The Hunted (1995) Script

It's like selling ice to the Eskimos.

I can't believe we pulled it off. They need those coprocessors.

If they knew how to make 'em they wouldn't have to buy 'em.

Next year, they will. By next year, I might have something better.


An idea, maybe.

I'm gonna run up to the room...

...grab the number of this hot young apprentice geisha...

...have her call a couple of friends, and we will have a celebration.

Listen, John, you go for a celebration party.

Go and have fun. I got a little work to do in the morning.

I'm going to have a drink at the bar and go to bed.

See you in the morning.

So, you up for this chick?

Scotch, please. Yes.

Computer chips?

I know it doesn't sound very interesting...

You like computer chips?

I make a pretty good living.

What do you do?

I drink sake.

I can see that.

Should you drink any more?


Listen, it's pretty early. Maybe...

...we could go out for dinner, or see some Kabuki...

Go for...

...Bunduraku, which is my personal favorite.

Or, there's a great...

...Tiko concert in the gardens.

"Tiko"? Tiko, you know, drums.


Can I try?


I guess it's good night.

I had a great time.

Very special.

Thank you.

Maybe, I'll see you again.

I'll see you tomorrow for... coffee, and...

At the coffee shop.

I'm not very good at this. I'm...

Okay, goodbye.



My coat.


Don't go.

But I thought you said...

Don't go if you don't want to go.

I don't want to go.

Nice room.

How long are you staying? Just tonight.

Really? Are you visiting Nagoya for business or your family?

Not visiting.

Then, what are you doing here?

I'm sorry, I don't speak Japanese.

"Shut up".


Oh, I like piggies.

I like piggies, too.


You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna cancel my flight.

I'm gonna cancel my appointments.

I'm gonna stay here for a few days.

It's true, I've only been in Japan on business, and, maybe I thought... and I could do a little sightseeing, or...

It sounds nice...

...but it's impossible.

I see.

You have a husband.

No. No husband.

Do you have a boyfriend? No.


...I don't understand.

Understand, you must leave now.

I will never be able to explain to you...

...what tonight meant for me.

Thank you.

I don't even know your name.

Kirina. Kirina.


Live long.

as painlessly as possible.

Let me see your face.

Before you kill me, let me see your face.

No one but you has seen my face.

I am known by reputation.


I was sent because he wanted the best.

My skill is unmatched.

It takes great skill to butcher an unarmed woman.


You can die painlessly or slowly.


I wish to die slowly...

...and with much pain... I remember what it was to be alive.

You have great courage.

But I have orders that it be quick.

I am sorry. Be sorry for yourself.

I am free.

You are a coward, a slave.

Room 2103.

Send police immediately.


Don't touch him!

Go quickly.

I have brought two visitors to see you.

Takeda Sensei and Mrs. Takeda.

Takeda Sensei is a master of Kenjutsu...

...and a descendant of a great samurai family.

He believes, and I also believe, that your life is in great danger.

Danger? From what?

The men who attacked you...

...they are ninja from a cult called the Makato.

Their leader is named Kinjo.

No one outside of the Makato has ever seen Kinjo's face and lived.

Nothing can stop them from finding and killing you.

How did they screw up and leave me alive?

"Even monkeys fall out of trees."

But they will not fail a second time.

We must get you out of here immediately.

I'm supposed to believe I'm safer with you...

...than in a hospital room guarded by the police?

We will take you to a safe place.

An island off the coast of... Listen.

I don't know you. Either of you.

And I don't believe you. I'm sorry, I can't think anymore.


I'm sorry, but I can't go with you.

Even if I wanted to... Don't think of it now.

We will stay in Nagoya for two days.

If you need our help...

...please call me at this number.

Sujin, Masado, come.

I have called you before me so you can fulfill your plan.

Plan, Lord?

Was it not your plan to have my soul weakened... you could steal my power?

Why else would you fail to kill a man who has seen my face?

Lord, it is impossible. We cut his throat.

He was poisoned! I'm sure he was dead.

He's alive.

Since you are too well-trained to make such a mistake... must have planned to betray me.

Now... it's your opportunity.

The foreigner has stolen a piece of my soul.

Just kill what remains.

Test me.

See if I have lost my powers.

Master, we failed you... but are forever loyal!

You betrayed me!

You will not die quickly.

I will bury you up to your neck and leave you rot in the sun.

Sujin, pick up your sword.

You would have been my successor.

Now, you have only one chance to live.

I now decree, if Sujin kills me in combat...

...he shall be my rightful heir and your Lord.


Yeah. Come on.

Get up!

Here, take it.



Make them suffer.


A whore with the face of a goddess...

...and the spirit of a tiger.

I have killed 100 men and women.

Never hesitated.

I can't believe that the gods would want such a woman to die.

They must be angry with me.

The gods are not angry with you, My Lord.

You are haunted by a memory, a ghost.

When a woodsman cuts down a tree...

...he must allow time for its spirit to escape.

As the woman died, her spirit clung to the man.

Cut him down and it will depart.


He must die.

I will kill him tonight. No.

The spell of the woman has poisoned you.

Send another.

Do not tempt the gods.


You are wise.

I will send my best men.

They will bring me his head.

And then, it shall be buried forever.

Mr. Racine, what are you doing out of bed?

What am I doing? I'm getting out of here, that's what I'm doing.

You've seen too many samurai movies.

You're safest here. We have taken every precaution. The stakeout across the street'll make sure no one can slip in from outside.

There are two more officers in the hallway...

...and a backup is parked outside.

You are safer in this room than you could be strolling in Central Park.

What about this... ninja cult? The Makato?

Dr. Yamura told you that. He's repeating rumors and superstitions.

There are no ninja cults in modern Japan.

What about Kinjo? Kinjo?

He told you that, too? Yeah.

Kinjo is a myth, a bogeyman.

The crime syndicates encourage these stories to frighten people.

Supposedly, there's a secret farm town full of ninjas.

They kidnap children and train them to be assassins.

It's ridiculous!

This isn't ancient Japan.

We don't have ninja running around with swords...

...any more than you have cowboys and Indians fighting in Manhattan.

In any case... swordsman can get past a trained police officer carrying a modern gun.

Maybe, I was...



I need a phone. A phone.

Hello? - Mr. Racine?

Yes. - Are you all right?

We heard that ninjas attacked the hospital.

- Are you safe? I don't know.

You think they are following you?

I don't know.

But I can't wait for you here.

I may need to run. - Can you get to the railway station?


How do you say, "Get me a taxi", in Japanese?


It works.

I'll meet you at the station. Stand in the open. I'll find you.

Are you sure you can do it?

We'll see.

Stop! Stop playing!

Don't you know this is just a form of gambling?

Know what gambling does to you? It steals your soul.

Don't touch me! Gambling causes impotence!

It leads to mental destruction!

It has to stop!

It has to stop!


Let's go! Go! Come on!

Take me to the train station. Train station.


Don't ask me.

You're probably going to take me to the toy store.


Keep the change, and take her home.


Oh, no.

I think you've done enough for tonight.

Bye, angel.

Thank you. Thanks a lot.

Go home now.

Takeda is impressed, Mr. Racine. Really?

No one's escaped the Makato before.

Now you've done it twice.

Well, tell him it's not a skill I wanna keep practicing.

When do we leave?

There is a 5:00 a.m. bullet train for Mihara.

We can take a boat from there to the island.

Somebody followed you?

I don't think so.

Easy. It is only water.

Did you have a vision?

I don't know.

A hallucination, maybe.

It is poison from the shurikens.

The ninja use it because it is quick.

In small doses, it helps you to see into the world of the spirits.

Maybe I'll use some next time I go to a Grateful Dead concert.

Thank you.

What? They are here.

How does he know? It's best to keep moving.

We must trust in Takeda. He knows.

I gotta rest.


No guns!

What do we do if he loses? Takeda will not lose.

Racine! Come here!

Is this Kinjo?



You think I would forget his face?

Is this Kinjo?


Is this him?

No, it's not him.

Mr. Racine? Yeah?

Please, follow me. Please. Okay...

How did you talk your way past the police?

It's all right. We are safe.

Listen, I don't want to sound ungrateful, but...

...I would like to know why you're helping me.

Two centuries ago...

...a rival clan hired the Makato to destroy Takeda family.

They almost succeeded.

The Makato will keep killing until someone stops them.

That is why Takeda hoped Kinjo was on the train.

Their leader has never lost a battle.

That's why you want to help me?

For something that happened hundreds of years ago?

When Kinjo comes, Takeda will fight him.

What if he doesn't come?

He will come.


I would like to get word to my company, tell them I'm okay.

That would be a mistake. Kinjo will learn where you are.

You're tired. Rest.

You're right.

Thank you.

I will take you to your room. Okay? Okay.

What a beautiful place. Isn't it?




My Lord. Go away.

My Lord.


I know.

They're dead.

I send my best men to be slaughtered by a ghost...

...that only I could kill. Junko.

She was also.

I should have never listened to that woman.

Send out all our spies.

I want to know everything that happened. I want to know where he is.

Not heaven nor hell can stop me from killing a man.

Now leave me.

This ghost that will not die.

Who is hunting whom?

I wonder.


Excuse me?


The other one?

You know, I'm not exactly in good shape right now, but...

...I guess...

Thanks. Thanks.

Yeah. That's much better.

Thank you.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Thanks a lot. That's much better.

Thank you. Shit...

What does he think I am, a donkey?

I'm gonna head back to the castle.

It was a lovely afternoon.

Excuse me.

That's nice.

Oh, water.

Thank you. That's nice.

Are you crazy?

God, sake. My God!

Oh, God.

My God. It's the worst sake.

Thank you.

Well, it's not that bad after all.

He tricked me.

He tricked me with this cheap homemade sake.

I wish I could speak Japanese... this guy would understand the meaning of the words "I'm not a donkey".

Come on. Okay? I've been cleaning this five times already.

Stop the dust!

Okay? I'm doing you a favor. Don't take advantage of me.

Then do it yourself.

I have seen one before.

Are you sure?

This doesn't feel right. It should be... it's a sword.

Take it easy.

Where's he going?


That was great.


It's even better.

Listen. Can you teach me?

This better be your sister.

Put it down.

I don't like you having pictures of other girls around.

What's so special about this one?

Put it down.

There, it's down.

You little whore!

You better learn to respect me!

Who are you? What...?


What are you doing here? How did you get in?

Leave silently.

Don't come back.

Why did you kill Kirina?

I didn't.

You killed her.

Why did you have her killed?

She defied me.


She asked to leave me.

Why? I don't know.


I bought her in Soapland.

Her mother died at birth.

Her pimp uncle sold her to people worse than me.

I gave her fine clothes, jewels.

Everything! Expensive things!

Why did you kill her?

She begged me for freedom for years.

Then demanded it, freedom from me, Boss Nemura!

I told her...

...if she left me, I would kill her.


She left me.



So, you want to study Kenjutsu.

No. We were just fooling around.

Killing time. Time does not die. Only people.

Come, I'll teach you.

You have much to learn.

Right hand!

In Japan, no left hand.

Didn't that drunk teach you anything?

Let's find out. Attack!

The lesson is not over yet.

It is finished.

No, I still have much to learn.

Don't mock me, Racine.

So the old drunk taught me something after all.


I could have killed you 10 times.

Why didn't you? I'm learning, Takeda.

Finally learning.

Why don't you kill me?

You want to. I can see it in your eyes. Stop fighting.

I'm sure this is just a misunderstanding. His English isn't...

He understands English when he wants to.

Ask him why he's so sure that Kinjo will come on this island.

I know ninja. No, the trail is cold by now.

If Kinjo knew where I was, he would've showed up long ago.

Kinjo will come. Of course, he will come.

Because you'll tell him I'm here.

That's how Kinjo's men found us on the train.

You sent word to them.

It's true, isn't it?

Ask him if it's true! They would find you anyway.

No, not on a train filled with innocent people.

They were slaughtered so you could test your skill!

Paul, please! Don't make him angry.

Takeda won't hurt me.

He also won't let me leave.

I'm your prisoner, right? You are free to go.

See how long you live without me to protect you!

That's exactly what I'm gonna do.

I'm taking the first flight back to New York. And I'm gonna send Kinjo a postcard..

See how well he does on my turf.

Sorry, Mr. Racine.

I request that you stay.

Request or command?

It will be foolish for you to leave.

You think I don't know what's going on?

Do you really think a bunch of kids can take on professional assassins?

You're going to get them all killed.

But I'm not gonna let you. The bait is leaving.

This is between me and Kinjo. It's between him and me, me!

So, get the hell out of the way!

Not bad for a gaijin.

Very good for gaijin.


He wants to challenge you in combat.

If you come alone and defeat him, Racine will be handed to you.

So anxious to die.

Then send word that you accept?

Of course.

I came to say goodbye.

Help me escape.

Kinjo only wants me.

Everyone is in danger as long as I'm here, and you know it!

I must stand by my husband...

...even if I die.

You will be safe here. I will see to it.

Can you help me?

God, it's gonna take a week.

Thanks for helping.


I can't leave Mieko. I can't keep running away.

It's got to end here one way or another.

If I've learned anything from Kirina...'s that you have to accept your fate with courage.

I'm gonna try.

You go.

You go.



Thank you.

Have a drink on me.

Looking for me?

Left hand. Maybe I got a chance.

Break the sword.

It's a living symbol of the Makato.

Once it is broken... they are finished.

Don't you ever give up?




...he will rest easier now.

I'm sorry.

Let me help you.

I don't want to say you're late, but it's over.