The Jungle Book (1994) Script

Life is a spinning wheel, it has been said.

With each spoke, a tale to be told.

So keep silence along the banks, and I will tell you one of these tales.

A story as enchanting as the jungle itself.

It is about pride and power and treasure... and about fangs and claws and talons.

But mostly, it is about love.

My new command was at the edge of the world, surrounded by a million miles of jungle.

With me was my daughter, Katherine, whom everyone called Kitty.

Leading us was an Indian guide... whose son was called Mowgli.

From the moment they were born, Mowgli and Kitty had a common bond, for both of their mothers had left this world while bringing them into it.

Also with us was my good friend, Dr. Julius Plumford, who was to be our surgeon.

Oh, look at that.

Damned elephant! Pull yourself together!

Shere Khan.

All right.That's enough. That's enough!

I say, could somebody possibly grab this elephant?

Sorry to bother you.

And as surely as a tiger named Shere Khan... was to be the jungle's royal keeper, Mowgli was destined to become its lord.

Well done, Mowgli.

Buldeo, what on earth's going on? Shere Khan!

He's returning!

Shere? A tiger? Shere Khan, king of tigers!

He's angry because these men with their guns have gone into his jungle... and killed more than they can eat.

What is a tiger caring, a few animals here or there?

Would you allow someone to break into your house and steal your food?

These three broke the jungle law. Shere Khan knows it.

We best beware.

All right.

What is this?


And in English? Bear.


I'll bet you can't tell me what this is.



Very good.

And who do you think this is?

That's me! You? Shere Khan?

The holy man say I'm half a tiger.

You are half a tiger?

He say when I see Shere Khan and show no fear, then I be whole tiger.

Where did you see this holy man, Mowgli?

In my dreams.



Tiger.! Tiger attack.!

Geoffrey, what in God's name is going on?

A tiger! I think it got Claibourne!

Claibourne? Right. I'll see to him.

Stay here, Mowgli!



Get him out of the way!

Bapu.! Bapu.!

Shere Khan!

Ha! Shoot him, Buldeo! Ha!

God! Mowgli!



Got you!

Damn it! Damn it!

Get out of my way! Out of my way!

Oh, my God! The boy!

Where's Mowgli, Father?

He's gone, Kitty. The boy is gone.





Bapu? Bapu?


Shere Khan.


Keep up, ladies, keep up!

Now, who can tell me what kind of monkey that is over there?

Nevermind, nevermind. Um...

What about those over there? Who can name those? You see them?



Yes, Doctor?

Perhaps you can name the primates that we are a bout to paint.

That one there is a macaque, those two are rhesus, and the bunch up there are langurs.

Well, at least I've taught somebody something.

Oh, my goodness! There's a spider-monkey with a mustache!

Oh, where? Where?

He's got a white hat on and a linen suit.

Now, this bridge... separates mankind from the animal kingdom.

To cross over there is to take your life in your hands.

You see this sign? It says, " Danger:

" To cross this bridge is to enter the black jungle, the jungle of death."

Actually, Doctor, Hmm?

All the sign says is, " Beware, this bridge is old."

It's a very literal translation, Kitty.

Come on, ladies. We'll do our painting down there.

I dare you to cross it. I would never.

Neither would I. Well, I certainly wouldn't.

I would.

Why am I not surprised?




He'll kill you.

Whoa! Katherine!

Hello, William. What are you doing here?

You're not supposed to cross the bridge. You know it's dangerous.

I know, I know. You're a very naughty girl.

Not in public, Willie. Public?

What public?

I seem to remember our last kiss being quite public.

Heat of the moment, my good man. Heat of the moment.

Now we best get back across the bridge. I should warn you.

I'm feeling quite the hunter today.

And am I to be your prey?

What the...

Why, you little savage!

And what have we here?

An animal. An animal that needs to be taught a lesson in manners, I think.

Come on.! Put them up.! Put them up.!

Be careful, William. Don't worry, Katherine. I'll protect you.

Actually, William, I think that's what he's trying to do.

Come on. Putt hem up.

Thrash him! Thrash him good, Billy boy! Come on!

You're a dead one, you are.

You all right, Billy? Get him!

Now you'll get yours, sunshine.

Well, get him! Yes! Raah!

Stay exactly where you are! Put the gun away.!

William, tell him. Keep out of this, Katherine.

I'm warning you. Shoot him!

Shoot him.!

Just... Just stay back. I said shoot him, Wilkins! That's an order!

Leave him, Wilkins. He's harmless.

Come on, man.! Shoot him.! I'm warning you!

Left, right, left, right, left.!

Left, right, left, right, left, right.

You heard from them lately? Not a one.


Officer present.!

Stand at ease.!

Bloody elephants.

Intruder! Intruder!

Don't just stand there! After him! Sound the alarm!

Intruder at the main gate.!

What are you doing here?

Please leave. If I scream, they'll hear me.

Please, you must go.

All right, I'll take it, but only if you promise to leave.

There. Go now.

What is it with you and flowers and kissing?

Billy! Billy!

It's the savage we fought in the jungle. He's here.


Who are you?

Do you speak English?

No. Hindi?

Do you speak anything?

Don't touch that.

Oh. I told you.


It's all right.

It's all right.

Where did you get this?

Where did you get this? This used to be mine.

Mowgli. Mowgli.

I'm Kitty.

Kitty Brydon.

Oh, God! You've got to leave quickly.

Go.! They'll kill you. Go.! Get him!

No! William. Are you all right?

Yes. I'm fine. Are you sure?

Did he touch you? No, no, no. He's harmless.

Wilkins! Gone! Just listen to me.

All right, stay here and lock the door.

No, please. You don't understand. William!

There he is! On the wall!

Patrol, on the double!

Out of the way! Out of the way!

Out of the way. Get out of here, you swine!

There he is!

Out of the way!

We've got him!

Come down here! Get down here! Down, down, down!

Come down here!

Go ahead.You've got him!

Are you all right?


Thank you, Buldeo. That's Queen's evidence now.

Yes, Captain, sahib.

Stolen from some rich maharaja, no doubt.

No doubt.

Captain, sahib.!

That dagger... is having very important family.

Come on.

Ah, my favorite officers. Evening, gents.

Harley. Evening, Harley.

And what have we got here, then?

Caught this one attempting to kill the Colonel's daughter.

Well, we can't be having any of that now, can we?

And... we found this on him.

May have a brother and sister.

Well, we can't be separatin' no family now, can we?

No, we most certainly cannot. Right.

Come on, my little brown brother.

Time to wake up. Tell Uncle Harley where you got the dagger.

Come on!

You little...

Hold him! Hold him! Push him in! Push him in!

Sergeant Harley.! Come to order, if you please.!

What is going on here?

This is the, uh, intruder we caught.

I'm aware of that, but does detaining a prisoner mean you have to beat him half to death?

He kicked me in the sweets, sir.

Your sweets, eh, Harley? Sir!

What's his name? Don't know, sir.

What is your name?

If I may say so, sir, congratulations on your perfect Hindi, sir.

Shut up, Wilkins. Sorry, sir. Stupid...

He, um, hasn't said a word.

Not yet, anyway.

But I can assure you, sir, I intend to investigate this business personally.

All right, Boone.You're a good man. I will entrust him to your care.

Kindly show the boy some charity.

Carry on. Very good, sir.

You heard the man, Sergeant.

Show the boy some... charity.

Stupid jungly!

Father? Katherine, how are you?

Fine. What is that boy doing in the dungeon?

Well, it's self-evident. He stole into the palace and broke into your bedroom.

He's gentle and harmless.

Well, tell that to Sgt. Harley's sweets.

I'm sorry? Nevermind. Nevermind.

Anyway, he's Captain Boone's concern now. Father, please, listen.

Speaking of Captain Boone, no news for your old father?

Father, please. Hello, Geoffrey.!

Isn't it all very, very exciting?

Exciting? What?

The boy, Father. He's Mowgli.

Mowgli? Mowgli, the boy...

Your little friend?

No, it couldn't possibly be.

He's was five years old. No child could survive in the jungle.

Not for ten minutes, much less...

It's your mother's bracelet.

I gave this to you when you were...

Yes, and I gave it to a small boy named Mowgli. Remember?

Could it be him?

Well, it's our duty to help him.

Be a fascinating case study, Geoffrey.

You know, chart his development, his ability to learn language, to reason.

Find out the effects of growing up away from civilization. It's...

A unique scientific... Opportunity!

Exactly. Exactly.

Thought this out, haven'tyou? Just came to us.


What am I supposed to do? Invite him for the weekend?

Well, we've been preparing a place for him outside in the garden shed.

So he won't feel so confined.

Of course. Just came to you.


Where did you get the dagger?

Harley, my dull friend, your Hindi is worse than your breath.

He's really something, this one, isn't he? He's an animal, isn't he?

Hello, William, John, Sgt. Harley.

Miss Katherine! Katherine. What are you doing down here?

Dr. Plumford and I believe your new prisoner's the jungle boy the villagers all talk about.

The one raised by the animals? Yes.

We want to help him re-enter man's world, teach him to speak.

But he's vicious and uncivilized.

Then we'll make him civilized.

What did you do to him?

He did it to himself. We tried to stop him.

He has, miss. He's done it to himself. He's mad, you see.

Don't put your fingers in there, miss. He'll bite them off.



Shh. Billy.

If he can be taught to speak, then he can be made to talk.

Come on, Mowgli.

Come on. Good. Nice hot English bath for you. You'll enjoy it.

There's nothing to be scared about.


All right, then.

All right, then.

Thank you.



Ah, look.

"A." "A."

"B." "B."

"C." "C."

O, P, Q Rrr, Sss, T, U, V.

No, no, no! Clockwise. Clockwise.


Engine. En-gine.

Fire. Fire.

Pass. Pass.

Road, people, roof, window and door.

Next. Ah. Lots of water.

Boat. Boat.

Boat. Good, Mowgli. Well done.

Lake. R... Mowgli!


Prince Albert. Prince Albert.

Al-bert. Albert.

Albert. Albert!

These are animals. These are animals.

Animals are our friends.

Animals are our frien...

What friend?

I'm your friend and, uh, Dr. Plumford's your friend.

Tongue depressor. Also friend.

Birds are beautiful.

Birds are b-ful.

Dr. Plumford, please. Kitty, I'm trying to examine him.

Kitty is pest. Pest.

You see? He understands. You is pest.

No, no. You are pest. You are pest.

Are, are, are. Ahhh. Are, are, are.



Birds are beautiful.

Birds are beautiful.

So is you.

So are you.

Yes.You are.

Thank you.

Picking up fast, isn't he?

Where are we going?

Animals are friends.

Isn't that the same bear you fought?

Saving my life?


Yes, Baloo.

Right hand goes here.

One, two, three, four, five, six.

One, two, three, four, five, six.

It's all right.

Man, woman, woman.

One man, two women.

Lucky man.


One, two, three. One, two, three.

Horse, saddle, temple, river Doctor.!

This big tree...

No, that's not a boat. That's Queen Victoria.

House, iron, jump, king.

Lamp, mail, quick, royal, victory.

Extra, yellow, zebra.! Very good!

So, can you speak with the animals?

Yes, but they speak not as men speak.

With animals, every move, every look, every sound has a meaning.

Aha. The jungle speaks to me.

Because I've learned how to listen.

If you could have spoken to me the first time in the jungle, what would you have said? Oh!

Did you, uh... Did you feel anything?



A great fire.


It's late. We'd better go.

Please, stay here.

With me.

I can't.

There are conventions, formalities, things that are just not done.

I must do what's civilized.

What must I do?

Katherine! Hello, Father.

Don't you " Hello, Father" me! I've had men combing the whole bloody district looking for you.

Where were you? You were with that jungle boy, weren't you?

Mowgli, Father. His name is Mowgli.

Savage! He's bred in the jungle, raised by animals.

It's not right for a girl of your standing, of your background.

It's... It's not done. Do you hear? It's just not done!

What's not done? I haven't done anything.

People are beginning to talk. Well, people always talk, Father.

I just want what's best for you.

Well, I think you want what's best for you.

I'm sorry, Father.

Yes, well, so am I.

It's my fault, dragging you halfway around the world.

Well, I'm thinking... perhaps it's in your best interest if I... send you home.

To England? But India's my home. I love it here.

In England you'd have dozens of handsome young suitors.

It's time you turned your mind to... settling down.

I've plenty of time for that. No, no. There's no good reason for you to stay on.


Unless, of course, there's a better offer.

Hmm? Yes, Father.

All right, what's this all about?

What it is all about, my good Captain, sahib, is the lost city of Hunaman.

Yeah, yes, I know the legend.

It is not a legend! Oh, no, sahib. Most certainly it is not.

Many thousand years ago in the time of Hunaman, deep in the heart of black jungle, there was a most magnificent city.

All people in Asia traveling there for a chance to save their souls.

Bought their way into heaven, did they? Ah, yes.

And the treasures, they're piling higher and higher.

'Til one day black jungle is becoming very angry... and is swallowing the whole city.

And it was lost forever?

And all these centuries, it's been waiting for the right man to come and find her.

Men like us.

Lots of men have gone in search of lost city, but no one is ever returning.

To go into the black jungle is to invite death. Understand?

Unless, of course, one knows the way.

The jungle boy! Precisely.

But, uh, getting his cooperation... may take some... persuasion.

What you looking at?

I have seen that hat. That's King Louis of France.

King Louis. If you see him, tell him I know who took his hat.

I'll do that.

Captain William Boone.

Mind your manners, Mowgli. Hello, William.

Hello, my dear. I thought I'd pay you a surprise visit... seeing as we've been, uh, too busy to see each other of late.

I brought you these. I know they're your favorite.

Thank you.

You're very sweet.

So... lessons going well, I hope?

Very well. Good, good.

Attentive fellow, isn't he? Yes, very.

I've been doing a lot of thinking... about you and I.

You have? Yes.

And, uh, well...

Katherine Ann Brydon, will you marry me?

William, I'm flattered. Good. Then it's settled.

But my father's planning on sending me back to England... Shh.

I've already spoken to your father, and he feels this is the better offer.

Oh, I don't know what to say.

Then don't say anything.

Oh, Katherine, we shall be the most perfect couple in all India.

We'll have success, wealth, power. Love?

Yes, yes, that too, of course.

You know, I feel awful. I've been quite remiss in my duties to you of late, haven't I?

I'll tell you what. Why don't I take your friend... What's his name?

Mowgli. Mowgli. Mowgli. Yes.

Why don't I take him for a tour of the palace. You'd like that, wouldn't you?

You know, William, you can be quite sweet when you put your mind to it.

This one is a personal favorite of mine.

You, um... You thrust it into your opponent's belly, like that, you see?

And then you twist it a little... and you rip out his stomach.

Then do you... eat him?

No, of course not. Does he want to eat you?

Why, no.

Then why kill him?

Because he's your enemy.

What is enemy?

Someone you hate.

What is hate?

Fifteenth century. Smart little buggers back then, weren't they?

And this one.

This one belongs to you, doesn't it? Mm.

Where did you get it?

From Monkey City. Monkey City?

Was there more treasure there? More like this?

In Monkey City, there's mountains of treasure.

Mountains, you say?

I want you to take me to this, um,

Monkey City of yours.

No! No?

For heaven's sake, why not?

Only those who keep the jungle law may go.

My dear boy, I'm a British officer. My job is to keep the law.

You keep not the jungle law. Look here.

I don't know about any jungle law, but I do keep man's law.

And man's law rules around here.

Man has many laws.

Most about killing.

You kill for sport... and anger and treasure.

The jungle law say we may only kill to eat... or to keep from being eaten.

You know, you almost sound like a man, instead of an animal that's been trained to sound like one.

The more I learn what is a man,

the more I want to be an animal.

I hunt animals, you know?

Maybe someday... you hunt me.

Thank you for inviting me, Dr. Plumford.

Oh, think nothing of it, my boy. Now, look at that.

The color and majesty of India.

The exquisite manners and food of England.

All the bare necessities of life.

Oh, incidentally, I was joking about the food.


My, my, my, but don't we look dandy tonight?

What does he think he looks like? I'm not entirely sure, Billy.

But perhaps he could teach us how the apes dance, hmm?

That would be fascinating.

And then we were supposed to name these monkeys and I couldn't remember the names.

Come on.

May I?

Fascinating. Come, Katherine.

Your father has a little announcement he'd like to make.

Thank you.

All right, ladies and gentlemen.

Ladies and gentlemen, if I could have your attention please.

I have an announcement to make.

This evening, to my great surprise and delight, one of the finest young men that I've ever had the privilege to know, has sought my consent to marry my daughter, Katherine, she having accepted his proposal.

Nowadays, of course, parents are the last to know these things.

Still, never having been one to stand in the way of progress or true love, I am glad to give that consent.

And so it is with the greatest pleasure, that I announce the engagement... of Katherine Ann Brydon to Captain William Boone.

A toast... to Katherine and William.

Katherine and William!

What does this mean, Doctor?

It means, Mowgli, that they are to wed.

It means... she belongs to him.

Excuse me, Doctor.

Dreadfully sorry, old bean.

Pardon me, old chap.

The poor thing.

Let him go.


Mowgli! Mowgli, where are you going?

To my home. You can't go back.

You're not an animal. You're a man. I am not a man!

And I am not an animal.

Please don't leave.

Why should I stay?

I run with the wolf pack.

You... must run with the man pack.

It is the proper thing.

I will shame your house no more.

You know, I think you owe me an apology.

There's been a mistake, William. Mistake?

I can't marry you. I won't marry you.

No, Katherine! I think it is you who is mistaken.

I realize this adolescent infatuation you have with this savage has addled your brain, but I can't allow you to make a fool of me and I will not lose you to some puerile jungle boy!

You sure you won't reconsider? After all, Captain Boone is...

No, Father.

Ah, well. Sure you'll be very happy in England.

Yes, I'm sure I will be.

I shall miss you dreadfully.

We're ready.

Well, then, where do you suppose my little brown brother has got to?

Oh, nothing personal.

Keep your eyes open, laddies. A bob for the man that spots him.

Ahhh! Me sweets!



Dr. Plumford.! Dr. Plumford.!

Where's the doctor?

They just left to bring Miss Katherine to the ship to England.

Where? They're on the road to Jaipur.

Go on.


You'll absolutely love their house. Right across from Holland Park.

Bloody hell! Bandits. Get down.

What's happening?

Make room! Return fire!

Father! Doctor, help him! Geoffrey?

Farewell, sahib!



Why did they do this?

They want me to come for her.

They know I'll come for her.

You saved my life, Mowgli.

Yes, Doctor.

Now I need save the life of another.

You bloody swine! Leave her alone!

Ow! Get off me!

Rememberme, Colonel, sahib? Let me go.!

Yes, I remember you. Buldeo, you bloody coward!

Let me go!

Hello, darlin'. Sergeant Harley.

Aye. Look who's here, lad.

Hello, Katherine.

Looks like the last dance belongs to me. Will you sh...

Captain Boone, thank God!

What is he doing here?

That wasn't part of the plan, now was it, Buldeo?

It was a mistake. Captain Boone.

Am I to understand you're with this scum?

Much to my surprise, sir.

I have many friends in low places.

Sgt. Harley?

I've had 25 years of the likes of you without making a penny from it, so don't you Sgt. Harley me, you silly wee man!

My God! I've never heard such insubordination! Lieutenant Wilks?

It's Wilkins, sir. Look, I know this looks bad, sir.

Oh, shut up, Wilkins.

Look here.

You're all soldiers in the British Army.

You're under my command, and I order you to return to the fort immediately!

To be hung, drawn or quartered? No, no, I'm afraid that won't do at all.

This is treason! No.!

Oh, God, now we're in it.

Ah! You woman, you! How could you do this?

But you don't know what's at the end of the rainbow, my sweet.

Why have you brought us here? I will answer that!

Ah... right on time.

Come down here.

Or else unpleasantries may occur.

Tabaqui! Schula!

This is good! Take us to the treasure and she'll live.

I will take you there, and we will see who lives.

Why do you suppose he stares at us like that?

Because to him... you are food.

Oh, good.

My God! Listen to that.

Aw, are the noises bothering you, sonny?

Can't you get 'em to shut up?

A man talking to animals? Is this done?

If we don't get my father to a doctor, he'll die.

He's a British officer. He can make do.

So, my jungle friend, where do we go from here?

Follow the mountains.

And then? And then, if you are still alive, I will tell you more.

Shut up.

Shut up.

Shut up! Aye. Shut up.

Calm yourself, Wilkins.

What's that?

How the hell should I know? Never heard anything like that in my life.

It is Shere Khan. He's returning.

Good. I'd like to bag me a tiger.

Do not be wishing for this tiger, sahib. He's the devil.

Shere Khan hunts us.

I must protect you from him. I must escape.

We're going with you. No.

It's safer with these men and their guns.

Be careful.

I will come back for you.

I know.

Oh, stop.

Ah! He's escaped!

Wake up! He's escaped!

No, no. No, no!

Boone, help me! Boone! Wilkins!

Somebody help me.! Harley, what are you doing in there?

It's quicksand, Wilkins! It's sucking me down.

It's got my legs! It's sucking me under! Gimme your hand!

Get Gimme your hand!

Stretch to me. Come on. Gimme your hand, Wilkins!

Come on, reach! I can't.

Come on. That's a boy.

Come here. Harley, you're pulling me. Harley! Don't!

Don't let go.! You're pulling me in!

Damn you, Wilkins!

Harley. Well, let's not be discouraged by every little thing.

Let's go.

Go on. But my father.

You can't leave my father! He'll die!

Such is life.


Come. We must go, quickly.


My friend will take you back to the village. Friend?

An elephant.

It had to be an elephant.

Bring her back for me.



I think a man lucky who can count you as a friend.

Tut, tut, tut, tut.

Tut, tut, tut, tut?

Whoa! Bloody elephants!

Bane of my existence.

This'd be a damn fine country if it wasn't for all the bloody elephants.!

Now this is just great.


Just... Just be careful with that thing, will you?

Bloody oaf! "Join the army" they say.

"See the world" they say. This is singly the most ridiculous thing...

I've ever done in my life.!

Once I get back to soci Ow.!

Bloody mosquitoes.! Bloody jungle.!

Bloody jungle.!

My father lives.

What a shame.

Well, shall we continue?

Kill him.



Come on.

My God!

What is that? Sounds like monkeys.

Monkey City.

Shere Khan!

My God, what are they doing? They run from Shere Khan!





Wilkins.! You bloody shot me.!

Oops. Wilkins.! I am going to be killing you.!


Oh, my God, I've been shot.!




You could die too, you know?

He won't let me die.

You're hurting me. Behave yourself and I won't.

Follow him! Follow King Louis to your treasure.


See, Katherine?

It's not all that disgusting.

It's not the place, It's the company.

It's beautiful.


Mowgli! Come on!

I'm knowing you are down here, my little man cub.!


My leg!


Help me!




So, you've returned to seal your fate, have you?

Friend of yours?


Oh, dear.

What do you think you have that I don't, huh?

Strength of a bear.

Speed of a panther. No!

No.! Heart of a wolf!

And very sharp teeth.


Kitty, come! We must go quickly!

We have to take some with us. This treasure only brings death!

Just one thing. Please.


Look what we can have together.

Katherine, come back.!

All right, go then! Go!

Go with your jungle boy.!

I got what I came for.!

I don't need you.

What's happening?

Shere Khan sees me not as a man, but as a creature of the jungle.


Look who's here.


He was a very good patient. Hmm? Yes, you are.


So that is how it came to pass, that Mowgli, keeper of the jungle law, protector of creatures great and small, became lord of the jungle.

So listen well and hear the call... and long life to those that keep the jungle law.