The Italian Job (2003) Script


Hello, sweetie.


It's early.

Yeah, I know.

I just wanted to let you know I'm sending you something.

Mmm. Does it smell nice?

No, but it's sparkly.

Does it have a receipt?

I'm sending it to you from the store.

Why don't you just come by?

We'll have some breakfast, hmm?

Well, it'd be a long trip.

I'm in Venice.

With your parole officer's approval, of course.

Well, I like the guy, Stella, you know that, but we never really connected.

So I think I've paid my P.O. his last visit.

What are you into, Dad?

Don't break my heart.

You told me you were through.

After this I am, I swear to you.

Is Charlie there?

I'm on a cell phone, darling.

I'll call you tomorrow from a land line.

I love you.

Go back to sleep. Bye.

D... Dad?

I love you, too.

I sent it.

You're supposed to do your shopping after we pull off the job.

I feel so optimistic.


How do you feel?

I'm fine.


You know what "fine" stands for, don't you?

Yeah, unfortunately.

"Freaked out."

"Insecure." "Neurotic."

And "Emotional." Good.

See those columns behind you?

What about them?

That's where they used to string up thieves who felt "fine."

Well... after you.

For after the haul.

Hope I get to fire it up.

Still no word from the garbagemen?


If they're no-shows, three months of prep down the tubes and I dragged you out of retirement for nothing.

Oh, this is fun. I like this.

You've taken over the reins, all the worries.

Me loosey-goosey, just along for the ride.

I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, John.

Just remember, a police boat can get from the station to our position in seven.

That means you got four minutes to work your magic.

Now, you told me ten, and you said I would have five.


Do not be messing with me right now, okay?

I will kick your ass. Oh, yeah?

Come on, take your best shot.

Come on.

What? Uh-oh.

Come on.

Let's go.

What is it this time?

Da Vinci. Architect.

Engineer. Painter.

Yeah, fascinating.

Hey, look, look. Check this out.

"Learn the language of poetry, art, romance, sex."

Unlike you, my friend, I don't need a guidebook.

Can we go? Please?

Right, guv'nor.

Come along, make yourself useful.

Untie that line.



Yeah, Gilligan.

If you don't mind.

We set? Yeah. I've enhanced the viewing matrix to track both the Cartesian coordinates and three altitude angles, the yaw, pitch and roll to give us the exact position and orientation of our baby.

We're in Italy.

Speak English.

Steve, how we looking?

Papa took the boat to work at 8:15, so the garage is empty.

Mama left with daughter at 8:30 for preschool as usual.

So for the next 45 minutes, we own this place, gentlemen.

Still no word from the garbagemen?

Hey, who got you the beekeepers in Budapest?

They'll be there.

You can trust these guys.

Steve, how many times do I have to tell you?

I trust everyone... I just don't trust the devil inside them.

We're in.

Just tell me where to paint.

Your men are still not in position?

They will be.

Well, you don't know that, Steve. We should abort.

I'm sorry, John, but I think that's Charlie's call now.

Our baby's being taken out of here tonight.

This is our only shot at it.


Keep going?

It's up to you, kid.

It's a go.

Okay, Steve.

From the west wall, measure 14 feet, eight inches.

Got it.

Now measure eight feet, five inches from the north wall.

That's the northwest corner of our baby.

Got it.

Well, it's right above you.

Now, paint.

Two feet, nine inches wide.

Two feet, five inches deep.

Okay, Left Ear. You're up.

14 feet four inches from that west wall.



The garbagemen are in position, John.

All right, Charlie, someone just called it in.

The police boat's heading your way.

Seven minutes and counting.

Let's go.

We got four minutes to load and leave. Let's go.

Whoa! Whoa!

Hey, you guys. Come here.

I want to propose a toast.

To us.


And I want to propose a toast to Charlie because we just stole $35 million worth of gold without even holding a gun because he planned this down to a "T."

Nobody else could have done that.

Nobody. Charlie!

Charlie! Yay!

Thank you.

So, come on, gentlemen.

Shopping list. Who's doing what?

Spare no dirty details.

Come on, you guys.

Take a lesson from an old man.

Don't spend it. Invest.

In what?

In gold.

Let's figure out how to get out of here first, all right?

What are you getting, Rob?

I don't know... there's a lot of things you can buy with a lot of money.

You know, I'm just thinking about naked girls in leather seats.

Obviously. See?

Suppose I get the Aston Martin Vanquish?

There's not a lot a girl won't do on the passenger seat of one of those things.

I'm going to get a NAD T770 digital decoder with a 70-watt amp and Burr Brown DACs.


It's a big stereo.

Speakers so loud they blow women's clothes off.

Now you're talking.

$35 million... you can't get more creative than that, man?

I'm going to Andalucia, south of Spain... right there.

Get me a big house... get me a library full of first editions.

Get a room for my shoes.

What about you, Steve?

I don't know... I haven't decided yet.

You haven't decided yet?

Come on, man, is it the mountain air, just...?

I liked what you said.

I'll take one of each of yours.

Well, well, two of everything For Steve then. Two of those.


Loved the toast.

But you could've pulled this off with your eyes closed.

No, you were incredible.

Just incredible.

You saw the whole picture.

You covered all the angles.

You know, Charlie, there are two kinds of thieves in this world: the ones who steal to enrich their lives, and the ones who steal to define their lives.

Don't be the latter.

Makes you miss out on what's really important in this life.

What are you talking about, John?

You've been a good father.

Sitting in prisons doesn't make you a good father.

I spent half my kid's life in prison.

Don't get to be my age with nothing but this, Charlie.

Find somebody you want to spend the rest of your life with and hold onto her forever.

Okay? Hey.

Let's go... I'm freezing my ass off.


Steve's getting cold.

You, too?

I'm all right.

I love you, kid.

You did really great.

Thanks, John.

Let's go.

Money It's a gas Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash New car, caviar, four-star daydream...

You should've seen Rob behind the wheel of that boat.

He was like Don Johnson.

Oy, yeah, from Brixton.

Yeah, what the hell do you know about Brixton, eh?

Look at this idiot right in the middle of the road.

What's this, what's this?

Who the hell are these guys?


Take your hands off the wheel.


Don't even think about it... just do it.

No, no, no, no, No, no, no, no, John. Steve, what the hell are you doing?

Made a few plans of my own.

There's nowhere you can go where we won't find you, Steve.

You know that.

I think that's probably right, John.

Go! Go!


We got to go, Charlie.

You always work in the dark?

Makes me feel like I'm alone.

Not bad.

Not bad, Stella.

Damn. Hurley couldn't crack that safe.

Neither could Spears. Now you know who to call first.

You're expensive, Stella.

Those guys cut us a break on subpoena jobs.

Good will, community service.

I do it for the money, Paul.

I'll be sending you a bill.

Don't you want to see what's inside?

I never look inside.

Have a good day. Hey, George.

Hi, Stella.

I came, I saw, I kicked some ass The pain I cause, it makes me laugh

'Cause the way I do my thing is strange Time, time for this girl to sing Damn if I thought that you would change And my life would stay the same Things will come and things will go And one thing I know for sure Is that the wreckoning, the wreckoning, the wreckoning I'm walking out the door Wreckoning, the wreckoning, the wreckoning Oh, it's time...

How long to crack it?

Four minutes and 43 seconds.

Oh! You're the man.

What's on the lineup?

Todd Milliken called.

He has a prototype combination lock.

He wants you to test out.

He says he added two false contact points on the tumbler.

I'll pretend to be stumped for a couple of seconds, give him a thrill.

And, there's a Charlie Croker in your office.

Says you two know each other.

Charlie Croker.

Hey, Stella.

Didn't I tell you I never want to see you again?

I think it was when you told me how my father died, right in front of your eyes, after you pulled him in for one last job.

We found him, Stella.

He's in Los Angeles.

The gold bricks he stole from us had a Balinese dancer stamped on them.

I just got word, from a contact of mine called Skinny Pete, that a gold dealer out in L.A. has been buying those bricks.


Well, how do you know it's him?

Skinny Pete sent me this.

Steve changed his last name to Frazelli.

Why you telling me all of this?

Been checking out the databases behind safe companies.

Found out Steve had a Worthington 1000 delivered to his home office.

You don't install a Worthington 1000 unless you've got something really big to guard.

No, you don't.

The problem now is no one in my crew can handle Steve's safe.

And I need somebody I can trust.

Look, I'm a professional safe and vault technician.

I'm not a thief.

Hey, it's not about the gold, Stella, okay?

John was like a father to me, too.

Look, I'm sorry, all right?

I just can't move on until I've set things right.

I've moved on.

Come on, Charlie.

Come on.


I want to see the look on that man's face when his gold is gone.

He took my father from me; I'm taking this.

She's in.

That's a good thing?

It's a very good thing.

She can crack a Worthington 1000 without even flinching.

I'm not sure having a civilian on the crew's a good idea, Charlie.

She's got the skill and she's got the motivation.


She's emotional.

You know what happens when emotion gets into it.

Look, don't kid yourself, all right?

We're all emotional on this one.

Let's go.

Are you ready?

Of course I am.

You're not ready.

That was quick.

Where are they?

We're a little early.

I didn't expect us to get here quite that fast.


That's Lyle.

He's my computer genius.

You know, he's who really invented Napster.

At least that's how Lyle tells it.

Said Shawn Fanning was his roommate in college and stole his idea.

Think it's his first time riding that bike, though.



You okay?

Yeah. Mm-hmm.

That's Left Ear.

Demolition and explosives.

When he was ten, he put one too many M-80s in the toilet bowl.



Yeah, that was cool.

How'd you do that?


How'd you do that?


I said, how did you do that?


Lost the hearing in his right ear.

He's been blowing stuff up ever since.

Handsome Rob.

Premier wheel man.

Once drove all the way from Los Angeles just so he could set the record for longest freeway chase.

You're a heartbreaker... You know, he got 110 Iove letters sent to his jail cell from women who saw him on the news?

You're a heartbreaker Dream-maker Love-taker Don't you mess around, no, no, no...

And you?

I never heard how you got your start.


Well, I've been a thief since I had baby teeth.

Okay, you both know what to do.

Cough it up, now!

Come on, now, shake it, shake it, baby, ho!

One, two, three, baby...

Watch it, spaz!

Hey, now, do, re, me, baby...

Hey, what's your problem, man?

A-B-C, it's easy As one, two, three...

Hey, Charlie.

Good to see you, man.

Looking good. Yeah?

Charlie Hustle. Good to see you.

Hello, Charlie.

Rob, what's up? Good?


Stella Bridger.


How you doing?

Nice to meet you.


Yeah, they're all fresh and clean, I got internal chips in them.

Please change them twice a day.

We will get heat on line.

I.D. s?

"James Hymen?"

Come on, man, one time, give me a cool name.

140 pounds? Try 165.

Try lifting some weights.

Try lifting up these. Guys, enough.

Come on, we leave tomorrow, all right?

Let's go.

Hey, Charlie...

Handsome, can you help him with the bike?

Yeah, help Knievel set up for his next jump.

Like a sound you hear that lingers in your ear But you can't forget, from sundown to sunset No, no It puts a brand-new kind of thinkin' in your mind And you can't go wrong

'Cause you're groovin' all day long, ha-ha!

California soul Ooh-ooh-ooh California soul...

Man, out of all of the places for a thief to hide, this joker picked Hollywood.

He's a punk, but he ain't stupid.

All right... we need to figure out a way to get in Steve's house and make a video blueprint of the interior.

I want audio surveillance on his phone.

Oh, yeah, I been wanting to try something.

I crack into the phone company's remote monitoring system, and fool it into thinking there's a legal tap on the line.

Just reroute the digital copies of the calls to our own listening post.

I been doing it to my ex for years.

How long?

No... how long will it take?

Not how long have you been doing it to your ex.

I'll burn through the night; I'll have it running by morning.

Sorry I'm late.

We got to work on getting Steve out of the house.

Stella, how much time you need with the Worthington?

Five minutes flat.

Don't be cocky, young lady.

It's not the same as opening a safe for the police.

The perspiration on your fingertips, your heart's pounding in your ears... whole different ball game.

I appreciate your concern. I'll be fine.

Look, just remember, this is all the easy part, okay?

It's the getaway that can get us caught.

So what's the sketch?

We drive to Union Station.

Getaway car goes right onto the train with us.

We need to know exactly how long it's going to take to get from Steve's house to Union Station.

Oh, great.

Carson Security System.

How good is it?

Carson's held an annual contest...

$50,000 to anybody that can bypass the system.

The Who's Who of ex-cons always show up.

Five years running, no one's been paid.

Okay, party people, here's the status.

It's an anti-scaling fence.

It's hardened, electro-plated steel.

Yeah, I'm going to have to paint that up with some nitromin.

Security on the property?

Got an armed guard here.

Little rent-a-cop, with a nine-millimeter on his hip.

But that booth...

Security booth looks prime for a chemical grenade.

Nitromin, chemical grenades...

I mean, that stuff's pretty hard to come by.

Yeah, Lyle, it's a bear market.


This dude got dogs.

I don't do dogs.

I had a... real bad experience, man.

What happened?

I had a bad experience.

Damn it. I'm deaf.

You turn in your badge and your weap... Oh, shoot.

Turn in your badge and your weapon!


I don't want to see you anywhere near this investigation.

And turn in your badge and your weapon.

I don't want to see you anywhere near this investigation.

Hey! It's a green!

Turn in your badge and your weapon.

Green! I don't want to see you anywhere near this...

Turn in your badge and your weapon.


There he is.

Let's get to work.

It's either bad traffic, peak traffic, slit-your-wrist traffic.

You know, five people died from smoking in between traffic lights today.

You know, they do have the Metrorail, Rob.

You could always use that.

That'd be ideal for carrying a ton of gold, wouldn't it, genius?

What's your guesstimate?

The last 20 times I've done the journey, you've got an average of 32 minutes and a top time of 50, but if we had green lights all the way, we could do it in 14 minutes.

Wait, you couldn't get through traffic?


We could do anything with green lights all the way.



I'll see what I can do.

You're right on time.

All these poor bastards out there, putting their life savings in banks, and S&Ls, and mutual funds.

How do they think, when the collapse comes, they can depend on the government?

I don't think so.

Are you taping me?

Of course not.

I never tape you... come look, see for yourself.

Governments are nothing more than puppets and strings in a world where NAFTA can overrule the Supreme Court.

Like my cousin Mashkov always says: "This is our only refuge, baby... gold."

Every time I look at these engravings...

She's so beautiful.

Where'd you say you got these?

I didn't.

A little walking around money.

I guess I'm not walking as far as I thought.

I'm... sorry.

I can only buy two bricks from you today.

That wasn't the agreement. What can I say?

I'm just middleman.

I'll buy the other two from you on Wednesday.

Don't waste my time, Yevhen.

So, what does a man with 35 million dollars worth of gold do at night?

He watches his big-ass TV.

That's our in.




How did you get in here?

I knocked, but you didn't answer.

What... so you just let yourself in?

I was just making sure you were okay.

I apologize. I just...

I... Don't look.


You got a lot of stuff here.

You know, your dad was old school.

Did the whole thing by touch.

That worked for him; this works for me.

Technology guarantees speed and accuracy, you know?

Yeah, but there's no guarantees in this business, Stella.

Why the headphones?

Just training myself.

Ambient noises, you know, just in case.

What do you want, Charlie?

We're going to knock out Steve's cable, and we need to send in a repairman.

To get your video blueprint of the interior.


Only problem is Steve thinks we're all dead.

Except me.

I'll do it, Charlie.

I'm in all the way, whatever it takes.

All right.

I'll set it up.


Um... you, um... maybe want to get a drink downstairs with me before I go back to my room?

I sh... I should finish this stuff up, you know?

Just get it all done tonight.


Sorry I scared you.

It's okay.


Good night.


And then he's just... the media darling.

He's on the cover of all the magazines.

I should've been on the cover of Wired Magazine.

You know what he said?

He said he... he named it Napster because it-it was his nickname, 'cause of the nappy hair under the hat, but he... it's 'cause I was napping when he stole it from me!

He didn't even graduate.

I think it's time to move on, don't you?

They shut him down.

I wish they'd do the same to you.

Here... here we go.

Cable chick.


Nice name... I wonder what she calls the other one.

And it's such a mystery why you don't have a girlfriend, Lyle.

So, all we need is a... service truck like that one, a work shirt like hers.

You think Stella can pull it off?

I have my doubts.

There's no talking to Charlie, though.

You think he's... mixing business with pleasure?

He should know better.

Only I'm allowed to do that.

Right. Where you going?

To get a work shirt and a service truck.

Are you kidding me?

How does he do that?

How do you do that?

What are you saying?

Hey, how are you?

Oh, good. I'm good.

Nice to meet you, I'm... Handsome Rob.

And you are...?

Oh, my name's... my name's Becky, but it's written on my shirt.

Listen, I'm going to need your shirt... and your truck.

Perfect. I'll give them both to you.

Would you... would you like my virginity as well?

If it's on the menu.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, oh, you're so witty.

Why don't you take advantage of me?

Yeah, you're not too bright, are you?



What can I do for you, Mr. Frazelli?

The cable's out.

The TV, the modem, everything.

Now, get somebody up here, and tell them to hurry up.

Netcom Cable, how can I help you?

Hi, I'm up at 3320 East Skyway, and the cable's just gone out... our modem, everything.

Okay, um, let's see, sir.

I have a Thursday between 9:00 and 3:00 if that would be good.

That's going to work. Thank you.

Guard just called the cable company.

What time's the appointment?

Thursday between 9:00 and 3:00.


Hi, I'm calling from Netcom Cable.

I understand your service is out, and there was an appointment set up for Thursday.


Well, we have a technician working in your area who's finished with an appointment earlier than expected.

Will somebody be there for the next hour?

Sure, that'd be great.

All right, our technician will see you then.

Have a nice day.

Here's all the paperwork you need.

Just get him to sign and date at the bottom.

Let's check out the camera.

Stella, you'll be going patriotic today.

Make sure you walk slowly, or the image will streak.

Ow. Ooh.

I'm sorry. It's okay.

Sorry... Couldn't pin the corsage on my prom date either.

But you had a prom date?

It was his cousin.

There's cable lines in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and the cable modem on the computer in the office.

You need to locate the safe in the office.


Just want you to know I think you're very brave going in there.

I know it won't be easy.

I second that.

It's going to be fine.


You know what fine stands for?

Freaked Out. Insecure...

Neurotic, and Emotional.

You'll be great.



Can I see some I.D.?

Thanks for coming so soon.

Hey, that's part of the job.

All right.

Aston Martin Vanquish.

Looks like that bastard took my car.

Nasty-ass dogs.

Hey! Hey!

Relax, Jesus Christ.

Come on, they won't bother you now.

Come on.


Go on, get out of here.

It's okay, I'm used to running into all sorts of animals on my job.

Steve Frazelli.


Want to show me that problem?

Yeah, of course.

This way.

You have a really nice house.

Yeah. 1922.

All the original tiles.

Every stone in that courtyard hauled from some monastery in Seville.

What a tactic.


Monastery for punk-ass creeps.

You don't seem impressed.

No, it's just that I don't think lugging a bunch of rocks from one place to another is quite... that interesting.

You know, it doesn't quite do it for me.

What does do it for you?

Um... TVs?

I have a monster TV.

Not working right now, but...

But you know, I should probably check out the cable modem, you know.

Yeah? Yeah, right.

Over here.

I paid 30 grand to some punk kid to put this system in.

One day, it just goes out.

I ought to have him strung up.

Here we go.

There's our baby.

We got him.

Got any, uh, wiring coming through here?

There's no wiring in here.

Just right here?


Look at that, that's my...

That's my NAD T770. That's...

That's my stereo.

I bet most of your customers are pretty surprised when they go to open the door for the cable man and find you standing there.

Oh, yeah.

He's hitting on her.

There's no problem here.

I should maybe just check the TVs.


You know what, end this shit right now.

I'm going to blow this shit right off the mountain right now.

No, no, no. No, no, hey, hey, hey.

I see you got the AVM processor.

Only the best.

Check the box.

I'm just going to... reset your system.

Sometimes these things just get jammed up you know?

That should do it.


It's fixed?

Turn her on, let's see.


Japan's Nikkei index...


...was the ending price and as you can see, we've now gone below...

Becky, huh?

Have we met before?

...a loss of 1.1 percent on the...

No, I don't think so.

If you can just sign there.

So, if I was to ask you out to dinner... would I be the first one of your customers to ever do that?

What, you asked your last cable repair guy out for a date?

No, but the last one was, like, 300 pounds, had a handlebar mustache.

You know, not really my type.

I don't think it's a good idea.

Why, is that, like, some, cable company rule?

No, actually, it's just my rule.

I don't go out with strange men.

I just met you five minutes ago.

So, I guess I have to, like, sabotage my cable, you know, till we get to know each other well enough.

Have a nice day.

Come on, I'll be a perfect gentleman, I promise.

I won't even ask you for your phone number.

I'll just... I'll meet you.

Anywhere you want to go.

Come on, break your rule once.

It's just dinner.

Is that a yes?

Are you okay?


He touched my hand.

He came on to me.

Hey, at least I...

I created a window of opportunity, right?

When he goes out Friday night, we go in.

By the time he realizes you've stood him up, we'll be long gone with that gold.


Make sure you shuffle them cards this time, Left.

Hey, Lyle, what's the distance between the front door and the vault?

Don't deal when my back's turned.

You've got that loser's paranoia.


He only answers to The Napster now, Charlie.


I'm not calling you The Napster.

Why not, you call him Left Ear.

Well, I am.

And him, Handsome Rob.

Well, that's because he is Handsome Rob.

Well, you can call me The Napster.

Come on, they were at the same college at the same time.

Why are you encouraging this?

It is a verifiable fact... he was my roommate, he stole my ideas.

I am The Napster.

All right, all right.

What is the distance between the front door and the vault, Napster?

It's farther than you want to carry it.

Yeah, but, so, how do we get the gold from the vault to the getaway car?

How wide is the hallway... Napster?

Six feet.

Okay, you've got your gold.


We need more cars to handle the weight.

Looks like I'm going to need some help with the custom work, too.

I know a man for the job.

So I modified the camera to include the... so we can create really hi-res digital maps.

Who's that?

Rob's mechanic friend.

Hey, Charlie. Hey.

Charlie, this is Wrench.

Hey, what's up, man?

Rob tells me you got real talent.

We need some body work done.

Need to pack up to 2,700 pounds of cargo in these Minis with enough suspension and horsepower to outrun anything chasing us.

2,700 pounds of what?

Of whatever.

So, what do I get out of this mystery deal, man?


All right.

What comes around...

Oh, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

We didn't get a chance to meet yet.


Ham and cheese.

Oh. Oh, that's cold.

Damn, that's cold. Mmm.

What comes around

Just comes around

What comes around

What comes around...

You want all greens?

'Cause, ah, 'cause you got them.

What have you got?

Welcome to L.A. 's Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control Operations Center.

See, they use video feeds from intersections and specifically designed algorithms to predict traffic conditions, and thereby control traffic lights, so all I did was come up with my own kick-ass algorithm to sneak in, and now we own the place.

You want to do a dry run?

I thought you'd never ask.

See, red light?

Green light.

Danielson? Yeah?

What's up with Grid 34?

Let's check it out.

Hey, hey.

Oh, oops, did I...?

Oops, wow, but it's awesome. Is that not awesome?

Can you change it back now? Yeah.

Lights are working fine.

Just an accident.

That's good.

What are those?

Unnecessary engine parts.

I lost your smog controls, and 200 pounds of body fat.

You got yourself a sweet ride now, Charlie.

Put the pedal to the metal and I'm off And never getting lost Which way will I turn when roads cross?

Press the petal to the metal, little more when it's scary But one thing for sure, keep my foot on the floor Put the pedal to the metal and I'm off And never getting lost Which way will I turn when roads cross?

Press the petal to the metal, little more when it's scary But one thing for sure, keep my foot on the floor Won't stop driving till it's over Still be cruising when the sun goes down Won't stop driving till it's over Put the pedal to the metal and I'm off And never getting lost Which way will I turn when roads cross?

Press the petal to the metal, little more when it's scary But one thing for sure, keep my foot on the floor...

You know what I'm thinking about right now?

The look on Steve's face.

You're early.

I'm in a hurry.

Of course, you know that the Florida vote rigging was a CIA and mob operation.

Is that so?

Yeah, which is not so very different from when your John F. Kennedy won a rigged election with the help of his father.

You're uncomfortable that I mentioned it.

No, Yevhen, I don't like making two trips.

You Americans.

You love your heroes.

A holiday for Columbus?

He makes the wrong turn, and wipes out an entire indigenous people.

And you know what he was looking for?

I bet you're going to tell me.


Supposedly for Queen Isabella, but don't think that the Medicis back in Italy didn't want a part of that action.

And what did Italy need gold for?

For the long-distance slave trade based in Venice.

Venice... that's where these bricks...

You were saying something?

Nothing... No...

No, you were really on a roll there.

Don't stop. I'm interested.

Please, I'm confused, my English...

You understand fine.

Now what do you know about my gold?

No, I don't...

Don't you even think about lying to me.

Okay, okay, l, I heard a rumor about a heist in Venice.

35 million in bricks, with an imprint of a Balinese dancer on them.

Who have you told? No one.

Who have you told?

No one! I swear to God!

You swear to God?

You crazy? I swear to God.

I didn't!

Well, then I guess I believe you.



Let's putt it this time...

Putt, not drive.

Very good.

If you can just get it, I know you can, I know you can do it.

Much better.

I'm here to see Skinny Pete.

Yeah, he's over there.

Thanks, man.

Don't stare. Huh?

Don't stare.

He doesn't like when people stare at him.

Stare at what?

That was good. That was good.

Try that one, I know you're going to get that one.

That was great.

Skinny Pete. Yo, Charlie.

What's up, man?

How's it going?

So was I right about the gold bricks or what?

Oh, I'm not here to talk about that. We need, uh... some supplies.

Baby, go relax.


Go relax.




What's wrong?


Uh... um, some, uh, some nitromin, uh... some, uh... some nitromin, primer...

What's wrong? Huh?


Uh, nothing.

I'm-I'm cool. I'm-I'm great.

Uh, I just need some, uh, big can of...

Nitromin, primer, Detonating cord... Right, right.

...two triple-charged chemical grenades and a launcher.

Right, like I had, uh, you know, told you... earlier.

All right.

Cost you about five G's.

Done. Call me.

Thanks, man. I'm sorry about that.

Uh-Uh, all right, man.

Peace. Come on.

Get out.


Vance has something to tell you.

Go on.

A couple weeks back...

I was working counter at your cousin's shop.

A guy come in asking about gold bricks with Balinese dancer on them.

What did you tell him?

I told him that I'd seen some bricks.

I'm sorry.

What did this man look like?

He had, uh... long black hair, big tattoo on his neck.

He must have weighed at least 400 pounds.

I know that guy.

Baby, go relax.

Do you know who I am?

You're Mashkov.

That's right.

You were asking about gold bricks with a Balinese dancer on them.

Tell me why.

Steve just called to confirm his 8:00 reservation at the Water Grill.

Okay, let's go over it one more time.

Gas the guards, doors open 8:15.

Safe popped by 8:25.

Loaded by 8:35, out the door by 8:45.

Straight to Union Station.

Only green lights on your route.

The rest of the city's red.

Cops are stuck in the traffic, like everyone else.

Train leaves at 10:00.

Cars have to be on the carrier by 9:30.

Timing's got to be dead on.

Let's get ready.

Let's get it.

Wow, that is a nice car.

Sorry, Rob.

Coast is clear, guys.

This is it, guys.

Moment of truth.

What the hell is this?


Steve's neighbor's throwing a party.

Are you here for the, uh, Baker party, sir?


We're not blowing any gates tonight, guys.

Too many witnesses.


I know, I know.

I'm late for my date.

Yeah, and you got to be charming.

You'll need him to ask you out again.


Let's get out of the street.

I really can't imagine you doing that.

What's that supposed to mean?

Well, you don't really seem like the adventurous type, you know?

Don't let the cable uniform, you know, throw you.

I wasn't making assumptions.

I've made some assumptions about you.

Oh, really?


Well... you're just going to have to wait and see.

Why wait? Let's get a check.

Let's go back to my place.

No assumptions...

Not tonight. It's late.

I should go home.

What, you have a cable company curfew?

No, but I've made some bad calls in the past.


We should take this maybe a little slower, you know?

This lovely dinner, sparkling conversation... you still don't trust me?

Oh, I trust everyone.

It's the devil inside them I don't trust.

It's an interesting saying.

It's charming. Where'd you pick that up?

Can't remember.


I knew a guy who said it exactly like that.


Yeah. He's the only person I've ever heard say that.

He said it all the time.

His name was John Bridger.

You're hurting my wrist.

He had a daughter and she was about your age.

Let go of my wrist.

I knew that there was something familiar about you.

You're exactly like your old man, you know that?

I liked him, too, right from the start.

I liked him right up until the minute I shot him.

Who are you working with?

She's with us.

Gang's all here.

You know, the only thing worse than a thief, Bendel?

A coward.

Then you should have seen the way your daddy begged for his life.

It's not worth it.

Put a leash on your cat.

Hi, Steve.


Not bad, Charlie.

Really, not bad.

You have no idea how hard it is for me not to reach across this table and kill you with my bare hands.

You know better than that, Charlie.

Can't let emotion into these things.

Tell me it wasn't about emotion when you shot John and left us all for dead.

That wasn't about emotion.

It was about a lot of gold, and I wanted it.

Anything you think you deserved, you didn't.

Hey, don't talk about right and wrong with me, man, 'cause I just don't give a shit.


You got your cards, I got my cards, we made our play, and I came out on top, okay?

Now if you want to start the game up again, that's fine with me.

But what, I mean, what is your play here, really?

I mean, come on, what do you... what do you think?

Y-you'll try to take out my guards, right?

I have five of them that you don't know about.

You'll try to have Lyle hack the system.

I'll change it again tomorrow morning.

What, what, what was y-your final move?

I mean, you were going to have Bridger's daughter come in and try to crack my safe?

I mean, that's... that's very poetic and all, but I just don't see it.

I don't think she'll get anywhere near it.

Same old Steve, huh?

Always thinking defensively.

That's why you're always number two.

How do you figure that?

You got no imagination.

Couldn't even decide what to do with all that money.

You had to buy what everybody else wanted.

Oh... well, try this on in your imagination, okay?

That gold is already gone.

That's bullshit, Steve.

No, really, it's over Charlie.

I'm trying to move the last two bricks.

You want to come after me over a couple of lousy bricks?

I mean, really, be my guest.

But you're off to a bad start, you know?

'Cause you just blew the best thing you had going for you.

You just blew the element of surprise.


It's over when I say it's over.

Are you all right, sir?

How you doing?

Good... considering... considering the fact that I'm doing all of this for a man I barely knew.

You know what bothered me all those years, Charlie?

It was that, whenever he'd call me to tell me that he was on some job, I knew you were right there with him.

You got to know him a lot better than I did.

Just 'cause he was around me more doesn't mean he wasn't thinking about you all the time.

Be nice if it was true.

It is true.

He always regretted not having been a good enough father to you, Stella.

How do you know that?

Because he told me.

What did you do to your hand?

I punched Steve.

Why do you get to punch him and I don't?

Those hands are way too valuable.



There'll be nothing left of that if you keep rubbing it.

Tell Mr. Frazelli we'll see him at 8:00.


He's flying the coop.


His security guard called for a private helicopter at 4:00 PM.

There's an armored car service coming to his house at 5:00.

There is a cargo plane scheduled to depart LAX at 8:00 PM to Mexico City.

What if he's moving the safe as a diversion?

We crack it, it's empty, the gold's somewhere else.

Steve's not about to let that gold out of his sight.

It's going to be in that truck and he's going to be watching it every step of the way from the helicopter.

So the gold's headed to Mexico.

Who knows where?

They could change the flight plan in midair.

Slow down, slow down.

You guys are looking at this the wrong way.

This is good news for us.

Charlie, what do you mean, "good news"?

We've been trying to get to the gold in the safe, now the safe is coming to us.

We're going to boost it in transit.

Charlie, it could take a dozen different routes to the airport.

We have no idea which one.

We can't take out an armored truck during rush hour.

We're already set up to do it.

Napster, gridlock every route except for the one we choose.

Force that truck to go exactly where we want it to go.

Where do we want it to go?

We can't have a shoot-out with armed guards. We'd lose.

We do it like the Italian job.


Why'd you do it?

Do what?


You didn't have to clip him.

Whoa, whoa. What are you talking about?

We didn't clip anybody.

Yevhen's cousin is under the distinct impression that you did.

Why does he think that?

Because you want to know about the gold with the Balinese dancer.

You told him that?

Listen to me, man.

If there's one thing that I know is never to mess with Mother Nature, mother-in-laws or mother-freakin' Ukrainians.

Look, I need a favor.


Had a hiccup last night.

Could use some help.

Want hands-on this time.

You interested?

Could be.

But I don't like to be kept in the dark.

If I'm in, I'm in.

Okay, you're in.

All right.

What do you think, Charlie?

This'll work.

Let's go.

You're amazing.

It's a work of genius.


You okay?

Just give me a moment.


I'm about to insert this pin into this detonator tube, and if the brass touches the sides, we'll both be the last people we ever see.

Take all the time you need.

Hey, Charlie.


I love you, man.

I love you, too.

Okay. Okay.

Your attention, please.

Metrolink train number 774 will arrive in approximately 15 minutes.

Check positions.


I'm in position.

Handsome Rob?

We're in position.

Everything's quiet, Charlie.



Charlie, we got an uninvited visitor.

Some motorcycle guard following the truck.

We'll deal with it.

Who are these cats?

What's wrong?

Charlie, you won't believe this.

He's brought in three armored trucks.

It's a shell game. Shell game now.

Well, boss, I can't reroute the truck if I don't know which truck to reroute.

Just go with the one Steve follows in the helicopter.

Remember, he said he'd never let that gold out of his sight.

Unless he's playing us, and he is.

Okay, let's go!

Moving out!

Here we go.

They're pulling out.

Napster, pull up the traffic cameras you're watching.

Where's the first camera the trucks go past?

Vine and Yucca; they're all going to cross there.

See which one's riding low.

First one is...

First two are the same, so...

Houston, we have our truck. It is number 128.

We're moving out.

Three-kilo-bob to two-fox-mike, we're heading to the airport.

Okay, guys, truck 128 has turned right heading west.

Gridlock time.

Mr. Scott, pick up a courtesy telephone please.

Mr. Scott, pick up a courtesy...

We've crashed.

It's not a crash.

We've got power.

I can't log in.

They are about to hit a major detour and be sent your way.


You'll... never... shut down... the real... Napster.

What's your problem?!

Truck 128, what is your progress?

This is truck 128.

Traffic's out of control here.

We've got to look for another route.

Check the police band.

Okay, I'm opening up a space on Highland.

Oh, get us out of here.

I'm trying.

And he's taking it.

Police scanners are saying computers are down at Traffic Control Center.

Nice, Charlie.

What are you up to?

Go back.

I now command you to turn left.

Come on, take the left.

Yeah, you did.

You did.

Give us the flag.

Metro just passed through the station.

You are clear for 90 seconds.


Come on, Steve.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Look out! Look out!

30 seconds and counting.

15 seconds, you're either blocked in or you're paint on the train.

Go, go, come on, come on!

Stay right on me, this is gonna be tight.

Go, go, go, go, go, go!

You're gonna stop right there.

Okay, guys.

Coming into position.

Stay cool.

Ten... nine... eight... seven... six... five... four...

Don't lose 'em, don't lose 'em, Don't lose them. Three... two... one.


Where's my truck?

What...? What the fuck happened to my truck?!

It just blew right through the street.

Well, get under there.

We have another problem, guys.


This isn't the Worthington 1000.


He switched safes on us.

Can you do it?

It's Israeli made.

It's got a glass re-lock system.

There's a pane of glass right here behind this door.

And if I don't drill perfectly through that hole, steel rods snap into place and you can't open the safe.

And then we're up shit creek.

I think I just cracked the glass.

I don't think it broke though.

I can't drill it again.

I have to do it by touch.

I can't get through.

The train's blocking the tunnel.

Where does the Metro rail come above ground?

11th and Fig.

Positions two and three, meet at 11th and Figueroa and double back to Hollywood and Highland.

Hurry up!

Your attention please.

Baggage for train number 22 is now available at carousel number four.

Baggage for train number 22 is now available at carousel number four.

I can't do this, Charlie.


I can't do it... I need a drill, a borescope, something.

I need to... You don't need any of that.

Come on, Charlie.

Hey, you can do this.


Come on, come on.


Don't you want to see what's inside?




13 across, four high, four deep.

That's, uh, 208 bricks.

How much?

Oh. Uh, 208 times...

2.7... 2.7 million.


No, it's 27.

That's 27 million.

That's $27 million worth of gold.


Got the... holy spirit.

You should get on it. It's a good train.

What did you think, John?

27 million.

Say it again.

27 million. Say it again.

Say it again! 27 million.

Say it again!

Two motorcycles on us, Charlie.

I've got three Minis in the storm drain heading east towards the L.A. River.

Stop them before they get to the street.



Here we go.


Whoa! Whoa!

Open your door.

Come on, guys, we're moving.

There, there, there, there, there, there.

Hey, come on, come on, look out.

Come on!

Where you going? Where you going?

I'm going to take Steve.

You guys go straight to Union Station.

I'll meet you there.

Stay on him. Stay on him!

Okay, Charlie, I'm opening up a spot on lower Grand.

I know it's you, Charlie.

Take your next left.

Nice move, Steve.

Get out!

Get out! Okay.

I said get out!

They got a bunch of cars in there, right? Mini Coopers?

Look, look, man...

I don't know anything... Hey, don't worry about them.

I'll give you five grand you put me inside that car.

Buy your girlfriend something nice.

Come on.

Half now, half when you help me unload.

I've got to hand it to you, Steve.

You actually played this one pretty smart.

Decoy trucks... you switched safes.

The helicopter routine, I mean, that was pretty damn good.

But now I've got the gold... and you, you've got nothing.

I got this.

So cut the crap, and give me my goddamn gold!

Who the hell are you?

I am Mashkov... and you killed my cousin Yevhen.

Got to have some insurance, Steve.

Yevhen was already dead when I got there.

I'm sorry about that, but Yevhen dealt with a lot of unsavory people.

Now, this guy's trying to play you.

You are right... no imagination.

There's a lot of gold in there.

We're the only ones with guns.

I'll make you a good deal.

I've already made my deal.

What do you want?

You know this was never about the gold.

Whatever helps you sleep at night, sweetheart.


Charlie! Come on, Charlie!


Wait a minute Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Wait a minute. I'll double whatever he's giving you.

Just don't shoot me.

Don't worry, I'm not going to shoot you.

No, I'm going to take you to my workplace.

I think you would be very interested in some of the machinery I use.

No, come on.


I want to make a toast.

To John Bridger, the most brilliant master planner of all.

Father and friend.

To my dad.

Stella was right.

It wasn't about the money.

Of course that didn't stop the guys from having a little bit of fun.


Handsome Rob got his Aston Martin.

Get a good job with good pay...

He took it for a ride to break it in.

Money, it's a gas Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash He got off with a warning.

New car, caviar, four star daydream Left Ear got his dream house in the south of Spain with a room just for his shoes.

Buenos dias.

Buenos dias.

Money, get back Lyle finally made the cover of Wired Magazine.

I'm all right, Jack, keep your hands off of my stack Are you really the Napster?


Yes, I am.

And he got that kick-ass stereo he wanted.

Uh, would you listen to something for me?

With speakers so loud they'd blow a woman's clothes off.

I'm in the high-fidelity...

If you would.

...first class traveling set And I think I need a Lear jet

And me?

I took John Bridger's advice.

I found somebody I want to spend the rest of my life with and I'm gonna hold on to her forever.


It's a crime Share it fairly, but don't take a slice of my pie Money, so they say Is the root of all evil today But if you ask for a raise it's no surprise They're giving none away Away... away...


Away... away...


Away... away...


Away... away...


Away... away...


Away... away...


Away... away...


Away... away...


Away... away...