The Kid with the Golden Arm (1979) Script

Hu Wei Security Bureau

Sun Chien Chief, not only has Hero Li agreed to help us, his fiancee Heroine Leng has also agreed to help.

Chief, Long Axe Yan Jiu and Short Axe Fang Shi are awaiting up the road.

They are clearing the road in front for us.

Both are such good friends!

200 thousand taels of gold.

The government lacks confidence and has assigned the task to Hu Wei Security.

The refugees will thank us for the relief, should the gold safely reach them.

Besides, the bureau's reputation will be much enhanced.


Hasn't the authority sent the Sheriff with the Thousand Faces Hai Tao to us?

How come he hasn't arrived yet?

I am waiting for him.




The Deadly Valley...

Inform Hero Li and Miss Leng, Long Axe Yan Jiu, Short Axe Fang Shi at once.

The Deadly Valley has given orders to rob the gold.


Sheng San, Sheng He.


Ask everyone to get ready for the move.


Be careful on the road.

Though we have a few great kung fu experts helping us one has to bear in mind that the Deadly Valley is cruel.

We know that.

There are also the four heads of the Deadly Valley.

Grand master is the Golden Arm Kid.

Man with Iron Arms - Lo Mang

Second master, the Silver Spear.

Silver Spear - Lu Feng

Third master, the Iron Armour.

Iron Fan - Wang Lung-Wei

Fourth master, the Copper Head - Hsiung Yang

They rank according to their kung fu skills not by their age.

In fact, the Golden-Arm Kid is the youngest.

So, if we meet a young rival on the road we should not be negligent.

Even their men such as the seven deadly hooks are difficult to deal with.

Chiang Sheng

There's a saying that problem comes at the end.

I think there must be an ambush here.

Unfortunately, we are the reconnaissance and we have promised to escort the goods and deliver them to the refugees.

We've to do this even if it means risking lives.

The Deadly Valley's killers are frightened than hell.

Come out.

So you are the seven deadly hooks.

They don't usually speak; they just kill!

You're wasting your time.

I know, but I fear they might also die as dumb fools.


We usually share the killing among us now we've each killed three, leaving this one.

Let's draw for it to be fair.


Good, save our time.

Pan Ping-Chang Kill

I am Wei Lin, known as Iron Armour.

I am ranked third among the Valley.

Where is Yang Hu Yun, chief of the Hu Wei Security Bureau?

Why has he asked you to lead the attack?

It's my principle not to harm beautiful ladies.

Please pass through by all means.

Your swordsmanship is good.

You are so low.

Whoever wins the day is the best who cares what methods one uses.

Kuo Chui I must be blind.


Only three pitchers of wine and already drunk!

Hu Wei

Chief, Long Axe and Short Axe bumped into the seven deadly hooks, they both died by their axes.

Miss Leng met Wei Lin the Iron Armour and was nearly killed by him.

She was saved by a drunk.


Don't know, he disappeared after saving her.

Could it be him?

The world famous Sheriff, Hai Tao.

It's said that he's drunk all the time saying that wine is man's best friend.

Hang Fu Village

Wei Pai

I bumped into the Iron Armour and almost fell into his trap.



Go away.

He is dead.

Sir, how could you kill a person?

Look, he's your man.

If the government were to investigate what are we going to do?

You recommended him, you...


Black Sand Palm, let's go.

Li Qing Ming was struck by the Black Sand Palm the more he moves, the poison spreads fast; C'mon chase.

Bring the wine.

Bring the wine, the whole pitcher.

What a waste.

Hey, you have a hard head.

Just like the Copper Head the fourth master in the Deadly Valley.

Hai Tao, your fame precedes you.

It's an honour to meet you today.

Really? You are the Silver Spear?

So observant.


Instead of being the second master in Deadly Valley why have you chosen to run a humble wine shop here?

A capable man like you shouldn't only be earning a living in the government.

As long as you are willing to join the Deadly Valley you can name your terms.

Really? Are you the boss?


First, I must be the boss of the Deadly Valley.


All men in the Deadly Valley must die.


Nothing more, just these two.

Damn you.

I see that you are not the boss.

You'd better go back and talk with your boss

...the Golden Arm Kid.

Oh, you.

I was struck by the black sand palm only, it's no big deal.

It's one of the three most poisonous palm strikes, the victim would only live for one day.

Nonsense, I have learnt inner kung fu for 20 years, would my efforts be worth nothing?

Does this matter to you?

I could live for at least 2 days.

So we have 2 days.

I'll prepare the horses.

We'll seek medical help everywhere.

Firstly... when I promise to do something I never give up halfway.

Secondly, I only grant favours; never ask for any.


A hero fears not death.

There are still 2 more days, enough for us to clear the route to the south.

Let's go.

You always think only of yourself, never for others.

What do you mean?

Because of the refugees and because Chief Yang is my friend I have given my life and yet you say I only care about myself.

For the reputation of your sword, the name of Hero Li and for your own reputation you could give up your life.

Have you thought for a while what I would do without you?

If I were important to you then continue to live.

Alright then, follow me.

How have you been getting on finding out news of the underworld?

200,000 taels of gold should be tempting to anyone.

But the Deadly Valley want it and people fear the Golden Arm Kid.

So nobody dares do anything.

When we came this fellow was acting suspiciously.

And so we grabbed him.

Did you see Li Qing Ming when you came here?


What does it take for you to tell the truth?

Maybe an axe strike here would do the trick.

No, that'd kill him, then he can't talk.


Kill me if you want, no hero would think of torture.

That might be true.

Right, we can't let him look down on us.


Damn, the bastard dug a tunnel.

Copper Head ranks fourth with the Deadly Valley.

Getting the chest is most important.

Chief Yang, when the Deadly Valley want something they get it for sure.

Don't waste your effort.

This is unfair.

You alone have killed all the robbers.

Right, here's one for you.

Urgent signal from third chief.

Let's go.

Give some help. Okay.


Golden Arm Kid.

Looks like I'm late.

The gold has reached the third chief, he just sent an urgent signal.

Alright, I'll go check it out I'll avenge you on my return.

Don't worry, I won't let them live.

Thank you.

No wonder the Golden Arm Kid is the head of the Valley.

He defeats us even with bare hands.

If he had weapons...

He doesn't use any at all.

Doesn't believe in them.

He thinks any weapon would be lost whereas only his arms are always attached to him.

By his kung fu even with the three of us together he will defeat us with less than a hundred moves.

Why doesn't he kill us?

That man said the third chief sent an urgent signal.

It must be for something very important.

Then the seven chests of gold...

We have signalled, why hasn't anyone come yet?

You again.


I just used up my money for wine.

Could I borrow money from you to buy some more?

Last time chief instructed that if I can't hit the target with one strike, don't fight on to avoid messing up the matter.

You've taken advantage of me.

Don't think I don't know what you are.

Good... then you know who I am.

Who else would it be except Hai Tao, the Sheriff with a Thousand Faces?

While others might fear you, I don't.

It seems we'll have a fight tonight.

Since you have been looking for me it seems we'll have to give it a go.

Li Qing Ming suffered a Black Sand palm strike.

Leng Feng was worried sick.

Long Axe, Short Axe and Yang Hu Yun don't have the ability

but the famous Sheriff Hai Tao is here.

To be able to prevent the famous Sheriff from appearing is a matter to be proud of.

In any event, I can't take the gold now so I'll let Yang keep it for a few more days.

Come out.

I have always loved taking advantage.

Since you have been struck by the Black Sand palm why don't you do me a favour?

To kill swordsman Li Qing Ming is a reputable task.

That's really true.

I just fear you can't enjoy this advantage.

Let me try.

You are the first one who could grab my weapon.

You are also the first one whose weapon I've grabbed

...but couldn't take away.

That's why, if you join the Deadly Valley you'll at least be ranked third.

It seems I have already told you my conditions for joining the Deadly Valley.

Miss Leng is here.

If you don't go and fight us two you'll instead be at a disadvantage.

Where are you taking him?

Strange, why is that drunk not here yet?

We are ready.

Where is he?

Don't know.

He is coming...

Quick. Ten taels for each.


What are you doing?

Can't you see? Burn him to ashes.

He's been hit by the Black Sand palm strike, his ashes would make the best poison.

As Miss Leng is without a sword it'd be difficult for her to pass through me.

Boost the fire...

There's no activity for miles around.

There's a small town just up ahead, we could rest there tonight.

Right, let's rest here for a while first.

It's my honour and privilege to have made friends with you.

Hero Li was struck by the Black Sand palm yet continues to clear the way, such friendship...

Let's press on with our journey.

Wang Shang San, Wang Shang He.


The Deadly Valley has done this.

How would they know we are resting here?

How would they know...

Don't move.

The Deadly Valley has laid traps along the way.

Tie the wooden planks beneath your feet and don't touch anything.

Don't lean on anything either.

Let's reach the town ahead first.

Hai Tao, no matter where you run to I'll chase you down.

I am here, you need look no further.

It's done, open it.

Ten taels of silver please.

You saved Hero Li's life just now.

Get it from him.

Not only ten, but a hundred each.

A hundred.

A hundred taels... ask him.

Hero Li, silver...

Hai Tao is weird.

He saved you yet wouldn't tell me.

I nearly went mad at that time, he also suggested to burn you to ashes to make poison.

I must seek Hai Tao out to avenge the insult on me.


He used this method to push out all the poison within and saved you.

Am I a coward?

Forget it... I've yet to meet someone who is angry against the one who saved his life.

Losing life is ok but can't bear an insult, understand?

Yes, if word of this gets out it would jeopardise Hero Li's reputation.

Where is the cargo carriage?

Why are they so slow?

A swarm of poisoned needles killed two of the Wang heroes and a guard.

That must be the reason for their delay.

They must spend their night in that town.

We have prepared everything.

How many men are they left with?

Long Axe, Short Axe and Yang Hu Yun along with the two Wang heroes.

Plus, over ten guards.

Li Qing Ming has suffered a palm strike so he and Leng Fang can't harm us.

Why didn't you use the opportunity to kill him?

I was just about to when Hai Tao and Leng Fang arrived.

As I see it, among these people Hai Tao is the best.


Yang Hu Yun is known for his quick sword.

But during the fight at the tavern last night he didn't have his usual prowess.

Could it be that in the last few years, he just enjoyed an undeserved fame?

Well, there'd be many who are like that.

It can't be. Last year, Yang beat the 17 Swordsmen at Tai lake.

At Tai Hang mountain he slaughtered the Yan Yun 18 Swordsmen.

All this can't be false.

After tonight the 200,000 taels of gold would be ours, regardless of what his kung fu is like.

That's true as well.

But have you investigated if any one else has eyes fixed on the gold?


Once the people heard that the Deadly Valley want the gold they all backed off.

There's someone in my mind, you know.

5 years ago there was a saying which you might have heard.

Is it 'Dual Fairy Killer, Golden Arm and Iron Feet'?

Yes, the Iron Feet Lad was ranked my equal except that we never met.

When we formed the Deadly Valley, this person disappeared and nobody knew where he went.

He must have known that you formed Deadly Valley and also that he was no match.

So he'd think it better to retire and keep his life.

Don't use the candles here.

Use our own torches.


There's nothing outside.

This is water from a well in a village 3 miles away.

We have tried it, there's no poison.

What's wrong? You...


So treacherous.

Killing is the business of the Deadly Valley, whatever it takes to do the job.

They drove away the townsfolk and innocent villagers

3 miles away in order to get our gold.

We have been living on our dry provisions and hold our thirst.

We resume our journey at dawn and take turns at the watch.

Please rest here first.

I am not tired.

Chief Yang is overly cautious.

How could there be poison needles all the way?

The Golden Arm Kid is expecting we'll spend the night here.

There's something weird about this tea house.

The Deadly Valley guys are treacherous but we have checked it out.

All is clear.

The Deadly Valley have put poison in the water sources all around.

Luckily I only drink wine.

Hero Li, Miss Leng, have some wine.

No thanks.

Everyone, thirsty? Have some wine.

Hai Tao, you've come in good time, any news?

This tea house is where the Deadly Valley wants us dead.

Everyone knows they set up killing traps here.

I just know there is danger here but I don't know exactly where it is.


You are right, come on let's drink.

Hero Li, brother Hai is one of our own.

He's in the same danger as we are and so, among ourselves...

I was lucky to have escaped Hero Li's Sword.

I have no confidence.

After this trip you'll know if you do.

Who knows after this trip how many of us would be alive.

Gentlemen, am I right?

Dear gold, you save yet you destroy.

No candles?

I fear it might generate poisonous smoke.

The torches are ours.

And this ring?

Let's get out first.

What have you found out?

Quick, get out.

If you can be here, so can I.

Hero Li, you drank wine today?

I am not a drunkard like you.

Yes, even drunkards could be of some use.

From morning till now I have drunk 20 catties of good wine.

3 anti-poison tablets have been put in each catty, it could withstand any kind of poison.

Hero Li, if you want to stay, I wouldn't oppose that.

Damn, Deadly Enticing Powder.

The iron ring on this pole looked odd to me.

The poison is concealed within the ring.

The torch would crack the ring and activate the poisonous powder; so deadly!

Let's spend the night outside tonight.

What do you do apart from drinking?


I thought wine was a man's best friend.

And now?

Now I know one kind of woman is better than wine.

Like you are to Li Qing Ming.

Hey, the Deadly Valley are intent on their purpose, the further we go, the more dangerous it is.

It's true.

Third and fourth brothers have died and you have seen the Golden Arm kid's kung fu.

Why don't we...

Let's go.

Let's grab as much as we can then escape and hide.

It's better than dying.

That's right.

What's the matter?

Don't touch anything.

There's toxic powder on the chest, you'll die on touch.

Did they die of poison?

Enemy, careful.

How did the enemy get in here?

The couldn't have been invisible.

Strange, it doesn't seem they died by the Deadly Valley's hands.

Who else could it be?

It's obvious they wanted to steal the gold and leave.

The Deadly Valley ought to know that the Deadly Enticing Powder kills instantly.

Why bother to do this?

Sheriff Hai, in the Hu Wei Security no person is as unscrupulous as this.

Alright, I was wrong but how did the enemy come and go just like that?

How would I know?

We shouldn't stay here any longer.

Early tomorrow morning wash the chest clean of the poisonous powder before we move it.

Where's Sheriff Hai?

Gone before dawn.

Most likely he went to get booze.

If it weren't for him we would have lost the cargo to the Deadly Valley.

Sir, please sit.

Are all the irrelevant people gotten rid of?


How impressive and deadly!

The Deadly Valley killers are really something else.

By the order of the chief to discuss with you.

If you could look the other way the Deadly Valley could give you 20 percent share.

Let me ask you one thing.

How did you kill the two men of the Wang heroes last night?

You didn't kill them?

I thought so, they did it?


The chief bides you answer at once.

If you don't cooperate he'll fight you to the death.

Alright, where and when?

At noon on 7 miles Slope.

This is where the escort will pass.

Yes, the chief expects he could win within 4 hours, by which time the cargo would also arrive.

Chief really has a high opinion of me.

The famous Swordsman Li Qing Ming.

Heroine Leng, Long Axe, Short Axe and chief Yang.

Are they so easy to deal with?

Chief says they are nincompoops.

Once you're gone, they're easy to deal with.

You wait here, don't think you can get away after killing the innocent.

Let's see how the top Sheriff plans to capture us.

I was ordered to either capture alive hardened criminals, failing which I should kill them on the spot.

Noon, 7 miles Slope.

What's the matter?


There were 30 of us when we started.


What are you trying to say?

All of us here have decided.

The Deadly Valley is hell bent on getting the goods.

A virtually dead end as it seems, we just want out and forget our pay.

If they are scared, just let them go, why force them?

Thank you, Hero Li.

We can go now... go...

Fear of death is human nature.

It's very dangerous up the road.

Seeing their mates die it's natural they are afraid.

You want to go too?

My life has long been given to friends, why fuss about it?

Chief Yang, yourself, Hero Li and Miss Leng guard the carriage while we find out what's the situation up the road, then we'll call for you.

Nothing much, shall we call them?

I feel strange.

Will the Deadly Valley ever launch a direct attack?

Obviously, we are no match for the Golden Arm Kid.

That's right.

Chief Yang who is famous for his swift sword is not of much help either.

It shouldn't be that bad.

Maybe he's not as good as he used to be before his injury.

I was too embarrassed to ask him about it.

Oh, the second master Silver Spear!

So the Deadly Valley does have a high regard for us.

Are you the so-called Long Axe, Short Axe?


The grave of Yan Jiu and Fang Shi

We should have come earlier.

At least they didn't die in vain.

At least the 2nd chief of Deadly Valley died with them.

Now there are three of us left.

Four... there's Hai Tao too.

Next time, if you want to talk romance with Hai Tao, don't wait till I go to sleep.

How could you say that?

Where's Hero Li?

I don't know.

Maybe he's off to spar with the Golden Arm Kid, to show off his great Sword skill reputation.

Hero Li, don't go any further.

Sheriff Hai... did you see him?

Long Axe Yan Jiu, Short Axe Fang Shi?

They perished together along with Silver Spear.

Miss Leng, you'd better not go after him.

We were supposed to meet the Golden Arm Kid at the 7 miles Slope for a combat.

I think Hero Li must have met the Golden Arm Kid.

You know well that he is no match for Golden Arm Kid, how could you let them both fight?

Different people think differently.

He thought he was a hero.

He'd rather die a hero than be an ordinary person.

I'd rather he lived as an ordinary person.

Gold isn't the only thing in this world that destroys.

Vanity also destroys people.

How come Hai Tao didn't come?

Stabbed people at their back in anger.

Li Qing Ming, you'll lose.

How could that be?

You are too rash.

You and your sword cannot be one.

The world famous Cold Star Sword is nothing.

Show your weapon.

The only reliable weapon is oneself.

Although your sword is sharp but you're bound to die as soon as you lose it.

My arms instead are always with me.

You lost your sword suddenly.

Don't you think it's a bit scary?

One should die like a hero.

Qing Ming.

You are no match for me.

I'll give you three days to run away.

Don't blame me later if I can catch you up.

I am Hai Tao, listen to me.

Remember what I said to you at the small town.

Retreat now and come back in 2 hours.

By that time there'll definitely be an end to it.

You still have the chance to seek revenge.

I think this matter can be settled within 2 hours.

Li Qing Ming is dead.

I've already asked my men to bury him and to give Miss Leng three days to make off.

Li Qing Ming is after all a hero.

Even though he's arrogant and narrow-minded but he's after all a strong-willed person.

Unfortunately your reputation as a top Sheriff is not too dependable.

I don't really care about this.

We haven't started the fight yet.

How do you know I won't be able to arrest you?

Look, I can tell by the way you draw your sword.

I don't know how you earned your reputation.

Stop talking nonsense, don't waste time.



As I've said earlier, wine is indeed my best friend.

Sheriff Hai, you've made it.

The Golden Arm Kid's kung fu is way above me.

His arms are invincible.

But I don't know what's his power like in the other parts of body.

No matter what, it's impossible to prevent the eyes from being wounded.

Sheriff Hai.

The destination is just less than a hundred miles ahead.

We're leaving after the Golden Arm Kid is killed and there'll be no more trouble.

The Golden Arm Kid is blinded and won't cause any harm to the martial arts world.

Considering he's a great martial artist, let him live.

I see.


You've finally understood.

200,000 taels of gold should be tempting to anyone and there's no risk at all.

Of course, the Golden Arm Kid is supposed to kill me.

As long as we destroy his dead body it'd be assumed that he robbed the security money.

And of course Chief Yang died heroically while on duty.

Chief, you...

Your plan was supposed to be perfect but there's this little hitch.

You didn't expect that there's toxic powder on the chest when you hid inside it.

You didn't have to kill Wang Sheng Tim and Wang Sheng Yue.

When you looked for stand-ins you cared only for their looks, not their swordsmanship.

I don't mind telling you now that my swordsmanship isn't that good either.

I'm however an expert at using my feet.

Have you heard the saying

'Dual Fairy Killer, Golden Arm and Iron Feet'?

Iron Feet Lad... so you are the Iron Feet Lad?


What was that about you killing the 17 Swordsmen and the Yin Yuan Eighteen Swords?

That was nothing either.

First I kicked them to death.

Then chopped them with the sword.

Anyway, no one lived... who'd know!

Why you are doing this?

For him.

5 years ago, I was as famous as he was.

Later he became the Master of the Deadly Valley.

I couldn't fight against him.

So I changed my name and established the Hu Wei Security.

Now that he's dead, the Deadly Valley is gone.

With the 200,000 taels of gold, I can establish an organization bigger than the Deadly Valley.

Iron Feet Lad will become famous again.

That's why Hai Tao let me go, but you didn't.

Needless to say.

From now on there's only Iron Feet left in the Dual Fairy Killer.

You aren't wounded?

I mentioned that wine is my best friend.

Too bad you've ruined this wine.

Golden Arm and Iron Feet; one is blind, the other is dead.

Sheriff Hai, thank you for letting me go.

I'll live in retirement from now on.

The Dual Fairy Killer will never appear again.

That's fine, I have decided to retire.

This might as well be good for me.

Miss Leng.

Please deliver this gold to the destination.

I've got to get drunk for 3 days.