The Last American Hero (1973) Script

Charlie 1 to Delta 6. Come in, Delta 6.

Anything to report on suspect car? Over.

Delta 6 to Charlie 1. Mr. Collins, suspect has prior arrest record.

Wasn't haulin' nothin'. Over.

We intercepted that suspect on Highway 16 near Gelbar. Over.

Charlie 1 to Delta 6. He could be a decoy.

Inform state police and return to stakeout. Over and out.

Whoa! Whoo!

Yee-haw! Junior!

♪ Like the pine trees linin' the winding road ♪

♪ I got a name ♪

♪ I got a name ♪

♪ Like the singin' bird and the croakin' toad ♪

♪ I got a name ♪

♪ I got a name ♪

♪ And I carry it with me like my daddy did ♪

♪ But I'm livin' the dream ♪

♪ That he kept hid ♪

♪ Movin' me down the highway ♪

♪ Rollin' me down the highway ♪

♪ Movin' ahead so life won't pass me by ♪

♪ Like a north wind whistlin' down the sky ♪

♪ I got a song ♪

♪ I got a song ♪

♪ Like the whip-poor-will and a baby's cry ♪

♪ I got a song ♪

♪ I got a song ♪

♪ And I carry it with me and I sing it loud ♪

♪ If it gets me nowhere ♪

♪ I'll go there proud ♪

♪ And I'm gonna go there free ♪ Junior.


Where ya been? Now, watch out you don't foam at the mouth.

Watch out I don't give you a smack in the face.

Where ya been?

Did you get the Holley hooked up?

You been at my car magazines again?

How else would I know what you're talkin' about?

I ain't decided I'm gonna run supercharged or not yet.

Yes, you have. Now get.

You're supposed to be down that hill helpin' your daddy.

I had things to do.


What things?

Workin' mash don't wait. It's ready when it's ready.

We've been slaving like mules. You've been out running around somewhere.


All right. Let's get this stuff up to the barn.

That's what I say, Daddy.

Sure you do, "Wayney." Ooh.

Don't you mess around.

For one thing, she needed new spring hangers and a tune.

Tune? You left this mornin', that motor was purrin' like a tomcat.

You got five seconds to spare, you want to tell me all you know about engines?

Junior. Charlie 1 to Apple 4.

They never know nothin' about it. Bring him in. Charlie 1 clear.

You know who that is, don't ya? Who?

That Charlie stands for "C." "C" stands for "Catshit" Collins.

Now, you treat Collins with respect. You hear me?

For what? Throwing you in prison every time we turn around?

Levon 3 proceeding north from Hayes to Traphill. Over.

Why, the dog. Damn!

- ♪ Roll on, buddy ♪ - ♪ Roll on, buddy ♪

- ♪ Load the coal ♪ - ♪ Load the coal ♪

- ♪ How can I pull ♪ - ♪ How can I pull ♪

- ♪ When my wheels won't roll ♪ - ♪ When my wheels won't roll ♪

- ♪ Long way to Harlan ♪ - ♪ It's a long way to Harlan ♪

- ♪ Long way to Hazard ♪ - ♪ It's a long way to Hazard ♪

- ♪ Just to get a little brew ♪ - ♪ Just to get a little brew ♪

- ♪ Just to get a little brew ♪ - ♪ Just to get a little brew ♪

♪ Roll on, buddy ♪

Is that Levon?

I can't tell, Mr. Collins, but he sure is movin'.

♪ 'Cause I broke down ♪

♪ And I can't make mine ♪ Whoo.

♪ This nine-pound hammer ring like silver ♪ It's Levon. Move it.

Are you all right, Mr. Collins?

Mr. Collins.

Let me at that radio.

♪ Roll on, buddy ♪

♪ Make your time ♪

♪ Well, I done broke down ♪

♪ And I can't make mine ♪

Satisfied, Mr. Collins? You think I enjoy this?

No, I don't, but there's other ways of makin' a livin'.

When will you be satisfied?

When your whole family's locked up?

Well, this here's my still. You got it. You got me. That's all there is to it.

I'm sick and tired of bustin' you.

Well, I don't blame you, Clem.

Okay, Elroy. Let's go.

Hey, Bubba.

What's happening? What the hell did you do?

What the hell did you do to Collins, man?

Huh? What?

He come and blowed the still all over the woods.

He's got Daddy and put him in jail. It's your hotdoggin' that's put him there.

Shit. Damn it.

I couldn't find the lawyer. You better go get him.

I don't know where he is. Where is he now? Where's Daddy now?

He's in jail! That's where he is! Where's Mama?

She's at home.

Well, what are we gonna do?

Don't hit the car, man.

Well, you go get the lawyer. And you go get the lawyer.

Give this to Mama.

Thanks for comin' so early. It's the least I can do for a steady customer.

Brought you some smokes. Oh. Yeah.

You look like hell.

I ain't had much sleep.

I guess you ain't either, huh?

How's your ma? She's all right.

I gave her the money from the delivery.

She'll need it.

Hey. If there's anybody gonna get stuck with this, it's me that drove the whiskey and me that broke through that blockade.

And me that got caught.

Where do we go from here?

All depends.

How many times do you have to prove you're a muleheaded man of principle?

I don't need no lecture.

I don't know. I might get you off with six months... if you promise to renounce... Oh.

Your Honor, I beg you to forgive this poor miserable sinner... for makin' the finest whiskey money can buy.

Elroy, Elroy. Now, I drink your whiskey.

Boys in the courthouse drink it.

Wouldn't be surprised if His Honor had a jar or two tucked away somewhere.

But that has no bearin'... The hell it don't.

City hall's so full of crooks, they're fallin' out of the windows.

Country club boys with their payoffs and kickbacks.

Where do you go to find a little justice?

Depends on what you can afford.

I can't even afford you.

Well, your credit's good.

It'll be the same as before. A thousand plus whatever they fine you... plus... well, you know.


What extras?

Some prison jobs aren't so bad as others.

It's the same with prison cells, food.

Privileges. It's, uh...

It's kind of like justice, son. You get what you pay for.

What is your name, son?

Roy Jackson.

Roy Jackson, huh? Where you from, Roy boy?

Little place. What's the prize money?

One thing at a time, Roy boy. One thing at a time.

You ever been in a derby? No.

Have you ever seen one?

Yeah. What's the prize money?

From 50 up to $500. However, Roy... You can count me in.

Roy, you don't tell me. I tell you.

Now then.

A derby here... is not a Blue Ridge Mountain jamboree.

Crash Carter.

Wild Willy Wilder.

They didn't get famous cornhuskin' or, uh, hog-callin'.

What say we cut the crap, Hackel?

In or out?

Got a car?

...and Bronco Billy Wilks.

And the new driver. In car number 26, from the tall timber country, Roy "Wildcat" Jackson.

Here, kitty, kitty. Here, pretty kitty.

Here, pretty pussy, pussy, pussy.

Drivers, start your engines.

Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

Here they come! the Detroit Symphony... playin' "Sleepy Time Down South."

Don't worry, folks. They all got no-fault insurance.

Hey. What's that? Look.

He's beautiful. Kid is beautiful.

Uh-oh. Two against one. That's not fair, boys.

Ain't that a thing of beauty? Poetry in motion.

Crash Carter's on the warpath. Bronco's out in front.

And how about that Wildcat Jackson? Number 26. Double 13.

That's bad luck for everybody.


Oh, he's too much.

Watch out for Wildcat.

Watch it!

We're down to three survivors. Uh-oh!

Looks like the wildcat got skinned.

Next week, uh, demolition derby...

It ain't too bad.

Third place. That's $200.

You know, by... by all rights, I should fine you $25 for illegal equipment.

Forget it. But no more railroad iron. You understand?

See you back in three weeks. Next week.

Ah, no. No, Roy boy. Next week's a stock car race.

Count me in. Look now.

Smashing up cars is one thing, but racing's something else.

Takes skill and experience. I got experience.

Don't hand me that.

Where's an old wild-ass mountain boy like you gonna...

There's a preliminary 10-lap sprint. Take it or leave it.

What's the prize money?


Can you spare that? Hey.

Look. Well, what are you so sore about?

Me? Nothin'.

They're still pretty bunched up. The boys in the rear... are gonna have to make their move pretty quick now, or they're gonna be out of it.

And that's just what they're doin'.

Shelbo in front. Downey, second.

There goes car number 70 closin' on the leaders.

Car number 70, it's young...

Holy Moly!

Oh, Lord! What a spin!

Look out there!

Around the corner. Wow! Shelbo's out of it.

Number 70's busted out and pullin' away.

He's out in front.

And the winner of our 10-lap sprint, Junior Jackson! Yeah!

Well, you took your sweet time gettin' here. Wayne.

There's been enough angry talk. What's the story?

Well, your daddy stuck to his principles.

One year.

How about it, George? Okay.

Sorry I'm late.

No matter.

Just see to it you boys take care of your ma.

Don't you worry about that now.

She's been worried over you livin' here in town the last few months.

From now on, try to see a little more of her.

Yes, sir.

My Lord.

What happened?

Oh, nothin'. I've been racin'.


Well, do you win?

Yes, ma'am. I do.

Now give me your pen.

I've been winning real good these last couple months.

This here's a down payment. There's gonna be more.

For what?

You said a thousand plus extras. Well, you make dang sure he gets those extras.

Why didn't you tell me you was racin'?

'Cause it's dangerous?

Now, if it was dangerous, would I be doin' it?

We got us a real hot dog here today.

Tony Hurt in 27. Junior in number 70.

Come on, boy! Oh!

Junior in 70. Hold it!


Whoo. Yeah, he's okay.

What kind of racing's that, you dirty corn-runnin' shit?

That Junior's raising hell here today.

It's Junior out in front, plowin' through the pack.

Pullin' away!

They're just smashin' each other all about. Oh!

And here he comes.

Let's hear it for the eight-time winner... of our main event, Junior Jackson!

You lowlife corn-runnin' son of a bitch. They oughta bar you from racin'.


Aw, you better stop this now!

I'm gonna write you a check. I'm gonna get you a check. Don't give me...

I'll get you a check. Don't be that... Don't be...

I gave you your start, didn't I? I gave you your start.

Damn, boy. I don't believe you. Well, you better believe it.

I don't... Write that check. Don't talk.

You're just... You're a troublemaker.

I gave you your start. You wouldn't have a penny if it wasn't...

Look, I won that race fair and square. You cheat me out of one goddamn penny...

Oh, shut up!

Filthy-mouth hillbilly.

Want me to ram this right down your throat? Here. Here!

Get the hell out of here.

It's gonna cost a hell of a lot more than this to get me back. Get you back?

That's right. I'm tired of linin' your pockets.

I don't believe this. Well, you better believe it.

Look. Stars cost money, Hackel. Big money.

You better get that through your head.

You're gonna be a star?

You watch me at Hickory.

Skin and bones.

Livin' on chili size and Pepsi. I gained four pounds.

I don't wonder. Thank you.

All that beer you drink.

Did you get that money I sent ya? I did. Thank you.

Would've been more except I had to shell out for some repairs on my car.

Banged it up a bit. I noticed.

Ma wanted to see what a race was like.

I carried her over there.

How come you didn't come by after and give me a smack?

Didn't them other drivers take care of that?

I don't know a single car you didn't slam into.

All they gotta do is stay out of my way.

Hey, Bubba.

You gotta admit, at them speeds... and cars crashin' and bumpin' one another, you're gonna get plowed under.

But you're good with cars.

I don't know anyone any better.


That's... That's fine. There's good money in it.

I went to see Jim Altoon.

How is he?

Short a man.

Says he could start you at 2.10 an hour while he's trainin' you.

Oh, shit.

He's gonna train me on how to become a garage mechanic?

Well, while he's paying you 2.10 an hour he's gonna train you, yeah.

Hey. The race you saw was won by a car that was bought, torn apart, rebuilt and driven by me.

Not by no garage mechanic. I know that, Son.

I know... Mama. What about Teeny? What about Lamar?

How many times you seen my name in the newspaper, huh? Oh, shit.

How many times have you read my name in the newspapers?

About 20 times maybe. But, Son...

Well, the only time that's gonna happen to a garage mechanic is when they announce his funeral.

Boy, you win a few races on some outlaw tracks...

Don't go runnin' off with your mouth.

I'm not runnin' off my mouth. I just want to know what's it mean.

Where do you get off tellin' me what I'm gonna do with my life? No...

Wayne. Tell me what it means, smart-ass.

Stop it. If I want to drive fast around a track, that's what I do.

Don't you tell me nothin', man. Stop it!

I don't intend to see your name... on any funeral list, and that's that!

I don't intend to have my name on no funeral list.

You throw some pie at me, man?

I didn't throw nothin'.

Is that what it is? The money?

Well, yeah. We could use some.

If that's all it is, I gotta agree with your ma.

No. That ain't... That ain't all it is. Not nearly.

She's always after me to get out of the whiskey business.

You was too young to remember, but after my first time in the pen, to please her, I hired on at the sawmill.

Punch in at 8:00, out at 12:00.

Permission to go to the can.

Pretty much like here.

Well, it didn't seem to worry most of the boys.

They put in their time, lookin' ahead to payday.

But not me.

That paycheck wasn't money. It was a... a... bill of sale.

Three months of that, back to whiskey.

It's been hard on your ma.

But damn foolishness to one person... is breath of life to another.


How about it? Captain says okay.


Hey, Bubba. Come here.

Hey, Junior. This is some cherry mother. Come over here.

Yeah, Junior. Take a look at the aerodynamics on this here car.

Man, all you gotta do is reach down and just tap it.

NASCAR registered.

Raced only four times. No collisions. No fires.

Took third up at Wilkesboro.

Been thinkin' about runnin' it for president.

Oh, have ya?

Who last drove her?

Sam Ard. Quit and went to work for Goodyear.

You get all the benefits though.

There ain't none no better.

Hey, Junior. Would you look at this header?

How much?

Why don't you give her a try?

Don't think I won't. How much?

Your car and three grand.

Whoo! 3,000 bucks?

Ain't got but one seat.

Oh, come on, Speedy. You know a car without a backseat ain't no fun at all.

That there engine probably seen 50 races already.

Won't even see one for us.

$3,000, man. There ain't that much money in the whole world.

That's right.

Unless you know where to find it.

What is this Jackson Fuel Company?

What? You never seen that thing up round Wilkesboro?

What are you smokin'? I thought you quit.

No, I didn't quit smokin'. Just quit buyin'.

Hey, Teeny. What about that hose? Yeah, Wayne, man. I'm comin'.

Gotta get air in my shocks. Let's get on up to Lake Lure.

There's a dance up there tonight. Yeah. That's a camp dance.

Well, that don't make any difference.

Hey, Lamar.

What are you doin' with them little bitty 12-year-old Yankee girls anyway?

Seems like they's all from Michigan.

And you know what they do up there.

No. But I hope you're fixin' to tell me about it.

Hey, Junior, why don't you drive this thing? We can all cram in there around that tank.

Whoo! Get all wet back there.

Some drunk. And get thrown in the pokey.

No, sir. Old lead foot ain't sending me where he sent his Daddy.

Gotta get on the road. I'll take care of that, Junior.


Hey. I want to go to Lake Lure, goddamn it, get some stuff!

Why, them girls can hardly stay away from me.

They're like flies to dog shit, huh?

How'd you like a knuckle burger?

Now, don't let your mouth go writin' checks your ass can't cash.

You don't show me nothin', Jackson.

Old Calvin.

Old Calvin.

Connard. Hold it there, Connard.

You make a move on me, I'll rip his lip off, give it to you for a key ring.

Now get down there, boy.

Get your hand neath that tire.

Put it neath the tire, boy.

Yeah. See that?

Now, who's your friend?

You are.

You hear him, Wayney?

Shit, no.

You are, goddamn it!

All right. Now get up.

If you had gas for brains you couldn't back a pissant out of a pea shell, boy.

Well, uh, smarts ain't my long suit neither.

I want to go to Lake Lure.

We still friends?

I guess.


Best know who your friends are, else you get in trouble.

Take it easy, hog jaw. Yeah. I'll take it easy.

Just don't get busted your first time out.

I won't.

Frank, ain't you got that tank about full? Full up.

Junior, don't you think that twice a night, every night... is kind of pressing your luck a little hard?

Well, why don't you sponsor me then?

For $500 I'll put your, uh, name in big gold letters on the side of my truck.

Casper's Quality Moonshine. No deal.

Boy, I'm here to tell you you've got a good-runnin' truck here.

Couldn't help noticin' you're runnin' pretty fair yourself.

Does the captain know about that?

No. I thought I oughta help it along, put a full-race Erson cam in it, play with it a little on the weekends.

I'll bet you do.

You know, uh, your tank's still got about an inch of corn left in it.

Nope. Clean as a whistle, and you know it.

Looks pretty suspicious, huh?

Might be, except you set your evidence on fire.

Just give me the license.

The tank is Junior's idea.

It's me that thought up the part about the release valve.

Fine. Fine.

You twist a dog's tail, you get bit.

Twist a cop's tail, you get eaten alive. When you gonna learn, boy?

Ain't no profit in playin' it safe.

No profit, no new race car.

People buy from us expect quality.

Quality don't come out of no tank.

There's only two grades of everything: the best and all the rest.

Do you hear me?

Yes, sir. I hear you.

Yes, sir. I hear you.

Kyle Kingman. Kyle Kingman. Top money winner for the year.

How do you see your chances, Kyle?

You don't think I got the gall to answer a question like that, do ya?

In front of famous drivers like Tex Zimmerman, Rick Penny, Davie Baer.

Why don't we wait till this race is over and the best man's won... and I'm standing there kissing the trophy girl?

Then you ask me that.

Hey. Who left the gate open?

You Junior Jackson?

Yes, sir. I'm Morley.

Cleave Morley.

You get a letter from me declinin' your entry?

Whatever Hackel said to you to make you turn me down, I'm tellin' you that he's a liar and a bandit.

Where'd you get that pass?

Young lady in your office gave it to me.

Oh. A young lady in my office gave it to ya, huh?

That's right. Now look, son.

We don't want no trouble. Just give me the pass and be on your way.

Mind readin' this here rule?

I'm busy right now.

All right. I'll read it to ya.

"Unless a man is suspended from competition..." Which I ain't...

"he gets a chance to qualify like everybody else does."

Is that right? You said it right, man.

What's the matter, Morley? Cat got your tongue?

Give him a run.

Didn't do too bad. No. Not bad at all.

Appears you got a pretty fair machine there. Who supplied it?

Sent away to Sears and Roebuck.

Am I in? Now look.

We've got 52 entries. Unless 22 of 'em qualify faster...

That was my first time around the track.

Couple more runs, I'll set that bullring of yours on fire, Morley.

I got a telephone call.

Well, there you are.

I've been lookin' all over for ya. Come here, honey child.

Oh! Oh! Oh.

There's your schedule of events.

That was for the pit pass and the rule book you gave me.

That's what done it, you know. This, uh, rule book here.

Know what I want from you right now? I hate to think.

Your name. Oh, it's Marge.

Marge, you're really nice.

I'm not nice. I'm perfect.

Now here's a map.

And here's a release of liability. And you have to sign it.

Right there. Okay.

You a local girl, Marge? No. I'm a Georgia peach pit.

Now here's the official motel.

And they're havin' a buffet tonight by the Chamber of Commerce.

A what? A help-yourself supper.

Oh. Uh-huh.

Uh, what do they nail you?

Oh, there's no charge, and you can bring a friend if you'd like.

I'll make sure your name's on the list.

You'll "makes" sure my name's on the... You're so nice. I can't believe it.

I told you I was perfect. Well, how about talkin' about that over supper tonight?

Well, I... You said I could bring a guest, didn't you?

I mean, I'll dress up. I'm good company.

You're cute, but I'm afraid I already have a date for tonight.

Oh. Well. Okay.

I don't discourage easy though.

I mean that too.

Yes, ma'am. I thank you, ma'am.

Yes? I'm one of the racers. I'd like one room, please.

Mr. Junior Jackson?

That's right.

Gonna be five dollars a day.

Five dollars? That's a special price.

Just keep it to yourself. Right? Register right there, sir.

Thank you.

How'd you know my name?

Phone call from a friend.

Your friend. Marge Dennison.

Shit, man.


Uh, these, uh, flowers here... Hmm?

If I go into that flower shop and, uh, buy some flowers...

Yes, sir. Well, uh...

Will they deliver 'em for me?

Of course.

Well, I knew that.

Hi. I got stood up.

Your offer still hold? Yeah.

Well, invite me in.

Oh. Okay. Come on in.

That's for the beautiful flowers.

And that's for squanderin' your money. What'd you do it for?

Oh, uh, this, that and the other.

Like, uh, getting me this, uh, five dollar motel room worth at least 20.

Say, you know, you're right.

You ain't nice. You're perfect.

Hey. Is this your mom and dad?

Yeah. Uh-huh.

Do you have this trouble often?

I mean, girls forcin' their way into your room?

Oh, uh, sometimes it gets so bad that I gotta bar the door. There ain't room for me.

You look gorgeous.

Well, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Wait till I put my shoes on.

Hey, Burt. How you doin'?

Hey. Sure good to see ya.

Meet Miss Hickory, the prettiest girl we have here.

A very important man. Say hello to him. Nice to meet you.

We gotta get you a drink, Burt. Come on inside.

Mmm. Hi.

Do you know Junior? Yeah.

Oh. Well. Look who's here.

You don't waste much time, do ya, boy?

Come on. The nice legs are killing me.

What about a dance? Okay. Will you mind my purse for me, Junior?

You don't mind, do ya? No. Go ahead.

Thank you.

Ooh. She's got it all. Whoo!

Glass of orange juice, please.

Mr. Colt, it takes more than a hundred R.P.M. just to drive that needle.

Now, we're nearer 73, 74.

So, fine. You're in the throttle two lengths faster.

Well, if she blows, don't blame me.

Do you want out? Hmm?

I didn't say that. Then quit bitchin'.

And don't get pissy drunk either. I want you at the track by 8:00.

Don't want much, does he?

Hey, Shortie. Give me another bourbon and branch, will ya?

Six test runs in one afternoon.

Chewin' on my ass every minute of the way.

Thanks, pal.

That's a real nut-crusher.

Hey, man. Let me lay somethin' on you.

Wait till you drive for somebody who ain't won a race in 10 months.

I don't see a gun at your head.

Oh, yeah? What's that supposed to mean?

You don't like takin' orders, drive for yourself.

Boy, I never saw it to fail.

Nobody knows more than a rookie.

Hi. That didn't take long, did it?

Thanks for the loan of your girl. That's all right.

See you later, sugar. Okay.

You wanna go dancin' some more?

I'm a good dancer.

Well, I am a little weary.

Why don't we get something to eat? Come on. All right.

I'm sorry I had to drag you away from the party so early. Hey. That's all right.

I got a ton of work to do. Listen. I'd much rather be alone with you... than be with those phony hired jockeys. Them what?

Half of 'em don't even buy their own uniform.

Everything they got's handed down to 'em by some gut-sprung millionaire.

Includin' their high-powered, high-price machines?

There's one thing that money can't buy.

And that's a better driver. Oh, me, oh, my.

Now don't "me, oh, my" me. I know what I'm talkin' about.

Well, I don't know what kind of sheltered life you led up there in the pinewood trees...

How do you know about that? Well, I know what it's like to want to be somebody.

And I think if you daydream yourself into thinkin' you could... whip the world single-handed, you're gonna end up with your ass in a sling.

I just really like you, and I don't want to see you get wiped out.

It's up there on the right.

Okay. Now you stay put, 'cause I'm gonna jump and run.

Hope you had a good time. Hey. It couldn't have been better.

You're a darlin'.


Maybe I'll call you later. Okay?

♪ Like the fool I am and I'll always be ♪

♪ I got a dream ♪

♪ I got a dream ♪

♪ They can change their minds but they can't change me ♪

♪ I got a dream ♪

♪ I got a dream ♪

♪ I know I could share it if you want me to ♪

♪ If you're goin' my way ♪

♪ I'll go with you ♪

I sure hope you got your stereo fixed, Wayne, so you can play this.

This is, uh, Elroy talkin' to you from Hickory, where the cars are fast and the women are faster.

Excuse me, Mama. Hey, uh, see if you can send this along to Dad, and maybe they'll let him play it.

You know, uh, get that lawyer fella to jerk on some strings.

Well, I, uh...

I sure been havin' a fun time here, uh, drivin' and all.

Tiny and Lamar have been helpin' me out from time to time.

Merle finally learned which end the carburetor goes onto.


I don't know. These, uh, people out here...

They ain't exactly what you'd call, uh, normal.

These drivers... They strut around like they's damn movie stars or something, laughin' all the time and talkin' too loud.


Oh, uh, Mama.

I got a real nice motel room. It's got a color TV and a shower and...

Uh... And a shower.

I mean, the... you know, the color TV ain't in the shower.

I guess the real rich folks get them kind of rooms, huh, Mama?

And, uh...


I just want to say that I'm sorry.

And that I love you.

And don't you worry, 'cause I got this plan.

So I'm gonna see you real soon.


Okay. Well, good-bye, Mama.

Good-bye, Daddy.

See you after a while, Wayney.

You little suck-ass!


Hello. Hey. This is Junior.


Hey, look. I'm sorry if I woke you up, but, uh, you know, I just had to call... She's busy.

Hey, Junior.

Hey, Junior! Hey, Junior!

Hey, Junior. Hey, Junior!


Hey, look. It's your name right on the back.

They come out pretty good, huh? Specially made...

Hey, man. It's got all our names on 'em and everything. Hey!

Hey! You down there! Shut up!

You want somethin'?

Oh, it's you. Look. Why don't you take you and your boyfriends and go play somewheres else.

How'd you like your teeth parted?

You best watch out, boy, or little Margie'll be sending some flowers to you.

Hey! Get him!

Wait a minute, Junior. Wait, Junior. Wait.

Come on, man! Come on. Get him into the room.

You're dead, man. You're dead. Wait a minute!

Let's get in that room. Get him in there! Come on!

Leave it out. Ya hear? Let it lay.

Get off me, Pork! Pork!

Take it easy, man.

Hey, good buddy. That motormouth been giving you that much trouble?

No. Why waste your time on him?

Save it for the race.


In pole position, car 77, Kyle Kingman, point leader for the year.

Davie Baer in car 63.

Tex Zimmerman.

Former champion Rick Penny in car 25... Burton Colt Special.

And in his first race here at Hickory, young Junior Jackson in the white car, number double zero.

All ready to run!

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Give it everything she's got. Pour it on! Pour it on!

You're one away now. I don't want second.

Come on. Don't you dare fall behind on me. Don't you dare fall behind!

Looks like we've got a brand-new hot charger here.

It's double zero, Junior Jackson!

Rick Penny, who started in fourth position, has dropped well back into the pack, currently running in sixth position.

Penny is being challenged by double zero, Junior Jackson!

Where'd he come from? From far back, that's where! That boy looks real good.

And there he goes! He passed Penny, the former champion!

Come on, baby! Move!

Kyle has lapped most of the field, and is now closing in on Rick Penny, drivin' the Burton Colt Special layin' back in fifth position.

There goes Kyle! Rick Penny has just been lapped by the leader!

What the hell's the matter? What in the hell's the matter?

Damn springs is arched up too high. It's hard to handle.

Will it run? Will it steer? It ain't easy.

Look, you want prize money or social security?

Get goin'!

That pussy!

Junior's now runnin' third.

Rick Penny's back on the track.

There's the caution flag. Goin' to yellow.

They'll all be comin' in for gas and rubber.

Come on!

You guys should be out here when I get around this third turn!

You hear me? You want me to check the windows?

No, they're all right. I checked 'em. Check your gauges!

I checked my gauges! Get the wheels off!

Here comes Rick Penny, a very dejected fellow. It wasn't his day.

Running second behind Kingman is popular Davie Baer, followed by Tex Zimmerman.

But the big surprise up to now is the car running in fourth position, an unsponsored independent driven by Junior Jackson.

Go, baby! Go!

It's still Kyle Kingman showin' the way, trailed by Davie Baer.

Junior's hangin' in there, startin' to gain on Davie... and squeezin' past.

It's gotta break sooner or later.

It's double zero and double seven doubling up on that track!

Those guys are fused together like Siamese twins!

It's Junior Jackson's day!

Coming around the turn! The track's all his!

Looks like this race may be finished on the yellow flag.

Junior's all right. He tumbles out of the car.

Whoa! Looks like Junior is mad!

Now, it's Kyle Kingman.

It's number 77 out in front all by his lonesome... headed for another big win!

The point leader does it again!

King of the road, Kyle Kingman!

Let's put her on the trailer. Might salvage one brake drum.


Junior, you got the talent, but I got the bankroll.

Now, how many loads of white lightnin' you figure it's gonna take... to get you back runnin'?

Not as much as it's gonna take you. I just gotta replace my car.

You gotta find a new shoe without chicken shit in his veins.

Ooh, you're a hard case, kid.

Colt, I'm gonna whip your ass, along with everybody else.

My car don't hold out, I'll have a foot race with you.

Well, how about arm wrestlin'?

Whatever it by-God takes.

Dream on, boy.

Come on. Let's get her on the trailer.

Hey, big winner! Booze is on the house!

Hey, listen, don't do anything I wouldn't do.

What do you mean by taking my secretary? Thank you, doll.

Isn't he cute? When I told him I was taking next week off, whoo, you should've heard him holler.

I told him I'd call the agency and get a replacement. You know what he said?

"Why not get Kyle Kingman a replacement?"

Well, I'll be dipped.

Well, look who's here.

You could've let me know, dear wife. Then how could I surprise you?

You've already done that. Who's your friend? I'd like to meet her.

Hi, there. We've met before, haven't we?

Uh, Miss Dennison... She works here.

Oh. Didn't I see you at Rockingham... and Asheville and Farmington?

Well, when I'm not busy here, I sort of follow the circuit.

That must be fun.

What do I have to do to get another rum collins? I'll get it.

Oh, no, sirree. Now, what good's a husband that can't service his own wife?

It was nice meetin' you, Mrs. Kingman.

Listen, if it's any comfort, you're not the first, nor the second.

Take a tip from me, sugar.

If you can't sell it, sit on it.

I own him, and he loves it.

Hey, Junior!


Take me home, would you? What happened to your friend?

Well, my ex-friend, my former friend is up there celebratin'.

My friend Junior I'm askin' to take me home.

Hey, uh, Tiny, can I borrow your station wagon?

Sure. Yeah, come on.

I got so excited. I couldn't believe it, all those people askin' who you were.

"Who was that Junior Jackson?"

You almost made me eat my words, Junior.

Then I looked down, and I saw your car.

Made me feel like cryin'.

I wanted to run down there and throw my arms around you.

Come on.

What sign are you? Oh, Ford, I guess.

I have pretty good luck with them so far.

Maybe a Chevy, though, if I can get the bucks for one.

Isn't there anythin' you care about more than cars?

Besides this? Includin' this.

I really eat up on racin', huh?


You're so beautiful and so good. Did you know that?

Hey, I mean that.

Oh, I didn't always look like this.

No? Uh-uh.

I used to weigh 180 pounds, and my mother used to tell me I looked like the Lone Ranger's horse.

Oh, that's nice of her. She was right.

You should've seen me when I first went to business school in Atlanta.

Oh, you went to Atlanta? What's that like?

Um, big.

I remember one time, me and my friend Ruby...

We were about 16, I guess, and we were invited to this fraternity party.

Now, nobody on the face of God's green earth... thinks he's smarter than those fraternity boys, right?

Mine was kinda neat, though.

I mean, he was tall, and he had black hair.

I couldn't believe him invitin' me.

Ruby and I got so drunk waitin' for those two turkeys to drop the bull... and start, you know, smoochin'.

You thought about that? Oh, yeah.

I thought only guys thought about that. Uh-uh.

So go ahead. Um...

So, we're at the party, and, um, Ruby asked me if I see anything funny.

Oh, I take a look around, and I see somethin' funny, all right.

Homeliest bunch of girls I have ever seen assembled in one place.

It was a pig party! What's that?

A P-I-G pig party?

You know, fraternity boys invite the ugliest girls they can, and then they just give out prizes.

My date got second prize.

Oh, I cried for a couple weeks, and I used to get comical calls in the middle of the night.

Atlanta's full of jokers.

I left about a month later.

You're the most beautiful girl that I've ever seen.

That's a fact, I swear to it.


Anytime, kid.

If it was pitch-dark, I'd know where I was by the smell of the trees.

Where's Junior?

Come on in. You can rest while I fix you some lunch.

I don't need no rest. I just need to look around.

What happened? Blew the engine over at Hickory. Spun out.

I keep tellin' him to get rid of it. But he won't listen.

No man in this family ever does.

Was he hurt? Not a scratch.

Then where is he? Wayne?

Come on, Daddy.

Watch your step.

All right. Every cop in the whole wide world.

Come out with your hands high.

Oh. Say what?

What the devil's goin' on here?

We call this here the Jackson Family Submarine.

It might cut back on the output some, but the quality'll still be the same.

One bead of blue flame, one swallow, forget your name.

I'll be damned. Whoo!

You guys...

Here. Use this, Daddy.

You give up on racin'? No, sir.

Cars cost money, though.

What's your old one worth?

Mmm... About two cents on the dollar.

What if you wreck your next one?

Well, I go to work right here.

Down at the lumber mill, they tell the story... about the nearsighted fella... who liked playin' around with a buzz saw.

Lost one finger.

Two. Three.

He kept right on playin' till all five was gone.

He looked at his hand and he said, "I'm beginnin' to think this here's a losin' game."

That fella sounds like a fool to me.

Ah. Uh-huh.

Now, it just might be you didn't get my point.

If you lose a race, you get other chances.

If you lose runnin' liquor, you get a prison cell, 'cause, boy, they got your number.

So what? A little jail never hurt nobody.

If you got five seconds to spare, you tell me all you know about jail.

Why, you don't know nothin'.

Not the first goddamn thing!

And you're never gonna.

Now, this is the only life I know of.

And I'm not gonna stop now, but my boys are gonna have somethin' different!

I don't know nothin' else. And you never will unless you stop right here!

How the hell am I supposed to get my money for the goddamn race car?

Boy, you don't talk to your daddy like that.

What's your name?

I said, what's your name? Elroy Jackson, Jr.

You'll find a way.

This is Junior Jackson here.

Mr. Burton Colt... Ma'am, will you sit down, please?

I'm here to show you how to quit losin' races.

Ain't it time you went with a winner?

How about it, Colt?

Send him in.

How you've changed.

Last time I saw you, you were gonna whip my ass with "whatever it by-God takes."

Now you want a job?

Two questions.

How long has it been since you won that thing? And do you want more?

Your manners haven't changed. I don't want no job neither.

I work for nothin', take 50% of the prize money.

To begin with that, I hire drivers on my terms.

And end up nowhere.

Where do you get off being so goddamn snotty?

I know my potential. So do you.

One race, 20%. You'll say 40, I'll say 30. Yes or no?

You're gonna have to give me an advance to pay for my boys.

What boys?

My crew.

My terms are as follows: You will drive one race for me... when, where and how I tell you for 30% prize money... wearin' my uniform, usin' my car, my equipment and my crew.

Yes or no?

Ladies and gentlemen, we direct your attention... to the start/finish line where brother Bill Frazer, chaplain of stock car racing, will offer a few words of spiritual counsel.

I'd like to read from the scriptures... found in the Book of James... in the New Testament in the fourth chapter.

You loved, and you have not. You kill in your desire to have and cannot obtain.

A racer, when he starts a race, he starts with one intention: reaching the checkered flag.

Some of you here today, grown men and women, don't know what you wanna do in life.

You know why?

Because there's this thing inside your life that wars with yourself.

It fights constantly, tearin' at you, lustin' with your members.

The members of your body... unrest, unhappiness.

And it's empty when you're born.

May God bless you and keep you in good health.

Now, listen to me. Stay with the leader.

Stay with him. And don't push her till we see how she runs. Understand?

And don't you make your move till I tell you.

You hear me?

Gentlemen, start your engines!

In this great field of drivers, we've got number 21 Davie Baer up front.

24, Speed Smith.

Tex Zimmerman. Kyle Kingman in 43, a hard charger.

And in car 12, driving for Burton Colt is Junior Jackson.

The cars are at turn four. Everybody waiting for that green flag to drop.

Coming out of turn four. And there's the green flag!

And they're all flat out as we go into number one.

Davie Baer grabs the lead.

A tremendous blast of speed is the only sound in the speedway.

Moving down the back chute and moving up fast, they're now humming as they pour into turn number three.

Moving up is car number 43. It's Kyle Kingman as they head to the north of the speedway.

And in the lead right now, Davie Baer, as they come off number four.

Kingman's moving up on the number three spot.

And Junior Jackson pulls his way in right behind him!

It's too early now, Junior. It's too early. Now, stay back, you hear?

Coming off number two. It's still Davie Baer in the lead as they move off number two.

A lot of action here as they sweep the motors in the speedway!

Boy, you gotta learn about strategy. You gotta learn strategy.

I said, sense. You don't got any.

Junior Jackson is concentrating on winning this thing.

There he goes, moving around! He's playing on the concrete wall.

Right up against that concrete!

Ladies and gentlemen, it's amazing, but...

They are running it out right down to the wire, going all out.

Now, listen, you come in the next time.

You remember what I said? You got cotton in your ears, boy?

All right, bring that thing in. You hear me?

Bring it in! Get out of my ear!

Get that board.

There's a mad scramble of action in the Junior Jackson pits.

The lines of communication must have broken down somewhere.

They're using the old-fashioned pit board to bring him in. You son of a bitch!

Uh-oh! There's trouble on the far turn.

Tommy Irwin smacks the wall, and he hits it hard.

This is gonna bring out the caution flag.

And it looks like the car is pretty well damaged, the front end banged up.

There'll be swarming drivers on the pit road.

Come on in, Kyle. Pit stop.

Kyle Kingman just dropped on the pit road... for some new shoes and a full tank of fuel.

Now Junior Jackson gears it back and moves onto the pit road.

He must be runnin' low on fuel too. And he's playin' it like a veteran.

God damn. You ain't listened to one thing I said!

The car's okay! That's not the point!

Oh, look at those pit crews in action swarming over the cars.

There goes the new tires. The green flag's up!

Kingman's got what he came for, and he roars out...

Get the lead out!

When I give you orders... Mail me a letter.

There's only 14 laps remaining in this grueling race.

And as tough as it's been, the drivers, champions that they are, are still picking the pace up steadily.

As we get down to the crucial stage, Junior laps number 8, Ed Reinhardt.

Now moving third.

Davie Baer still holds the lead. Kyle Kingman's on his back bumper nose-to-tail.

He's moving up now. Kingman's on the outside.

He does it! Kingman is in front.

Now it's a battle for second between Junior and Baer.

Junior stalks him! Stays on him! And he bangs him!

Pushing, shoving. He falls behind.

Junior passes him, and he's running second.

Only eight more laps to go, and Kyle Kingman's in the lead.

But Junior Jackson is hot on him in second place.

There's only one place to be, and that's in the lead.

Junior's playing it cool right now.

He's right in the challenging spot.

He's trying to figure how is he gonna get around the old baron in number 43.

Junior puts it right up against Kingman. Kingman gets worried.

He looks over his shoulder! He's trying to hold the outside!

But he can't do it! He looks the other way!

And it's a neck-and-neck battle side by side!

And moving off the turn, the signal's just gone up. There's two laps to go.

Only two laps remaining here. What a battle this has been.

And it's still a battle! Junior Jackson's right beside Kingman.

He's challenging, but he hasn't got it in his hip pocket yet.

And that's where he wants him. It's neck and neck, side by side as we go down.

And Kingman's gonna... Kingman's hit!

He's moved all the way from the back of the pack all the way to the front!

And here he goes for the checkered flag! He's taking it all the way!

Whoo! Hey, come on, man!

Hey, what are you... Come on, man!

Please! Come on!

Hey, Junior!

Junior, congratulations on winning the Old Dominion 500 here today.

How does it feel to be herein the winner's circle? It feels fantastic.

You drove a wonderful race. And, Burt, congratulations to you.

We had our problems today. We overcame 'em.

It's good to be back in the winner's circle.

Nice to have you here, and I hope to see you back here for the next race.


Yee-haw! Yee-haw!

Whoa! Whoo!

Hey, no more Hickory track for us, huh, buddy? Junior!

Oh, it was fabulous!

Oh, what a wingding!

See ya later. See ya.

And look at Kyle Kingman. You've worn him to a frazzle.

You still with him?

Are you crazy?

Haven't you done enough damage for one day?

Buster, you done real good.

But you watch out for next time.

That's a warnin'. Come on, lovebug. Let's hit the road.

Now, hold your horses. Well, it's three hours to Rockingham.

Well, hold your horses.

Well, hurry up. I ain't gettin' any younger.

Listen, you keep in touch now.

And take care of yourself, ya hear?

'Cause you're my darling.

Your share of the purse is three grand. Yeah, I know.

Minus half for insubordination.

You can't do that, Colt.

You know, in today's grown-up world, you gotta obey rules and regulations.

Now, as far as the terms of your employment...

I reckon this gives me a pretty fat hand, Colt, against you or anybody else I wanna race for.

You don't have a hand.

You have a bad history, boy. If you're my driver, I sign the checks.

I run the show. You drive.

That's how the big boys play this game. Now, are you in or out?

Well, I got another game for you. It goes somethin' like this.

My crew, 60% of the prize money.

Now, you'll say 40, I'll say 50.

Now, yes or no?

There's a press conference in the V.I.P. booth... in five minutes.


We won!

Well, I'm sure glad you could make it, Mr. Winner.

Where you goin' from here, Junior?

♪ Like the pine trees linin' the winding road ♪

♪ I got a name ♪

♪ I got a name ♪

♪ Like the singin' bird and the croakin' toad ♪

♪ I got a name ♪

♪ I got a name ♪

♪ And I carry it with me like my daddy did ♪

♪ But I'm livin' the dream ♪

♪ That he kept here ♪

♪ Movin' me down the highway ♪

♪ Rollin' me down the highway ♪

♪ Movin' ahead so life won't ♪

♪ Pass me by ♪