The Killer (1989) Script

You believe in all this?

I like it because it's quiet in here.

I feel comfortable just sitting here.

Don't you want to examine the guns?

I trust you.

Each day, I linger While my heart wanders day and night I yearn to find my destined companion So my heart will stop wandering

I long for the day you suddenly come And accept me And assure me the person I'm eyeing That all of your promises will last forever

So many expectations, so many dreams The heart worries about so many things

Even if there wasn't much hope Having hope would be enough for me To look forward to the future Without my heartfelt desire If it comes, why would I deny it?

Don't move!

I can't see clearly.

Your cornea has been damaged. Will I get better?

Your vision has been impaired, but there's hope.

I really can't see. The cornea can be replaced.

Don't worry. Will I go blind?

Jenny, I'm a policeman. Can you remember the face of the murderer?

I don't know. I'm really scared. Don't be afraid.

Help! Help!


Get up!


Don't touch me.

I've fought them off.

Don't be afraid.

Why don't I drive you home?


How do you know my name?

I listen to you sing every night.

Who are you?

Listening to you sing all the time, I feel like we've become friends.

I know your eyes have been damaged, and I've wanted to help, but never had the chance.

Not everyone in the world is a bad person.

Will you let me help just this once?

I'll leave once I see that you're okay.

Be calm.

Let me check it out.

It's only a cat.

That cat is always coming in and tearing up my clothes. It's a nuisance.

Why did you switch the light off?

You can see?

Just a shadow. It wasn't this bad last month.

At least I could see contours.

It's better to leave the light on. I feel safer.

Where are you?

I was just looking at the scarf.

There's a bloodstain, right? I can't wash it out.

The man who injured my eyes left this scarf behind.

I will never forget him for the rest of my life.

Let me get you a cup of tea.

No need. No, let me. You helped me.

Why not listen to some music?

Each day, I linger My heart wanders day and night I yearn to find my destined companion So my heart will stop wandering

I long for the day you suddenly come And accept me And assure me the person I'm eyeing That all of your promises will last forever

So many expectations, so many dreams Little Eagle, you're too earnest. It won't work.

One look at you, and they'll know you're a cop.

Smile. Smile for me.

No way! You look like a police inspector.

Chang, stay alert.

This guy is like a mad dog.

Just because he's crazy doesn't mean you have to be.

You need to come out of this alive.

Brother Hung, sorry to keep you waiting.

Who's this? He's one of my boys.

Say hello to Brother Hung.

Brother Hung.

Pat him down.

Hey, Brother Hung.

There's no need to be nervous.

This isn't our first transaction.

I think I've seen him somewhere before.


Here's $20,000 HK.

After I've seen the merchandise, I'll give you the rest.

What are you doing here? Nothing, sir. We're just chatting.

Open the suitcase for me. Open the suitcase!


Open it!

You bastard! You betrayed me!

Are you a traitor?

Speak up!

I'm not a traitor!

I'd never betray you.

Then why did this cop show up? It's a coincidence!

A misunderstanding!

Brother Hung! On my life, he's not a traitor!

Don't get in my way!

Get out of my way! Trust me! He's not cop!

I've seen him in a police station!

Tsang Yeh! Hang in there!

A mad dog. He's really is a mad dog!

Out of my way!

Stay back!

Don't move!

You ass...

Finish that sentence.

Inspector Li, the suspect Wong Hung was holding a hostage and the tram was filled with passengers.

You weren't even sure where the suspect was, correct?

Yes. On what basis did you fire your gun?


Did you consider the passengers' safety?

Did you issue a warning before firing?

There wasn't enough time.

The hostage had a heart problem.

Her family stated that you fired without warning, and she was literally frightened to death.

They insist on pursuing the matter.

This is ridiculous!

How could I have known that she had a heart problem?

I've been investigating Wong Hung for six or seven months.

He's mentally unstable and has homicidal tendencies.

Would you rather I'd waited until he killed the hostage before I fired?

The cop that Wong Hung killed, was his death in vain?

Who can his family complain to?

Fine. Write up whatever you want.

I get charges filed against me on whatever cases I work anyway.

Take my badge, then.


I thought your hand had healed by now.

It's hopeless.

No plans to go to physio?

It's beyond that.

A shooter without two able hands is like a cripple.

Even if I got back into the practice, I'll never be as good as you.

His name is Wong Dung-Yu.

He has contacts with Central and South American drug lords.

Why is he a target? Why do you want to know?

Just do it.

I want $1.5 million HK.

Isn't that a bit high?

After this, you'll never see me again.

That's fine. Somebody wants him dead.

It shouldn't be a problem.

These are unregistered and don't have serial numbers.

Very clean. The police won't be able to trace them.

The bullets have been altered the way you like.

Easy to pick up, difficult to put down.

Do you want to change your mind?

Why did you agree to do it again?

Jenny's cornea isn't transparent anymore.

If she doesn't get a transplant soon, then she may go blind.

There's a cornea bank in Hong Kong, but unfortunately it's out of stock.

Even if someone was willing to donate a cornea, there's already a waiting list with several hundred people on it.

Why don't you try overseas?


I have to do something.

I have to go away for a few days.

I'll come back and take you to America and we'll get your eyes healed.

You have to come back.

I will.


Today is the Dragon Boat Festival.

There will be many important government officials and other VIPs in attendance at the Painting The Dragon's Eyes ceremony.

The information you have been given pertains to the person that you're assigned to protect.

Everyone, stay alert and be extra careful.

Yes, sir!

Even this scum... needs our protection.

Attention everybody, the Painting The Dragon's Eyes ceremony is about to start.

Would all the competing dragon boats please gather in front of the podium.

Today we're fortunate to have the chairman of the Dung-Yu Group with us, Mr. Dung-Yu Wong; the Legco councilman, Mr. Si-Ming Chow;

Hong Kong chairman of the Rotary Club, Mr. Gwok-Wah Chu; president of the Professional Women's Association, Ms. Mung-Chu Lee Lam; and many other VIPs, many of whom are movie stars and pop idols.

After the ceremony, the final match of the dragon boat race will begin.

We hope all athletes will try their best! Good luck!

Boss! Boss! Mr. Wong!

Boss! Boss!

Mr. Wong, please begin painting. Okay.

Mr. Chow, are you okay? What's his condition?

Look! What?

Cover him up. Don't alarm the public.

All units! There's been a shooting on the VIP podium.

Wong Dung-Yu has been killed.

The bullets came from the direction of the water.

The murderer is nearby.

All units! Begin searching.

Stop and interrogate anyone who looks suspicious.

Mr. Wong just fainted. It's nothing. Oh, good. He just fainted.

Please, go on with the show.

Tsang Yeh!

Don't let him get away!

Tsang Yeh! There's an explosion over there!

Something's going on!

You're right! Let's go over there!

That's the guy! Don't let him escape!

Don't move!

Don't be afraid!

You'll be fine.

Don't cry.

He's down there! Follow him! Quickly! Okay!

Do you know of any hospitals around here?

You think that's where he's heading?

He's not going to discard the girl on the mountain.

Nurse, where's the emergency room?

Come with me. Over here.

What's wrong with the girl?

She's been shot.

Leave the rest to us. Measure her blood pressure.

Prepare for an operation.

We have to help her regain consciousness as soon as possible.

Ready the EKG heart monitor.

What's her condition? Is her pulse and blood pressure normal?

The pulse is very weak and the blood pressure is low.

Did a man carrying a little girl come through here?

They're in the casualty room. Be on the lookout for anyone suspicious.

Sir, what's your relationship to the girl?

How did she get injured?

Sir, where are you going?

What's your name?

I need to register your information.

Where did he go?

I'm with the police. Just continue your work.

Everyone stay calm and carry on.

Ignore them. Focus on the girl. Yes.

Don't bother the doctors. Lower your gun.

Let's get out of here! Run! Run!

What's going on? Someone fired a gun.

Where? Over there!

Help! Help!

Evacuate everyone!

I'll call headquarters.

What have you got? Not much, Chief Inspector.

I saw the suspect, but he escaped.

I thought you always operated on intuition?

A lot of people want to see me fail.

I'm betting that I'll win this case, not lose it.

If we do well, it benefits both of us.

You're not going to have another chance like this in your entire career.

Put on a good show, okay?

Chief Inspector Dou, I don't know how to act.

But I'll try my best to catch the murderer.

I won't let you down.

When you get promoted, don't forget this.

Please, draw him as I describe him. Just try to draw his face.

In his thirties with some crow's feet.

He has a manly air about him.

He's a bit different from your average murderer.

He's very calm, quite intelligent.

His eyes are very alert.

Full of compassion.

Full of passion.

Hello. It's Ah Jong.

Ah Jong? Why haven't you left?

I need the money now.

Bring it over tonight.


Okay. I'll bring it over tonight.

Mr. Wong, you should have let me handle Ah Jong today.

You shouldn't have sent people to kill him.

What if he reveals my identity? He's not that kind of person.

I've never trusted anyone in this line of work!

Including you!

I am very clear on triad rules.

I'm his manager. I'll deal with the situation.

I don't care about the rules, just the methods.

His identity has been exposed, and I want him dead.

I'm the boss, and I can play this game however I want.

Okay, I'll let you deal with him.

But if you can't handle him, I'll deal with you!

Remember, you're on my payroll.

It may be linked with an old case.

Six months ago, there was some unrest among the triads.

Wong Dung-Yu's triad brother, Jeung Wan, was assassinated.

A female singer got her eyes injured in the crossfire.

The shooter has yet to be found.

What's the singer's name?


I heard she almost lost her sight.

What a shame.

Every shot takes a life.

He's no ordinary assassin.

We might be looking for the same man.

If my intuition is correct, he's not a cold-blooded killer.

His every shot takes a life and he's not cold-blooded?

He risked his life to take that little girl to the hospital.

If he's the man who injured the singer...

he'll still be in touch with her.

I have to keep myself drunk Pretend to be Happy So I will not shed my tears Ah Jong! Miss, you've made a mistake.

Sorry. I can't see very well.

I mistook you for my friend.

That song is very beautiful.

Could you sing it again?

I only sing it for one person.

Ah Jong?

You sing the song with such feeling.

I feel I'm getting to know your friend just by listening.

It's unfortunate that he's not here right now.

Wherever he is, he's going to miss you.

Maybe he never left.

Don't you trust me?

Should I?

You're right.

In our line of work, it's sometimes difficult to trust even a friend.

How did they know where I was getting off the boat?

When I was driving the getaway car to the pier, I was followed.

I was careless.

Who wants to kill me?

Why even ask?

You know the rules.

Why didn't you run away when you had a chance?

I hadn't been given my money.

Who wants to kill me?

If you hadn't compromised your identity, he wouldn't have needed to kill you.

I'll repeat my question. Who's trying to kill me?

You're not sure if there are any bullets left.

Don't you remember? I always save the last bullet.

Either to kill someone else or kill myself.

Wong Hoi.

Wong Dung-Yu's nephew.

He wants you dead.

He's the one who wanted you to kill his uncle.

Did you really have only one bullet left?

Ah Jong!

Thank you for sparing my life.

I actually like you.

I've just been put into a situation where there are no other choices.

I never want to see you again.

Inspector Li.

Inspector Li, it's not exactly a picnic.


It's his place.

This can't just be a coincidence.

Get that drawing and show it around to the neighbors.

All right.

And accept me And assure me the person I'm eyeing That all of your promises will last forever

So many expectations, so many dreams The heart worries about so many things

Even if there wasn't much hope Having hope would be enough for me To look forward to the future Without my heartfelt desire If it comes, why would I deny it?

Hey, you were right! I checked with the neighbors.

He really has...

Hey! Are you going crazy or what?


Ah Jong, you're back.

Why aren't you here?

I'm going to get your medicine first.

Then I'm going to take you somewhere else.


Moving to less polluted surroundings would be better for your eyes.


It would be ideal if I could move close to the sea.

I want to see the sea and the sky.

That would be so nice.

Why don't you pack first?

I'll be there soon.

Okay. I'll wait for you.

Why didn't you run away when you had a chance?


Hey! You're the new garbage man?

Yes, grandma. You're so negligent!

This is the fire escape route.

You're throwing the trash everywhere.

Okay, sorry, sorry. If we're trapped by a fire, then what?

You better move it quick!

I've paid my building maintenance fees. You're so lazy!

I'm reporting you to the main office. I'm moving it already?

Sorry. Okay, okay. You'd better move it quick.

You're a mature adult and you're so lazy.

So dirty! How dare you!

Ah Jong. Is that you?

Yes, Jenny.

You brought a friend home?

Yeah. He's a soccer buddy.

We've played soccer since we were children living in the slums.

Yeah. His name is...

Small B. Shrimp Head.

You were called Shrimp Head?


We're both happy that we met up again.

I'm not that happy about it.

Why aren't you happy about seeing your friend?

He gives out negative vibes.

He's been following me around like a vengeful spirit.

I won't be following you around much longer.

Why don't I pour you two some tea?

No need. No need.

I insist.

Be careful not to burn yourself. Indeed.

I'm smart. I won't burn myself.

Ah Jong, why don't you entertain Small B and take a seat.

Take a seat, Small B.

Okay, Shrimp Head.

Grandma, do you watch the people who throw out the trash every day?

No, someone gave me $1,000 HK to chat with you.

Hey, sir, we haven't finished chatting yet!

Hey! Let's talk some more before you leave!

You're going to lose this match. Really?

Let's see who's going to lose.

You're the one who misses every time you're in front of the goal.

You're wrong. I have the best forward.

What a pity that your forward is lame.

Were you always this earnest?


I don't take things lightly.

Same with me.

I feel we're alike in some ways.

Are you trying to say that we're both good at soccer?

That seems unlikely. Likely.

You two are really getting along well.

Have a cup of tea.

Jenny, be careful with the tea. Watch that you don't burn yourself.

Jenny, entertain Small B.

Have a cup of tea, Small B.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Is that another pal dropping by?

No. Just the garbage lady.

I don't have any trash to throw away.

She said the drain is blocked.

She needs to help you unblock it.

The drain is on the balcony, grandma.

Small B, your voice is very familiar.

Where have I heard it before?

I've seen you at the bar.

You weren't willing to sing the song I really liked.

Oh, you're Mr. Li. What a coincidence!

Yeah, Small B. Why don't you tell Jenny a bit more about yourself?

I have to go to the toilet. I need to go too.

Wait, I'll lead the way. There's a toilet in my bedroom, too.

Wow, there's a big rat!

A rat again? It's gone into the kitchen.

Why don't I catch it for you?

Hey, it's me!

Don't shoot!

You know who is down there pointing a gun at me!


What's happening?

Where's Ah Jong?

I know that you're both lying to me.

Speak up.

Tell me who you are.

I'm a police detective.

Ah Jong is an assassin.

He's killed people.

We've been after him for some time.

I don't believe you!

Jenny, listen to me. I won't!

Jenny, don't be like this.

Jenny, calm down. Listen to me.

Sit down first.

Ah Jong fired the shots that injured your eyes six months ago.

The triads want to silence him.

I don't believe you!

The law cannot accommodate human folly.

I hope that you will cooperate with us and help to lure him out.


I'm on your side.

If Ah Jong is in our custody, at least it will be to his benefit.

It's better than being killed by the triads.

I don't care how much it costs. I want him dead.

He exposed his identity and broke the rules.

I want him lying dead in front of my feet!

First transfer $100,000 into my account.

After the job is complete, add another $200,000.

If I don't see the bank receipt, even if someone were to hold a gun to your head right now, I won't move a finger.

Go to the bank now and take out the $100,000.

Yes. Mr. Wong.

You're finished. And you still have the guts to come see me?

You should give him the money.

He won't give up until he gets his hands on his money.

So what? Is he going to shoot me down?

I've got brothers all over the streets. We'll see what happens!

As a triad member, being trustworthy is important, too.

Don't beg. My decision is final.

Brother Hoi, why can't you see this as a chance for me to fix things with a friend?

That way things will be sorted out between us too.

Brother Hoi, I'll kneel down... if it makes you happy.

You're a real pain in the ass!

If you weren't a triad elder, I'd beat you senseless!

What's so special about him? He's just an insignificant nobody!

I really don't get it! Why are you on his side?

He's a complicated man.

Don't mention him again!

Something's happened! Hurry up!

Kill him!

Don't let him escape!

Big Brother, you're injured! Stay back!

Kill him!

We can handle this! Get back!

It's too dangerous!

Kill him!

If you still consider me a friend, then blow me away with one shot!

I don't want to see a friend kneeling in front of someone else begging to get me my money!

I may not be very involved these days, but I always come through one my promises.

If I could kill you with one bullet, then I wouldn't have to kneel in front of people and beg.

Of course I'm ashamed of myself!

The world has changed.

You and I are no longer suited to the triad lifestyle.

We're too nostalgic.

Maybe we're the lucky ones.

When the time comes to die, I don't want to leave without even one friend.

My only regret is that I owe you what was promised.

One can't think like that with friends.

Otherwise, what are friends for?


Ah Jong. Thanks.

Jenny keeps hoping that she'll see the sea and sky again.

You've done so much for her. I wonder how she feels about you.

Hello. Jenny.

Ah Jong, why did you leave me so suddenly all by myself?

I'm very sorry.

Something came up.

We have to leave tonight.


Dr. Ho contacted me and told me there's a pair of corneas in Singapore that lots of people are trying to get ahold of.

He's reserved them for me, and said that it would be best to leave tonight.

Very well. I'll go with you.

I've booked tickets for tonight. I'll wait for you at the airport.

You have to come tonight.

Okay. Bye.

Do you think he'll come?

Are you going to go?

She's never lied to me.

What's up? Let's check out that way. Let's go.

Keep an eye on all exits and corridors.

Stay alert, everyone.

It's all set up, unless he's not coming.

If he does come, he won't be able to escape.

Chairman, please don't worry while you're away.

Just leave it up to us.

If something unusual happens, we will contact you.

Thank you for seeing me off.

Please have a good journey!

I'll leave the company in your capable hands.

Yes. We understand.

Take care!

Ah Jong!

Don't come! Ah Jong, run away!

Hey. What's wrong with you?

Ah Jong! Ah Jong! Take care and have a safe journey!

There are many policemen here! Don't come!

Ah Jong! Where are you?

The police want to arrest you!

Don't come!

Go quickly!

Ah Jong! If you're here, run away.

Quickly! Don't let them catch you!

Miss, are you waiting for someone? Ah Jong! Run away! Quickly!

The police want to arrest you!


Ah Jong! Don't let them catch you!

Ah Jong! Don't let them catch you!

Run away!

Ah Jong! Run away!

It's me.

Don't move!

Stand up!

Don't move! Don't move!

Let's go now.

What's up, cop?

Is it a crime to talk to a girl?

Arrest him!

Apologies! Apologies!

Search the area!

What were you doing at the airport?

Checking out girls.

What's your profession?

I'm a talent scout for a film company.

Why did you fight my officers? I was drunk.


Stand up and walk a few steps!

Where's your friend?

I don't have friends.

I know that you people live your life by a code of honor.

I'd want a friend like you, too.

If you help me, you'll be helping him.

Not hindering him.

I want to help him resolve his situation, which would also solve my problem.

You'll have to sort out your own problems.

If the person you're speaking of really doesn't have any friends, then he would also have to resolve the situation himself.

Li Ying, from this moment onwards, Chan Bok Man will be in charge of your case.

You've been transferred to another case.

I want to know why.

I don't have confidence in you!

Your emotions are getting in the way.

You won't succeed. You'll fail.

Chief Inspector Dou, you've never understood me.

Yes, I misunderstood you. That's why I'm replacing you.

I won't give up! How dare you!

Ah Tsang! Help Inspector Chan finish this up.

Yes, sir.

Release Fung immediately and then follow him around 24 hours a day until you get some dirt on him.

Do you understand?

Yes, sir.


Would you ever kill people again?

At first, I thought I would only kill bad people, and not good people.

But it's not that easy.

I don't want to kill anyone again.

I hope I can achieve that.

I was followed.

The cops and Wong Hoi's guys.

But I managed to lose them.

Wong Hoi hired a gang of experts to deal with you.

You'll be okay. There are enough guns here for you to deal with them.

Where are you going?

I'm going to get your money back.

Wait for me at the church tonight.

You're going by yourself?

It's all right.

It's what I should do.

I'm still a triad elder.

They have to show me respect.

Brother Sei.

If it's not possible, let it go.

I don't want to lose a friend like you.

Tsang Yeh.

I... I followed him to... number 6 Horizon Drive.

It's very easy to find.

I'll find it. Horizon Drive.

I'll find it.

I'll find the place. Don't worry.

Little Ying...

It's not about winning or losing.

No one can win against everyone.

Sometimes losing doesn't mean that you failed.

Tsang Yeh.

Tsang Yeh!

Ah Ying! Did he tell you where the assassin was?

Go ask him yourself.

Ah Jong!


What are you doing?

Ah Jong, why is it so dark?

It looks like it's going to rain today.

Don't worry. Your eyes are fine.

Are we leaving now? Yes.

Stand still.

Who is it?

It's Small B. Why is he here?

I guess he's seeing us off.

Why haven't you shot me?

I'm a policeman. I won't shoot someone in the back.

We have the same rule in my profession. They're nothing like each other!

I uphold the law, you violate it!

If I can't arrest you today, how am I supposed to avenge my dead friend?

I'm sorry.

I won't let you arrest me.

If you need to avenge your friend, why don't you just shoot me dead?

Don't force me to fire!

I can't believe you actually shot me.

I don't miss an opportunity.

You won't have many more.

You can't win every time.

Where are you? Ah Jong?

Small B? Where is Small B?

He's right in front of us.

Don't arrest him. Jenny.

He promised me he won't kill anyone else again.

Put down the gun first. Put down the gun.

I won't let go of the gun unless you let us leave!

I beg you! Let us go!

I won't let you arrest him!

Did I hit him? Is he dead?

I didn't mean it!

I really didn't want to shoot him! He's fine.

I didn't mean it!

Small B isn't dead.

Don't be afraid! Stay calm!

Ah Jong! Ah Jong! Don't go outside!

If you want to arrest me, then we'll need to shoot our way out together!

Let's discuss this after we get Jenny out safely.

My car is outside.

Let's go!

I won't let you take me back to the police station.

Put your gun down.

I know you won't kill a cop.


You could have shot me dead with one bullet just now.

I won't casually kill my enemy until I understand him.

Do you understand me?

Who would have guessed that the person who understood me...

would be a cop.

Actually, you could give up.

I've considered that... but if I promise to do something, I have to do it.

I wish I could be as carefree.

Sometimes I really want to do something, but I can't.

I believe in justice, but no one believes in me.

Good people are usually misunderstood.

You really don't look like a cop.

You don't look like an assassin either.

I'm sorry.

I've dragged you into all this.

I just want to know who's behind all this.

Every profession has its rules.

I can't tell you that.

I knew you wouldn't.

But the road you're taking is a long one.

You must always take care.

I still have to arrest you.

Come on.

We'll stay here for the night.

When my friend brings me the cash, we'll fly off to America tomorrow.

I wonder if those people will find us here.

They won't.

They won't. Don't worry.

How come there isn't any light?

I can't see anything.

Ah Jong, quickly turn on the lights.

Why don't you turn on the lights?

Ah Jong.

Ah Jong, turn on the lights.

I think there's a temporary power failure.

Is your friend really going to show up?

He will.

He will. Definitely.

Big Brother, the money for Paul has already been prepared.

I wonder if he can deal with Ah Jong?

Big Brother, Brother Fung is here.

What if he betrays you again?

I will still consider him a friend.

After all, he's helped me before.

I need the money. Where's Ah Jong?

There are few people who can be considered true friends.

They exist. They're just rare.

Throw down your weapons.

Everyone, throw down your weapons!

I thought your hand was damaged?

It is, but I still have some of the old pro left in me.

Your profession only leads to death. Why continue with it?

Teach me how to retrace my steps then.

Where's my money?

Ah Sing!

You're really stupid!

You should have shot me in the head!

You're right.

I haven't held a gun in so long. I'm less competent now.

If I had a chance, I'd restart my life.

But it's a shame...

I want that money.

Where's Ah Jong?

You should give him that money.

That's the meaning of ethics and honor.


Are ethics and honor valid in your profession?

The world's changed.

Very few people believe in the old values.

Uncle, if it's this tough for you being human, it's better for you to be a dog.

Actually we're very similar.

We both make a living with our guns.

But how we use our guns is different.


I may be a dog, but I still have my dignity.

If you won't tell me where Ah Jong is, you won't even get the chance to be a dog!

Throw him in the garbage!

Get me the money!

Do you still have any bullets?

Try me.

Those of us in our profession usually save the last bullet to kill someone else or kill ourselves.


Turn around!

I can't believe I miscounted. I'm a failure.

Follow him! Quickly!

I want you to do me a favor.

If I'm killed but my eyes aren't injured... get me to a hospital and save my corneas for Jenny.

If you can't do that, then give her the money and get her on the plane.

Are there no other choices?

This is the first time in my life that I've done the right thing.

Are you going to help me?

What is it?

Did someone arrive? Come here.

Brother Sei.

Your money.

I got the money for you.

It's important to be able to settle matters for a friend.

Brother Sei. Thank you for this.

Come on.

They called me a dog.

I don't even know if I'm a man or a dog.

Brother Sei, they have no right to say that.

Brother Sei! Brother Sei!

Brother Sei...

Do you think I'm just a dog?

No. You're not a dog.

You're a man.

You and I are no longer suited for this kind of life.

I don't want to be put down like a dog.

It's a shame.

I'm dying, and I don't even have my last bullet.

You do.

I do.

Ah Jong. Stay here and don't move.

Don't leave me.

Hey! What are you planning?

I'm going to shoot our way out.

Please, don't kill any more people.

Throw down your gun and come with me.

Throw down my gun?

I just had to kill my oldest friend, and you're asking me to throw down my gun?

When my partner died, I wanted to shoot you, too!

But now I don't want you to die.

Take Jenny and get out of here!

Run away?

Even if I run to the ends of the earth, they'll still follow me!

I can't run away. I'm ending this here!

Go outside and try telling them that you're a cop!

Let's see if they drop their weapons!

Jenny. Ah Jong!

Ah Jong!

Small B! Thanks, Shrimp Head!

Small B, I owe you.

Don't talk about favors.

One can never fully repay favors done out of compassion.

Jenny, don't run!

Stay there! Don't move!

Jenny! Jenny!

Small B!

Give me a gun!

Shrimp Head! Catch!

Are you a good shot?

How else could I be a cop?

After being friends for so long, I still don't know your real name.

Why do you need to know?

Something tells me that after all this is settled, if you're not dead, you'll have escaped.

It'll be nice to be able to remember I once had you as a friend.

So do you want me to die or escape?

If fate hasn't already decided, then I don't want either.

So you care about me.

Didn't you nickname me Shrimp Head?

Where are my friends?

Please don't hurt her!

Walk! Walk!

Throw down your weapon!

I told you to throw down your weapon!

You bastard, will you or won't you?

Ah Jong!

Where are you, Ah Jong?

You don't have to be afraid!

I'm right in front of you!

You had better put down your weapon!

Jenny, don't struggle!

Don't hurt her.

I won't hurt her.

I'm going to kill her!

Let her go! Don't make any dumb moves!

Let the girl go first! No way!

And if I don't let her go?

Put down your weapons!

Small B...

I hope you're able to pull off what you promised me.

No problem.

Don't forget that you still have a friend to back you up.

You're not throwing down your weapons!

I will kill her if you don't!

Put it down, you piece of shit!

Shrimp Head!

Ah Jong!


Ah Jong! Where are you?

Ah Jong!

Don't move.

I surrender! I surrender!

I'm willing to cooperate with the police!

Lock me up!

You really don't look like a cop.

You don't look like an assassin either.

I believe in justice, but no one believes in me.

Good people are usually misunderstood.

Arrest him! Let me!

Arrest me! Arrest me! Take me away!

I request police protection!

I will cooperate...

Shrimp Head.

Shrimp Head...