The Journey (1959) Script

All civilian aircraft clear the field immediately.

Time to go?

Excuse me. Are there any other further developments?

But I've been here 2 days already.

Jets. Russki?

I wouldn't be surprised.

I have an awful premonition that those jets...

That those jets may mean...may, of course.

One can never be sure... may mean the suspension of civilian traffic, in which case... we are foreigners.

We are in transit. We arrive, we leave.

There is a little delay, 4 or 5 weeks, 4 or 5 months.

4 or 5 months?

Russian very nice people, but Russian clocks sometimes very slow.

Very funny.

You don't have 21/2 kids to worry about.

Just a minute. This is an englishman.

They're across the street. They're coming!

Can you hear me? We can't hold out.

We can't hold out.

In god's name, save US!

Send help. Help Hungary!

Help! Help, before it's too late.

For the last time, we beg you for help.

That's the end.

What a lousy mess.

Please, turn it off, would you?

Help! Help! Help!

One always thought of them as a bunch of gypsy fiddlers.

Now they go and teach the world a lesson in courage.

Yeah, but, who's gonna learn?

Good morning.

This way, please.

Over there, please.

All we want to know is the approximate time.

I'm from British television service.

Perhaps it would help if I had a word with him.

Hello. Hugh Deverill here.

Listen to me... we'll get you out somehow.

There's an empty seat over there.

I think you'd better sit down.

You all right?

Yes, I'm all right.

Well, here it is. We'll have to get you out by bus to Vienna.

All civilian flights have been suspended.

Vienna? I don't want to go Vienna.

I want to go... the insanity department.

You kept telling US tomorrow, tomorrow.


You seriously expect me and my daughter to drive to Vienna?

Look, there is no driving outside without pass.

We are getting a safe conduct for you all from the Soviet commander of the air force.

It's only a 250 kilometer drive.

Excuse me, please. Excuse me.

What happened?

Por favore. I work for Mr. Mataxous, Greek consul.

They go home visit, leave bambino with me.

Oh, excuse me. Perhaps you could give me the latest news on flight 306.

Attention! May I have your attention, please?

All passengers traveling with aeroflot,

will be transferred to the... airport.

I beg your pardon.


You don't remember me, do you, lady ashmore?

Oh, yes, yes, I do, but I can't quite place you.

Hugh Deverill. Your husband brought me down to the country

2 summers ago.

Oh, yes, of course. How silly of me.

Not at all. What on earth are you doing here?

I'm just visiting some friends at the legation.

Where's Cecil? Isn't he with you?

No, not this time.

What about flight 306?


And their Russian friends have expropriated the airport.

They have?

They're sending US out by bus.

By bus? But where to?


Well, that's impossible.

I mean, don't you think it would be more sensible to stay here until the service is resumed?

Please! Ladies and gentlemen, please!

Please! Will you please listen?

We've just received word that the airport must be cleared of all civilians in 15 minutes, understand?

15 minutes!

Well, we don't have much alternative, do we?

Excuse me.

There was a Mr. Fleming who sat next to me driving out here.

He's not feeling well.

Poor man. I better tell him.

How do you feel?

I must have dozed off.

Are we ready to leave?

The flight has been canceled.

We're going by bus to Vienna.

Are we?

You think I can make it?

You've got to make it.

Oh, you've got to. You've got to.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Don't. Please.

You promised.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I'll be all right.

Wanna play war?

You be the good guys, and I'll be the bad guy.

I'll let you win, if you like.

Is dead-eye dick shooting up the town again?

Are you folks on the bus, too?

Yes, yes, we are.

We can have our war later.

Here. Let me help you with that.

What's your name?


Billy Rhinelander.

He can't fix nothing, and mom's pregnant.

Harold, hurry up, come on.

Come on, flip. Don't let them be bothering people.

Never a dull moment.

Attention! Passengers taking the bus to Vienna, please assemble outside for immediate departure.

The bus is waiting.

Can I have my bag, please?

Yes, you may.

Go ahead.

I repeat.

Go ahead, please.

...passengers taking the bus to Vienna please assemble outside for immediate departure.

Your name, please?


Go ahead.


Thank you.


I kept you the window seat.

Oh, thank you, but I'd rather sit on the aisle, if you don't mind.

I must say, you're the last person I expected to meet here.

Mr. Mitsu. Please, where we go?


Vienna? Me, Amsterdam.

Amsterdam later.

From Vienna go to Amsterdam.


Next, please.

Thank you.

Your name, please?


Thank you. Go ahead.

Your driver has your travel permits.

Have a good journey!

We're crossing the Danube, but then we follow the West Bank bypassing the center of Budapest.

To the outskirts of Old Buda.

They're they are.

Then up north along the main highway, west to dior, and the driver says we ought to cross the frontier about noon.

If all goes well, we should be in Vienna in time for late lunch.

You make it sound very simple.

Yet only yesterday, an American convoy with women and children was held up en route.

Russians very nice people.

Look, I hope you don't mind my asking.

What's got into Cecil, letting you go off on your own like this?

Oh, he knows I can take care of myself.

In england, perhaps, but this is a bit different.

He didn't know I was coming out here.

He didn't know?

Cecil and I have separated.

You have? I'm sorry.

To a confirmed bachelor like myself, you two always seemed the perfect advertisement for marital bliss.

Poor Cecil. How's he taking it?

He's getting married at Christmas.

What's going on?

Looks like a roadblock.

Listen, please, sit down.

Billy. Flip. Flip!

Sit down. Didn't you hear what the man said?

Everything is in order.

I must say, for a moment, I thought we were in for it.

Mom! Mom! That man fell down!

What? What are you talking about?

Help me.

Pick him up.

Easy. Easy.

Open the window, quick.

Poor guy. What a time to get sick.

Ask my wife for the whiskey, will you?

Let me through, please.

Excuse me.

What's he saying? What language is that?

It doesn't sound like anything to me.

Here. Some Cologne.

What was that again?

It certainly isn't English.

Madame! Madame! This is whiskey.

Oh. Thank you.

Excuse me. Would you mind?

Thank you so much.

You've been awfully kind.

I think he'll be all right now.

Come, gentlemen. I'm quite sure Mr. Fleming's in good hands.

Thank you.

I passed out, didn't I?

I'll never leave you ever again.

It was strange, you know.

When the Russians started to count heads, I suddenly forgot my name...

I mean the new one.

Stupid, isn't it?

It's Fleming. Henry Fleming.

Oh, yes, Henry Fleming.

Born in Vienna, may 24, 1914.

Naturalized British subject as of 1947.

Is it worse?

It's not too bad.

If I weren't so damn weak.

I'll get you another sedative.

Good idea.

What are you doing? Now, be careful.

It's all right.

They are freedom fighters.

We're friends!

Quiet, please.

Please be quiet.

Passports. Passports.

Do you see Russians?

There is a roadblock some 6 miles back.

One tank, about 20 men.

How far to the border, please?

3 kilometers to marchand.

Our town on lake.

Other side is Austria.




What happen in Budapest?

Aus. Finish.


Here, miss, here's some chocolate.

Go on, take it. We can get some more across the border.

No, please, take it.

We need guns, not chocolate.

Tell people other side, soon we'll fight with stones...

But we'll fight.

It's mosan, the last Hungarian town.

Few minutes, Austria.

Well, it wasn't such an ordeal after all.


What happen?

Russian tanks.

A few minutes to Austria.

I'm afraid we must go through center of town.

Halt! Halt! Halt!

They must be moving the frontier post back here.

You better have your passports ready.

Several foreigners...

What's he want?

He said to wait.

Well, it looks as if we have to get off, ladies and gentlemen.

Some sort of checkup.

Please, please, it's no good making a row.

The thing is to be polite but absolutely firm.

What did he say?


Who are all those people?

They're Hungarian refugees.

And now, as you would say, bloody foreigners.

Are we under arrest?

I hope not.

Now, now, don't lets get excited.

The Russians may be singularly lacking in charm, but they're not fools.

They may do some rather unpleasant things, but fortunately for us they usually do them to each other.

I suggest you better let me do the talking.

Ask the major if he speaks English.

The major wants to know if you speak Russian.

No. Much to my regret, I don't.

In that case, we'd better speak English.

Thank heaven for that.

Well, now... heaven had nothing to do with it.

Now, about your travel permit.

It is no longer valid.

But it was given US this morning.

Yes, I know. I can read.

Things change very fast nowadays.

All travelers must have a special exit visa from our headquarters.

But nobody tell us.

I'm telling you.

Yes, I see.

Well, what do you suggest we do?

Nothing. Just wait until I get your clearances.

Well, how long do you think that will be?

Billy, please. Don't do that.

Here, Billy. Go ahead.

You're very kind, I'm sure, but... no, I'm not. I'm just doing my job.

Are you Americans?

Yes, but don't let that bother you.

It does not bother me.

I was just curious to know.

Look, sir. We're on our way home.

It's the first leave in 5 years.

If you've ever been on the persian Gulf, you know what I mean.

Besides, Mrs. Rhinelander's expecting.

Harold. Look, there are women and children here.

Now, surely, you're not going to make US stick around because of a little red tape.

I'm afraid I am.

There's a hotel across the square, quite comfortable, or would you rather return to Budapest?

Certainly not!

I mean, it would be foolish to go all the way back again, I think.

You do?

Yes. Of course, I'm only speaking for myself, but I'd rather wait here.

Well, that's very sensible of you.

I agree with lady Ashmore, but I wonder if I might telephone our legation in Budapest.

I'm a journalist in television, actually.

Here are my credent... sorry. No civilian calls.

But if you'd like to lodge a written complaint, I'll be glad to forward it to our headquarters.

Complaint? We have no complaint, sir.

We're rather anxious to resume our journey as soon as possible, that's all. I'm sure you understand.

Everybody's so anxious to get out of this country.

I wonder why.

Well, what is your decision?

Back to Budapest, or will you take a chance on being my guests?

I think... we'll take a chance.


Might I have the passports?

I'm afraid they'll have to be sent to our headquarters in Europe.

By the way, are there any Hungarians among you?

No, except the driver, of course.

Now, let me see.


Von Rachlitz, and this is my daughter.

You were born in potsdam and you're an Ethiopian?

I happen to be vice president of Abyssinian airlines.

Since when?


And before that? luftwaffe.

Thank you.

Avron? Simon Avron.


Excuse me.

Professor, agricultural college, Tel Aviv.

You were born in Kiev.

I left Russia 42 years ago.

42 years is a long time.

You should go back one day.

You may find it quite different.

Fabbry. Jacques Fabbry.


What were you doing in Budapest?

I was a tourist.

You picked a strange time for sightseeing.

I saw some very wonderful things.

You did, eh?

Yes, Budapest is a very beautiful town.

Rosso. Artiste.

Do you paint?

Do you make music?

Not exactly.

What do you do?

I never heard of you.

If you want something, just whistle.

I'll remember that.



Not a very good likeness.

What do they mean by "special peculiarities"?

A mole or a scar, something like that.

I hope you don't have any.

None that would interest the passport office.



Which is Fleming?

I am.

All right, that's all.


Lt. Tulpin will take you to the hotel.

One more thing.

You are not under arrest, but I am responsible for you.

So try not to abuse my..., shall we say, hospitality.

Is that quite clear?


Everybody, this way, please.

Up. Everybody, up there.

Please, please.

This is now the red star, formerly hotel panonia.

Very famous, very small.

But old Hungarian saying is, "where there is room for the heart, there is room for the seat."

Please, this way. Up to your right, please.

Please excuse me, ladies and gentlemen.

Now, don't worry. Here, I'm coming, gentlemen.

I fix up. I arrange.

Now, 2 gentlemen in here. Number 4.

Very nice little room.

One gentleman here.

Upstairs, please.

Here is bathroom.

Hot water on sundays.

Is very nice room for children, please.

In here.

All ladies together in here, please.

Ladies in here, altogether.

I'll be right back, sir.

Could I have a glass of drinking water, please?

Certainly, madame.

You better go straight to bed.

I'm all right. Thank you.

You gentlemen, over here, number 2.

Very beautiful view with 3 beds.

We put in extra sofa. Very comfortable.

No, please. You go number 3. Come with me, please.

Well, the place seems a bit cramped, though reasonably clean.

Any of this stuff yours?

Yes, thank you.

They promised US a hot meal at 8.00.

Oh, well, that's good.

Look, this is damned awkward.

I don't know quite how to put it.

How long have you known Fleming?

Oh, I thought I told you already. Why?

There's something fishy about him.

Is there? I don't really see what it's got to do with me.

Please. I'm only trying to be helpful.

It isn't as if we're being held up by the salvation army, you know.

Any attempt to hoodwink them will jeopardize the safety of 14 people.

I'm awfully sorry. I don't know what you're talking about.

Lady Ashmore, excuse me.

UN petit moment, s'il vous plait.

Excuse me.

The problem is, do you wish the big bed or the sofa?

I think I'll take the sofa, if you don't mind.

I'm always cold, even in Africa.

Papa says...

I don't like this segregation of the sexes.

Men are pigs, but after 10 P.M., they are absolutely indispensable. No?

Pardon, madame, are you married?


Parle anglaise?

I beg your pardon?

The English way?

Sunny, but chilly.

Oh, m'excuse.

I was only...


About what?

This monsieur with you, you know who I mean.

He's not with me, madame, not any more than you are.

Be quiet now.

They finally dropped off, my poor little monsters.

Well, here we are. We might as well make the best of it.

Have you seen the water?

It's the color of iodine.

Well, the beds look fine, if you have a ladder.

I wonder if they have these rooms wired.


Lady Ashmore.

Can I trouble you a moment?

It's Mr. Fleming. He seems very unwell and very unwilling to even lie down.

Mr. Deverill thought that perhaps you could persuade him.

Oh, well... yes, I can try.

Are they all gone?


Lock the door, please.

Could you fix my bandage, please?

It feels a mess.

Of course.

Sorry to be such a nuisance.

Don't be silly.

You heard anything further about the clearance?

I'm sure we should have it by tomorrow.


What is it?


I wish I had your confidence.

Look, you must get well.

That's all that matters now.

What you need is a good night's rest and...

Yes, what do you want?


Thank you. I'll be down in a minute.

Who is that girl?

I don't know. Her family used to own this place before the state took over.

See if she's still outside the door.

Paul... please, do as I tell you.

There's no one there.

There's no reason to... you don't understand.

We should have gone separately, as I wanted to.

If anything happens to you because of me...

Now, you listen to me.

I know you didn't want to leave, but if you'd stayed, you'd have been caught.

And if there is a time to be a martyr, this isn't it.

You're sick and wounded.

And I'm in charge now, and I'm going to get you across that border if I have to steal and lie and kill.

Do you understand?

Oh, be patient.

We haven't seen each other for 5 years.

Been a long time.

Yes. It's been a very long time.

Ah, start, please.

Hors d'oeuvres, little but fresh.

But wine...

A little gypsy music.

A little sad will make very happy.

Do you know anything about this Russian officer, the one who's in charge here?

Major surov?

Very good Russian.

Drink like fish, sing like devil, brains like knife.

Only trouble, won't take bribe.

Stay this country 2 years, commander in kosha.

Men like him so much, they give him horse.

Women, they give him something else.

You like cucumbers?

I like them very much.

Well, I don't.

Sometimes we have to eat things we don't like.

Sometimes we have to do things we don't like.

Did you say something?

Forgive me. Mr. Avron is suffering from asthma.

Oh, that's too bad.

What's your name? Where are you from?

Hafouli. Teklel hafouli.

We live in Cairo now, but I am from Syria, and my wife is French.

Oh, good.

Weren't there 14 of you?

Yes, that's quite right, except for the children and the driver, of course.

I'm terribly sorry to be late.

13 is an unlucky number.

Who is missing?

Mr. Fleming.


Like the englishman who invented penicillin.

Captain dembinsky here who comes from a distinguished line of chemists in Kiev says it was a Russian.

If captain dembinsky says so, who are we to disagree?

We've invented a lot of things, after all.

Haven't we, herr...

Von rachlitz.

Yes, yes, yes.

So, you agree?


Now, about Mr. Fleming.

Is he going to join US?

He's not feeling very well.

Oh? I'm sorry to hear that.

Does he have a fever?

It's good of you to be concerned, but it's really nothing to worry about.

Well, I'm not sure.

I shouldn't like to see anything happen to this mister...


Perhaps we should have a doctor look at him.

Oh, how clumsy of me!

...stuffed cabbage, specialty of the Maison.

What is it?

Harold, the children!

I'll go see to them.

No cause for alarm.

There's a little war going on out there.

Police action, they call it.

Been a lot of firing around here lately.

As soon as it gets dark, people start shooting.

At first, you couldn't tell what it was all about.

Then orders came.

Orders can be a great relief sometimes.

They tell you you are here and the enemy is there.

It's as simple as that.


But I don't think they're shooting out there.

I know my men.

They love these people.

Yes, they do.

But they may be shooting them down this minute.


Because suddenly they started shooting at US.

Crazy, isn't it?

Look at US here, for instance.

I mean, isn't it strange?

You're supposed to be our enemies and the Hungarians are our friends.

Yet you're eating stuffed cabbage with US, while we and the Hungarians are killing each other.

It doesn't make sense, does it?

Did you say something?

Where do you think you're going?

Outside. Do you mind?

You're too young to get hurt.

I suppose I'm too young to turn your tanks into ashes.

Sit down.

Sit down!

You better, Mr. Fabbry.

What's the matter? Aren't you hungry anymore, or don't you like stuffed cabbage?

Not just at the moment, thank you.

You're very diplomatic, aren't you?

You don't want to get into an argument.

It is so comfortable staying out of arguments.

Well, what if I forced you into one?

What if I was one of the tough ones with no sense of humor and no English?

Never mind.

I must say, you have a remarkable command of the language.

Where did you pick it up?


I was with our military mission, just after the last war.

I liked it there, but I didn't stay very long.

They don't like US to stay abroad too long.

I say, that's very unfriendly of them.

Maybe, but we prefer to say so ourselves, if you don't mind.

Everything is under control.

Just kids playing at war. We're rounding them up.

Nobody was hurt.

Oh, thank god for that.

I know.

I thought you looked familiar.

Now I know who you remind me of.

There was a woman in Ottawa in a drugstore near the embassy.

And every time I walked in, she crossed herself.

You think I'm the devil, don't you?

What is he talking about?

I haven't said anything.

Of course you haven't, my dear.

Major, we all feel you're being most courteous.

I'm not looking for compliments, but I would like an honest opinion for a change.

Is that asking too much?

I don't know what you're getting at.

What's the matter? You're afraid of talking?

I'd rather not be provoked into a discussion.

I'm not provoking you. I'm just curious.

You look like such worldly, well-informed people.

Well, I'd like a little information.

An explanation... anything.

After all, I fought all the way from stalingrad to Budapest.

I helped free these people.

And last sunday, they took one of my men cuffed him up, hanged him from a tree, and spat on him.

Well, what do you say?

Come on. I'd like to hear the truth.

Your truth, not mine.

And I won't hold it against you, I promise.

I'm sorry.

I suppose it's foolish of me to expect you to say anything.

They hate you.

Thank you.

Get down!

Get down on the floor, all of you.

Mr. Deverill?

Wake up, Mr. Deverill.

What is it?

It's Mr. Fleming. I'm worried about him.

I don't care what anyone says now.

It's very clear, no?

He's bandaged, and the way he talks... he is not British.

What is he?



Mais oui, bien sur.

He took part in revolt, was wounded, and now he's trying to escape.

Aren't you letting your imagination get the better of you?

Am I?

Well, let me tell you, if it wasn't so late, I would go straight to the Russian major.

You'll do nothing of the kind.

Look, he may be a fine fellow, but if you think I'm going to dig salt for the rest of my life because of a man...

Please, keep your voice down.

Mr. Deverill, I don't particularly care about myself.

I've survived all sorts of unpleasantness.

I'm thinking about the others, the women and the children.

If the major does find out, we will have provided him with a perfect excuse to...

What is it?

I'll have a look. Go back to bed, both of you.

Are you looking for something?

Bloody Hungarian cooking?

Do you suppose they keep any baking soda around the place?

Would you like some tea?

I'd love it.

You couldn't sleep either, eh?

Must have been the stuffed cabbage.

No. It wasn't the stuffed cabbage.

I thought I heard someone scream.

Yes, somebody did.



How is he?

I think you better tell me all about him.

Look, whether you like it or not, I feel responsible for you.

Avron and the Syrian are already in the know.

If, as I now believe, Fleming is a Hungarian on the run, you must give me the full picture.

What do you want to know?

Who is this Fleming?

What is your relationship to him?

Are you playing the Scarlet pimpernel, or is it something rather more personal?

It's more personal.

I was afraid of that.


Thank you.

His name is kedes. Paul kedes.

Professor gilea brought him down to the country a few years after the war.

Looks like the major can't sleep, either.

Sorry. Go on.

Well, he's a biologist, apparently one of the best.

He finished his education in america during the war.


No, thank you.

I don't know how it all started that summer, but I do remember the day I decided not to see him again.

It was in a little Italian restaurant in soho.

I tried to make him understand.

I tried...

Well, anyway, the next day I went off with Cecil to Nassau.

And when I came back, Paul was gone.

He returned to Hungary, and for a while he did quite well.

And then in December 1952, word came of his arrest.

They framed him on some ridiculous spy charge.

Part of the evidence was a letter he wrote to a friend in england to ask about me.

They used every kind of torture to break him.

That glove of his. Do you know why he wears it?

Because his torn nails have never really healed.

And he was freed only 10 days ago by some of his old students.

And he was wounded in a street battle.

He's had 5 frightful years, and it's all my fault.

And I don't know how I'm ever gonna make up for it, but I'm going to try.

I'm going to try.

English damen very beautiful.


Everybody, good morning. Good morning.

What is going on?

Every day something new.

A little war going on, another russki order coming.

If they only stop giving orders, everybody would behave.

What is new order about?

Number 1...everybody must give up guns, arms, et cetera, but immediately, or...kkkhhh!

Number 2...if you know of any counterrevolutionaries, imperialist guards, fascist saboteurs, or any suspicious person, you must report to komaratura this morning latest.

Good morning.

You wanted to see me?

Sorry to trouble you, but we are all quite interested to know how your patient is.

He's asleep, thank you.

Where is Mr. Deverill?

Oh, he was sent for by major surov.

I see.

You've seen the poster.

You've heard the new regulations.

I wish you'd make yourself clear.

All right. Let's stop beating around the bush.

If your friend's an englishman, then I'm a Chinese.

Look, lady ashmore, if you tell US your friend is not Hungarian, we'll believe it.

If, however, he is Hungarian, then I'm afraid we have to decide what to do immediately.

Suppose they send a doctor?

How will we explain bandage?

People with influence don't usually have shoulder covered with blood.

You didn't fool US.

You will not fool the Russians.

You can tell US, ma'am.

No one is going to take advantage of it.

All right. He is a Hungarian.


He is?

There is only one thing to do.

I propose we tell the major everything.

You mean turn him over to the Russians?

You know what they can do to him?

And what they do to us?

Have you been in one of their jails?

We have, my daughter and I.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm certainly not in favor of turning them in.

I can't go along with you on that.

Will you stop playing the boy scout?

You're always worrying about other people.

You've got a wife and kids to think about.

Now, you start worrying about US for a change.

Now, listen, Margie. I'm telling you I want no part of this.

And I want you to stay out of it, too, now, do you hear me?

They want US to get out.

Hey, there are some soldiers out there.

What do they want?

I don't know, flip, but we're gonna find out.

What they want now?

Sorry to bother you again.

More formalities.

Fill out those forms.

They're needed for your exit permits.

And try to make the answers truthful.

Look, sir, you promised US we'd be out of here this morning.

I promised nothing.

13 again.

Now I am getting superstitious.

Who is missing?

Mr. Fleming.


How is he?

He's much better.

Isn't he?

Yes, I believe so.

Then why isn't he here?

Well, major, he did want to come down, but he has a long journey ahead of him, and I thought this morning it would be better if he stayed in bed.

You thought?

Those forms have to be filled out personally.


Perhaps you could make an exception in his case and let me do it for him.

Do you know him that well?

He might be in a lot of trouble if you made a mistake.

Well, perhaps if you'd help me fill out the forms, I'd feel safer.

All right.

Go ahead.

Sit down

here. His passport.

This might help you.

Oh, I thought you'd sent them all to your headquarters.

Not without these forms.

Date and place of birth all in one line?

No. Separate.

Mr. Fleming is a very lucky man to have such a faithful friend.

How well do you know him?

Casually. Why?

For a casual acquaintance, you seem to be extraordinarily anxious to help him.

Where did you meet him?

In Budapest.

What were you doing there?

Oh, I was visiting some old friends in Vienna.

The iron curtain was being lifted, as you know, and I thought it would be amusing to take a flying trip to Budapest.

Mr. Fleming was staying in the same hotel.

What do I put here?

Oh, never mind that for the moment.

Go on.

Well, we had dinner a couple of times.

You want to know what we ate?

He's a good-looking man, Mr. Fleming.

He's also very charming and very gay.

Well, besides being very charming and gay, what does he do in life?

He's in business, as far as I know.

That's odd.

I thought all businessmen were fat and worried.

You shouldn't believe your own propaganda, you know.

Should I believe yours?

What hotel did you say you stayed at?

I didn't say, but it was the giliad.

Do you remember Mr. Fleming's room number?

Now, of what possible interest could that be to you?

Might make checking simpler.

You're all in such a hurry to leave.

I've made applications for visas before, but I've never yet had to describe my hotel accommodations.

I must say, I find your curiosity a little excessive.


But to be quite frank, I find this Mr. Fleming quite a mystery.

Now, take his passport, for instance.

There isn't a single entry or exit stamp in it. Amazing.

Mr. Fleming comes from nowhere and is going nowhere.

One day he simply appeared in Budapest out of nothing.

Oh, that. Well, now, wait. I remember.

He told me how he lost his passport on his arrival and he applied for a new one at our legation.

New passports don't usually have old stamps on them.

Not in england, at least.

Well, that about exhausts my knowledge of Mr. Fleming.

You've been very kind. May I go now?

They hate US, you said.


We didn't start this.

This boy last night, he started shooting at US.

They don't want you here.


We're here to help them, to defend them.

From whom?

From themselves?

I have lived in this country for two years.

I had friends here, and now nobody talks to me except the waiter.

And he'll talk to anybody.

All right, that's all.

Take this form. Ask Fleming to sign it.

Here, don't forget to fill out your own form.

Shan't be long, major.

Just having a little language problem.

Take your time. By the way... just a minute, Mrs. Ashmore.

Do you understand the orders that were posted this morning about concealing weapons and suspicious persons?

Yes, of course.


I'm sure it doesn't concern any of you.

Thank you, Mrs. Ashmore.

I just thought I'd ask.

Red tape, as usual.

I would like to have a few words with...


I'd like to have a few words with you, Mr. Avron.

That's your name, isn't it?

Yes, major.

Would you please come with me?


Sit down, Mr. Avron.

So, you are suffering from asthma?


Now, tell me. Does...

This Mr. Fleming.

What do you know about him?


A-Absolutely nothing.

That's strange.

You've traveled all the way from Budapest with him.

You share a room with the man, and yet there is absolutely nothing?

Now, listen, avron.

I know you're an honorable man, but suppose that in the view of your asthmatic condition I let you leave tonight.

Would that refresh your memory?

What about it?

I can't tell you.

I can't.

You can't?

I mean...I mean, I don't know.

I don't know anything.

Thank you.

That must be the waiter to pick up the forms.

I'm sorry to disturb you.

I thought I would come to get the questionnaires myself...

And find out how our patient is doing.

He's very much better, thank you.

Major, here are the forms.

Would you mind taking those to the sergeant downstairs?

I would like to have a word with Mr. Fleming.

May I?

Yes, you may.

I'll be back in a minute.

Do you mind?

On the contrary.

I'm deeply honored by your visit, major, though I'm sure it isn't concern for my health alone that brought you here.

That's quite right. It isn't.

I thought not.

I must be a mystifying character to many people.

I even mystify myself at times.

Born in Vienna, British subject, visiting Hungary at a time like this.

In bed with the flu.

Where did you get your passport?

At the British legation. Where else?

For what reason?

I lost the old one. Haven't you heard?

Do we have to cover the same ground all over again?

I don't mind. Go ahead.

I have a lot of Patience.

It's a question of honesty, not of Patience.

What does an honest man do in a dishonest situation?

It's not the situation that is dishonest, Fleming.

It's you.

All right.

I don't know who you are, but I'll find out even if it takes me all the time in the world.

That's one thing we've got plenty of in this town- Time.

What's wrong?

Would you get me a glass of water, please?

Thank you, major.

I can take care of him now.

I'm all right. It was only a cramp.

We have a very good doctor at our headquarters.

He could be here within an hour.

Thank you. I don't think that will be necessary.

You don't trust our doctors?

I couldn't say. I've had no experience of them.

Do you mind leaving now?

No, not at all.


Unless what, major?

Don't you know enough by now?

Yes, quite enough. Thank you.

What did he want, Paul?

What they all want. My neck.

I think you're wrong.

Where's the gun?

You see? It's like a hunt.

None of US can stop now.

He'll be back, and he won't be alone next time.

Get my coat.

Come on. We've got to get out of here before...

There must be someone here we can trust.

There must be.

You and Mr. Fleming want to...

No, don't want to. We must.

If only you come 3 days ago.

It was like promenade.

Today, people are very much afraid.


Szabo bacsi.

Very good friend of mine.

You go to marketplace, you act like you're a tourist.

Now, you find place where fish is sold.

Szabo bacsi even speak better English than me.

You say, "Mr. Csepege want 3 fogash."

3 fogash?

Is Hungarian fish.

Password. He'll understand.

Now, here is where you go.

Here is hotel, here is church.

Here is little street.

Here is lake.

There is big market.

Now, you walk along the market until you come to the main alley.

There will be fish market.

On the right side in a small stand, one of the first one, I think.

There is szabo bacsi.

Very old man, very tall with big mustache.

Excuse me, Mr. Csepege would like 3 fogash, please.

No fogash.

But this fish good, too.

Lucky fish. Fish come and go.

No frontier for fish.

Sometimes not so lucky.

Like this.

This was caught.

Some get away.

Ah, you like fishing.

Very much.

Fishing nice. But dangerous.

Fish very shy.

In england, best fishing at night.

Here, too.

Fishermen take boat out, they go far, almost to Austria they go.

When no moon, they go.

Will there be a moon tonight?

You in hotel?

I bring fish 7.00.

And I tell you about moon.

Thank you.

Up at the hotel.


Well, your major has my documents.

But this is absurd!

But look, please. Let me explain.

This is ridiculous.

I know what I said about hospitality, but I'm afraid you've taken my invitation much too literally.

Sorry. I didn't know. It won't happen again.

What were you doing by the lake?

Oh, taking a walk. Having a look around.

You're not on a guided tour, Mrs. Ashmore.

And I'm neither your chauffeur nor your bodyguard.

You know, there is always that last drop, And what? You'll have me thrown in jail?

I wouldn't laugh if I was you.

I thought you were taking me back to the hotel.

Get out.

But I promised to be back at the ho... will you please get out?

Go on down.

Well, where are you taking me?

Never mind.

Sit down.

Sit down!

Now, look.

All morning I've given you and the others a chance to come forward and tell the truth.

And all I got from you, and especially from you, is lies, lies, lies!


Oh, yes. We wondered where it was.

Did you?

Haven't you been warned?

You could be shot for this.

Oh, come off it. You know the English.

Countries east of Dover are still supposed to be infested with bandits.

You mean he brought it all the way from england?

Yes, of course.

This is a Russian gun.

He must have got it in Budapest, but how?

Why? What for?

A souvenir?

What a clever policeman you are.

Am I really?

Now half an hour ago, I was about to call our headquarters and give them a full report about you and your friend.

Then a message came in that you were picked up at the fish market, and I changed my mind.

I don't know why, but I did.

Is that being a clever policeman?

I know what your friend is.

And by now I know enough to take him outside and string him up.

But I haven't touched him, have I?

Is that being a clever policeman?

And that's not all.

The passports.

I didn't send them away.

I kept them in the drawer out of...

I don't know what.


Simple human hunger for a talk, a debate?

An argument?

But then...

Then it became something else.

Insane, isn't it?

Who is it?

Csepege. Please open.

Here is tea and a little rum.

You can take bottle with you to keep you warm tonight.

Thank you very much.

Did you see your friend?

Szabo bacsi. Yes.

He was very worried when he saw madam arrested.

But I tell him she is all right.

He will come here and tell me if it is possible or not possible tonight.

He said for you to be ready circa 9.00.

Excuse me.


Russky have dinner and patrol change.

So here is how we do.

You go to dinner.

If the departure is possible, I will tell you.

Then szabo bacsi will take Mr. Fleming down to boat by little pier.

You do not go together. Mr. Fleming is not well.

You walk slow.

You stay downstairs in cafe until very last moment so nobody will miss you and get suspicious.

And after a while, when everything is all right, I'll come back. I'll give you sign.

Then you go to pier, too.

And then...I hope god walks this way tonight.

Come down soon, please. Very soon.

Good evening.

Good evening, major.

Good evening. Good evening.

Pardon me, major. I...

I wonder if... in Russian, "good evening" is "dobry vyecher."

Dobry vyecher.

Come on, speak up. I can't hear you.

Dobry vyecher.

That's better.

Tonight, musica.

What's the matter?

Don't you like music?

I can send them away if they bother you.

We have some funny laws, but none of them say you have to like gypsies.

I love music tzigane very much.

I'm so glad.

There's something special about folk music.

It's the same everywhere.

It's always the same if you know how to listen.

You hear a man crying in the dark, and if you listen carefully, you know what he cries for.

You look surprised, Mrs. Ashmore.

In spite of what you might have heard, tractors and marxism are not the only things a Russian cares for.

There's always time for music.

And when there is music, we sit down and listen.

And we feel sad, which is the best way of feeling good.

To music.

All kinds of music.

To music!

You haven't touched your drink, Mrs. Ashmore.

That's no way to drink.

I say, major, I hate to strike a rather sobering note.

You are the most delightful host and all that.

But what we really want to know is... in the morning, Mr. Deverill.

Now it's after office hours.

I'm sorry, sir, but I must insist on asking you when you expect US to leave here.

I would say that's a very rude question for a guest to ask in the middle of a party.

What's her name?


♪ Margie ♪ Get up. Get up.

What am I supposed to do now?

Drink it.

What? Drink it!

Honey, are you...

All right?

Well, ha.

It's got no taste.

But it sure cracks a wallop!



Done like a real expert.

But there is another way.

Don't worry, Mrs. Ashmore, this is very good for my digestion.

Szabo's back.

Your friend arrived.

I'll let you know in one minute.


Around! How do you call it?

Do-si-do and away we go!


Swing your partner.


The other way!

Dance with your partner.

In the circle now. The circle!

All join hands and circle round.



Harold, would you get me a big glass of cold water?

Oh, honey...

May I have a glass of water, please?


Oh, no. No, no.

No. No, no. Never mind.

I'll get it.

Harold, you look funny.

What's the matter?


Langos, fresh langos!

Special pancakes.

Eat hot, please.

Langos, fresh langos.

Careful, very hot.

They're gone.

10 more minutes, then your turn.

Langos, fresh langos.

Very hot.

What are they, a sort of local waffle?

Yes, sir.

Langos, fresh langos!

Would you like to try one?

You really ought to try one of these.

They're delicious.

Our friends are getting panicky.

Most of them feel that Fleming should give himself up.

They say they'll wait until the morning and after that...

I hate to sound an alarmist, but this time, I'm really worried.

Well, I haven't had a chance to talk to you, but...

Fleming and I are getting out tonight across the lake.

I was afraid you'd try something like that.

We should be out of here by 9.00.

Give US a half hour's head start, and then find surov and make an indignant report about our escape.

That way, you won't be involved.

To hell with US, what about you?

You're taking an awful risk.

May I?

I'm sorry, but I'm not much of a dancer.

You don't have to be.

Look, I don't want to spoil your fun, major, but folk dancing is a trifle breathless for me.

Oh, would you prefer a waltz?


Here, have a little drink of water.

That will make you feel better.

You're not enjoying yourself.

I hardly think this is the time or the place for a party.

I disagree.

But since I can't keep you here forever... as much as I'd like to do... this is sort of a farewell party.

Besides, who needs a reason for celebrating?

In the village where I come from, people sing and dance even when someone has died.

I know. That shows how different we are.

We're not different.

Don't fight me.

You know, sometimes it seems to me I have known you a hundred years.

Then I realize we've hardly met.

It's a pity, isn't it?

I think we'll both survive.

I'm not so sure.

You're drunk.

Yes, I am.

And it's marvelous.

Half my life, I've been a soldier.

5 campaigns, 4 scars, a shattered hip.

And all the time, the army's been my wife, a mean, old, possessive, insatiable, glorious bitch.

And tonight, I'm cheating on her, and it's wonderful.

Like picking flowers on a battlefield.

Excuse me, I'm rather tired.

I'd like to go to sleep.

At 9.00?

Let me go, please!

You'll go when I tell you to.

Stop it!

A little cold water for you.



Did you kiss him good night?

If you'll excuse me.

Just a minute.

I would like to apologize for what happened downstairs.

That's quite all right.

I didn't expect anything else...

I know you didn't.

But anything goes when people meet for the last time.

What do you mean?

Go to any railway station.

That's what I mean.

You'll see people doing things they'd never do ordinarily.

They kiss...

They cry, they wave.

That's the sickness of our time.

People waving.

Nobody waves back.

Now, if you don't mind... but I do mind.

One or two minutes cannot make that much difference.

At least you'll know what it feels like being trapped.

Oh, please. Please let me go.

Don't be so frightened.

I am not going to touch you.

Those lights over there are Austrian.


Land and water look the same on both sides.

One day...

Somebody drew a line across the map.

The world was split like a rotten apple.

Are you still there?

Don't look so unhappy.

You'll be leaving soon.

Too soon.

Anyway, I doubt if I will see you alone again.

So, here... with my complements...

A farewell present.

No flowers.

It's November.

Good night.

You are late.

Very late. Oh, yes, yes.

I thought you'd never come.

I couldn't get away.

Hurry! Please, please, hurry.

Oh, i'm...

I'm cold.


The old man nearly changed his mind, but finally agreed to take a chance.

He says the first 15 or 20 minutes are the worst.

Going out through the cove, down the canal, past the patrol point, then the watchtower.

But once we hit the open lake...

Shh! Shh!

What is it?

The patrol.

How far is it before we get...

What's happened? What is he say...



Go on, go on, please.

Come on!

You there! I see you!

Stop! Stop, I tell you!

Hurry! Please, please, hurry!

Come on out of there! Do you hear me?

Keep going! Tell him to keep going!

Pull up! Pull up or I'll shoot!

Oh, don't stop!

Stop it! Stop it, we're coming!

Major, I want you to understand...

You talk when I tell you to.

Lady ashmore had nothing to do with this.

Don't touch him, don't touch him!

Take your hands off her!

Oh, don't hurt him, please don't hurt him.

Let me...let me go with him!

She had nothing to do with me! Nothing!

I hope... I hope you end up in a dark street alone one night, face to face with the people...

And may god look the other way when they tear you to pieces!

Russki! Russki!

What is happening? What you want?

Everybody go upstairs.

Everybody forbidden to leave hotel.

Some sort of house arrest, I suppose.


Stop it! Stop it! Tell him to stop!

Harold! Harold, what's going on?

Get back in there.

All right, all right! To your rooms, everybody, and stay put till we hear from the major.

What is it got to do with US?

What happens?

Nothing, it's perfectly all right.

Just stay in your room.

I must say, they could at least let US know.

They could have told US.

They did.

They did?

Who did they tell?


And you kept it from US?!

What's the matter, honey, are you all right?

I think I better lie down.

That's a good idea. You lie down and get some rest now.

Don't worry, everything's going to be ok.

Ok, always ok. Everything always ok!

I had enough!

Enough, enough, enough!

What do you want from US? We do nothing!

Mr. Fleming, he does plenty!

He's Hungarian!

Fleming Hungarian, understand that?

No, no, no, no!

All right, lieutenant tulpin will take you to the hotel.

You're to remain there until further notice.

How is Fleming?

Go ahead.

May I see him?


Major, I wish you'd let me explain... there's nothing to explain. Tulpin!

Oh, will you listen?


Will you please...

Please listen.

There are certain things you ought to know.

If you have any information to offer, put it down in writing and I'll pass it on.

But some things you can't put in writing.

Look, you've had your triumph tonight, what more do you want?

Shall I go down on my knees?

Oh, you're not listening. You don't want to listen.

There's nothing to say.

That man is my life!

What do you think this is?!

A winter resort for runaway lovers?!

We're getting married!

I did not realize that bigamy was the latest fashion in the west.

Oh, what's the use!

You don't want to understand.

Oh, I understand, all right.

But that's entirely irrelevant.

Oh, but I'm losing my mind!

Is that irrelevant, too?


Please, I beg you, let him go!

You don't expect me to take that request seriously.

Yes! Yes, I do! He's a good man!

This has nothing to do with good or bad!

Oh, it has! Everything has!

He's suffered more than a man should be allowed to suffer!

He hasn't done anything bad.

He fought for his country, can't you respect that?

He did what every decent man would, you would have done in his place.

I am not in his place.

I'm not, I'm not, I'm not!

What's happened?

They have sent a man from headquarters.

You'll be leaving in the morning.

But where to?

I don't know and I don't care!

It is out of my hands.

From now on, I'm waiting for orders again, and I'm going to obey.

I am going to obey whatever the orders may be.


Oh, don't feel so sorry for yourself.

It is not your fault.

It is nobody's fault and it is everybody's fault.

You didn't trust me and I didn't trust you.

And we can never trust each other, never!



Lady ashmore, please.

You friend of Fleming?


He British?


Not true.

Thank you.

Fleming's passport false.

Excuse me, but no passport issued by a British legation could ever be described as false. Besides... who is he?

Deverill, spokesman for the group.

As I was saying, we all find this obstruction and delay quite intolerable.

I really must urge you to have US released immediately, or else this affair might grow into an unfortunate international incident.

He wave big stick.

I am not impressed by big stick.

You are very lucky people.

You sleep all night in nice warm bed.

I had no sleep whole week.

Now I have to go to 3 more places on frontier, to deal with cases like you.

You can go to bed now. Be ready at 9.00.

Captain ornikidze will take you back to Budapest.

9.00 exactly.

For heaven's sake, why are you wasting your time, doctor?

Do I need a health certificate before I'm allowed to be shot?

Captain ornikidze is here to take a statement for you.

You are in his charge now. He's from...

I know. He needs no introduction.

I've met this kind of captain often before.

Thanks. I know the routine, from a cigarette to a kick in the stomach.

I am not here for discussion, I am here for statement.

I know! But I'm not going to give it to you!

The one thing you can't take away from me is the privilege of saying no.

You don't understand that, do you?

Well, if you could make a tour of your jails, you'd find men stinking like garbage, crawling in their own muck.

But there is a holiness about them that comes from their having the guts to say no.

Understand? No!

Aren't you being a little selfish?

You're not alone in this.

Well, what do you want from her?

I told you! We met by accident.

She has nothing to do with this.

That's not what she said.


You're lying.

I know that one, quoting one prisoner against the other.

Tch, tch, tch.

They are waiting for me at frontier half-hour ago.

Will you talk?


You will. Everybody talks.

Make him be ready for 9.00.

Did it yourself.

Good night.

It's going to hurt now.

What difference does it make?

You think a little more pain is going to matter?

Well, you're wrong.

The things you do to weaken US only give US strength to survive and anger.

Yes, anger.

Deep, dark anger.

Anger that used to be love until you and your kind made it curdle and turned it into hate.

That's the one thing I'll never forgive you for...

Making us hate!

Hate like the hatred of a young man in jail who wrote a song with his own blood.

You want to hear it?!

If it would help you.

Take your hands off of me!

All right, this is the way it goes.

"Maybe he has a wife at home and a child.

"Maybe he is a man of honor at home, "but here he is a murderer.

"Don't talk to him.

Just now he may have killed your brother."

"All right, he's obeying orders, "it's not his fault. No matter.

"You'll be damned if you talk to him, and if you smile..." unh!

"If you smile at him, "you're smiling at the death of your country.

"And if you're a woman and you let him touch you..." unh!

"Your body will rot from his kiss."

Thank you.

Stove is going out.

Who would have thought it?

A man breaks his back in a godforsaken country for 5 years, 5 years of flies and the stink of oil, and just when he's on his way home, this happens.

What happens?

Mom, can we go back to bed now?

I'm sleepy.

I can't leave you alone upstairs, do you understand that?

Margie, you shouldn't have... now don't make a fuss. I'm all right.

We girls had a little talk upstairs while you fellows were down here wiping up the floor.

Oh, I don't know when I've met so many smart people in my life.

You're so smart, you make me sick.

Now I'm a sucker for good manners, but tonight I am not playing Emily post.

And don't interrupt me, please.

You're all nice people, but when it comes to choosing between anybody's feelings and my family, I give you one good guess what I'm going to choose.

At this point in the game, I don't care.

I don't care who lives and who dies, as long as my family is ok.

What are you getting at, Mrs. Rhinelander?

I am getting at you, honey.

Now I know you've had your reasons.

Everybody has their reasons.

The mad bomber of podunk had his reasons, too.

But the point is, it's all your fault, and it's time somebody said so.

It's you who got US into this mess.

No... no, she did, too.

I see no point in making wild accusations, Mrs. Rhinelander.

They won't help to get US out of this.

No, they won't, but she will.

You better take your sons upstairs, Mr. Rhinelander.

Aren't you coming too, mom?

No, not now.

Now why do you think we've been held up here?

I have a horrible suspicion you're going to tell US.

Oh, you can bet your bottom dollar I will.

It started the day we arrived.

It hasn't stopped!

We all had to look the other way, it was that embarrassing.

Look, I am not beating around the bush.

Now the major has a yen for her, and that's putting it very mildly.

I think you've said just about enough, Mrs. Rhinelander.

Quit stalling, will you?

I'm not going to have my baby in jail!

What's the matter with you, you can't speak up?

Everybody's got amnesia all of a sudden?

You forget all the things you said every time she left the room?

Lady Ashmore, please don't misunderstand.

There have been occasional comments about the...

The interest the major has been taking in you.

She knows! She knows!

Of course you know. It's as clear as day.

Look, honey, you got US into this mess, so you better get US out!

She's talking nonsense.

I don't want you to listen to any more.

Let her finish.

All right, I will.

Look, that man wants something, so he wants something, so you give it to him or somebody will get hurt.

I don't know...

I...I'm sorry.

I am sorry, but that's the way it is.

It's a man's world, whichever way you slice it.

They're all no-good bums, even the best of them.

Look, you feel my baby. It's kicking again.

I don't want to lose it.

Now you can't blame me for that, can you?

I...I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I...

A little more tea, nice, hot.

No, no, thank you.

Guard say it's time for you to go back to your room.

Oh, no, please, i...

I mean, I would appreciate it if I could stay down here for just a little longer.

I will arrange.


Would you ask the guard if I would be allowed to go and see his major?

See the major?



Well, well, well.

Lady ashmore in person.

What an honor. Come in, come in.

Would you mind letting him through?

My horse had an accident.

We have to put him out of his misery.

I cannot do it.

Cannot even kill a crippled horse.

Now, madam. What is your pleasure?

The reason for your visit, I mean.

Oh, don't be shy. You're among friends.

Or haven't you met everyone?

Lady ashmore.

Sergeant kachuk. Sergeant pidotev.

What do you want?

Haven't you seen enough?

That's what you really came for, isn't it?

To see me like this.

Well, don't just stand there.

I cannot help you. I told you already.

I cannot even help myself.

I was a good soldier. I liked to fight.

That's the best kind of soldier.

And everything used to make sense, and then you arrived.

And now nothing makes sense anymore.

You satisfied?

I struggled to find out what is right and what is wrong.

I wanted to find the truth.

That's a lie.

It's not the truth I wanted, it's you.

You I wanted.

All the time, that's all I ever wanted.

I loathe you. Look at your hair.

It takes hundreds of years of leisure to grow hair like that, and your hand.

I don't have to be a palm reader to tell your past, and your skin.

I know what it takes to grow skin like that, and your scent.

The first time you walked into my office, it was like a battle cry.

I should've kicked you out there and then, but I hung on.

I wouldn't let you go.

I wanted to hold you all winter long.

Don't look so frightened.

I know you belong to him.

Today, tomorrow, the rest of your life.

But in spite of it, lying in my bunk at night, I waited like a schoolboy to hear you knock on my door, to have you come in, to hold you till you are out of breath.

Get out.

What's the matter? Isn't this what you came for?

Well, what is it? Tell me.

Come on. Tell me!

The others asked me to come.

The others? What do you mean, the others?

What for?

Oh, it's wonderful.

We're all one happy herd of swine.

All except you, of course.

You're above it all.

So what did you do? Spit in their faces?

No, you wouldn't. Not you.

You simply cross the square like a queen on her way to the guillotine, with only one fine thought in mind, to help your noble and respectable friends.

Is that it?


You're lying. Tell me you're lying.

Tell me or you will be sick from hiding it.

Like me, you cannot live with a lie. Not anymore.

At least this is one thing we have in common.

Come on, tell me. Tell me.

All right. Then I'll tell you.

The day you drove into town, the lying began.

The first time I looked at you, you turned your head away.

That was the first lie. No.

They hate me, you said last night at dinner.

You're right.

They do, but that's not what you meant.

You meant you hate me. The second lie. No.

You tried to run away with Fleming. The third lie.

You were running away from me, from me. Stop it. Stop it.

Tonight you came to help the others.

That is the worst lie of all. No, no.

You're not here to help anyone.

You're here because each night, you wanted to cross the square to me.

No, no, please!

Let me go, please.

What happened?

First they said to be ready at 9.00.

We were supposed to leave at 9.00.

What made them change the time?

Here she comes.

Something must be wrong.

We better ask where we're going.

This is not the road we came out.

Must be a shortcut. Will you ask the lieutenant?

Papa, Yeah. Look. Over there, Austria.

Everybody get out and take your packages with you.

Does he mean we are free to go?

We can go.

Well, here we are. This is the end of the line.

In a few months, they'll all have forgotten.

Look over there.


Monsieur Fleming?

Yes, yes. Of course he's here.

All right. All right.

We're on our way. Diana, come on!

Oh, Paul. Paul, I can't believe it.

You'd better hurry.

Come, Paul.

I wish I knew how to thank you. Please don't.

I didn't do it for you or for him.

I had to do it, or I would never be able to sleep again.

What will happen to you?

You have very little time left.

There's a patrol that passes here regularly.



Welcome to Austria, madame.

This way, please.

We heard your journey was not a very pleasant one, but it's all over now.


Well, we all made it. Thank god.

All's well that ends well.

Excuse me.