boat near Baymouth ..

With a skipper who needs a little tax-free money.

Well .. who would I give such wonderful business to?

You see, you do not have to ask. Only to my dear friend Captain Nordley, sir.

So I gave your name to this Rohner, but only with good intentions.

Who is this Rohner?

Oh .. a German-type chap.

But very British. What kind of jobs does he run?

Oh this and that. I know they're little schemes, sir.

Why did he come to you for a boat?

To me? Who else?

Everybody knows Charlie Ponz has the best cross-channel connections.

Charlie, you're a liar. Yes.

A thief. Yes.

And as trustworthy as a scorpion.

Yes, yes, that's true.

But I cannot help it Captain, sir.

It is my nature.

But you know that you're the only one to whom I must always be fair and square.

Cards on the table. Clear and honest.

Open and above board with.

Charlie, I'm in a bad spot, and you helped put me there.

I .. may have to call on you for help.

Any time Captain, sir. Day or night, Charlie Ponz gives you both his arms.

I need your help to get aboard my ship. All I want is five minutes.


There's a police guard on her.


There is something on the ship you want to get without the Police knowing?

Yeah .. my clothes.

Ah, but Captain, sir.

It cannot be so serious.

After all, it's not your fault if your passenger dies of a heart attack.

You're right Charlie, you're right.

Except that .. my passenger happened to be murdered.

But you were alone with him.

Before he came aboard. Somebody slipped him a thousand-volt insulin capsule.

Enough to blast him into orbit.

Now, you are sure of this?

You can take Van Der Stoor's word for it.

What can I do to help Captain, sir?

All I want is my boat and permission to get out of here.

To do that I'll have to have a lot more answers than I've got now.

You've all sorts of filthy connections.

The filthiest!

Get a line on Rohner for me. Find what his connection was with Sluiter and ..

What Sluiter was working on in London. Will do.

Now, anything else?

Yeah .. give me that bottle.

You can knock off for dinner now.

I'm going upstairs to rest for an hour. You can pick me up later.

Any messages for me?

No, Mr Nordley. But there is a lady waiting for you.

Good evening, Miss Sluiter.

Where can we talk with some privacy?

Well .. I could suggest my room, but .. It will serve ..

Did Van Der Stoor send you to see me?


I came because you were the last to see my father alive.

I think you know more about my father than you told Inspector Van Der Stoor.

What more could I know?

I think you know why he was on your boat.

And what he had taped on his side.

Do you realize what you are saying?


That your father was involved in something the Police know nothing about.

I ..

Since last night.

I've heard .. rumors.

But I don't believe them. What kind of rumors?

Do you know what your father was working on in London?

I asked Van Der Stoor but he refused to tell me.

Do you think you could find out? Maybe you can tell me.

Miss Sluiter, I never saw your father before he came aboard my ship.

What I told Van Der Stoor was the truth.

All of it?

Well .. almost all of it.

That's like saying your wife is "almost" faithful to you.

Why that's impossible. Of course it is impossible.

But only because I haven't got a wife.

[ Telephone ]

[ Telephone ]


Yeah, right away.

Where ..?


Yeah, I know he's watching me. I'll lose him.

And I'll be careful.

Do you know a woman by the name of "Elsa"?

No. Is she somebody's almost faithful wife?

It's not what you think. You do not know what I think.

The woman who just called is the one who said she's you.

I'm glad she isn't.

You are going to see her? Yes.

Take me with you.

I can't.

Don't. Don't trust me, but help me.

Don't trust you, but help you?

You are friendly with Van Der Stoor. Do two things ..

Find out what your father worked on.

And get permission for me to go aboard my ship. It's important.

To go aboard your ship? Yes.

I am sure it is important.

Yeah. There is a man by the name of Peter waiting for me in the lobby.

Will you call him.

Peter? This is Nordley.

Hold on a minute, will you?




Hello? Hello?

Hello? Hello?

Come in quickly.

You weren't followed?

Are you sure you weren't followed? I left Peter holding the phone.

Thank you. Thank you for coming here.

Thank you for not telling Rohner that I was on your boat.

You know Miss Anselm. Miss Anselm/Sluiter.


You were pretty good yesterday.

The thing that fooled me was the stiff upper lip, the faint trace of tears.

But not too much, not too little when you said: "I want to see him".

Please, you .. Now, that's alright, angel.

The performance was good. What more can a man ask?

By the way, you are not his daughter, are you?

You make me feel ashamed.

You know I'm not.

Well, I just can't be sure of anything.

You can be sure of one thing now.

My gratitude.

You make that sound like a promissory note.

Do you like good Holland gin?

Isn't there any bad Holland gin?

Well, to ..

Good gin and bad little girls.


Did you tell the Police about me?

Not more than I had to.

What did they say?

They called me a liar, for the wrong reasons.

But, by turning you in now they'll believe my story.

Again, for the wrong reasons.

Please .. I beg you. Please be patient with me.

When I tell you my desperate situation.

I have no-one else to turn to.

You can really turn it on and off, can't you.

Like on the ship. I think it's that subtle touch of ..

"Alone, but oh so brave" that does it for me.

Yes, I am alone .. but I'm not brave.

.Yes, I lied to you on the boat.

I had no other choice.

Alright, let's get down. Straight questions and straight answers.

If I don't get them I'll let Rohner try. No.

Alright, you can make up your mind. Deal with me or with him.

I'll answer any questions you ask.

I'll tell you all I know.

I trust you.

Oh brother.

Anybody says that to me I start looking for the nearest foxhole.

Don't you see? Don't you understand?

I must be honest with you now.

Because I now depend on your strength.

Why did you meet my ship?

Because Rohner told me. He expected Sluiter? - Yes.

Something Sluiter was bringing for him? - Yes.

That's what you looked for in the bunk? Yes.

What was it?

I do not know.

You're good, you're really good. But it's true.

I only did what Rohner ordered.

To find a certain envelope.

And he now believes that I found it and that I'm lying to him.

He will kill me, I know he'll kill me.

Unless I convince him that ..

Oh Johnny .. you can help me.

You can save my life.

If you have the envelope.

He sent you to find an envelope?


"Find" not "get" from Sluiter?

So you knew that I was delivering a dead Sluiter.

No, no. How could I?

You mix me all up.

Rohner, yes. It was he who knew.

He told me to go aboard.

But you just thanked me for not telling Rohner you came aboard.

You've been lying to me all along, haven't you?


There was some truth in what I said. How much?

Not .. too much. Why did you call me?

To stop me from telling Rohner you went through Sluiter's bags?

Yes, I'm afraid of Rohner.

You don't know him. You don't know what he would do.

What do you expect me to do about your fears? Play your "protector"?

Help you double-cross Rohner?

That's what you're trying to do, isn't it?

Why should I? What have you been giving me except a bunch lies and double-talk?

I can't be of any use to you or myself unless you level with me.

Everything. Right down the line.

So, you really don't know?

I know one thing. I don't need you, or Rohner, or Dekker.

You need me.

Yes, I need you.



So .. Oh go away!

[ Dutch language ]

Peter .. Peter ..

Please, please.

All this violence, it is not necessary.

Peter .. Peter, are you alright?

Now you stay off my tail. Next time I may have to get a little rough.

Please, do not hurt him again. Peter is harmless.

Captain Rohner wants to see you.

That's dandy. I want to see him too.

What about poor Peter?

Leave him there. The air will clear his head.

Captain Rohner. Yes, dear boy.

It's been a long, hard day. Oh yes, to the point.

I have learned that poor Sluiter ..

Did not die of natural causes, unless you can call natural the ..

Inevitable result of an overdose of insulin.

Dreadful, dreadful .. do you take sugar?

I don't take tea.

You see, that is why I felt concerned when ..

It became evident that the woman Elsa was now trying her wiles on you, sir.

So Elsa was in London with Sluiter?

She's the one who slipped him the insulin Mickey?

Oh yes.

Her instructions were to return to Holland by aeroplane ..

The very day Sluiter boarded your ship.

As she did.

But not to The Hague. To Maassluis.

Yes, dear little Elsa had decided ..

To go into business for herself.

She intercepted your ship ..

Knowing that you were only delivering the shell of Sluiter.

Certain she would then easily come into possession of the thing she wanted most.

The thing.

For which I am now prepared to bargain with you.

It is of course quite evident.

That you are in possession of the key.

The key which you took from the body of Sluiter.

The key to what?

The key for which I have a lock.

I want to buy that key.

I'm willing to deal for it, but I can't deal unless I know what I'm dealing for.

What lock does the key open?

So you really do not know?

Well I know one thing.

Without me, you are no place.

A moment.

Let's get on with it, shall we.

Mr Nordley.

You know of course of the situation which existed here in The Hague.

In late 1945.

The allied armies were knocking on the gates of the city.

The occupiers were preparing to terminate their visit.

I was, at the time, in command of the garrison here in the city.

My dearest friend.

And a most loathed Dutch citizen.

Was a gentleman named Maussling.

Yes .. Maussling.

Wilhelm, please.

Mein Herr Maussling was manager of the New Hollandse Bank.

He knew of course that once our troops left, his life was forfeit.

So we made a pact.

He was to remove from the vaults of the New Hollandse Bank ..

Certain assets.

I would supply him with the launch "Lorain" ..

Two worthy men, and we were to meet in Berlin.

Everything went according to plan, when ..

At a certain point on a certain river ..

The launch was attacked by Dutch partisans.

Attacked and sunk.

Maussling, however managed to survive.

He was later taken prisoner by the English forces.

I had also supplied him with the uniform of a German officer.

Yes .. Maussling survived.

But the launch lay on the bottom of the river.

What river?

That sir, I know.

And the precise point?

That sir I propose to find through the use of the key.

The overlay, which Maussling made and ..

Which you appropriated from Sluiter.

But Sluiter was a police inspector. How did he fit in?

I can easily tell you.

Only last week Maussling died in London .. under an assumed name.

Sluiter had been working on the mystery for many years.

He and I .. entered into an arrangement.

He was to come over here with the overlay ..

Recover the treasure, and then go back to England with me.

You are a man of perception.

His superiors would be notified that he had found nothing in London of import.

A simple, workable plan ..


Dear little Elsa ..

Mr Nordley.

No doubt you are interested in money.

Well, money can be very soothing to the nerves.

I'm listening.

I'm prepared sir to offer you.

Cash in hand.

Five thousand pounds for the overlay.

Not good enough.


I should consider that .. very generous.

Excellent compensation for a brief run across the North Sea.

Not good enough.

Well .. what do you have in mind?

I'll take the same cut Sluiter was getting.

He is mad!

Do you realize how many years, how much money I have spent?

Spending, spending, spending! This is true, dear boy.

Wilhelm here, has been the sole financial supporter of this venture.

You must consider the time and money expended.

Lives already lost.

I'm not interested in your double-entry book-keeping.

Mr Nordley, with no proper chart for the proper river, you have no other market.

I'm tired of bargaining. You have until tomorrow morning to make up your mind.


You are not the only one interested.

Charlie? .. it's me.

Meet me right away .. yup.

And Charlie .. bring a gun.

It took you long enough.

You get the gun? Everything else? Yeah.

Keep it, you will have to use it.

Me? I will have to use it?

What's the matter Charlie? Forget how?

No, Captain Nordley, sir.

Only it's illegal to use a gun.

I shall need a good reason.

A million reasons.

A million pounds, maybe.

I've only got six bullets in the gun.

Will that be enough?

Three will do it. Let's go.

Alright, there is the boat.

You sure you know what you have to do? Yes Captain, sir.

We'll meet at the Drybrukken after it's over. Good luck.



Clipped him? Yeah, like a showdown.

What happened Captain Nordley sir.

Does not look much like a million pounds.

Charlie, you ever hear of a man named Maussling?

Yes, Captain sir, the New Hollandse Bank.

There are many stories.

But nobody knows what happened to him or his fortune.

I know. I had that fortune in the palm of my hand.

Then somebody got aboard my ship.

There was an envelope with an overlay inside ..

Fixing the exact spot where that launch went down.

I see.

That's the Rohner/Sluiter deal?

Maybe .. maybe it was Rohner who ..?

No, not Rohner, Dekker Peter .. Or the Police themselves?

Not the Police. They'd confiscate the money, the gun ..

Picked me up right away. It wasn't the Police.

It had to be somebody the guard knew. Somebody he'd let go aboard the ship.

Somebody not exactly of the Police, but ..

You wait here, don't move.

I'll either telephone or come back, but you wait.

"Police Headquarters."

Ponz .. Van Der Stoor.

Yeah? "Charlie Ponz."


"Hello .. Charlie."



You frightened me!

That makes us even. You gave me a small piece of fright too.

I'd like to tell you about it.

Is that your apartment? I'm in a hurry.

So you did know what your father wanted?

No. No?

Then why this? Why did you take only this?

That's my father's writing on the envelope. You took it from him.

And you knew just where to look for it.


I learned a few things from my father.

Yeah, I bet you did.

And from Rohner and Dekker? What did you learn from them?


Rohner, Dekker. The people you were on your way to meet.

I never heard of them. I was going to Van Der Stoor.

Why didn't you go direct to him when you found this? Why did you come here first?

Because I wanted to ..

This is Captain Nordley. Any messages for me?

Did she leave her name?


Constanta, listen to me.

So many things I want to tell you, but right now only one thing is important.

I had nothing to do with your father's death.

It was Elsa, the woman who phoned me.

She switched the insulin capsules in London.

But why?

Why was she with him? What was he doing on your boat?

Well .. I don't have all the answers yet.

But one thing you can be sure of.

Your father died in the performance of his duty.


I must believe that.

I must. I'll prove it for you.

I'll have to finish the job he started.

It's the only way I can clear both of us with Van Der Stoor.

Will you help me?

Help you?

I think now you are helping me.

Just a minute.

What does .. what does this say?

"Iron box in cabin".

And this?

"Seven Hawks".

Now this Zeven Havikken/Seven Hawks.

It's a big spot on a river. What river, I don't know.

You ever hear of a thing called Seven Hawks?

But of course The House Of The Seven Hawks.

Everyone knows The House Of The Zeven Havikken.

What is it?

Now, I think it is only a small farm.

But many years ago.

Seven brave people by the name of "Hawk", the entire family ..

Stood on that island to hold off the Walloons.

They were finally captured.

And the enemy Captain boasted that they would die slowly, one each day.

And they did die there.

That's why it's called the House Of The Seven Hawks.

On an island. Where?

Maasmere lake.



It's simple.

All we have to do is find this landmark called Zeven Havikken.

Somewhere on Maasmere lake.

Fix the overlay on the chart.

And we've got the exact spot.

The exact spot of what?

The exact spot for which your father gave his life.

Constanta, this is Charlie Ponz.

Another partner?

Charlie, I only need two things.

A boat, and a chart of the Maasmere lake area.

Will do.

By dawn.

Will do .. but one thing, please tell me Captain sir.

Are we on our way to that million pounds?

Yeah, we're on our way.


Me and the boat, Captain sir.

Will wait at the Drybrukken lock.

You know it? Yup.

And you?

If I want you Captain sir, you will be at the hotel?

No. Better not go back there tonight. Can't take a chance on being picked up.

Yeah .. so where will I find you?

We'll find you .. dawn, Drybrukken lock.



That call I made from your apartment.


You knew what it was?

My hotel. There was a message for me.

A woman had called three times during the past hour. No names.

It was you, wasn't it?

You called because you knew that finding the overlay in my cabin ..

Would finish me with Van Der Stoor and ..

You wanted to give me the chance to explain.

That's why you didn't go direct to Van Der Stoor.

That's it, isn't it?

You can't decide whether or not you like me.

No .. I like you.

I think I like you very much.

But I'm still not sure if I ..

If I trust you.

But you don't think I had anything to do with your father's death?


You seem so sure. I am sure.

Van Der Stoor is not, but I am sure.


You don't think I'm capable of killing?

Yes .. you are capable of killing.

But if you had to.

You would not kill that way.

I don't think Van Der Stoor would agree with you.

No, he would not.

Only a woman could understand what I mean.


Ponz .. Van Der Stoor.

Yah? "Charlie Ponz."


"Hello Charlie." I'm sorry Inspector, sir.

I couldn't speak before.

Tomorrow morning.

Nordley is leaving for the Port of Maassluis by hired-car.

He's arranged for a boat to pick him up and take him back to England.

I must go now .. I will call again.

Port of Maassluis, huh?

You can't trust anyone today.

Not even a Police informer.


"Hello." Give me Captain Rohner please.

Is that the island?-

Yes, that is Zeven Havikken.

Well, let's see.

There's The House of Zeven Havikken.

There's the church steeple at Arpen.

The windmills at Högermaat.

Two hundred and forty degrees.

A hundred and thirty degrees.

Maussling indicates the launch was sunk.

Right here.

One .. million .. pounds.


The launch can't be laying in more than 2 or 3 fathoms.

I think I can reach her on a straight dive.

Charlie. Yes, Captain, sir?

Pull over to the island. I know this water, sir. Sand-bars.

Well, lay to as close as you can. Okay.

Hold it Charlie, hold it.

Alright, cut it out.

Did you find it?

I don't know. We're hooked on to something.

Hang on to this.

I'll go down and take a look.

Charlie .. Eh?

Has be surfaced?

He is too long ..

We've found her, at about three fathoms. But the current keeps kicking me away.

Well, in about an hour we'll have dead slack water.

I'll go in to her then.

Tie a life-preserver to this line. Leave it here as a marker.


Come back to the launch. Okay.

Do you think you will be able to get into her cabin?

I don't know, there's one problem.

There is sand inside the cockpit. Comes up about a foot outside the cabin door.

It might be difficult.

Well, I'll just kick the cabin door in.

Yes ..?

I'll be alright.

What is so important about the box that you risk your life?

I wish I knew.

Don't worry.

Once you said.

"The general police of The Hague are now occupying my home."

You have .. no other?

What other one do I need?

A man must have a place of his own.

One place or another. They're all the same.

But a ship? The lonely wandering ..

Ship .. room .. house.

Loneliness is something you carry with you wherever you go.

What's the matter? Why are you crying?

This is not crying.

It is "inside" crying. That's the most painful kind.

It's okay now Captain, sir.

Please be careful.

You can easily be trapped in the cabin.

If I am, I'll be the richest "Captain, sir" in Davy Jones' locker.

Charlie, get the guns out of the cabin.

But I have a gun Captain, sir.

You're kidding Charlie.



Yes Captain, sir.

"Fair and square". "Cards on the table"?

But I can't help myself Captain, sir.

It is my nature.

Well sir.

What a fortuitous meeting. Is it not, Wilhelm?

And he led us right to our goal after all. Did you not, Mr Nordley?

Without a deal.

He came up empty-handed? Yes, nothing.

You won't be able to get in to the launch.

The cabin door is covered with two feet of silt.

Very well then. We merely wait for low-tide.

You'll have to take the launch in.

Keep Nordley and the girl in the gardener's farmhouse on the island.

Okay. Dekker will go with you.

I will stay here with Peter.

He will dive.

When the tide goes out.

Au revoir, mon dieu ..

I leave you to the good offices of my friends.

Over here .. over here. Come on!

Mein Herr .. this is your farm?

Yeah. I am Beukleman. Where are your workers?

Workers? I have no workers.

There is only me and my wife. It is only small farm.

Good .. then we shall all be cozy together in the house.

But what is it?

Do as he says, Mr Beukleman. You won't be harmed.

Now we go.

You will be the outside guard. Do not move from here.


I'm sorry Captain, sir. I've told you.

It is forbidden for the guard to speak to the prisoners.

In fifteen minutes the tide will be out.

If Rohner finds what he's after, what will he do next?


Why Captain, sir. He'll come ashore to fetch Dekker and me.


Please, permit me to go to the dairy.

My cows, they must be milked.

Ah cows are patient people. They know how to wait.

It must have been difficult for you during the war. Fighting on the river.

Oh yes .. at night.

We would hear the shooting.


You must have helped many wounded soldiers and partisans.

We tried.

All who came to us.

The sick and wounded.

Yes, no matter who.

Soldiers are men, too.

We helped whoever needed help.

Our own partisans.

British commandos.


Germans? Yes.

One or two .. even Germans.

You think .. that was wrong, Mein Herr?

No, I was a soldier too.

I don't think it was wrong.

Well, they're starting to dive.

Would you like a cigar, Mein Herr?


Perhaps a little gin?

It'll be alright.

Yeah, they are diving now.

You know Mein Herr, you've never once asked me why we're here.

Or what those men on the launch are looking for.

They're looking for a treasure. They won't find it.

They'll think I beat them to it but I haven't.

You know I haven't, don't you?

What if they don't find it?

What will they do?

Probably come here, get vicious.

That clock .. where did you get it?

It is a .. it is a souvenir.

From a launch.

Yeah, from a .. I only .. it was ..

From a launch named the "Lorain".

You took more than just a clock, didn't you?


Yes, sir .. I did.

Better tell me about it.


It's a relief.

I wanted to tell.

For years I wanted to tell.

But we were afraid.

It was during the last days of the war, wasn't it.

I found a German Captain.

He was wounded and sick.

By the water's edge.

We took him in .. nursed him.

For three days he was delirious.

He talked about the great fortune on the launch.

And on the fourth day, English troops came, and took away the German.

And we were left in peace. And you found the launch?

It was not difficult.

At low water it was high on the sand-bar.

And the strongbox in the cabin .. you opened it?


And when the tide rose.

I towed the launch into deep water where you found her.

Why didn't you tell the Police?

We wanted to.


She .. she wanted me to, but ..

But I sold it.

I was weak.

And I sold two of the pieces.

And after.

We were afraid to tell the Police.

We were very afraid of questioning.

I .. I had a right to sell them.

The war.

The Germans .. took my cows.


I .. I had a right to start again.



I sold two pieces.

But you kept the rest?

Yes. Where is it?

What will you do with it?

Turn it in to the Police at The Hague. I'll keep your name out of it entirely.

Alright .. I trust you.

A conference ..?

A big conference.

Just what is this big conference, Captain sir?

Charlie. It's your last chance. I've got a deal for you.

Ah no, Captain sir.

As much as I have affection for you.

You know that's true.

You have nothing to deal with.

Well the stuff isn't on the launch. I got in the cabin.

But I know where it is. Wait a minute.

How do I know you're telling me the truth?

Tell my friend about the German Captain.

It's alright, you can tell him.

Yes, it is true.

The Captain was taken prisoner from this house.

And the Captain's name was "Maussling".

Look at that clock.

The launch "Lorain".



I have buried it .. I buried it in ..

Uh, would you leave us alone for just a minute please?

Listen, I've got to make him believe I'm turning the Maussling loot in.

Now I trust you again Captain, sir.

Deal? We split 50/50?

Grab our boat and leave Rohner and Peter diving for clams.

The girl .. what about the girl?

She's part of my percentage.


Show me the fortune.

Not so fast.

How do I know you won't go back to Rohner when we find it?

Rohner? Why?

Because it's your nature.

But it's also my nature to double-cross Rohner.

This I will enjoy.

Prove it.

Anything .. how?

Eliminate Dekker.

That's simple.



You see?

He never even got my perfume.

Mr Beukleman.

Empty .. ha!

Of course it is, you gaping imbecile.

So Nordley got them after all.

Get the dinghy.

You'd better wait here.

Wilhelm! What has happened?

It was .. it was ..

You look surprised, Miss Sluiter.

Were you expecting someone else?

Charlie, look at that!

Holy ..


Captain Nordley, sir.

This is a great moment in my life.

Charlie Ponz keeps his word.

Rohner? Yup ..

Quick, this way.

We can't. He's got Constanta.

Captain, sir. A fortune in our hands and you think of dames?

Have you got another sack like this? Yeah.


Yes. I'm coming out.

I've got a gun but I won't use it unless you force me. I'm coming out to talk.


Rohner, I'm willing to negotiate.


I abhor bloodshed.


This is what you want.

You let the girl come to me.

And I'll toss the sack to you.

No, dear boy.

You throw the sack first and then I'll let her go to you.

How can I be sure? How can I be sure?

Alright, we'll meet each other half-way.

You let her start walking now. Yes.

The minute she reaches the half-way point between us.

Say, that wheelbarrow.

I'll toss the sack to you.

And if you don't?

You shoot her in the back.

By Jove, do you think I could do that?

Yeah, you would.

You are right .. would, and will!


Keep on walking .. a few more steps.

They'll rush us now.

Take her out the back way. You go too. Why?

Because I want to be sure she gets on the boat, that's why. Go on ..

Get them started Charlie. Go ahead, get aboard.

You'll be alright Mr Beukleman. The Police are on the island.

Just tell them some men came with guns. Do you understand?

Yes, yes, but what you said?

Now where is Nordley? Nordley, Ponz and the girl?

You've blundered rather badly this time. It was Nordley I was firing at.

Thanks to you, he got away. With the diamonds!

Corporal. Outside .. quick!

Your ship, your ship. With those you can buy a thousand ships.

I only want to buy a one.

But Captain, sir. You double-crossing me?

I can't help it Charlie, it's my nature.

Just a minute.

Thought you had me in the sack, huh? We were waiting for you.

Here or in the North Sea, yeah?

But Captain, you mean they were ..

You can't be a successful thief Charlie until you respect the opposition.

They've had us pegged every inch of the way.

Did you pick up Rohner? And Dekker and Peter.

Well, for the record, they killed Elsa.

That's alright. She switched the insulin caps on Sluiter in London.

We knew that.

Also, for the record.

It was Charlie Ponz who learned where the Maussling launch had been sunk.

He took us to her.

That will have to stand, for the record.

But I don't have to believe that.

Well, I can't stand around bartering. You've got the ice and I want my boat.

I've some explaining to do when I get back.

You won't have to explain anything, Captain Nordley.

There is the release order for your ship.

And there will be a letter to the English authorities.

You volunteered your services to The Hague Police.

You also receive one hundred thousand pounds.

Your reward for the recovery of the diamonds.

I've had enough trouble.

The reward should go to Inspector Sluiter.

He worked on this job a long time.

He was a brave officer.

He gave his life .. for his duty.

The reward will go .. to his daughter.

So long, Charlie. Run into anybody who wants to charter a boat out of Baymouth?

How about going to the harbor with me, and telling me goodbye?

I wonder if I could have outrun your boys in the North Sea.

We'll never know that will we, Captain Nordley.

Oh that .. Captain Nordley, sir.

He refuses the reward for him and for me.

And grandly says it must go to Inspector Sluiter.

But he is dead, so of course it must go to Inspector Sluiter's daughter.

And then he walks off with the daughter .. and the reward!

0h that .. Captain Nordley, sir.

I've got an idea I may need you.

But of course you need me.

You will always need me. I mean on the trip back to Baymouth.

Looks like I'll run into some dirty weather. I might need another hand.

You want to sign on?

What do you think?

One more thing - that envelope.

How did you know exactly where to look for it?

You remember where you hid it? Of course.


So take me there and I'll show you.