The Hunted (1948) Script

"Bus now arriving from San Francisco, Fresno and Bakersfield."

Well, what brings you here, Lieutenant?

Maybe my fine memories.

I didn't think you had any.

One of your parolees was in while you were out for supper, Miss Turner.

Oh? Who?

Jane Wanamaker.

Is something wrong?

I thought it was okay to check. You should have had her wait.

I thought it was alright to .. Her parole has been cancelled.

Jane Wanamaker's? What did she do?

She killed her husband two hours ago. There is a pickup order on her now.

She sure had a lot of ..

She's undoubtedly in the process of trying to establish a pat alibi.

I'll go and see if there is a report on her.

I could have sworn Jane was a good little girl.

She is an ex-con. What makes you think there's still anything good about her?

Well, that isn't the philosophy we have in this office, Lieutenant.

There is a whole row of cabinets full of the names of your female stir-bugs.

Just find me one good little girl among them.

There are plenty of good little girls among them.

Is this going to be another lecture?

The crime detail has made you bitter, Lieutenant.

You get them before the cure. We get them after.

There is no cure for them.

Most of them once they get out land right back in the clink, don't they?

We haven't found it so.

There's a lawyer here to see you, Miss Turner.

Simon Rand. He is outside.

Send him in. Okay, Lieutenant.

Let me talk to him.

We're here about the same case.

Laura Mead?

Yeah. A good little girl.

How do you do, Miss Turner. How do you do.

I am Simon Rand. I seem to remember you. Haven't we met?


Sit down. Thank you.

I am the detective who arrested her and you are the attorney who defended her.

But how did you know that I .. You came here about Laura Mead?

Yes, I didn't say ..

Maybe it was deduction.

She's the only woman client you ever had who was convicted.

A blemish on an otherwise perfect record.

I assure you I did all could for her.

She didn't seem to think so, did she.

To tell the truth, she didn't.

She said you sold her down the river.

That wasn't the truth.

You seem to like the word 'truth' Mr Rand.

Most criminal lawyers don't.

I resent that.

Professional antagonism.

We catch them and you get them off.

You didn't get her off.

The evidence was overwhelming.

She didn't seem to think so, did she?

She said you double-crossed her.

When she got out she was going to kill you.

If it's the last thing she ever did.

That is why you came here, isn't it.

Go on. Ask Miss Turner if she has reported yet.

Has she?

No. She hasn't yet.

But isn't it customary for parolees the moment they arrive from Tehachapi to ..

Report here? Sort-of a checking-in process?

Tomorrow will be soon enough.

Well, in that case .. Wait a minute.

Go on. Tell her what you came here to say.

Laura Mead threatened your life.

So the parole period can't be too strict or too carefully supervised to suit you.

She is dangerous and you are scared.

Yes. I did come here to say that.

I heard that she would be very carefully watched.

Why don't you hire a private detective?

Perhaps if your life had been threatened ..

Oh, but just a moment.

It was. Of course.

Yeah .. and if anything should kill me first.

I am the guy that was in love with her and locked her up.

It doesn't make sense, does it.

If you are a policeman it does.

Miss Turner has a philosophy as pure as anything.

Even the fear of sudden death.

Ask her about it.

You worked late.

Got a cigarette?

I see you have lost none of your nerve.

It didn't take any nerve.

The fire-escape?

Your window was open. In all this rain.

Very careless of you.

I just wanted to see if the place still looks the same.


Things don't change much with you, do they.

I'm beginning to find that out.

What are you looking for?

My gun?

Sorry to disappoint you.

Going now? No.

What do you mean? I'm not going. That's all.

There is no place for me to go. Why didn't you find a place earlier?

I tried. It is not easy.

I thought you might have an idea.

That is very cute.

I've been here since 9 o'clock. If you had come sooner I could have left.

Now I can't. You are going to.

Break my parole?

I'm not allowed on the streets after midnight.

That is your lookout. Sure.

And you would be the first one to report it.

That is the way you are. I learnt that four years ago.

Sometimes I wonder if the police force loves you as much as you love it.

True, isn't it?

Tell me something.

What happens to a guy's heart when he becomes a cop?

You were proven guilty and that's all there is to it.

Do we have to go into it again?

No. We don't have to.

And I don't remember that we ever really did.

Did you think we had?

I thought about a lot of things.

Oh, I see.

It's been on your mind.

Well, I'll tell you something. It has been on mine too.

Isn't that a coincidence?

Come on. You're getting out of here, parole or no parole.

If anybody questions you tell them I gave you permission.

That would be great.

If you had the authority.

Which you haven't.


There is no place for me to go.


What is the matter? Are you afraid of me?

I promised to kill you.

People say things when they are hysterical.

Hmm. Yeah, don't they.


Make yourself at home.

I'll let you have the bed.

I won't be needing it. I intend to sit up all night.

And watch the rain.

Don't they have rain at Tehachapi?

Yes. But it looks different through windows without bars.

Go on. I'll do the sitting up.

Then you are afraid I'll kill you.

What kind of a cop would that make me?

I don't know.

It would be interesting to find out.

If you were really brave.

You would take the bed. And go to sleep.

Have you thought anything about a job? What kind of work you would like to do?

Not particularly.

Well, I have.

How sweet.

You had several careers open to you before you got into that robbery setup.

I got into it innocently.

I had nothing to do with it.

You had a good business education. I never liked business.

You are an excellent dancer.

That was fun.

And you were on your way to being one of the top ice skaters.

I liked that best.

That is what I thought.

People who saw you said you could be a star.

A big star.

I'm surprised you still remember.

I couldn't very well forget, Laura. The way we talked about it.

You started to tell me about a job.

Yes. At the big ice-rink here.

You'll teach in the afternoon and do specialities at night.

Oh .. you have enquired?

Sure. I'd do the same thing for any ex-con.

Not you.

Any other cop but not you.

Why single me out?

Maybe because of the ice water that runs in your veins.

Other people have blood.

The job pays $85 a week.

I'll take you over in the morning.


I imagine after four years I am a little rusty.

It will take a while to get it again.


My school ring.

It came off the day I arrested you.

You tried to get away and .. Why did you keep it?

Maybe because of the ice water in my veins.

Oh no.

No. It's because you couldn't stop thinking about me.


Don't tell me it is because you loved me once.

I wouldn't think of it. No. Of course you wouldn't.

I'll tell you why you couldn't get me out of your system.

It's because you kept thinking you had sent your girl to jail.

When maybe she was innocent.

It tormented you and I hope it always will.

Why don't you tell the truth?

Your idea of the truth? To ease your mind?

Oh no.

I like it better this way.

To see you suffer the way I suffered.

When you hate you give it the full treatment, don't you.

I spent four years hating you.

Go to bed.


I don't think you will be doing much sleeping.

You'll be sitting up worrying.

Afraid that if you do go to sleep.

I might keep my threat.

And you won't wake up.

[ Thunderclap ]

Let me go.

I was getting a cigarette.


Did I frighten you?


Once, when I was in prison.

I dreamed I woke up.

And you were in the cell with me.

So close I could almost touch you.

I tried to scream and I couldn't.

And I wanted to run away.

You mentioned before the way we used to talk about things.

It seems like a million years ago.

At least that long.

Remember your first show at the State Fair?

You were just a kid then.

You meant the part about us.

That's about us. I was there.

Do you mean the part about the arrest?


Just the way we used to talk about things.

In those days I had illusions.

In those days you had a heart.

And I lost them both when a dame tried to take me for a sucker.

Did I ever tell you about her?

She was going to be a star ice skater.

So she said.

Her only interest in ice was in hot diamonds.

But she could use me for a front.

She thought I was so soft or so dumb or whatever it was I wouldn't arrest her.

She thought her tears would wash out a cop's sense of duty.

And make him cover up for her.

You've always believe that, haven't you. Certainly, I've always believed it.

Your pride was hurt.

You were given a lot of bad information by a stool-pigeon.

And when he said I had the Winston diamonds, that was all it took.

His word against mine.

Don't you remember? I found them in your apartment.

And you would never believe they had been planted there?

You thought I would.

But the other detective that was with you.

You couldn't afford to look a fool in front of him, could you.

Not even for the sake of your girl.

I don't want to talk about it. I do.

I told you at the time that the package you found the diamonds in ..

Was a package my brother gave me to look after.

I told you that I didn't know what was in it.

But that story was too pat to sound like the truth, wasn't it.

It's funny how untruthful the truth can sound sometimes.

I didn't want to arrest you.

But you did.

Yes. I did.

But how do you think it made me feel? Do you think it was easy for me?


It was easier for me.

I was innocent.

At least that is what you always said.

Hollis Smith and your brother were both implicated.

And a week later your brother's body was found floating in the harbor.

Otherwise he might have said he was innocent.

He had been murdered. Doesn't that prove anything?


Do you mean to infer that I plotted with Hollis Smith to kill my own brother?

Certainly not.

Smith pulled a double-cross. He killed your brother.

Then he took off with the $40,000 he got for hocking part of the stuff.

Six months later they picked him up on a robbery charge in another state.

We couldn't connect him with this job ..

Because you said you didn't know anything about it him.

I don't know anything about him.

You were pretty smart.

Smith is still in the jug.

The rest of the stuff is stashed away.

If you had talked he had no chance of getting at any of the dough.

This way, when he gets out of prison .. Is that your idea?


And the idea of every other cop.

You haven't got long to wait. Smith will be out soon.

I tell you I don't even know the man.

You were pretty lucky at the trial. Lucky?

Certainly. You got a recommendation for clemency.

Simon Rand wasn't even trying. He's one of the best in the business.

You wouldn't have had him if the Woman's Club hadn't paid him to defend you.


This is the last time I am going to tell you this.

My brother may have been implicated or Hollis Smith or anybody else.

But I wasn't.



You make good coffee.

Not bad.

I'm not used to having it served in bed.

You mean the service is better here than in the last place you stopped?


It seems strange to wake up and know that it is all over.

That I am free again.

I guess I have a lot of catching up to do.

About an awful lot of things.


You know something, Johnny.


It's been four years since I've been kissed.

I know.



Aren't you interested?


I don't believe that.

Let's go.

Where are we going?

To find a place for you to stay.

Then I was right.

I knew that as soon as it was daylight.

You would be a cop again.

How do you do.

I've been expecting you, Mr Saxon.

Is this my new tenant?

I am always glad to save a room when the police request it.

Perhaps someday the police will save me a room.

Why didn't we have any rain though?

I hope it's over. Do you think it is?

The room is this way. Come along and I will show you.

I hope she is a nice girl.

I run a respectable place.

She looks nice though.

She sure does.

There isn't much of a view.

But in this neighborhood what is there to see?

And there is no kitchen.

But if you wish ..

You could buy yourself an electric plate and cook coffee in the morning.

Provided you can buy an electric plate.

The rent is fifteen dollars a week.

This won't do.

Do you have anything else?


There is the one above this upstairs but it is exactly the same.

She will take the one upstairs.


"Mr Saxon and Miss Mead are here, Mr Harrison."

Send them right in.

Hello Paul.

Hello Johnny. How are you? Good.

And you are Miss Mead.

Won't you sit down? Thank you.

I saw you perform once.

You were good. Very talented.

But I think I'd have known you anyway ..

Because Johnny has talked about you for some time.

He said some very nice things. He did?

I am afraid I am not the same girl you saw before, Mr Harrison.

That was a few years ago. Oh. Something wrong?

Didn't Johnny tell you?



Well. It's nothing much.

Just that I haven't skated for a long time.

It will take a while to get in condition.

Well, the rink is yours and I'll see you get your skates and costumes today.

That is very kind of you.

Our customers prefer not only seeing beautiful skating.

But also beautiful femininity.

And I see that you fit the requirements perfectly.

Then I have the job? Certainly.

Did Johnny explain?

In the afternoons you will instruct.

At night, between periods of the hockey game you'll do your speciality number.

Yes. He did. Well, that's fine.

I have the contracts here and if you can look them over and sign them today ..

I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Good luck, Miss Mead.

Hi, Joe.

Hello, Johnny.

Let me have a stiff one.

A double bourbon.

In the daytime, Johnny? Yeah. In the daytime.

What seems to be troubling you?

Let's have the bourbon.

Does it have to be that number?

What's the matter with that number? Just because it's a few years old.

It's swell.

You are telling me.

I even sent a record of it to a friend in prison.

That doesn't mean I want to listen to it now.

Oh, I get it.

It's a woman.

Does it have to be a woman?

Why else do guys drink?

I don't know. Why else?

Particularly a guy like you.

What is so different about me?

In the old days nothing.

You used to be like everyone else.

But in the last four years ..

Brother, that girl has changed you.

What do you mean, I've changed?

Did I hang one on one night and talk too much?

Yeah, Johnny. You really bled.

I never bled in my life.

Maybe it is time you started.

Yeah. You told me about her.

And I remember meeting her once. A long time ago.

What is the new wrinkle that is driving you to this?

She is out now. Oh.

Is that so terrible?

No. It is not exactly that.

It's being in love with her that's tough, huh Johnny?

I didn't say I was.

You don't have to.

I remember. Small and blond.

Kinda scared-looking.

She thought you were the salt of the earth.

She used to hang on your arm and on every word you said.

You got a good memory, Joe.

Afterwards you said she took you for a sucker.

But you don't really believe that.

Why don't you give her a chance?

Why don't you peddle your philosophy to the beer customers.

It's more on their level.

Maybe she was innocent.

How about that?

She wasn't. Don't you think I know?

Maybe she was.

I thought you and I were friends.

We are, Johnny. Good friends.

Maybe she was innocent.

My name is Saxon. Is Mr Rand in?

Just a moment please.


There is a Mr Saxon to see you.

"Have him come in."

You may go in. Thank you.

Hello, Rand. Hello.

Well, I see you are still alive.

What kind of a crack is that?

Remember the other evening we were talking about Miss Mead?

You said that if anything she would get you first.

It is a comfort to me to see you walking around alive and well.

I shan't begin to worry until after you get it.

What are you, a comedian? I didn't mean to be facetious.

I'm glad you came in.

Do you have a report on her?

I don't make reports to you, Rand.

Well, I thought seeing as I was involved in this almost as much as you that ..

You can check on her. It is not in my department.

Your department is ..

Homicide. Yes.

I seem to remember reading ..

That you got promoted directly after you arrested her for the diamond robbery.

A sort-of a reward, wasn't it?

Oh, did I say something wrong?

You said a lot of wrong things.

But we will let that go.

I'm thinking about the circumstances at the time of the case.

I already knew quite a lot about her.

And you found out more about her when you found her with the diamonds?

I knew her habits, her ambitions.

Even her plans for the future.

I knew people who had known her all her life.

And thinking back.

You can't remember that she seemed to have any criminal tendencies?

That's right.

And the fact that she still insists that she was innocent bothers you.

In spite of all the evidence there was against her.

You might say that.

And I might also say that you are more in love with her now than you were then.

After the trial I spent months checking and rechecking.

Trying to find a new angle.

But it always added up the same way.

That she was guilty.


I am going to relieve your mind.

In my entire career I have never betrayed the confidence of a client.

But she has served her time. There is nothing more the law can do to her.

And I think you ought to know this for your own protection.

To keep you from making a fool of yourself.

Before the trial, I insisted that she tell me everything.

I promised to defend her, guilty or innocent.

But I told her it was imperative that I know all the facts.

Yes. She was guilty.

She confessed fully to me.

Then how do you account for the fact .. She is a liar.

Lovely. But still a liar.

And a very dangerous liar.

There is a quirk in her.

When you least expect it.

Something happens.

I'm not a coward, Lieutenant.

But I know character.

I had a good reason for going to the parole office that night in the rain ..

And requesting that she be closely watched.

As I say ..

I know character.

Now, you stay away from her.

Let someone else watch her.

But you yourself stay away. And suppose I don't?

Then I can only hope she keeps her promise and gets you first.

Hello, Chief.

I'd like to recheck that Ed Landau case with you.

Who? Landau.

You know. The murderer. The guy who killed that dame and left her body ..

What's the matter? You in a fun.

What gives you that idea?

Since you're the guy who arrested Landau I expected you to know who he was.

I do. What about him. Well. I've got great news.

I think we are going to get a confession.

So what?

So get me the file will you.

You were hot enough about this case when you made the pinch.

What's the matter with you the last two weeks, Saxon?

Nothing. Why?

You've been acting kind-of funny ever since that Laura Mead came back to L.A.

You are not really afraid of that woman, are you?


Well, there is something. I don't know what it is.

You've had an odd look about you lately.

The only guys I've ever seen with that look were being hunted.

I'm a cop, Chief. I do the hunting.

Here you are and I hope he sings.


You are doing very well, Mildred.

See me next week at the same time.

Yes, madam. Out this way.

Sally Winters.

Hello Sally. Hello, Miss Turner.

Been staying out of cocktail bars?

Yes, ma'am. I'm always home before ten o'clock.

The inspector tells me you have started back to school.

Is there an inspector watching me?


He just dropped round one day when you weren't expecting it.

I am glad you are in school.

So am I, Miss Turner.

It's fine. It really is. I never should have ..

All you reports have been good since you left the detention home.

I am taking you off parole today.

Thank you, Miss Turner.

You've helped me a lot.

Laura Mead.

Hello, Laura.

Hello, Miss Turner.

You have done splendidly your first four weeks.

I understand they are going to star you in their ice show.


Thank you.

The newspapers have been playing you up.

I can warn you that in your new position many men will fall in love with you.

Is that in violation of my parole?

Of course not, dear.

I merely want to point out you will have great opportunities to meet fine men.

Make the most of those opportunities.

Does he work in this office now?


Checking on parolees.

In a friendly way of course.

Of course.

Is that all?

That's all. Thank you.

Report to me next week.

"Four years."

"A long time."

[ Laura: ] "You never got me out of your system."

"Other things happen."

"You saved my ring."


Hiya, Paul. Hello, Johnny.

Nice to see you. Glad you came. Thanks.

Quite a mob you got out there. Because of your Miss Mead.

My Miss Mead? What do you mean?

You brought her here, didn't you?

Oh. Her speciality number is just starting.

Why don't you go out and catch her? She's good.

Plenty good. Okay. See you later.

Come in.

The new music was wonderful, Mr Harris.

I have a record of that song.

A friend of mine sent it to me while I was away.

Some of the memories it brings back I hate.

But when I am skating to it I seem to forget those things.

I think I skate better to that music than to any other.

Thanks for getting the boys to orchestrate it for me.

Oh. It's you.

You said 'come in'.


I just wanted to tell you I thought you were great.

I guess I am a little late.


Four years late.

If you remember, that is my favorite song too.

In case you are interested I sent you the record.


Is something troubling you, Johnny?

It looks like she is making things rough for you.

What do you mean, rough?


You act like guys do when they think their girl may be seeing someone else.



Where is he? Who?

Don't be coy.

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about the man that came home with you.

Oh you stupid .. Well?

He lives in one of the apartments downstairs.

That must be convenient.

Yes. It is.

You know, girls don't like to walk down a dark street alone if they can help it.

He gets off work the same time I do.

So I asked him to walk home with me.

Would you like to talk to him?

And his wife?

Would you?


Don't tell me you are going to take my word for it.

That's something new for you isn't it.

I'm sorry I busted in here like this.


Wait a minute.

I'd like to talk to you.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and the rink is closed.

Do you suppose that your Miss Turner would object if I went to the beach?

You can go anywhere you like as long as you don't leave the state.

Providing you have a chaperone.

What do you mean 'chaperone'?

Whom would you suggest?

You and I used to go to the beach a lot.

Or have you forgotten?

I haven't forgotten the time you were sick for two days ..

From stuffing yourself with hotdogs.

I haven't forgotten the time you were throwing baseballs ..

And hit the spieler in the eye instead of the clown.

It cost me five bucks to square it.

That was fun.

Maybe we could go again sometime.


You want to try? You try it.

How much?

I'll tell you what I'll do for you, sir. Three darts for a dime.

Go ahead and throw them. Right.

Which one? The blue one.

Hey, here is the man who won a prize.

Thank you very much. Come in again.

Did you have a good time? I've had a wonderful time.

Profitable too. We must have all of 30-cents worth of prizes.

Sit down?


He's an awful looking thing. He is not. He's cute.

This is the only prize we got that is worth anything.

The best thing to do with them is dig a hole and bury them.

It won't work, Johnny.

But why?

I still haven't been kissed in four years.

And I am not going to be kissed here or now.

Can't you forget for just one day?

What good would it do?

I know. We can talk about things the way we used to.

I've never said those same things to anyone else, Laura.

Our things.

You mean about going to Paris some day?


We'd have a little place on the left bank.

And all the time in the world.

In the evenings we could sit in caf├ęs by the river and watch the barges go by.

I could make money by writing up cases for detective magazines.

And I could skate.

That's what we used to say.

We'd only need enough to get along on.

No clocks anywhere around.


Just plenty of time.

The boats are running again.

Things aren't so good over there but it won't matter as long as we're together.

We would just have a snack now and then to eat.


I knew there was something. That empty feeling in my stomach.

I'm hungry too. In fact I am starving.

Will you do something for me? What?

I want you to meet someone.


Don't worry about it.

It's just the last thing I have to get out of my system.

But I thought we were going to eat.

We are.

Come on.

The best flour, the best shortening. The best you've ever eaten.

Crisp golden flapjacks that melt in your mouth.

Well, if it ain't the Lieutenant.

Don't you know him? No.

He just got out of prison.

I've never seen him before in my life.

Hello, Laura. How you been?

I tell you I don't know him. Who is he?

Speak a little louder. I can't hear what you say, honey.

What is this, a joke? It is no joke.

That's the guy that was in that diamond deal with your brother four years ago.

Hollis Smith.

I never met Hollis Smith.

That is all I wanted to know.

Step right up folks and see them made.

The best flour, the best shortening. The best you've ever eaten.

I am sorry, Laura.

But I had to do that.

All I ask is a chance for us to start fresh and clean.

What happened in the past doesn't matter but I had to know the truth.

I don't care about anything else.

I don't care about anything else either.

I just don't know the man. That's all.

Why do I always have to hurt you?

I love you, Laura.

I really believe you were innocent.

I was.

Let's get that food we talked about, shall we?


What connection does Smith have with Simon Rand?

I am not sure.

Would you like a drink?

Not for me, thanks. No thanks.

Tell me something.

If Simon Rand told you I said that ..

How can you trust him?

I don't know.

I guess it's about time I began trusting somebody again.

That was an awful thing you did at the beach.

A big bright idea of mine. Only it backfired.

You got caught in your own trap.

I like it here in this one. I like being close to you.

May I take your order now?

What would you like? I think I'll have the special.

Alright. For two.


What are you looking at me like that for?

I'm just trying to analyse what it feels like to be happy.

It's been a long time with me.

You were happy before, darling.

Yes. Once upon a time.

Well, how does it feel?


We'll have wonderful times together, won't we.


If I thought you'd ever try to make a sucker out of me again ..

I believe I would ..

Arrest me?

Don't talk that way.

Don't you?

I loved you before but not like this.

Not this much.

If I thought you were fooling me, I'd .. Don't ..

Why should I want to hurt you?

You're not still thinking of that silly threat I made four years ago, are you?

Stop thinking about it, Johnny.

Don't be frightened of me.

Please don't be frightened of me.

"Why should I want to hurt you?"

"You're not still thinking of that silly threat four years ago, are you?"

"She confessed fully to me. Her lawyer."

"She was guilty."

"Don't be frightened of me."

"Please don't be frightened of me."

"She is a liar."

"Lovely, but still a liar."

[ Door knocks ]

Alright, alright. I'm coming.


Hello there.

What's the idea? What time is it?

A quarter to five.

What's on your mind? The chief sent me.

He thought you might like to hear the news.

What news?

Simon Rand has been murdered.

Good morning, Lieutenant. Good morning.

Odd, isn't it.

He had a visitor around 4am.

Came up the stairs.

Nobody saw who it was.

The elevator boy was asleep.

Aren't they always asleep when something like this happens?

Whoever it was, he let them in.

And got his reward.

The wonder is someone didn't try to get him a long while ago.

What do you mean? He was a good lawyer.

A criminal lawyer, yeah.

One of those who got more hot potatoes out of the can than there are in it.

Are there any leads?

We think it was a dame.

We picked up some face powder.

Of course, that doesn't mean anything.

Except that Rand very seldom had any women around.

Besides, the bullet was fired from a small calibre gun.

Like a woman would carry.

Yeah. And we found this.

Of course, it could have been jerked off her hand when she pulled out the gun.

Dames do things fast sometimes and don't notice.

It's a high-school ring.


You are up early.

Yes. I am.

Sleep well?

As a matter of fact I didn't.

When you let me off I came up here and ..

The whole room was upset.

Nothing seems to be missing but ..

It is such an awful feeling. Wasn't your school ring missing?

I don't know. I didn't look.

Or your lipstick container?

What are you driving at? What is the matter?

I let you out at 3 o'clock this morning.

You came in here and waited until I had gone.

Then you went straight to Simon Rand's apartment.

No, I didn't.

And then shot him.

Then you came back here.

You probably walked to avoid the risk of being identified by a cab driver.

You haven't been here long but I see you have changed clothes for travelling.

You should have rumpled up the bed.

And done a few of the other little things that murderers do.

John, you must be crazy.

I haven't left the room.

Except to eat breakfast. What time was that?

Just a little while ago at the dining car.

The dining car isn't open yet.

Then it must have been across the street.

I don't know. I was so worried.

I wish you had given it to me the way you did to him.

A bullet through the head.

It would be a lot easier.

I didn't kill him. I didn't.

You lie very badly, Laura.

I've been lied to by experts.

I tell you I didn't kill him. You must believe me.

There is no proof. Nothing.


Just the murder gun.

I am sorry I found this because now you lose.

You haven't got a chance.

There will be no clemency this time. Ex-cons don't get any breaks.

Johnny, you are wrong.

I spent five years waiting for you.

You and that trip to France.

Now, it's all out the window.

Won't you please believe me?

How do you expect me to believe you?

You said you were going to make me suffer.

Last night you laughed at me.

The sleigh ride is over.

You would sell your heart out, wouldn't you.

I am a cop, Laura. This is an arrest.

No, you can't .. I am ..

Get your things.

Good morning, dear. Leaving so early?

Good morning. Yes.

I will just leave this linen for you as long as you are going out.

I will take it up. Don't be silly.

I'll take it up myself and count it out. I always do, don't I?

Yes, but .. I'm halfway up anyhow.


[ Scream! ]

Well, I am not sure. This is irregular.

Most irregular.

I know, Mr Harrison. But I need the money desperately.

Yes. But why?

It is an emergency.

The terms dealing with your employment here are a little unusual.

In as much as ..

Well, it was through Mr Saxon that you came here.

And I pretended not to know of your past so that you wouldn't be embarrassed.

All I am asking is for two weeks' advance.

Surely that isn't too much.

You are the star here. You are certainly entitled to it.

Then you will let me have it?


Let Miss Mead have two weeks' salary advanced from the petty cash.

She will pick it up on the way out.

Thank you very much. Wait. I must tell the police.

It's a mere formality but necessary in these cases.

No. Please.

What is it?


If you must know it is something of personal interest in Mr Saxon.

If he knew about it he would never let me draw the money.

Oh. A surprise for Johnny, eh?

Well in that case it is alright.

I'd certainly like to see his face when he gets this surprise.

Miss Graham will give you the money. Thank you very much.

That ought to take care of it, Lieutenant.

Thanks, Doc.

I got the patrol car you wanted. Good.

How long ago did you say she left?

About half an hour.

Did you get out a Teletype on her? Yeah. We got everything covered.

Where shall I tell the chief you are going?

To pick up a blond for murder.

She has got a half-hour start on me.

Where did she go? I don't know.

She came here and got two weeks' salary. I don't know where she went.


Wait a minute.

Blond hair you say? Right.

Wearing a blue coat? Yeah.

Pretty? That's her.

Yeah. I saw her. For a moment I forgot.

Although I don't know how you can forget her.

Never mind that. How long ago was it?

Oh, about an hour ago. Maybe an hour and a half.

She caught the eastbound bus.

She asked me if you have to buy your tickets here on the station.

Pardon me.



How you doing with the net?

"Not tight."

"The only thing that got through was an east-west bus."

"It passed the city limits just minutes before the order went into effect."

What's the first stop?

"The first big stop is Bordertown near the Arizona line."


You sure you won't have some?

No thank you.

Did the eastbound bus go by here? About ten minutes ago, I'd say.

You'll catch up with it in Bordertown. You looking for somebody?

Having a stop.

Did you lose something?

A girl.

Was she blond, blue-eyed, with a pretty smile?

Was she on this bus?

Awfully pretty. Where is she now?

She got off at a stop a mile out of town.

I wouldn't stop ordinarily but she .. But she was awful pretty.



Let me know if you hear anything.

The last one. No sign.

Do you mind telling me how anybody can disappear in a town this size?

Maybe she didn't. Maybe she kept going.

The Arizona border isn't very far from here.


Okay, Miller.


That's her alright.

Get her? No.

Like I said, she kept going.

That was a motorcycle officer calling from a gas station at the east of town.

The guy that runs the station said the girl fitting Laura Mead's description ..

Picked up a ride on a truck.

Any information on the truck? None.

Get me the State Highway Patrol.

Which state? The border.

Calm down, lady. We ain't going to get fresh with you.

Joe speaks for himself.

I speak for both of us.

I was only kidding.

You know we could lose our jobs and be thrown in jail for picking up dames?

Plus carting them over the state line.

I guess it's the speed that is bothering you.

This rig is a fruit express.

Yep. The fastest thing on the highway.

We're looking for a girl.

I'd like to find one myself.

We ain't carrying nobody.


Alright. Go ahead.

Okay, sister.

This is as far as you go, sister. We ain't taking any more chances.

You'll be able to pick up a ride here okay.

No luck, eh? No.

She's across the state line now. That's a cinch.

The boys are still stopping and checking cars but ..

I'm sure she got away.

But I'll find her. If it's the last thing I ever do.

It sounds like you got more than one reason for catching up with her.

She is only a suspect. Only a suspect to you.

She's a little more than that to me.

I just want to say thanks for all your help chief before I shove off.

Good lad. See you.

Check, please Miss.

You know, you've been here a week now and I notice you never talk to anyone.

Not even a greeting.

Around these parts we are curious about people that ain't courteous.

I am sorry. I didn't mean to be rude.

No. Not rude.

You act like you were afraid of something. Or somebody.

You are not dodging the police, are you? No.

No. Whatever made you think a thing like that?

Just kidding.

You know, you remind me of a Teletype.

Like one we got the other day from L.A.

It seems they are looking for a girl.

About five feet five.

Blond hair.

A trim figure.

About 118 pounds.

Of course, it might be only a coincidence.

Goodbye. Be seeing you.

Mr Silas. Yes? What is it?

May I please have my money? I am leaving.

What is the trouble?

You have only been here a short time.

I can't let you go until after dinner.

Isn't there enough happening around here for you?

There is enough. Too much.

Alright then. I'll leave after dinner.

Yeah? "Chief."

"We just got a report from the Arizona Highway Patrol station at Weston City."

"A girl fitting Laura Mead's description works in a hotel 3 miles east of there."

"They want to know if they should make the arrest."

No. Tell them to keep an eye on her.

If she makes a move to duck out, nab her.

Get a hold of Saxon. He is in Phoenix.

Have him a hop a plane to Weston city.

Let him catch his own pigeon.

And put a call through to Captain Meredith in Los Angeles.

"Yes, sir. Right away."

Sergeant Hoskins speaking.

Sure. He is right here.

Chief. A long-distance call for you from Bordertown.

Meredith speaking.

Oh. Did you notify Saxon? He is in Phoenix?


Right. Well, keep me posted.

I'll stand by until we hear from him.

They caught up with Saxon's lady friend.

I wonder if she will get away from him again.

She's no dummy. He'd better watch his step.

Come on, Chief. We got ourselves a runway full of beauties.

Well, I hope some of these babies are interesting.

Alright now, Chief? Yeah.

Okay, Jim. Bring them in.

John Jones, alias Tom Johnson, alias Joe James.

John Tomlin, alias Richard Lambert.

George Martin alias Little Joe.

Wallace Smith. No alias.

Herman Brown, alias Dutch Brown.

Alright. Stand up straight. Put your feet together and take your hats off.

Oh, Mr Hollis Smith, eh?

It will be his last appearance here, Chief.

Been a bad boy, Hollis?

What's the matter? Don't you read the newspapers?

He killed a guy about an hour or so ago.

In front of sixteen witnesses.

That was very careless of you, Hollis.

Down at the beach. We arrested him here.

And very spectacular too.

Yeah. Shot him through a plate glass window.

He had it coming. A stool-pigeon?

He was trying to blackmail him.

Why did he want to blackmail you, Hollis?

I think we had better have a little visit with Mr Smith.

Put a call through to Saxon.

You are going to die for this anyway.

We'll see that you get a cell with a view.

And a cigar to smoke with your last meal.

Why don't you guys quit trying to be funny.

That stoolie you killed knew about the Winston robbery.

I wasn't picked up on that charge. Well, consider yourself picked up.

The boys have just been to your room, Hollis.

The rest of the Winston jewels.

Guess where they found them?

You're lying. All that was there was .. Yeah. The rest of the Winston jewels.

Turn off the light.


Like you say.

You only die once.

And you're dead a long time.

I'll give it to you straight, boys.

I did the dirtiest frame in history.

When you and Mike Mead pulled the Winston job?

That's right.

And it got hot.

I went to Rand.

Mister Brains.

And said if he didn't do something the law was going to put the finger on me.

So he got that stool-pigeon I bumped off today.

To shove it on the girl.

He even got some of the diamonds and planted them at her place.

Her brother wouldn't go for it.

So he was murdered.

For friendship, Rand defended her at the trial.

That didn't help her.

There is one thing I forgot to tell you.

He kept most of the stuff. I tried to get it.

He said it was still hot.

Then, I was put away on a robbery rap.

When I got out, I asked again.

He wouldn't give.

So I shot him.

And took them. What there was left.

The only one that suspected me .. Was the stool-pigeon.

You're a smart cop.

What about Laura Mead's ring and lipstick?

I figured to pull the same thing Rand pulled on the robbery.

I got into her room.

And found the stuff.

After the murder.

I saw her leave the apartment about six in the morning.

So I went back to her room.

And left the gun.

Just to complete it.

Fellah, you are a nice boy.


You know.

I bet you got a great laugh out of this.

Oh, it ..

Gave me quite a kick.

Why you ..

Take him away, boys.

I'd like to see the look on Saxon's face when you tell him to free the girl.

He'll sure have a big surprise.

I'm afraid he ain't going to know about it.

He checked out of that Arizona hotel half an hour ago.

They didn't know which way he was heading.

Stand still, Johnny.

Put that gun down. You are going back with me, Laura.

Over there.

You put me in prison for something I didn't do.

Now you are trying to arrest me for the murder of Simon Rand.

If I hadn't seen how warped your so-called justice could be ..

I would have pleaded innocent again.

You are coming with me. No.

I knew it was useless to keep running.

You'd find me no matter where I went. That's right.

You have hounded, tormented and hunted me.

And made me fall in love with you again.

Now I am leaving.

I've never committed a crime before in my life.

But if you try to follow me ..

I'll kill you.

Don't take another step, Johnny.

[ Gunshot! ]

What's the matter? What happened?

Sounded like a shot. Were you hurt bad?

Get me an ambulance. Right.

That is all I know.

The Mead girl came running out of the alley.

There was some guy with her.

When I yelled for him to stop he turned and let me have it.

He got me in the shoulder.

Well, your troubles are over regarding the Mead girl.

What do you mean?

Well, they wouldn't let us reporters in yesterday.

0therwise we'd have shown you this.

Poor kid.


Let it go.

She hasn't been around here at all?

No, siree. I haven't seen her since that night.

Do you think sixty days will be enough, Johnny?

You can take thirty more if you like. No, that's alright.

I just want to get out of town for a while and try and forget a few things.

Sure. I know.

Let me know when you get back. Right.


You .. you say Laura Mead hasn't showed up anyplace?

No. Why should she?

She got a pretty rough deal from the law you know, Johnny.

Not from the law. From me.

Well, don't worry about it. You have seen the last of her.

By the way, Johnny.

You haven't heard any more about that ..

Unknown person that took a shot at you, have you?

Goodnight, Dan.



I read in the papers that you weren't badly hurt.

I've been waiting for you.

I can't understand why.

You can't?

Then we can still take that trip?

Europe. Paris?

The whole works?

I just got a 60-day leave of absence.

That won't be near long enough.

I'm going back to quit the force.

Because we'll need a lot time to make up for lots of things.

You can't quit, Johnny.

You'll always be a cop.

Anyway, I am getting kinda used to it.