The Kentuckian (1955) Script

How long now, Pa? How many more days?

We ain't much more than started.

Is there troublemakers around here too?

Don't you fret about that Fromes family, son.

We're not really running from them, are we, Pa?


We're traipsing along like natural men.

We got other things to do. We gotta get to Texas.

I can't hardly wait. Are you certain sure we won't stay long in Humility?

Long enough to say how do you do to your Uncle Zack and Aunt Sophie.

Could I count the money again?

You sure there's enough? Certain sure.

Enough for the steamboat with a mite left over for seed.

10 and 10 is 20, and 20 more's 40.

Old Faro's getting hot. Just listen to him sing.

What's 20 onto 115? 135.

Hush, boy. Faro's making music.

Fox doubled on him.

Same as before, Pa. 215.

Are you expecting it to multiply?

Give it here. We'll blow the dog in.

Let me try it again, Pa.

Time you can blow it, I figure you'll be growed up.

He heard you. Why, sure he did.

Old Gabriel himself will want to borrow this horn on Judgment Day.

You better lie down now. Your ma will be asking why I don't bed you down.

Won't you tell me something more about Texas?

It's a place for the likes of us. No people there much. No neighbors to crowd you.

Only wild game to see and to shoot at.

When you take a breath, it's got a clean taste, like nobody never used it before.

Man, oh, man!

Smart music, Faro.

That's the way Texas is, they say, and that's the way for us.

It ain't we don't like people. We like room more.

Room to stretch in. Room to see and hunt.

Where you set foot, no foot's been set before.

That's what ails Kentucky. A man can't move without he nudges a neighbor.

Here, Faro! Heel!

Get him.

You there, call your dog off. He didn't start it.

I've a good mind to arrest you. Resisting an officer, breach of the peace.

It's ready. They can eat now. Can't you wait a minute?

What are you doing here in Prideville? Passing through.

Let's have your name.

Elias Wakefield.

Some of you Wakefields just killed Mose Fromes over east.

Weren't me. No?

Then you won't mind lying in jail whilst we find out.

You coming peaceable? I ain't coming.

Get him, men! I'm deputizing you!

Please eat. Your pa would want you to eat.

I bet he will eat.

We was going to Texas.

Texas, now? That's a far piece. So far I can't think it's there.

Bet it's nice.

There's buffalo.

Sure enough buffalo? Galore. And deer too.

And foxes for your hound? More varmints than you can count.

I swear!

The air has a clean taste to it. The people don't crowd you.

No bound girls there, I reckon. What they call indentures.

No lone woman either.

What, Hannah? Nothing. I was just dreaming.

I was free once.

I've heard the hounds making music and the horn to blow them in.

And you know that no one was on hill or hollow but some free wild thing.

That's Texas!

Now you eat.

Stop poking and get the food on!

Who said you could feed him? He's just a boy.

Talk back when your time is up!

You seem to forget you're still bound out to me.

Now get them vittles in there!

Now, you eat.

Soon as we can we'll take a plate to your pa.



John, give him a drink on me.

Where's he at?

Glad you showed up, boys. I almost knowed your granddaddy.

Him that got killed first and so set the two families feuding.

Cry, ye young 'uns, cry, sweethearts, when the feuding shooting starts.

And weep, you widows in lone homes when a Wakefield beats a Fromes.

He asked where he was at.

He's here all right. I got him safe and sound.

It's your chance to get even. Got him in the jailhouse?

Else where'd you have him? You can't touch him there.

The law would know you'd done it.

You've got to think of my position.

Let's not push, boys. Let's have a drink. Let's have a drink and talk.

Obliged for the vittles. And for tending to my boy.

You rest easy, Little Eli. We won't miss that boat.

Pa? Well?

Her name's Hannah, Pa.

Pa, could a lone woman go to Texas?

If she was man enough to stand it. Why?

I mean her. With us.

No. We was just talking outlandish.

Nothing against you, miss, but he forgets...

I couldn't get away even if I wanted to.

As we're friends... As we are?

A constable's pay is mighty small.

It's pay he wants. A little something between friends.

Just let him out, friend. Or we can wait for that jail door to open.

We're good at waiting. For a Wakefield.

No appreciation at all. I've done 'em my last favor.

Won't buy a drink, won't buy a bed.

Just waiting.

We fooled you, Hannah! We sure fooled you!

Morning. Good morning.

Faro! Faro!

It's Faro!

Pa said you'd come back first chance you got. He said you'd nose us out.

Stay right there!

You're arrested again, Wakefield, and this time not for nothing.

What for? Enticing a female indenture away.

He didn't. I came of my own free will.

That's for the court. I'll teach you to be high-headed.

You thought you were so smart, Wakefield. But it was me that was smart.

I knew the dog would tail you. Them Fromeses didn't.

Fromeses? They was after you.

I didn't let on. I was afeared you'd fight them.

Come on! Hold on.

Stand back!

Can't a man do something?

Sure. If you had more than a buckeye in your pocket, you could buy her free.

How much would it come to? Higher than you ever counted.

200 dollars. And my costs too. Now move!

Pa! That's our Texas money.

I'll go back. I'll work hard.

You keep your Texas money, Eli.

Son, you got a proper say in this.

I don't want her to go back to him.

Do you stand with me?

I stand with you.

You're plumb wore out, Hannah.

Seems like all I want to do is to leave things behind.

We'll stay the night here.

Come another day or so, we'll all be safe. Safe for sure?

Mountain people like the Fromeses stick close to their own briar patch.

It galls me some, though, to think I run.

I wouldn't call it running, even leaving Texas out.

He ain't got much, Little Eli.

Just Faro and me.

Been half an orphan all his life, which is why I made tracks.

Couldn't stand to think he'd be a whole one.

You're a good man, Eli Wakefield.

Don't let anything come between.

That's your Uncle Zack.

I'll find out where your Uncle Zack lives.

Never say die!

Begging your pardon.

A miss! I ought to cut that buckskin off of you!

I just wanted to ask... Anything you want can wait!

Well, son, you had enough?

What do you want?

Begging your pardon, but could you tell me where Zack Wakefield lives?

That your wife?


You looking for work?

Wakefield doesn't hire any women.

I could use one here, though.

She don't want no work. I asked you a civil question.

You going to tell me where Zack Wakefield lives?

Wakefield's a particular man.

No use asking here. Thank you, sir.

Second place north, on the left.

If he'll let you in.

Howdy, Zack. We got here.


Praise the Lord!

You're a sight for sore eyes.

This your young 'un? There's three of us.

There's three of you. Come on in!

Sophie! Elias is here! In a shake!

You wouldn't remember your Uncle Zack. Shake hands.

How are you, boy? This here is Hannah.

How do, miss? How do you do?

We've brought something for you. Oh?

For your innards. Oh!

That's nice! Mighty nice!

But you got no business spending your money on fancies.

Take off your duds. Sit down, y'all.

Well, Elias!

And here's Little Eli all grown up almost!

That hair's pretty enough for a girl.

You must have lost your shears, you and your pa both.

This is Hannah, Sophie.

Hello. Hello.

Hannah? She come with us.

Oh. I didn't get the last name.

Hannah Bolen. Pa freed her with our Texas money.

It cost 200 dollars.

A bound girl?

We're all going to Texas.

I see.

You got to take things for what they are.

Pity you didn't train that hound, Little Eli.

He didn't need no training.

He was natural-born smarter than any fox, weren't he, Pa?

Get down, Faro. Heel.

Hannah and Little Eli are plumb wore out. Can you bed them down or not?

Take it easy, Eli. Don't get your dander up.

We have a cabin for the girl and you and Little Eli can stay here.


Thanks all the same, but I'll be going. I wouldn't want to cause trouble in a family.

You can't go, Hannah.

We'll all go. Eli.

Please. I will...

I'll stay the night. That's sensible.

Sophie, show her to her cabin. I can find my own way.

Hannah. We don't have to stay. Zack's my brother and all...

I'll stay the night and then I'll go to work.

Work? Where? The tavern. He said he could use me.

I don't cotton to the man. We'll go, right now.

Where, Eli?

Unless you work for your brother, what'll you do for Texas money?

I'll find something.

Come to your senses, Eli.

Between the two of us, both of us working, we ought to be able to save up steamboat fare for you and Little Eli.

Your pappy'll never get to Texas unless he uses his head.

Good night, now.

So he spent his Texas money. He can earn more.

Not in time. Not before the steamboat sails.

I'll let him fish for mussels, I'll have him help me around the warehouse.

But he can't make enough and we won't tell him.

I know... I know what's best.

I'll make a businessman out of him. You leave it to me.

I'll work the buckskin out of him and off of him both.

He's my little brother.

How will we know when the steamboat gets here, Pa?

I figure it'll be big enough to see.

But what if it's night?

Most steamboats got a whistle. We'll keep an ear out for the whistle.

Pa, look!

Well, I declare! Looks like a pearl.

Must be a pearl.

A whopper!

Is it worth something?

I wonder. As much as 200 dollars?

I just wonder.

But is it ours? Do we have to tell Uncle Zack?

He bargained for the shells, that's all.

And seeing he's so keen to make a businessman out of me...

In this bottle, ladies and gentlemen, in this bottle is the very reptile that changed the course of history

2,000 years ago.

Yes, this very reptile.

The most poisonous serpent known to man.

One nip from this fellow and the gates of eternity open.

I was traveling in Egypt...

Not now, sir.

You, sir.

In good time I shall offer to the public my secret herbal elixir, the certain cure for aches and shakes, for languishments of the limbs and troubles of the trunk.

But let us not descend to commerce until my story's done.

And I'll thank you not to interrupt!

I was traveling in old Egypt and I befriended an ancient wise man.

Dead now, bless his bones.

And with his dying breath, he told me that this was the very asp that Cleopatra clutched so closely to her bosom.

One stroke, two, and she was dead.

That haughty queen, that divinity of form, that perfect pearl of pulchritude.

He's a windbag, but high educated, mighty high.

And now, ladies and gentlemen,

refined and scientificated through the ages, has come to us, as by a miracle, a medicine, a balm to make your aching joints as supple as a serpent's.

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen...

What'll it be?

I wanted to tell this gentleman how pretty his talk was. I sure admired it.

Thank you, sir.

I spoke the simple truth.

That part about the pearl.

The perfect pearl of pulchritude, meaning beauty, of course.

It put me in mind of a freshwater pearl I know about.

A freshwater pearl? From a mussel, I guess it was.

I don't understand you.

You see, a friend of mine's got it.

Lives over at Prideville.

Proceed, sir. It may be that I know the man.

My travels have taken me far and wide.

He says it's as big as a pigeon egg and he wants to trade it off.

Did you ever see a pearl that size, fresh or salt?

Never will. When I do, I'll bid on it myself.

You? Why not? I like pearls.

Why not, indeed? You manufacture money in this humble hostelry?

Some. At least I don't sell medicine.

An insulting remark, but I'll forgive you for it, remembering, as the Bard of Avon said, that the quality of mercy is not strained.

If you're so smart, tell us poor folks who's gonna outbid me.

Jimmy Monroe, that's all. Who?

James Monroe, president of these United States, resident in Washington DC.

Jimmy's the biggest collector of freshwater pearls in the world, barring the crowned heads of Europe.

You have been around, haven't you?

Around enough not to butt into others' conversations.

I was talking to this gentleman. That's all I wanted to know. Thanks.

I'll get word to my friend. You're welcome.

And... good fortune to him.

I didn't know that... Shh.

I didn't know freshwater pearls was worth anything.

They're not, you fool! Fletcher stuffed him like a sausage!

Come on, boys! Drinks are on the house!




Boys! Please! The company's here.


We'd better get down.

I'm stumped, anyhow.

Come on, you two. I want you to meet Miss Susie Spann.

This is my little brother Eli.

How do you do? Pleased to meet you, miss.

And this is Little Eli. I'm glad to meet you.

And this is Faro.

Miss Susie's our schoolteacher.

Sit down, y'all.


Come on, Faro.

I imagine I'll be seeing a great deal of you, Little Eli.

What grade will you be in?

We didn't aim to...

We're bound for Texas, miss.


Oh! Heavens to Betsy!

It'll be on in a shake, folks.

Then you've been to Texas before? No, ma'am.

That's our reason for going. We ain't been.

Eli has the itchy foot and don't know the medicine is to stop scratching.

You don't think you'll like it here?

I told Elias that boy ought to learn his letters.

I'm sure his father knows what's best for him.

Miss Susie's topnotch in everything.

Can you spell "mussel"?


Not that kind. They've been fishing. M-U-S-S-E-L.

Susie's playing for the backwoods tonight.

He goes for pearls sure enough, huh?

Stan, I was only funning.

So was I.



Dig out a bottle of my best wine.

I bet you can't play "Possum Up A Gum Tree".


Come on, Sophie.

Chase that rabbit, chase that squirrel, chase that pretty girl round the world.

The letter. Not now. Later.

Up the river and round the bend. Be good to your girl or she'll go to your friend.

Circle that partner, corner her dress.

All join hands and away to the West.

That's smart music. Calls for more.

Tickle them ivories. Play "Hold That Varmint Down".

No, Zack. Play "My Darling".

Little Eli. Hannah!

Come in. Tell them Mr. Bodine sent this.

But, Hannah...

Please don't mention it was me.

Why, son, it's way past your time to bed down.

Looks like you got your powder wet.

You and that schoolteacher!

Is that what's tormenting you?

Hannah's better than her. Me and you and Hannah. That's what we figured.

We spent all our money for her. Whoa, son.

I said nothing against Hannah. We're beholden to her.

You gonna write the letter so as we can all get to Texas?

You ain't even going to write!

Of course I'm going to write.




Seems like you paid some mind to that schoolteacher after all.

You reckon we'll get enough for the three of us?

That's hard telling.

We'll leave it to the president. He wouldn't cheat a man.

That's right, Pa.

I swear, that letter-writing came hard. A man ought to have an education.

You're too old to go to school, Pa.

I wasn't thinking of myself.

Harry Milton!

Haggard! Lester Haggard!

Mr. Bodine. Another one for you, Stan. That's all. What's going out?

Six cents. Eleven cents.

Here's your change.



We just about got our Texas money back.

Eleven cents.

That'll be...

Mr. President James Monroe of these United States of America!

What are you sending? A wooden nutmeg?

How much? Four bits, and cheap at that.

It ain't every day I get a letter to the president!

I guess Little Eli couldn't wait. Tell her, Pa.

The egg ain't hatched, but we got a hen sitting.

Don't you know freshwater pearls ain't worth a dime?

Sure one on me. You caught me like a catfish.

I gotta hand it to you.

Didn't you say you'd been to Prideville? Yes, sir, but not too recently.

It's off the beaten track, as you well know.

Ever hear the name Wakefield there? Wakefield?


Yes, it's coming to me. That bit of verse about the feuding families.

Ah. "Weep you widows in lone homes when a Wakefield meets a Fromes."

I'm a Wakefield.

And I'll show you what Wakefields pay for pearls.

Eli, don't! Hitting me won't cure your ignorance.

Get wise! Get educated, Wakefield!

Elias! Whoa there!

Haven't you made fool enough of yourself for one day?

President Pearl, President Pearl, your pa is President Pearl!

Children! Children, stop it! Let me past!

I'm ashamed of all of you. A newcomer, a stranger. His first day in school.

We'll cut the playtime short. Get inside. March!

You all right, Little Eli?

Ten of lug.

48 leaf.

Now, the best part of the leaf is called wrapper.

Used for the finest chewing plug.

The lug here is good only for cheap pipe tobacco.

You'll catch on to the difference in grades. It takes a little time.

It comes hard, Zack, but I've been trying to say all morning...

I'm obliged to you. Obliged? For what?

For keeping me from being a double fool. That snake doctor hit it on the head.

Forget it! Takes a spell for a man to come to himself.

Sure they mortified you. Keep your powder dry. Our time to shoot will come.

You really suppose a man like me could fit in?

Fit in?

Why, brother!

As for the boy, don't you worry. He's just where he ought to be.

Children! I wouldn't like to tell your parents how you've behaved today.


Luke Lester!

All right, that's better.


Eli Wakefield?


You'll never get anywhere looking out the window.

Eli, come back! Children, stop that! Children, come back!

The Texas steamboat!

Look at 'em run. Some people never grow up, Eli.

Eli? Eli!

Come back, Elias!

Little Eli! Hannah!

It came!

I can't stay long. I'm stealing time off. So am I.

Did you have to fight your way out?

They were making little of Pa. He's learning how to buy tobacco.

Don't fault your pa. It's for Texas.

He promised! You heard him promise.

You'll go. You and your pa will.

Will we, Hannah? Sure.

Can you come too?

Not yet a while, I reckon.

But you two gotta go. Somehow.

I gotta go.

I'm talking about Texas. He's telling no lie.

I'm talking about Texas. I know it's no lie.


Friends, my name is Pleasant Tuesday Babson and I'm going to Texas!

And I'm not going alone!

People with brave hearts, ambitious hands and a feel of distance in their bones are going with me.

We're going to that rich Spanish land where Moses Austin won a grant for mettlesome Americans.

We'll steam to New Orleans, harness up and saddle up for Texas.

Many have already signed.

There's room for more. That's why I am here.

What's wrong with old Kentuck?

It's a fine land. If it suits you, stay.

But pot liquor for the goose sometimes gags the gander.

You don't measure land in Texas by rod and chain. You measure with the eye.

When the eye can see no further, that's where you drive your stakes.

The rifle ball has not been made that can carry to a neighbor's line.

And game, I tell you by the Book, my own eyes have seen a sea of buffalo that took from sunup to sundown to pass.

Is your question answered, friend?

But there is no great hurry. The ship will wait the sale of your tobacco.

We will cruise the river so that you may judge our vessel.

I will circulate far and wide among you.

And now, my friends, if any would care to examine our ship, come aboard.


Hey! You're supposed to be in school!

I thought you was buying tobacco.

Where did you get that shiner? It don't matter. The boat's here.

Out of here! Get out of here! Come on! Git!

Always messing things up!

Miss Susie's right upset, I hear, about school.

You can't blame her.

You got to excuse Little Eli.

He ain't a man yet.

No. He ain't a man yet.

I hate Uncle Zack and I hate Aunt Sophie and I hate Humility and everything!

Hold on, son. Zack and Sophie are different from us but they mean good.

They got their side.

You gonna earn enough money for Texas?

That black eye makes you cantankerous.

You don't ever take me hunting any more.

You don't hardly see me at all, with me in school and you working.

All right, son, I tell you what.

Miss Susie's got an apology coming for you breaking up school.

When she's peacified, we'll go hunting one night, real soon.

It's a go.

Good morning. Good morning.

Thank you, Tommie. Good morning.

Could we have a word with you, miss?

Surely. Would you excuse me, Stan?

I'll see you tonight. Yes, Stan.

Good morning, Miss Susie.

Did you have something to say to Miss Susie?

I thought you was gonna say it.

That ain't the way I understood the deal.


Pa says you gotta excuse me because I ain't a man yet.

I will be a man when I blow the Gabriel Horn.

I'm sure you will.

Now run along to class, Little Eli.

He won't tell me how he got that black eye. He's always told me everything.

Then I'm afraid I can't.

It was over me.

You know, of course, about the pearl? Only what the children were yelling.

Town ain't easy for a hunter, and he's got hunter's blood in him.

I can tell you this much. He didn't run.

He met his trouble in the only way he knew.

You can be proud of him.

I'd like to know you both better. Can't you come to supper next week?

I suppose.

Why, yes. Thanks, miss.

Thursday, then? Sure.

Sweet music, ain't it, boy?

Too pretty for a body to stand, almost.

Man, oh, man!

I guess I'll never be growed up.

You will. You'll blow it one day.

Now listen. It ain't always we can listen.

Hello, the fire!

It's Hannah, Pa!

I knowed your voice! Can't fool me on Faro either.

Come rest and listen.

Where did you come from? Thursdays I do chores at the still house.

Faro's singing sweet as pie tonight. Yep. He sure is.

Thursday? Today.

What's wrong, Pa?

Give me the horn. We got to go. You ain't even talked to Hannah yet.

We've got to blow the dog in.

Hannah says we gotta go to Texas, no matter what!

I got your Texas money for you. Hannah!

Hannah! How?

I got it hid away for you.


It's honest. That's enough.

Bodine. By selling yourself back as a bound girl.

Just say I drawed ahead. Bodine.

They're making sport of you in the town.

Being laughed at don't kill a man. But the lingering will.

Maybe so and maybe not. Give that money back.

It's on paper. Legal-like. Get the paper, then.

Eli, some are born to stand still and some are born to run like a hound is born to run.

Can't you see Texas is the fox for you?

I'm through with running. Come on, boy.

Why are you mad at Hannah for, Pa?

Look, we're much obliged. More than I can say.

Eli, you're playing the fool. Let me be my own kind of fool, then.

Let's go, boy.


Yes, Mother. Did the company come, Susan?

No, Mother.

My back has started hurting.

Couldn't you come and talk to me? After a while.

Me and Little Eli, we... we forgot.

That's all. We plumb forgot. You just forgot?

It was a prime night for hunting. I promised Little Eli I'd take him.

Here comes up a prime night.

It's nice to know you weren't fishing for pearls. Good night.

I can't blame you for making small of me.

But it was because Little Eli apologized so good for breaking up school.

That's why I promised I'd take him out.

All we knew, Little Eli and me, was living free in the woods, shooting our meals and following foxes.

It's habit-like with us and hard to bust, and maybe it shouldn't be busted.


Come back.

That's the nicest apology I ever heard.

Come in. We'll eat our supper cold.

I'm obliged.

I messed things up, I reckon.

Like it was in my mind to ask you, if I hadn't been so late, would you play for me again?

Ask, then.

Oh, Eli.

Big Eli Wakefield.

Oh, Eli. Eli.

Joe Emery. Here.

Brown. Mr. Clay Brown. Here.

Postlewaite. John Postlewaite. Right here, sir.

Zybee Fletcher.

Zybee Fletcher. Zybee Fletcher.

Wakefield. Zack Wakefield. I'm taking it.

Well, if it ain't Mr. President Pearl himself!

Morgan. Anse Morgan. Here.

Wakefield. Elias Wakefield.

The president. The president of these United States.

About time he answered.

Better late than never.

Looks like money, too.

Come on, son.

I never would have believed it!

Now we'll see.


Hi, Eli. Zack.

I've got to send you to Pekin tomorrow. I need cash from the bank.

All right, Zack. We'll talk about it at supper, huh?

Tell you what.

Ride that new River Queen back. It'll be your first trip up the Tennessee.

Can I go too, Pa?

Sure. I'll fix it up with Miss Susie about school.

That all, Zack?

There's gonna be a big crowd to welcome her as it's her first trip up.

Being you're in business now, you need some new clothes.

I'll advance the money. That's right nice, Zack. Thanks.

Just be careful of those river gamblers. They'll pick you clean.

Now, son...

"Dear Mr. Wakefield, the president regrets to advise you that he is not a collector of pearls."

"Furthermore, freshwater pearls have no known commercial value."

"The president has suggested that I..."

Ain't even from the president. Just from his hired man.

Better not let on about this letter, Little Eli.

I overdone my fun and poked my paw in the bear trap.

Now I got to show some money.

I've got to think like your Uncle Zack.

Pardon me, sir. That is a splendid hound.

Thanks. He'll do.

Fox-hunting, raising horses, perhaps a nip or two and now and then a friendly game.

That is the life for a gentleman. You agree?

Sure do.

A fair game. Where she stops, nobody knows.

No bet too big or too small. Welcome each one and welcome all.

I think I shall try my luck. Would you care to watch?

All right.

Black and odd, gents. Black 17. Me again!

I bet on 17 last time. Every roll a chance at fortune!

Spin it while I'm riding high. Get your bets down. He's in a lather.

You do not mind, sir, if I bet modestly?

None too big, none too small, none too short, none too tall. But shake a leg.

How is it you play this game?

Even on black or red. Same as odd and even.

35 to one by number. The corners pay you eight.

Half a number's 17.

A fair, square game.

If I can help you, sir...

Maybe I ought to find out first if luck is touching me.

A wise decision. Ride with the flood, lie low on the ebb.

Bets down, please.

My bones say black. I shall place my small pile on it.

Black. My favorite color.

Black, then.

Black it is. Black and even. You win, ma'am.

You won, Pa. Everybody wins but the banker.

Delighted you rode my winner. Place your money, man.

What would you advise?

My problem is that when I gamble, I don't know where to stop.

But maybe I should go small again before I ride the flood, huh?

Do we play or palaver, gamblers? Name it, friend. I'll go along.

If I could catch a number, I'd sure enough know my luck was in.

A number? Yes, ma'am. Then I'd know.

I wouldn't let myself be nibbled to death, friend.

With your luck, strike hard. Please, gents.

No. I'm gonna test her once again. We'll bet your age, son.

Four dollars on nine. We'll double it.


As you please. Against my judgment, I'll stay with you.

Nine wins! The red wins! Pa, I won!

I won, Pa! Nine won!

With luck like that... It will be you who will break the bank!

We won, Pa!

280 dollars gold! Pa!

Bets down, gentlemen.

Thanks, gents. Sorry to leave, but I think we're coming to Humility.

That's where me and my boy get off.

Hold on, my man. Monsieur, with luck and a bag of gold...

That ain't gambling money. I never meant to risk it. How did you get such an idea?

Hey there, pilot! Don't stop at Humility!

Good day, gents.

Hey, pilot! Stop! Humility!

Fly! Dive or die, boys!

You all right? Sure.

Come on, Eli!

Who is that man? That's my little brother. That's my boy!

That's our boy!

Good evening, gents.

Give all the boys here a little nip.

You buying, Mr. Wakefield?

He is. My future partner.

What'll it be, then? Brandy. The best.

Drink up, boys. Name it.

All of you.

It's a dream I always had, Elias. You and me in business, partners.

You tricked those gamblers like a real businessman.

It's a rich thing, Eli, and you can buy in out of earnings.

Pardon me. My congratulations, sir.

You gave me a lot of entertainment on that boat. May I buy a drink, gentlemen?

I'm sorry. We're late for supper as is. Sophie'll be put out if we hold her up.

Another time, then. Sure.


A toast to the president of these United States.

To the president of the United States!

You'll have these jokesmiths looking for pearls themselves.


Here's something by way of commission.

Buy yourself a new snake.

The one you've got must be awful tired of biting Cleopatra.

Chicken's coming home to roost, eh, Stan?

He's a smart fellow, that Eli Wakefield!

You gotta take your hat off to him. The last laugh was his.

Leave him there, Eli. But, Aunt Sophie...

No buts about it! He has to learn, same as you!

Hannah! You gotta help me with Pa!

He won't talk Texas. I can't get nothing out of him any more.

He's making quite a place for himself here.

Who dasts? Who dasts to crack a whip with me?

My mammy was a gator and my pappy was a bull.

I can whup my weight in wildcats and drink my belly full.

Who dasts?

Not you, Stan. You cut too fine a seam for me.

Step up or shut up, folks.

We're loaded for bear.

You better trek for home, son.

That's a Wakefield over there.

I know it. And you're not scared?


Cry, you young 'uns, cry, sweethearts, when the feuding shooting starts.

And weep, you widows in lone homes when a Wakefield meets a...

What's your name, fighting man? Luke.

Don't say I didn't tell you, Luke. I'm not afraid of him.

I'm not saying you're scared, son.

There might be some that'd say you are.

You can walk away, let folks say what they please.

Wakefield, you don't want to whup him, do you?

I ain't got nothing against him. See? He doesn't want to whup you.

Bodine! Mind the business.

I'll keep the peace here if I can hold this wild man back.

Stan, why don't you stop it?

I'm trying to. Can't you see that, folks?

Don't dare him, Luke.

I dare you.

I double-dare you.

All business? Not one minute to spare?


You haven't told him, have you?

I figured it'd be better if you and me both told him.

Wakefield! You better come!

Bodine, for once you've gone too far. I go where I please, Wakefield.

Enough, Wakefield, or do I skin your back?

Next time, Wakefield, I go for the eyes.

Stop it! Somebody stop it!

Come on, you fool!

Now, Bodine!

Pa! Pa!

You all right, boy?

There's a man for me!

A real Texas man!

We could sit here to talk.

Well, son, I just wanted the three of us to sort of talk things over.

You see... me and Susie... we're gonna get married.

She'll be a mother for you. A good one. Won't you, Susie?

I'll surely try.

We're thinking of you too, boy. Both of us are.

There'll be a home for you, Little Eli. A roof over your head.

And boys and girls to play with. And school.

We'll have lots of fun.

No Texas?

Son, we have to say goodbye to some things.

They was good things in their time, but their time's wore out for us.

You let them tie Faro up.

You made me leave him tied up.

We're getting him used to it.

And you've been lying to me. You've been lying all along.

You never used to lie.

Not till we came here, you didn't. I just been trying to see my way.

I never thought I'd hate you, Pa. Little Eli!

Not that, son.

Forget you said it. You can't be meaning it.

I'm trying to be a right father to you.

I'm trying to think what kind of man you'll be.

What kind of a man are you coming to be? That's the worst of all.

You talk cruel, son.

But even if you was right about Texas, I give my word to Zack, and to Susie here.

You gave your word before.

Please believe in your father.

In all our lives, son, I don't know as I ever told you you had to do anything.

We got along good, you and me, and I pray God it will be so again.

But now I want you to take this horn out and lose it.

Throw it away.

Pitch it where we'll never find it, so it won't be in our minds to blow it.

The way to start off new is to shuck off what's old.

Now, boy.



Sometime he'll love you.

And me too again.

That girl. The one who works for Bodine.


She caught the whip. She rode the wagon right on top of it.

Hannah did?

I stood there helpless.

Hannah did?

Well, I'll swear.

Eli, you're free any time you want to be.

Why, if it came to that, you could come to Texas with us.

With hands for a pianoforte?

With an invalid mother?

Oh, Eli!

Sometimes people can ruin what they love.


He's growed up!

My boy's growed up!


Oh, Hannah?

Well, I declare! A late visitor.

By accident we're entertaining some old friends of yours.

They just happened to drop in too.

Come on in, boy.

Gentlemen, we have a visitor.

Little Eli Wakefield.

Who's with you?

Nobody... but my dog.

Where's your pa?

I... I lit out from him.

Little Eli!

A runaway, huh?

He'll be looking for you.

I'll take him home. Keep him.

Come, now, gentlemen. Not against his will.

Cut out the fancy talk, Bodine.

We'll keep him. We'll wait for his pa.

We're good at waiting.


Good morning, sir. Hannah here?

Today I am maid and master, a favor for my friend Bodine.

Have you seen Little Eli? No, he does not habituate our grog shop.

Wakefield. I have a place to go.

Mind if I walk along with you? It's a piece.

Let's go.

As for the money, you don't need it. Come as my lieutenant. I want you.

Even so, there's Little Eli and school. Man, I know.

People have to make choices. Choices never are perfect.

It'll be rough in Texas. It'll be hard.

Maybe your son won't be a scholar. He'd be something better, I'd say, for him.

Something truer to himself. And you'll both have a life you'll never have here.

What's important to your son?

You. You, first of all.

You doing the things you were cut out to do. The things God created you to do.

Not you imitating your brother.

Zack's all right. In his way.

The Zacks of this world build businesses. Men like you could build countries.


Call it none of my business, but how does your boy feel?

There's two of 'em.

How far? Whoop and a holler.

It's that Texas man Babson.

That's your meat.

Mine? You heard him. We come for Wakefield.

Get him away or kill him. One or t'other.

I'm a businessman. I've got a reputation...

Get your gun!

Typical of me. It isn't even loaded. Load it.

I can't afford to get... Load it now.

Men, I'm clean. Not clean enough to do your own killing.

I told you where he was. That was my part.

Tattle and turn tail, that's you.

Now, are you with us...

Or against us?

I'm staying here.

Killed himself.

Stay with the boy and you won't come to no hurt.

You have today to think it over. It's your life to live, Wakefield.

I believe in living it bold.

All right, Wakefield!

Get away, Texas, if you know what's good for you.

What's this? Get away, Babson.

Move on, Texas!

This man is unarmed! Get away like they told you.

Run, we said!

Run, they said.

Pa! Pa!

I'll go to school, Pa. I'll do anything.

You're safe, Pa. And I'm ashamed.

I ain't so proud, son.

Not of myself.

No, Hannah.

Don't leave us.

We're going to Texas.

We're gonna live it bold.

Minyatur RIP