The Killers (1964) Script

OK, I can lick you.

OK, you think you're such a big shot, but you're a little nut.

Bang bang, you're dead!

May I help you, please?

May I help you, please?

We're looking for a Jerry Nichols.

Does he work here? Oh, yes, indeed.

Where is he?

Well, I... I'm afraid you won't be able to see him now.

He'll be in class another, uh... hour and a half.

I'm sorry, lady. We don't have the time. Where is he?

Well, I... I told you, he's teaching his class...

Where is he, lady?

He... He's up... upstairs.

Now you just sit there, relax, take a little nap.

Everything's gonna be all right. Do you understand?


Good morning.

Miss Watson?

May I help you?

"In a little grey house made of logs."

"The great, dark trees of the woods..." Jerry Nichols?

Just down that corridor, the last door on the right.

"Stood all around the house, and beyond them were other trees."

All right. Now, since each spark plug...

Oh, excuse me, fellows. Uh, Eddie, you wanna take this?

Feel the points here in this distributor cap... and then pass it on to all you geniuses.

Hello? This is Mr. Nichols. Mr. Nichols?

Two men are coming after you. Miss Watson thinks they're gonna kill you.

Oh, I see. Thank you.

You don't understand, Mr. Nichols...

Should I call the police? Try to get help?

No. No, don't bother.

It's all right. I... I know them.

Mr. Nichols!

I know them.

Class is dismissed.

I said, class is dismissed!

Jerry Nichols?

Stop pushing, man!

Get out of here!


One scotch and water. Scotch over there.

Oh, I'm sorry, sir. One carrot juice.

It's the eyes. It's good for the eyes. Yeah, you can see better.

Thank you, sir. Thank you.

OK, Charlie.

Charlie, ever since we got on this train, you've been like a dummy.

What? OK.


You know, Lee, I've hit a few guys in my time.


Now, if they had a chance, they always ran.

But he just stood there and took it.

First thing you told me was never to think about a job, Charlie.

Another thing: I recognized him the minute I saw him.

Well, he was a hotshot race driver named Johnny North.

Everybody knew him. So what?

Only thing that counts is we're 25,000 ahead of the game.

Yeah, that's another thing: 25, OOO for a simple hit.

We walk in. We put him down. We walk out.

That's a lot of money for a simple hit. Not for me it isn't.

And he knew we were coming.

That dame must've gotten to a phone, 'cause he was tipped off.

But he just stood there. That's one.

Twenty-five thousand for a simple hit.

I never got more than ten in my life. That's two.

Now, I happen to know that Johnny North was in on a big mail robbery in California.

Supposed to have gotten away with over a million bucks, left the other guys holding the bag.

So we get a contract to knock him off. OK?

What happened to the million?

He spent it.

Nobody spends a million.

No, he didn't have the money. Otherwise, we would've leaned on him.

Makes sense.

I'll tell you something else that makes more sense.

Whoever laid this contract wasn't worried about the million dollars.

And the only people that don't worry about a million dollars are the people that have a million dollars.

Only we don't know who hired us for the job.

So... maybe we find out.

I don't know, Charlie. We did the job, we got paid.

Lee, you're 27 years old.

You got muscles and great brains. You'll go a long way in this business.

But I'm getting old, my hair is turning grey, and I'm tired of running.

Now, if I had a half a million bucks, I wouldn't have to run.

Charlie, didn't you say North had a partner down in Miami?

Yeah. It's funny. I was thinking of spending a few days down there.

We could change trains in Chicago.

I always liked Miami. Yeah, it's a nice place.

Just give me a few minutes, will you?

Hey, get outta there.

We want to talk. Well, you'll have to wait.

I'm sorry, uh... We don't have the time.

What's the pitch?

North. Johnny.

What's the deal? He wants a deal.

No deal.

Now you guys get out...

It won't hurt you to be polite.

Why don't you step in here?

All right, where is it? Where is what?

Where do you keep it?


Have a drink. It'll loosen you up.

I don't know where Johnny is, what trouble he got into...

He's dead.

He's dead? All the way.

When? A few days ago.

Now what about Johnny North?

I don't wanna talk about him now. Well, we do.

What do you wanna know?

Everything you know. You were his mechanic.

His partner, 50-50 down the line.

But you split up?

Everybody splits sooner or later.

When? When he couldn't race anymore.

Why couldn't he race anymore? He was in a smash-up.

When was that?

Four years ago, September.

What kind of a guy was he?

I don't know.

I thought I did. He just suddenly went out of his head.

How out of his head?

He was the best natural driver I ever saw, and he couldn't handle a... a situation.

Who were his friends?

You're looking at him.

What was it he couldn't handle?

Dames. The kind that hang around the pits.

Dames or a dame?

It just takes one. This one?

Hmm? Yeah, that's her.

What's her name? Sheila Farr, "the wrecker".

Where can we find her?

I don't know. Turn over a rock. You don't like her?

I've seen a thousand of 'em. Gotta be where the money is.

Anyone that can handle the wear and tear on her mink coat...

Mmm, nice-looking chick here.

A lot of people thought so. Big operators. I had eyes.

Think I could get that through to Johnny?

How long did he know her?

He'd met her just before the accident.

Exactly how long?

I don't know exactly how long. Leave me alone, will you?

Sylvester, unless you want to renew your partnership with the late Johnny North, I suggest you tell us everything and anything we want to know.

How did he meet her?

It was out in California.

The big race.

We had a good chance.

Johnny was hot, the iron was hot.

I was clocking him.

Isn't it a handicap making him drive with his brakes on?

Are you kidding? That was great time. A minute 38 flat.

He'll have to do a lot better than that.

Well? The floats still need adjusting.

The engine's burbling in the corners. I'll take a look at her.

How'd she do? Just great. One minute 38 flat.

Hey, that's not bad, you know. That's not bad...

That's not bad at all. You'll like that one.

She thinks you oughta be entered in a six-day bike race.

Is that what the lady says? That's what the lady says.

Ma'am, you dig fast cars?

Haven't seen any lately, Johnny.

Oh, you know me? I saw you win at Orlando.

You don't think I'm gonna win here.

I can't say I'm too impressed.

Do you have a name? Sheila Farr.

Pretty cool, aren't you, Miss Farr?

Only when there's nothing to be excited about.

Er, have you ever been in one of these?


Think you'd have the guts to? Sure.

Earl, lock her up. You've never ridden in one of these?


Earl, she's never ridden in one of these.

Well now, Johnny, maybe some other time, eh?

Earl's worried about you, Sheila. Oh, thanks, Earl.

Johnny, I gotta work on her. So do I, Earl.

Now hang on tight. This time my wheels are not gonna touch the ground.

Hey, Johnny! Johnny!

Fast enough for you, Miss Farr?

You still think I should be entered in a bike race?

You had no competition. But I liked it.

Well, I didn't. You'll get over it, Earl.

You don't scare easy. Neither do you.

Why don't you take her out again and twist her wheels off!

Did you really think you'd scare me? You can be scared.

Would you like to try? You're a nutty dame.

I'm also a hungry dame. Why don't you take me to lunch?

Your car? Mm-hmm.

Fancy. I like things that way.

I bet you do.

All right, I'll take you to lunch. Slide over.

Well, I thought I'd drive you this time. Slide over. Nobody drives me.

Hey, Johnny! You...

You have money written all over you. What do you want with me?

A hamburger and a beer. No, no. I'm serious.

You know my story. I'm pretty.

What does that make me? Somebody I admire.

Somebody I'd like to know. Put it in English.

All right. You're a winner, and I don't like losers.

I've been around them all my life. Little men who cry a lot.

I like you. Do I have to write a book?

Do I make you nervous? So far, yes.

Oh, come on. Neither of us scares easily.

We haven't had an opportunity to...

Nothing scares me.

We'll see.

Did I do something wrong?

No, I did. I, er, raced out of my class.

But then again, I thought I'd be racing against... if you'll pardon the expression - a lady.

Oh, you don't think I'm a lady?

Let me put it this way: You got muscles, you got a fat head and you probably have two left feet.

You're too, too kind. But then I will try to be a lady.

Oh, a lady doesn't have to try.

Oh, what do you say, old buddy?

I'm glad to see you're still in town.

If you're not doing anything tomorrow, how about getting acquainted with our car?

How long has it been? Three days? Four?

Come on, you don't need me, I'm nothing but a chauffeur.

There's $15,000 first-place prize money tomorrow.

If that ain't more important than some cheap, thrill-hungry dame...

Knock it off, will you? Kid, I've been around.

I know a dame when I see one. The makeup, the fancy car...

Watch your mouth, will you? What is it with guys like you?

"Race the car, rev it up. Make it go faster, chauffeur."

"Bust your neck, chauffeur. Kill yourself, chauffeur."

Nobody owns me, Earl. You know the trouble with a guy like you?

You don't care if I live or die, as long as I win the race.

And she does?

That's right. I'm important to that lady...

OK, she's special. But everything we got is in that car.

Oh, come on, Johnny. Where are you goin'?

To the moon.

Would it annoy you if I ask you to get back before dawn?

I always get back before dawn!

Pop, you get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow's gonna be a tough day on you.

I'm sorry, Earl.

Too little time

We have too little


The moments fly

When I'm

With you

No time for us

To love and laugh enough

Summer, winter... White flag? Why?

Aren't half enough Oh, I want to talk peace.

What are your terms?

Cease fire. Put the guns away.

No. It's too indefinite.

You have a better idea?


Unconditional surrender.


A lifetime through

Spent with you

Will be

Too little time

For me

I don't believe you.

Something I said? Mm-hmm. Something you are.

Do you like it?

Well, I'm giving it serious consideration.

Well, take your time. Don't rush into anything.

You're too much. So are you.

You're east, west, south... and my North.

That's the trouble. I'm Johnny North... in a pad like this.

Oh, what difference does a place make?

Plenty. I'm a mechanic. That's all.

You're a nut. That's what you are.

I'm a mechanic. I've got good reflexes, so... they let me drive.

I love your reflexes.

No, I mean it now. I got grease under my fingernails, I got calluses on my rump... and I got a wallet that wouldn't make a down payment.

Nobody's asking you to.

You're a nut. We're both nuts.

Say I win the race. I still end up with less money than a plumber.

Are you kidding? You should do so good.

What's the sales tax on this place?

Forget it. It's none of your business.

Isn't it?

Will you stop talking about it? Where is the money coming from?

Say I inherited it. Or maybe I'm a member of the jet set.

Do you think I give a damn about all this?

I've lived in a walk-up.

How do you feel about me?

You don't know?

I want to hear it.

I love you. I love you.

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the first running of the Western Grand Prix for sports cars.

This promises to be a very exciting race. We have a tremendous crowd.

Over 100,000 people out here with us today.

The cars are now on their final laps of practice.

Tremendous action in the pits, and we're very fortunate the weather is good for us.

We've got a good sunny day and very, very minute winds.

We should have some good action, because the winds certainly can hamper the cars... if they're blowing at 20 or 30 miles an hour.

People just jammed all over this raceway.

Still a few cars left on their final practice laps.

And we certainly know that this will present some of the finest drivers from all over the world, driving equally capable machinery.

We've got Cobras, Ferraris, Maseratis, Coopers, Lotuses.

Some of the finest cars.

Great. Maybe you can catch a few winks during the race.

I never felt better.

In the last four days, what have you had, seven hours sleep?

Pop, you worry too much.

Who's worrying? I drop 15 grand every day or so.

You know why we're gonna win this one? Outside of the car, clue me.

Because my share of $15,000 is just exactly enough to get married on.

It is virtually impossible to make a pass as these cars...


Where's your tool kit and your oil can?

You do dig racing, don't you?

No. Just racers and winners. From a devoted fan.

"Johnny, the winner." It's a little early, isn't it?

To be honest, I wasn't thinking about the race when I had it engraved.

Never mind saying thank you. Just kiss me, you fool.

Down to the finish line, which would complete the first lap.

And then it just goes on and on, and if you're not on your toes...

You find her? Naturally.

I figured she'd be here.


Over in the pits. Let's go.

In the pits with the drivers?

There's more action there.

Take a look at that. It's very nice. Come on, Johnny.

You know my partner, Joe Gloom? Good luck, Johnny.

You'd better believe it.

How's the air pressure? 35 in the rear. Front, 42.

We'll be off and running here in a matter of minutes.

Miss Farr, he's up against 30 of the hottest drivers in the business, and every one of them is gonna be in better shape than he is, thanks to you.

Well, thank you, Mr. Sylvester, but he's a big boy now, and I like him... very much.

They're bringing the cars up to the starting grid now.

All these drivers are getting their cars onto the starting grid.

We'll be off and racing momentarily.

All the pit crew and well-wishers are down there checking their final checkout... the safety of the cars and so on... and we certainly have a crowded raceway this weekend.

Tremendous group of people, the weather's fine, and the starter looks like he's ready to start the race.

We'd like to clear the grid, and momentarily, we're off and running.

Just a few seconds... And there they go.

Jumping into the lead is car number 98, John North, in the Sylvester Cobra, as the rest of these cars get through turn one.

Through the S's they come.

Going off the course, Ken Sweet taking evasive action, gets off and on.

I don't know how he did it, but it was beautifully done.

Car number 75, Sweet, back and running.

All the cars now up on top of the hill.

Negotiating turn six...

For a man who's out of shape, he seems to be doing all right.

Easy, boy, easy.

Off the course at turn 7A, and we're waiting to see now if Hammond can get back and running in that yellow Cobra.

There he goes. Now back and running, car number 96.

Still in command, North, in car number 98...

You tell that boy of yours to ease off, Sylvester.

This is no jalopy derby. It won't happen again, sir.

It better not. No, sir.

Now he's back in traffic.

He must have lost it just a little in turn nine.

Now back in command. North once again in command... in the Sylvester Cobra, number 98, running very nicely, as are the rest of these cars here today.

Perfect weather, perfect course conditions.

Heat just right. Not too much heat, not too little heat.

Let's see how they do as they negotiate up through the S's once again.

This is the part of the course that is really dangerous.

Trying to negotiate a pass as they go through the S's... is almost a physical impossibility.

Miss me, Sheila?

You're not allowed back here. I'm watching the race.

Is it North? He looks pretty good out there.

Leave me alone, Jack.

You're not allowed back here. Sure we are.

It's all right, Earl. This is Jack Browning and Mickey Farmer.

They're, er... They're old friends.

I still don't want anybody in the pit who ain't workin'.

Why don't you stand over by the fence? You can see all right over there.

See you later.

Car number 98, the Sylvester Cobra.

Round turn nine he goes, four-wheel drifting that car as he comes around turn nine.

Beautiful, beautiful to see.

Now they come back up through the S's once again.

Sylvester in number 98. North in the Sylvester Cobra... being pressed now by Hammond.

Hammond being pressed.

And North coming up to turn six once again, very nicely.

Now he's in traffic. He lost it just a little, and now he's picking up his traffic between turn six and turn seven.

He went very hard and fast through those curvy S's.

Coming wide now. North getting closer to the bales.

Wow, that looks like a horse show there.

See if he gets back and running. Now he starts to go. He's in gear.

He's got enough hay in that cockpit...

I've seen cars go into hay bales, but not with that amount of hay.

He can't find the gearshift for the hay.

Down the back chute for turn nine, going very hard and fast.

Car seems to be vibrating. He's got wheel trouble.

Right rear wheel is bent.

Could be from contact with the hay.

I think that this man will go into the pit stop.

The car's starting to shimmy. He's in the pack.

His hand goes up, signifying that he is going into the pit area.

- He's coming in. A very wise decision.

That wheel is shimmying something fierce.

Let's see if they can pull it off, change the wheel, or maybe there's something else that's bent or damaged.

You just never know.

The rest of the drivers are continuing in the race at a very tremendous pace.

Get me a new right rear and check the suspension.

Around the turns they go into seven.

All cars on the course. Everything moving along very nicely.

They're working feverishly in the pits to get that North car back and running.

Let's see what happens. The rest of the cars now on turn nine.

It's bad, Johnny. The lower "A" arm is bent. The shock mountings are torn loose.

Bodywork's awful close. It may rub, Johnny.

All right, baby your right rear, watch it on the right-handers.

Summoned by his pit boss. Now he goes.

Now he's back and running in number 98, the Sylvester Cobra. He's a tiger.

John North back into the race. He's got a lot of time to catch up with.

Smoke is still coming off that right rear wheel.

Let's see if he can keep going. He's in the pack now.

He's got Hammond behind him in number 96.

Rogers in number 99. They're going into the S's.

Let's see if he can make a move here or whether he's going to hold his position.

I certainly hope he stays where he is.

Tremendous contention. Up through the S's they go.

The race progressing with a tremendous pace.

North coming very close now. He's pressing number 244.

Let's see if he can pass him. Is he gonna pass him?


The carts in the air and continues rolling six, seven times.

Oh, not that! The car burst into flames.

We're watching to see if the driver's OK.

North gets out of that car, believe it or not, staggering away from the car.

Johnny! Easy, Sheila. You can't help him.

It's good the wind was blowing, blowing the flames away from him.

He is dropping.

This is a race where we should expect an accident of this magnitude.

Emergency vehicles are being dispatched.

The ambulance is right here, and they are getting to North just as quickly as they can.

The carts a shambles. Just looks like a bonfire.

They're moving North onto the stretcher, and they will take him to the hospital.

We'll certainly get the word back from the hospital as soon as we can and let you spectators know what his condition is.

- Johnny, you all right? How he walked away from that car...

I can honestly tell you I don't know.

But he's on his way to the hospital now, and we'll certainly keep you spectators posted.

We have a tremendous race going.

It's a fantastic thing that car is where it is.

It's just unbelievable. I've never seen anything like it.

How he got out of that car is...


Anything you want, Johnny? It's me, Earl.

Ugh... Oh, how long have I been here?

I don't know exactly. A couple of days, maybe.

How are you feeling?

About medium rare.

I would say you're lookin' good, but I can't see you.

I'm having the same trouble.

I... I talked to the docs. Everything's knittin' fine.

What about the eyes?

The eyes? Didn't they tell you anything?


Your eyes are OK.

Thanks, Doc, but my left eye hurts. How bad is it?

They gave me some double-talk about peripheral vision, depth perception.

You know, the insurance jazz.

Bad enough to cause me trouble?

Could be. So what?

So you just don't drive in competition.

I'm a driver. I know, Johnny. The best.

I used to be too, till I tried to shove my foot through an engine block when I piled up.

It happens to most of us, Johnny.

You knew that when you got started.

One thing you gotta remember: Half the shop is yours.

We're gonna build the hottest irons in the world. Between the two of us...

Between the two of us.

Has she been here, Earl?

You're sure a glutton for punishment, aren't you?

Have you seen her? I've seen her.

I figured I would've heard from her.

Some people, they just can't stand hospitals.

You know that?

I'll tell you what I know, and you might as well know it too, right now.

She don't belong to you, Johnny. She never did.

There's a guy named Jack Browning.

What kind of a guy?

A guy that's got it made. Pays all the bills.

He just snaps his fingers and she comes running.

You're a liar! You're a liar, Earl! Take it easy.

Johnny, I checked it out. I talked to him.

In Mexico, it was a bullfighter. In New York, a boxer.

In California, a racer named Johnny North.

But she always goes back to him.

You just gotta get it through your head, kid.

You were for kicks. That's all.

I'm sorry, Johnny.

Maybe I'm different. All right, Sheila liked you.

How well is she gonna like you when she sees you with a pound of grease in your hair workin' on somebody else's car?

Get outta here, Earl. Johnny, it ain't the end of the world.

Earl, get outta here, will you?

Hi, Johnny.

You know, they wouldn't let me in to see you.

Yeah, sure, sure.

What are you wearing today? Mink? Beaver, maybe?

Hey, what's the matter?

Just take a good look. This is what a loser looks like.

I don't care what you look like.

You don't, huh?

You want the other guy to sign the cheques. You keep me around for kicks.

Maybe I could be your chauffeur.

You know what they say about fancy dames and their chauffeurs, don't you?

Johnny, I know how you must feel.

I feel great. I feel smart.

I had to get my eyes boiled before I could see. I'm not a toy!

I don't wanna be just something to do... until something better comes along.

What has he been telling you?

Who? Earl? Earl never tells me anything, except about boxers and bullfighters.

Maybe next time it'll be a football player.

This Browning of yours must be a very understanding man.

Johnny, I never lied to you.

What difference does it make whether you lied to me or you didn't?

As long as Old Faithful is there with his cheque book.

As long as you could get your kicks.

What do you think I am?

You don't know? Then ask Browning.

He oughta know. He's paying for it.

Oh, man.

I never saw him again.

I heard things.

He never had a prayer passin' his physicals.

So he bootlegged a couple of races under another name, and they caught him.

I heard he worked the pits and cheap county fairs.

Then I didn't hear anything... till today.

Is that all?

You said Johnny was dead. How'd he die?

Johnny North choked to death on one question... too many.

You got to eat, Charlie. Thank you.

You know how many proteins you oughta have every day?

Not starch. Proteins, I mean. Do you know how many?

So we didn't find out anything. We're in Florida here, aren't we?

Right here.

Well, maybe... maybe Pete'll call.

It's a long shot. But I used to know Mickey Farmer.

No, I think we dead-ended, Lee. Here, do you want my steak?

It's a fine steak.

Fine. We come 1,000 miles for a fine steak.

It's a fine steak. Fine.

Excuse me, Mr. Strom. I have a call for you.

All right. Hello?

Yeah. Yeah, Pete.

Yeah, that's the one.

Oh, good. Good.

No, no. I just thought it was the same Farmer.

OK, buddy boy. Thanks.

Mickey's running a gymnasium up in New Orleans.

Charlie, if he was in on a million-dollar job, he might give us some trouble, you know.

He knows me. I had to lean on him once.

You know 'em all, don't you?

You never know 'em all.

Hey, I bet you'd eat everything in the place. Give me my steak back.

Charlie, there's only a slim chance North could tie in with him. You know that.

Slim chance or no, we're gonna find out. For a million bucks.

No, it's not only the money.

Maybe we got that and maybe we don't.

But I gotta find out what makes a man decide not to run.

Why all of a sudden he'd rather die.

Inhale down.






Now do that for about ten counts.

Boy, you sure don't need that.

Well, gentlemen, thinking of getting yourself in shape?

You certainly came to the right place.

Now, take you, sir. You look a little anaemic.

A couple of months of regular exercise... and you'll be in great condition.

You talk a lot, don't you? Mickey Farmer.

Oh, excuse me, gentlemen, but this is a hustling business.

Mr. Farmer's in there, taking a steam.

A couple of gentlemen to see you, Mr. Farmer.

What's the matter? They can't wait?

All right, muscles, back to work. Hello, Mickey.

What d'ya say, Charlie? Long time no see. Yeah.

I'm just gettin' outta here in... Sit right there.

Just relax. We wanna talk to you.

Is this the control for that thing? Yeah. Why?

We ran over an old friend of yours. Johnny North.

North? Friend of mine?

Johnny North. He used to drive.

Oh, yeah, yeah. That North. I seem to remember him now.

I think I met him once. That's funny.

We heard he got away with a big bundle, and we thought maybe some of it belonged to you.

Did you find it? Did you lose it?

We wanna know all about the big job.

If you don't wanna lose a lot of weight in a hurry, you better...

Fellas, hey. Come on, huh? Please?


Please! You were in on the big job.

Who else?

Well, there was... There was me and there was... Jack Browning and...

George Flemming and... Johnny North.

How'd North figure? Hey, look.

I worked hard on that job, you know. If I tell you everything...

Mickey, you will tell us everything.

Well, Jack... Jack's dame wanted him to take her to the... to the track, you know, where these old heaps just bat each other around.

Baker's in front with number 32, Farnsworth, running second.

Hanson is third. And coming up fast on the outside it's the preacher!

The preacher is hotter than a baker's oven, comin' in real hot.

Now into the turn... the first turn... the preacher goes high and wide.

Hold on and... Whoa, Nellie!

Up to the wall and off, and the preacher's still in fourth place.

Baker again in the chute. Driving hard on the outside is Farnsworth.

Coming into that wing, movin' in there tight.

Pulling in there again, the preacher comes on.

And it's Baker coming down. Baker is signalling...

I should've stayed in the hotel and slept.

Fresh air'll do ya good, Mickey. You look a little peaked.

I'll be right back. That'll be nice.

You know, Jack, I know you got a real thing about her, but there ain't a dame alive that can drag me to a mess like this.

She likes races. So do I!

But, I mean, horses. A daily double.

Mickey, you should learn to enjoy the simple things in life.

There are two kinds of kooks... the ones that race these wrecks and the ones that watch 'em.

Take those cars off the track. Let's get ready for the next event.

Come on. Let's get it on the road down there, you stewards.

Get busy. You boys in the pits, warm those cars up. Get 'em outta there. '

All right. Come on, now.

Line up. Remember, once you get in there, stop your engines.

Ladies and gentlemen, give these drivers a round of applause.

Hello, Johnny.

You could say hello.

Are you surprised to see me?

I didn't think you'd enjoy this sort of thing.

I don't, but I heard you were here.

Johnny, you're too good for this... this show.

Then get away from me and you won't see me.

How's your friend Browning?

He's a friend.

The Disaster Derby.

That's me.

Is there some place I can get in touch with you?

Slim's Garage down the road knows where I'll be.

There's something coming up. May be a spot for a good driver.

Oh... I'm always interested in a good job.

Then I'll call you. Fine.

Better luck this time.

Here comes George.

OK, start timing.

He sees the sign.


Backs up.

Now he turns into this road.

Let him get outta sight. Give him five seconds.

Then Mickey and I jump out, grab the detour sign, cut this road off.

That'll take maybe a minute, all told. The mail truck takes three minutes to get to where George and the other car will be.

That means we've gotta get back there in close to two.

That's a tough road to make in two minutes.

I think I can handle it. Then you better get started.

What's the matter with you, George? I told you to keep it at 25 all the way.

That's where I kept it. Hey, Jack.

If we can't catch up with that truck and pass him by the time he gets this far, we're in real trouble.

What was my time? Just a whole minute behind schedule.

You've got to face it, Jack. You're not driver enough. What we need is a pro.

Anyone in mind?

Johnny North, for instance? He could do it.

What's more, he could hop the car up and easily pass the truck before we get here.

She's got a good point there, Jack.

Are you sure you're just thinking of the success of the job?

That's all I'm thinking about.

Talk to him.

If you can get him in with his eyes open and his mouth shut, I'll meet with him.




Is that all I get after all the trouble I had running you down?

If I knew you were coming, I would've set fire to the place.

Why didn't you return my calls?

Oh. Did you call? You know I did. Five times.

And don't tell me you didn't get my messages. I know better.

I'm glad to see you.

I'm sorry you came.

I've missed you.

What do you want? A guy.

The same guy I wanted the first time I saw you.

That guy is dead.

That guy was so in love with you he couldn't see straight.

You're somebody else's girl now, or didn't he tell you that?

You didn't tell me. All right, so I like nice things, expensive things.

Doesn't everybody? I can do without. Yeah, sure, sure you can.

I'm doing without you, and I don't like it.

Johnny, am I worth anything?

I always thought I was when I was with you.

You said you had a job for me.

As far as you're concerned, that's all I'm interested in.

Strictly business?

That's right. Strictly business.

Would you drive? It's dangerous.

Now I don't understand that.

Would $100,000 make you understand?

What are you mixed up in? I'm mixed up in you.

Drive one more time. One more race.

If you win, you win $100,000.

Who do I race?

The police.

Some people I know need the best driver in the world.

Johnny, don't send me away.

I want you to mean this.

I've always meant it.

I want you.

I'll fill you in on all the details if you can handle this job.

Until I'm sure, you don't get word one.

That way, nobody gets hurt. Suits me.

The actual truck keeps a 25-mile speed all the time.

I don't know whether it can keep it up on this side road.

Truck'll corner better than most passenger cars.

I'll tell you when to go. We wait a few seconds.

Why? Don't ask questions.

If you're as hot a driver as Sheila says you are, you'll find out soon enough.

OK, Flash, show me what you can do.

A minute and 32 seconds.

All right. If you want in, you're in. But you're in all the way, understand?

You can push a car, I'll say that.

She handles like a barge.

Let me nail down the shocks, work the box over, and I'll cut another 15 seconds off the time.

You can start right away. I'll fill you in tonight.

Here comes George.

Think he knows what he's doin' there? He'd better.

Come on, you...

Hi. Where's Jack?

My, Mickey, aren't you the worrier?

What do you say, old pal, old buddy?


How's it coming? We'll win the race.

I believe it.

You look great.

You look familiar.


Can I see you for a minute?

Now, take it easy, Johnny.

Jack's funny about things he owns.

So am I. Just a word to the wise, kid.

You know what I mean? Yeah, sure. I know what you mean. Sure.

All right, we'll go over it one more time.

Are you sure you can concentrate on dry business details, Mr. North?

Oh, we've gone over this before.

And we'll go over it again... and again.

North and I wait here in the car in uniform.

At 10:43, we place the detour signs here.

The mail truck'll be along at 10:45, give or take a minute.

As soon as it's outta sight, we move the signs from here to here, cutting off the country road. Mickey?

Er, at exactly 10:46, George and me fake an accident here.

When we get there, we block the northbound lane so the mail truck can't pass.

They see an accident, the police car, they stop and we grab them.

What happens to the drivers? I approve of larceny.

Homicide is against my principles. Keep that in mind, Mickey.

We'll wrap 'em up safe and sound, Jack. Don't worry.

Just be sure.

We transfer the registered sacks to my car. North and I take off.

How do we know how much money'll be in the truck?

We don't, exactly.

The truck picks up the weekend receipts from the resorts up the coast.

It averages over a million. The whole job shouldn't take more than two minutes.

Then we drive the truck and the drivers into the woods... and get rid of all the fingerprints.

Then we meet at Curley's in Ridgeview on Friday.

OK. How's your end of it going?

Fine, fine. She'll do what I want her to.

I'm talking about the car.

So what? What's the point?

I like what you're doing with the car. Just stick with that.

You get back to the hotel and stay there.

I like it here. Go on. Get moving.

I said... I like it here.

Well, I can change that in a hurry.

You touch her again, I'll kill ya!

After the job, we'll settle this, North.

Let's settle it now!

OK. Let him go.

I know we agreed not to meet again after we make the split.

I'm willing to make an exception in your case.

Sheila, my car is outside.

I'll see you later, Johnny.

I meant what I said. You worry about the car.

Hey, what's up? Beats me, buddy. Some kinda roadwork.

Oh, boy. That's just great. I got a schedule to keep in Evansburg.

It won't take you much longer on a detour.

But I'm late already. Look, Officer, a lot depends on this.

Well, I tell ya what. We just put the signs up.

They probably haven't started yet. Let him through, Eddie.

But keep movin', or you may have to sleep in there somewhere tonight.

Don't worry, Officer. Thanks a lot.

Here he comes. Right on schedule.

I'll do all the talkin'.

What is it this time?

Who knows? They're always tearin' up something.

Look, you can hit the state highway seven miles through there.

Turn right, it'll take you right back into this one.

We've gone that way before. It's a lousy road.

How long will this be closed? Couple of weeks, I hear.

Swell. Thanks, Officer.

Hey! Just hold on a minute.

Get 'em outta the way! You're holdin' up the U.S. Mail!

Keep your mouth shut. Put your hands up!

Turn off the red light. Yeah.

Clean as a whistle. Yeah.

You did all right. Thanks.

Pretty good pay for half an hour's work. Open that door.

Go ahead! I said open that door!

And that's the truth. I swear it. How do you know it's the truth?

You weren't even there when North took off.

George and me picked Browning up maybe five minutes later.

Man, he was all ripped up.

Where's Browning now?

Browning? I don't know. California some place, I think. I don't know.

After the caper blew, we all kinda broke up.

How about George?

He's dead. He got shot in a liquor store job.

How 'bout that? We had our hands on over a million, he gets knocked off pickin' up a few bucks to eat on.

Mickey, if I were you, I'd forget that this ever happened.

I'd forget that we were here. I'd forget everything.

You have a very nice place here, so why don't you live to enjoy it?

Yeah, but if you're on to something...


OK, Charlie. I forgot all about it.

Then there's no sweat, Mickey.

No sweat...

No sweat.


A Mr. Strom and another gentleman to see you, sir.

Mr. Strom? I don't know any Mr. Strom. What's it about?

Tell him that we're friends of a Mr. John North.

They say they're friends of Mr. John North.

It's all right, Miss Leslie. Close the door.

Very nice, Mr. Browning. Very nice, indeed.

I always like to see a man get ahead in this world.

If you have business with me...

Yeah, we've got business with you.

Johnny North lives very modestly, erm, for a man of his means.

Johnny North? Lee, I think he's catching on.


We hit Johnny North last week.

Then we had a long talk with Mickey Farmer.

George Flemming is dead.

You know who that leaves?

You and the dame. And a missing million bucks.

Oh, and, er, me and my partner. Mm-hmm.

"Browning Development Corporation."

You've come a long way... from being an ex-mail robber.

I'm makin' out.

But I've done it the hard way. Would you like to take a look at my books?

Which set?

We don't read well.

You said you hit North. Was it a contract?

That's right.

Why? Who bought it?

We figure you did, Jack.

Are you crazy?

Sure, I wanted North.

He double-crossed me and made off with the whole bundle.

And maybe I would've killed him if I could've laid my hands on him.

But first I'd have gotten my money back.


Maybe not.

Where's the, erm, Sheila Farr dame?

You boys dug deep. I don't know where she is.

You better find out, Jack.

Did you see her after the job?

Sure, I did. At Ridgeview.

Her and Mickey and George.

Only when she found out that...

Johnny'd gotten away with the money, she blew up and took off.

My, my. And you were the number one brain.

It didn't sound funny to you that she throws you over... right when she needs a meal ticket?

Johnny North runs off with a million dollars.

He's got eyes for her, and from what I hear, she's got eyes for him.

You must've landed on your head when you got kicked out of that car, Jack.

Otherwise, you'd put two and two together, you know.

You think that cheap little... We don't think anything, Jack.

Where is she? Now wait a minute, you...

You wait!

You wait... and you think.

The last I heard, she was eta yin' at some hotel here in town.

Have her call us here in four hours.

Four hours?

She may not even be in town anymore. She'd better be.

Listen, you boys are leaning on me pretty hard.

Jack, we've hit guys for a lot less than a million. You know that.

Now, just tell her to do what we said.

I'll do what I can. That's good. Oh, and by the way, when you talk to her, would you pass this on?

"You try to get cute with us..."

"And don't try to run."

"Nobody can."

If I were you, I'd get hot.

You already lost a minute.

You think Browning was giving us the straight goods?

That depends on whether the phone rings or not.

I figure if we worry her enough to call, that she's got somethin' to worry about.

Yeah, but what do you think? I mean, what's your guess?

Will she call?

I would. But I'm not a dame.


Any place you say, lady.

Sure. Your hotel tonight at 9:00?

Fine. You're smart, lady. We'll get along just fine.

What are ya... What, are ya losin' your marbles?

You're asking for a setup.

I like to give 'em that feeling of confidence.

She won't be expecting us for another six hours.

Oh, Charlie.


You're always on top, aren't you, Charlie?

I'm still alive.


Do you have a Miss Sheila Farr registered?

Er, yes, sir. She's in 725.

Just checked in? A couple of hours ago.

Thank you.

Who is it?

Just a minute.

What do you want? He's Charlie. I'm Lee.

You weren't supposed to come until 9:00.

That's right. We're early.

Now see here... Shut up and sit down.

Charlie, Charlie! Don't bruise her, Charlie.

She's got a lot of class.

All right. You've proved you can be rude.

Now what do you want? The money.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Nobody ever knows what we're talking about, Charlie.

A man stood still while we burned him... and I'd like to know why.

Now I figure if you phoned us after talking to Browning, then maybe you had some answers.

And also, you might know where the money is, since nobody else seems to.

Jack must have told you what happened to the money.

Yeah. Browning says that, er, you have it.

I'll tell you what. I'll make a deal with you.

You throw the bundle to us, and we'll make sure Mr. Browning never disturbs you again. Fair enough?

I tell you, I don't have the money.

What did you say? Where is it?

Can't you get it through your heads? Johnny North took it.

He slugged Jack and got away clean.

You mean he struck him? He certainly told you about it.

Well... Struck him, eh?

I wonder. I...

Kinda... Oh! Oh!

I don't like your story, lady.

Would you tell me another one, please? I tell you, it's true.

That's exactly what happened.

If... Johnny didn't have the money, then it's lost.

Nobody ever loses a million dollars.

Throw her out.

That's a long way down, Charlie.

Maybe she can remember the truth on the way.

Shut up, lady! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up sweet!

I wanna set you straight, because you got it all wrong. This is no game.

Now I want the truth, or so help you God, you're goin' out that window express.

Do you understand that?

The night before the robbery, I went to Johnny's room.

What's the matter? Jack'd kill me if he knew I were here.

After the hold-up, they're planning to cut you out.

It was Jack's idea, but Mickey and George went along with him.

What are you doing?

I'm gonna get to them before they get to me.

No, Johnny. Listen, they'll just... They'll kill you!

What do you want me to do? Stand there and take it?

Wait a minute! Now just wait a second. Come here.

I was thinking on the way over.

The way he's got it planned, there'll be just the two of you in the getaway car.

That's right. Just the two of us.

And more than a million dollars.

It'll be dangerous. Living is dangerous.

Promise me you won't kill him.

I'm not a killer.

I love you, Johnny.

So much.

Did it go all right? Did it go all right? Take a look.


Oh, Johnny!

Johnny! Johnny!

We did it.

Have you got the clothes? In the car.

Where do we go from here?

And by tomorrow night, we'll reach that motel I told you about.

And nobody'll find us. Nobody.

From now on, kid, I take orders strictly from you.

Oh, man. Let's go.

Thank you, baby.

Mickey and George are gonna be lookin' for you.

Get it over with, Jack.

Well, we can't waste any more time.

We got the money. Let's get outta here. What about him?

He'll find a hole some place. I'll put some people on him.

They'll catch up with him sooner or later.

What if we botch it up again? It won't be botched this time.

Come on, baby. Let's go.

At least you're all right. Thank God.

Jack finally ran him down where he was working and... and then he hired you.

Thank you, lady. It, er, doesn't bother me anymore.

What doesn't?

Why he just stood there when we...

You see, the only man that's not afraid to die... is the man that's dead already.

And you killed him four years ago. You didn't need us.

Charlie, offhand, I would say Browning tried to cross us.

Yeah, it looks that way. We gotta do something about that.

That's right, we have to take care of that.

Lady, would you get dressed? We're leaving.

Where are we going?

We're gonna visit Jack Browning.

What's your name these days, by the way? Mrs Browning?

Yes. I thought so.

Now get in there and change, eh?

Sheila? I'll be right there.

Bring my briefcase!

Did you get them? I got one. I'm not sure about the other.

I was never so scared in my life. They almost killed me.

I'm sorry, but it's all right now, baby.

Come on. We've got to hurry.

Don't bother.

Oh, God.

I... I told you you couldn't run.


I... I didn't want to. He made me do it.

I couldn't help myself.


I... didn't want to have anything to do with it.

I... I had no choice.

Lady, I don't have the time.

No. No.