The Keeper (2004) Script

(police siren wails)

Remember, pick me up at 2.

Don't be late this time, okay?

See you later, lover.



Hey, sweetheart.

(crowd whistling)

(slow, ominous music)

(glass shatters)

How'd you do tonight?

Let's see.

I did 10, 20, 40--

Whoa, that's my girl.

That's my money.

(dramatic orchestral music)


If you're looking for the money, good luck.



Yeah, who is it?


Oh my God!

Oh my God!

Derick, are you okay?

What happened?

(suspense music)


(glass shatters)


(muffled techno music)


You'll like it.

They all like it.

(muffled techno music)

(Gina screaming)

(suspense music)

Come on, you want a piece of this?

Are you all right?

Hello, we need ambulance at Casalina Motel.

It's okay.

(police radio chatter)

How tall would you say he was?

About your height.

Fat, thin?



About like you.

All right, wait here.

Deputy, take over here for me will you?

Hey, I got these papers to deliver.

[Burns] Yeah, deliver them tomorrow.

Who's gonna want today's papers tomorrow?

What do you got?

A bloody mess, we got one butchered up in the hotel room there.

Male Caucasian, early 20s.

This girl was found behind the dumpster all bloodied and bruised.

Any witnesses?

Yeah, Hispanic guy here delivering papers.

Said he saw a man in black crouched over top of her and he grabbed a baseball bat, chased him.

[Krebs] You get a description?

Man in black.

[Krebs] What was she doing in the motel?

[Burns] She's a dancer.

Triple Ecstasy Club.


(dramatic orchestral music)


Didn't mean to scare you.

Can I come in?

I'm Lieutenant Krebs, I'm in charge of your case.

How are you feeling?

How do I look?

Well you look a lot better than the last time I saw you.

See you got your belongings huh?

Yeah, Sergeant Burns brought them over.

He's a good man.

Sorry about your boyfriend.

Yeah, well shit happens.

I guess if it didn't I'd be out of a job huh?

I hope you do it well and catch that pig.

Well we're working on it.

These cases are never easy.

Well what is?

Where are you headed?

Far away.

Any beach far away from here.

I can't say I blame you.

You will keep in touch?

We may need you for a witness.

I promised Sergeant Burns I would.

Come on, I'll give you a lift.

Oh no, it's okay, I'm going to take a cab, thanks.

It's the least I can do, come on.

Thank you.

[Krebs] Where are you from?

[Gina] Lots of places.

Where are you from originally?

Why, my accent?


I'm from Italy.


I moved here when I was 11.

Listen, is this the right way?

I've gotta make a quick stop first, it won't take long.

You never told me about a quick stop.

Gina, what you're looking for you're not gonna find in a Greyhound bus.


What's that supposed to mean, is that some dumbass country song?

It means that no matter where you go, you always run into yourself.

Well wangy dang dang, can I get the fuck out please?

All right?

I can walk.

Just a minute, just a second, just a second.

Let me out--

(muffled scream) (dramatic sting)


(slow ominous music)



Is there anybody here?


Let me out.


Please let me go.


I won't tell anyone!

You'll never see me again!



Please, please, let me go!

Let me go, let me go!

(slow ominous music)

(door unlocks)


How'd you sleep?

I know, that first night's a bitch, huh?

Just can't seem to get comfortable.

I hope you like your coffee black.

What do you want from me?

Oh I don't want anything from you.

I'm doing this for you, Gina.

Not for myself, all right?

One other thing.

Feel free to scream all you want, bang the bars.

This room is totally soundproof and there's no one within miles besides myself that could hear you.

You have a good day.

What have I done, I was the victim remember?


Fuck you and fuck your breakfast!


(door locks)



Please, please!

Don't leave me here!



Hey, did she leave?

Did who leave?

[Burns] Gina, Miss Moore.

[Krebs] Oh yeah, she left.

I just dropped her at the bus depot, she went in, and I drove off.

She promised to keep in touch though right?

Charlie, when are you gonna learn that a woman like Gina will promise you a lot and deliver little?

I don't know Lieutenant, she seemed different.

Yeah, she was different.

She's a dancer at the Triple Ectasy Club for Christ sake.

Come on, look at this, she was a runaway at 15.

She's picked up for soliciting a vice officer at 17, she's arrested for possession of illegal substance a year later, shoplifting, assault with a deadly weapon.

You know what the weapon was?


A baseball bat.

(chuckles) Baseball bat seemed to play an important part in her life.

This time she's screwing the coach of the high school team.

Caught him in the sack with a cheerleader.

She tried hitting a home run with his head.

And you really expect her to keep in touch, huh?

I don't know, anything's possible.

Charlie, watch out for low flying cows.


Now listen, this is one young woman you're never gonna see again, take my word for it.

Yeah, maybe you're right.

You know, but then again, you could be wrong.

Then again, I'm right.

(ominous music)


(Gina screams)

There you have a perfect example of cause and effect.

You get mad at me and you take it out on the nice breakfast that I prepared for you by throwing it away.

Along comes Mr. Rat, who eats the breakfast, and I come along and blow Mr. Rat away.

Now who's to blame huh?

You, me, or Mr. Rat?

Was I wrong in fixing you that nice breakfast?

Was Mr. Rat wrong for eating it?

Or were you wrong for not showing your appreciation of my efforts by throwing it away?

I know that you don't give a damn about Mr. Rat and his family.

You're not gonna shed a tear over the fact that Mr. Rat is not gonna go home to Mrs. Rat to help her tuck in the baby rats, fatherless and hungry, all because of you.

I just want you to think about that, Gina.

You kidnapped me.

Kidnapped you.


What reason would I have to kidnap you?

I mean money?


What do you think I am, some sort of pervert?

Then just let me go.

Why don't you let me go?

Go where?

Where would you be going right now if I hadn't rescued you?

Rescued, now that's the word, not kidnapped.

Where would you be?

You'd be showing your body off to a bunch of depraved idiots.

You know?

But fortunately, you found Deputy Rock.

Deputy Rock?

Lieutenant Krebs.

Gina, I'm gonna show you the path.

I'm gonna show you the way.

And then you'll let me go?

I know this is hard for you to believe, but I have no other reason to keep you.

Hey, I don't have any water, I really need to take a shower, please.

A shower?

[Gina] Yeah.

A shower's 100 points, Gina.

You have to earn that.

Just keep on the right path.

You will.

You'll get there.

(school bell rings)

[Puppet Dealer] Trust me.

How much is it?

For you, dude?

It's free.

Come on, Einstein, try some.

It's just like candy.

[Puppet Student] Candy?

[Students] No, don't trust him!

And here's what Deputy Rock will do to you!

(kids laughing)

Come along 'cause you're busted!

(applause and cheers)

Whoa, whoa!

And what do we say to drugs?

No no no!

And who do we call?

Deputy Rock!

And what does Deputy Rock do?

He busts them!


[Students] He busts them!

[Krebs] Who busts them?

[Students] Deputy Rock, Deputy Rock, Deputy Rock!

[Krebs] Five points for each one of you, fives good points!


Remember, the point system works.

It's a great show, a really great show.

Deputy Rock?

These what you looking for?

What are you doing with my keys?

Well they must've fallen out of your pocket while you were busting that evil puppet, but fortunately I found them.

Deputy Rock?

It's Lieutenant Krebs.

Mrs. Taylor.

Yes, although I prefer just plain Ruthie.

I have such a hard time separating the two of you, the brave, virtuous officer of the law and the other, I guess you're yin side.

One side of the hand.

Gentle fingers meant for caressing.

The other the hard, violent fist.

Listen, I am positive that I can make Deputy Rock, aka Lieutenant Krebs, as famous as Kermit the Frog.

And just as rich, all I'm asking you is for an opportunity to prove myself by becoming you're manager.

I'm really not interested.

Well just, and you don't even have to quit your job at the Sheriff's Department 'cause I could arrange your schedule so you could do both, and I want you to think about the money.

You could use it to fight drugs, feed starving kids, anything you want.

Think about all the good that you could do.

What makes you think that I care about doing good things?

Well why are you doing this?

For points.


(dramatic orchestral music)

(thunder booms)

Smell that, Gina?



That's my specialty.

My pork chops.

Best damn thing you'll ever put down your throat.

Tell you that.

And I got extra if you're interested!

Guess not.

(thunder booms)

(door opens)

Okay, okay.

Round one goes to the pretty little lady.

I hope you like pork chops.

There's no frozen stuff served at this hotel.

What do I eat with?

You mean a knife and fork?

No, you're gonna have to earn those.

Try your fingers.

When you get to know me better, you'll learn that the reward system is my bedrock.

It's my religion.

When I was a kid, I had a laundry list of chores.

They all carried the death penalty if I didn't do them totally to Pop's satisfaction.

Are you curious what the reward was?


That's just it, it was nothing, it wasn't important, it was a piece of air.

It was the fact that you had earned it that was so valuable, unforgettable.


Even though you didn't remember what it was, it wasn't the reward.

It's what it did for you as a person.

You can look and see what it did for me.


Go on and eat.

Eating is five points.

Try the pork chop.

Not too greasy, huh?



Not greasy.

Enjoy your dinner.

I won't enjoy your dinner! (glass shatters)

It's disgusting!

Gina, you're losing all your points.

You're getting into the negative column.

How many points for a shower, I'm stinky!

How many points for a shower?


(suspenseful music)

Please see me.


See me, please!

(car revs)

Hey, please see me!

Come back, come back!

Oh now you're turning on the shower, huh?

No help for your kind, not with Deputy Rock on duty!

(kids laughing)

You're busted! You're busted!

Oh I like it a lot, that's a good job Deputy Rock, er, Lieutenant Krebs.

And I have got 20 hours of tapes from elementary schools all over the state exactly like that, and the kids' reaction is always the same, they love Deputy Rock and they hang on his every word.

But you know what's more important is that they really believe in your message.

If you're gonna have anything at all to do with drugs, Deputy Rock's gonna bust you.

She's 100% right, Lieutenant.

This puppet thing is just a hobby.

Well maybe to you, but to those kids you represent the drug free future of this country, it's a shining path to a better life, and more important, the opportunity to put this city on the map, the birthplace of Deputy Rock.

I wasn't born here.

Yeah, but I'm talking about Deputy Rock, he was born right here in Redwood.

You sure you can get this thing going?

Oh I'm positive, I've already convinced my boss to give us a Saturday morning slot.

And I'm gonna see to it that Deputy Rock gets all the free time he needs.

Forget this, I'm not interested.

Not interested.

Is that what you're saying, Krebs?

What are you, not interested in what?

Helping keep American kids off drugs?

Come on, that you want to hear, Lieutenant Krebs couldn't give a damn about the youth of this great nation?

[Rioters] No more malls!

No more malls!

No more malls!

No more malls!

I want you to call the mayor and I want you to tell him that your boss changed his mind about airing the show.

Sorry Rock, I can't do that, it's not about you anymore.

Then who's it about?

The innocent children.


Okay, bullshit, it's about me.

My needs, my desires, things that you couldn't possibly understand.

(car revs)

(dramatic orchestral music)

You're saying you have no idea whatsoever where she is?

No idea in hell.

Okay look, if you could just give me a call when you...

All right, well you have a nice day too.

That was her mother on the phone.

Whose mother?

The girl who was attacked at the motel, her boyfriend was killed?

The whore?

The dancer, yeah.

Gina Moore, I'm trying to locate her.



Just came in over the wire.

A Raven Kiss, she was a dancer who was attacked at a place called the Kit Kat Klub a couple hundred miles from here.

[Krebs] Three Ks, huh?

Yeah, how'd you guess?

I've been in Intelligence for a while.


[Joe] Drive!

This is her attacker, Joe Cody.

She was very lucky, suffered a couple of bruises to her neck before he was apprehended.

The man in black?

It could be a coincidence, but I doubt it.

So I figure if we can get Miss Moore back here to ID him, we got ourselves a murder suspect.

And you got yourself a promotion, son.


[Burns] Wouldn't that be nice.


(dramatic orchestral music)


Oh I didn't mean to scare you.

What do you want from me?

I just wanted to talk.

I just had a very tough day, somebody's trying to knock me off my pins.

If I could just sit.


What were you like as a kid?

I bet you played house huh?

You had a little doll.

No no, you would've had a kitten.

You'd have a furry little kitten right?

I had shit.

[Krebs] You have brothers or sisters?

A brother.

Three years older.

I don't even know where he is anymore.

What about your father?

Listen, what the hell is this?

Why don't we make a deal.

You let me go and I'll tell you my whole life.

You won't lose me.

We can keep in touch, I can write you e-mails, letters.

We can have reunions every two, three years.

Drink a beer and talk about the good ol' days when you used to keep me locked up like a fucking animal, would you like that?


You really hate me don't you?

Hate you?

Nah, I don't hate you.

It's beyond hate.

You're a monster.

This is like a fucking nightmare I can't wake up from.

I'm really sorry that you feel like that.

Well fuck that, I can't do anything with your sorry.

But I am really sorry.

I am really sorry.


(Gina screams)

Go on.

You might make it.

It's just a short distance to the stairs.

You know?

Through the kitchen, out the back door?

Disappear into the dark?

If you kill me, who's gonna open the door?

You said the lock is bulletproof, isn't that what you told me?

Someone will come looking for me as soon as I don't show up at the station.


Sergeant Burns.

How are you gonna explain the cell and me?

I'll take my chances.

You willing to take your chance, huh?

You wanna make a run for freedom, Gina?

You wanna run for freedom, go ahead!

Hey, the gun could be empty.

I didn't count, did you?


You might get lucky.

Go on, you wanna take a chance?



Now am I holding an empty gun?


Was that the last one?


Don't make a monster out of me.

Unlock the door, please unlock the door.


Okay then.

I'll just have to do it myself.

So in the end Gina, it's all about being free.


Bullshit, it's all about staying away from me!

(Gina screams)

No one can hear you, Gina!

Come inside, I'll make you a nice cup of hot chocolate!

(suspenseful drum music)

That's gonna cost you.

[Gina] No!

That's gonna cost you, you're gonna lose a lot of points on this one.


Shut up!


No one can hear you, no one can hear you, Gina!

(Gina screams)

Get up, get up!

(dramatic orchestral music)

[Krebs] Good morning.

[Gina] Morning.

[Krebs] How you like your flowers?

[Gina] They're beautiful.

That's a Valentine Day present.


Yeah, you've been here three months.

Those wildflowers, they grow up near the lake.

Maybe I could take you up there sometime huh?

Would you like that?


I'm sorry?

Yes, I would like that very much.

There you go.


Oh you're gonna have to get a lot of points for that.

But just keep up the good work, huh?

I will.

Would you mind if I visited for a while?

Please, do.

Thank you.

So I gotta go to Internal Affairs this morning.

One of my deputies, Charlie Burns, you know Sergeant Burns.

Oh sure I do.

How is Sergeant Burns?

Oh he's fine.

But Charlie gave this guy a speeding ticket.

This guy gives him a ton of attitude.

He says the reason you're pulling me over is 'cause I'm black.

Now Charlie doesn't have a prejudiced bone in his entire body.

As a matter of fact he's married to a Jewish girl.

He may even be Jewish himself for all I know.

Burns could be shortened for Burnstein right?

So here I am, this morning, going in front of IA, and I gotta defend a possible Jew for giving a black a speeding ticket on China Lake Road.

Now is that crazy or what?


It's crazy.



I gotta be going.

Don't you need me to buy you some...

Personal items?


What about--

Oh, no, I quit having my period.

Has this happened to you before?

Yeah, once.

When I was pregnant.

Could you be?



Oh, I almost forgot.


Take a guess.

A guess?

Remember I told you that I was gonna add up your points, right?


Well guess how many you got.


No, 350 points.


I'm so proud of you.

I'm proud of myself.

That's the spirit!


(dramatic orchestral music)

Well what do you think?


I think you're spinning your wheels.

That's what I think, Charlie.

Yeah, well you could be right, but if this Cody takes a plea bargain on assault with a deadly weapon, what, walks in a couple years, maybe kills someone else?

She only saw his eyes, Charlie.

Yeah, and remembered his voice.

"You'll like it, they all like it", remember, it was embedded in her brain.

Did you check out the clubs?

Yeah, from Aphrodite to Zippers, I also talked to about 50 girls who danced the circuit with Gina.

You know what I think?

I think that she was ready to quit dancing.

Yeah, and cows still fly.

I'm serious, Lieutenant.

I think with what she'd been through she was ready to turn over a new leaf, settle down, start a good clean life.

Become a nun.

I wouldn't go as far as to say that, but on the way to her dream something bad happened, Lieutenant.

I'm gonna figure out what it was, and I'm gonna figure out who.

You do that, Charlie.

Do that.

(slow, ominous music)

(phone rings)

(door opens)


Hope you like burgers.

I love burgers.


I'm not talking about wimpy little patties either.

Now is that a burger or what?

Now that's a burger!

Like pickles?


[Krebs] Okay, how about chili?

Yeah, I like that a lot.

Well that's good because they ladle a generous amount of chili on every burger.

Oh, a chili burger.

That's right.

[Gina] Sounds yummy.

Wait 'till you taste it.

And I got you some french fries.

And a nice cold drink.

Thank you.

I can't cook every night, I wish I could.

[Gina] Thank you.


Don't you wanna know how it came out today?

Internal Affairs.

Oh yeah, how did it come out today at Internal Affairs?

Thank you for asking.

I told them in no uncertain terms that if Sergeant Burns gave that man a ticket going 75 in a 50 mile an hour zone, that's exactly what happened.

And it had nothing to do with him being black.

Right, and did you mention the Jewish wife?

[Krebs] Yeah I did, but the presiding officer, he asked what does his wife being Jewish have to do with giving a black man a speeding ticket?

So what did you do?

Well I nailed him good.

I did my homework, you know?

I found out this wasn't the first speeding ticket this guy has gotten this year, he got three.

And the other two were given by officers of his own persuasion.

Sergeant Burns' case was dismissed.

Yeah, I take care of my men.

What was your day like?


Your day.

I mean what did you do?

What kind of thoughts did you have in that pretty little mind, huh?

I asked you a question.


I thought of my life.

Well that's good.

What'd you think about your life?

I thought about how I've wasted it.

And if I was to do it all over again,

I would, I'd be different.

How different?

Try to do something useful.

Like a social worker.


Yeah, a nurse.


Well a lot better than what you were doing huh?

Not like that.



It's like an undulating, like a cobra.


Except a man doesn't ask a cobra to go out for a drink afterwards or fuck.

How many times you been knocked up anyway?

Once, only once.

Who was it, do you even know?

It wasn't that punk that was in the motel room.


I was much younger.

Let me guess.

It was the coach.

Of the high school team, the one that you caught with the cheerleader and you tried to decapitate with the baseball bat.

Was that it?


Ha ha!

But you're gonna be all right.

'Cause Deputy Rock will rescue you.




How did that make you feel?


When you got rid of the kid?


I really wanted to have it.

I'm really sorry.

Life is very sacred.

I'm gonna give you 10 points for tonight.

10 points.

Thank you.

(dramatic orchestral music)

Please help me.

Go get someone.

I'll give you a rat.

Cat, help, please.

Go and get someone.

(wacky jazz music)

[Krebs] You want some of this?

(police siren wails)

(Kids chant "Deputy Rock")

Nothing can stop Deputy Rock!

You're busted! You're busted!

(Kids cheer)

(slow, ominous music)



What can I do for you?

You remember when you said that you didn't see Gina go into the bus depot because you had a meeting that morning with the chief?

Yeah, I remember saying something like that, yeah.

Exactly that.

Well exactly that, what's the point?

Well there was no meeting that morning.

See the chief was called out of town the day before on an emergency.

That's right, he wasn't there, yeah.

Yeah, I remember now.

Sure, somehow that information didn't get trickled down to me, so I didn't know it was cancelled, I didn't find out until I got there.

Well I knew you'd say that.

'Cause it's the truth.

That's why I knew you'd say it.

Take care of yourself.


Were you checking on me?

Checking on you, Lieutenant?

No way.

Nah, I'm just leaving no stone unturned until I find out what happened to Miss Moore.

All right.

(car revs)

(dramatic orchestral music)

Congratulations to you.

Congratulations, congratulations.

Gina, congratulations to you.

And many more.

What's that?

(laughs) What does that say?

850 points.

Do you know how it took me as a kid to get 850 points?

A long long time, Gina.

A very, very long time.


Where do I go to redeem them?

Is there a list of prices?

What do I get, a TV or maybe a trip to Hawaii?

Or maybe a parole?

You get the points for being good, Gina.

Obedient, like the doggy.

Look at it.

What is it?

[Krebs] It's your reward.

A dress?

Put it on.

I'll meet you upstairs.

(dramatic orchestral music)

You look so pretty.


Well it's not exactly hard time huh?

Not hard, no.

(Krebs chuckles)


French wine.

(speaks French)


To your health.

To yours too.

Mmmm, good huh?


The secret...

Is in the temperature.

62 degrees.

Now a lot of people think that the white wine, you need to serve it real cold, they even put ice cubes in it, but no, uh-uh.

Did I tell you that my mother was French?

No, was she?


Of course she was born here, but her mother, my grandmother, was born in Marseilles.

To us.


So how did your mother and father meet?

Well when Pop got back from the army, he got a job in law enforcement.

Oh he was a sheriff too?

A cop.

You never told me what your father did.


My stepfather.

He was a minister.

No shit.

He saw God every time he looked in the mirror.

Don't they all?

Anyway, one night this fight broke out in a strip club.

Guess you know how that can happen huh?

Pop was called down to the scene.

Met my future mom.

What was she doing there?

She was stripping.

Of course as soon as they were married, that stopped.

And Pop, he never let her forget her past for one minute.

Where are they now?

He died of Cop's Disease, a bullet to his head.

You like liver pate?

It's imported.

Where's your mother?

Oh, I don't know.

You know one time when I was, well maybe 10 years old,

I got in some terrible problems about getting points.

Pop locked me up in a little room in the basement.

Yeah, he kept me there.

For how long?

Seemed forever, but probably only two or three weeks.

I mean he fed me okay and he came and talked to me once a day.

He told me that it was harder on him than it was on me.

And I believe him, I think he was telling the truth.

But he just had to do it.

For your own good.

That's right.

[Gina] What about your mother?

My mother?

Yeah, how could she let him do that to you?

No, no, my Pop made all the rules.

Are you kidding?

Anyway, when I got out she was gone, she just split.

You never saw her again?


Just flew away.

I'm gonna get a little more wine.

(strained groan)

(suspense music)


There's nowhere to run!


(helicopter whirring)


It's me!

I'm here!

Please, please, please!









I need help!

Get up!


Please, I promise I'll never try to run away again.

I will do anything you want me to, I can do anything, I can dance for you.

Not like I've danced for other people, I can dance for you because I like you.

'Cause I really really like you, please!

Please don't lock me up, I'll be your whore!

I'm not like your mother, I'm never going to leave you, please, please don't lock me up, please, I can't stand it anymore in here, I can't do it anymore!

Listen to me!

(sobs) Let me go, please!

Please listen to me, please!

Let me out!




I think she danced at your club about three years ago.

Oh man, you gotta be kidding me.

You know how many girls pass through here?

Well I'm only interested in this one.

[Alex] Yeah, I kinda remember her.

Well have you heard from her since then?

Nah, nah nah nah, they never keep in touch.

I figure she went the way all honeys go.

The way of all flesh.

Flesh goes a lot of ways, can you be a little more specific?

[Alex] Porno, call girl, street walker, morgue.

Hey why you interested in Tamara anyway?

I'm not sure.

It's just when one dancer goes missing and you come across another one missing too, well that's just one coincidence too many.

Thanks for your help.

Welcome to Deputy Rock's Ranch.

Yeah, yeah Ranch, I like that, that's got a nice wholesome sound to it.

Note, note, add some shots of the horses.

We will ride the bumpy road to the house itself, just like Deputy Rock does every night on his way home after busting those bastards who sell the vile drugs to our innocent youth.

You can't say bastards, that's stupid.

Cut the last part.

What's that?

What do we got here?


(phone rings)

Deputy Rock.

Oh, even late at night Deputy Rock's on duty.

What do you want?

[Ruthie] How was your day?

Not bad.


Mine was enlightening.

[Krebs] You wanna tell me about it?


You wanna know how enlightening it was?

Yeah, sure, why not.

[Ruthie] Who is she?

Who, who is, what are you talking about?

[Ruthie] That whore that you're screwing in the woods!

Who is she, I mean was it fun?

Just a person from my past.

I mean she called, she said she was out here on business and wanted to see if it would be fun for us to get together and...


[Ruthie] And was it fun?


Do you want the truth, Ruthie?

Deputy Rock never lies.

Not Deputy Rock.

[Krebs] About as much fun as going to the dentist.

[Ruthie] Of course what you do on your spare time is your business.


Oh yeah, but you have an image to maintain.

We don't want Deputy Rock out running around in the woods with his gun out.

Somebody might've seen you, it's a good thing I caught it on the tape first.

What were you doing out here?

[Ruthie] Shooting a promo.

Deputy Rock's gone national!


Well congratulations to you too.

Hey, maybe we should celebrate, get a drink or something.


Yeah, you and me.

Well I've got a court appearance early in the morning, so...

Take a rain check, maybe do it another time, huh?

[Ruthie] Sure, another time.

(dramatic orchestral music)

[Gina] Hey!

Please see me!





(cat meowing)

[Gina] Hey!

Please see me!

(door unlocks)

Hey, I'm here.


Down here!

Oh my God.

Do you have the keys?

Do you have the keys?

Oh God.

The keys!


It's right here, right here.

[Gina] Do you have it?

What are you doing here?

He kidnapped me.

My name's Gina Moore.

He kept me here in the cage like a dog.

You looked like a dog in heat yesterday, sister.


Saw you in the woods.

None of the keys fit.

Can you go and get help?

He's gonna kill me.


Please go and get help!

Do you have a phone?

What are you doing?

That is beautiful.

You don't understand, he's gonna, can you go and get help please--

Shut up!



I got evidence now.

[Gina] Where are you going?

To call 911.

Welcome home, Deputy Rock.

How did you get in?

You were careless with your keys.

I guess you got a lot on your mind.

Now how about that drink you promised me?

Oh, don't worry about the authorities.

I didn't call them.

I admit, I thought about it, but then changed my mind.


I can explain about her.

I'm sure you can, but personally I don't give a damn.

What do you want?

The total devotion of a man who, for whatever reason, turns me on like crazy.

A man like you, Deputy Rock.

The question is do I do the same for you, Rock?

Do I, Rock?

Yeah, sure.


To our future.

Now I suppose you're wondering what's in this union for me.

Well success for one thing.

I can take you far.

You can close your eyes at night knowing that I wouldn't be dreaming of anybody but you.

And wouldn't be plotting to hurt you.

But the question is would you be plotting to hurt me, knowing what I know.

Before you answer that, let me show you something.


Took some pictures of your pretty little whore in the basement, oh look, and I borrowed your e-mail on your computer.

Sent it to my computer at the office and then I called my lawyer and told him if anything were to happen to me, like I were to disappear or turn up missing and dead, well he should download it and read my message and I figure he'd know what to do then, but I don't really wanna talk about that.

Not now.

I just wanna know.

Am I the woman of your dreams?

Or your worst nightmare?

Which is it?

Just tell me.

It's a match made in Heaven.


So what are we gonna do about her?

I mean two's company, three's a--

[Krebs] Prison?




I wouldn't do anything to hurt you, Rock.

I know.

I won't.

My computer's down.

(dramatic sting)

(dramatic orchestral music)

[Krebs Voiceover] You can't find her.

[Burns Voiceover] It's like she just disappeared.

[Krebs Voiceover] I just dropped her at the bus depot.

Then I drove off, I just dropped her off and left.

You ought to be looking for the guy who gave her a lift.

[Burns] A lot of coincidence, Lieutenant.

[Krebs] Something wrong?

[Gina] No.

[Krebs] You comfortable and not too tight?

No, I'm very comfortable.

Well believe me, in a perfect world I'd rather you were free to move about.

You want something, you get up and get it.

I'd like that.

But it's not a perfect world.

It never has been.

Maybe you could make it like that.

Like how?

Now how would you suggest I do that?



Now go on, I'm really interested here.

I think you showed work on your trust.

My trust?

Right, trust more.

You mean trust you more.


Why don't you let me go?

Please let me go.

I promise I'll never look back.

Please let me go.

[Krebs] If that's what you really want.

I really want it, really really bad.


You mean it?

Wait here.

Just a minute.

Happy birthday, Gina.

I've been here a year?

Blow out the candles, but wait, make a wish first.

Now it'll come true.

You'll be free as a bird.


After the show.

Where do you think you're going tonight?

To a movie.

A movie my ass.

You tell me where you're going.

To a movie.

Tell me the truth, you lying whore!

I'm going out to dance.

And to be wanted and loved.


You call that love?

Showing off your body to a pack of depraved animals?

Letting them feel you up like a two bit whore, is that what you call love?

I don't know.

It's been so long since I've had any.

You don't deserve love!


You don't have enough points!

You just don't get love, you have to earn it!

You have to earn it and you don't have enough points!

Not enough points!

You don't have enough points!

No applause for Pop?

He killed your mother.

She wanted to be free.

Why didn't he just let her go?

He loved her.

Gina, give me the knife.

What knife?

The one you took out of the fruit bowl, now just give it to me.

I was hoping you were gonna be different.

But you're just like all the fucking rest.

(slow, ominous music)


Help me, help me, help me! (loud banging)

Stop the banging!

[Gina] Help me, help me! (loud banging)

Help, help!

Shut up!


Help me!

Make as much noise as you want

'cause it's gonna be the last you ever make!

Just keep it up, keep it up!

Let me out!

Let me out!

Let me out!

Let me out!

Let me out!






Help, somebody!

Help, help!

Help, somebody!



Lieutenant, what's wrong?


Help me!


Help me!

Help me!



[Gina] Help me!

Gina, don't worry, I'm coming!

I'm right here!

It's okay, I'm right here, hold on!

[Gina] Help me!

(heavy breathing)

[Burns] I'm here, don't worry!

Are you okay?

Who's that?

[Gina] She's dead.

You're okay, I got you.

You okay?

I got you.

Don't worry, I got you.

Come on, stay tight.

Okay, come on.

Come on, let me warm you up, come here.

No more points, Gina.



Can you hear me?


Can you hear me?

You wanna kiss me?

Then kiss me.

Gina Moore.

One happy little lady.


(dramatic orchestral music)




(police siren wails)

Number four, step forward!

Say you'll like it, they all like it.

You'll like it, they all like it.

Step back.

Number five, step forward!

Say you'll like it, they all like it.

You'll like it.

They all like it.

That's him.

[Officer] Number five?


You sure, Gina?

I'll never forget that voice.

That's him.

Joe Cody.

Can I go now?

Sure, listen, I'll give you a lift to the bus depot.

I'd rather take a taxi.

♫ You're the one who needs to show the way

♫ Split screen to a better day

♫ Got no packages for free

♫ Got no charges set for me

♫ Could be better, but I'm not

♫ I save a lot and stay in shock

♫ And I still might walk away

♫ And when I sleep he watches me

♫ He gives me points to help me breathe

♫ You see I'm nothing on my own

♫ Won't see the light until I'm shown

♫ So I live inside myself, keep all

♫ My pieces on the shelf and I'm

♫ Drifting out to sea

♫ Save me

♫ Save me

♫ Save me

♫ Save me

♫ Give me something to cling onto

♫ Fabric for a nicer place

♫ I could face another night here

♫ But there's nothing left to hate

♫ Left my shoes out by the window

♫ Left my coat out on the porch

♫ I look back inside and smile

♫ Close my eyes and I can see

♫ Lost my grip, but I still feel

♫ I've got nothing left to run from

♫ Left my hope with my last meal

♫ Now I'm standing on my own

♫ I see the dark 'cause I was shown

♫ And I've forgotten how to cry

♫ Save me

♫ Save me

♫ Save me

♫ Save me

♫ Save me

♫ Save me

♫ Save me

♫ Save me

(dramatic orchestral music)