The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence) (2015) Script

Well, what do you think?

Jesus Christ.

I fuckin' told you these movies would be shit and they are pure shit, literally, they stink.

I can tell you why you insisted to show me this trash, you vain dumb-ass.

Shave off your stupid brush and you'll look precisely like this retarded pervert.

Are we fuckin' done?

I kinda like these movies. Everyone's talking about them.

Bill doesn't like when things are more insane than he is.

Watch it, tits!

Having the privilege to fuck, suck me dry still doesn't give a woman... the right to an opinion.

Sir, I'm sorry, it was just a joke...

Shut your pussy mouth and go answer my fuckin' mail.

Why do you look so damn pleased?

Well, sir, I think I've found the solution to all our problems.

What? Mr. Boss, we've got a code 6 in block 4.

Not again.


Sir, our prison relatively has the highest personnel turnover, violence rates, legal and medical costs than any other institution in the US correctional system.

Things will have to change fast or Governor Hughes will replace us.

Over my dead body.

Get a load of Billy Boss.

What, you think you're a fucking lone ranger?

I'm no ke-mo fucking sah-bee, bitch!

Please, sir? I think I have the solution.

Doors, for the boss.

Scheiss, Nazi.

I'm gonna rape you... to fucking death... and it scares you.

I can see it... you motherfucker.

What's his number?

Prisoner 297, sir.

Make a note.

I'll treat this walking skin cancer later on.

Stop moving! Medic's coming.

Which cocksucker did this? Hold his arm down, goddammit.

178, sir.

By the way, doc, I need my physical check up.

See you in an hour, at your office. Sir?

Did you hear me?

Yes, sir!

Fuck you!


Death, rape will be your destiny!

What's the ape nigger's masturbation arm?

He's right handed, sir.


Turn him around, belly down.

You want more?

Please, sir, no more.

Think of the medical expenses.

When your little monkey bones are healed...

I'll come by for a follow up.

I'm gonna kill you, you wait!

You wanna rape me to death?

Death trap, death trap, death trap!

Come on, motherfuckers!

On your knees!

I want respect!

I deserve respect!




Oh, God.

160 to 120.

Sweet bleeding Jesus.

Listen, Bill, my plan... Shut the fuck up.

I need to relax for a few minutes!

How can you relax with such problems at hand?

I... I believe... I believe... in bringing back medieval torture methods.

Reverse hanging, Spanish boots, and the good old rack!

Statistics show that the system as it is now just doesn't function.

Poisonous spiders... for prisoners with arachnophobia.

Massive force feeding with raw slaughterhouse waste of pork for Muslims and Jews.

Beat them crippled with their Torahs, Korans or Bibles.

More than $50 Billion a year are spent on corrections.

Yet more than 4 in 10 offenders nationwide return to prison within three years of their release.

Eyes for eyes.

Teeth for teeth, times 100!

A prison should be a real deterrent not a goddamn nursing home.

I agree! But medieval torture ain't gonna be the answer.

Something else will.

That's why...

Mr. Boss...

I have a special delivery for you.

Don't bother me, tits. Goddammit! I have to think!

Sorry, sir.

No, wait.

Give it to me.

Your rolling ass cheeks tell me what it must be.

By the way I need my ball sack emptied before lunch.

Holy shit.

What is that?

Tribe leaders in Africa chew them for unbelievable strength.

Yeah, but what exactly is it?

Dried clitorises. What?



We are comin'. What?

We are comin' to your office, bitch. Who's this?

Oh, you don't know who I am?

It's your death squad coming to rape you to pieces, you fucking white trash!

Give me a guard on the line this instant!

Somethin' wrong?

They are coming.

Who's comin'? It's a code 8.

What's going on?

Fuck off! Hey!

This time... it is real, jerk!

Really real!

Oh, no. Not again.

Yes, sir?

What's goin' on? Sorry, Mr. Butler, 346 must have used his once a month family phone call to call Mr. Boss.

Won't happen again.

False alarm!

Why didn't you let me in? What's going on?

This goddamn heat is drivin' me insane.

Sir, Doctor Jones called about your physical...

Whoever did this is...


Well, your heart is racing. Have you been under a lot of stress?

Stress is for pussies.

I also hear a heart murmur.

Listen, I'm not fuckin' paying you to give me bad news.

I would like to draw some blood and do an EKG as well.

I demand some fuckin' good news...

or your ass will be fired.

There's nothin' wrong with me, right?

You're in perfect health, sir.


I knew it.

Back to work!

Fuck! Fuck!

Billy Boss, good that you joined the party!

Are there any regrets, you little phone-action Tonto?

I would scalp you if you had any fuckin' hair.



What is this? Water, sir.

I said boiling water...

fuck face!

Yeah, get some teabags with that too, Earl Grey.

Please, sir, just think of the outrageous medical costs.

It's our jobs on the line here.

Sir, Governor Hughes will be arriving in 20 minutes.

What? Today?

I thought that lobby whore would come in on Thursday?

Sorry, it's in the agenda for today.


Try to make him touch your ass so we can sue his ass for sexual harassment!

I will, sir.

Will you be attending the execution tonight?

You fuckin' know...

I never go to these wellness executions by injections.

Sister Dwight will attend the feel-good penalty.

Get me out of here!

Shut up!

You, timber nigger!

Guantanamo Style XXL.

Fuck you, you Nazi!

Boiling water boarding... by Bill Boss!

Eyes for eyes!

Teeth for teeth.




You lost your soul, William Boss.

Oh, excuse me, sir.


May I offer you a top of the line Dominican cigar, governor?

I only smoke Cuban cigars, the world's best.

You are... a native-born citizen of the glorious United States of America.

The greatest nation on earth.

And you are not ashamed to smoke communistic cigars from Cuba?

I'm only a German American from Schweinfurt.

But I feel... deeply ashamed for you, sir!

I apologize.

The heat... is driving me crazy.

Right, the heat.

I guess it's your... depressing statistics.

Statistics are Mr. Butler's department.

I... I... I know things aren't going so well.

We are running costs inefficiently.

That's true!

I'm afraid...

I have to fire poor Mr. Butler.

Poor Mr. Butler. Your accountant... has nothing to do with it.

Answering violence with violence is not the way of a real leader.

You Bill are no Boss.

You have managed one thing however... to damage me in an election year.

I'll return in two weeks.

When I return, I want changes.

And if I don't get them...

I will replace you... and your accountant, understood?

Very well, sir. Sure thing.

No problem, sir!



Fuck you!

Fuck yourself!

You imbecile, communist, zombie cunt.

Nobody insults me like that.

I'll stuff your baggy homosexual shithole with Cuban Cigars up to your throat!

Don't mess with Bill Boss!

I did everything I could, I swear to God!

Please, Boss, will you just listen to my idea?

Shut the fuck up!

Fuck the sissy psychological leadership bullshit!

My leadership balls are atom bombs!

A 100 megatons each!

I'll teach him leadership!

I'll do what I wanted to do since ages!

Castrate them all!

No, it won't work besides it's permanent!

Send the cockroaches to the yard!

But it's 120 degrees outside, that's irresponsible!


Let the pork roast!

Good morning, pigs!

Good to smell your acid stink again.

A prison is like a swine farm and I'm your Almighty Lord and swineherd.

My grandfather owned a big one in Germany He castrated thousands of pigs.


Because they have too much testosterone.

That's what makes 'em so aggressive.

You might wonder, why I'm telling you this touching little story.

One of you lucky cock-suckers will have the privilege to experience first as a prototype the transformation into a sissy eunuch.

Castration will return all of you back into society as sweet, harmless, submissive pussy schnitzels.

And the winner is... our awesome tattoo wasp!

Sister prisoner 297! Congrats!

Take him to the special cell.

Enjoy your sunbath!

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!

Yeah! Yeah!

Hey, warden, I like my men bald. I think it's sexy.

Why don't you come over here and suck my dick.

No worries!

As a child...

I've seen it a hundred times, trust me.

Turn him around... facing the wall!

No. Please. Don't!

You bitch!

Bring these little fuckers to the cook!

I want 'em medium rare... for lunch!

Have him stitched up!


Yeah, yeah!

I'm sorry, sir.

I can't do it with Dwight in the room.

Go ahead for Christ's sake!

Dwight... is my pet.


Yeah. Yeah.

Come on. Swallow it!

I didn't get your asshole of father out of prison for nothin'!

Swallow it, bitch! Swallow up!

God damn it!

Sir, could I please have a candy for the taste?

Help yourself! Don't, Daisy, don't.

Shut up!

Gross, this is salty.

Back to work, office slut.

Where is my lunch? I'm fuckin' hungry.

Here is your lunch, Mr. Boss.

Energy Food!

Daddy, I promise you nothing's wrong.

No. I've just been so busy.

I did talk to him about the hours. He said that it's gonna get better.

Look... we are positively in the papers.

"Craig Sinner executed in George H. W. Bush state prison at 1:00 A.M."

Did you get off last night?

Well, he called for Satan before he died!

Putting the cockroach gently to sleep with a sissy needle.

Is that the way he killed the kid?


Torture castration will be the final solution.

No, it won't!

Why is this shit on my desk?

Please, please, please, Bill, will you just listen to my idea?

Not when I'm eating my health food!

What? Sir, prisoner 297 is about to wake up.

The moment... of truth.

You white fuck!

Crimson red, thoroughbred.

I'm still a red man, you fucker. You white fuck.

When I'm walking free, I'm gonna stab in your eyes.

Time for the follow up as I promised.

Well, he's still a bit weak from the incident but we have given him some morphine to manage the pain.

I personally castrated him.

Yes, we all are aware.

And tomorrow we'll start a fuckin' mass castration doing them all!

Thanks, doc, for fixing everything.

I owe Mr. Boss big time.

This is the only hospital that will let me work without my license.

You better believe it! Glad you appreciate it.

Hey, man.

How do you feel?

Feel submissive. Even thankful, I bet.

You took them... that's okay.

I don't need them.

When I get loose I'm gonna find some barb wire and I'm gonna fuck you in the ass with it.

And then I'm gonna dig up your German Nazi parents and I'm gonna fucking rape them too.

Sieg heil, motherfucker!

Yeah, I told you it wouldn't work.

Shut your filthy mouth!

I'm not getting a heartbeat.

Resuscitate him. Quickly! Hurry up! I need a crash cart over here!

Alright, it's charging.

Alright, everybody, clear?

Shocking now.

Alright, charging. Shocking now!

I'll kill this creature twice!

I do not accept this heat!

I want you to watch these.

Oh, I've seen those. They're really good.

Where have you been?

I'm gonna shoot all the malignant cock sockets.

Then you.

And then myself.

What's the goddamn point of living when even the castration program doesn't work... and I get fired?


It's also my job, and my life on the line!

How dare you, ugly piece of mutant shit talking to me like that?

I have been trying to tell you for days now.

I have the answer to all our problems!

We've got to make a human centipede of our prisoners.

Sewn ass to mouth sharing one digestive system.

No more prison fights, no more assaults on guards, no more disrespect.

They will literally be on their knees begging for your mercy and it's the ultimate deterrent for those considering a career in crime.

It's brilliant!

We don't gotta to deal with their shit no more.

They just gotta deal with each other's.


That B movie shit?

Impossible! No! It is possible.

That's why I let Daisy make an appointment with Mr. Tom Six creator of these films.

He claims that it's 100% medically accurate!

The man is still in his potty stage.

A poop infatuated toddler.

You call him now and tell him I don't speak with a stupid filmmaker about his poop fetish!

Fine then, we'll get fired!

You... are fired!

Right now!

You know, Bill Boss, I used to look up to you.

I used to idol-worship you.

I worked 10 years for you and I grew this stupid mustache to look like you.

But I know what you are.

You're a sadistic, vile, asshole.

Get out of my face.

You malignant midget!

I just saved your fuckin' life!

I hate... human beings!

Black, chicken slave niggers... mother fisting, baby raping Mexican lowlifes.

Me cago en la madre que te pario.

Circumcised, ugly Jewish goat fuckers.

Pubic hair bearded Islamic halal pigs.

Jesus fuckin' bleached assholes.

Impotent, yellow faced, narrow eyed coons!



How you all... got out of your cells?

Go back to your cells, immediately.

I only follow orders.

I just try to do my job.

Please forgive me and let me go.

I will pardon all of you!


I just let you go... immediately, you can go.



See your fuck...

See your loved ones.

I have a heart problem... and diabetes mellitus!

Under stress I could get a severe attack... that would kill me!

Today is your day... to be fucked like the rest of us.

But I'm not gonna do you... in your stinking ass.

I'm gonna cut me a fresh hole in your soft kidney tissue.

Belly down!

Death rape!

Death rape! Death rape!

Shit, this shit feels good.

Death rape! Death rape!

You like that, daddy?

Don't move, here it comes!

What? Sir, Mr. Tom Six is at the gate.

Send him in.


Didn't I fire you?

I'm gonna give you one last chance and if you don't like what you hear then I'll quit myself!

Mr. Tom Six! It's so great to meet you. My name's Daisy.

I was wondering if you could sign an autograph for me before you go in.

Sure, babe. Thank you.

You're even more handsome in person. Thanks.

Let me show you in.

Gentlemen, Mr. Tom Six.

Mr. Six, it's nice meet you.

Hello, sir. My name is Dwight Butler.

This is my boss, Mr. Bill Boss. Sir.

Please take a seat.

First of all, Mr. Six, I'd like to say congratulations on your movies.

They've become a... a cultural mime.

I mean, there is the "South Park" episode of the Human Centipede.

And then there's the LA porn parody, and the cat toys.

I don't have the time for this... fan shit shat.

Well, I'm sorry I'm late.

Prisoner 297 had a heart attack and I had to resuscitate him again.

But... he's stable now. I...

Mr. Six, this is a big pleasure 'cause I'm a big fan!

Thank you sir.

Well, we are gathered here today.

Glad to investigate the possibility of applying Mr. Six's human centipede idea to our prison.

I mean, is it 100% medically accurate?

This is my desk!

In my headquarters!

At my penitentiary!

Wake up!

We're not in a movie here playing some idiots!

Well, it is 100% medically accurate.

I consulted a real surgeon in Amsterdam and he made a very detailed operation report for me and he said he could actually make a human centipede in his hospital.

I brought the... operation reports and the drawings... so maybe you can have a look at that?

Okay... What do you think, doc?

Well, from what I see here, it looks... medically accurate. You're sure?

You would have to give anti-rejection medication and there is always the risk of infection during the healing process, but... yeah, I'm sure.

But what about the excretia?

Well, the feces wouldn't be contaminated by outside bacteria because it would be going from one digestive tract to another.

So it wouldn't be harmful.

But there wouldn't be much nutritional value.

On the other hand if you gave a series of... injections of fluids with plenty of vitamins and minerals I don't see why someone couldn't survive a lifetime in this position.


This is a historical moment.

This is beyond medieval torture!

Beyond castration!

The ultimate correction nationwide.

We have business on hand, gentlemen.

We start immediately.

No, the surgery can't be done like in Tom Six's movies.

We have to take into account of the fact that at the end of their sentence the prisoners have to be released without being mutilated.

So I've been thinking about this.

What we have is instead of the pulling of the teeth we have a gastro-intestinal bite-ring that holds the mouth open, so they can't stop the feces from coming into their system.

Instead of the cutting of the knee ligaments we simply inject to induce temporary paralysis in that joint.

Then, to attach the head to the buttocks of the person in front we have a system of leather straps which can be adjusted, pulled in tight and then undone for when we release.

At the end of their sentence and taken out of the centipede there's only a slight scar round their mouth and anus.

Well, doctor, what do you think? Is it possible?

Very clever, Mr. Butler.

But this, all of this is beginning to be in serious conflict with my Hippocratic oath.

If I back out of this, I'm gonna get fired, aren't I?

Very clever thinking, Mr. Jones.

You know, my original idea for the Human Centipede films was sewing a child molester's mouth to the anus of a fat truck driver, as a punishment, so I love this.

I just got an even better idea for our life-time-trash and the death-row-scum.

But I'll talk to my loyal doctor first.

Gentlemen, you may use my human centipede idea, but on one condition.

I have witnessed all the fake latex stuff on my movie sets.

Now I insist on attending one of your real mouth to anus operations.


I put you in charge of the whole operation, doctor.

Soon you'll lead... surgical teams all over the States.


We're going to need a much bigger surgical team.

We have to run blood workups on all the prisoners, test their stool samples for parasites.

Whatever you need, doc.

I've another brilliant idea.

We'll show the cockroaches the two Human Centipede films back to back... at their monthly film night and then...

I'll announce them their fate.

The prisoners will tear this place apart.

We have to do this without the fore knowledge of our clientele.

Shut up, pooper.

How dare you... turn your back on me?

Yo, what the fuck is this?

This trash occupies a world where the stars don't shine.

Come on, swallow it, bitch.

No! Swallow.

What the fuck?

Oh, man!

These films risk causing harm.

They should be banned!

Turn that shit off!

Hey, cockroaches did you like these films?

I handpicked them for you as an instructional and mental training.

The world's first human-prison centipede will finally teach you how to become humans.

I don't think this is a very good idea.

Literally on your fucking hands and knees.

Your ugly pussy mouths sewn to an unwiped asshole feeding of the diarrhea from your fellow inmate.

I can't wait... to see... your pure agony!




What's going on? Fuck off!

Don't hurt me, Bill Boss is in there.

I have nothing to do with this, I swear to God!

Special forces immediately!

Get the fucking door!

It's time to fuck!



I'm here.

Where are you?


Over here, I need help.

Got eyes on Bill Boss.

Thank God, I just couldn't find you.

The situation's under control now.

But they... they really hurt Daisy.

Can't you see I'm hurt?

Get the medical team for me!

Hurry up!

It's an emergency!

Now it's... hell on Earth!

Do you hear me?

Scum... of the... universe!

The "Silence of the Lambs."

Sedation rifle!


No worries. It's only a sedation rifle.


Fuck you!




Their submissiveness gives me a huge erection.

Death rape, death rape.

Rape, rape, rape.

Eyes for eyes, teeth for teeth.

Get the fucking scum on their fucking knees.

On your fucking knees, on your fucking, fucking knees.

Get the fucking scum on their fucking knees, on their fucking, fucking fucking, fucking knees.

I'll explain.

This spectacular operation only once.

We start with injections into the lig...

Ligamenta patellae.

Ligamenta patellae.

Paralyzing the ligaments of your kneecaps.

So knee-extension is no longer possible.

Your lips and anuses are cut circular along the border between skin and mucosa, the muc...


Mucous-cutaneous zone.

Then we combine those circular mucosa and skin parts of anus and mouth creating a human centipede connected via your gastric systems.


Put them to sleep.

By the way, what are your plans for the life sentenced and death row prisoners?

Wait and wonder, peepheart.

How's it going, doc?

Right on schedule, five surgical teams working round the clock.

Those teams creating centipede segments of three prisoners each, which are then taken outside to the hospital tents and then they are sewn into the final larger human centipede chain.

Marvelous, doc.

Since I have you here...

what do you want to do with this prisoner? He has Crohn's disease.

What the fuck is Crohn's disease?

It's an inflammatory bowel disorder.

The prisoner has constant diarrhea.

Who'll kiss his ass?

Our awesome... tattoo wasp!

The white, anal sexing prostitute.


One more chance.

Please, don't sew me into a human centipede. I beg you.

Yeah, yeah.

Your whining makes my dick even harder.

Revenge is so sweet.

Take it into your sleep.

We have another problem at hand.

That's fuckin' gross!

I have a stoma and you have a problem.

Thank God.

Gracias a la virgen MarĂ­a, now I finally discovered why they blessed me with a lifetime stoma.

This guy is repulsive.

Maybe it's a fake.

With Mexicans, you never know.

No fake.

No way to integrate him, doc?

His rectum is sewn shut, no.

Finish him off then.

I'm sorry.

But I have cooperated with you and I will... continue to cooperate.

But I will not just kill prisoners!

Jesus Christ.

Chicken shit!

Excuse me.

I have work to do.

My friend, you don't match.

I have to kill you.

Take it fucking personally!

Take my gun.

Wash it, oil it, disinfect it.

If I sniff the tiniest stink you'll suck a bullet out of it.

And what do you want to do with him?

I am sick and tired of your vegetables.

What the fuck!

Please... can we go and see Daisy now?

Just look at her.

She's the only beautiful and sweet thing about this place.

I think she should be treated in a regular hospital.


I want my cock socket close.

Beaten up women... make me so horny.

Please, Bill, don't.

Jesus Christ.

I beg you.

I love her.

Even the corpse of a spastic would turn you down. Fuck off!

I'll make you squirt even in a coma.

Alright, we're all done.

Good job.

I want you to make sure that the world premiere of the first human-prison centipede is guaranteed to take place the moment our communist governor appears at the gate to destroy us!

Well, there is only 16 more prisoners left to undergo the procedure.

After that the human-prison centipede will be finally complete on time and under budget.

They did their magic.

Thank God for Africa!

Thank God for female circumcision!

Private rehearsal!

Let's hear what our zombie governor will have to say.

May I offer you a genuine Dominican Republic cigar?

I only smoke Cuban cigars, best in the world.

No! Just kidding.

After having seen the miracle of the first human-prison centipede I'll never again touch a communistic cigar from Cuba because you... Sir William Boss you are the new American hero.

You are in the Hall of Fame with George Patton Neil Armstrong and Muhammad Ali.

Thanks to you.

Our glorious nation will be the example to the world again.

A proud, safe nation with hardly any crime.

Your idea, Sir William, is of absolute genius.

You will be honored personally by the President of the United States of America.

Actually, it was my accountant Mr. Dwight Butler, it was his brilliant idea.

Oh, yeah.

You did it.

You fucking... fucking did it.

Mr. President. It's me, William Boss, call me Bill.

Sir, Mr. Tom Six is at the gate.


Sir? What?


Oh, man, I am so excited to see the real mouth to ass operation.

Prove all the skeptics wrong. It is 100% medically accurate.

I'm gonna be so rich and famous.

You owe me big time, mister.

I'm already eating my own shit.

I want to be in the prison-human centipede.

Wait, can't we use him in the media conference?


I don't want anyone liking this!

Oh, man, this is so wrong.

Come on.

Wash, please. Wash.


Marker. Marker!


My hands are shaking with excitement!

What about you, Six? Having a hard-on?

Look at this.

Oh, yeah, oh.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Six, I am gonna show you some Human Centipede improvement.

Copyright, Bill Boss.

Follow me!

What a poor pussy? What in the hell is this?

Wait and see, Dwighty.

Wait and wonder Wait and see Mr. Dwighty Mr. Dwighty Wait and wonder Wait and see Mr. Dwighty.




The pede looks perfect.

The last few prisoners have just been attached and although the wounds are still fresh you get the idea!


What? Sir, Governor Hughes is on his way.


We are ready for the cunt!

Dwight! I repeat... you are really the cunt!

Hello, sir.

Why do you two assholes... look so pleased with yourselves?

The both of you are fucking fired.

I should have done it years ago.

All problems are history, sir.

I took your advice.

I've learned from your strong personality.

You are the ultimate leader. You are my role model.

And now the prisoners are like obedient slaves begging for mercy.

I got them down on their knees.


Your last visit inspired me to such an extend a brilliant idea!

I'll show you the result that tells more than a thousand words.

The last ones have just been attached.

So it is show time.



A-T-T-A-C-H-E-D, attached?

Yes. What does that mean?

Wait and see.

You talk so much shit, your ass must get jealous.

Great, governor, I love that.

What the hell is this?

The black panther made it to the lead!

This burger-killer is feeding the whole humanitarian system behind him.

Don't cry. Tomorrow, you'll get your hamburgers.

Why? Because he loves junk food.

No, no, I don't mean that. I mean, what...

What is this?

Dwight... tell the governor my vision!

And this black whiner here has to become a middle piece.


Well, sir, more than 50 billion dollars a year are spend on corrections.

Yet more than 4 in 10 offenders nationwide return to prison within three years of their release.

This, despite a massive increase in state expenditure.

Shit! But, not anymore.

This human-prison centipede will reduce crime dramatically.

It will be a deterrent to anyone considering a career in crime and no more recidivism.

Feed him!

Feed him!

Digestion in progress!

No, it's not halal it's not kosher!

A Jew behind a Muslim a Muslim behind a Jew!

A Republican behind a Mexican a crip behind a blood.

"Peace on earth, good will to men."

Oh, my God.

This is too much.

Bill Boss... isn't that your secretary?

Yeah... yeah. That's... only a short... gender-test!

Come on, sir!


Tell our beloved governor about the money savings!

The savings would be in the billions!

We can make savings on prison staff food and drinks.

On books and television, housing.

Heck, we don't even need fences no more.

We can even save more money if we attach them in a circle like a perpetuum mobile.

Feces going round and round. Food isn't needed anymore.

Only cheap liquid and vitamin injections.

And that money could be spent on schools and the hospitals and nursing homes and road improvements.

Whatever you want.

And the tax payers, they'll love you for it.

His anus is not very clean!

I want perfection in my penitentiary!

Inmates shall feel well and clean, understand?

Wipe it!

I apologize.

In the beginning things are not always perfect.

Please follow me for another interesting insight.

Oh, my God. Yeah.

The human caterpillar!

For the lifetime convicts and our friends on death row.

Now... is that a deterrent?

This man... has just finished his sentence... and already checked out of the centipede chain.

Ready to go home.

All what is left are a few little scars around his mouth and anus.

Another big advantage because other people can see by these little stigmas that he was integrated in a prison centipede.

Another huge deterrent, right?

How are you doing?

Good luck, my friend.

Stay clean!

You see? It really works.

What do you think, sir?

This... this is a violation of human rights.

It's certainly a violation of federal ethics!

Oh, God, I am fucked.

You insane freaks will get the death penalty for this.

Sir, you're dead right.

But in fact, it was Mr... But...

This is heights. This is too much. This is too much.

You got the wrong man!


Please, don't.

What an epic glorious moment?

When do you think we can start the national surgical campaign

'cause I am so fucking ready.

What is the matter?

Gentlemen... this is exactly what America needs.

This may even get me elected president.

You've convinced me. It's genius.

Don't change a goddamn thing.

My pals in DC... they won't believe their near-sighted eyeballs.

Yep, my idea!

You are... absolutely right, Dwight.

You're indeed a genius.

You came up with the idea.

You deserve every credit.

Give me a hug, Dwighty!