The Journey: Absolution (1997) Script

So cold, so desolate.

0800 hours.

Almost there.

Pray to God I'm not too late.

Ryan K. Murphy?

That's me.

Andy Quintana.

It's my duty to welcome you to Fullerman Military Academy, New American Colony.

Follow me, please.

So that's it?

I was expecting a little more, I don't know, ceremony?

You'll have a brief orientation later on this morning.

There won't be much of a ceremony if that's what you're looking for.

They figure it's not worth the hassle for one new cadet.

I have to agree.

Guess I'll have to make do on my own.

What'd you say your name was?


They've assigned you to Echo.

That's my barracks.

Cool. So you're my guy.

There will be a general inspection at 0900 hours.

Repeat: general inspection.. Nice place.

It's sufficient.

That's your bunk.

Whoa. How'd the new guy score a single?

The last guy that slept in it died.

It's considered bad luck.

This is mine. This is Dallas, Hubbard, and Dragotta.

Dallas is an all right guy.

You might like him.

Hey, man.

I'm pretty easygoing.

I usually get along all right with everybody.

You got the time there, Ace?

Yeah, it's 9:22.

9:22, that's about what thought. You know it's pitch-black outside.

Middle of the morning and it's pitch black.

Can't stand these dark days.

I don't care if it is 20 below, I wanna see me some sun.

Well, you're not gonna be seeing much sun in here.

Fullerman facilities are completely internal.

I'll let Sergeant Bradley know you're here.

Your towels are in your bunk.

You're gonna want to shave and shower before he sees you.

Oh, yeah?


He's very adamant about things like that.

You'll see.

Kind of a hard-ass, is he?

I've had my share of those.

Look, I'm just saying I think it's very important you make a very good first impression.

If you give Sergeant Bradley the impression that you're a hooligan or a troublemaker, that reflects poorly on the barracks.

Then we all pay the price.

I've got things to do.

Try not to make a mess.

Where the hell are you, buddy?

I know you're here somewhere. Hey, partner. What's up?

I know you're here somewhere. Hey, partner. What's up?

How's it going?


Look at those boots.

Those are some shiny boots.

What do you use on those, Turtle Wax?

Excuse me?

Nothing. Forget it.

So, which way do I go to find Bradley?

Sergeant Bradley.


You don't have to worry about looking for him.

He'll find you.

Thanks, pal.

I'll be looking you up later for some boot-waxing tips.

And, hey, keep smiling.

You Murphy?

Yeah, just arrived about.. Papers.

It says in there I'm supposed to meet with a Sergeant Bradley immediately upon arrival.

Sergeant Bradley's commanding maneuvers in the North Quadrant.

He will see you at the noon inspection. Sign here.

That's your standard issue.

Formals, Winter As, your BDUs and Classroom Cs. Two sets.

Hold on tight to that stuff.

Especially the formals.

Loss or molestation of the Formals is grounds for immediate expulsion.

If I were you, I'd start ironing out a set of those Cs stat.

You gotta be wearing them for noon inspection and, oh, yeah, those boots are 10s.

We're outta nines.

Yeah, thanks. I'll probably grow into them by noon.

Where's that accent from, Murphy?

Accent? What?

I didn't know I had one.

My grandparents were from Queens.

I guess maybe I inherited it from them.

I'd work on getting rid of it if I were you.

Sergeant Bradley hates Yankees and he hates Queens.

Yankees? Now there's a word I haven't heard in a while.

Doesn't this guy realize that we all live in the same place now?

What's the deal with this Bradley? I hear he's a bit of a hard-ass.

You transferred from Densmore, didn't you?

Yeah, you heard of it?

Yes, I have.

It's a pussy school.

Well, there wasn't much pussy when I was there.

I guess it's gone downhill.

Listen, Murphy. Truth is, I don't care if you make it here or not, but you seem like a Class A dumbass to me, and I'm feeling compelled to give you some free advice. Don't try to be smart here.

Don't try to be anything but a model cadet because, contrary to what you've heard, Sergeant Bradley is not a hard-ass, Sergeant Bradley is the hard-ass of the century.

He is a nightmare of a hard-ass and he eats flakes like you for breakfast.

Zero tolerance.

Get the picture?

Yeah, sure.

And it's "Yes, Sir," not "Yeah, sure."

I'm your superior, Cadet Murphy.

You salute me when you address me and you salute me when I leave.

Which is now.

Put your chest out, soldier.


We have a new rat among us.

Echo Squad forward, hup!

Cadet Hubbard?

Yes, Sir?

Is this man your new barracks mate?

Sir, yes, Sir!

What is his name?

Sir, I don't know, Sir.

We haven't met yet, Sir.

For the love of Pete, does anybody know this rat's name?

Sir, his name is Murphy, Sir.

Cadet Hubbard?

Yes, Sir.

Advance, Cadet Murphy, and stand at his attention.

You have been negligent toward your fellow squad member.

As a gesture of apology and to redeem your lost honor, you will pay him a tribute of 61 push-ups.

10.. 10 for each letter of his name.. And one to grow on.

And you're gonna perform this task in the hopes that you remember his name from this day forward.

Yes, Sir.

Sir, this is actually my fault.

I haven't had a chance to meet everybody yet.

Is that Yankee lineage I detect in your voice, cadet?

Yes, Sir. New York, Sir.

My parents came from Queens, originally.


For the love of Pete.

Do you know how I feel about Queens? I'm willing to bet you hate 'em, Sir.

You're goddamn right I hate Queens.

I hate Queens, Yankees.

I hate retards, I can't stand mama's boys, bed wetters, sissies, pussies, beatniks.

But you know what, cadet?

The one thing I hate, above all else, is a fucking smart-ass little pussy.

And if you're a smart-ass pussy from Queens, then let me welcome you, right now, to my shit list.

'Cause that's where you're gonna be.

Why the hell you here, boy?


I am here because I am a recruit at training, Sir.

Bingo! Bingo!

You got one.

That's a little too vague, though, Nancy.

Which military discipline are you referring to?

For the love of Pete, what's our friend here to be trained in, cadets?

Sir, the art of war, Sir!

That's right, the art of war.

The art of fucking war.

And that's why you're here.

And don't you ever forget it.


Hey, anybody here?


Careful, Murphy.

I pledge my life and my soul to Fullerman Academy.

I pledge my life and my soul to Fullerman Academy.

I pledge my life and my soul to Fullerman Academy.

I pledge my life and my soul to Fullerman Academy.

I swear unconditional loyalty to my company and commanding officer.

To complete all orders and destroy all enemies until death, until death, until death.

All orders until death.

Until death.

Enemies until death.

Until death.

Until death.

Until death.

Until death, until death.

The Day of Reclamation is near.

The final initiates will be chosen.

The world will tremble underneath the boots of the loyal.

The world will tremble underneath the boots of the loyal.

Oh, shit.

Come on, come on.

All right.

Keep the safety on until you hit the course and remember, only three shots per target on the Danger Range.

Here we go.

Good luck.

Yeah, you'll need it.

You gotta be kidding me.

What'd you expect, paintball guns?

You can't just use live ammo like that. That's insane.

There's gotta be at least 50 laws.

Fullerman doesn't fall under colonial jurisdiction.

It's designated independent.

There's only one law here, Murphy. Do or die.

Team one, approach the range.

Let's go. Let's get it on.

Let's do it! Move out!


Let's rattle some skulls.

Nice work, cadet.

Too much for ya, Murphy?

Back on your feet, boy.

Who mops the guts off the floor, Bateman?

Is that your job?

Z-Team cadets are trained for extreme combat conditions.

If they can't handle it, we need to know now.



Relax. Your boyfriend will be just fine.

Armor takes most of it.

Remove that girl from my gymnasium.

Come on. Come on.

Looks like it's jammed, Sir.

Team Two!

Looks like it's your turn, hotshot.

Let's see what you got, Murphy.

And to answer your question, nobody mops up the guts.

We like to leave them there for inspiration.

We like to leave them there for inspiration.

Ready, rats? Engage.

Ready, rats? Engage.

Ready, rats? Engage.

Sorry about that, hotshot.

Don't worry about it.

You better check them goggles, man.

No shit. You're liable to put someone's eye out, Murphy.


That's the spirit, Murphy.

Take no prisoners.

Yes, Sir.

Go, go.

Faster, faster.

Do you call that leisurely waddle a sprint?

Are you running from somebody's peg-legged granny? Huh?

Take it easy, Murphy.

Come on, rats. Move it.

What do you think this is, a vacation? Huh?

He can be a pretty mean dude when he's pissed, okay?

Oh, yeah? What crawled up his chute?

Ambition. He's going out for the Z-Team next week.

He doesn't want any competition.

The Z-Team?

Yeah, the Zero Team.

Elite Squadron.

It's kind of like Sergeant Bradley's version of the Navy SEALs.

You know, I've been wanting to ask you about those guys.

Well, don't go asking too many questions around here.

And inquiring mind can get you in some pretty deep shit.

Z-Team. I gotta find out more about the Z-Team.

Time to give the hotshot the welcome he deserves.

Shh. He can hear us.

Like I give a fuck.

Naw, he ain't hearin' us.

Look at him.

He's sleeping like a dog.

Imagine Sergeant Bradley wore some of that uppity out of him.

Time for a wake-up call, gentlemen.


You guys, I.. I still don't think we should be doing this.

No, we doin' this, Andy.

This here is a tradition.

No, it's not.

Well, then, after tonight, it is.

I'm down with that.


Do it.

Hey, you guys.. Keep him down.

Hey, hey, man.

Hey, you're going too far, Hub.

Get off.. You wanna mess with me, huh?

Just keep it up, soldier.

I'll rip your fucking dick off.


Hubbard, no.

He fucked my shit up, man.

Want more yet? Come on.


Relax. Fuck.

Full force, rats!

That's the only thing I accept from you.

Full fucking force!

100%, full force intensity.

You fight at that full force mode and, by God, you better fucking stay there.

You better fucking stay there.

Pinch those asses, rats!

Get your ass in gear.

I said move! Let's move! Again! Come on! Now!

Hey, Murphy.

About the hazing last night.

I just wanted to let you know.. Hey, forget about it.

It was a tradition, right?

How you holding up?

I'm fine.

You have to be willing to sacrifice if you wanna make it on the Z-Team.

Yeah, sacrifice is definitely the right word for it.

Look, I'm a soldier, Murphy.

My old man was and his old man was, too. I belong here.

I'm not looking for anything else.

Alpha group...

Hey, hold up a second.

What's up with Grant's Tomb here?

Hey, Quintana.

I warned you earlier about asking too many questions.

You don't wanna rock the boat.

More Z-Team stuff, huh?

Okay, I see how it is.

You don't think you can trust me. Well, you wanna be like that, that's just fine, pal.

Look, it's Fac-14.

That's short for Facility 14.

And, yes, it has something to do with the Z-Team.

So let's try not to talk about it too loud, okay?

Let's go before we miss chow time.

Another thing.

Did you leave the barracks last night for any reason?


I mean, I might've gone to take a piss or something.

Is that okay with you?

Sounds like nightmares.

Maybe from sleeping in a dead man's bunk.

Oh, what's up with that?

What did that guy die of, anyway? An inquiring mind?

Don't play around, Murphy.

His name didn't happen to be Jared Liles, did it?


Which one of you bad boys is gonna dance with me?

Whew. Let me hit that up, Hub.

Here's to the female contraband, boys.

Both of 'em cuter than cupcakes shaped like kitty cats.


She's your style.

Oh, yeah.


Keep the fuck down, all right?

I'm gonna start bustin' some heads.

That's right, baby.

It's all good.

You bet it is.

Oh, yes.

And how 'bout you, lollipop?

An ass like yours ought to be in motion.

No, thanks.

Let me go.

Why don't you come sit over here with me?

Away from these animals.

Less chance of getting bit.

Wanna get some of this, Hub?


You like what you see.


Oh, yeah. All right.

There you go.

What are you reading?

It's interesting, actually.

I was just reading the chapter on Code of Conduct.

Apparently, having a big drunken party with girls in your barracks is somewhat looked down upon.


I'm not much for books.

So how'd they smuggle you girls in here?

They just did.

I guess where there's a will, there's a way, huh?



Oh, yeah.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Geez, Louise.

You girls must really like the military.

Look, Murphy.

Katie's my friend and she's cool.

But there are some things I don't much get about her.

This is one.

I personally don't identify, but...

I get really bored sitting at home.

No offense.

No. None taken, really.

In fact, the only reason I was asking was you don't seem like the type.

You seem too nice.

Well, you don't exactly fit the bill, either, you know.

I mean, you seem a little different from these guys to me.


Sort of timid.


You're guarded.


Like you're trying to fit in, but only on the surface.

That was great.

A free psychic reading.

And without a crystal ball.

That's very impressive.

Look, Murphy, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable.

And if you ever decide to lose that wall of sarcasm you hide behind, you just might turn out all right.

What? What's the matter?

Can't think of anything sarcastic to say.

Oh? Good.

Maybe you're already coming around.

Aw, yeah, baby.

That's it. Yeah.


Don't you guys ever take off them boots?

Oh, no, baby.

The boots stay on.

We eat, shower, and fuck in these dogs.

Don't you love those Arctic snowcaps?

You never know when you're gonna be knockin' boots.

Is that right?

It's a fact.

All together.



Ha-ha, it's going. You take this pain, soldier.

You take it.

I love it. Come on.

What are they trying to prove?

Endurance, solidarity, fire burns, who cares?


There you are, brother.

Step right up here, cadet.

Young J.D. Dallas.

Tonight you become a man.

Don't worry, Dallas.

You won't feel a thing.

Except pain.

You need a drink?

Whoa. Damn, J.D., you've been working out.

Look at this rock, Hub.

Yeah, you just better go easy on that little pee-squirter of yours.

You'll rub that thing right off.

All right, let's do it.

Come on.

Quintana, check the door.

You hear something?

The Day of Reclamation is near. Make sure your preparation is complete.



All right.

Good work. I'm proud of you.

You next, Murphy?

Yeah, how about the new guy?

No, thanks. I don't smoke.

Oh, you don't smoke.

I didn't figure you did. 'Cause you got that cocky, Mr. Clean attitude.

Like, maybe you're too good for all this.

You know what I think?

I think maybe he's just a wuss.

Why don't you keep on thinking, Dragotta?

It'll be good brain practice.

Hey, no, man. I'll go.

It's my turn anyway, right?

See, that's what I like to see.

Academy spirit.

You know, you don't have to do this, Quintana.

You got a free will you can exercise and I think now might be a good time.

He's right.

You can just shut your traitor hole, bitch.

Ready, Ace?

Ready, man.

There you go.

Come on, man.

Come on.

Take it. Take it. Take it.

Don't do it. Don't scream, you little bitch.

Be cool, Andy.

Hey, hey. Hey.

Guys, chill.

This is coming to a head, Murphy. Soon.

I'll be ready.

Oh, you better be.

Get off me, man.

Do you believe in God, Cadet Murphy?

Do you believe in God, Cadet Murphy?

Do you believe in God, Cadet Murphy?

Yes, Sir.

Raised Catholic, Sir.


Well, that's God-fearing enough, ain't it?

Let me ask you something else.

What do you feel about the New America Colony, boy?

I love New America, Sergeant.

I was born in the Colony.

You see, You see, everybody loves America, Murphy, even now she's sitting smack-dab in the Arctic.

But not enough of 'em are willing to do what needs.. What needs to be done to protect her and preserve her honor.

Her sovereignty.

What I need to know from you is, simply, how far would you go for God and country, cadet?

Could you kill a fellow human?

Yes, Sir.

Of course you would.

Hell, a properly trained soldier is.. Is a killing machine.

Puts me in the mind of.. Of the Bay of Pigs.

The Bay of Pigs?

Yes, the Bay of Pigs.


General Oswald and his men slaughtered 2,000 marines on the shores of Dallas, Texas. General Oswald?

On the shores of Texas?


A military genius, wife Marilyn by his side.

A glorious, glorious slaughter.

Yes, Sir. Marilyn.

Marilyn Monroe.

They.. They took no prisoners.

But how far could you go?

I mean, personally, in the line of duty.

Could you kill your best friend if you had to?

Or, say.. Or let's just say the president.

Huh? Could you do that?

Yes, Sir.

If duty called for it.

Here's a tough one.

How 'bout your parents, huh, boy? How 'about them?

I mean, can you kill your daddy and your sweet mommy to save your beloved Colony?

Could you do that?

Yes, Sir.

Well, for the love of Pete.

You mean to tell me, if I ordered it.. If I ordered it right now, huh?

You could kill both of your own God-loving parents?

Is that what you're saying?

Yes, Sir.

Look in my eyes, cadet.

Look in my eyes and tell me you could ram a bayonet up your own mama's coochie, huh?

And feed her liver to the fucking devil?

And you could do that, huh?

I obey any and all orders you command, Sir.

See there? You know?

I don't believe you anymore.

I mean, you ain't bein' square with me.

It's all in the eyes, cadet.

It's all in the eyes.

And the eyes don't lie.

Permission to speak, Sir?

All right.

I know next Sunday is evaluation.

I just wanted to know if I was being considered for Z-Team, Sir.

No, cadet.

I can't say you are.

Just yet, anyway.

If I may, I wish to cite my above-average marksmanship and rapid progress in Fullerman's Recruit Training Program.

You may, and I'll consider it.

But until you've illustrated to me that you've got what it takes in here.. In here.. To be a member of the Z-Team, my elite team, I can't be 100% with you.

And that's what it takes.

What is the problem here?

What is the problem here?

What is the problem here?

What is the problem here?

What is the problem here?

What is the problem here?

What is the problem here?

You girls seem mighty nervous.

It's nothing.

You're letting these late hours get to you. I suggest a more vigorous exercise program.


J.D. Dallas, you scared the hell out of me.

Don't you move, Murphy.

I'll blow your ass to hell.

Okay, Dallas. Don't blow my ass to hell, all right?

Why don't you take a couple of deep breaths, try to lose some of that adrenaline?

I'm your roommate, remember?

This is a restricted area, and I'm to report all intruders to Sergeant Bradley in tribunal.

If this is a restricted area, what are you doing here?

Don't play with me, Murphy.

You know I'm on guard duty here.

What you got that parka on for?

Oh, Jesus, Dallas, man, I know this is a restricted area.

I was just taking a walk, for Christ's sake.

Trying to get a little fresh air.

You're not getting a medal for this.

All right, march.

Forward march.

He's gonna laugh at you, Dallas.

Bradley is gonna laugh right in your face.

And then he'll probably kick your trigger-happy little ass for disturbing him in the middle of the night for nothing.

I said march.

For nothing, Dallas.

Not a damn thing.

You just shut up and keep moving.

I'm trying to help you out here, Dallas.

If you bring this to Bradley, he'll be so pissed, he'll be frigging having you clean toilets until the ice caps melt.

And you can forget about Z-Team.

I'll take that chance.

Fine, then.

If this breach of security is as important as you say it is, then shoot me right now.

Shoot me right now, Dallas, because I'm not going anywhere but back to bed.

See, Dallas?

I like you, man.

I always have.

I know that you and I, we're on the same level.

We can relate.

I can identify with you.

I think we both realize that this episode is better forgotten tonight.

What do you say?

Sure, Murphy.

Good night, Dallas.

And good luck on Sunday.

You're gonna make one hell of a Z-Teamer. I mean that.

Lockdown in 2100 hours.

All personnel to be confined to quarters.

Breach of this regulation will result in severe disciplinary action.

Guard detail, secure North Perimeter and report to the OD.



What are you doing here?

How'd you get past security?

I was looking for Katie and I wanted to see you again.

I thought maybe we could talk.

Hey, that's my ID card.

Yeah, I borrowed that the other night. I've been meaning to bring it back.

I'm actually pretty resourceful when I put my mind to something.

You're also a little crazy if you ask me.

Well, I'll let you two crazy people just be alone here.

Let's try and keep it clean, okay?

Allison, look.

I have to tell you something, and you can't tell anyone, okay?

I'm leaving Fullerman soon.

When I do, some people here are gonna be very angry.

And if they associate you with me, well, I'm afraid they might try to hurt you. This just can't happen.

Not now.

You're a nice girl.. Quit saying that.

I'm a human being, not somebody's nice girl cardboard cutout.

I've got a life, too, Murphy.

One just as important and complicated as yours.

Do you, um.. do you want to tell me about it?

My parents were smugglers.

Once we were transporting a load of minerals to Glacier Bay when the Federation agents seized our shuttle.

And it wasn't the minerals they were upset about.

My mother had contracted the virus.

The agents panicked, afraid of another epidemic spreading.

They killed her.

When my father tried to stop them, they killed him, too.

And then there was me.

They thought I had it.

I didn't, but once word got out, everything became frantic.

There was an evacuation, and somehow in all the confusion, I escaped.

I didn't have anywhere else to go, so I stayed with the girls at the outpost.

They hid me and took care of me.

But in order to stay, I had to do what they did to survive.

We entertained men.

But I couldn't stand that kind of life, so I moved to the Colony and started all over again.

I don't like my past, Murphy.

But I can't erase it.

It's okay.

All that matters is who you are now.

I think you are an incredibly brave and beautiful person.

I want you to know that, right now, while I'm looking in your eyes, I'm not thinking about your past.

What are you thinking about?

A member of Fullerman's Zero Squadron is beyond dedicated.

Beyond loyal.

His blood runs red with the fire of patriotism, and his spirit rages with the tumult of battle.

Sun Tzu said that war is the province of life or death, the road to survival or ruin.

The outstanding young men you see before you now will travel that bloody road.

Nay, they will pave that road.

My heart swells chock-full with exaltation as I announce the new crop, the chosen few who will leave this institute not simply as cadets, but as members of the proudest, deadliest, highest trained outfit in military school history.

The Zero Team.

Their names are as follows: Jasper D. Dallas.

Peter Stanley Dragotta.

Chad Hubbard.

And that's it.

Cadets whose names I've called, step forward.

Stand forward, hup!

Gentlemen, the Day of Reclamation is at hand.

Welcome to the Z-Team.

Aye, aye, Sir!

And my butt swells up with exaltation, folks, as I induct these young'uns into the meanest, ugliest wildcat outfit west of the Pecos.

The fightin' Zeros.

You know, you're too young to be getting ulcers.

Leave me alone, Murphy.

I've had enough grief for one day.

Aw, hell, you'll get over it.

Listen, you don't want to be on that team, anyway.

They dress funny.

Besides, you can still graduate with honors.

I don't understand what the big deal is about joining Bradley's teenage attack squadron.

I just don't get it.

Jesus, Murphy.

Will you drop it?

Getting on the Z-Team might not mean anything to you, but it meant something to me.

And I don't want this shit pounded over my head.

Man, I worked hard for this.

I've never been a part of anything my whole life.

This was my chance to finally be somebody.

My father...

Ah, forget it.

No, man.

Go ahead.

Well, I told you about my old man being career military.

Well, he's always been considered to be one of those tough guys.

Wants me to grow up to be just like him.

But it's always either I'm too weak or I'm too lazy.

So I figured it's the one thing I can do, start to finish.

Make him proud of me.

All of this.. All of this was for him.

Listen, Q.

At the risk of sounding like somebody's guidance counselor, I gotta tell you, you got it all wrong.

Your problem isn't with your dad or your childhood or even Bradley's commandos.

It's you.

You gotta believe in yourself, man.

Nobody can do that for you.

I mean, come on.

You made it this far without going totally ape-shit.

Believe me, that's something.

And now you're your own man.

No Z-Team to hold you back.

You're the lone wolf.

The lone wolf?

That's right.

That's you, man. The lone wolf.

The lone wolf.

Hey, Murphy?

Why did you transfer here?

A few reasons.

Back in Densmore, I was kinda getting into some trouble, so, you know.

No big deal.

Look, man. You don't want to get in trouble here I'm not trying to sound tough or anything.

I just want to warn you.

Stay out of trouble.

Man, I've seen people...


You've seen people what?

I can't tell you.

Quintana, tell me about the Day of Reclamation.

When is it?

I don't know, man.

You'll have to ask someone on the Z-Team for that.

I'm nobody.

I'll ask Liles if I ever find him.

Man, time's running out.

You know, sometimes I wonder if Bradley has cameras in the shower.

He seems like the type.

Murphy, I keep telling you to watch what you say and when you say it.

Why don't you listen to me, man?


Hey, Pete. What's up?

Hey, congratulations on making the Z-Team, man.

You deserve it.

Z-Team's the perfect squadron.

I'm honored to serve.

Well, we miss you back at Echo.

It's just not the same without you, Hubbard, and Dallas. Sometimes when we're lonely, Quintana and I sleep in your bunk, remembering all the good times.

Hey, what do you guys do in that Z-Team all day, anyway?

Besides walking around like zombies all tweaked out on crack.

You shut it right now, Murphy.

What the Z-Team does, that's none of your damn business.

Hey, Dragotta.

What happened to your cigar burn, man?


Your cigar burn.

I'll be damned.

Yeah, it healed.

Let me see that, man.

Get away from me.

Hey, man.

What's your problem?

What are you.. You ain't listening, Murphy.

Back off.

That goes for your questions, too, you little shit.

You back the hell off or you're gonna find yourself in a world of serious hurt, soldier.

You all right, man?

Oh, man. What the hell was that about?

I don't know.



We all had to do this.


Want to be Z-Team, right?


Attaboy, there, Jasper D.

All right, let's go.

Time to separate the men from the boys.

Come on, Dallas.

You can do it.

Take the pain, Dallas.

Come on, Dallas.

Dallas, come on.

Take the pain, soldier.

Son of a bitch.

I guess we lost another one.

God damn it, Hubbard.

Make this happen.

Dallas, keep it together.

You can take it.

Cut him down.

The show's over, folks.

I thought he was ready.

Clean this mess up, Hubbard.


You don't like what you see, do you, Murphy? Huh?

'Cause you don't have the stomach for it.

The first day I laid eyes on you, I knew you were weak.

They're already onto you, Bradley. You're not getting away with this.

Yeah? Yeah, you know what?

Look at your country boy over there, dead on the fucking wheel.

You're just like him.

You're fucking weak.

Get him the fuck out of here.

Wait, hang on one second.

Get him out of here.

Check everything of his.

Go in his barracks and check every inch of every shit he has.

And make it snappy.

We don't have much time. Now!

Yes, Sir.

Come on, Murphy.

You got him?


Move. Murphy, go.

Get in there, Murphy.

Don't get too comfortable.

What you in for?

Same thing you're in for, Liles. Troublemaking.

Murphy? Aw, man.

What's up, bro?

I'm glad to see you, man.

Thought you was gonna leave me in here. No, man. It might just be the head trauma talking, but I think I might've volunteered.

You know I couldn't leave my buddy here.

I knew it, man.

I'd do the same for you.

It's good to see you in one piece, Liles.

I was starting to get a little worried.

Outside, Quintana.

What's going on, Hubbard?

Now, cadet.

When they gonna come shut this place down, man?

They are.

They will.

I convinced the Agency to let me go in first to get you out and collect the final data.

So relax and maybe you can help me do the job.

Looks like it's all over but the crying, Chief.

Tell me, legendary strategist...

How do we proceed?

Very well, then.

Yeah, what is it?

Permission to enter, Sir.


The intruder's effects, Sir.

Just lay it down.

We, uh...

Couldn't find anything incriminating, Sir.

Couldn't find anything incriminating, Sir.

Couldn't find anything incriminating, Sir.

Couldn't find anything incriminating, Sir.

What's the Z-Team for?

Why does Bradley need a private attack squadron?

It's some scary stuff, man.

I'm starting to think I dreamt this whole damn thing up, man.

It's like a nightmare.

Everything's starting to get all confused up inside my head, man.

I get scared just trying to sort the whole thing out.

So what do we have here?

So what do we have here?

So that's why he's here.

Proceed with phase one, Project Reclamation.

Prepare the troops.

Yes, Sir.

Try and focus, Liles, please.

Start with the Day of Reclamation.

That's what Bradley's all about, man.

He got everybody pumped up on these killer steroids, training them hard and heavy for months all for this one day.

What's the significance of that particular day?

You gonna think it's so weird, man.

Liles, come on, man.

People's lives depend on this.

All right, well, I only know bits and pieces, man, but it has something to do with the alignments of the planets and stars, man.

It's based on an interstellar cycle.

I picked that up.

What kind of cycle?

Interstellar cycle, man.

Wild, right?

Something in our galaxy has to line up perfect with something else somewhere else.

It only happens every 30 years.

See, Bradley's got some high-powered telescopes set up all over this place, so he'll know exactly when the time is right.

And then, boom, Bradley and the Z-Team take off.

Where they're headed, I don't know.

Wait a minute, what do you mean, "They take off"?

They got some kind of transport system set up over there in Fac-14.

Like what, like a shuttle?

No, man.

Nothing like that at all.

Some molecular high-tech shit.

Tell you the truth, I don't don't know what it is, but I do know the day is soon.

Today soon.

That's why I'm surprised to see you in here.

'Cause one thing that don't make sense to me is.. Why aren't we dead yet?


Well, if today's the day, they can't afford to take any chances.

A couple more unexplained deaths might draw unwanted attention.

At least I hope that's the reason.

If not... man, I don't even want to know.


How the hell do you keep getting in here?

Resourceful, remember?

Besides, all the sentry posts look deserted.

My God. Something's happening here, Quintana. What is it?

Where's Murphy?

Quintana, answer me.

Where's Murphy?

It's too late.

They got him.

Who's got him?

Bradley and the Z-Team.

Look, they know he's not one of us.

They got him down in the brig.

That is, if he's still alive.

It's too late.

Bullshit. If he's still alive, we've gotta do something.

He's your friend, Quintana.

I saw him save your ass myself once.

You don't understand, Allison.

I'm a cadet here.

And it is my duty, as a cadet, to obey all orders.

No matter who gets hurt.

Yeah? Then why aren't you there now, helping them murder your friend?

Look, if you want to be a part of that, then you stay here and let your friends die.

I'm going to help Murphy.

Now what the hell is a brig and where do I find it?


I'll show you.

What are you looking for?

A way out.

Good luck.

These steroids Bradley gives the cadets, why are they so powerful?

They say because Bradley makes them of his own blood and fluids.

That's disgusting.

Hey, cutie.

Could you tell me where the ladies' room is?

I think I might be lost.

Wait a second.

There's nothing out there.

Oh, yes, there is.

Who is that?

I think you might be.

We don't even have a ladies' room.

You know, someone once told me that a girl couldn't last five minutes at this academy without being ravaged by sex-crazed cadets.

I've been here all night and I haven't been ravaged once.

Now what do you have to say for yourself, cadet?

Maybe you were looking down the wrong corridor.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

How about those keys?

Attention: all teams...

Jared Liles, Allison Wade.

Nice to meet you.

We owe you one.

What do we do now?

Follow me.

Repeat: all teams to training facility.

Gentlemen, our day is at hand.

What is it?

The prisoners.

They've escaped, Sir.


Take care of this.

Load up, load up!

Move out.

Somebody cover C-Sector!

All right, watch yourself.

Wait. We don't need that kind of attention.

What are you looking for?

I'll let you know when I find it.

All the agents to choose from and they send me the craziest bastard of them all.



Chamber system charged and ready, Sir.

Set to transport T-minus one-five.

Very good.

What's he given us?

Nothing yet.

I don't think he's gonna.

Increase power to 600.

Either he'll talk or he won't.

Holy shit.

What the hell is that?

Do you really wanna know?

Murphy, what are you doing?

Are you crazy?

No, I'm not crazy.

Just curious.

This is too weird, Murph.

We need to get up outta here, man.

Hey, we're not going anywhere, man.

We've come too far.. Too far to go back now.

This Day of Reclamation stuff is for real.

We gotta know about it now.

Murphy, be careful.

I am pleased to see that your mission is nearing completion.

We have monitored your progress on the blue planet for some time.

From your arrival and integration into the human habitat, to your rise of command at the academy, you have done well.

But I must now urge you to accelerate the implementation of the celestial gate.

With each hour, the survival of our great race is threatened by the conditions of our own dying planet.

Time is of the essence.

The cycle is almost complete.

The attack force will be ready to strike.

Let's go, guys.

Time is running out.

Their objective has to be clear.

They must be ready to give their lives for the cause.

The weak will fall, but the strong will survive and lead our planet into a new world.

A world where our superiority and mastery will be challenged by no one.

The gateway to the blue planet and our occupation of the human race will be the first of many victories.

Prepare your troops and let the Reclamation begin.

The Day of Reclamation is near.

Make sure your preparation is complete.

I think the Agency's right.

We're dealing with a force outside of our planet.

Yeah, the only problem is this force wants our planet.

Some kind of long-term lease.

Do you think maybe this could be the reason for the change in the climate?

And the mass destruction and deaths of millions of people.

I hope not, Murphy.

Okay, now, think about it.

30 years ago today, the Earth was hit with an unexplained blast from space that killed most of our planet, right?

Now what if that was just the softening-up process?

You know, and.. And now the cycle is up and they're ready for the final kill?

Wait a second.

We're talking like aliens here?

Like the final invasion of the Earth?

Bradley has built some sort of molecular transporter system.

Kind of like the one he came down in, only bigger, more powerful.

It's set to go off off at a certain time. The Final Day of Reclamation.

That's right.

Then we've got to do something, Murphy.

Yeah, well, we gotta get you out of here first.

I doubt Bradley's gonna be taking any prisoners.

I've already volunteered, remember?

Besides, we don't have time to discuss this anyway.

Yeah, she's right.

If we're gonna leave, we need to leave right now, before it's too damn late.

All right.

I don't know who's crazier, Bradley or us.

I think I qualify for that one.

I wouldn't try that.

Toss it, hotshot.

Where'd you get the skirt?

Just leave her out of this, Bradley.

She's not in your way. We are.

There ain't nobody standing in my way, son.


Wash her up.

Give her a spin on the old gyro.

We'll take her with us.

Come here, baby.

It's gonna be a mighty long trip.

And a man gets lonely.

So now that I'm right here in front of you, is there anything.. Anything else you want to know?

When are you leaving?

Fuck you. Bateman?



You know, the one thing I can't stand is a smart mouth.

Take him down.

We gotta stick this one in. Like we got time for this.

Orders are orders.

I'll watch this one.

If that's all right with you, lollipop.

It's not gonna work, Bradley.

I just saw your plans and those cadets cannot survive in the chamber.

Their bodies will implode from the pressure, man.

It's not designed for humans.

Let me tell you something, Murphy. Those boys will be strong and they'll be solid.

Really solid. Shit, I trained them myself.

Besides, most of them are gonna stay down here to guard my gate.

But once that kitty gets revved, there's gonna be plenty of us coming and going.

And not a lot of them are gonna be human.

You know, for a short second, I actually considered adding your sorry bottom to my fine team.

Luckily, my instincts prevailed.

And I'm glad they did.

But you, sir, are a nuisance and a fool.

The worst thing.. The worst thing is you're trying to sabotage.. Trying to sabotage my little party.

And you just fucking rub me the wrong way.

Get back, Murphy.

Get out now. Get Allison!

I said go!

Come on, baby, get in there.

Come on, baby, get in there.

Come on, baby, get in there.

Stay here!


Hold your fire!

She's Bradley's. I got her.

I'll take that.

Anybody home?

Hey, lollipop.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

Come on out.

I got something for you.

You're gonna regret that.

I can live with that.

Quintana, you okay?

Looks like you finally proved yourself.

To me.

That's all that matters.

Where's Allison?

Hubbard's got her.

Let's go.

Oh, my God.

Come on, baby.

You're gonna want a piece of this.

Your friend Katie sure did.

And oh, boy, did I give it to her good.

You know, I'm actually glad it came down like this, hotshot.

Didn't I tell you the shit was gonna come to a head?

What did you do with Allison?

What'd I do with her?

Oh, nothing yet.

She slipped away from me.

But I'm guessing old Sergeant Bradley's got her by now So the question is, what's he gonna do with her?

Nothing if I can help it.

Oh, shit. Come here.

Come here, man.

Come here, man.

That son of a bitch.

He fucking.. He got me.

It's okay, man. It's okay.

Get him for me, Murphy, okay?

Get him for me good, man.

You're the lone wolf now.


Hold on.

There you go again, Quintana.

Always crying like a little bitch.

Always crying like a little bitch.

Sorry about your boyfriend.

Come on, man.

Get up. Get up!




Say good night, hotshot.

Good night, hotshot.

Good night, hotshot.

Good night, hotshot.

Don't even think about it, Murphy.

Don't even think about it.

I'll blast this pretty little skull into a million pieces.

That's right.

You crossed me one too many times, boy.

Drop the shit!

Don't do it, Murphy.

Shut up.

You know, I gotta admit, though, Murphy.

I'm a little impressed.

I reckon all that training paid off.

But we'll meet again, Sir.

Once this transporter's opened, we're linked.

A gate between my world and yours.


Why? An invasion.


Whatever you want to call it.

You see, it's getting hot on my world.

Hotter than blue blazes.

Here it's nice and cool.

Just right for me my kind.

And there's a lot more of my kind out there just waiting to come through.

And you know what?

Some of them ain't as friendly as me.

Give it up, Bradley.

The Z-Team is done.

Your first string's all dead and everybody else is missing in action.

Maybe you don't see 'em just now, but my Z-Team knows to stay put.

And they're gonna be right here guarding the gate.

As far as the maiden voyage, I got me a shotgun rider.

Don't worry, darling.

We'll get along just fine.

And you should be.. And you should be very proud.

Now you can tell everybody in hell that you were a witness to the glorious Day of Reclamation.


Let the devil have his day.

Good-bye, Murphy.

Come on. Let's go.



Let go!


Let's get out of here.

This thing's gonna blow.

Look out!

Don't look back!


I keep going over it in my head, trying to remember the exact sequence of events, trying to think of all the alternate paths I might have taken, looking for the one that could have saved Liles and the others.

If only I had a second chance.

You'll get one, Murphy.

Someday, we all will.