The Last Day of Summer (1958) Script

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There was conflict, hatred, mutual aversion and a wince of pain.

There was a dead end and flat faces of walls, pock-marked with bullets.

Tossed out of cattle cars, a herd driven with blows and screams.

And beside them dogs' paws, only dogs' paws.

Dogs' paws...


I know, one shouldn't live this way...

I know, I know...

But when a friend holds out a hand, I shield my head from a blow.

I shield myself from a human gesture, I shield myself from an impulse of tenderness.

What do you want here?

Go away!

Do you hear me?

Go away!

Go away or I'll call for help.

I forgot I couldn't swim...

You don't even know my name.

But I've known you for so long.

What are you babbling about?

How can you know me?

I've been following you for two weeks.

Wherever you go.

I watch you from the dunes.

You see, I'm not ashamed of anything.

It's cold...

It's cold, let's go.

Come on...


Here. Eat this.

We've finally met.

Are you staying for much longer?

No. I'm leaving in the evening.

Are you crazy?!

Don't take that tone with me.


You're strong.

But I'm not any weaker.

You little snot!

Come here.

Do you hear me?

Come or I'm going home.

You're like a child.

I may seem like one but I'm already twenty-eight.

And you?

Who? Me?

One should never ask a woman that.

Anyway, I'm almost your age.


Do it up.

Don't think that I wanted to kiss you to... to...

You know...

I only want to tell you that I'm completely alone.

My life is one big failure.

So what are you doing here? Nothing.

I wander around, I search...

You want to run away?

I'm sorry...

Where can one run away to?

Don't... I don't like it.

I'm all wet.

Don't turn around for a moment.

It looks like rain.

You can look now.

Look, it's noon!

Where did you learn all this?

I was a watchmaker once.

Mister watchmaker, lunch is served.

Do allow me to change.

May I?

Take your seat, sir.

These are for me? Yes, madam.

Good afternoon.

Would you like some fish?

It's really delicious.

May I smoke?


Would you?

It burns my fingers, madam!

I think it's one o'clock already.

Forgive me. I overstayed my welcome.

I'm waiting.

Hello there!


Why did you run?

Why so silent?

It looks like rain.

You should hurry or you won't make it home.

You're mad at me?

Why would I be mad?

But you should go.

It really makes no sense.

You're a good boy.

Look, amber, a lucky stone!

You were a jeweler? What was I not...

Student, soldier, musician, clerk...

...lover, politician, deserter...

So much amber!

Your stones are worthless. Pick up the amber.

I prefer my stones.

You always want things to be your way.

How do you know it all?

I've learned.

Was it so bad for you?


I'm like a child, but with the bitterness and venom of an old monkey.

And who are you really? What does it matter?

Aren't there enough people like me wandering around the world?

I'll tell you my secret if you stay.

I'm leaving in eight hours. Why talk about it?


I know you have no one. I'm sure of it.

Oh, God, what a fool!

God, what a fool!

Rain! Let's run!


Give it to me.

Hold it!


Lift it up!

What a downpour.

Come closer. We must survive somehow.

What a desert. At least we have a roof.

We'll get soaked.


We'll both drown.

Careful or the roof will collapse!

Do you hear it?

Something is ringing in the ground.

Telegraph cables.

I don't believe it.

I was in love once.


A long time ago.

Not that long ago...

I was then...

I guess...

Don't think I'm much older than you.

He went to fight in the war, then he got to England...

He was a pilot.

I've been waiting for so long...

You're laughing?

No, just smiling.

Why are you smiling?

I don't know. I guess I feel good.

I'm sorry.


You probably...

For you, it's a...

I won't say it...

You really think that?

That I'm looking for an affair?

You're lying!

You're lying, I know you are.

You all lie.

You're like a child.

We're all like children.

Foolish, mad children.

Get back here right now, you hear me?

Are you mad?

I'll drown myself!

I can't hear you!

I'll drown myself!

Get out of the water, you hear me?

Come back!

What are you doing? Come back!

Come here!



Or you'll catch a cold.

Go on!

Would you kindly check the time on your clock?

Why are you afraid of me?

I wanted to give you my amber.

Three... five... seven...

Hello there! Can you hear me?

It's probably after five but I can't be precise!

The clock has sunk!

God, it's so late!

I still have to pack.

What do you mean - pack?

I've already told you, it's the last day of my summer.

Come, I will show you the place where we'll build our house.


Come on!


Come on!


This is the place for those who are tired, who want neither to win nor lose.


I can't promise you anything.

I don't know what will happen.

But I will die for you.


It makes no sense.

Why are you going back?

The little I can give you, is still more than you'll find there.

If you go, we will never meet again.

It makes no sense.

This is my last summer holiday.

I will never have one again.

Maybe I should just leave?

No, don't go. You will walk me to the station.

No, thank you.

Either you stay or I go.

Come here...

Sit by me.

I don't know how to tell you, but I know...

I feel that's for the best.

I have to go back. I'll go with you.

No, you can't...

I can't anymore.

And I don't want to.

I'm not that young. Stop talking nonsense!

You've given up like everyone else on this cursed Earth.

If anyone did, it certainly wasn't me.

If you knew...

I won't meddle in the affairs of others.

To hell with them.

Maybe they'll be happy there.

I've never wanted anything for myself before.

It's not worth starting.

It's already done.

That's the way my life is.

Maybe it's for the best.

We're the last two people on the Earth.

You still got your obstinacy.

But I have nothing.


I'll take the night train.



I said I'll be late and I'll have to take the night train.




What time is it?

There is still time, a lot of time.

What do you mean, there is still time?

Five, six, seven years...

I'm asking you one last time.

I've never said "I love you".

I'd have sworn I never would.

If I were to say that to anyone, it would only be you.

I'd like to thank you...

I'm rich now.

Very rich.

So rich that...

Do you hear me?

As they used to say:

Remember me well...

Excuse my babbling.

Hooo! Hooo!







Cast of characters: Irena Laskowska Jan Machulski