The Invasion (2007) Script

Oh, I can't. I can't stay awake. Stay awake, stay awake.

Adderall, gone. Ritalin, gone.

Amitriptyline. What is it?

Modifinil, CNS. Dopamine. A stimulant. Clonazepam.

Clonazepam, good. That's right. Yes. Good.

Citric acid, yes.

Oh, sugar, sugar. Fructose. Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew.

Let us out! Please!

Who are those people? Who are they? What are they trying to do to us?

No one's ever gonna hurt my son.

I can't stay awake. Please stay awake.

Yes, you can, yes, you can. I know you can.

Stay awake. Yes, you can. Come on, come on.

Let us out!

Open the door! Open it! Open the door!

Tragic news tonight as the space shuttle Patriot explodes...

... during an unscheduled landing attempt...

We felt, you know, the explosion.

- a trail of destruction and debris from Dallas to Washington.

Pieces all over the pasture and in the yard, everywhere.

Watching it, make sure nobody touches it, nobody runs off with it.

Why is it important for people not to touch it?

It's contaminated. Could be contaminated.

Of course, we all got out and we touched it, some of us did.

Crucial questions remain unanswered.

Debris has been seen from Dallas to Washington.

The shuttle accident has shocked the nation and the world.

Impromptu memorials can be seen where debris has fallen.

The scene here is surreal.

We've seen a stream of officials from a number of federal agencies coming through.

Kaufman, CDC? That's right.

Right this way, please.

Mr. Kaufman!

Dina Twain from CNN. Can I ask you what the CDC is doing here, Mr. Kaufman?

Hi. President's on his way back to D.C. tonight.

I'm supposed to brief him at 6 a.m. Can we make that?

We can try. Right. Show me what you have.

Over the retrieved debris...

...we're recording a contamination rate of almost every square meter.

We're projecting a contamination zone of an alley about 200 miles wide...

...from D.C. to Dallas. My God. What is it?

Our biotechs are in full meltdown mode. This is a highly resilient organism... to survive the bitter cold of space and the searing heat of reentry.

Initial cellular diagnostics show it exhibits monoploid characteristics...

...with high levels of calcium dipicolinate...

...both commonalities to an endospore.

A spore? Jesus.

One thing's for sure, it ain't from around here.

Sir! This was on our roof.

The president is on his way back to Washington from Camp David...

... to meet with his closest advisors over the space-shuttle disaster.

Hey, Casper.

Good boy.

I thought you'd never get home.

Your ex-wife called twice.

Do you wanna watch this? I mean, for work or something?

I should get to bed.

I gotta be back on the Hill in a few hours.

Well, you should've called. I could've been sleeping in my own bed right now.

Federal officials are removing several pieces of shuttle debris...

... from a disturbing source: eBay.


Ollie, it's okay. It's okay.

Look at me. It's Mommy.

Oh, baby.

Oh, hey.

It's okay.

It's okay.

You just had a bad dream.

You got those nightmares back again, huh?

Everything's all right. You lie down.

There we go.

There we go.

We'll just have to make those nightmares go away again.


Hundreds were killed this morning in the bloodiest attack in Iraq...

... since the start of the occupation.

A mixture of toxic chemicals was strapped to suicide bombers...

Ollie? Breakfast.

Dr. Bennell? I have a call for you.

I'm just finishing my notes.

- I know, but he is very insistent. Who is it?

Your ex-husband.

Hello? Carol, how are you?

I'm fine, Tucker. How are you?

I am fine. I'm really fine.

I'm back in D.C. again.

In our old house.

It is such a nice house.

What do you want, Tucker?

I want to see Oliver.

- I miss him. No.

Carol, I have a legal right to see my son.

Ollie, I don't believe it. Come on.

Get dressed. We got 15 minutes.

Come on.

We should walk to school every morning. This is nice.

You wouldn't say that if it was raining.

If it were raining.

But what if it rains tonight?

I checked the weather report. Forty-five and clear. No rain.

Just candy.

Okay, here's your homework.

All right. You look cool.


I'll see you at 4. All right.

Can I give you a kiss?

Hey, Oliver! Nice costume, dude.

I'm gonna get a double Hershey's bar.

Oh, I wanna get as much chocolate...

America is in shock today...

50 scientists have resigned over this shuttle debacle.

Good morning, Ben. Fifty. Five-oh.

They signed a letter saying the government's ignoring them...

...because they think the shuttle crashed on purpose.

No one's reporting it here. I had to find it on the World Service.

What's wrong with you?

Tucker takes off to Atlanta for four years, Ben.

He calls Ollie on his birthday and at Christmas...

...and suddenly he comes back into his life and he wants to be a good father. No.

It's confusing for Ollie.

He is his dad.

I know him, and I don't trust him.

Look, Oliver loves you more than anything else on earth...

...and there is nothing that Tucker or anybody else can do to change that.

Hard work! Fair pay! Hard work! Fair pay!

Are we still on for tomorrow night? Will there be food?

Well, they're Czechs, so there'll be, what, goulash or something.

We'll see.

Spare some change, ma'am?

God bless.

Why would I get you flowers?

Well, I didn't do anything wrong. Hold on, hold on.

That'll be 8 bucks.

I am all about the romance.

Morning, Carly. Your 9:00 is here.

You're a little early, Wendy.

It's my husband.

Wendy, did something happen?

Did your husband hurt you again?

How long have I been coming here?

Four years.

And I've had a cup of tea almost every time, haven't I?

Yeah, I suppose you have.

But I can't do it.

I can't even drink this. That's how bad it's gotten.

I wanna help you, but you have to talk to me.

This is gonna sound so stupid, or crazy, or both.

No, I've told you before. Nothing you say in this office is stupid or crazy.

All of it's important. All of it matters.

My husband is not my husband.

And what makes you say that?

The way he acts. The way he looks at me.

He keeps bringing me things to drink.

I don't want them, but he keeps bringing them.

I yelled at him last night. He didn't yell back.

I threw my glass at him and he didn't do anything.

I know you and your husband have a volatile relationship.

I did, but not anymore.

Yes, when he would get mad, I would be afraid of him.

But at least when he kissed me, I knew he loved me.

Now when he kisses me...

What is it?

He's just different.

I know it. Bobo knew it too.

Bobo, your dog?

The other night, when Richard got home from work and he walked in...

...Bobo, he just went crazy.

He started snapping and growling at Richard.

I mean, we tried to put him outside, but he attacked.

Dr. Bennell, that dog has never attacked anyone in its life.

And what happened?


...grabbed the dog's neck...

...and Bobo just started whimpering.

I tried to stop him, but he wouldn't let go.

And then, I could tell. Bobo, he...

...he didn't understand what was happening. He was so scared.

And then there was this snap...

...and Bobo was dead.

Richard didn't say anything.

He didn't cry.

He just picked Bobo up...

...and took him out to the garbage.

I wanna see you again as soon as possible.

I'm gonna change your medication. I want you to take these morning and night...

...twice a day. Okay?

And if your husband does anything like this again, anything that frightens you at all...

...I want you to call my service immediately. Can you promise you'll do that?

Yes. Thank you, doctor.

That should work.

Now, we should probably talk about tomorrow.

Are you nervous?

Why would I be nervous?

Because we've never been apart like this, Ollie.

And you haven't seen much of your dad in a long time.

I'm okay, Mom. It's gonna be fun. But I'm gonna miss you.

Yeah, you better.

We can text each other all the time.

You're right, I'm being silly. You go pack.

We're gonna meet the Welches in about half an hour.

Go on, Superman.

Thank you, Mrs. Robinson!


Thank you!

Thank you.

Trick or treat! Trick or treat!

He's having nightmares again.

I got him back on clonazepam. I hate having him on anything.

When did he start having them?

The last three nights. Ever since he's known he's gonna see his dad.

Trick or treat! Trick or treat!

Get back, boys.

Stop that!

She's been acting up. Maybe you should take them to another house.

I don't know what's wrong with her.

Come on, boys.

Let's go.

Blue, get back here! Watch it!

Watch it! Oh, my God, get him off!

Ollie, back! Blue! Get down.

Down, girl. Bad dog. Bad dog! I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry. Andy! Andy. Oh, my God.

He's fine, Pam.

There's nothing there. The blood must've been the dog's.


Are you okay? Yeah. I'm okay, Mom.


You took my candy. Give me that Snickers!

That's mine. I want that.

No, you can have that. Give me that!

I'll trade you. Here, Russell's for Reese's. Oh, man.

Thanks, Carol.

How's Andy doing in school?

He seems a little disconnected.

Jeez, Carol. I mean, usually when you start talking like a psychiatrist...'s not about one of my children.

Oh, he's just in a funk. You know, maybe it's that bug that's been going around.

What's going around? Mom!

Mom! Get this off of me, please! Mom!

It's okay, it's okay. It's okay.

What is that? I think it moved.

Did one of you put this here?

Not me. I didn't.

Would you mind taking Gene home?


Carol. What are you doing here?


That's for me?


I love it.

There's no way of telling which house it came from because we went to at least 30.

I don't think there's anything to worry about. It looks like latex.

Ben, look at it. Even without a microscope, you can see the cell strata.

Well, maybe someone used a finger as a mold.

Someone's definitely made this or bought it at Wal-Mart.

I mean, it is Halloween. It could be anything.

What do you think, Steven?


It's manufactured, right?

I don't know. It's either an expensive fake or really cheap skin.

Med Web's buzzing with something like this.

Labs in New York and Boston logged some weird samples.

Let me do a workup on it.

Thanks for helping, Steven. Yeah.

Call me later, Ben.

You owe me an hour on your couch. An hour?

What makes you think anyone can help you in an hour?

What? I didn't say anything.

Each year, the flu claims tens of thousands of American lives.

You'd figure the government would realize...

... that we are facing nothing less than a national medical emergency.

Our studies show this new virus is more communicable...

...and lasts longer than more common strains of flu.

The CDC has begun emergency meetings today...

... to decide how to keep it from getting any worse.

We think an inoculation program is our...

Our best shot at keeping this under our thumb.

This flu season could be the deadliest in 30 years.

I'm curious.

If you just cracked this new virus... are you ready with vaccines so quickly?

I wish there were more time to go over...

...all of the science and the internal processes behind this project.

If you require more information...

...l'd suggest you bow out of this round of contracts...

...and give us some time to prepare a fact sheet.

Is that what you'd like, Mrs. Cunningham?

Not at all. Just a question.

Well, we like those.

We like questions.

They got you to the moon.


That man wouldn't give a name.

Can I help you?

Dr. Bennell, I'm Richard Lenk, Wendy Lenk's husband.

What can I do for you, Mr. Lenk?

I'm waiting for my wife.

I don't think your wife is coming in today.

She said she was coming in, but I'm bringing her home.

Why don't you take a seat, Mr. Lenk, and I'll see what I can find out.

Thank you, Carol Bennell.

- Yes? Wendy, it's Dr. Bennell. Where are you?

I am... I'm right outside your building.

I need to talk to you.

Or maybe I should talk to the police if you think I should.

Wendy, your husband's here. He's in the waiting room.

He said you were coming in. I didn't want you to be surprised.

Carol, can you keep him there a while?

- What are you gonna do? I'll go home and pack.

I'll stay with my sister.

I didn't know if I could trust you. Thank you.

Trust me?

Wendy. Wendy.

Your 9:00 is here.

Send her in.

What about Mr. Lenk?

Dr. Bennell?

Give him a magazine.

Did you tell Gene you're staying at your dad's...

...starting tonight? Yep.

It's a good thing he still lives next door, huh? lmagine the pickle you'd be in if you didn't know any kids in the neighborhood.


Bread-and-butter. Dill.

Kosher. Sour.

Sweet and hots. Gherkins.

Garlic chips. Perkies!

That's not one.

Come on. Perkies?

Anyway, you already won.

But why do people say "in a pickle" anyhow?

I think it's a baseball term. Mom!

Help me, please!

Help me!

They're coming!


We've gotta warn people!

They're among us! They're here!

Mom, what's wrong with her? Stop!

Oliver, you listen to me. You stay put.

All right? Okay.

Ma'am! I'm a doctor.

Go back to your car. I gotta clear the traffic out of this tunnel.

I saw it happen.

Where would you like me to wait for a statement? I'm a witness.

I took down your plates.

Well, hold on. Why did you take down my plates?

Why did you take down my plates?

If we need you, we'll be in touch.


Sorry we're late.

Hey, Oliver.

He had a rough night.

We saw an accident. It was terrible.

It's okay.

School starts at 8:10. You have to have him there at 8.

Do you want to come in?

No, I'm late for a party.

Enjoy the party.

Make sure you take your pills. One every night.

Okay. Love you.

It was awful.

You should've seen her face. She was terrified, Ben.

And the police did nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I offered to give my name, be a witness.

And Oliver, he saw the whole thing.

Is he all right?

I mean, he seemed all right, but I had to leave him.

We don't have to do this tonight. I can take you home.

No, I want to. I want to.

You sure? I'm good, yes. Let's have fun.

This is meant to be fun.

You look stunning.

Good evening, Dr. Ben.

How are you? Fine, fine.

Oh, that might be Ollie. May I take your coat?

Thank you. The ambassador and his wife are waiting.

Hi, Mom. I miss you. Gene wants to say hi.

Hi, Miss Bennell.

- Bye. I love you. Bye.

May I take your coat, madam? Thank you.

You are Carol.

Carol Bennell, this is Dr. Henryk Belicec and his wonderful wife, Luddie.

Come here and let me see you. Ben has told us a lot about you.

Let us go in. Dinner will be ready soon.

Now, you two sit with us.

We want some real people around us tonight.

Something's wrong with my dad. Yeah.

Mine too.

Dad? In here, Oliver.

I'm making some hot chocolate.

Would you like some hot chocolate?

So Ben tells me that you are a psychiatrist.

This is very interesting. This is exactly what I need.

You need what every Czech needs: a stiff Russian boot up your behind.

Pity they don't make Russian boots anymore. They're all made in China.

You seat me beside a beautiful woman without introducing me, and you insult me.

Oh, don't let him get started, Henyo.

I'm sorry, Yorish. My humblest apologies.

You have the honor of meeting one of Washington's most notorious diplomats.

My friend and the source of this exquisite caviar...

...Russian Ambassador Yorish Kaganovich.

Nice to meet you, ambassador. The pleasure is entirely mine.

Henryk's guests are usually as old and as ugly as I am.

I beg to differ. No one's as ugly as you are, Yorish.

You know what "Czechoslovakia" means in Russian, doctor?

It means a "doormat."

Someone still speaks Russian? I thought it was a dead language.

My cheeky friend and I pretend to enjoy ourselves, but secretly we are rivals...

...exploiting each other for personal gain. I am here to drink his champagne...

...and he invites me because I can get the real caviar.

A veneer of civility hides our true self-interests.

It's the nature of our world, yes?

Yorish, be good.

I'm only curious.

I say that civilization is an illusion, a game of pretend.

What is real is the fact that we are still animals, driven by primal instincts.

As a psychiatrist... must know this to be true.

To be honest, ambassador, when someone starts talking to me about the truth...

...I hear what they tell me about themselves...

...more than what they say about the world.

Quite right. Well done. Perhaps you are right.

Perhaps being a Russian in this country is a kind of pathology.

So, what do you think? Can you help me?

Can you give me a pill?

To make me see the world the way you Americans see the world?

Can a pill help me understand Iraq, or Darfur, or even New Orleans?

Don't be drawn in by his madness, doctor.

He is Russian. He needs to argue like he needs to breathe.

All I am saying is that civilization crumbles whenever we need it most.

In the right situation...

...we are all capable of the most terrible crimes.

To imagine a world where this was not so...

...where every crisis did not result in new atrocities...

...where every newspaper is not full of war and violence...

Well, this is to imagine a world where human beings cease to be human.

While I'll give you that we still retain some basic animal instincts... must admit we're not the same animal we were a few thousand years ago.

True. Read Piaget or Kohlberg...

...or Maslow, Graves, Wilber, and you'll see we're still evolving.

Our consciousness is changing.

Five hundred years ago, postmodern feminists didn't exist...

...yet one sits right beside you today.

While that fact may not undo all the terrible things that have been done in this world... least it gives me reason to believe one day things may be different.

Thank you, doctor. You're welcome, ambassador.


Ben, of all the women you've brought into our home...

...this is the one we permit you to marry.

Hey, now, look.

I've been watching the way you look at each other.

Oh, so beautiful and smart. You see, this is what happens.

They say what they like in this household, and then they claim diplomatic immunity.

Think of the children you could have. Enough. Enough.

I had a terrific time.

Your friends are wonderful.

Well, thank you for being my date.

And for what you said tonight.


No, I can't do this.

No. That's...

But that's... But that's fine.

I'm sorry...

...but I really need us to stay what we are.

You're my best friend, and I can't lose that.

Hey. Look, I...

I just took advantage of a drunk woman, and I'm sorry.

Now, can you walk? Hey!

I can.


Carol Bennell?

I'm sorry to bother you so late.

I need to ask you a few questions for the Census Department.

We're doing a census of your district this month.

Not the extended paper census, but a quick door-to-door version to update our records.

At this time of night? Deadline.

We're working all night now. You're my last house.

I saw your light. I came a few times.

Listen, let me get that. And then you can ask me through the door.


We're sorry. All circuits are busy. Please hang up and try your call again.

Hey, Ben.

It's me.

I just... Somebody just scared the shit out of me.

Hey. Morning.


What did the police say? Not that much.

Carol, you're not going to work. I've got back-to-backs all day.

At least stay and have some breakfast. I cooked pancakes.


The thawing in tension between Washington and Tehran...

... over the enrichment of nuclear fuel was one of the first steps...

... by the U.S. to relax years...

Morning, Mom. On the way to school.

I still miss you. Love you. Bye.

Sorry I'm late.

Courtney Jones canceled. So did Chris Cook.

What about Wendy Lenk?

I haven't heard from her.

Maybe it's that flu going around.

I'll call her.

Mr. Lenk, this is Dr. Bennell. I was hoping I could speak with your wife.

This is her cell phone I'm calling.

She's asleep right now.

Is everything all right, Mr. Lenk?

Everything's fine, better than it's been in a long time.

Wendy's fine now.

I'll give her the message you called, and she'll tell you herself.

- Mr. Lenk? Yes?

If I don't hear from your wife soon, I will be calling back. Do you understand?

You'll hear from her by the end of the day.

It's my husband.

Ben, they can't all be psychotic.

What if what they're saying is real?

Have you noticed anything?

I have.


He seems a little disconnected.

Hey, Carly. I thought you might like some tea.


Would you keep trying my ex-husband until you get through? Okay?

It's important that I speak with him. All right.

It's new.

Like that orange pekoe you like. Tell me what you think.


Okay, dig this.

Now, the best way I can describe the sample that you brought me... a kind of post-infection sweat, like a night sweat.

Only, instead of evaporating, this solidified.

A percentage is spent white blood cells, like you'd find in any normal infection.

But, then, another percentage is...

...hormones a body produces when it enters REM sleep...

...suggesting that the hormones acted as a catalyst... some kind of metabolic reaction, and then were expelled as waste.

Yeah, but a reaction to what?

A reaction to these.

These are also spent cells. Exploded, actually.

Are they viral? Viral-like, but larger than any virus known.

Now, I tried to destroy some of them.

I heated them up to see when they'd incinerate. Took them up to 700 degrees.

They survived.

Well, that's impossible. Yeah.

Remember Ted Fraddo? He's out at the lab at Fort Detrick now.

They've settled on a hypothesis that we're dealing with...

...a complete, intelligent entity, the dimensions of a few cells...

...that's invading people's bodies, integrating their DNA...

...and reprogramming their genetic expression.

Reprogramming? How? How would that look?

Eighty percent of what we are is determined by our genetic expression.

Integration of alien DNA could look like anything.

Or nothing at all.

So you say that this is showing up all over?

It's starting to.

They began considering epidemic protocols in Europe last night.

Also in Japan, but here, they're just talking about this flu.

Hello? Hello, Ben. This is Luddie.

I'm so sorry to call you, but I didn't know what else to do.

- Well, what's happened, Luddie? It's our friend Yorish.

Something's happening to him.

Something terrible.

We'll be right over.

The objective for today's G8 summit was the concern of the medical community...

... over the escalating cases of this mysterious flu virus.

Even more surprising was the president's...

Tucker, it's me. Where are you?

Call me as soon as you get this. It's important that I speak to Oliver.

Good, come in.

Oh, Ben, Carol. Thank you for coming so fast.

This is a colleague of mine, Dr. Galeano. Oh, doctor. Thank you.

He came over, I couldn't work out what was wrong with him.

He didn't want to be near his wife. He was worried about my husband.

What did he say about Henryk?

Where is your husband?

I don't know. I haven't been able to reach him.

Oh, my God.

Jesus. Unbelievable.

Oh, Yorish.

He's so much worse. What is it?

It's some kind of cellular condensation.

Look at his carotid. His blood pressure must be through the roof.

Don't wake him. If he's in deep sleep, it might hurt him.

We'll need a complete diagnostic. Record his vitals.

Get blood and tissue samples. Got any kit with you?


Luddie, we're gonna need a video camera. Is there one in the press room?

Carol, you've got a camera in your phone.

Get him off me!

Get Yorish off her!

Help her!


I'm going to call the police. No, don't. Just...

Don't call anyone yet.

The REM-sleep interruption must've caused his cardiac arrest.

Carol? I'm gonna get Oliver.

Carol. Check your messages, Tucker.

I've been trying to get ahold of Ollie.

Come in. Come in.

These are colleagues of mine.


He's fine. He's with Gene.

Where you going? To get Ollie's things. He's coming with me.

You're very emotional right now. What's going on, Tucker?

Why don't you calm down? I just saw a man die.

People are dying. What are you really covering up, huh?

What is it? You've got people lining up like this is smallpox or something.

What are you really inoculating them for, Tucker?

Tell me.

Open the goddamn door!

Open the door.

What's going on here?

When you wake up, you'll feel exactly the same.

Oh, my God. You'll be the same.

Every thought, memory, every habit...

...will still be you.

Don't fight, Carol.

There's no need for it.

All you have to do is nothing.

That's all we're asking.

It doesn't hurt.


It's just like catching a cold.

No! No!




It's too late, Carol.

It's done. Oliver!


Help me! Help! Help me!

Help! Help me!

Please, help me! Please, help! Help me!

Red Line service to Friendship Heights, Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle...

... Farragut North, boarding Track 3.

Stand away from the doors. Subway doors are now closing.

Mom, I don't know where I am.

Dad brought me here. I'm really scared. Please come get me.

Try to calm down. You can fool them, but you gotta calm down.

What? Don't show emotion.

Then they can't tell who's who.

John. Stay calm.

Jen, Jen, Jen.

Jen! Just leave us alone!

What's wrong with you people?

Come on, come on!

Get the door open! Do it, do it!

Come on!

Come on! Jump!


No! No!

No! No!

Don't move. All right, miss. Slow down.

Oh, God. You're one of them, aren't you?

You don't wanna hurt anyone.

I have a family. I have two boys.

Oh, God.

Don't sleep, don't sleep, don't sleep...


Dad, no! Dad!

No! Dad! Dad! Dad!

You're sweating. They don't do that. They'll know.

Now go away from here.


Next in line, please.


Are you here for your shot?

I had mine last night.

I'm glad to hear that.

Have you seen Oliver?

I'm afraid I haven't.






No! No!

What are you doing? No!

No! No!

I can't find him. I can't find him, Ben. I can't find him.

I can't find him. I've looked everywhere, and I can't...

I can't find... We're gonna find him.

It transmits like a virus or bacterium...

...through exchange of fluids, a kiss, an injection.

Fort Detrick went into lockdown mode this afternoon.

They're running simulations now. The numbers they estimate are incredible.

Tens of millions may be infected in the U.S. alone already.

How can we know if we've got it inside us?

We can't. We just have to make sure we stay awake.

The change occurs when the body undergoes REM sleep.

We'll watch each other, make sure we don't fall asleep.

Fort Detrick is 50 miles from here. We get down there, they'll take us in.

I'm not going anywhere without my son.

Carol and I'll go and find Oliver. Then we'll meet you at Fort Detrick.


Where did you go? I was worried.

Oh, God.

You've always trusted me. We've never been apart.

You have to come to me, or we can't be together.

I need you.


Are there other people in the house?

Form a line.

Take a seat on the buses.

Stay within the barricade. Thank you for your cooperation.

We should turn around. We should not go there.

No. They'll notice.

Just stay calm, keep walking, look them straight in the eye.

Stop it! Let go! Stay where you are!

I know what's going on! We don't have to go with them!

Get on the ground, ma'am.

I've been asleep. Don't you get it? I've already slept.

That's one of my patients.

Would you let go of me?


Let's go.

Good luck.

She was saying she slept. Did you hear her?

So if she slept and she were infected, that would mean she was immune.

Possibly. There might be something in her medical records.

Do you keep them in your office?


215, are you still requesting backup for a traffic stop at Hampshire and M?

Yes, dispatcher, we've got... 215, we need backup as soon as you can. Over.

Copy, 215. ETA five minutes.

All units, please be advised, inoculations have begun.

Scout 42, see the National Guard commander at 56th Street to assist in crowd control.

Copy. ETA five minutes.

Here's what I have. G.P. notes should be in there. I'm gonna check the computer.

I think her husband transformed very early.

What kind of medication was she on? She was on BuSpar and clonazepam...

...and I recently prescribed Risperdal.

Oh, Jesus, how ridiculous.

Her husband's infected with an alien virus, and I prescribe an antipsychotic.

Yeah, well, I thought that sample you brought me was a Halloween gag... who's to know?

That's interesting. She had encephalitis when she was a child.

Yeah, it almost killed her. It onset as a varicella complication.

Her sister gave her the chickenpox. It might not be normal encephalitis.

There's acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, which is ADEM.

It affects substantia alba, the brain's white matter, as opposed to gray matter.

It could be the reason why the virus hasn't been able to attack her system.

Well, we need to find her.

Are you all right? Three years ago...

...Oliver got the chickenpox.

He'd had his shots, but it was a new strain...

...and in the middle of it, he had horrible dreams.

His temperature skyrocketed, he was hallucinating.

I took him to the hospital. They diagnosed him with...


Do you think Ollie might be immune? It's a possibility.

He's been at Tucker's for two nights and he's still texting you.

That could be the reason why.

What if they find out that he's immune?

I'm gonna call Galeano, tell him what's going on. Okay?

Oh, Ben.

And then we'll go and find Oliver.

- Yeah? Hi, it's Ben.

- Did you reach Fort Detrick? Yeah, we're here.

You wouldn't believe this place, man.

So much Nobel gold here, you'd think you were at Fort Knox.

Nadler, Stamets, Bohm, Dworetzky.

They're flying people in constantly.

Helicopters and planes are swarming all around.

Somebody realized there's a war going on, and the only way to win it is in a lab.

They know what they're doing. They got a first-stage protocol.

They've isolated it? They can test for it.

Do you have it? I'll know in about an hour.

Listen, Steven.

Remember the woman we saw by the roadblock? She had ADEM as a child.

Substantia alba. Interesting.

What I'm thinking is that if she's immune, maybe we have causality.

I get it. I see it.

The ADEM affects the neuron structure.

If that were true, we could create a conjugate vaccine.

If possible, we could reverse the process.

But we need verification. We need blood work, biopsy, MRI, PET scan.

- Do we know she's alive? We got an alternative.

Carol's son, Oliver. He had ADEM.

Wait. Wait, are you still downtown? Yeah, we're in Carol's office.

Okay, you need to get out of there now. Why?

Okay. Yeah. Bye.

Carol. That was Ollie. He's in Baltimore.


Tucker's taken him to his mother's house. I don't know why.

Well, I think I know why.

That roadblock, that's the beginning. They've set up quarantine.

Stay within the barricade.

They're sealing off this part of the city.

No, I have to get to Baltimore. Yeah, I know.

I have to get to Oliver.

I promised you that we're gonna find Oliver. You gotta trust me.

Stay down.

We'll do what it takes to get through this.

Hey! Hey!


I have it.

Tucker held me down and I have it.

Oh, God. I'm so afraid I'm gonna fall asleep.

I'm so afraid I'm gonna lose him, I'm gonna lose you.

I'm gonna lose everything that matters.

No, no, no, you won't.

You can go for a week without sleep, and then we'll find a pharmacy.

We'll do whatever it takes so you can stay awake.

I just want you to know there is nothing I wouldn't do for you.


Carol, get out! Get out. We've gotta get out of the car now. Get out!

Ben! I'll find you!

No! Find Oliver!

I love you!

I need to see your ID, ma'am.

Never mind. Good evening, ma'am.

Train number 171 receiving on Track 5.

Service from Washington to Baltimore.

Mom. Mom.

Come with me.

This will help you sleep.

We have a place for you to lie down.



Where are your parents, Gene?

They didn't survive. Your family is my family now.

Enough pretending. Come. Sleep.

I don't wanna go out there with all of them watching me.

I just wanna do it alone. I'll do it, I just...

You can lock me in here. I just wanna be alone...

Train 56, the Vermonter...

... with service to Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, New Haven...

... White River, and with final destination of Saint Albans...

... now boarding at Track 4.

Hello, Carol. Gene. It's good to see you.

Taxis are just outside.

Here you are.

And with Carol. Come in.

I hope you didn't eat on the train.

I'm making cutlets.

Will Oliver be joining us?

I imagine so. I'm sure he'll be finished soon. He'll let us know.

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Il...


- the first unilateral nuclear-disarmament treaty.

North Korea is the final country to sign the treaty.

Leaders of Pakistan and India met to celebrate the region's new peace accord...

... finally ending the bloody border dispute that has cost thousands of innocent lives.

In China, several more political prisoners, including Gao Yaojie...

... were released, reuniting them with their families.

Today marks the third consecutive week...

... no suicide attacks exploded near the U.S. embassy or public buildings in the region.

A suicide blast would be the first in Kabul since December.

This is Dr. Bennell.

Carol, it's Ben.

Yes, what can I do for you, Sally?

Are you in mixed company?

Yes, I am.

Okay, look. I'm on my way. It'll take me a couple of hours to get to you.

What part of the city are you in?

Look, just stop me when I say it. Federal Hill? Fells Point?

- City Center? Yes, that's right.

Good. Text me the instant you're on your own, we'll find a place to meet.

Thank you for calling, Sally.

Today marked the end of the humanitarian crisis in Darfur...

... with the Janjaweed party agreeing to a complete and total cease-fire.


Thank you.

They're ready for you downstairs.

President Bush and President Chavez met today...

... to further strengthen ties between the U.S. and Venezuela.

A deal that initially provided heating fuel to New York's five boroughs...

May I be excused for a moment, please?

The $400-billion program would be the largest fiscal spending since the Iraqi War.

Pharmaceutical companies have agreed to start issuing free AIDS vaccines...

... to all afflicted Third World countries, effective immediately.

It's a pickle, isn't it?

What did you say?

I said...

I thought you were one of them.

No. Never.

I thought you were sleeping.

I did fall asleep. I did.

Last night and this morning.

Does that mean something bad?


...that means you're immune, baby.

That means you're immune.

I'm gonna get you out of here, okay?

Come on.

On the streets of Baghdad, there was jubilation...

... as the last of U.S. forces withdrew...

... marking the end of the occupation of Iraq.

Iraqi President al-Sadr was on hand to commemorate the occasion...

... and praised Sunni, Shiah, Kurd and Turkoman...


Yes, he's outside the building.






Find the door.


This is your father.


Where are you?

I saw you sleeping, Oliver.

There is only one reason you'd be trying to hide from me.

I don't understand your resistance, Carol.

You give people pills to make their lives better.

How is that so different from what we're doing?

It's a pity.

I had hoped we could be a family again.

Do you know why our marriage failed, Carol?

Because I was third.

The thing you loved the most was your son.

After him came your job.

After that came me.

I was third on your list.

That can't happen in our world.

You remember what you said to me...

...when you signed our divorce papers?

"Sometimes we have to do things which are painful... make our lives better."

You were so right.


You shouldn't hit your father. You were raised better than that.

I wish it didn't have to be like this. You didn't wake up like you were supposed to.

Are you all right? Yeah?

Mom, what are we doing here?

I'm just gonna look for some medicine.

Come on.

Come on.

Mom, what kind of medicine do you need?

Something to keep me from going to sleep.

What'll happen if you do go to sleep?

We have to make sure that I don't.

Now, Ollie, I may need your help.


You remember your cousin Zoe, don't you? She had diabetes, remember?

Sometimes she needed a shot.

Well, if something happens and I do fall asleep...

...l'm gonna need you to be very brave for me, okay?

You can be brave, huh?

If I fall asleep, I'm gonna need you to give me a shot. Just like Zoe.

But I'm gonna need you to put it..., in my heart.

You just push the needle into my heart...

...and you press the plunger.

I know it seems scary, but...

Anyway, it's just in case. I'm gonna put it here, in my pocket.

You got that? Okay.

I love you, Oliver. I love you so much.

Ben, where are you?

I'm outside Patterson Park, about to go into a hospital.

Galeano needs as much uncontaminated blood as I can get. Where are you?

We're in a pharmacy. South of Jefferson.

- Is Oliver with you? Yeah.

- Good. I'm really tired.

All right, I'll be there as soon as I can. Hurry.

Mom, I'm kind of hungry.

You want some pretzels? Sure.

How about some nuts? Nuts, you mean like peanuts?

Almonds. Cashews.

Walnuts. Pecans.

Macadamias. Pistachios.

Chestnuts. Pine nuts. Hazelnuts.

All right. You win.

Here. Want some?

So is this what they mean by "going nuts"?

Yeah. Yeah, this is what they mean.

This is Dr. Ben Driscoll. Leave a message after the tone.


Where are you?

Hey, Mom. What's in here?

No, no. No.

Stay here.

Whatever you hear, Oliver... must not open this door. Are there more of them in there?

Don't open it, all right?

Is that real? It's just for protection...

...till we get out of here.

How much longer?

It won't be long. It can't be.

I'm not going to sleep.

I know. Just rest.

Don't go anywhere.

I'm right here.

Oh, God.

Open the door, open the door!

Please open the door!


Hurry, Ben. Please, hurry.


Mom? Mom?






Mom, wake up! Wake up, Mom!

Mom! Mom, wake up!

Wake up.

Oliver. Oh, my God, Oliver.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

It's okay. It's okay.

It's okay, Mom. It's okay. I'm so sorry.

We gotta get out of here.


Where have you been?

I was at the hospital. There was some trouble, but I'm here now.

Oh, God. Oh, my God, you wouldn't believe what's happened.

Everything's gonna be fine.

I know how afraid you've been, Carol.

But you don't have to be afraid ever again.

Oh, no. No, no, no.

No, no, no. No, just... Just listen to me.

No, not you.

Dr. Ben. Hey, Ollie.

Get away from him! You come here!

Carol. Get away!

Get away from us! Carol, look at yourself.

Is this who you are? Is this who you want to be?

We were wrong to fight them.

No. No.

Remember our trip up to Colorado? Shut up.

Do you remember the aspen grove? Shut up. Shut up!

How beautiful and peaceful it was.

Remember what you said to me? I didn't say anything to you!

You wondered what it'd be like if people could live more like those trees...

...completely connected with each other, in harmony.

As one.

You're not Ben. I know you're not Ben.

I'm not just Ben...

...l'm more than Ben.

Stop! Don't open that door!

Have you seen the television? Have you read the newspapers?

See what's happening, what we're offering?

A world without war, without poverty, without murder, without rape.

A world without suffering.

Because in our world, no one can hurt each other or exploit each other...

...or destroy each other, because in our world, there is no other.

You know it's right, Carol.

Deep down inside, you know that fighting us... fighting for all the wrong things.

Carol... know it's true.

Our world is a better world.

What about Ollie?

We'll take care of him. How?

Tell me how!

There is no room for someone who is immune.

Mom? Mom!

Don't touch my child!

No one touches my child!

Will you kill us all? lf I have to.

We have to stop you. You can't stop me.

But we have to try.

Could you shoot me so easily?



Run! Let's go!

Get in the car. Go!

That's Ben's.

- Hello? Carol, is that you?

- Steven? We're waiting for Ben. Is he with you?

Oh, God, Steven. Steven, we need your help.

Carol, where are you?

Carol, what is happening? Carol.

Carol, where are you? Carol?





Mom! Wake up!


Look! Mom!



Go, go!

Ollie, the phone. Get the phone!

Carol, what's going on? Carol!

Carol, where are you?

I'm in a helicopter. We're over the city.

He says he's in a helicopter! Where are we?

I don't know. I think we're heading south on 13th.

South on 13th!

You need to get to the Carlson Building. It has a landing pad.

We're almost there. Are you close? Yeah, we're a couple of blocks away.

Mom, I hear it!


Carol, you're almost there.

There's a parking garage under the building. Couple blocks up ahead on your right.

Mom! Get down!

Oh, no.

Turn right, Carol.

Turn right! Now!

Get to the roof!

Let's go.

Ollie, you okay? Yeah.

They're coming!

Move out! Set perimeter!

Run! Come on, you're almost there!

Go, go, go! Go! Move!


You're okay.

Scientists are reporting that identifying the immunity gene...

... is the first step in creating a cure to the pandemic.

Survivors are using every means to spread the vaccine...

... to as many people as possible. Food and water supplies...

Pockets of the immune began to grow across the country...

... retaking control of major cities...

On the anniversary of the space shuttle Patriot disaster...

... leading scientists convened in Washington today...

... to update the president on the continued efforts to eradicate the global pandemic.

Dr. Galeano! Is this the final word?

The virus, will it spread again? The situation's under control.

Inoculation centers throughout the globe are experiencing success... curing and immunizing their populations.

Why was it so easy to cure?

The alien virus has no real defense system.

Once we isolated the vaccine, the result was inevitable.

How many people are still infected?

We're unsure, but the number is shrinking. What about memory loss?

We believe that the way the entity plugged itself into our brain...

...was so different from how we're wired...

...that the mind interpreted the experience as unconsciousness.

Which explains why the cured have no recollection of recent events.

They experienced it as though asleep. Does this mean it's over?

Over? The alien virus.

Has it been eradicated?

Well, pick up a newspaper.

For better or worse, we're human again.

Ollie, hurry up. You're gonna be late.

Where's Gene? Coming.

What did I tell you about that thing?

But I almost got it. Oh, no!

You can have it back after school. All right.

Have a nice day. Love you.

I love you too.

See you later. See you.

Eighty-three more deaths in Baghdad.

Is it ever gonna end?

In the right situation, we are all capable of the most terrible crimes.

To imagine a world where this was not so...

... where every crisis did not result in new atrocities...

... where every newspaper is not full of war and violence...

Well, this is to imagine a world where human beings cease to be human.