The Jewel of the Nile (1985) Script

Title: Nile Gems

This day is extraordinary

It s also my dream day since childhood.

My unforgettable days

You are willing to marry this lady. Treat her with sincerity forever?

I am willing!

You are willing to marry this man Treat him with sincerity, forever?

I am willing!

Please wear a ring for her.

I hereby announce

Halfway through the process of biting gold

It seems that there is a lot of seizure today.

Jack politely asked them to go.

Come on, bastard


Jack Don't be afraid, I will come right away.

His war is high But the attitude is not lost.

Jack Jack

My only true love Fight bravely But this is not enough

Only one person can be accommodated on board Not that he is me You take it, love someone No, they don't want to get you. They won't get me too long I got lungs I will die in a year.

You marry me with my lungs Why don't you tell me?

I don't want to sweep you up.

Let's go Do not Keeping the green hills is not afraid of burning wood

As long as you are happy

Jack always cares about my happiness. I am facing fate alone.

10 to 20 20 to 40 This will be my freedom And the end of redemption? mine&

Little beauty


Actor: Mike Douglas

Kashalin Turner

This will be my freedom And the knot of redemption?

My career...

Director: Louis Tigger

A good day, isn't it?

Little beauty Blue sky Warm sea water Cold beer

Sweetheart, beer and stock?

No, I have no time to go ashore. Buy beer for you Is it enough today?

Yes, you are right.

But the more I am tired, the more I am.

In fact, what is the use?

What pirates do I don t know what other people are doing.

Jack, I...

I understand that sweetheart I understand I&

Look at that end What did you see?


No, it is Greece.

Greece? Correct Lisbo, Wigan, Chris We have to go Wait You are not saying that you want to go back to New York?

Of course, wait for the summer to end Let's go Jack, we have been on the boat for half a year.

I only take a short vacation.

I promised Glory 3 months ago. Just finished the book But I don't have I don't know what will happen next.

You are not saying to accompany me around the world?

That's right, but...

Not this week Jack, this is too messy.

Exotic port Lively party And splendid sunset Not enough not enough?

You seem to be having everything But suddenly there are people who don t want anything.

I have to do something serious.

Got it, you Jack, a woman How much romance can you bear?

Jonny Wilder

Sent by your readers thank you

The long-awaited moment is in this afternoon.

What is this?

Must come to the welcome party Only held next Tuesday Today is it, Jack.

All right You are not saying that you want to call the car.

I don't know today, Tuesday.

I am sorry Does not matter How about going to the city to go shopping?


Thank you, sir Thank you Jack This will not go yet why?

What is this nonsense?

You are so ridiculous.

Thank you all

This is my publisher.

Gloria Hahn Who is this&

Are you Mr. Wilder?

No, my name is Keton.

Where are you tall?

Mr. Coton Operating a casino Operating a casino?

Correct I will go down for a while, I will be with you. excuse me

Come have a drink This occasion is not suitable for Jack.

His favorite writer Is the kind of bow I am his favorite writer.

You mean I am nosy.

I tell you honestly.

Jack does not marry I am worried about youPT You even return the books on time.

It has been dragged for 3 months now.

How did you do it?

I can't help Romance is no longer true to me. real?

No one calls you a photo But write sunset sailing What do you say when the sun is shining?

No dawn So called romance.

Don't confuse life with romantic novels Jonny, get done soon.

I have no idea Finished 17 novels I have already done my best.

Then listen to my statement.

No so-called ending Travel with me on the Nile You will have a new beginning You didn't find the wrong object?

Got it wrong Under the Omahaari Act Thousands of miles to find you thousands of Baidu Is the flower you sent?

Flowers and beautiful people complement each other Mother I have seen your report.

Yes, I know Time magazine But the western reporter I can't understand my vision.

You are a writer You will know me Only you are qualified to write a book for me.

I write only romantic novels Yes, this one is not finished yet.

You have the talent to tell stories Create a hero in the secular world of sin Travel with me to the Nile I want you to chew history again.

Depart today Jonnie I will be an emperor in another five days.

You get exclusive news by white Is there an emperor on the Nile?

Now there is

What to celebrate?

Nile Nile River Someone invited us to Africa Jack Kirton Omahaari Hello there He wants me to write his biography It s what I dreamed of And let her work receive the attention it deserves Guarantee is her greatest achievement Personality guarantee What is the attraction of the Nile?

Is it not time to go?

Mr. Khalifa, he...

Please call Omar.

Omar is united in the Nile The size of each tribe End the bloody civil war in the area