The Journey of Natty Gann (1985) Script

Calm down ! What do you mean, calm down ?

Shut up !

It ain't fair-- 25 cents a day. That's slave wages !

They said there'd be work ! They're lyin' to us again.

Get in there, dad.

Hey, Sol ! what the hell's goin' on ?

Sol, tell us what you know.

Well, we talked to 'em. But they won't give an inch. fact is, they're talkin' about layin' off more guys.

Hey, Louie !

Frankie !

Shut up !

you got it ? yeah, I got it.

Let's see it. Hey ! She got it !

I said I would.

shh. Hold your ears.

What ? Don't listen.

Don't be dumb. I've heard a man pee before.

Yeah ? Where ? None of your business. we want to work. we need to work. We have a right to work. that's what I told 'em.

Your dad sure is givin' 'em hell up there. Yeah.

My dad says he's a red. Huh ?

He says they ought to ship him back to Russia 'cause he's a commie.

He is not. Well, my dad says he is.

Well, your dad's as dumb as you are. Are you callin' my dad dumb ?

You callin' my dad a commie ? Yeah. You want to make something out of it ?

Yeah ! Well, come on. Try it !

Hey ! Frankie ! Natty !

Stop it, you guys. Quit fightin' !

Well, I think you'll live.

Dad ? What's a commie ?

Is that what the fight was about ?

Frankie's dad says you'll go to Russia 'cause you're a commie.

Are you ? Goin' to Russia ?

You know what I mean. Are you ?

No. I'm no red.

I just fight for what I believe in. Me too.

In the men's room ? It's as good a place as any.

I don't think your mother would have approved very much.

Are you sorry you got stuck with me ? Yeah.

What ? Sorriest damn day in my life.

Yeah. that's it.

Keep that left up.

That a girl.


Go to sleep.

Collar. Right.

Mornin', Sol. Mornin', Connie.

Got the want ads ? Thanks.

Hey, Sol. Did you hear about this golfer ?

Just came on the radio ? Mmm.

Lightning strikes his metal shoes and kills him.

Shocking, huh ?

She's disgusting. No worse than some.

Mornin', Sam. Yeah.

Same old story.

Somethin's bound to break soon.

Got to.

Right ? Right.

See ? Now, go on. Get outta here.

You stay outta trouble. Hear me ? Okay.

Any more back home ?

Just her and me.

No ma. That's tough, huh ?

Just the way it is.

someone's comin'.

You, you, you and you. Come here.

Oh, yeah. And you.

blankets !

lady, I'm not in the business of givin' things away.

This is quality merchandise. You can't get it anymore.

Fifteen cents is as low as I go. That's rock bottom. well, ten cents is as far as I go.

I'll give 15 cents for it, mister. Wait a minute, kid !

This is my pot, right ? Fifteen cents ?

She was here first. I'm sorry. Fifteen cents.


Nice move, kid.

Oh, no, Natty.

Do I look like an animal shelter ? Don't worry, I'll keep this one.

That's what you said the last time. My dad'll let me.

Just look at this mug.

Yeah. But what is he gonna be when he grows up ? A dog.

You never know, kid. He might grow up to be a lion or a tiger.

Maybe one of them great big walruses. Walrus.

Something wrong ? Yeah, you're payin' them guys half what they're worth.

I didn't hear them complain. 'cause they're scared.

You're a troublemaker, Gann.

But I've got something for you.

Hey, wait. This here says Washington state.

That's clear across country ! Steady work, Gann. A real break.

Bus leaves today, 6:00.

I got a kid, now. What about my kid ? That's not my problem, buddy.

I got one seat on a company bus. Take it or leave it.

Well ?

Hey, what are you, nuts ? You walk outta here, you don't work. Ever !

You in a position to do that, Gann ?

apples, here.

Apple, lady ?

Hey, Louie ! Yeah ?

You seen Natty ? Not since morning.

You know where she is ? No idea.

Seen Natty ? No. No.

Seen Natty ? Uh-uh.

Ah, Jimmy. Have you seen Natty ? No.

Don't worry, Sol. She'll turn up.

She always does. Yeah, but I only got an hour left.

I don't know, Sherman. I just don't know.

Sol, you got no choice. It's a job.


It's not gonna be that hard, Connie.

She's a good kid. She practically takes care of herself.

All you got to do is just make sure that she's eatin' right...

And that she's getting to sleep at night-- just look after her.

Okay. Just watch out for her, okay ?

After I get some money, I'll send it to you first thing.

And all you gotta do is just buy her a ticket and put her on the train.

It'll be extra for takin' her to the station.

And if you're not payin' me in advance, Sol, it's gonna be nine bucks, not seven.

Okay, okay. Anything you say. It's a deal, Connie.

You'll do it. Sol, I said I'd do it.

I'll do it.

Thanks... Connie.

okay, buddy. You comin' or not ?

Hey !

Hey, kid, come here.

I got somethin' for you. Sol give it to me before he left.

Left ? Yeah, left. Gone.

Arrivederci. left.

What was that ?


dear Natty. I got a job...

At a lumber camp in Washington state.

They're shippin' me out today. I wanted to see you first.

But maybe that would have been tougher.

You mind Connie.

I'll send for you as soon as I can.

Love, dad. P.S. This was your mom's.

I think you should have it.

Anything for me ?

No. Nothing.

you're mean to me why must you be mean--

you love to see me cryin'

Where the hell do you think you're going ? Out.

Oh, at this hour. Just for a walk.

You stop right where you are, young lady.

Upstairs, that's where you're goin', miss smarty-pants.

Come on. Maybe he lets you run wild, but not me.

Understand ? It's different with me. Go on, move it !

You're not the boss of me. Bull crackers ! Now get upstairs. Move it. what am I gonna do ?

What if he never sends for her ? What if...

He just leaves her here with me ?

Oh... God.

You ever ride the rails, Sherman ?

What you say, girl ? You ever ride the rails ?

Girl, what are you thinkin' about ?


Good. Because it's hell out there on them rails.

Fats Chessman got both of his legs chopped off under the iron wheel.

Oklahoma Slim got a big scar on his throat...

Where someone tried to cut him for his shoes.

You can get your guts spilled out there if you don't know what you're doin'.

Do you understand ? Do you understand ?

what's goin' on ? another eviction. another family out on the street.

Frankie !

Come on, come on ! Get your hands off my dad ! come on ! Get outta here, kid.

Let go of my family !

Yeah ? Lady, are you responsible for this kid ?

Because if you are, the judge'll want to see you and the kid in the morning.

Natty. That is it. I've had it.

I won't stand for another thing from you, young lady. You hear me ?

I'm drawing the line right now !

And that thing better be gone by morning.

Do you hear me ?

You listen to me, you little twerp !

Just one more thing from you, just one, and I guarantee...

You'll be sorry you ever laid your eyes on me !

You understand me ? I'll have you so scared you're gonna pee in your pants.

You'll crawl on the floor, begging me for mercy.

So don't push me ! You got it ?

For crying out loud, I am not the kid's goddamn mother !

Why the hell should I get stuck, huh ?

Hello ? Look, I want to report an abandoned kid.

Yeah, she's alone.

You better send somebody right away.

It's the san Marco hotel.


I'm coming !


You stay here. I can't take you with me, understand ?

You gotta stay with Sherman.

You'll be okay.

Oh !

You know, uh, you can get hurt that way.

I thought that one was a goner. Rail meat.

Little bits of blood and busted-- - leave the kid alone.

bar tree ? yeah, you get up on top.

fire in the hole !

That was nice.

Where'd the others go ? I dunno.

Where are you goin' ? West.

Me too. My dad's out west.

Yeah ? Yeah. In Washington state.

What part ?

The middle... Part.

You're runnin' away, huh ?

What makes you say that ? I didn't say that.

You didn't have to.

You better wise up if you expect to make it, kid.

Oh, I'll do all right, Mr. Know-it-all.

Don't let the bulls get you. The what ?

Railroad cops. Think I don't know that ?

Jump with the train, and you'll be all right. Natch.

Good luck, kid. Yeah.

Stop !

I'll get you, tramp !

Break his legs !

all right, pull your animal back ! Get him off !

Get back ! Keep 'em apart.

Let 'em go ! Pit to die !

Get him ! Get him !

stop that animal ! Don't let him get away.

Cut him off !

Stay put !

Let go, you son of a--

You dumb kid ! Agh !

Connie. Sol.

Connie, you gotta talk louder. Where's Natty ?

Is she there ? Can I talk to her ?

Did she get my letter ?

Connie, I can't hear you. You have to talk louder.

I'm through waitin' on you !

Wha-- she-- she wouldn't just run away like that.

What the hell happened back there, Connie ?

Well, they better find her !

They damn well better find her, 'cause if they don't--

You just make sure they do.

I said you make sure they do !

let's get outta here before this thing blows !

Jesus, let's go !

Timber ! Timber !

Ugh !

I ain't goin' out there.

I don't give a damn what you do.

I'm comin' !

Slow down, will you ?

Wait for me.

oh, shit.

what is it ?


I bet you were scared out in the woods all by yourself.

Yeah. I had a friend, though, kind of.

You said you was alone ! Friend ?

It was only a wolf. Wolf ? Wolf ain't nobody's friend.

You must be seein' things. It's true.

You're a liar, kid. I am not.

Leave her be, al. wolf.

hyah. Hyah. hey, go on. Go on !

Oh ! What's wrong ?

Take the mule ! Is she okay ?

Get the damn mule ! Come on.

Stop !

You'll be fine.

Come on in.

Are you okay ?

Come here. It's moving.

Feel it. Come on. Don't be scared.

is that it ?

Is that the baby ? That's his foot.

must hurt getting kicked like that.

No. It's the losin' that hurts, not the bearin'.

We had another one. She died.

My mama died when I was a kid.

Can't hardly remember her.

There. That's her.

She was pretty, huh ?

Yeah. Real pretty.

I look like my dad.

He's in Washington, where I'm goin'.

Does he know you're comin' ?

He was gonna send for me, but I couldn't wait.


- - run !

Damn kid ! Oww !

- go on ! Run ! Go !

Connie. Sol. Now, listen hard, Connie.

I'm coming back there to find her myself.

The boss give me a week off.

W-what ?

Connie ! Will you tell me what the hell's goin' on ?

Where ?



what's the matter, Gann ?

They found my kid's wallet buried under a train in Colorado.

oh, no.

What the hell was she doin' in Colorado ?

What's the matter ?

Come on.

Come on.

Excuse me, mister.

I wonder if you could-- uh-uh. I'm sick of you kids panhandlin'. Sick, ya hear me ?

But I just want a little-- no ! Now you beat it before I call a cop. Git !

Uh, excuse me, miss, but, uh, that was wrong.

That was all wrong.

What's wrong ? Well, I mean your, uh, your line.

The way you hit on him.

You know a better way ? you'd be surprised.

- Not by you, ringworm. - Hey !

You're askin' for it, kid.

That's a... Nice dog.

He's a wolf. Oh, yeah ?

He's a wolf.

Well, you know, there's a bounty on wolves around here.

That's too bad. What are you talkin' about ?

Well, uh, they shoot wolves, stupid.

Don't call me stupid. - Hey, hey. Take it easy.

Take it easy-- easy, easy. Look, we're not the enemy. That's him. I mean, maybe we can help you.


There's a group of us. What we're doing is, we're trampin' together.

You hungry ?


Okay, you wanna get some food ?

Well, you can, uh, bring your wolf and, uh, Get him some food too.

So, you're lookin' for your old man, huh ?

He's waitin' for me. Yeah, sure.

And my name's Franklin D. Roosevelt.

I haven't seen my old man in three years.

Took off. Killed him seein' my old lady make one potato go seven ways.

Hell, all my pa did was beat on me. I was glad when he left.

You know, once your folks are gone, they may think that they're comin' back, But they figure it out pretty quickly that they're better off where they are.

Well, so are we.

You think that we need them anymore ?

No. We got each other.

We're our own family.

Oh, yeah. And, uh, everybody here...

Carries their share.

Am I right ? right.



You'll be all right.

That's him.

That's one big bull. We oughta get a lot for him.

You ready ? I don't know.

You don't know ? I don't know. It's stealin'.

Now, you listen to me, little girl.

The way I see it is, the rich just keep gettin' richer.

If you're with us, you chip in just like everybody else. If not, get lost.

She's just yellow. Hell if I am.

Well, then shut up and let's go.

You three take the chute. The chute ?

Yeah, the chute, dummy.

Leon, Davey, you two get the far gate.

We're gonna get him in the trailer and we're off.

Real easy. Yeah, easy. A snatch.

You take Mr. Bulldog there and you push from behind, okay ?

Where you gonna be ? I'm gonna be in the truck. I'm the driver, okay ?

I mean, you don't mind, do ya ?

Okay, let's go.

Go, go, go, go.

Come on, wolf.

go on.

Where the hell's the chute ? Up behind the truck, stupid !

-just remember, he's more scared of you than you are of him.

You wanna bet ? Go on ! move it, bull !

Shoo !

What are you lookin' at ?


Go on, bull ! Go on !

Come on, bull !

let's go !

Let's go, Parker. Come on, let's go. Where are you going ?

Come on, wolf !

Where are you going ? Come on !

you know how to drive this thing ? Get off my back.

All right, get behind and push, all of ya ! Let's get goin' !

come on, baby.

Come on, Parker, move this thing ! Come on, baby.

What the hell you think I'm trying to do ? Come on, baby.

let's go !

Uh-oh. Come on, Parker ! Get this thing goin' !

Come on, wolf !

Let's go !

Go !

Wait for us !

Wait !

full name. Speak up.

Natalie sue Gann.

Natalie sue Gann. Where do you live ?

I-- I'm not-- vagrant. Where are your folks ?

I'm not sure, but I'm looking for my dad-- orphan.

I'm not an orphan. Put her in number one.

I'm no orphan ! Sure, kid, sure.

go on, get in here.

Over here.

Okay, this is your bed.

No talkin' after 8:00, and up at 5:00.

All right, lights out.

No talkin' !

Quiet !

one. Two.

One. Two.

One. Two.

Hands on hips. One. Two.

That's where the boys sleep. One. Two.

Billy lang's a real dream. Okay, twinkie, 15 laps. In silence.

And take your friend. The rest of you, fall out.


Go on. Get goin'.

Let's get him over here. I got my side. come on, boy.

Hey, hey ! Hold him ! Hold him ! you're askin' for it. Let him go !

Pull him over there ! let go of him !

Don't hurt him ! - hold him down !

Stop it ! he's all yours, Charlie.

Get rid of him. No !

I said keep movin', sister ! No ! No !

You're hurting me. Shut up !

Get in there ! let me out of here now ! somebody let me out !

we were going to send it on, But the lady said to keep it, so we just hung on to it.

They went over this with a fine-toothed comb. Didn't find nothin'.

Maybe she wasn't even on your goddamned train, all right ?

Maybe somebody stole her wallet !

Don't get mad at me ! It's not my fault !

You okay ? I'm gettin' out of here, twinkie.

Me too, three years, five months and 17 days.

I can't wait that long. There's nothing else you can do.

You won't squeal, will ya ?

Here, put this on. It's mine. Maybe they won't recognize you.

Thanks. Go on.

what's goin' on in there ?

Excuse me. Which way to Charlie Rindfield's blacksmith's shop ?

Oh, it's up at the other end of town. Top of the hill. Thanks.

You're welcome.

Where's the wolf ? Huh ?

If you've done anything to him, I'll-- you'll what ?

He's mine. Wolves ain't nobody's. He belongs out there.

You let him go ? Well, I didn't need him. maybe I should have.

They'll be lookin' for ya.

I know.

You could always turn yourself in.

I'm goin' to Seattle.

I'll give you a ride to Riverbend.

Ah. There's food in here and money for a ticket.

No, Charlie.

Don't tell me no, Natty Gann.

Go on, get outta here !

Wolf. You take care of her now, ya hear ?

Excuse me.

How much to Seattle ? Seattle ?

Mm-hmm. Ah... Seattle.

Ten dollars and 50 cents. hey !

Oh, he's okay. Yeah, well, tell him to get off my counter.


Wait here. I gotta check the schedule.

Get me, uh, greely industrial.

Yeah, it's Hector at the station.

That girl you're lookin' for, I got her.


You'll have to wait until, uh-- hello, girl ?

Hey, Gann. Any luck ?

Yeah, she's standin' right here next to me. You still got my job ?

Yeah, I got your job.

Well, can I get back to it ?

Sure, go ahead.

Want a lift ? Thanks.

Hop in. Put the animal in the back. We're gettin' in. Okay ?

Whew ! That sure is one fine-lookin' animal. I could use a strong thing like that.

I got a big yard, ya know, where I keep my trucks, and I had one stolen last month.

Need a watch dog. Would you be interested in sellin' him ?

Selling him ? Sure.

I'll give you cash money. I'll bet you could use it wherever you're headed.

Yeah. But I can't sell him. Are you sure ?


You're a pretty thing, you know that ?

Are you sure this is the right road ? yeah.

Hey ! Oh, sorry. I'm just bein' friendly.

I like you. You're a good girl. Oh, come on.

Let's have a little fun. Come on over here. Get off of me ! No !

Come over here ! Don't touch me !

You're gonna like this ! Get your hands off me !

You'll see. stop it !

Help !

Come on !

Come on !

Coming down ! Oh, God, she split ! Oh ! Oh !

Oh, Lord ! Get him outta there !

We're comin' !

Ah, jeez. You'll be all right, o'reilley. You'll be all right.

Come on, gimme a hand ! Get 'em down here ! Come on ! Easy with him. Easy.

Atta boy. Get' em down.

All right, come on, the rest of you, go back to work !

There's nothin' you can do for him.

too bad. Uh-huh.

Guess you'll be needin' a new topper now ? Right.

Well ? Well what ?

Well, how 'bout me ? It's widow's work.

I ain't married.

What are you trying to pull, Gann ? Just gimme the damn job.

Okay, wise guy. It's yours.

Hey, Gann !

It won't bring her back.

Yeah ? I'm gonna cut your nose off !

Come on ! Get it movin' ! Let's go !

hey, what the hell do you think you're doin' ?

That's mine.

I know you. You helped me... In Chicago.

Nice way of payin' me back.

I wouldn't try it. Steal their food, and they're gonna eat you up.

Got a spoon ?

Go on.

What do I have to do for it ?

Just eat the damn beans, kid.

Uh-oh. where'd ya go ?

Is that a friend of yours ? We're travelin' together.

It's hard enough without packin' a dog. He's a wolf.

That's even better.

We can take care of ourselves. Yeah, I bet.

That ain't dog food. Oh, yeah ?

Look, I go alone. I don't take no partners.

Especially not a girl. Well, nobody asked ya.

Good, don't. I won't.

Somethin' ain't right. What ?

something's wrong. He always knows.

Let's beat it, kid !

Who are those guys ?

Main streeters. Good law-abidin' citizens. they don't like the way we live.

You comin' ? But I thought--

Make up your mind, kid.

Comin' down !

She's comin'.

Ah, it's gonna be a good one, kid. That's a through freight.

It's the right train.

The right speed.


What are ya doin' ?

Hey, come on, kid, get set.

Come back !

Come back here !

Hey ! Come on, now ! You can't wait for him. Let's go !

We gotta wait for him ! Forget it. That was a she-wolf callin'. He's gone.

He wouldn't do that ! Get on !

He's gonna come, I know it. Gimme your hand, damn it !


There he is ! Look !

Come on ! Run !

Mm-mm. Faster !

Come on ! Come on ! He ain't gonna make it. He's never gonna make it.

Come on !

Jump ! Never make it !

He won't make it. Jump !

He made it.

hey, get outta there ! What is it ? Shh.

Come on. Out, out, out.

Come on. come on.

get down.

Come here ! Hey, Tom !

What was that ? Look in here. I think I heard something.

ha ! It's a damn dog.

Let's go.

Are they gone ? What ?

Are they gone ?


Come on, kid. Quit slowin' me down.


I'm hungry.

You got no business bein' on the road, kid. As much as you've got.


Aw, they won't refuse a kid. Here. Stick your thumb up, be cute, smile.

That was a swell idea. Thanks. Keep walkin'.

Ya know, it's snowin'. Really ?


I'm cold. Buck up, kid, will ya ?

I'm buckin' ! I'm buckin', right ?

Hey !

I tell you, this is great. We got the mountains, we got the lakes.

Lakes ? This is nothin'. We've got a lake five times this size in Chicago.

And the weather, the wind is so strong, my dad can lean like this and not fall over.

That's weather. In Chicago, really ?

Yeah. I passed through Chicago once. I didn't see much.

A lot of lights. You ain't seen Chicago, you ain't seen nothin'.

You're a real woman of the world, kid.

It looks safe. Come on. Come on ! It's empty !

Nothin' in here but a pig, and he sure don't care.

Harry ? Huh ?

You awake ? No, kid, I'm talkin' in my sleep.

Harry, What are you gonna do when we get there, to Seattle ?

I'm gonna look for work.

Have you ever been there, to the coast ?

Four years ago.

Frisco. Me and my old man.

Your dad ?

We was outside this refinery lookin' for work.

Hundreds of us guys.

And this foreman comes out with Pinkerton cops on each side and he says, "I need two guys for the bull gang and I need two guys for the hole."

He had four jobs. Four lousy jobs.

And everybody started pushin' and shovin'.

And my old man, he got knocked down.

There was so many guys I couldn't get to him. he never got up.

I'm sorry, Harry.

Me too.

I'll check the barn. Maybe I left 'em in there. -Come on !

What are we doin' ? We gotta go up.

Stay close.

Keep comin'.

Be careful.

All right, Natty. Now walk down the arm very slowly !

The arm ? Right. Come on. One step at a time.

You can do it.

Let go of that wire. Eyes straight ahead.

Don't look down !

No, no, let go of that. No, no, don't hold that wire !

Aw, shit !

Come on. Come on ! Jump !

Come on. Go, now !

all right !

All right !

Yeah !

you got yourself a job.

Good luck, kid.

Thank you. Next !

Name ?

Harry. Harry, look at this ?

What're ya starin' at ? Nothin'.

Then look at this. It's a W.P.A. Project. A lumber camp. Listen.

I got us a ride over to the mill and everything.

The mill ? Don't you get it ? My dad's probably up there.

So what ? Hmm ?

So what ? What if he is ?

I don't understand what you're talkin' about. He ran out on you, Natty.

No !

No, he didn't. You're wrong.

Am I ?

Listen, Natty. I got work.

That's great. In California. I leave today.

I want you to come with. You and me, we'll go together.

We'll go in style. We'll take the bus. What do ya think ?

Well, it's no skin off of my back either way. I just thought--

I gotta find him first... Before I can do anything.

I just can't go with you now.

Understand ?

Yeah, sure.

I guess you better get on. Yeah.

Don't want 'em to leave without you. Don't want that.

I guess it's really good-bye, huh ? Yeah, I guess it is.

Well, uh... Bye.


Here you go.

Take care of yourself, kid. Yeah.

Harry ?

are we taking off ? Shipping 'em out today.

Hey, Charlie, wait up !

Yeah, what do you want ? I'm lookin' for someone. My dad.

He's at the mill ? I think so. Sol Gann.

G-a-n-n ? Yeah.

There's no Gann. he's gotta be here !

They move a lot of guys through here. It's almost impossible to keep track.

Half the time we don't know who's here, who's at base camp, who's anywhere.

Base camp ? What's that ? Forget it, kid. You can't go up there.

But I gotta find him ! Sorry, there's nothin' I can do for you.

What's that animal doing here ? Is he yours ?

Get him outta here ! You too ! Get !

All right, listen up, men !

When we gettin' outta here ? We're finished on the mountain, right ?

Can't keep the ladies waitin' much longer.

They're sending a few of us back up.

Ah, hell, they can't do that. We've just come down.

What about Alaska ? When do we go ?

That's a good question.

One more job, and then we're outta here for good, men.

Now, I don't blame ya. Now, it's gonna be tricky.

Double wages for the lead men. Any volunteers ?

How come I always have to drive this damn thing up the mountain ?

Right in there. All the way in. Easy, easy, now, easy.

Nice and easy. That's it.

All right, take it up !

You got everything ?

Do you know this man ? It's my father. Nope.

Do you know this man ? Uh-uh.

What the hell are you doing here ? I'm lookin'--

This country's for him, not for a girl. You're goin' back down first truck I line up.

"dear, Harry, I'm okay, I guess. So's the wolf.

"I haven't found him yet.

I miss you."

Love. No.

Sincerely-- oh, shit.

Natty. Just plain Natty.

Hey !

Wait ! Stop !

Go on. There's where you belong.

Go !


Hey, you in there ?

I think I might have found him. Don't get your hopes up, but is this you ?

It was in with the dead letters.

dear, Natty. Leavin' was the hardest thing I've ever done.

It tears at my guts to think I've let you down.

I hope you can forgive me. I love you.

Come right away. Dad.

Where is he ? With "D" group, if they're still up there ?

Where ? At the top. Got you a ride up.

Hey, mister. Can't this thing go any faster ? Come on !

Can you fix it ? I don't know. I think the axle's busted.

Thanks anyway, mister.

oh, my God !

Get 'em down ! Get 'em down, now ! Come on, move !

Got him. All right, get 'em down ! Let's get 'em down !

Dad ! Dad !

Slow up !

Dad !

no !

No !

Natty ?

{{{ the end }}}