The Iceman (2012) Script




(MALE VOICE) Mr. Kuklinski.

Do you have any regrets for the things you've done?



You know, it's not very polite.

Ask a girl out for coffee, you should have something to say.

Like what? I don't know.

You're the one that asked me here.

So, what do you do for a living?

I dub cartoons for Disney.

No way! What's your favorite?




What is that?

He, he used to be some sort of devil, I think.

I don't know.

I was trying to look tough, I guess.

How come?

Does it bother you?

Not at all.

You're, uh, you're a, you're a prettier version of...


Nah. No, what were you going to say?

Um, uh...

You were going to say something. What?

No. Nothing.

So, you got any family, or...?

Yeah, my sister and brother are around somewhere, I guess.

What, you don't talk to them?

Not really. They're lousy conversationalists.

Well, I guess it runs in the family.

Most people I talk to don't have nothing to say.

No, l... I didn't mean anything. I just...

I get nervous around new people.

I didn't mean you.

No? Okay.

You're a prettier version of Natalie Wood.

I don't look anything like her.

To me, you do.


I thought it was bad luck to cheer with water.

I don't believe in bad luck.


Oh, you're funny.

I hope so.

I'm sorry. My aunt is always late.

You don't have to wait.

I don't mind.

I had a really good time.

I'm glad you insisted.

You mind if I call you again?

Please do. That would be great.

[CAR HORN HONKS] Um, here she is.




It's Earl, right?

(MAN WITH MUSTACHE) What do you do?

I do business. I'm a businessman.

Ask Terry. He knows.

Yeah. He delivers, uh, fucking diapers.


What do you do?

Me and Ritchie, we make porno movies.

Yeah, we dub 'em.

So, Terry, which one of these guys dates that girl Deborah?

That'll be Ritchie.

(EARL) Yeah? Yeah, how do you know Deborah?

My friend Danny went out with her.

Girl waited three weeks to tell him she doesn't have sex 'til she's married.

Hey, Earl, have some fucking respect, okay?

It's his future wife you're talking about.

I guess, if he's desperate enough.


Yeah, I'm pretty desperate.

But, where there's a will...

Oh! Nice shot, Ritchie.

There's a way, my friend.

(DINO) Good shot, Ritchie. Jesus.

Nice. Whoa.

Where there's a will, there's a way.

(TERRY) Unbelievable, man. Good job.

Hey, what the fuck you think you're doing?

No, what is this, man? Come on. What?

This asshole turns you down, so I take the bait?

Easy, Earl, you just pay what you owe.

No, I'm not paying you anything.

Put the money on the table.

Put that money on the table.

Trust me.

Take your money. All right, go.

Go to your porn lab, jerk off with your friends.

I'm going to fuck a real woman tonight.


And good luck getting your dick in her.

Take a walk. It's not worth it, Rich.

(TERRY) Yeah, Ritchie, don't sweat that.

Not worth it.

(DINO) Come on, stack 'em up.







(WOMAN OVER SPEAKERS) Dr. Hunter, to Delivery, please.

Dr. Hunter, to Delivery, please.

Mr. Kuklinski? Yeah.

Your wife and daughter are in recovery. They're doing fine.

Oh, thanks. Thanks. Uh, can I see them?

Come with me. All right.

They're in here.

Oh, wow. They're asleep now.


Congratulations, you're a father.


Yeah. (DINO OVER PHONE) Ritchie.

What the fuck's the matter with you? You still there?

We're still seven boxes short.

They called me twice already.

They're probably on the way over there as we speak.

Don't we got any shoes to give, it's the wrong date?

Roy Demeo is with them. This fucking guy is crazy.

Go home to your family. Trust me on this. Okay.

Hang up the phone and walk out. You hear me, Ritchie?

All right.

(ROY) What's this guy's name?

(JOSH) Dino Lapron.

(SCICOLI) Lapron?

He's probably going to accuse me of fucking up the dates.

Did you?

What kind of question is that?

Yes or no? Did you?


(ROY) Are you Lapron?

(KUKLINSKI) Excuse me? You Dino Lapron?

(JOSH) That's not him, Roy.

Where's Dino Lapron? He's not here.

Open the door. There's nobody in here.

Just open the door.

Let's go. You're coming.

Seen any good movies lately? I don't really watch them.

I'm not into porn myself, but I got to look out for my customers.

What do you got for us?

Well, Dino had the date for the 28th, you know?

We can't take the blame if you change it last minute.

Hey. That's fucking bullshit.

That's not what I asked you.

We're seven boxes short.

Seven. We gotta adjust the machines when they run all week.

If somebody would of told us they needed the order earlier we could have...

You like that? Huh?

You got something to say to me, you say it to my fucking face.

You fuck us and try to act like a tough guy?

If I work all night they'll be finished tomorrow.

Hey, look at me. Stupid fuck.

Tell me the truth.

Let's kill the fucking guy. Fuck Lapron.

Put the gun down.

I didn't fuck nothing up. I'll fuck you up. Come on.

I'll smack you in the fucking mouth.

What's your name?

Ritchie Kuklinski.

(ROY) You know who I am? Mm-hm.

So if I came down here, I must have had a good reason.

I didn't say you didn't have a good reason, I said the date was...

If you want to complain about life, you're talking to the wrong fucking guy.

You'll have this done by tomorrow? Yes?

All right, good.

Let's get the fuck out of here.




We're at the Gemini Lounge.

It's on Flatlands near the parkway.

I'll drop the prints off tomorrow.

It's got nothing to do with that. Roy wants to see you.

Just be there.



There. It's okay.

Well, what's Mommy been looking at?

Four bedrooms.

(DEBORAH) Is this a private conversation?

Yeah, she's doing all the talking.

Well, so don't mind me. Did I wake you up?

No, I have to feed her.



So, what were you two talking about?

She says she don't like living here.

She wants a four-bedroom in Dumars.

Well, she's got good taste, our daughter.

Did you just get home? Yeah, not long ago.

Hm. It's so late.

How was your day?

It was good. What happened to your hand?

Eh, some jerk left some film cans out, I almost fell on my face.

So, what do we got here?

Oh, it's just Vice President Nixon's house.

He just put it on the market.

You want to look at it?

[LAUGHS] Sure.

Why are you laughing?

If we could afford an apartment in Hoboken I'd be happy, Ritchie.

No, you wouldn't.

You think I'm a spoiled brat.

No. You like to be taken care of.

There's nothing wrong with that.

I like the way you take care of me.

Thank you.

Hey, the guy from the porn lab's here.

You want me to bring him up?

Nah. Let him wait.

Come here. Sit down, I want to talk to you.

Yeah. What is it?

You're really keeping that mustache, huh?

[LAUGHING] Why, you don't like it?

Nah, it just doesn't seem like it goes with your face.

Listen to me.

The word's come to me from the city that you're using my name again, Josh.

No, l...

No, not really. Not really?

No, it was just, it was just for the Westies.

I didn't want to walk in there for the deal, and with them thinking I'm nobody, Roy.

I'm not going to use Rosenthal. It's too Jewish.

You don't respect yourself to use your own name?

That only makes you look weak.

Listen to me. You and I, we have a history together.

That means something to me.

It means something to me, too.


It won't happen again.

All right, let's go see what this guy's made of. Come on.

Let's take this guy for a ride.

(ROY) Kulinski? Kolinsky? Josh, pull over here.

So... Kulinksi? Kolinsky?

How, how do you say it? Who?


Kuklinski? With a... with a K? Or is, what is that?

A C or a K? A "K."

"Ski." That's a "ski", "skis" are Polish, right? You're a Polack?

Yeah. Yeah?

Get away from the car. Get away.

Can you spare some change?

Get away. Take a walk!

Would it kill you to give me a dime?

Hey! Scumbag!

Scicoli, here's a quarter. You should go give it to him.

Go give it to him. What?

Guy's not going to last an hour in this weather.

He's a fucking' reefer addict. Have some heart. It's the holidays.

Come on, Roy, why do I got to freeze for a fucking skivatz?

Here, give me the quarter. I'll give him the quarter.

I'll give him the fucking quarter. Fucking give him a holiday quarter?

The fucking skivatz.

Kuklinski. Kuklinski.

There you go!


Okay, I gave him the quarter.

Don't you feel better about yourself?

Yeah. You did something nice for somebody.

That's the fucking spirit.

Look at that.

Fucking guy's cold as ice.

Come on, you got to feel something for somebody.

Got a girlfriend?

I'm married.

Then why do you act like you don't give a shit?

What do you want?

I'm closing the porn lab.

Sorry, but you're out of a job.

If you could follow orders, you got everything to gain.

Go put the bum out of his misery.

If you don't have it in you, now's the time to say it.


God almighty. You got big hands.

Are you a lumberjack or something?

No, I'm Polish. [LAUGHING]


Mind if I sit down?

It's your ass. Put it where you want it.



(SCICOLI) What the fuck is this? What's he doing now?

(ROY) Shut the fuck up. Just give him a second.

Actually, I will have a drag. What are you smoking? Camel...



Come on.


(ROY) You all right? Yeah.

Not that big of a deal, is it?

I know nobody forced you to do anything but, I'm going to need a guarantee of your loyalty.

Give me the gun.

This is for you.

(ROY, OFF) What you're going to be doing is you'll be watching my back.

You'll be collecting debts, sending messages, whatever the messages are.

But if I need you, Scicoli or Josh here is going to get in contact with you.

And payphones only.

Now, you're going to deal with whatever we can, for whatever reason.

You're only going to work for me, nobody else.

(ROY) You understand?




Puh... please. I got some money upstairs.

I beg of you, please? Please?

Anything you want. Anything, just...




(KUKLINSKI) I give thanks for my beautiful wife, Deborah.

She means the world to me.

And she's carrying our baby.




Hey, honey. Hi.

Oh, sorry. It's okay.

Hi, Dad. Take this.

Thank you. Is that everything?

Yeah. Perfect.

Yeah. You got it?

Yeah, I got it.

How was school? It was good.

(KUKLINSKI) That's good wine, isn't it?

(DINO) For that price, it better be.

So how'd you guys meet? You two?

Oh, we met on a boat. Really?

Yeah. Like, big yacht, one of those big fancy boats?

The one you can eat and drink anything you want on?

So I'm in the bath and I hear this voice from this other stall, right?

A little mousy voice. Oh.

And it goes, "Excuse me?"

"Excuse me? Is there somebody in the other stall?" I was locked in.

Yeah, right. If you ask me, she followed somebody in there.

There was a huge line for the girls room.

How'd you meet Ritchie?

Uh, it, it doesn't compare to the bathroom story.

I think it's pretty good. Yeah?

(DINO) Yeah, tell us. Come on.

All right. Uh, I was working across the street and, uh, Ritchie would come over every break he had and he would bring me flowers and candy.

And then it got really awkward, because I didn't know who he was.

And I started just making any excuse I could to say no and then one day, out of the blue he walks in and he tells me I'm making a big mistake.

And I didn't know what to say, because he seemed so convinced.

So I went out with him.

All because he wouldn't leave you alone?


Because, he knew what I needed more than I did.

And now look at him.

He goes from dubbing cartoons to international banking.


It's currency exchange.

Cartoons? Is that what you call porn these days? Porn?

(DINO) You're going to have to excuse Terry as an idiot.

When me and Ritchie weren't looking he was using the equipment to make porn for Adele here.

I don't think there's anything wrong with it.

I mean, a little porn is healthy now and then.

(DINO) You guys are all perverts, okay?

Hey, look at these. These are our girls.

(DINO) Ah, look how much they've grown.

That's, um, Anabel, and that's Betsy.

So beautiful. Now, Ritchie...

Oh, they're gorgeous. Yeah.

What's currency exchange?

That's when he watches the market, like everybody else, and he looks for trends. (DINO) Okay.

Like, um, natural disaster or typhus, then he takes advantage of inflation.

And waits. Is that right?

That's pretty good. Pretty good.

You got all the inside information?

No. Vendor makes the decisions.

He's the one who pays me.

In Valentino suits?

Uh, it's Bloomingdale's.

Hey, this is actually...

This is genuine Chinese silk. It's nice, right?

Did you pick it out for him?

Absolutely not.

It's a nice shirt, Terry. Shows off your hair.

Thank you. I spent a lot of money on this shit.

(DINO) That is pretty awkward.

That was really excellent. Thanks a lot.

Thank you. Keep the change.

See us again, sir.

You got dinner? Yeah, no skin off my nose.

Thank you. You're welcome.

So what do you think? About what?


She's all right.

What is that supposed to mean?

Uh, you seem happy enough. I'm happy for you. Okay.

What do you want me to say? She ain't my type.

Well, I'm sorry you had to be seen with us.

What's your problem, Dino? Forgot already?

You couldn't even talk to a girl unless I made the first move.

I suppose. You're my best friend, Ritchie.

That's true. So I just think about you all the time.

I wonder how you're doing, how your family is.

You know, I used to take care of you.

Now I have to call your wife every time I want to see you? Really?

I'm doing great.

All right, that's good. I'm sorry.

Look, I, really, I'm sorry.

It's just that I miss you, you know?

It's okay. Yeah.

Can I have a hug? Give me a hug.

A hug? Jesus Christ. Why are you hugging my husband?

My best friend? Where did Olivia go?

She's in the restroom.

She's all locked in there. Really?

Try it.


It's the purest shit you can find.


It's good. Like I told you.

Same deal we spoke about?

Yeah, unless you want to give me more money. No.

Here. We should count it.




Oh! Oh!




[KNOCK ON DOOR] Oh, shit.

(ANABEL) Mom? Betsy woke me up. Son of a bitch.

Uh... Go back to bed.

(ANABEL) She had a bad dream. This is not fair.



(KUKLINSKI) Hold on.


All right.

(KUKLINSKI) What the hell is going on?

Can I come in the bed, please?


(MALE REPORTER OVER TV) Secretary of State Henry Kissinger says he will ask Congress for funds.

(ANABEL) They're coming back from Vietnam?

Y eah.

Dad? What?

Sister Marjorie says it's God's will.

What's God's will?

The people who died in Vietnam.

That doesn't really make sense to me.

Well, you know, honey, there's just too many people in the world for God to care about everyone.

So that's why we look after each other.

Yeah, your mom's right. God's got nothing to do with it.

(BETSY) There's nothing else on?

They got school, Ritchie. They got school real early.

Mom's the boss.

Can I stay in here with you?

Not tonight.

Come on. You'll be all right.

(MOM) Come on, girls.

No more bad dreams. All right.

All right, goodnight. Love you.

Love you. Just count sheep. That's what I do.

[LAUGHS] I'll try it.


You're the one who wanted to send them to Catholic school.

[SIGH] I was an altar boy.

Oh, yeah. Come here.





Hey, Jimmy.

Hey, Josh.

Who's up there?

The Gambino guy, Leo Marks.



(ROY) You know something, Leo?

One of these days I'm not going to let you in here anymore.

I'm starting to associate your face with bad news. Salud.

I got where I am by doing what's right, Roy. Salud.

Oh, yeah? Is that how it works?

You know, I'm the one delivering the message.

Not receiving it.

All right, well, what's the message?

Rosenthal steals half a mil in cocaine, then shoots the couriers.

You're being held responsible by the Cubans for his actions.

How do you figure that? How the fuck am I responsible?

He goes around throwing your name. Demeo this, Demeo that.

Starts a war, so now everyone thinks you're involved.

He was just trying to help me out, Leo!

Help you out? Ha!

Then it's your fault you made him feel sorry for you.

You want to be friends with the Gambinos, then be real with me.

I understand you got this relationship with Rosenthal.

But the couriers he killed and stole from, they were linked to the Callies, Roy.

Nothing gets forgotten.

Leo, you're asking me to kill Rosenthal?

Why don't you stop asking questions you know the answers to?

I took the kid from the streets!

I raised him like he was one of my own.

Then that's your problem.

Kid goes around telling everybody he's your son and they hold the... the father accountable.

They were fucking coked out delivery boys!

Who gives a fuck? Who gives a shit about them?

But that's not the point.

You understand? They'll come after you and him no matter what.

Do you fucking understand that in your fucking thick head? Yes! Fuck me.

You get what I'm telling you? Yeah, I get it.

Even people you consider friends will come after him.

You got that friend, Marty.

What about Marty?

He already started spreading the word where to find him.

This is one big fucking mess we don't need, Roy.

Clean it up.


The property is in Vernon and he's asking Atlantic City price.

(ANABEL) Dad, we got to go.

(REALTOR ON PHONE) Gambling is going legal any day.

They're condominiums, not a casino.

You got to understand, it's a seller's market.

With the rumors of gambling going legal, property values are going through the roof.

T ell them I 'm not going above 150, all right?

You're changing your tie.

He won't give me the time of day.

I'll have to call you back later.

All right. Take care.

Hey, I'm going shopping. Need anything?

More cologne?

What, again? Yeah.

You got a girlfriend I don't know about?

No, it's for you, baby. Mom.

Have a great day at school, sweetie.

All right, bye. Bye.

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Look at that.

Let's go, Bets!


Don't take any crap from any nuns.

Okay, I won't. Coming.

Come here. Bye.

Love you. Love you.

Love you, too. All right.

See you after school.



There's no sound on this, but tell me your name.

Alex. Alex.

Very nice to meet you, Alex. I'm Marty.

Very nice.

Ah, look at that. Bare your soul.

Okay, you like that?

I like that.







No! No!

(MARTY) Yes, he asked me about Rosenthal, if I 'd seen him lately and I said not in a while! That's all.

That's... yes, that's all.

Of course, yes.

I swear to God. Yes.

As soon as possible.

Thank you, Roy.

He wants to talk to you.



Ah. Guess everyone has a soft spot, right?

Guess so.

Hey, what the fuck's going on?

He changed his mind.

No, no, no, no. Look, Rosenthal's my best friend. I would never say anything.

Not my problem.

Well, do-no! No! Not-Please don't!

God, please! God, please!

What, are you praying?

God, please! Please!

You really believe that?

You think God will come down and save you?


All right. I'll give you some time.

Pray to God.

Tell him to come down and stop me.

Go ahead.


Our Father...

Our Father... Mm-hm.

All right, then.

All right, all right, all right.

I'm not feeling nothing.

Nothing at all.


What? I'm...

This your last chance.

No. No. Don't.

I think God's busy.



Please... please, I didn't see anything.

I'm not Shannon. I'm Alex.

She's his girl usually. I don't know him. L...

Doesn't fucking matter!

I promise I won't say anything.

Shh. How old are you?


Get out. Come on. Come on. Get dressed.

Come on.

Better hurry up.

Come on.

Just get out of here.

Hey, Polack. What?

Let's take a ride. Why?

Suit yourself.



(KUKLINSKI) What the hell are you up to?

Guess the man didn't want to take any chances, putting us both on the same mark.

Kuklinski, right? Yeah.

Robert Pronge. Introductions are long overdue.

(PRONGE) Who's the girl? (KUKLINSKI) I don't know her.

And you let her go?

I don't kill women or children.

You're going to kill your reputation.

What are you doing?

She saw my face.


Stop the car.

Stop the car now.

The odds are against you.

You shoot the captain, the ship goes down.

Stop the fucking car!


Aw, what the fuck is the matter with you?

Christ! Are you fucking nuts?

Got to keep my reputation.

You owe me a window, Polack.

Yeah, I'll pay you back someday.

You want to get the fuck out of the way?


Stupid motherfucker.

Vegetables are good for you.

Didn't your mom ever tell you that?


No? What about leaving witnesses at a murder scene?

She forget to tell you that one, too?

I guess she didn't give me much advice.

She was a kid, Roy.

That's right.

Young girls are notorious for keeping their fucking mouths shut.

She doesn't even know me. They got nothing' on me.

(JIMMY) Can I do something? No.


Thing is? I told you to zip it the fuck up.

I did. I'm getting paranoid, Polack.

And it's all because he wanted to help me out.

The Gambinos want to hurt me.

The Callies want my whole fucking family dead.

The other day, there's a car that I don't recognize, it's parked outside of my house.

Looked Cuban enough, piece of shit car, dark skin, I think one thing.

[GUNFIRE] So I panic.

Turns out it's a fucking Puerto Rican kid selling vacuum cleaners to help pay his way through college. You get it now?

I'm not going to do a thing until this is resolved.

For now, you're decommissioned.

We all got to make sacrifices to stay alive.

I need to work, Roy. I'm good at what I do.

If that were true, then I wouldn't have any fucking loose ends, now, would I?

Nothing is done in my name until we figure this out. Nothing.

Let me do something on the side.

Not a fucking thing.

Roy... No. Nothing.

Tell me that you understand.

I brought you into this, and now I'm letting you go.

I don't fucking hear you, Polack.

I understand.

Here's some money to hold you over.

Josh, let's get the fuck out of here.





(MAN ON PHONE) This is a call from Hudson County Jail.

If you'd like to take the call, please remain on the line.

Who was that?


There you go.



What is it, almost 11 years?

How are you doing, Joey?

You're looking at it.

I've got bed bugs. [CHUCKLES]

You got big.


Probably more pissed I killed that dog than the girl, huh?

She was 12 years old.

Wasn't my fault. She started screaming.

After all these years, you got someplace to go?

Y eah, I told my kids I 'd take them roller skating.

You're a family man now? [CHUCKLES]

That makes me an uncle?

What, girls, boys, what?

Two daughters.

What are their names?

Anabel and Betsy.

Come on.

You and me, Ritchie, we're too fucked in the head for family.

You know that.

Speak for yourself.

Think you're different than me, huh?

I don 't have to think about it.

Oh, yeah?

What about those stray dogs?

The ones you tied to the express train?

You going to tell that story to your daughters?

What about that boy? What was his name, uh, Frank?

You caved his head in with that shower pole. Remember?

Yeah, I saw you doing it, but I didn't say nothing 'cause I'm your brother.

I don't want you to call the house anymore.


Because I don 't want to have to explain to people who you are.

What if I do, huh?

What if I want to be an uncle?

U ncle Joey?

Hey! I'm sorry, all right?

Hey, Ritchie, please. I need you.

I need your help. Come back.

The old man used to count them out in Polish, remember?

Every punch he landed, you counted, too.

He got so pissed, he forgot about me.

What do you need, Joey?

A lawyer.

There 's a guy in Trenton, he said he 'd take me on.

He wants ten grand to start.

I don 't have that kind of cash.

Well, do you know anybody that does?

Joey, look, it don 't matter. You killed a little girl.

Nobody's going to forgive you, okay?

Y ea h, I know I did. I know.

A wife?

Fucking kids?

Who are you kidding?

You're going to end up just like me, right here.

So go fuck you and your fucking family.

Take care.

Hey! Where you going?

[DOOR BUZZING] I can 't stand it! Richard!

Don 't leave me again, you motherfucker!

Goddamn! You fuck!

Get the fuck off me!

Fuck you! Son of a bitch!



Hey, Daddy.


H i, Mom! Hi! You're doing great, girls.

Hey, girls.

What's going on with Ritchie?

(ADELE) I see he got the day off again.

(DEBORAH) Yeah, off, I don't know about off.

He seems to be making his own schedule these days.

You know what I mean?

You know, you can ask him what's going on, Deb.

You're his wife. It's got to be a work issue.

And if it is?

If your husband's been laid off, it's your business.

You're the one holding down the house.

That's all I'm saying.


(ANABEL) So much fun.

You looked great. Thank you.

You look great, too. Thanks.

So much fun.



Christ! You all right?

Yeah. You okay honey?


(DEBORAH) You didn't hit your head?

Hey! You going to get on out and take a look at it?

Why don't you just get back in your car?

Hey, fuck you, lady!

Oh, Ritchie. Ritchie!

All right, all right, all right, sorry, sorry!

Hey, you hit my car!

Get in your fucking car.

Peace, man.

[MUTTERS] Son of a bitch.

You know what? Fuck you! And fuck your family!



Ritchie! Ritchie!

Stop the car!

What are you doing? Stop!

Stop the car!



(ANABEL) Daddy, stop it! Stop!

Dad, stop the car!


Dad, stop, please! Daddy! Please!

Just, just stop the car!

Daddy, stop it! Dad, stop!

(ANABEL) Stop the car! Dad!




What is wrong with you?

I'm sorry.

Are you okay? She's okay.

She's okay.



(WOMAN ON TV) The Golden Nugget in Atlantic City.

You really have to see it to believe it.

What are you doing up?

Can't sleep.

Anything on?

Not really.

What's going on, Ritchie?

Please, talk to me.

I'm all right.

That's it?

The condo prices in AC skyrocketed.

You know that's not what I'm talking about.

I just lost my temper. So, what?

Yeah. Yeah. That's been happening a lot lately.

The guy told you to go fuck yourself.

You think I'm going to take that?

So you put everyone at risk?

That's... that's not what I meant to do.

I said, "I'm sorry."

I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Ritchie, you-you-you got to just talk to me.

Got to tell me.

You and me, we've been through enough.

We got too much good here for you to be acting this way.

What way? Like you don't care anymore.

So that's what you think? I don't care anymore?

I see. I don't get the benefit of the doubt?

Really? Of course, you do.

I buy you all this shit, I buy you this fucking house?

I buy you your fucking jewelry.

I send the girls to private school!

Do not raise your voice to me, Richard.

"Richard?" What happened to "Ritchie?" I don't know.

Yeah? Well, fuck you!

I don't give a shit what you fucking think about anything!




[WAILING] Oh, Richard!



I'm so sorry. [GROWLING]


Please. I'm so sorry. Deb...

This is it, okay?

You and the girls.

That is all I care about in the whole fucking world.

Do you understand me? Yeah.

That's it.

I know. I know. I do. I know. I know.

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.



There you go. Thank you.

All right, kids, that's it. Go on home. We're closed.

No, wait. Please, Mr. Freezy.

My little brother wants a strawberry shortcake.

My mom gave us three dollars. Is that enough?

Yeah, it's on the house. Get out of here.

Thank you.

So, is it my lucky day, or my last?

You got a second?

(KUKLINSKI) So who do you work for?

(PRONGE) I work for everyone.

Gambinos, Luchezis, Pananos, you name it.

What about you? Red with the arrow through the eye?

That was you, wasn 't it?

That's fucking legendary.

Was that target practice?

Somebody wants somebody dead, who am I to question it?

(PRONGE) Yeah. Remember her? The cutie you let slide?

Force-fed her a puffer fish.

Been frozen since the last time I saw you.

Three more months I'll dump her up in Pittsburgh.

There 's a crack out there, sold his meds, started torching bodies.

I 'll do the same to her. Pin it on that crazy fucker.

Roy put you up to that?

You know he did. Hm. Let me show you something.

Coroners are lazier than cops.

If it looks like a heart attack, it is.

Arsenic? Pure cyanide.

Careful. It's rare. Pricey. Comes as a powder.

You can liquefy it, spray it, bake it in a fucking cake.

Pour it in a guy's shirt, he's dead before you can say I'm sorry.

No more stake outs. I can do that anywhere.

I don't have any friends, so it makes it easy.

I only feel alone around other people.

Couldn't be truer.

You got a family?

My son's a decent kid, despite his cunt mother.

Well, here's my situation.

I'm currently unemployable.

Except maybe by the rat who turned me in.

Look, Polack, I'm good at my job.

Just because you fucked up doesn't mean I owe you shit.

I'll make it worth your while.

You take care of the details, I do the hit.

No risk. We split it 50-50.

You trying to be my partner?

No. This is short term.

Roy's got to think I'm retired.

You're Polish, I'm Dutch Irish.

We're not exactly membership material.

We might as well look out for each other. Mm-hm.

Going to need more shelves.

(GEORGE) Mr. Kuklinski, it's good to see you all again.

Good to see you, George.

My, your ladies look radiant tonight.

Don't they always?

Indeed. Your table.

Thanks, George.

My pleasure, sir.

(PRONGE) June 2nd, 1979?

Fuck, does it feel like two years since we laid this fucking steak?

I don't remember.

Going to take a while to defrost.

Nah, 24 hours they'll be good.


(DEBORAH) So I went into your office to get your jacket to take to the cleaners and there was a lot of money in that pocket.

I sold high on 300,000 francs.

That's about thirty grand.

Thirty grand? Mm-hm.


I'm really proud of you, Ritchie. I really am. Hm.

Hey. Hey.

Hey, Roy. How are you doing, Leo?

Have a seat, Josh.

Yeah, yeah, what's going on?


You can't, Roy. You, you can't.

Wait, wait, Roy. Come on, now.

Listen, listen. I'll, I'll, I'll disappear, okay?

No one will ever hear from me.

Roy, Roy, hold-hold-hold, fuck! Roy. No, you can 't. Sorry, Josh.


I can't! I can't!

What the fuck are you doing here, for Christ's sake?

All right, all right, all right! Stop! Just stop! Get off!

Get the fuck off me!

Just get... You don't fucking touch me, you fucking son of a bitch!

(ROY) Will you leave? Just go! It's done.

Just fucking go.

You're done. You're a dead man, Scicoli.




It's got to look like a natural death.

Like he choked on a steak, or had a heart attack, something like that.

I want to be able to go to the funeral, give my condolences to Roy.

Cry like an old grandmother and not have my conscience bother me.

You get what I'm saying.

(PRONGE) Yeah, I got it.

I'll give you 40 grand.

And if there's no suspicion at all, and I mean at all, I'll throw in another ten as a holiday bonus.

You can finish jerking off.


(PRONGE) Cheer up, Polack.

You look like you don't want to be here.

If I didn't have to leave the house, I wouldn't.

You sure Leo said 40? Yeah.

With an extra ten if it looks like natural causes.

We use cyanide? Yeah.

Use those new spray bottles I got.

Sneeze on him, one spray, tss, he's done. Don't miss.


Hitting Roy's man could complicate things for us.

Well, at the price Leo's willing to pay, this will be it.

So how's Atlantic City looking?

Eh, I should have bought in before gambling went legal.

Richard Kuklinski, a landlord.


Shit, I give you two months.

You're going to be bored out of your fucking tree. [CHUCKLES]

More likely they'll find a couple tenants under the boardwalk.



(PRONGE) Think people are looking at you, just act gay.

You know, swishy.




Polack, what the fuck are you doing here?

Where are you going? Where are you going?



(WOMAN IN BLUE) Baby. Baby, you okay? What happened?

[SCICOLI, CHOKING] Somebody call an ambulance! Are you sick?



Hey, you fuck...

Yo, Ritchie! Ritchie!


Yo, Ritchie! [SIRENS, LOUDER]


I'll meet you in the car.


Yo, we was just talking about you.


Motherfucker, look at you, big guy.

How you doing, Terry?

What the hell happened in there?

I don't know, looked like a heart attack to me.

Ah! How you doing, Adele?

I'm good. How you doing, Ritchie?

Not bad. Staying fit.

Give us a second, babe? I'm freezing here.

Just hang, just one minute, okay?


Dino tells me you've been working in Brooklyn.

Says you're the first Polack that's going to be made.

I don't know what you're talking about.

He said you got on with Roy Demeo's crew.

What can I do for you, Terry?

I could use some work.

I'm married, I got two kids now.


Well, I'll see what I can do. Okay?

Good to see you.

Take care, Adele. Good to see you, Ritchie.

Come on with the fucking guy.


(KUKLINSKI) Roses are red, violets... [DISTANT LIVELY CHATTER]

My Anabel... is golden...

as the light of the moon.


My Anabel is golden... as the light of the moon.



You just take the can, you drain it and you just dump it.

Yeah, I am excited. Gosh, oh my gosh, I'm 16!

(WOMAN) Or what? Nobody's even eating any of this.

(MAN) I don't like it.


How you doing, baby?

That looks nice, honey. Excuse me, Ritchie.

(ANABEL) That's what I really want for my birthday.



What are you doing?

Got a speech. I love it.

[MAN LAUGHS] Yeah. Yeah.


Roses are red, violets are blue.

My Anabel is as golden as the light of the moon.


I'm not finished.

Today is her birthday, a blessing for all. [GIGGLE]

Let's wish her a good one, and have us a ball.


(WOMAN) That's beautiful! Happy birthday!

Thank you. Oh, baby, I love you so much.

He wrote the same poem for my sweet sixteen.

Oh, really? Happy birthday.

Thank you. You look great.

Hey, baby. Thank you so much.

I didn't know you had it in you.

(WOMAN) Happy birthday!

Who wants cake? I want some cake.

I got the knife over here.

(DEBORAH) Happy sweet 16th...


(ANABEL) Aw, thank you.


Hey, Ritchie. What the fuck are you doing here?

Roy wants to see you. I don't give a shit. Get lost.

(WOMAN) Happy birthday.

(ANABEL) Thank you. Oh my gosh. Look at this!


All right, Roy, do you mind moving down the block?

My daughter's birthday's going on in there.

Roy, I have guests. My whole family is there.

Maybe I should go in and say happy birthday to her.

You're doing hits with Freezy for Leo Marks behind my back?

After what I've been through with Rosenthal?

Now you're going to send me to another fucking funeral?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Don't fucking lie to me. Who do you think you're talking to?

You fucking lie to me.

Maybe we'll talk to your friend Terry, seems to think that you and I are friends.

I can't imagine what you've been telling them.

Poor sons of bitches, thinking their dad's a decent guy.

What are you going to tell your wife when I fucking blow your kids' heads off?

You think you got something good?

Man becomes so full of it, he forgets what's true.

(JIMMY) Roy.

Jimmy, get her the fuck out of here, now.

Go back inside.

Don't let him touch her. Don't let him touch her.


(BETSY) Daddy?

(BETSY) What's going on?

All right, Jimmy, wait a minute.

You best be looking over your shoulder

'cause if we cross paths again, I'm going to bury your whole fucking family.

Now get out of my fucking car, Polack.

Hey, baby. It's okay.

Who are they?

Oh, nobody.


Nobody you need to worry about.



Relax. Everything's okay. I'll be in in a second.

It's fine. You're fine.


Everything okay, Ritchie?

What the fuck did you tell Terry?


(TERRY) What the... I don't know.

You should probably go talk to him.

What happened? Eh, eh...

It's a misunderstanding.

It's Anabel's birthday, Ritchie.

I got in a deal with the wrong guys.

They want the interest paid before I sell the currency.

And they came here to collect?

They're not from the bank.

[WHISPERS] You are full of shit, Ritchie.

Yeah... yeah.

All right, I'm going back down. You should come.


Dad? What is going on? It's okay, honey.

Are you coming back to the party?

I'll be down in a second, sweetie.




(KUKLINSKI, ON PHONE) Yeah, I got this guy in Connecticut, Sam Gunderson.

He fences Corvettes to Kuwait.

For every one you bring him, he 'll give you 40 percent on the window price.

What's the game plan?

You just scout the dealership, pretend you want to buy.

T ake a test drive, and you get a key made.

Come back later and take it off the lot.


Just like that?

What about you?

What about me? I was just thinking.

I got nothing to do with it.

You asked me to hook you up with a job, I did.

Thank you, Ritchie. Thank you.

There's a York Motel in Jersey City.

Tomorrow night I'll introduce you to Sale.

Okay. Uh, I forgot to tell you. [CHUCKLES]

I met your friend Roy Demeo at Yawns.

Yeah, I heard about that.

He pretended he didn't know you.

That's okay.

I'll see you tomorrow, Terry.

Thanks again. Thanks again.

You want to be my friend, Terry?

Then you keep your fucking mouth shut.


What did Santa get me?




Oh, oh, my... Let me see.

You like it? Oh...

Mm, I love you.

I love you. Look at this.

Um, Dad.

Can you believe this. I can't believe I got it.

I have got to try this on.

(ANABEL) Mom, is it okay if I go over to Amanda's?

It's Christmas Day.

I know, I know, but I just, I want to give her a present before she leaves.

An hour, tops. Okay, okay.

All right, look at how it...

[BEEPER BEEPS] Oh, my gosh.

This is, this is... So pretty.

Honey, I can't get the clasp.


Where are you going? I'll be right back.

On Christmas Day? Honey.

Yeah, yeah. I know, Deb. I'll be right back.

(PRONGE, ON PHONE) Leo's fucking paranoid.

He thinks Roy knows he ordered the hit.

So now he's only offering ten Gs. You there?


Yeah, it's been three months already. Come on.

Listen, we'll take the ten grand.

It's generous considering the circumstances.

Atlantic City can wait. No.

This is it. This money, this job.

No, we'll wait for this to settle, and put the word out.

Two or three more jobs, you can put a down payment on Steel Pier.

Where is he going to be at?

Dad? It's a cemetery in Bergen.

Dad? Hey! Fuck.

Hello? Yes, yes, I'm here.

Leo Marks is not man we can fuck with. Do you hear me?

(BOY) Dad, it's not working.

I said I'm on the fucking phone! Polack. Hello?


We did him in a crowded club.

That's a risk I don't normally take.

Forty plus ten was the deal.

You've ruined my fucking Christmas. You're lucky you get away with ten.

You promised fifty.

And Chamberlain promised peace.

You know who that is?


I agreed to meet with you because I was told you were going to give a discount.

Three months.

You keep me waiting three months.

Fifty is a discount.

Fifty is a fuck you.

You and Freezy better get your story straight.

Leo, I just want to go home.

I just want my money.




You got some pair of balls.

You fuck up a job and now you want your money.

No, now that Roy knows I hired you, you get nothing.

Give me the money, Leo.

Get the fuck out of my car, Polack.


Hey, don't you fucking do that.

You don't fucking do that. You're a dead man.

Look, you're good at what you do. Okay?

Don't fuck it up any more than you already have.

Now just get out of here. Go.

Go home to your family.

Life can be very random sometimes.

Yeah. You're right.


What the fuck?

Goddamn it!

You fuck! You fuck!





(BETSY, ON PHONE) Hello? Betsy? You paged me?

Yes, Daddy.

There was an accident. It's Anabel. She's in the hospital.

What happened, honey?

It was a hit and run.

We're at Glen Heights Hospital.

Come on.

Come now, please!


Honey. Hey.

Hey, sweetie. Come here. [CRYING]

Come here, sweetie. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Hey. That's my...

I'm going to go in, okay. Okay.

Just sit down. Sit down.


This is the end of it.

There ain't going to be nothing else to be afraid of.

I promise.

[SNIFF] I didn't know I was supposed to be afraid.

What did the cops say? Uh, they say a hit and run, no witnesses?

Did they get a make and model on the car?

I don't know. Well, didn't you talk to them?

This was done on purpose.

They were just waiting for her, Ritchie.

Three blocks from our house.

No, don't you touch her.

I'm going to find out who did this.

Yeah, you better.

Oh, my God.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Sorry! I'm sorry!

You're looking a little pale, Polack. How are you?

I'm not sure. Why are you all cleaned up?

Yeah, well, let me give you a clue.

We both should be scared shitless.

Well, they're not looking for an ice cream truck.

I know, they're looking for the Iceman.

Lucky son of a bitch.

I ought to charge you royalties for headlines like that.

That was your friend, right? Guy outside the club?

Yeah, but he's not my friend.

No shit.

Listen, it's only a matter of time now.

Roy knows he's a dead man unless you come forward on Leo Marks.

He's got to prove you pulled the trigger.

My wife. Our kids.

They're all fucking threats now.

Doesn't matter if they love you if they think you're a murderer.

Maybe there's a way we can do each other a favor.


Kill my family.

You kill mine, I'll kill yours.

I know where you live. I wouldn't even wake you up.

Listen, the way I see it, it's a lose lose.

Either we get pinched, or Roy finds us.

Either way, we go away and everybody suffers.

How do you know? What?

How do you know where I live?

Course I know where you live. You mentioned it.

Nah. I never told you that.


What the fuck is wrong with you?

Get your hand out of your pocket.

I'm getting a fucking tissue.


Fuck! Jesus Christ!

You know, considering your nerves maybe we should renegotiate our little partnership, pal.

(PRONGE) Can I blow my nose now? Jesus Christ.



What's up, Ritchie?

Shit. Hey. I'm fucking exhausted.

How do you know this guy?

He used to work with me. Yeah?

Chopping twenties at the store.

Sister used to work for a chemist, so he's probably your best bet.

You trust him?

Do I trust him? Yeah, I guess.

It's not my usual thing, but he gets whatever I need.

I know him from Brooklyn.

Dominick Provenzano? Yeah.

I'll give him a shot. I got to kill this cocksucker.

Ritchie, you don't hurt a guy like Roy Demeo without something happening to you, you know?

Yeah, that's why I need it. There can't be a trace.

He's coming after my family. How do you know it's him?

Because, he said he was going to come after my family.

Then get the fuck out of town.

Take Deb and the kids and get out of here.

Do you need money or something? Nah.

Nah, I got to take care of this first.

Did you hear about Terry? Yeah. It's sad.

It's fucking crazy. They're calling him the Iceman.

Terry tells me he's got something with some guy.

Next thing you know, he's fucking dead.

Found him on the side of the highway in a garbage bag.

Fucking crazy killer fucking freezes his bodies so the cops won't know the fucking time of death.

I mean, do you believe this shit?

What guy?

What do you mean?

Who was Terry going to meet?

I don't know. He never told me.

The police talk to you?

Yeah, twice. But what do I know?

Dino, thanks for coming, all right?

Hey. Of course, Ritchie.

Let's go see the girls, huh?


How you doing? Dominick.

Yeah. Wow, you're a big guy.

A lot bigger than you sound on the phone.

Hey, you know what they say.

No, I have no idea.

That's just what they say.


So... One sec.

Look, I'll be honest with you, you know?

I like Dino, but, you know, sometimes he's so full of it you never really know who his friends are. You know?

Oh, yeah. Yeah. So, look, you know.

I, I don't really understand this whole cyanide thing, you know?

I'm curious, you know, how's this thing work?

You put the stuff in a mist.

You spray it in someone's face, they fall asleep.

I tell you, you know, it could take some time to get that shit.

How long are we talking?

Well, it might take a week or two.

That's too long.

Oh, I mean, I can tell you wanna, you know.

I'm going to need some cash then.

Not until delivery.

Well... it wouldn't have to be.

Tell you what. I got this trust fund kid, okay?

I've been supplying him with coke for about couple years now.

He wants me to get him two Ks.

All this cyanide talk and everything, it's got me thinking.

Thinking what?

We could kill two birds here with one stone.

Well, that's always a good idea.

Kill two birds with one stone.

Hey, you know, I could... I could take care of the cyanide but, I'm going to need you to take care of the kid.


He's a fucking degenerate.

He's got markers all over the fucking place, you know?

Besides, he holds a grudge. He's liable to blackmail me and bail him out.

You do me this favor and I'll split you with his payment 50-50, okay?

We'll keep the coke and the cash.

Deal is worth 60 grand, easy.

And I'll have that shit to you by next week. No problem.

Who you work for?

I work with Luchezi family. You know?

But I got to keep that low key, you know?

They want a piece of every fucking thing that I got.

Don't worry.

I'm Polish. I work for everybody.


That's good to hear.

(REALTOR, ON PHONE) He likes the offer, but he's still looking for 315.

And he'll get it, too, with property that close to Atlantic City.

315, huh? What's the down payment on that?

We could have gone at 15 percent, but because it's all cash, it's 40 grand.

40. Okay.

T ell them I'm in.

I'll have the balance in the next couple days.

You sure?

Yeah, I'm working on it.

It's as sound as it gets, Mr. Kuklinski.

There's no reason the building won't be filled by the end of the year.

Can you come by tomorrow to finish the paperwork?

Yeah, I'll call you to schedule tomorrow.

I hope you're as excited as I am.

Yeah, I am. [BEEPER BEEPS]

Great! Take care, Mr. Kuklinski.


How are you feeling?


You still got a fever.


I left Anabel... physical therapy at 4:00.

Yeah, I'll take her.

Oh, it's just the flu, Ritchie. I can do it.

Uh-uh. Let the doctor tell me that.


I'll make you an appointment, okay?



Hey, how you doing, big guy?

Show me what you got.

Please, I had a half a dozen waivers to forge for that shit.

It's 11:00 now. See you back here at 1:30.

What time did you tell the kid?

2:00. Hey, you going to put the, uh, cyanide in the coke, right?

No, I'm going to make sandwiches.

It's lunchtime. We'll eat, too. Okay?


Here you go come on.

Here, kitty.

Here you go. Yeah, good, huh?


Okay. All right. There you go.



Something's not right.





Oh, my God!



Oh, my God!

Get out of the car, Mr. Kuklinski!

Get out of the vehicle!

Ritchie? Don't move.

Get the fuck out of the car now! (AGENT NO. 2) Keep your hands up!

Get out of the fucking car now! Put your hands up!

Put your hands on the wheel!

Open the door!

Get the fuck out of the car now!

It's locked. Get out of the car now!


Put your hands somewhere I can see them!

No! No! Don't!

Don't you touch him!

Get out of the car!

Come here! Don't you touch my...


(KUKLINSKI) You leave her alone!

You fucking sons of a bitches!

I'll fucking kill every last one of you! Ritchie!

Throw him down right now.

Come on, in.

Get him down!

Put him down! No!

Get him down! No!

Take him down.





Hold him down! Hold him down!

You've got the right to remain silent.

Anything you say or do can and will be...

All these fucking guys for one little guy!

Huh? You think you're fucking tough?

Come on, you piece of shit.



Get him in! Come on, get in!

Close the door!

Great job.

(KUKLINSKI) Hey, Dominick!

Good job.



You recognize that guy?

[CRYING] Ritchie.

Rich! Rich!



(FEMALE ANCHOR) Law enforcement authorities have arrested one of the most notorious contract killers in state history.

A self-employed Bergen County man is behind bars.

He is such a cold-blooded killer, they call him The Iceman.

(JUDGE) Mr. Kuklinski, please rise.

I never felt sorry for anything I done... other than hurting my family.

(OLD KUKLINSKI) The only thing I feel sorry for.

I'm not looking for forgiveness.

I'm not repenting.

I know I'm wrong.

I'm wrong.

(OLD KUKLINSKI) I do want my family to forgive me.


Oh, boy.


Ain't going to make this one.


Holy shit.

This would never be me.

This would not be me.

You see the Iceman crying?

Not very macho.

But I hurt people...

that mean everything to me.

But the only people that mean anything to me.



# Walk on down the road #

# Two separate lives #

# One not more than the other #

# Unbalanced my mind #

# Forget regret #

# There 's no looking back #

# Sometimes I wish I was another #

# But there 's no looking back #

# Don 't stand never change it #

# Steady to middle #

# Black and white Two straight lines #

# To the bitter end #

# Oooh #

# Ooh ooh #

# Ooh ooh #

# No one sees pain #

# It's not on display #

# Deep into my silence #

# You fade into gray #

# Where did I get off #

# And who 's got my back #

# Since I'm doing shows and other #

# But there 's no looking back #

# Constant never changing #

# Steady to middle #

# Black and white Two straight lines #

# To the bitter end ##

# Oooh #

# Ooh ooh #

# Ooh ooh #

# Ooh ooh #