The Invincible Iron Man (2007) Script



The Mandarin!

Yeah, looks like we're gonna need someone else on the temple.

Mr. Thodey!

Mr. Thodey. lt's Mr. Thodes or just Thodey, not both, remember?

The rains are nearly upon us, and you are very far behind schedule.

Not my fault. lf the underground rivers continue to swell, the ruins will collapse.

Mr. Tony promised you would--

You wanna blame someone, try the Jade Dragons.

Their little commando raids have cost us weeks.

That is a security issue, and Mr. Tony promised us-- l know.

He promised a lot of things.

What happened? You were due yesterday. lnspections in Shanghai.

One more strip-search and my price goes way up.

Mr. Thodey.

Mr. Ling, it's gonna be fine, really.

We now have enough liquid steel to start pumping it under the excavation.

But will it be enough to raise it safely above the ground?

Look, it's a sound plan, and l'll do my best.

That's all l can promise.

Our gratitude, Mr. Thodey.

l got that one.

Aw, Tony.

Mmm, chocolates and ladyfingers, my favorite.

Thodey, l'm kind of in the middle of something here.

We got hit again.

How are the ruins? Any damage?

The ruins? No.

And l'm fine, too. Thanks for asking.

Hey, l knew you'd be okay.

You just don't get it, do you?

These lunatics mean business, Tony.

Better finish dessert without me, sweetie. l'm gonna have to take this.

Okay, so what happened?

We can't defend ourselves. That's what happened.

We've been over this, Thodey.

Yeah, and l'm guessing that's why you bumped the shipment of weapons from the cargo.

What are you talking about? l didn't authorize any weapons.


You went behind my back?

What choice did l have?

The closer we are to raising the Mandarin's temple, the closer we are to getting our butts blown off by those crazy zealots.

The Jade Dragons aren't trying to kill anybody, but if guns get thrown into the mix, people will die.

So you're telling me you didn't KO the shipment?

No. Would l have? Yes.

Because l knew they'd most likely be stolen.

Look, one way or another, l gotta get some support here.

All right, Thodey. l'll fly over.

You said that last week and the week before that.

This time, l promise. l'll clear my schedule.

Just hang in there.

Now it's time for something that really needs my attention.

Pepper, darling, you look concerned. Am l late?

40 minutes, and they're not happy.

So what else is new? l say we keep it casual today.

Smudged lipstick might be a little too casual.

Mr. Chairman, gentlemen.

Okay, l take it we're not here to form a company soffball team.

Cavalier as always, Mr. Chairman.

This is just one more example of how little respect Tony Stark has for this company and its shareholders.

Ah, the shareholders.

You know, l bet they'd love a soffball team.

That's right, Tony. Laugh it off, just like you do everything else.

Let's see how funny you think this is.

We're correcting a grave mistake today.

Temind me, which mistake is this?

Handing you your own Advanced Technologies division. lt was a colossal error in judgment giving you that much freedom.

Need l not remind this board l was against that decision from the very beginning?

You need not.

Then let me get to the point: you're being charged with gross malfeasance.

On what grounds?

Let's try your little excavation in China, with a price tag of 226 million and climbing.

You not only agreed to do this without board approval, you're doing it all for free.

You wanna know about China?

Call it a gesture of goodwill.

But their government is so grateful that they've just awarded us contracts worth 20 times what we're spending over there.

Here. Look them over. l think you'll be quite impressed.

Now, is there anything else?

How about the half a billion dollars you've spent so far on some secret project, again without board approval?

Believe me when l say that what l've been working on is the future of this company, a company that my innovations have built into an empire, making every person at this table indecently rich, despite the fact that this board has done nothing but get in my way. lt is our job to control loose cannons, just as it's our job to cut them loose.

What are you saying?

Mr. Chairman, l motion that Tony Stark be relieved of his duties and that his division be shut down.

You can't do that. l second.

Dad, say something.

All in favor, say "Aye."


You want my father to drive this company on his own?

Because he will, right into the ground!

lt was the right decision, Howard.

Telax and enjoy the show, gentlemen.

Today you get to witness a 3,000-year-old city rise from the dead.

Okay, let's do this.

Commencing infusion of liquid fiber steel.

Lookin' good.

Five seconds to maximum dispersion.

Three, two, one.

All stuffed. lnitiate sonic bombardment.

Gentlemen, what's happening here is that sonic vibrations are causing the liquid steel to expand, kind of like cotton candy or steel wool.

When we cease the sonic bombardment, the steel will harden.

See these foundation balloons?

As they begin reaching full capacity, they'll push up against the base of the excavation and raise your ancient city to ground level.

Affer that, my friends, it's there to stay.


Li Mei. l've told you l will not take innocent lives. l decide what lives are innocent, and anyone involved in the raising of that city is not.

Now you will take as many lives as l command, or l will take yours.

East and West have joined in preserving an important part of our heritage.

Heh. Too bad not everybody agrees that's a good thing.

You must understand the Mandarin's was the darkest, most violent of all dynasties.

Hundreds of thousands died under his brutal reign.

But that's ancient history.

Some fear that by raising his temple, it is inviting history to repeat itself.

And what do you think?

Many will pay tribute to this place, and prosperity will follow.

To me, that is a good thing.

Go! Tun!

Aah! Aah!



Hmm. Pepper, you minx.

You just couldn't stand it any longer, could you?

The ruins in China were attacked again.

Ah. Well, tell Thodey l'm dealing with a crisis here. l'll fly out when l can.

Tony, Thodey's missing.


And the workers, they're all dead.


What do you want from me?

Not you, Tony Stark.

Sir, we have an obstruction ahead.

l don't care.

Just detour around it and get me to the dig site.

Yes, sir. Go right. We're taking the side street.

This isn't right.

The streets here are never empty.

Look out!

Back up. Back up. Move! Move!

Go! Go! Go!


My God, what have you done?

You butchers!


Will he live?

For the moment, but his heart has suffered great damage.

Understand me, old man. lf he dies, you die.

Aw, man.

We gotta do something to keep him alive.

You are a man of medicine?

An army medic, but that was a long time ago. lt's just gonna have to do.

You dare show concern for that man?!

Ach. Uh!

He may have doomed us all.


l will never understand why you do not show such courage on the battlefield.

There is much about me you will never understand.

l would advise you not to lose sight of your responsibility, Li Mei.

My responsibility is the only thing that keeps me here.

Master Chu, four elementals have awakened.

Where are they now?

They have risen into the sky and set off upon their quest for the rings.

l hear someth-- uhh--

Howard, listen, Tony's disappearance, as painful as it is, may be the best thing for the company.

You know, you lawyers are all alike.

That's my son you're talking about.

Even so, you need to hear this. l've been contacted by the Chinese government.

They've got questions, like how our weapons ended up in the hands of known radicals.

They can't blame Tony for that.

Let them blame whoever they want, because if they start looking at you, the board's gonna throw you to the wolves. l don't believe that. lt's my company! lt's a public company, and don't think for a second they won't do whatever's necessary to protect it.

Tony, easy, man.

Just relax.

Ho Yin.

That's right. You're gonna be okay, buddy.

Just breathe.

What happened?

You were attacked. lt got pretty bad, man.

Wh-- Thodey.

Sorry, Tony, but this hardware's all that's keeping you alive.

You saved my life.

No, he did.

Thank you.

How is he?

Ask him yourself.

Tony, meet Li Mei, the only decent soul in this den of cutthroats.

Pardon me for not getting up. l am happy to see you are alive.

That makes two of us.

Thank you.

Li Mei, can you tell me-- why are we prisoners? l must go.

Huh. Well, heh heh. That's a first.

You scared off a woman.

Easy to do when you look like Frankenstein.

How about we find a way to streamline this a bit?

Your weakness sickens me. lf only l possessed your strength.

Then you would be my son instead of my disgrace. l am sorry, Father.

Do not call me that. l am angry, Li Mei. l am angry that when the Mandarin rises, it is you who will face him, not me. lt was my right. l do not want this life.

Your life means nothing.

You are on this earth to serve another purpose. lt is served with honor.

When it's time, do not fail.

Amateur video shot by tourists revealing powerful entities tearing through Trafalgar Square...

The elementals have the first ring.

We are running out of time.

But Tony Stark has not yet recovered.

Naah! He's well enough.

We must begin now.

Hey, Tony.

Thodey, we have to figure out what they plan to do with us.

Whatever it is, it ain't gonna be good. ln the end, Wong Chu will kill you.

No doubt.

Why are the Jade Dragons so up in arms?

What you have accomplished in months, they have spent 3,000 years trying to prevent.

You mean raising the city?

What could they possibly be afraid of?

The Mandarin.

But he's nothing but dust now.

Many do not see death as the final step in one's existence, and the prophecy foretells his return.

So because l liffed the ruins, people think the prophecy is coming true? lt is as written:

"The city will rise, and the demon elementals will awaken.

They will gather the bands of the undereorld and with them resurrect their master."

That's just crazy. lf that is what you believe, there is no point in saying more. l'm sorry. lt's just hard for me to swallow.

Tell me, what are these bands of the undereorld?

Five were fashioned for the Mandarin as conduits to the afferlife.

Upon his death, four were stolen by monks who sacrificed their lives to hide them.

They were the first Jade Dragons.

These are the locations of those bands.

So once these things are found, the Mandarin is supposed to come back to life?


His demon elementals have already begun to gather them.

Stop the elementals and you prevent the Mandarin from rising.

Me? But l--

Stand up!

Do you want to live? lf l have a choice, yes.

Then you will reverse what you have done to the ancient city.

Look, the fiber steel that's holding it up is pretty much indestructible.

You will find a way.

We will provide you with your own technology.

What if l can't do it?

You owe your life to this man.

See how your unwillingness repays him.

Please, just stop. l'll help you.

You have one week, or he dies.

What are we gonna do now?

We get to work.

Oh. Hi.

Thank you.

What will that device do? lt's a macrobiotic nullifier. lf it works, it'll soffen the fiber steel under the ruins.

Will you finish it in time?

Hope so. l will let you get back to work.

Li Mei.

You don't belong with these murderers.

Why are you doing this?

The Mandarin will rise, and many will die in the East and in the West.

Their souls will be offered as payment for--

Okay, that's the company line. Now what about you? l have a responsibility. lt has been passed down from father to son ever since the Mandarin Dynasty.

Father to son. But-- l had no brothers.

And your father?

He... is dead. l take it he wanted a son.


He needed a son. lnstead he got me.

You would not understand.

Maybe l would.

You're not the only one who's faced a father's disappointment.

Tony... do you know why you are on this earth?

Does anyone?

Yes. l do. l have always known.

So this is the life you wanna live?

My life does not matter.

This thing's amazing.

Where'd you get this idea?

Just something l came up with.

Tony. What's going on?

Wong Chu is coming. You must escape.


Get back.

Demonstrate your device now.

Hey, no problem.

Allow me.

Okay, sample is in place.

Let's see. Activating thermal scan constrictors.

Setting atomic, uh, nine iron to 350 and, uh... adjusting the permanent press settings.

And, um... hmm.


Your deception will cost you your life.


This way!

Master Chu.




Li Mei, it's okay. lt's me, Tony.

Go. Leave.

Not without you.

Just get out of here and promise me you'll never come back. l won't leave you here.

Goodbye, Tony.

Come on, man. We gotta go.

Climb on.

Phew. Stuffy.

That's the last time l ever wanna put this thing on.

What should we do with him?

Why are you asking me?

You are now the senior member. l do not care.

He is the one.

No, it is not him.

Li Mei, look at it. lt is undeniable.

The prophecy continues to unfold.

He is the lron Knight.

He is destined to battle the risen Mandarin. lt cannot be him!

What is the matter? lt is a good thing.

The Mandarin can now be defeated.

We do not know who will be victorious, only that one will die.

Stark Air 6-0-1, you are cleared for landing.

Proceed to runway three.

Hands in the air.

What's going on here?

SHlELD Agent Drake. l'm placing you under arrest.

For what?

Arms dealing. The Chinese government is charging you with selling weapons to known radicals, the Jade Dragons.

You guys got this all wrong.

Listen to me.

The Jade Dragons only have Stark weaponry because they stole it from our cargo jet.

We've received documents linking you to the sale.

What documents? There was no sale.


Cease fire! Cease fire!

He knows it's bulletproof, because he built it for us.

What are you doing?

We must hurry.

What of the fiffh elemental? lf we destroy the temple, the Dragon will fall.

Fine. l will go in first.

lt is safe.

Now move, quickly.

Okay, that is far enough.

Set up here.

Ahh! Ahh!

Forgive me.

Why is this happening to us? l don't know, but we're cut off from our offices.


Hey... those locations are...

Ho Yin drew them on this map.

You think the old man was right?

Something's going on, and l want some answers.

Where are you going?

Affer the third ring.

l beg your pardon?


Oh, hi, Mom.

Mom? Yes, l'm fine.

Busy busy busy.

Lots of company.

What have you gotten yourself into? l'll explain later, Pep.

Tight now l need into my office.

That's going to be a bit difficult since l have SHlELD agents crawling up my--

Pepper, l know. Can you arrange it?

You know the east staireell door that leads to the outside? l'll make sure it's unlocked.


Tony, l-l can hardly hear you.

Well, how did you two sneak into the lobby?

You have to get out of there before the agents-- Tony? Tony?

Oh, darn.

Suspects are in the lobby. l repeat: suspects are in the lobby.

Temind me to move my office to the first floor.

So l want assets from these three offshore accounts made available, and keep it on the downlow.

What? We came here so you can do business?

Not exactly.

Access code: Maria.

Access granted.

What the?

Greetings, Mr. Stark.

Since when do you have a secret room?

Come on, Thodey.

Pepper, l owe you one.

And l'm keeping track.



lnteractive exosuits.

With these things, one person can accomplish what it normally would take dozens, exploration of any hostile environments, deep sea, volcano, space-- anything.

These armors will change the world.

And since the next place on the map is on the floor of the Atlantic, the aquatic model is going to get me there.

Something wrong?

Just something you came up with, huh? l know. Sorry, but l just wanted to keep it top secret.

Top secret?

Aw, you're full of it, Tony.


This is what you hired me for, isn't it, to work with you in development? l was going to bring you in when the time was right.

When the time was-- why don't you just own up to it, Tony?

You didn't trust me enough to be a part of this project.

Thodey-- l mean, l'm your closest friend. l've always been in your corner.

Come on, Thodey. You're making this personal.

We're friends. Why are you overreacting? l'm the only one who sees it for what it is.

Temember when your father took your stuff and put it into his weapons program, how betrayed you felt? Well, guess what, Tony.

You're just like him.

You know what? You're right.

We've got a lot to talk about, but right now l need your help.

This must be the place.

Spectrum analysis.

Unknown energy source detected.

Aah! Uhh.



Sweet dreams.


Warning. Warning: suit integrity compromised.

Warning: armor breach.

Life support failing.

Looks like it didn't go so well. lt's real, Thodey, all of it.

What l fought today, l can't even begin to explain, but it is real.

What have l done? lt's not your fault.

Telease armor.

Thodey, l raised that ancient city. l set this in motion. lt is my fault.

And true to form, my father has made everything worse.

You're not gonna do something stupid, are you?


You sold me out! l did no such thing.

You needed a fall guy for the Chinese government, so you trumped up a phony arms deal.

Underhanded ethics are your domain, not mine.

Don't talk to me about ethics.

You loaded weapons onto the cargo jet for Thodey knowing l was against it. They got stolen and people died.

Now they're blaming me for those deaths.

Thodey needed protection. You leff him out there with nothing.

They attacked us with our guns, Dad. l wouldn't be on the run if you'd just stayed out of it.

Why don't you drop this pacifist bull?

Military contracts are what built this company.

No, it started the company. l built it and without a single weapon.

Listen to you. You sound just like--

Go on!

Like my mother?

She hated the work l did, and she got you believing that weapons were--

How dare you blame her for any of this?

She stood by you, Dad. She defended you.

When are you going to stop blaming me for her death? l lost her too.

Yeah, but l lost you both.


Hi, Tony.



Oops. Clumsy me.

You're aiding and abetting a fugitive, Ms. Potts.

l don't know how you're helping him, but you are, and that's enough to take you into custody.

Fine. l could use the rest.

l've pulled data on the fourth ring's location. lt looks like it's right in the center of an active volcano.

We've got bigger problems.

They're onto us, and Pepper's been arrested.

Slipping past them is definitely gonna be a problem.

Then l'll lure them away.

What? No, Thodey, they'll arrest you.

Look, l'm open to other options, but face it-- we're trapped in here, and you've gotta get to Central America.

Thodey, thanks.

Hey, it's what friends do.

Hey, Jake and Elwood.

We got him on the roof!

l'll take that.

Okay, fellas, take it easy.




Just... stay down!



Lose something, rock slide?


Li Mei.

What are you doing here? l did not know where else to go. l tried your building, but--

Yeah, it's complicated.

Li Mei, listen, l went affer the Mandarin's rings. l know. Why would you do that? l had to.

Did you get them? Just one.

And what of the elementals?

Only the Earth Mover is leff.

Then you are not safe.

He will seek out that ring wherever it is.

Please, give it to me. lt is my responsibility.

There's no way l'm letting that thing come affer you.

Tony, it is not your burden.

There must be another way.

No. There is not.

What about the tomb? What if l destroy it?

Will it end? Li Mei, tell me. l don't know.

Then it's worth a try.

But l'm gonna need some armor.

Hello. ls this line secure?


Son, yes, of course it is.

Are you okay? l've been so worried.

Dad, what's going on?

Nothing. Everything's fine, really. Tell me, what do you need?

They've got Pepper and Thodey.

Can you get me into the building?

Absolutely, Tony. l'll clear the way.

Just come on up, okay? l'll take care of everything. l love you, son.

They were listening.

He was warning me away. l don't know what else to do.

Unless... come on.




l have had enough of you!


Here. Take these. l'm going affer the temple.

Maybe the fiffh ring is still in the tomb with him. lt isn't.

lt's here.

Your bracelet.

You must go. Please.

Li Mei, what is going on? l begged you not to come. l've done everything l could to keep you away.

What? l gave the government those documents so they'd arrest you.

Why? To save your life. l told you, l have a responsibility. l know, to stop the Mandarin.

Not to stop him, to ensure his resurrection.

What are you saying?

You mean joining the Jade Dragons, the things you said to me-- l am the last descendent of the Mandarin. lt falls to me. l must be his vessel so he may walk the earth again.

Li Mei, listen.

You don't have to do this.

This-- it's the only reason l even exist, the very purpose of my life.

Please, go while you still can.

l'm not going anywhere.

Then you will die.

Li Mei!








Li Mei, where are you?!

Li Mei.

Are you all right? What happened?

Don't touch me.

She has served her purpose, lron Knight.

As for you, your blood must now be shed and the prophecy will be fulfilled.

Li Mei, l know you're in there.

Please, don't do this.


Listen to me!

Temember who you are!

You are Li Mei!

Kill him.

Kill him!

Get away from him!


Li Mei.

Tony. l'm right here.

You... saved me.

You saved me too.

Ohh. Hmm?

Hmm? Tony.

Tony, thank you for coming in. l apologize for being late. l had to finish my last interview with SHlELD.

We're happy to hear the Chinese government cleared you of all charges.

Uh, Tony, let me get right to the point.

We've just learned that over the last week, someone has been buying up stock, so much stock that this board no longer has controlling interest.

And you suspect that l'm that someone?

Well, yes.

You're correct.

Stark Enterprises is mine.

Um, l would just like to remind you, Mr. Stark, that as a board of directors, we have always always had the company's best interests at heart.

Now sometimes we may have acted-- l have two orders of business.

One, l'm promoting James Thodes to Chief Engineer for Advanced Technologies.

Thanks, man.

You've earned it.

And two, l'm handing control of the company over to my father.

What? lt's yours, Dad.

The future of the company is now yours to decide.

You know, l've always seen this as a father-son enterprise.

Wonderful news, Tony, Howard.

We'll support you both 110%.

Shut up, Boyer.

My first order of business... you're all fired.