The King and I (1999) Script




Moonshee, please come back.

You're going to get in trouble with your master.

Here, Moonshee.


Moonshee, please.


Hold on.

I'll get you.



Here, Moonshee.



Hang on, Louis.


Moonshee was so afraid.

I should have known it was your fault.

Louis, are you all right?

So she's coming, the King's new school teacher.

Guess what she brings.


Pub quizzes?

Those little pink slips they give you when you're tardy?

I hate those.

Progress you fool.


Master Little teeth work of art.

No more superstition.

No more fear.

No more--


There will always be me.

I will be ruler of Siam.

Do you understand?

And no school teacher is going to--

I'll use this English school teacher to help me dethrone the King.

School teacher want to get rid of King too?


I get it, oh, Conniving One.

No you don't.

No, I don't get it.

You're right.

But you go and explain to me now, huh?

I'll cleverly convince her that our King is a cruel, primitive, merciless barbarian!


You very spooky.

She'll write home to the British begging them to have the King removed and someone more civilized be made ruler in his place, such as--


Missed spot.

Such as?

You. You.



Good for job.

And not a moment to lose.

Terror is toxic.

This storm has created doubts.

A perfect setting for my powers of illusion.

Let's show them something truly barbaric.

Give me gong.




What is it, mother?

I don't know.

What is it?



Mother, what are you doing?

I'm whistling.


That's what I do when I'm afraid.

(SINGING) Whenever I feel afraid, I hold my head erect and whistle a happy tune so no one will suspect I'm afraid.

While shivering in my shoes, I strike a careless pose, and whistle a happy tune, and no one ever knows I'm afraid.

The result of this deception is very strange to tell.

Oh, when I fool the people I fear, I fool myself as well.

I whistle a happy tune and every single time the happiness in the tune convinces me that I'm not afraid.

Make believe you're brave, and the trick will take you far.

You may be as brave as you make believe you are.


You may be as brave as you make believe you are.

I whistle a happy tune, and every single time The happiness in the tune convinces me that I'm not afraid.

Make believe you're brave, and the trick will take you far.

You may be as brave as you make believe you are.


You may be as brave as you make believe you are.

CREW: Hooray!

We did it!

I think this whistling's a very good idea, mother.

A very good idea.

It is a great idea, isn't it?

I don't think I shall ever be afraid again.

(MOCKING) I don't think I shall ever be afraid again.

Oh, yes you will.

Have a squint, lad.

Bangkok's out there.

Not you.


Is that the King?

His prime minister, the Kralahome.

He has the power that can be used for or against ya.

I'd be less outspoken than your normal self.

Just some friendly advice, mom.

A thousand welcomes to Siam.

I trust the seas were calm?


Thank you.

Have you friends in Bangkok?

Oh, I know no one at all.

Then if you need anything, please turn to me.

Oh, no.

Goodbye, Moonshee.

I'll miss you.

Well, maybe you should take the useless creature.

I really wanted a ship's cat to eat rats.

Can I?


You took a tooth from me too.

Your time will come, monkey.

I know torture.

Poor lad.

He'll need a friend in that palace.

Whenever I fear afraid.


Catchy tune.

Where I hear that one?

You'll be shown to your quarters.


I was promised a house of my own, outside the palace.

Kings do not always remember what they promise.

Then I will remind the King.

I shall take nothing less than what I have been promised.

You will tell the King this?

I will tell the King this.

It will be an interesting meeting.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Me know this one.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

KRALAHOME: Burma sends a gift to the King of Siam.

ANNA: Gift?

Sometimes rugs.

Once a cuckoo clock.

This time her.

That girl?

She's a person, not a rug.

A barbarical custom.

The King loves it.

Tell the King what useful thing can you do.

I-- I--

I can--

Go on.

Go on.

I can read, Your Majesty.


Oh, goodness.

In Siam, books are forbidden to servants.

Infinite pardons, Your Majesty.

She can arrange flowers.


Stop it.



Who, who, who?

I am so sorry, Your Majesty.

He meant no harm.

Never hide behind woman's skirt.

Is not brave.

Also impossible to know when she sit down.

I am Anna Leonowens, Your Majesty.

The school teacher you sent for.

Now, there's a matter we must settle.

Yes, yes.

You are part of my plan bringing to Siam what is good in Western culture.

Come, come, come.


Lab of science.

Press for printing.

First modern Siamese book.

Short history of royal family.

Author, myself.

Unfortunately, is long family.

Oh, that sounds interesting.

KING MONGKUT: Also experimenting with engine of steam on rolled up steel.



Ancient Siamese firework.

Shoot on top of palace.

I'm thinking of rocket.

How clever.

Ah, pride and joy.

Air travel is future.

Oh, Louis.



Go, go.

Please, little teeth.

Don't fall-- ah, ah, ah.

Still working on details.

Everything very scientific here, except you.

You do not look like teacher.

How old shall you be?

150 years, Your Majesty.

In what year were you birthed?

In 1712, Your Majesty.

How many years shall you be married?

Several, Your Majesty.

How many grandchildren shall you have?

How many?

How many?


Perhaps bad manners to ask many question of such old lady.

I appreciate the concern, Your Majesty.

But now I have a question.

I will tell when it's time for question.

No, Your Majesty.

I agreed to teach in the palace.

But there's the matter of my house.

You promised a place where I may go in the evening when my duties are over.

What you wish to do in evening that cannot be done in palace?

I won't have soldiers at my door, et cetera, et cetera.

What is this "et cetera?"

Well, Your Majesty, it means "all the rest."


Have children prepare for presentation, et cetera.

I want my house.

The house I was promised, Your Majesty.

You teach in palace.

You live in palace.

I did try to warn you.


Those are my belongings.

Oh, I am sure a brave young man like you would enjoy a visit to the royal armory.


There you are, Moonshee.

If the boy gets hurt, the King will be blamed.

But don't worry, Master Little will protect--

You idiot.


I got you.

We gonna mess him up.


Oooh, that scare me.


OK, that's better.


Where did you come from?



A hunter did this, I bet.

I shall call you Tusker.



Yes, Crown Prince.



Who are you?

An object.

Like rug given to King.

His Majesty receives many gifts.

And if I displease in any way, I'll be sent back to Burma.

You know what such this dishonor means?


Are you a soldier?

I-- umm.

You don't know what you are?

I serve the King.

That makes two of us.

Two servants.


Welcome to your rooms, Mrs. Anna.

It's beautiful.

Oh, please don't unpack.

I'm not staying.

What are they doing?

They wonder why you wear a tent.

They think you are shaped like that.


Two legs.

Oh, no, please.

Oh, your husband.

A great love?

He was.

It can happen, even to a school teacher.

Though I suspect only once in a lifetime.

Servant girl and Crown Prince.

It is forbidden.

Against tradition.

But love has nothing to do with tradition.

(SINGING) Hello young lovers, whoever you are.

I hope your troubles are few.

All my good wishes go wish you tonight.

I've been in love like you.

Be brave, young lovers and follow your star.

Be brave, and faithful, and true.

Cling very close to each tonight.

I've been in love like you.

I know how it feels to have wings on your heels and to fly down a street in a trance.

You fly down a street on a chance that you'll meet.

And you meet not really by chance.

Don't cry young lovers whatever you do.

Don't cry because I'm alone.

All of my memories are happy tonight.

I've had a love of my own.

I've had a love of my own, like yours.

I've had a love of my own.


Go ahead, go ahead.

Look around.

Feel free to touch any sharp pointy object you see.


You'd have to be brave to face one of those.

Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm.



Darn it all.


These things still work?


Good thing Master Little's so little.

Hey, look at this.


This would really hurt.

Stupid monkey.

Oh, thanks.


All right, you villain.

Take this right now.


You all right?


Just escape. Go on.

Go on. Go on.

Go on. Go on.

Watch this.



A. E. I. O. U. And sometimes Y. What you looking at?

You never see man pinned to wall with six knives before?






What you doing?

There's no climbing allowed.


Hey, that's great.

Can you show me the cannons now?

I'm kind of tied up at the moment.

But, hey, why not?


Rama, sit.

Children come for presentment.

Where is school teacher?


Your Majesty, I'm not staying.


You will stand here and meet royal children.

Very well, Your Majesty.

But then I'm leaving.

The royal Prince and Princesses.



What, what?


Prince Chulalongkorn.


Our school teacher has changed her mind.

Will live in palace.


For the time being, Your Majesty.



Take a letter.

P for promotion?

A letter to the British.

Can't you do anything right?

I want to dictate!

To Sir Edward Ramsay, British envoy.

Your school teacher is in grave danger, et cetera.

Et cetera.

Is that a secret code, oh, Great Communicator?

Oh, give it to me.


Paper cut.

And how's our little crop coming along?

I must say, though, your son is a bit of a disappointment.


When I start an Ivory trade, you'll be the first.

I thought the King won't allow Ivory trade--

I got it, oh, Corporate One.

We going to be rich, aren't we?

Well, I am at least.


Master Little need money.

He starving.

He losing weight.

Make sure this goes straight to our British friend, Sir Edward Ramsay.

And now that I think of it, I'll use your tusk for my royal pendant.



Homeward bound, at last.

Fair winds all the way Sir Edward.

Excuse me, gentlemen.



Why thank you.

Sir Edward?

Oh, Sir Edward.

There's a letter for you from Siam.


Follow that letter.


What's this?

My dear Anna Leonowens in danger?

Change course, Captain.

But Sir Edward, where to?

Siam to dethrone a barbaric King.


For your room, Mrs. Anna.

Oh, how lovely.

Oh, you must have something in return.

Oh, no, Mrs. Anna.

You will be punished for giving books to servant.

Oh, nonsense.

I'm a teacher.


Oh, dear.

And I'm supposed to be teaching this very minute.


Take your places, please.

I have a surprise.

A new, modern British map.

Siam is not so small.

Oh, but look.

England's even smaller.


But royal palace is center of whole universe.

I suppose we all think our home is the most important place, whether we live in a palace or not.

Who does not live in palace, Mrs. Anna?

Well, just outside the palace walls.

Who's outside?

There's something outside?

You've never been outside?



Well, then come.

I'll show you.

King will be angry.

No he won't.

He has brought me here to teach you.

You like us?

Oh, very much.


(SINGING) It's a very ancient saying, but a true and honest thought, that if you become a teacher by your pupils you'll be taught.

As a teacher, I've been learning.

Forgive me if I boast.

And I've now become an expert on the subject I like most.

Getting to know you.


Getting to know you.

Getting to know all about you.

Getting to like you.

Getting to hope you like me.

Getting to know you.

Putting it my way, but nicely.

You are precisely my cup of tea.

Getting to know you.

Getting to feel free and easy.

When I am with you, getting to know what to say.

Haven't you noticed?

Suddenly I'm bright and breezy.

Because of all the beautiful and new things I'm learning about you day by day.

ALL: Getting to know you.

Getting to know all about you.

Getting to like you.

Getting to hope you like me.

Getting to know you.

Putting it my way, but nicely.

You are precisely my cup of tea.

Getting to know you.

Getting to feel free and easy.

When I am with you, getting to know what to say.

Haven't you noticed?

Suddenly I'm bright and breezy.

Because of all the beautiful and new things I'm learning about you day by day.

Haven't you noticed?

Suddenly I'm bright and breezy.

Because of all the beautiful and new things I'm learning about you day by day.

Do not look so worried, Rama.

Remember, cat always land on feet.

Your Majesty.

Always so modern, totally innovated--


--in science and education.

School teacher is doing good job.

Because of examples set by Your Majesty.

So experimental and daring.


I am daring.

I mean--

I mean Your Majesty's idea of breaking ancient tradition.

Sending the royal children outside the palace.

(ANGRILY) What, what, what?

Royal children outside palace?

Your Majesty didn't know?

Imagine that.


When can we go back?

Look what I got.

ANNA: Now, children.

Thank you Mrs. Anna.

What, what, what?

You have been outside palace?




I thought it important they learn how people live outside the palace.

I will say what is important.

Tell me something you learned.

There are nice little houses outside palace, father.

Every day something about house outside palace.

Your Majesty did promise me a brick residence adjacent to the royal palace.

I remember your very words.

I will do remembering.

Who is King here?

I do not know of any promises.

I do not know of anything except that you are my servant.

Oh, no, Your Majesty.

Indeed I am not your servant.

And if you do not give me the house you promise me, I shall return to England.

It is my pleasure you stay here.

You stay here in palace.

In palace.

I cannot stay in a country where a promise has no meaning, where there is talk of great changes, but everything remains according to the wishes of one man.

You will say no more.

I will say no more because I have no more to say.

I tried to tell you.

Sometimes he's so unreasonable, so barbaric.

Don't worry.

I'll make things good.

Don't bother I'm leaving.

I thought you were magnificent, Your Majesty, every inch a king.

I tell you when it's time to think.

World today is so large.

No man big enough to be alone.

No man big enough?

Not even a king?

King different.

King need no one.

Nobody at all.

I think.



(SINGING) Your servant, your servant.

Indeed I'm not your servant, although you give me less than servant's pay.

I'm a free and independent employee.

Ugh, employee.

Shall I tell you what I think of you?

You're spoiled.

You're a conscientious worker, but you're spoiled.

Giving credit where it's due.

There is much I like in you.

But it's also very true that you're spoiled.

All that bowing and kowtowing to remind you of your royalty I find a most disgusting exhibition.

I wouldn't ask a Siamese cat to demonstrate his loyalty by taking that ridiculous position.

How would you like it if you were a man playing the part of a toad crawling around on your elbows and knees eating the dust in the road?


All of your people are toads.

Yes, Your Majesty.

No, Your Majesty.

Tell us how low to go, Your Majesty.

Make some more decrees, Your Majesty.

Don't let us up our knees, Your Majesty.

Give us a kick if you please, Your Majesty.

Give us a kick if you would, Your Majesty.

Oh, that was good, Your Majesty.

Father, you seem so angry with changes.

How can Siam be modern if you keep to old ways?

Old ways?

What, what?

Well, example--

Would you, a modern, scientific king, like in old, dark days still choose a wife for your son?

Of course.

As my father did.

How can boy be wise enough to select good wife?

Is possible.

Is not the way of king.

So I believe.


You do not know?

I know.

Someday you too will know everything.

When do I know that I know everything?

When you are King.

The royal pendant.

From tusk of first sacred white elephant 1,000 years ago.

But father, is for King to wear.

Now future King will wear.

You wear.

You wear.

Father, as future King, I believe I should have right to choose wife.


But if I love someone--

Love has nothing to do with tradition.


What to say to growing son?

I do not know.

I am not sure of anything.


I pray for guidance.


He doubts himself.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'm in on this one.


Now my powers will work.

Man the gong.

When you're the King, and I'm the Kralaho-- holo-- holohahalo-- First, I'm going to change the name.

I'm going to have a servant to hit the gong for me.

Someone really tall and really stupid.



This makes flossing easier.


When I was a boy, world was better spot.

What was so was so.

What was not was not.

Now I am a man.

World have change a lot.

Some things nearly so.

Others nearly not.

There are times I almost think I am not sure of what I absolutely know.

Very often find confusion in conclusion I concluded long ago.

In my head are many facts that, as a student, I have studied to procure.

In my head are many facts of which I wish I was more certain.

I was sure is a puzzlement.

When my father was a king, he was a king who knew exactly what he knew.

And his brain was not a thing forever swinging to and fro and fro and to.

Shall I then be like my father and be willfully unmovable and strong.

Or is better to be right?

Or am I right when I believe I may be wrong?

Oh, sometimes I think that people going mad.

Sometimes I think that people not so bad.

But no matter what I think, I must go on living life.

As leader of my kingdom, I must go forth.

Be father to my children and husband to each wife, et cetera, et cetera, and so forth.

If my Lord in Heaven Buddha show the way.

Every day I try to live another day.

If my Lord in Heaven Buddha show the way.

Every day I do my best for one more day.


But is a puzzlement.


Prayer so peaceful.

I hate pets.


Moonshee, you stop.

The ship will sail, Moonshee.

I don't want you left behind.

Come on, Moonshee.


Once again, undefeated kickboxing champion of Siam.

That's because you're the King's son.

No one will hit you.


I'll try if you want.

You are too young.

You'll get hurt.

Come on.

Let's have a go at it.

I saw how it's done.

Jab, jab, jab.


Kick, kick, hi-ya.

I'm warning you.


It was just a lucky punch.


You're really good.

Oh, yes.

A champion who won't even fight for the one he loves.

You're hurt?

You are Crowned Prince.

I was afraid to tell you.



Is forbidden.

Won't you look me?

I thought-- I thought you'd hate me if I told you.

Would have been better.

Prince and servant girl is forbidden.

Dangerous dream.



(SINGING) I have dreamed that your arms are lovely.

I have dreamed what a joy you'll be.

I have dreamed every word you whisper when you're close.

Close to me.

How you look in the glow of evening.

I have dreamed and enjoyed the view.

In these dreams I've loved you so.

That by now I think I know what it's like to be loved by you.

I will love being loved by you.

Alone and awake, I've looked at the stars.

The same that's smiled on you.

And time and again, I've thought all the things that you were thinking too.

I have dreamed that your arms are lovely.

I have dreamed what a joy you'll be.

I have dreamed every word you'll whisper when you're close.

Close to me.

How you'll look in the glow of evening.

I have dreamed and enjoyed the view.

With these dreams I've loved you so.

In these dreams I've loved you so.

BOTH: That I know what it's like to be loved by you.

I will love being loved by you.

If your father finds out--

No one will know till we tell them.

It can happen?

It will.

I promise.


What is it?


Someone is here.

I have feeling someone watching us.

Please go.


King has bad news.

Is very troubled.

Go to him.


MASTER LITTLE: Prince in love with servant girl.

That's a big no-no.

Wait until I tell the Kralahome.

He going to be so pleased with me.

He's going to--


What this stupid thing in my way?




Now you going to die.

You are so stupid.




Mrs. Anna, I am worried.

You please will go to my father?

He sent for me?


But he would be glad to see you.

His mind is filled with problems.

What kind of problems?

Letter to British say father is barbarian.

The British coming to make Siam protectorate.

Put new King in his place.

Oh, that's outrageous.

Your father is many things.

But he is not a barbarian.

Then you will help?

You mean give advice?

King cannot ask advice.

And I cannot, will not, give it without having been asked.

Mrs. Anna.

Please, I read letter.

Come, come.

Dear friend and teacher, do not go away.

We are like one blind.

Do not let us fall down in darkness.

Lead us in right road.

Oh, please your loving student, Princess Ying.


Ah, you have come to apologize.

I am sorry, Your Majesty, but I have--


I accept.

Have you no respect for King?

No head shall be higher than King.

I cannot stand all the time.

You mean on the floor?

You are very difficult woman.

But you will observe.

Your head shall never be higher than mine.

If I sit, you sit.

If I kneel, you kneel.

Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Is promise?

Very well, Your Majesty.

Is promise.

Anything you wish to discuss?

Why would I discuss with you?

Well, then I shall go.

Good night, Your Majesty.

Good night.

Your Majesty.

What, what, what?

Has there been any news recently?


Yes there were news.

They called me barbarian.


Certain parties who wish to steal my country.

If you be Queen Victoria, and somebody tell you I am barbarian, do you believe it?

But it's a lie.

A false lie.

And what have you decided to do about it?

You guess what I will do.

Guess, guess.

He'll fight the British gunboat.

Cannon against spears.

And guess who'll win.

ANNA: I believe you'll not battle the British.


I believe you'll invite the British to the palace to show the truth by putting your best foot forward.


Right best foot.

It's just an expression, Your Majesty.

Ah, yes, well.

Show them truth.

That is exactly what I have decided to do.

But how?

Guess how I shall cleverly do this.

By entertaining the British with a banquet?


Just as I intended.

Are you snooping?

If there's one thing I will not tolerate in this palace, it's snoopery.

Show them how civilized you are.

And they'll report to the Queen you're not a barbarian.


I will display most scientific experiment.

Air travel.

And a ball.

Exactly what I had in mind.

With music.

And dancing.

Yes, Your Majesty.


Why do you not think of dancing?

Oh, an inspired idea, Your Majesty.

You will arrange.

May I ask how much time I have?

One week.

One week?

First ask help from Buddha.


Come, come, come.


Bow, bow.


Oh, Buddha, give us the aid of your strength and your wisdom.

Buddha, help Mrs. Anna to keep awake for scientific preparation of banquet, even though she be only a woman and a Christian and therefore unworthy of your interest.

Your Majesty.

A promise is a promise.

Your head shall never be higher than mine.

A promise.

And Buddha, I promise you I shall give this unworthy woman a house.

A house of her own.

A brick residence outside royal palace according to agreement, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.




Little elephant.

You still there?


I hope I never see another mango in life.


Who mess with Master Little?

That shut you up, huh?

Oh, no, no, no.

Master Little not ready to rumble.

Special pain for you.

So it's you again.

No way.

Where have you been?

Making fruit salad?


You've seen what?

The prince?



Nobody kisses me ever.

He gave away the royal pendant?


To who?

Who, who, who, who?

Sounds like knows?




The little flower girl.


Hey, you know, that would be a fun game to play at parties, you know?

Ah, never mind.

It would never work.


A perfect dish for the banquet.

The British watching over the King's every move.

And surprise, surprise.

A servant girl has the royal pendant.

What can his Majesty do but sentence her to a barbaric death?



Everything is best foot?

Everything is ready.

Here with shall be list of subjects on which I am very brilliant and will make great impression.

This is what you shall be wearing?

Why, yes, Your Majesty.

Do you like it?

Are you certain is customary, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera?

I'm sorry His Majesty does not approve.

I did not say I do not approve.

In England, women dressed like that dance in arms of men not their husbands?

I would not permit.

Oh, it's very exciting when you're young, and you're sitting on a small gilt chair, your eyes cast down, terrified that you'll be a wallflower.

Suddenly, you see two black shoes, a face, and it speaks.

(SINGING) Shall we dance?

On a bright cloud of music, shall we fly?

Shall we dance?

Shall we then say goodnight and mean goodbye?

Oh, perchance when the last little star has left the sky.

Shall we still be together with our arms around each other?

And shall you be my new romance?

On a clear understanding that this kind of thing can happen, shall we dance?

Shall we dance?

Shall we--

Why do you stop?

Your Majesty, I--

I didn't realize I was-- after all, in my country, a girl would not dance alone while others were looking on.

But you will dance with strange man, holding hands, et cetera, et cetera.

Oh, not always a strange man.

Sometimes a very good friend.


Oh, yes.

But at the moment, he's pretending to be civilized.

I'll see through that.

Oh, we're so lucky you came to save us.



Are you and Louis all right?

I had no idea it would be you.

Pack your things.

I'm concerned for your well-being.

Really, Edward, no need.

I'll be the judge of that.

I've been assured this King is a barbarian.

Who, who, who?

Oh, a dear friend.

Sir Edward Ramsay, Your Majesty.

We knew each other before I was married.


Afterwards, dancing.



A banquet in your honor.

In that case, we'd best go in, Anna.


Better be going in, Anna.


Don't even try.



Edward, did you know His Majesty's family is the subject of a book?

Oh, really? I--


A short history written by self.

But long family.

Taller than British.

Also have hot air machine for flying.

Isn't that unnatural?

You know, His Majesty is a man of many interests.

He's kindly offered elephants to help President Abraham Lincoln win his civil war.



They have no elephants in forests of America.

Must be very poor country.

In Siam, you know, the white elephant is sacred to the royal family.

Quite rare.

So I believe.

Oh, yes.

Its value is symbolized in a pendant worn at all times by the King.

Now future King wear.




One hopes his young highness has not been too generous.

You gave away?

Father, may we discuss this privately?

Who, who, who?

Your, Majesty, surely this is not the time.

No, no, please no.


(ANGRILY) Dishonor.

Servant girl and Prince.


Dishonor, dishonor.

Do as custom demand.

Your Majesty.

Whipped till death.


You cannot mean--

Would be better if teacher understand this matter does not concern her.


Your Majesty, don't throw away all you've done.

This girl hurt your vanity.

But she didn't hurt your heart.

If you do this, you-- you-- you haven't got a heart.


I am King, as I was born to be.

And Siam to be governed in my way, not your way.

There is no barbarian worse than weak King.

And I am strong King, do you hear?


I cannot believe you'd do this.

You will believe when you hear whip as you run down the hall.

I'm not going to run.

I'm going to stand right here and watch you.

Every blow cut into my heart and tell me who and what you are.

Down, down, down.

Father, no.

I beg you.


Send her back to Burma.


She'll be killed!

Send her back.

ANNA: Louis.

Bring them back.

See what you've done.

Go back.

Go back.

I have brought disgrace to you.


You brought love.

Far better than crown or throne.

You give these up?

For you.

If we stay, death.

If we go to Burma, death.

We have no country to go to.

We make our own country in jungle.


Me A country of us.


LOUIS: I want to help.

Not for boy.

You'll get hurt.


That's what you said about kickboxing.

And I bloodied your nose.



Into jungle.

Go to the ancient place of the elephants.


KRALAHOME: That's where I'll drive them to.

Bring back their bodies after the accident.

There's going to be an accident?

Oh, yes.

You're so smart.

Of course I'm smart.

I'm going to be King.

Big deal you are.

You can yell at little fat man with teeth missing.

Everything is working out perfectly for me.


Are dangerous animals in jungle?

I do not know.

First time in jungle.



This way.

So sorry to frighten you, but I couldn't let you go that way.

Which way?

Decisions, decisions.

Let me help you.


Stay to the right.

The right.

To the right.

Oh, how will you get to the ancient place of the elephants if you go that way?



When I make my report, the entire fleet will be dispatched.

That'll be that for this King of Siam.

And if something dire happens to those young people--

Oh, Edward, please.

The man's a brute.

He's-- he's-- he's not a gentleman.

The King.


Look out!

This river.

Edge of kingdom.

If we cross, we are safe.




I've got them just where I want them.

I go first.

Make certain.

Thank you.


MASTER LITTLE: Soon they fall in river, flow down, they get sucked into [INAUDIBLE]..

And that be that.

The Kralahome very good at "Kralahome-ing."

Is safe enough.

Come, Tuptim.

You can do it.





The Prince is history.

And I am the future.







Father, she's gone.

Hurry, Rama.

To the other side.


I see the balloon.

The King has the Prince with him, but no Tuptim.

What about Louis?

Do you see him?




This, I must do.

Quick, little brain.

What would Kralahome do?

Hurry, Rama.



Please don't let it be a mango.

LOUIS: Fire.

There's Louis.

He's safe.

Oh, thank heaven.





Look out.

Rama, up.

Faster, Rama.


Oh, thank you.

All right.

You did it.

You did it.


I hate happy endings.

It's not over yet.

There they are.

And look, there's Louis.

Good fellow, this King of yours.

Well done.

Oh, no.

Anna, where are you going?




Must jump while over water.


Rama, jump.



Siam is mine.

Sir Edward.

I can explain this.


I will say when is time to cry.

KING MONGKUT: Chulalongkorn, rise.

Mrs. Anna, you take notes.

You take notes from next King.

Maybe I get better.

Maybe not.

Why is your head higher than mine?

Suppose you are King.

What would you do?

I would make proclamations.

Yes, yes.

First, regarding who shall have books, I believe learning is good thing for everyone, possibly even scientific.

Second, no more bowing like toad.

I don't believe this is good thing, causing embarrassing fatigue, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Up, up, up.

Two lines like soldiers.

And further--


--all persons shall have freedom to marry who they want, even Royal Prince.

You are angry with me, father?

Why do you ask question?

When you are King, you know.

Someday, my son, you will be great King.

You will bow.

The gentleman in this way, only bending at the waist.

Very good.

Now, the ladies will make dip, like British.


No, no, no.

Just the girls dip.

The boys must-- must bow, like this.


Just the-- just the boys bow.

Are listening to me?


Haven't they heard of elephant litter?

One good thing about the new job, oh, Soiled One, I have a tall, stupid assistant.


No, no, no.

I am begging you.

I brush you every hour.

I floss you every second.

I-- Traitor.

Master Little nothing but gums now.

You wanted to see me, Your Majesty.

Proclamation my son made I believe to be your fault.

Oh, I hope so, Your Majesty.

I do hope so.

You have been most difficult woman.

I think there be many English women, but only one Mrs. Anna.

God is merciful.

Yes, Your Majesty.

God is merciful.

You still intend to leave?

I'm not sure.

This heart of mine which you say I have not got.

Oh, forgive me, Your Majesty.

I said many things.

You have been great help to me.

And I wish to make gift.

That is not necessary.

I will tell what is necessary Go, go, go.

Outside palace.

You like?

I'm speechless.

For once.

At the banquet, we did not dance.


No, Your Majesty.

Was looking forward.

As was I.

You would accept dancing invitation from King?

No, Your Majesty.

But I would accept gladly from a very, good friend.



Now, Your Majesty?

You teach, you teach, you teach.

Well, it's very simple, the polka.

It goes one, two, three.

And one, two, three.

And one, two, three. (SINGING) And shall we dance?

One, two, three, and.

On a bright cloud of music, shall we fly?

One, two, three, and.

Shall we dance?

One, two, three, and.

Shall we then say good night and mean goodbye?

One, two, three, and.

Oh, perchance when the last little star has left the sky.

Shall we still be together with our arms around each other?

And shall you be my new--


On the clear understanding that this kind of thing can happen--

BOTH: Shall we dance?

Shall we dance?

Shall we dance?


BOTH: One, two, three.

And one, two, three.

And one, two, three.

Something wrong?

I know. I know.

I forget.

And this time I remember.

BOTH: One, two, three.

And one, two, three.

And one, two.

KING MONGKUT: And one, two.

That's splendid, Your Majesty.



One, two.

And, one-- You have throw me off count.

BOTH: And one, two, three.

And one, two, three.

And one, two, three.

ANNA: And one, two--

But, uh, this is not right.

Yes it is.

You were doing--


Not holding hands like this.

No, as a matter of fact.

Was like this.



We do it again.


(SINGING) We kiss in a shadow.

We hide from the moon.

Our meetings are few and over too soon.

I have dreamed that your arms are lovely.

I have dreamed what a joy you'll be.

I have dreamed every word you whisper.

We speak in a whisper.

When you're close.

Close to me.

Afraid to be heard.

Alone in our secret.

Together we sigh for one smiling day to be free.

Now you'll look in the glow of me.

To kiss in the sunlight.

I have dreamed and enjoyed the view.

And say to the sky.

In these dreams, I've loved you so that by now I think I know what it's like to be loved by you.

Behold and believe.

Be loved by you.

He will not always say what you would have him say.

But now and then he'll say something wonderful.

The thoughtless things he'll do will hurt and worry you.

Then all at once he'll do something wonderful.

He has a thousand dreams that won't come true.

You know that he believes in them, and that's enough for you.

You'll always go along.

Defend him when he's wrong.

And tell him when he's strong.

He is wonderful.

He'll always need your love.

And so he'll get your love.

A man who needs your love can be wonderful.