The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure (1994) Script

Many eons ago, when the Earth was young, millions of years before the first humans, was the age of the great lizards…

The dinosaurs.

These massive creatures roamed the earth for thousands of centuries.

Some ate plants…

While others, the dreaded Sharpteeth, hunted their fellow dinosaurs.

But the plant-eaters found refuge from their predators in one special place… The Great Valley.

A place where friends Littlefoot, the long neck, Cera, the three-horn,

Ducky, the swimmer,

Petrie, the flyer, and Spike, the spike-tail,

could grow and play together under the watchful eye of their loving families.

Littlefoot! Littlefoot!

It's time to come home.

That's my grandpa. Gotta go! I'll see you guys later.

See ya, Littlefoot! Bye! See ya!


Hiya, Grandpa.

Hello, Littlefoot. Come eat your breakfast.

Okay! I'm hungry!

Of course, though the Great Valley was a wondrous place, it still had its dangers.

Hmm. I like this place.

Yes, I like this place a lot!

Don't you, Strut?

Strut! Get up here!

What? I'm eating.

Spit that stuff out! Go on! Spit it out!

But, Ozzy, I'm hungry!

Spit it out, you grass-guzzler!

No brother of mine is going to eat vegetation, not while I'm around.

Then what are we going to eat, Ozzy?

Eggs, dear brother… Eggs!

The Valley is full of them.

Nice, plump, juicy eggs.

Here you are, Littlefoot.

The last tree star's for you.

Great trick, Grandpa.

It's not a trick, Littlefoot.

All long necks can do it.

Great! Let me try, Grandpa.

Careful, Littlefoot.

Guess I'm too little, huh, Grandpa?

You're still very young.

But you'll get the hang of it someday.

Aw, I hate being little.

Don't worry, you'll be grown-up soon enough.

Hey, Littlefoot!

Come on!

Grandpa, can I go play? Have fun!


The Valley is a wonderful place to grow up.

Let's play! Let's play!

Not it! Not it!

Well, I'm not it!

Me no it, either!

Spike's it!

Smell something, Ozzy?

Yes. Breakfast.

Follow me.

Oh, yes.

Slurp! Ow!

Ozzy? Did you get a… Egg… Oh…

Hey, you kids!

Stop rolling those rocks down the hill.


My nest is in there!


Aw, it wasn't much fun, anyway.

Yep, yep, yep. No fun at all.


What do you want to do now?


I know! I know!

We could go to the Sheltering Grass, and play Sharptooth Attack.

No way!

Not if I have to be the Sharptooth again.


How about Spike be Sharptooth?

Oh, yes, yes, Spike.

Okay, Spike? Huh?



See? He no mind.


All right! Let's go!

Yep, yep, yep. We are going to the Sheltering Grass.


Wait, you guys!


The Sheltering Grass is on the other side of the Sinking Sand.


Well… My grandparents don't want me going across the Sinking Sand without them.

That right. Sinking Sand dangerous.

Glug, glug, glug… Yes, it is.

It is.

Aw! You're just a bunch of eggs.

Wa-ha! Oh!

I could cross the Sinking Sands with my eyes closed!

With her eyes closed!

And not looking where she is going!

Hey! That sound fun. Petrie try it.

Aah! Ooh… Hey! Are you scaredy-eggs coming or not?

Littlefoot, you coming?

Oh, well… Um… Yeah, I'm coming!


Let's go!

The Sinking Sand.

How are we gonna get across?


Ew. I cannot swim in this.

Oh, no, no, no.

Petrie fly across.

Petrie, we no have wings! No, no, no, we cannot fly.

Ohh… Poor Petrie.

My dad just jumps from rock to rock.

Yeah, but your dad's got longer legs than us.

Big deal! I could do it, too. Watch!


Whew! See? Whoa!

Help! Cera!

Hang on!

Wait for Petrie!


I got you, Cera! Yes, I do!

Hang on!


That it, Littlefoot. Pull! Pull!

Oh my! Oh no! No! What can I do?

I go for help! What? No!

We not supposed to be here!

Hurray, Spike!

Huh? That's it, Spike, you help!

Wait! I help! I help! I pull too!





Ducky! Spike!


Don't give up!

We can make it… Littlefoot!

Whew. We made it!


Now is the time for all good little eggs, to be safely tucked into their nests.

I wouldn't mind being tucked in, I'm egg-hausted!

Would you stop complaining?

But Ozzy, I'm tired. And I'm hungry.

Couldn't I have just a ity-bity little green bedtime snack?

No! Can't you see I'm trying to wean you away from that stuff?

From now on, you gotta think, feel and breathe only one food group.


Tonight, we feast!


Littlefoot, your grandma and I just don't want to lose you.

You are all we have.

It's so hard to be little.

You'll grow up faster than you think.

Be patient.

Enjoy being young while it lasts.

And stay close to the herd.

Aw, gee… We feel safe here in the Valley.

The Great Wall protects us from Sharpteeth and other dangers of the Mysterious Beyond.

But there are dangers in the Valley as well, Littlefoot.

You must always be careful.

But my friends… Hush now.

It is time for sleep.

The Bright Circle has already gone from the sky.

But I'm not sleepy.

Go along, Littlefoot.

But I'm not…

I'm not…

I'm thirsty.

Yes, Littlefoot.

Good night.

Good night, Grandpa. Good night, Grandma.

Good night, my little one.

Psst! Littlefoot!

Littlefoot, wake up!

Huh? Cera? Where are you?


Where? Here!

What are you doing here?

Shhh! Quiet!

What's the matter?

I can't sleep.

It's important. We've got to talk!


Shhh! Yes, now!

Scared of the dark?

I'm not scared!

Then come on! Let's get the others!

Yep, yep, yep! We are all here!

Yes, we are.

But what we here for?

Yes, is there a problem?


I suppose you all got the same lecture I did?


Me too young to wander far.

We are not grown-ups and should remember it.

There are many dangers. I must always be careful.

Don't hang around with long necks, beak faces and spike-tails.

Well, it was mostly the same lecture.

Grandpa and Grandma were mainly worried that I'd get hurt.

That's the problem!

They don't think we can take care of ourselves.

We've got to do something so the grown-ups will stop treating us like hatchlings.

Cera right!

I agree. I do! I do!

So what are we going to do?

Well… We could run away from home!

Where we run?

We could just stay here!

That's silly. Anybody could find us here.

Nuh-uh. See these rocks? This could be our hideout!

And we're up real high.

Nobody could sneak up on us.

Cera right. Look.

You can see everything from up here. You can, you can.

Hey Ducky, there's your nest. But who's that walking away?

Hey! They're stealing an egg!

They are egg-napping part of our family!

Quick, let's tell the grown-ups!

No, wait!

If we catch 'em ourselves, it'll show everyone that we're not babies anymore!

Oh, yes! Yes, yes, yes!

I don't know… Look, scaredy, there's five of us and only two of them!

What could go wrong? Hmm?

Well… Please?


Let's go get 'em!

Now remember, I get the first bite.

After all, this was my idea.

Drop that egg!

Huh? Oh, don't!

Uh-oh. We've been spotted.

I told you not to be so obvious.

Ozzy, wait for me!

Bring back my brother! Um, or sister!

They're headed for the Mysterious Beyond.

Maybe we should get help after all.

It's too late now. They'll get away.

This was your idea. Are you coming or not?

How big are they?

Oh, they're big, very big!



Uh… You first. Aah!

It not so far! You can do it!

Come on, Spike, hurry!



Don't worry, I got her.

You mean, I got you.

I hope this egg is worth it.

Worth it?

All eggs are worth it, bark breath!

Here! C'mon!

Who are those guys?

Come on. Let's go.

Don't stop.

Oh no! Keep going!

Acting grown-up is hard. It is. It is.

Haha! We made it, Strut!

Those grass-nippers will never be able to follow us now!

It won't be long, egg.

Soon you'll be nestled in the pit of my stomach!

Ha ha ha!

Oz, when's it your turn to hold the egg?

Where they go?

I don't see anybody!

They are disappeared! They are!

They must have gone in there! Come on!

Cera, what's taking you?

Nothing. I just don't feel like going in there right now, that's all.



All right then, we're going without you.

Shh! This way.

It sure is dark in here.

Okay, Strut. Now it's my turn to hold the egg.

Oh no… Where… Just a moment ago… I've looked… Ah!

Whatever you do, Strut! Ouch! Ooh! Don't lose that egg!


Are you guys all right?

Petrie not okay. Me hurt everywhere.

Whoa! Good, Cera.

Ooh… I think I bent my horn.

Where is Spike? Oh…

Yeah! Hooray!

Spike! Stop it!

I'm okay, I am!

This place spooky.

Where are we?

I think we're in the Mysterious Beyond.

The Mysterious Beyond?

Well, I'm not afraid of any ol' Mysterious Beyond.

There is nothing to be afraid of as long as we are together.

Right? Right?

I wanna go home!

Petrie go home too!

But what about the egg?

We cannot leave it here. All alone.

I'm… I'm afraid it got smushed.

Bye-bye, baby sister.

Or baby brother.

Don't cry, Ducky. It's… It's all part of the Great Circle of Life.

Besides, there's a whole nestful of eggs at home.

Yes, but this one was special.

It was going to be my favorite favorite.

All blue and orange and speckled.

There was not another egg like it in the whole world.

Except this one.

Ducky! It's safe! It's here!

The egg!

It is not smushed!

Oh, hello, baby brother or sister!

Hey! You growed.

This is going to be a very big baby brother or sister.

C'mon, we better get it back to the nest.

But how we do that? Egg is big!

I know a way.

We'll build a carrying nest outta leaves and stuff!

Oh, yes! A carrying nest!

Yes, yes, yes!

Ahh! Oh! Ahh!



Home. Sweet home.

I can't wait to tell everybody how we saved the egg.

They no treat us like babies anymore!

Go on, Ducky, put it back.

It is back. Look.

So if Ducky's egg was there all the time, whose egg is this?

Maybe those bad guys steal it from other nest.

Yeah, but which one?

We won't know until it hatches.

Yes. Then we can take it back to its family!

But who's going to take care of it until it hatches?

We are, of course.

After all, we are not babies.

I don't know. Maybe we should tell our folks.


If they find out where we were, they'll put us back in our nests.

We don't tell the grown-ups anything! Right?




Wake up, sleepyhead.

The Bright Circle is already rising into the sky.

I feel like a mountain fell on me.

It did.

Is that you, Ozzy?

Where are you?

You're standing on me.

I'm wha… Oh!

Did you save the egg?

The, uh, egg?

Oh, you mean the egg? Well, I don't… I mean… Those kids… Yeah, that's it! Those kids did it. They stole our egg! The nerve!

They did, did they? Well, they'll pay.

And dearly.

How long do we have to wait?

Gee, I don't know.

It could be a long time.

My mama sit on eggs to keep warm, make hatch.

Me sit on egg.

I wonder what it's going to be.

A girl, I hope.

Maybe it flyer like me.

Or a swimmer like me!

Hey! Why can't we be its parents?

Don't be silly, Littlefoot, how can we be its parents?

Well, we'll raise it. Teach it stuff. It'll be fun.

Oh, yes, yes, yes!

I will be a very good mama. Mm-hmm.

We be good parents.

Well, I think I'll make the best parent.

Why's that, Cera?

Because I'll let her do anything she wants!

That sound good to me.

Our baby will never hear, "No!"

Oh, no, no, no, no!

So, we're gonna do it?



It hatching!

It's, it's a… Sharptooth!

Sharptooth! Run!



He doesn't look so dangerous.

It's all right, I won't hurt you.

Friendly, aren't you?

Hey, I bet you think I'm your mama.

Er… Papa!

Well, I'm not really, but don't worry, I'm going to take good care of you!

My friends will too, once they see how nice you are.

Come on. I'll show you around.

Well, I guess I'd better teach you to walk first.

First you lift one foot, then you put it down in front of you, then you lift the other! Now you try.

Slow down! You'll hurt yourself!

Are you okay?

You're going to have to be more careful.

It's okay, I'm not mad, um… Hey, you need a name.

I know! I'll call you Chomper!

I guess you're hungry, huh?

Gee, I know what Sharpteeth like, but… Well, maybe I can teach you to eat green food like me!

After all, I'm your papa now!


These leaves are really tasty. Try some.

Hmm. This is gonna be harder than I thought.

Chomper, you stay here, okay?


You won't go anywhere? Uh-uh.

Good. I'll be right back.

After I get some advice from my grandparents.

If Cera ever finds out, she'll kill me.

Um… Grandma, Grandpa,

can I talk to you?

Of course, Littlefoot, what is it?

Well, um… I want to know about babies.

Littlefoot! You're too young to worry about babies.

Well, it's… But, Grandma, I'm curious.

All right. What would you like to know?

Well, how do babies get enough to eat?

The mother or father feeds them, of course.

But what if they won't eat what you feed them?

You wouldn't always eat what we fed you.

I wouldn't? That's right.

But when you got hungry enough, you always ate.

I did? Uh-huh.

All babies eat when they're hungry, Littlefoot.

Now, anything else you'd like to know?

Um… No, that's good.

Thanks! Bye!


They want to grow up so fast.

Yes, and once they do, they wish they were young again.

I don't see Littlefoot anywhere.

Maybe Sharptooth eat him.

Poor Littlefoot.

Poor, poor Littlefoot.

Well, well.

If it isn't the plant-grazers who spoiled our supper!

It is the egg-stealers!

What we do?


Where's my egg, you rotten little sprout-crunchers?


Chomper! Chomper!

I told him to stay put. Why did he run off?


Chomper! Get back here! It's dangerous!

Chomper, please! I don't wanna lose you!

Phew! That's better!

You shouldn't worry me like that.

Aw! Oh, well.

It's my friends!

Help us!

Chomper, stay put and don't move!

And I mean it!

Hold on, guys! I'm coming!


Now, what did you do with my egg?

Your egg? We didn't do anything to it.

It hatched!

It hatched?

Before I could eat it, my egg hatched?

Calm down, Ozzy. It was just an egg.

It was not just an egg!

It was our dinner!

I'm warning you, you little leaf-lickers.

Stay out of my way, or I'll… Leave my friends alone!



We are saved!

Just what I can't stand!

A bossy weed whacker!



Sharptooth! Ahhh!


Oh, Chomper, you saved us!

Chomper? What's a Chomper?

It is his name, silly!

See, you guys, Chomper is a nice Sharptooth.

He would never hurt us.

Thanks, Chomper.

You are so nice, Chomper!

Me like you, Chomper!

Chomper, this is your Aunt Cera.

Your uncles, Spike and Petrie.

And your Aunt Ducky.

Hi, Chomper. I think you are cute!

Ahh! He bit me!

Chomper bit me!

He didn't mean it.

You call this not meaning it?


A Sharptooth can never be one of us.

Never! Don't say that!

You know it's true!

He has to go!

No! He stays!

He goes!

He stays!

He goes! He stays!

Chomper, you did not mean to bite Cera, did you, huh?

Huh? Huh?

I do not think he knows.

We can't keep him, and that's final!

But… But, Cera, he's just a baby.

He needs us.

He needs me too much!

No, Chomper, you cannot eat Petrie. No!


I said, "No," just like my parents.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no… Don't you see, Chomper?

You can't be a Sharptooth!

Sharpteeth aren't allowed in this valley!

Wait, Chomper! Don't go!


Um… Maybe before you bring Chomper back, you should think about it.

Chomper is different than us, he is.

I don't care if he's different!

We should at least follow him to make sure he doesn't get hurt.

Next time, we look before we leap.

You think the Sharptooth finished those kids off, Ozzy?

I hope so.

Now let's get ourselves an egg, and eat!


Where are you?


I am tired.

I am. I am.

We can't stop, Ducky, not until we find Chomper.

Maybe we stop, Chomper find us.

Well, I really don't care if we find him or not.

No one's making you come, Cera.

My tummy's making its hungry noise.

My tummy talk too.

It say, "Feed me."

I'm hungry too!

Let's go home!

Cera! Ducky! Petrie! Spike!

Come quick!

It's Chomper! He's on the Smoking Mountain!

He could fall into the Gurgling Pit! He could!

Come back, Chomper! It's too dangerous!

Ah! Lunch is served!

Chomper! Come back!


We're coming, Chomper!

Don't move, Chomper!

It's those kids again, Ozzy!

We're coming, Chomper!

Don't worry, Chomper!

If they scream any louder, they're gonna give us away!


Ow! Look out! Watch that!

Me first!

Those kids have ruined our lunch for the last time.



Where are you?


I… I think we better look for Chomper some place safer.

Leaving? So soon?

But you haven't had your baths.

Me no need bath. Me take one just yesterday!

You smelly old egg-stealers better watch it!

Because it just so happens, we're friends with a very mean Sharptooth.

Sharpteeth don't have friends!

They do too!

If a Sharptooth's your friend, prove it!

But Ozzy! We saw the Sharptooth's shadow.

That's good enough for me.

Boy, are you dumb!

That scary shadow wasn't a big Sharptooth.

It was just a baby.


I mean… Oops!

Time's up, little ones.

Chomper! Chomper, where are you? Come on!


Look out!


Come on! This way!

I've had it with you little sap-suckers!

Huh? Ahhh!

Chomper! Yay!

Chomper, you back! Chomper!

Oh, Chomper!

Chomper, I'm so glad you came back.

That's it! No more fooling around!

I hate being little.

Don't worry. You'll be grown up soon enough.

Quick! Across the tree.


Ducky, Spike! Come on!

Spike, I am afraid!

You can do it! Hurry!

I'm first! I'm always first!


Ozzy, wait for me.


If this were a game, I'd never want to play it again!

Look like we still "it"!


Sharpteeth? In the Valley?

We must warn the others.


Oh! It dangerous out there!

I thought Sharpteeth couldn't get into the Valley.

How did they get in?

I think it's our fault.

What do you mean? What did we do?

We caused the rockslide that made a hole in the Great Wall.

Oh! Yeah.


I gotta do something!

Littlefoot, he's a grown-up!

He can handle that old Sharptooth!

No! He needs me!

Chomper, stay here!


Get ready to pull!



Littlefoot, in here!

You good shot, Ducky!

Thank you, Petrie.

Take that, you mean old Sharptooth!

I'm coming, guys!



Now, Spike, now!

We did it, Spike!

We flattened that dumb old Sharptooth!

Hah… Ahh!

Another one!


Do not stand there, Spike! Run!


You leave my little brother alone!

That was one of our young ones!

Ducky! This way, quick!



Me coming, Ducky!


Get away from our children!

Run, Petrie!

Look at the grown-ups go! Get him, Papa!

Those Sharpteeth won't dare show their faces here again!

But how did they get into the Valley in the first place?

Who knows?

It's never happened before!

It's a mystery!

Kids? Do you know how the Sharpteeth got in?

Not really. Oh, no, no… Littlefoot?

I… Cera?

Well, um… See…

After we chased those egg-nappers into the Mysterious Beyond… Mysterious Beyond? Egg-nappers?

Some rocks fell, and that made a big hole, and… So that's how the Sharpteeth came through!

We must close the opening at once!

I want to help!

No, Littlefoot! It's too dangerous!

You and the other children must stay here!

Now, how can we close the wall?

Any ideas? SPIKE'S DAD: We must do it right away.

Well, I'm not going to stay here.

I'm going to help whether the grown-ups like it or not!

Where's Chomper? Has anyone seen him?


Where did you go, Chomper?

Me no see him anywhere!

I have to find him!

He's out there all alone!

But, Littlefoot, your grandpa said to stay here!

Oh, he is going to be in big trouble!


Chomper. Am I glad I found you!

No biting, okay?


Faster, Chomper!


Go on, Chomper! Save yourself!

No! Don't!

I think they're… They're his mama and papa!

We've had it with you, kid!

We're getting rid of you once and for all!

Ahhh! Let me go! Hey, Oz, can we throw him off the Great Wall? Can we?

Why, yes.

Let me go, or you'll be sorry!

Yeah, sorry we didn't do this sooner.

Say bye-bye, Leafeater!

It's… It's… Oh, come on! Are you falling for that shadow bit again?

Look. Chomper!



You I liked much better as an egg!

What the…

Come on, Chomper, let's go.

Hurry! The opening!

We must close it. Come on, Chomper.

We have to catch up with your mom and dad.

They're gonna close up the opening, Chomper.

You have to go now!

I can't take care of you anymore, Chomper.

I'm… I'm just a kid.

I know. I'll miss you too.

But, maybe we'll meet again someday.

Go on, now. Hurry.

Good bye, Chomper. Bye, Chomper.

Bye, Chomper.

Littlefoot, are you sure you saw the Sharpteeth leave?

Yes, Grandpa, they're back in the Mysterious Beyond.

You disobeyed me, Littlefoot.

I'm sorry, Grandpa.

It's just that I wanted to make things right again.

I know, Littlefoot.

I also know that someday, you'll understand why Grandma and I worry about you.

I think I already do understand, Grandpa.

Good. That means you'll stay close to the herd.

All right, everyone, get ready.

Push! Push!

Here they go!

Hooray! It worked!

We did it! Closed!

There. Now the Sharpteeth won't ever be coming back.

Ducky! Spike! Dinner!

It is time to go home! Yep, yep, yep!

Petrie! Me coming, Mama!

Bye, Petrie. Bye!


See you tomorrow, Littlefoot.


Aren't you hungry?

Grandma, Grandpa, I changed my mind about something.

What's that, Littlefoot?

Well, I decided that I really like being a kid.


But I still can't wait to grow up!