The Huntsman: Winter's War (2016) Script

Ripped, corrected and synched by Fingersmaster. Enjoy!

What does the Mirror show you?

What do you see?

An oft told tale.

That of Snow White, how she vanquished the evil Queen Ravenna and took her rightful place on the throne.

But there is another story, one you have not yet seen.

One that comes long before "happily ever after. "

A mere pawn?

A humble pawn can bring down kingdoms.

Stop distracting me.

Poor little pawn. Mean old king.

So sad.

But the final say...


Queen will have that.

Queen takes king.

And you thought this was just a game.

With the Mirror at her command, Ravenna was invincible.

She took her kingdom as she had taken others before it, and as she would take others again, with her sister Freya at her side.

Is it love?


It is love, truly. Your move.

Why should I bother? You always win.

You always let me win.

I suppose you are my weakness.

Very well.

Queen to rook five. Checkmate in three.

Learn from loss, Freya, and your day will come.

Your possibilities will be endless once the magic awakens in your heart.

It won't.

We both know it won't. I'm not like you.

All the women of our blood are gifted, Freya.

And in time you will find the source of your power as I found mine.

We'll see.


You're carrying his child.

You didn't know.

Well, he's promised to another.

He does not love her.

Their engagement is sealed. It cannot be broken.

He will deny you.

And he will deny your daughter.

He will not.

Freya, I'm not being cruel.

I simply wish to protect you.

You may be surprised how things turn out.

You know much, Ravenna.

But you do not know all.

I'm afraid I do.

Freya did not believe her sister, for love blinds even the clearest eye.

And when her daughter was but a few weeks old, Freya's trusting heart was rewarded at last.

Her lover had sent word.

He would defy his family and marry Freya in secret, in the Royal Garden.

They would gather their child and flee the kingdom to begin a life of their own.

Freya, don't!

I had no choice.

I had no choice, Freya.

Consumed by grief and anger, Freya left her sister to seek a kingdom of her own in the land far to the north.

There, the people would come to fear her very name.

Burn it down! Kill them all!

For if she could not raise a child, then in its place she would raise an army.

Come on, boy!



Come on.

Freya turned the once-green farmlands of the north into a frozen wasteland.

There she built her fortress, and ruled as the Ice Queen.


How lucky you are.

You're with me now.

And you will never know this suffering again.

You are scared?


Is it your father that you miss?

Your mother?

Yes. Yes.

Tell me your name.



Love is a lie.

It is a trick played by the cruel on the foolish and the weak.

Cast it from your mind.

Never let it render you frail of mind or of will, because in my kingdom, there is but one law.

Do not love.

It's a sin, and I'll not forgive it.

Now, let's hear no more of family and love.

Those illusions are beneath you.

I have freed you from them.

And in exchange for this precious gift, I ask only one thing, your loyalty.

You will train. You will harden.

You will become my elite, my Huntsmen.

And nothing will ever, ever destroy you.

Take it!

One. Two. Three.


And so children grew to be soldiers, becoming one with blade and arrow.

Ready your bows!




The boy and the girl, who are they?

What are their names?


The best ones.

Eric and Sara, my queen.

Did I scare you?

Do you not know?

I never miss.


The new children, sir.

It's about time.

You're home, kids. Come on, hurry up.

Get out, come on. That's it.

Come on.

Go, boy.


Come on. Move, faster.


What you doing in there?

I know who lives here.

She scares me.

Ah, right.

Yeah, she can be a wee bit grumpy from time to time.

Do you know what I do? I just never let her know what I'm thinking.

How do you do that?

Well, can you make a mean face?

That's not bad.

What about like this?

That's better. Now that's your war face.

If you wear that always when the queen is near, she'll never know what you're thinking either.

You do that, and you'll be fine.

Come on.

The queen sent her army to wage war against the great kings of the north.

Battle after battle, they returned victorious.

Those who were left alive.

You've done well, my children.

Very well.

You forget to walk in shadow.

And you forget your balance.

What are you doing?

You cannae tell, you daft boy?

I'm marrying you.

It was my mother's.

My only treasure.

I lived for her.


I live for you.

How do we live for each other in this place here?

Freya will take one look at us, and she'll know. And what then?

It's almost day.

Gather your things.

Meet me in the courtyard.

She'll catch us or she won't.

But either way, we shall be free.

You do love me, don't you?

Aye, I do.

I give you my life and my death.

Stand or fall, I'll never leave your side, I swear it to you.

Yes, I know this story.

The girl goes in secret to meet her one true love.

I wonder how it ends this time.

I gave you both everything.

And in return you betray me.

For love.

We fought your wars.

We've done enough.

Please, my queen, let us go.

Do not beg me!

It is weak.

You are weak.

Do you want to leave?

Very well. Go to each other.

If you can.

And I'll let you go.

Shouldn't be too hard.

Love conquers all.

So I've heard.

Take him out of my sight.

Once upon a time a man and woman fell in love.

But such things cannot last.

For the heart is a treacherous thing.

And love...

Love is nothing more than a fairy tale.

Days turned to years.

Freya's empire continued to rise while her sister Ravenna's fell at the hands of the Huntsman and Snow White.

But some evil cannot truly be vanquished.


Who's there?

Show yourself!


Kill for me.

Don't just stand there, do something!

You're mad, man.

Aye, I wanted it an inch higher but the wind is tricky out here.

What have we got?

Well, that is exquisite.

You have no right. I have every right.

These are my woods.

These are the queen's woods. I have a royal permit.

For deer, maybe, but not fawns.

That one there was just a few weeks old.

Like the three others you killed that I found at your camp.

It's beautiful. Do you mind? What? No.

Release my horse. No,no,no.

I'm keeping the horse as payment.

Payment for what? For the arrow.

It's not like they grow on trees.

Well, technically they do, but not the pointy bit there.

That's all yours.

You will pay, commoner.

I shall tell the queen and the queen will have your head.

Queen Snow White? Yes.

Snow White.

Fan out!

Line the flanks!

See you later, love.

Your Majesty.

Please, my friend.

If this is about the horse, I can explain.

Horse? What horse?

Never mind.

How'd you find me?

It wasn't easy.


You swore. Yeah, well, he threatened to put me in a big pot.

Nonsense. We paid him three gold.

Oh, three? Is that all?

Three each.

Who are you? Gryff.

At your service.

Bonds, rewards, debt collection.

I'm his brother. Half-brother.

Same mum.

Walk with me.

I've come on a matter of grave importance.

You should find some gravely important people, then.

The Mirror is gone.

We believed its dark magic died with Ravenna.

We were wrong.

There is an evil within the Mirror that has only grown in power.

And Queen Snow White has vowed to rid her kingdom of it before its darkness cannot be stopped.

Two weeks ago, the queen ordered a detachment of soldiers to take the Mirror to Sanctuary.

They never returned.

Wait, wait. I'm not your man.

You're the best tracker we have in the kingdom.

And as you say, the Mirror is evil and it mustn't fall into the hands of the wrong person.

And Snow White thinks I'm the one to find it?

She commands you to find it.

And to deliver it to Sanctuary, where its wickedness can forever be contained.

Do you acceptor not?

Yes, yes, yes. He accepts.

Provided there's a reward.

I don't want no reward.


Snow White is unwell.

The Mirror...

She said she couldn't stop looking at it.

She could hear its voice calling for her.

That's why she sent it away.

What was that thing?

Move all your forces to the northern border.

Why? What do you know?

Freya, Queen of the North.

That owl was her spy.

Now she knows about the Mirror.

And if she finds it, everything we hold dear will be covered in ice.

Move your men to the north.

What are you two still doing here?

We're your partners.

No, you're not.

I am Snow White's man as well.

I mean, dwarf. If she's in trouble, I wanna help!

My queen, Vardhelm has fallen.

It was the last stronghold.

The entire White Lands are yours.

You've won.


The game's not finished.

Is this where the world ends, or is there more?

My queen, the South cannot be conquered.

Snow White's lands are too vast, her armies are too...

Did you know that Eric was alive?

Did you?


I swear to you.

I threw his body in... That's all right.

I prefer it this way.

There's something that he seeks.

I want it.

My sister's mirror.

It holds great power.

And with it at my command, I can do great things.

I will free every child.

I will save them all.

As I saved you.

And my army of Huntsmen will grow until nothing will stand in its path.

So, you see, the game is not finished.

Prepare the Huntsmen.

Oh. Huntsman.

What? How much further?

How much further?

What? To the place I'm looking for that I don't know where it is?

It's hard to say.

This one's had a strop on since we left.

They came through here.

Well, obviously.

This takes us to the northern road.

Leads direct to Sanctuary.

Don't need to be a Huntsman to know that.

Hey, Nion, who am I?

I'm talking to the dirt. I hear it speak to me.

He's actually quite good at this, Gryff.

Get stuffed. He's a buffoon.

Well... We ride north.

Actually, they headed west.

The northern road cuts through a plain. Nowhere to take cover.

The western road runs next to a forest.

That's where they would've made camp.

That's where we're going to find them.


The dirt is talking to me again. What's it saying?

He's saying the mouthy one's an idiot who wouldn't last a day on his own, and should go home.

I agree.

I'm not going home till I get my reward.

You want gold, but all you're going to find out here is death.

A bit dramatic.

Dramatic, yeah, unless it's true, and then we should consider it an accurate warning, I think.

I know I'm not afraid of Freya of the Frost.

Oy. Not so loud. Keep your voice down.

You're even more stupid than I thought.

Bloody hell.

Who would've attacked them out here in the open?

Keep your eyes peeled. They could still be around.

Look for tracks, blood trails...


Go on! Get off!

These are their own arrows, their own blades.

They killed each other.

But why?

These are all the queen's men.

The Mirror was here.

Well, this is definitely not one of theirs. l grew up in the mines.

That's worth half the world.

Whoever it belongs to has the Mirror.

We need to find it before Freya does.

What's this?

We have to get off the road.

See if he knows something.

Bit quiet. You all right?

Fine. You all right?

Yeah, I'm all right.

I'm looking for information.

You'll not get much for that.

Well, there was a wee massacre on the road not far from here.

The queen's soldiers. You know anything about that?

Yeah, they passed through here a few days ago.

They did? Didn't stop. Weren't thirsty.

Was anyone following them or...

I'll have a pint as well.

I'll take that as a "no."

Good day.

Bit choosy for what she's offering.

Perhaps you'd have better luck with your own kind.

Have you ever seen a female dwarf?

No,I can't say I have. Horrifying.

Horrifying's the best of them.

Repulsive things.

Ugly as the devil's bullocks.

All knuckles and hair.

Foul tempered and stunted.

Unnatural, misshapen, gold grubbing, foul-mouthed piles of sideways donkey ass.

So, assuming this is a commonly held opinion, how exactly are new dwarves made?

Uh, generally by accident.

Too little light.

Too much of this. Yeah.

Come on. Keep up.

Chilly with that door open.

Pass me the...

What? Yeah, some of the...

You three look like you're far from home.

Aye. Just taking shelter, then moving on.

Are these your children?

The missus must be quite a looker.

That's a good one.

What he say? That's all right.

No. No, I'm not having it. Aye.

You ought to hold your tongue, mate, before you lose it. ls that so?

You know, if it was just me, I wouldn't be worried.

If it was me and him, I'd be a tiny bit worried, because he's a bit of a waster.

Not true.

But none of that matters, because we're with him.

And he will gut you like a deer quicker than you can blink.

Because this man here, this man is the Huntsman.

Is this true?

Are you the Huntsman?

That's me. Well...

The thing of it is...

We're all Huntsmen.

I'm sorry. It's all right.

Wait, wait, wait.

Can we not talk about this?

You call yourself a Huntsman?

I expected more from a man who had the courage to betray his queen.

And for what?

For the love of some spineless woman?

Maybe you were something in your day, brother, but that day is long gone.

Have you made your peace?

I'll have it soon enough.

Tell Freya I died a free man.

Freya doesn't care how you die.

No one cares.

You're already forgotten.

Fall back! Fall back, now!

You have aged.


I tied you up.

She his wife or something?

No. Can't be. His wife's dead.


Is that what you told everyone?

You poor, heartbroken widower.

That story must've wet the eyes of many a young lass.

Maybe more than their eyes.

No, no... No, you're dead.

I saw you die.

This is not real. This is not happening.

You're a ghost.

Or else I'm...

Or else I'm dead.

Am I not alive?

You're alive.

Although, you should be dead.

You got hit on the head like, six...

What do you think, six or seven? Seven.

Seven times. A lot.

So this is... Real.


Did you think I'd forget?

Did you think I'd forgive?

Stand or fall, you said.

You'd never leave my side, you said.

You swore it.

And then you fled.

I see you fight, and I see you run.

No, Sara. That's not what happened.

I saw Tull kill you.

I saw him kill you, with my own eyes. I would never leave you.

But I saw you leave me, with my own eyes.

And you, of all people, should know Tull could never kill me.


Don't. I swear to you.

She put me in her dungeon.

For seven years.

And when I finally escaped, I swore I'd find you.

It's taken me a long time.

But here we are.

Husband and wife.

You honestly believe this? That I'd abandon you?


You still forget your balance.

She's got another knife.

Yeah. Yeah, I probably should have said something.

She's got two more little ones in her left boot.

It's no longer important.

If your face is the last thing that I'm meant to see, then I'm grateful.

It should be the last thing you see.

I don't like her.

I don't like her one little bit.

My queen.

No fire.

No fire!

It's all right.

So, what happens if Freya gets this mirror?

Don't you think that you and me have other things to discuss, like us?


What happens?

She'd be unstoppable.

Where's my horse?

I sent it off.

What did you do that for?

No horses, no tracks.

We keep off the road, out of sight.

So you're coming with me, then?

No, you're coming with me.

Yeah, whatever you need to tell yourself, that's fine.

From what I can see, your wee band won't do too well without me.


Whatever power this mirror contains, I'll not let Freya wield it.

We'll find it, and we'll bring it to the Sanctuary.

And then you and I will part forever.


Tell me about this.

What do you think? About what?

The woman. Do you trust her?

Well, I mean, I don't think we've got much of a choice.

Besides, she's pretty good in a scrap.

I imagine that would come in handy before too long.

We'll hit Callao Crossing by nightfall.

There's a market there. They might have sold the Mirror.

Tracking never was one of your strengths, was it?

I cannae wait to find out what yours is.

If an enemy uses diamonds for arrows, I doubt they need to sell the Mirror for money.

Well, if you don't like my plan, you can piss off.

That is charming!

And you can piss off, too, as you so eloquently put it, but that's not gonna get rid of me.

You're still my wife.

Look, we were deceived.

The ice wall that Freya put between us, she showed us what she wanted us to see.


And what if I'm right?

Do we not deserve that chance?

It wouldn't matter.

You'd leave again.

We blind ourselves to the truth because we're weak, because we hope.

But there's no hope for love.

Love ends in betrayal.

Aye and always.

Well, I don't believe you.

Don't move. Don't move.

That looks familiar.

Dwarf-made trap. It's where I would've put it.

Yes, it'll take more than that to catch the likes of...

No! No!

Silly mope.


This was unexpected.

Oh, what? The hidden dwarf trap was unexpected?

You're not the tracker you think you are.

I've been a little distracted.

Hey, Doreena, we've got something.

Catch of the day, catch of the day.

God, no.

Careful, sweetheart.

I wouldn't want to ruin that pretty little face of yours.


Oh, bugger me.

Oh, it's like that, is it?

You don't even know us.

What do I need to know, you squat-faced little he-dwarves?

Sight of you clots make me sick.

Shut your mouth, you manky slag.

Shut yours, you grotty wanker.

Kiss my arse, you filthy minger.

Kiss mine, you wobbly shite box.


Madam dwarf, we have no quarrel with you.

We seek a mirror.

I don't got no mirror.

Oh, that's clear.

Right. Oh, you are getting it.

No. No, enough, enough.

Just tell us what you want.

Personally, I'd like you to take your shirt off and prance around for me.

But seeing as you're so modest, I'll settle for every penny you've got.

Aye, so it's money you're after.

MY apologies.

All I have is this.

You know what this is?

It's a great big bloody diamond.

I'm not blind.

Where'd you get that?

You let us down, and I'll tell you.


Coming, Mrs. Bromwyn!

Keep an eye on this lot.

Shoot the he-dwarves if they get mouthy.

Or if you just feel like it.

You don't just cut it.

You thirsty?

I could get you some water, if you'd like.

Oh, yeah. Thank you. I'd like that a lot.

Ah! I mean, nah, I don't want nothing from the likes of you.

All right, my little fishes.

I've got a little proposition for you.

Truce? Truce?

When I get my hands around your lice-bitten neck...

Yeah, yeah. He's just... Truce.

Your diamond...

You got it from a golden spear, right?

Aye, I did.




That old fishwives' tale.

You expect us to believe that? l expect you to stand there and look ugly and stupid, and say nothing else.

Goblins is real.

Finest thieves in the world.

And greedy as the day is long.

We was trying to catch one. Yeah.

You know, they say their armor is made of gold.

Where can we find them?

Not far.

There's a hidden forest just up the Dorian River on the northwest side of the Sanctuary.

They say they keep all their treasure there in that wood.

Gold, silver, jewels, as far as the eye can see.

If your mirror is shiny, it'll be in there somewhere.

Can we access the Sanctuary from there?

Dunno. Maybe.

Will you show us the way?

Ah. Well, you see, that's where the proposition comes in.

You see, no one's ever come out of them woods alive.

But you two big ones, you look like Huntsmen.

And Huntsmen are pretty handy with a blade, yeah?

We all go in together.

You get your mirror.

And me and Doreena fill our pockets with as much loot as we can carry.


Aye, deal.

Right after I kill those two. What? No.

What? Hang on.


I don't know. I like them, I guess.

Like a dwarf, do you?

So, Mrs. Bromwyn.

Where's Mr. Bromwyn?

Dead, thank God.

HOW did he die?

Gouging his own eyes out?

Keep flapping your gob and you'll find out.

I'm sorry about before.

I would've drunk your water.

You seemed thirsty.

Yeah, I was.

I get thirsty sometimes if it's hot, or if I'm running.

Me, too!

Or sometimes if I eat something really salty, like, um...

Roast chicken. Chicken.

I know why you're not talking.

Do you?

Aye. You noticed the sparks between me and Mrs. Bromwyn.

I don't know what to say. She's my type.

Loud and angry?

Well, it's what I'm used it, isn't it?

I'm awfully sure you'll have a good life together.

Aye, we would.

But there's a problem.

Another woman.

Bit taller. Not as pretty, mind you.

She sounds far too clever to waste her time with you.

Well, I remember that one time we were caught up in a net together.

This was a long, long time ago.

Are you not the hero of every story you tell?

That's because I'm very brave.

Which is why I'm going to save you from drowning.

And how do you expect...

Some unpredictable waters around here.

It's not me.

You're a right galoot.

So are you.

We're here.

Oh, dear. Oh, dear. Come on.

What've you found?

Flint and steel.

Their blood smells like tar.

You see? It is gold.

Yeah, it is.

Goblins ain't real, eh?


Do your best to stay dry.

This is bonkers.

Praise the bridge that carries you over.



They killed each other.

Just like the queen's army.


What now?

Now we take what we came for.

Keep it covered. Do not look into it.


The Mirror. Move!

This is heavy. I can't see anything.

You're pushing me.

Come on. I can't see.

Cool it. You don't need to see. I can see. I'm at the front.

Watch your feet. Move to the side.


This bridge is wobbling! it is obviously wobbling. Will you just shut up!

See that?

I've never taken it off.

It's time to go, love.

Go, go, go!

Take the Mirror to the Sanctuary.

Come on.


l need fire. Come on.

Don't you miss.

I never miss.

He saved us.


Are you crying?

Can't rid ourselves soon enough of that thing.

Look, the heart of Sanctuary's only two hours away.

I say we move tonight.

Aye, there'll be a strong moon. Plenty of light.


Who knows what's lurking in the dark?

I agree.

Get stuffed. There's nothing out there could take us.

That's right. I took you. In the tavern.

I took you as well.

In the morning, then.

Good night.

And after the Sanctuary, on to the dwarven mining town.

Jewel and gold merchants, all looking to buy.

Me and Doreena's gonna make an absolute killing.

Where is she?

Where is Doreena? And Nion?


Would you look at that?


This one is called delphinium.

It's good for piles and toothache.

What's this one called?

That's just a flower.

I think it's beautiful.

I think you're beautiful.

Me? Yeah.


If you're looking for gratitude, you have it.

Nothing more.

What exactly am I supposed to do?

You think it's about you.


What you should choose.

What you should do.

That I'm just waiting here for the man to pass a test.

And you did.

So now I have to love you.

But I don't.

I choose for me.

Not you.

So let me go.

I can't. Stand or fall, I'll never leave you.

Let me go! Let me go.

Sara, stop it.

The one you loved is dead.

I don't even remember what it feels like to be her.

We did not ask for our sins.

We did not ask for this life.

Eric, I've done terrible things.

Unforgivable things.

I know.

So have I.

Maybe you and me are not worthy of forgiveness.

That's for someone else to judge.

But we are worthy of each other.




Come closer...







Kill for me...

What are you doing?

Have you been true?


My heart is yours, it always has been.

But if this is a game...

End it now.

Have you been true?

Huntsman, what is this?

Stand tall, brother.


My Eric.

Your queen has missed you.

You're not my queen, Freya.

But I'm forever your queen.

Isn't that right, Sara?

You see, you abandoned her, Eric.

But not I.

I raised her from despair.

Made her the point of my spear, my tempered steel.

She's laid waste to kingdoms and brought men such as you to their knees.

She's everything that you're not.

All I had to do was send her to you, and you led her straight to the Mirror.

It's pathetic.

Oh, what are these?


They're just like children.

We're mighty far from children, Bitch Queen.


Bring me the Mirror.

You'll have to kill me first!

No, I won't.

Doreena, no!

You knew, didn't you?

You knew she'd betray you and you spared her still.

Have you learnt my lesson at last?

Harden your heart, Queen of Winter.

Bury the world in a tomb of ice.

It matters not.

Love will endure.

Yes, perhaps you're right.

Shall we find out?

Kill him.

Is he dead?

I think so.

What do we do?

Pull it out.

Go on.

One, two...


Bloody hell, that hurt.

I don't believe it! She missed!

She never misses.

Have you lost your mind?

She betrayed us.

Eric, she is not Cupid.

I doubt that an arrow to the chest is an expression of her love.


There is a grand design at work here, friends.

And it grows even louder.

Head injury. Number eight.

She never misses.

Look, lam twice as angry as you are.

Doreena was the only friend I had in this world, but you need to face facts.

Sara is not on your side.

I don't need you to believe what I believe.

What are these for, exactly?

I'll give you a hint.

We're not gonna carry them on our backs.

So, what are you gonna do? Trek all the way to the frozen North?

Face down an evil sorceress and her entire army?


All right, I'm in!

Tull, put the dwarves in the gallery and bring the Mirror to my sanctum.

Welcome home, Sara.


Come to me.

Say the words.

Speak the words.

"The age can be wicked

"to those who walk alone.

"When I look into the Mirror, "I see myself as I might become."



Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Do not back away from me.

You asked a question.

The Mirror has answered.

Ravenna, how?

Are you not dead?



Something in between.

You've become quite literal, Freya.

Of all people, you should know that is but a vessel.

I left my body.

I went into the Mirror.

And there I stayed.

I became part of it.


Until you released me.

We have much to do, little sister.

With you and your army by my side, I will regain my kingdom once more.

Snow White shall kneel before me.

She will beg for mercy.

And then I'll tear her heart out.

Oh, that's a bit bigger than I imagined.

So what's the plan?

You have got a plan?


Is it any good?


But it's simple.

Freya will be in her sanctum, below the steeple.

I'll make my way down from the top, find her, and kill her.

What about Nion and Doreena?

I've got someone on the inside who's gonna help me find them.

Who? You.

You have given my Huntsmen new orders.

Better orders.

We will attack tomorrow in two waves.

Flanking maneuver.

I presumed you would agree.

It's a far superior tactic.

This is my kingdom.

Did you say something? This is my kingdom!

Of course it is.

And it always will be.

I would never question my sister's rule.

But beyond these walls is my kingdom.

My dominion.

Do not forget what you owe me.

I made you what you are.

Come on. Move along. Faster.

Follow your brother.

Look lively now.

You as well. Go on.

Shut it.

Stop sniveling. Twerp.

Keep walking.

Just keep walking.

It's not my sister's fault, my lord.

She was hit in the face as a baby with a rock.

You two, come with me.

Did you have to hit him so hard? Shut up.

He's very heavy.


We stuff him in here, we cover our tracks.

That's very sloppy work, that is.

This is the worst plan ever.


You don't remember me, do you?


This is my war face.


I know why you're here.

Aim true.

My children.

This is the day for which...

For which you were born.

You will face an army of men who have never lost a war, men who have...

Who have forgotten...

...what it means to be afraid.

We will bring fear once again to Snow White's army.

And their lands will be mine.

And their children...

Their children...

For I am queen.

lam queen.

This is what I trained you for.

This is why I raised you.

This is why I made you what you are.

Hello, Eric.

I've missed you.




They're in love.

They reek of it.

Is this not your kingdom?

It is.

Do you not have laws?

I do.

Then what is your judgment?



Traitors to who?

Your old queen? Your new queen?

You broke the law.

The law?

Have you forgotten the ones who loved you?

Your mothers, your fathers.

What law did they break?

Love does not make you weak.

It's all that ever gave me strength.

Tull, have we not fought side by side?

We were children!

Brothers and sisters. Did we not love each other?

Fight with me.

If you die, you die for something that's yours.

Why do you turn away, Freya?

You deceived us, and now you deceive yourself.


Why did you not kill us back then?

Instead, you break my heart and turn hers against me.


You see, Huntsman, love doesn't save your life.

I should know.

I've been dead before.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Stand or fall.


I stand with you. Aye.



Stand back.

Nothing can save you, Huntsman.

All that's left is pain!

Ravenna, stop. Stop!


We can't leave the Mirror.

Then we climb.

I thought I had driven the weakness out of you.

I thought I made you strong.

But you're as pathetic as you ever were.

Have you lost your mind?

How did you make me strong?

How did you draw the weakness out?

What did you do?

What did you do?

I don't have to tell you anything.

Oh. Oh, but you do.

You see, you said it yourself, you're something between this world and the Mirror.

I summoned you out.

Now you are bound to me!

Tell me the truth.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...

...who is the fairest of them all?

You are, my queen.

But not for long.

Your sister holds a baby to her breast.

A daughter.

She will grow to be more beautiful than even you.

You cannot ask such a thing of me.

I ask nothing.

I am but a reflection.

And you...

You have already decided.



Kill for me.

Yeah, I loved her.

I loved you.

That's why I'm stronger than you.

Leave my children alone!

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I killed your daughter and released the greatest power within you.

A power you have wasted on nothing but cheap sentiment!

Did you not think I wanted a child?

Did you not think I wanted love?

But these things were not meant for me.

I have a higher calling!

Do you still believe that love conquers all?

Maybe not all.

Just you.

Are you ready, Huntsman?


How lucky you are.

Come on.


I'm all right.

Are you all right? Are you all right?

Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah! Hey look, the sun!

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful queen whose heart was broken in two.

But even buried under ice and snow,

love survives.

Not on your life. Fine, fine.

You're gonna give up that easily?

God, you're stupid.

The lands of the North were free and Snow White's kingdom was safe from harm.

And so, some fairy tales do come true.

But none ever truly end.