The Ice Cream Truck (2017) Script

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Have a good day now.

Oh my God I'm so sorry.

No it's okay.

I needed to cool off, I guess I didn't know it.

Will say you're sorry to the nice lady.

Will, you sprayed her with the hose say you're sorry.

I'm sorry.

It's okay, really.

I'm Jessica.

Hi, I'm Mary.

We bought the house a month ago but we haven't fully moved in.

I've been here for a couple days.

Just barely in furniture just the boxes I brought on my drive here.

My husband is in Seattle with the kids for another week.

They're just finishing up school.

Oh they must finish late out there.

Yeah it's a charter school.

13 and five.

My, my oldest is from my first marriage, I was so young.


I'm from here originally, I grew up here.

Lot of memories.

I don't mean to pry but why the move back?

My husband works for a tech company and they opened up an office downtown.


I thought my kids might like growing up in the suburbs, you know, small town life.

I sure do.

Do you work Mary or just inside the home.

I am a freelance writer.

Mostly editorial blog stuff.

Oh like the Huffington Post.

Yeah kinda.


Okay I should get going.

I've got furniture being delivered today, I should get changed.

Sorry again about that.

I hope you and your husband can come over for dinner sometime.


Yeah that sounds nice.


Welcome to the neighborhood Mary.



You guys on your way to school?

Yup, today already.

I'm good.

I miss you guys though.

Awh, we miss you too.

Did I tell you that I got some chairs?

No, what kind of chairs?

The biggest ones I could fit in my car.


I met one of our neighbors this morning.

Oh really?

What are they like?

I can tell she's gonna be real fuckin' nosy.

Making friends already.

What's her name?


Very nice.

Her son sprayed me with a hose.

On purpose?

No not on purpose he's like four.

Oh well yeah.

Did you know that we had an ice cream truck?

Oh great, that's what they need, more sugar.

Well, it'll help with the transition I guess.

No it was super weird.

Felt like I was in a time warp or something.

Dunno, something about him was so creepy.

Ew, how was the ice cream?

No I didn't get anything.

Well look we've gotta try it when we get there.

Eugh, I can't wait for you guys to get here.

Us too.

I don't think I've been alone since, God since Jakey was born.

What did I do before kids?

I know right?

I should go out and have some wild nights.

You know, reclaim my youth or whatever.

Yeah why don't you go party with some soccer moms?

Can you put them on speaker?

Sure, hey do you guys wanna say hi to your mom?

Hi guys.

I can't wait to see you.

Jacob are you so excited to be almost done with school?


I can't wait to see you.


Come on Jakey it'll be, you'll love it out here.


Hi mommy.

Good, I miss you.

I miss you too baby.

Hey Shelby.

Hey I'm almost at Jacob's school so I gotta let you go but, how's the writing?

How's it coming?


It's okay.

I keep having these great starts and then they fizzle out.

I think I'm just trying to force it.

Hey it'll come.

I know, thank you.

Okay I'm here.

Okay, we'll call you later okay?

Love you guys!

Yeah I love you too! Love you too.

Bye. Bye.

Hi, you must have my furniture.


Okay, great.

I'm ready for you.

Is it just you or do...

It's just me.

Um okay.

Do you need me to sign anything?


Do you work or just inside the home?

Excuse me.

Sorry I thought you knew I was comin' in.

I did, I just...

See some people knock.

Right there is fine.

Hello new neighbor.

Eugh I know, back so soon you ask?



Well I know you're waiting for your family to arrive so I wanted to invite you over to a party that Christina here is having tonight.

Yeah my son Max's graduation.

We're barbecuing so there'll be lots of alcohol and obnoxious teenagers.

Hi I'm Katie.

It's nice to have some new blood on the block.

These bitches are a handful.


Hi I'm Mary.

Oh I already told them all about you.

You shouldn't be cooped up here all by yourself, come to the party, it'll be fun.

I mean when was the last time you didn't have your kids around?

12 years.

Oh honey.

You've been a mom since you were a baby, you poor thing.

Yeah I had my son really young, but I wouldn't change it for anything you know?

Of course you wouldn't.

Don't pay any attention to Katie, she has foot and mouth disease.

Oh please.

Come on we wanna show our new neighbor a little hospitality.

I don't know.

You don't even have furniture.

Why don't you let us cook for you?

I bet you don't have any food in the house.



236, Wild Berry Lane, 6pm.


Great. It'll be fun, you'll see.

I'll fill you in on all the neighborhood gossip.

You'll have fun I promise.

'Scuse me.

I'm all done.

You wanna check that everything is where you want it?


I didn't know where your TV was going.

It's fine.

We can always move it.


Your bed's in your room if you wanna look at that.


I think we're all set.

I'm gonna be late for something.

Okay thanks of your help.

Are you staying here all alone?


Pretty lady all by her lonesome.


My husband is on his way.

Just showing some concern.

Not that it's any of your business.

Thanks you should go.

Let's get outta here.


Is this the, graduation party?



Oh, congratulations.



What's your name again?


Uh, who are you?


I'm your new neighbor, your mom invited me.

Well okay.

Alright then.

Where you guys going if this is your party?


Smoke a doo.

You like to get high Mary?

Yeah sometimes.

Yeah, yeah I do.

Yeah why not.

I mean just don't tell your mom.

My mom's drug of choice is Vicodin so, you're okay there.

Well, I don't really touch pills.

I can't believe she's really doing this.

I know.


It's the Worcer's house.

Don't worry they're at the party.

So where do you guys go to school?

St. Ignatius.


Oh my God I went to Central, that's awesome.

How is it?

It's okay.

Can I have a sip of your beer please?

Thank you.

No thank you, I think I've had enough for one night.

I don't know how I'm gonna be in the social setting right now.

I wouldn't worry too bad, they've been drinking all night, I don't think they're gonna notice.

You so do not seem like a grown up.

Tracy that is the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me.

Hey do you have Mr Stevens for English?

Yeah I do.

Will you tell him that Mary Marsh says hi?

He was my favorite.


Alright I'm gonna go be neighborly now, wish me luck!

Hey not a word of this to anyone please cause I'm a mom.


See you later, mom.

She's cool.

A little bit.


Oh Mary darling, we're so happy you could come, welcome.

My pleasure.

Did you happen to see my son Max round here?

About 18, thinks he's the shit.

Uh, no no I haven't seen him.

Oh well my husband just went looking for him.

We wanna cut the cake.

You clean up nice.

Oh, thanks.

No Mary what can I get you to drink?

Whatever's easy.

No no no, what's your drink dear, whatever you want.

Vodka tonic.


Come come, I wanna introduce you to some people.



Come on we're gonna do the cake.

Dude, you should go.


Hell no, I'm too high for that shit.

I'm just gonna finish my beer.

Well suit yourself, I gotta go.

Max, come on we're gonna do the cake.


Coming dad, coming.

Lookin' for Tracy.


Come on graduate.


None of that "come on graduate" stuff.

No dad no, not around mom.

You know how she gets okay?

Just play it cool, just play it cool.

Hey, hey!

Wait wait wait.

Hey wait!

Good evening young lady.

What'll it be?

Oh we've got it all.

Do you have Nestle French Bars?

I'm afraid not.

I'm a purest.

Just regular old ice cream.

Cups, cones and shakes.

No store bought confections here.

This is the real deal.


What flavor?

Uh I don't know.

I usually just get the bars, I'm not really an ice cream person.

Well, today's you're lucky day then isn't it?

Time to try something new.


Come on up.

Rum Raisin's my favorite.

It's probably more of an old fashioned flavor.

But then again I am an old fashioned guy.

Oh what's this one?

That's rainbow sherbet.


There are a lot of choices.

Oh this one looks good.

Just giving you the personal experience.

Yeah, no thanks I think I'll just go.

But you haven't picked a flavor yet?

Let me out.

What I should just walk you out?

Let me out!

(slow distant ice cream truck music)

* For he's a jolly good fellow

* For he's a jolly good fellow

* For he's a jolly good fellow

* Which nobody can deny


Divine, got them all.

Thanks mom.

Um guys come on, come on.

It's chocolate.

You need to have this right?

Yeah yeah.


This isn't quite your scene is it?

Sure it is.

Just takin' it all in.


Well if you ever had the desire to cheat now would be the time to do it.

I have a really good vibrator.

Well if you'll excuse me I have to go find my kids.

* I scream you scream, we all scream for ice cream

* And sherbet

* Shoot the sherbet to the Herbert

* Shoot the sherbet to me Herbert

* Shoot the sherbet to me Herbert

* Shoot the sherbet to me Herbert, shoot it bad

Hey mom.

How's it going?

Oh it is going.


Weird huh?

Yeah, I forgot how much.

It's like a big bubble.

A bubble that means well, but still a bubble.

I can't wait to get outta here.

Don't be in too much of a rush.

Crazy resides everywhere.

Yeah right.


Another bubble, a bigger bubble.

Not always but you'll figure that out.

Not at first but you will.


Not since the best part of my night.

Come on over here.

My uncle.

He looks like an uncle.

Well, to be continued.

Come on uncle West let's get you a nice tall water.

So, what's your name pretty lady?



So where you been all my life Mary?

Living in Seattle with my husband.

Well now that is a shame, cause uh.

'Scuse me.


I've had enough for one night.



Maybe we can talk about the meaning of life another time.

Well if you want anymore, you know, just tell me mom you want yard work done.

She'll let me know.

You're a grass worker.

Yeah I guess, I guess I am.

See you later Mary.

I could've sworn I left that light on.

Good morning Mary.

You're a runner?

More or less.

Well my family's across the country so you can find time for lots of things.

Ah, so it would seem.

Oh you know I found this hairpin on the ground over there.

I think it's um, is it Tracy's?

Max's girlfriend?

I remember her wearing it the other night at the party.

I dunno I just remember those things.

Okay, uh yeah well hey.

If you see her.

Ask he if she lost a hairpin?

Okay sure.

How are things going in the house?

Oh, good, good.

You know, I drove down with all these boxes to set everything up for the kids before they got here but.



I uh, I was looking for writing inspiration and I was listening to these great podcasts.

Well I hope you were carrying a gun at least.

No, I don't own a gun.

Well you need to go get one.

There's a lot of crazies out there you know?

Yes, yes there are.


Uh anyway, I can't wait for the cable company to come and hook everything up because I'm losing my mind in there.


And the yard's a total mess.

Well we know.

Wait, Max does yard work right?

Yeah he does.

No really I need somebody to clean up the yard.

So how would I book him?

I'll just have him and his friends come by.

Oh great, thank you.

I'm just so fuckin' tired of doin' yard work.

Sorry, uh sorry.

'Kay, well I gotta run, gotta go get carpool started so.

See you later.

What is it about the suburbs?

Hi Jessica.

How are you doing this morning?

Oh just fine.

Your husband coming soon?

Not soon enough.

Still two more days for me to get into trouble.

Hi Mary.

I heard you needed yard work.

Yes, yes I do.

Oh no.

I actually do need yard work.

Oh, sorry.

No it's okay.

I'll take that too.

This is Nick and Joe.

Hey guys.

I don't know.

Just the front yard cleaned up a bit.

Lets go take a look.

Yeah it's not too bad.

There's barely any lawn.

I can go check the backyard and see if there are any weeds to pull.

That's easy enough.

100 bucks.

Hey we'll throw in a little greens for the deal.

Alright cool, sounds perfect.

So um, how's Tracy?

I don't know.

I haven't heard from her.

She's probably just mad at me.


Well she won't text me back, she bailed on my party.

Does she have a reason to be mad at you?

Eugh, yeah probably.

He told her he wants to be single in college.

I'm just bein' honest.

Yep well there you go.

Uh let me think, what else can I have you guys do while you're here, um.

Do you guys clean pools?

Just kidding, alright let me check the back.

It's too fuckin' hot for this shit man.

It's called summer.

Just got a text from Brie, I'm outta here.

Just take my cut of the money.

Yeah but that's twice as much work for both of us.

Gotta get some ass, later dudes.

Oh thanks a lot.

Nick, c'mon. Sorry.

What do you call the opposite of a gentlemen caller?


Hello there young fellow.

Uh, your shtick.

You know, some things in this life are sacred the ice cream truck being one of them.

Is it so wrong to make it more special for the little kids?

So what you're always in character?

I guess you could say that.

So, what'll it be my friend?

Come on up, that's where all my coolers are.

What flavor?

Might I suggest pralines and cream?

Uh two chocolate cones please.

Well doesn't that sounds delicious.

A traditionalist I see.

Yeah whatever.

Oh yeah.


You keep it.

That's so sweet.

Oh here.

Thanks baby.

My parents won't be back until Monday.

Should just say you're staying at Max's.


God what are you trying to do to me?



Who's coming over?


Yeah, will you answer the door?

No way I've got a huge boner.

Uh fine.

Hello young lady.

Would you mind if I used your bathroom?

I don't have one on the truck you see.

I don't think so.

I don't know you.

Fuck, let go of her.


Here I wrote you a check it's um, made out to cash.

Okay great.

Thanks again guys.

Hi Jessica.

She is such a nosy fuck.


Okay I'll see you guys later.

Hi. Hey.


Thanks. Thanks.

It's you.


Thought you might be bored, or lonely.

Can I come in?

I forgot to give you your pot earlier.


Come in.


Have a seat.

Can I get you something?

Beer, vodka.

Wait a second, I can't give you any of that.

Oh come on spare me, like you didn't drink in high school?

Of course I did.

Being around you guys, it's like a constant reminder of my high school days.

I bet you were cute.

Stop it, I am not giving you alcohol.

Suit yourself mom.

You know technically I'm in college now.

How about we just smoke some pot.

And then I have to go.

Go be an adult without a teenager in my house.

Where's the rest of your furniture?


And I got some new stuff.

Change is good.

You should sit on the couch closer to me.

I'm cool here thanks.


It's all good.

Oh hey.

It's for you.

Ah thanks, it's exciting.

I love this song.

The only music I hear these days is Disney.

Come on Mary, be young, dance with me.

I really didn't mean it like that.

Come on you're cool and hotter than most of the girls my age.

You're bad.

Come on Mary.

Oh okay, yep.

You are too young to know how to dance like this.

No I'm not, I was raised on Dancing With the Stars.

Don't remind me.

Okay it's time for you to go trouble.

Trouble is relative.

I'm not even gonna respond to that.

Mary Mary quite contrary.

Goodbye my friend, maybe in another lifetime.


I don't have your number.

Just in case.

Look you could have mine too, you know, if you need yard work.



I can call and text first, or I can just show up.



Well that is a shitty number.

Couldn't you have got some repetition?

Bye, bye Max.

Hey I'll text you so you have mine.




Hi baby.

I can't wait to see you.


One more day.

I'll see you tomorrow.

I'll go give you 100 kisses.

I'm gonna give you 101 kisses.

When do you guys land again?

2:35, you don't have to pick us up from the airport, I'll get a car.

Okay, I'll be here waiting.

I'm so excited, I miss you guys so much.

Us too, I can't wait until we're all together again.


I'll talk to you later, call me if you need anything.

Will do, bye.


Why hello there.


Would the two of you like something this fine evening?

No thanks.

How 'bout a shake?

Um, sure.

No, wait.

Lemme guess, vanilla.

You look like a vanilla kinda gal.

Although, tonight, you look like you might want something a little more decadent.

Am I wrong?

Vanilla's fine thank you.

Okay, super.

How about you young man?

You wanna taste something sweet?

Nah I'm cool thanks.

I can see that.

You look really good tonight.


Come on, let' go this way to the park.

I'm really glad you came here tonight.

How's the shake?

It's good.

You can kill it.

That was awesome.


I don't know, relax.

Probably just a squirrel or something.

Hey hey, hey.

We can't do this again.

Because I'm old enough to be your mother.

Not really.

And I'm married.

You are so sexy.

If I were 18.

But I'm not.

Life is complicated.

Can I at least still see you when your family gets here.

I don't think it's a good idea.

I'm sorry.

You made me feel young again.

I don't know.

Let's get the fuck outta here though Mary come on, go.

Go just run!

Mary go keep running, I'll draw him away.







You whore.

(muffled abstract ice cream truck music)

Hey buddy.

Thanks, come here.


Hi. Hi.

Here we go.


Thanks. My pleasure.

Looks like you've been missed.


When are the movers coming with the rest of our stuff?

Uh Monday I think, let's get the rest of this weekend.

Come here.

Thank you!

Hi. Hi.

Hi, see your family finally made it.

Yup they did.

That's good.

This is Steve.

Nice to meet you.





Well it's nice to meet all of you.

I was wondering how you occupying your time all alone in there.

Oh you know, you can always find ways to entertain yourself.

I'm sure you can.

Hey there's a pool, let's go.

Okay go on.

Oh, I'm so glad you're here.

Me too.

I really missed you.

I missed you too.

Hey Mary!

Your family showed up!

Welcome to the neighborhood.

The kid who's graduation party I went to.


Seems like a nice kid.

Yeah, he is.

What's this?

Oh I was doing some yard work.

You should hire someone to do that for you.

I know, I had a ton of free time.

Mom come on let's go in the pool.