The Last Godfather (2010) Script

The cops!

Get them!

Come on!

Come on!

That's Tony V.

The only thing that matters in this crazy world is family.

Tu famiglia.

Everything else comes in second.

Agreed? Agreed.

And that is why you are all here today.

So I want you to realize the decision I've come to I did not come to lightly.

It is time.

I am stepping down as don.

Stepping down?

Don Carini, this is--

State zitti. Respect!

Thank you, Anthony.

Don Carini, I think I speak for everyone present.

You are too young to retire.

No, I am an old man.

I've lived a long life.

But nobody lives forever.

If you think that this is the time to step down, Don Carini, then who are any of us to question your wisdom?

Anthony, ever since I took you in as a small boy, you have been like a son to me.

I am humbled by your kind words.

I could always count on you to think of the family first.

Until my dying breath.

You are loyal and respectful.

You know I care about the family more than anything else in this world.

And that is why I want you to help train my successor.


Anthony, you are like a son to me, but you are not my son.

All due respect, Don Carini, but you don't have a son.

I do have a son.

He is the one I want to take over the head of this family.

Remember when I had to take a powder during the last war with the Bonfantes?

I jumped on a ship headed for Asia, and there, in all places, Korea, I met the woman who captured my heart.

Soo Mi Park.

Skin like butter.

Hair as soft as silk.

We had a son together.

She named him...


The Bonfantes found out where I was hiding and they sent one of their zips.

And Soo Mi, my soulmate, took the bullet that was intended for me.

I had no choice but to bring my young son, Younggu, to an orphanage, and return to America alone to settle business.

But I never forgot about my boy, my blood, my son, Younggu.

Don Carini, I will go to Korea this instant and bring your son home.

That won't be necessary, Macho.

The nun at the orphanage is relocating here, so they're coming together.

If he's anything like you, boss, I'm sure he's a handsome guy, huh?

You got that right.

Don Carini, they're here.

They're here!

All right, gotta go. Get up.

Step aside.

Younggu Carini, I am your father, Gino Carini.

And you are my son.

You my father?

I'm your son?

I didn't know.

Thank you.

Thank you taking such good care of my son.

How can I ever, ever repay your kindness?

Caring for Younggu was an

He's a special boy.


It makes me sad to say goodbye.

Oh, Theresa--

Don Carini...

All due respect, is this really your son?

He's hungry. It was a long trip.

I'm just saying.

It's a big job, running the family.

Maybe we can set him up in, you know, Queens, bookmaking, or maybe loansharking.

Let me say this once more.

Younggu is my son, and he's going to head this family.

If you have a problem with that, then we have a problem.

Forgive me, Don Carini. I got no problem.

Good, 'cause it's up to you, Tony, to show him the ropes.

To get him up to speed and to make sure he's ready for the day when he becomes the capo de tutti capo.


O capito.

Spaghetti big problem.



Let me get this straight.

Don Carini has a son?

It must'a been when he hid out during the last mob war.

Yeah. Carini just brought him over from Korea.

And get this.

He just told all his men his son is gonna be the next don.

A foreigner son? That don't make sense.

It gets better.

This son, my guy on the inside said that he's a total moron.

Don Carini may be a rat, but he's the smartest rat I ever met, and he would not hand the reins of his family over to some simpleton.

We gotta test this son.

Give it to Bobby Donuts.

Don, about Bobby Donuts.

Divers found the body this morning.

Bobby Donuts.

He was a soldier for the Bonfantes.

No doubt payback for Harry the Horse.

You know, if these gang guys keep killing themselves, we're gonna be out of a job.

Good work, Jeff.

Word has it the Carinis have stolen cargo from the airport.

Oh, yeah? Well, I gotta see that with my own eyes.

And Don Carini has brought in some fresh blood.

A new underboss.

An import. From Sicily?

No, Korea.

They brought a guy in from Korea?

Oh, this is bad.

No. No, no, hey, no.

Oh, man, come on!

I just had her washed and waxed.

Look at this! Oh, man!

What an idiot.

She's the love of my life.

All right, wrap this thing up.

Get me a dossier on this new guy, and let's see if we can't keep the city from breaking out into an all-out mob war.

Will you guys find out what dossier means?

Yeah, sure.

How's the body?

Stabbed? Was he shot?

He got on concrete boots?

Come on now, Younggu. What's taking so long?

Come on, Younggu. While we're young.

Why you look at me?

You look like a circus clown.

Younggu, you wanna be a made man, you gotta look like a made man.

Man no maid.

Arturo, come here.

Hook him up with a sharkskin suit, some silk shirts, ltalian loafers, the works. Okay?

It's gonna take longer than we thought.

Yeah, let's look around.

Show me something with a wider lapel.

This guy is driving me nuts.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Wait. Stop it!

Not there. Hey, wait a minute!

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Get it out!

Gimme that!

What is this?

Don't touch! Don't touch!


Or I'll smack you!

Okay. School's in.

The Carini family controls everything from Mott Street to the Delancey Street park down there.

This is our turf.

Oh, our turf.

Yeah. Everything you see is ours.

We get our cut... Stay right there!

...from every retail shop, every construction project, every trash pickup.

It's all ours.

Oh. Our trash.

Yeah. It's all ours.

It must hurt not getting picked by Don Carini.

Shut up.

We can't take this mamaluke on rounds.

He's gonna make us look bad.

I know. I know.

Oop. Don't move!

What is wrong with him? Look at this cucumber.

Yeah, let's go. Come on.

Come on. Sit down right here.


Okay. We got some important business to attend to.

We're gonna take a walk around the block, okay?

Our block?

That's right, our block.

And I need for you to sit right here and not move.

Can you do that? Sit. Stay.

I like stay. I don't move.

Good boy.

Good boy. Don't lose your hat.


I don't care what Carini says.

This idiot's gonna wreck everything.

He looks older than my Uncle Eddie.

He looks older than your Uncle Eddie's Uncle Eddie.

Those orphanages ain't exactly the fountain of youth.

You think they're giving 'em enough milk?

They should give kids more milk in the orphanages.





Ooh! Too big, huh?


What is this?




Hey, you're coming with me, all right?

You're coming with me!

Don't fight!

Get out of here, you bum!

Get outta here!

Hey, I save you, don't worry.

You're coming with me all right? Come on!


Good smell!

Good feeling!

Okay. I'm save you. Okay?

Okay, I got you.

Vinnie? You okay?

You know you're not supposed to be in the park alone.

Nancy! Nancy?

Hey! Get out of here!

What are you doing, Younggu?

You can't leave him alone for a second.

I told you to sit on the bench!


Hat? You forgot your hat again, didn't you?

You forget that hat again, I'm gonna staple it to your head!

Come on!

You can't leave this guy alone!

Oh, I like Nancy.

Who? Nancy Bonfante?


Don Bonfante's daughter? Get outta here!

Nancy pretty.

Let me tell you something, Younggu.

Nancy Bonfante is off limits.

She's trouble with a capital T.

She's a Bonfante, and Carinis do not socialize with Bonfantes.

Like Romeo and that broad.

It ain't never gonna happen.

She's the daughter of your father's sworn enemy.

Here, Tony.

Pete pays us. For protection.

It's one of the many services we provide.

Immigrants such as yourself come to this country with nothing, and they all wanna grab a slice of the American dream.

But who's gonna help them? Huh? Banks? No.

Cops? Forget about it.

We're gonna help them, but for a small weekly gratuity.

You get it? I know.

That leprechaun, he's missed two payments already.

Three and he's out.

Well, let's finish our pizza and then we'll beat him until he tells us where his pot of gold is.

Want some?

He's an animal.

I good choice.

So, I'm telling you, man, I was like, bada-bing, bada-bang, pop, pop, pow.

There was this other guy there.

Yeah, I lumped him up, too.

He was very heroic.

I do what I can.

My hero.

What were you doing in the park by yourself, anyway?

I was coming back from volunteering at the orphanage.

All the time at this orphanage.

And what is with this volunteering, Nancy?

It's a waste of time.

I don't see it as wasting my time, Daddy.

I like giving back.

Oh, really?

Nancy, you listen to me.

In this world, you don't give.

In this world, you take!

But those kids have nobody.

They're not supposed to have anybody.

They're orphans.

Vinnie, I guess I gotta thank you for what you did for Nancy.

If anything had happened to her, forget about it.

Forget about it. Forget about it.

Yeah, forget about it.

That's what I said!

Did you get a look at the animal who attacked her?

Yeah, it was one of those Carini scums.

No. He didn't act like he was part of an organization.

He was--

He's lucky I didn't put an ice pick in his eye and throw him in the river!

All right? Those Carinis are animals!

I'd never let anything happen to you, though.

You know that. Ever.

We can do this all day.

It's like Christmas in spring here.

I love the cold.

What the hell are you guys doin' here?

What's the matter with you?

This isn't what-- I told you to torture him not tickle him!

It wasn't my idea.

Not your idea! What, you taking orders from him now?

I left you in charge!

The Younggu Carini.


Oh! God bless you, Tony V!

Now flip him over!

All right. Here you go.

He likes Christmas carols.

All right. All right with the ice. All right.

Okay, Younggu.

Now, the Carinis are all about maintaining the order of things.

All right? We're like the neighborhood watch.

One big, happy family.

And like any family, sometimes you gotta send...

the ultimate message.



Quiche. Stand him up.

Come on.

No, no. Stay!

Don't move.

Tony, Don Carini's not gonna like this.

We're just supposed to rough this guy up.

Shut up, Macho. Okay.

How we gonna get our money if the guy is dead?

Shut up, Macho. Okay.

I'm just saying.

You're just saying?

Now, listen to me, you big gabone.

Don Carini wants him to take over the family. Huh?

All right, so we gotta make sure he's up for the job.

It's a test. Oh, a test?

Yes. I'm bad at tests.

Well, it's not your test. Now shut your pie hole.

Okay, Younggu.

Now you gotta show me that you can do it.

Capisce? Quiche.

Quiche. What shall I do?


I'm getting tired of this. Gimme this thing!

Tony, please. This is a test, right?

I want my money!

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Don Carini.

I'd like a word with you in private.

Later, Tony.

I wanna talk to Younggu about the future.

Yeah, well, that's the thing.

I think we should have a conversation, too.

Not now.

I wanna spend time with my boy.

Younggu, my son. My father.

I thought you always worked the garden with Don Carini.

Apparently not.

But the tomatoes, that was your thing with Don Carini, right?

Yeah. Well, now it's Younggu's thing.


Cow shi--poo.

It don't seem right.

Don Carini has you working the soil, sowing the seeds, irrigating.

It's like those are your tomatoes.

Yeah. Well, now they're Younggu's tomatoes.

No! Poo-poo.

Go figure.

He eats the tomato you nurtured.

Nobody's gonna be eating any tomatoes if that idiot takes over the family.

Well, that's a shame, 'cause those are beefsteak tomatoes.

Will you forget about the tomatoes?!

It's not about the tomatoes!

If this guy takes over the family, we're finished!

We gotta save the family!

And the tomatoes.

We gotta save Don Carini from his own good intentions.

You ain't saying what I think you're saying.

I don't know what you're thinking, but if you say tomatoes one more time, I'm gonna put two bullets in your squash.

That's zucchini.

I'm surrounded by morons.


Hi-ho, Silver!.

A fiery horse with the speed of light.

A cloud of dust and a hearty hi-ho, Silver.

The Lone Ranger.

What, are you watching TV?

Come on, that's the Lone Ranger.

The guy's unbelievable.

Don't forget about his trusted lndian sidekick, Tonto.


That's like us, Vinnie.

We're your Tonto.

That's what worries me about youse two.

You can't do anything right.

You're supposed to make me look good in Nancy's eyes, but instead, you chase her for three blocks and you get beat up in the park by some bozo.

That other guy, I saw him walking away with Tony V and Macho.

You sure?

Yeah. He was with the Carinis.

That must be Don Carini's son.

That makes perfect sense.

So, like, you ain't mad at me no more--

Shut up!

You left him alone?

We had a little business to take care of.

You left him alone.

Yes, Don, yes.

And for that, I truly apologize.

But there's something bigger going on here.

It's something we can't ignore.

And that would be?

These are mean streets.

Not everybody's cut out for our line of work.

I mean, to survive in this game you gotta have endurance, discipline, strength.

You gotta know how to take care of yourself.

And I think it's pretty obvious that Younggu is a little lacking, you know, in these arenas.

You're right.

He is a little soft.

Grew up without a father.

I can't deny the truth.

I know what we must do.

I'm sure this must be hard.

Not really.

You need to teach him how to fight like a man.


Anthony, if he is going to survive, he needs to learn how to fight.

Who better to teach him than you?

I didn't mean that.

That's not what I meant. What I meant was--

I don't care what you meant.

Take him into the gym.

Teach him how to defend himself.

Capisce? Capisce.

Listen up.


You are now part of the Carini family, and you must protect that family, no matter what you're up against.

You understand me?


You're here to learn about street fighting.

There's no Marquess of Queensberry rules out there.

Out there it's anything goes.

Pick it up.

Anything can happen at any point.

What's the matter with you? Pick it up.

Pay attention!


What are you laughing at?

No, relax, Tony. Easy, easy, easy, easy.

Calm, calm, calm down.

Just take it easy, all right?

What are you laughing at?


Yeah? It's not funny, huh? It better not be.

This is life or death out there.

Drop your bats.

Drop it!

Pay attention!

Very good. Watch.

Very good. Your turn.

Very--No, no good.


Will you catch it?

Tony, you're gonna fracture his skull!

He's gotta catch it!

All right, but take it easy.

All right. He's all right.

Calm down.

Pick these bats up.

Pick it up. Okay.

All right. I want you two, attack me, okay?

Give me everything you've got.

Lay me out. Show him how it's done.

All right.


Here we go.


Okay. Now I am going to attack you.

Okay. Okay.



Why is hitting me?

What? You think your enemy is going to attack you the same way every time?

Your enemy is smart.

He's gonna change his tactics every time.

One more time.

I like slowly.

Slowly? Okay.

Very good.

You-- No, no, no.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Wait. Tony, I don't like this!

You got that look in your eye.

Now, this is our boss' son.

You cannot hurt him bad.

Calm down.

He's a quick learner.

Let's start him in collections. Okay?

Okay. All right.

You're gonna be in collections, okay?

All right.

All right. All right. Good guy.

What, are you out of your mind?

Calm down! Calm down! Calm down!

Gimme the money.

Carini family.

Mom, more, more, more, more.

Don't worry.

Whoa. One...

You took what?


Everybody don't want to pay.

Of course they don't want pay-- to pay.

Nobody wants to pay.

You gotta make them pay.

And what is that you're wearing?

You look like a bum!

Bum look like me.

What the hell's wrong with you?

Listen to me, Younggu.

This ain't a charity we're running here.

This is a business.

And I expect everyone in the Carini family to be an earner.

Sorry, Father.

It's okay. Everybody's got to learn sometime.

The Carinis take money and make money.

Don't worry.

No. Don't touch me.

Okay. I take money.

Inside very hot.

Yeah, well, take that schmatta off.

Oh, money!

Hey, what are you doing?

I take money.

You throw money. I take money.

No, we're pitching pennies.

You know, pitching pennies? It's a game.

I take your money!

Come on! Give it back!

Give it back. It's ours.

Get back. He's got a gun!

Take all the money you want.

We don't want to cause any trouble.

Okay. I have to make money because, uh...

I'm mafia.

Here. Take it.

Oh, thank you. You, too.

Thank you. Oh, thank you.

Let's go. It's you.

Oh, it's me.

I never got a chance to thank you for the other day.

You welcome.

My name is Nancy.

I'm Younggu.

Nice to meet you. Me too.

So, you like children.

Of course. Childrens is very kind.

I'm actually on my way to visit some kids right now.

Would you like to join me?

You didn't have to bring everything at once, you know.

I'm okay. Don't worry.

Hi, Nancy!

Would you look at those angels?

See how bright their smiles are?

They are orphans?

Yes, orphans.

I come here once a week to play with them.

Ooh, ooh, Theresa!


Glove. Thanks.



Oh. Beautiful, eh?


You got any marbles?

Good price.

How do you know Younggu?

I took care of him in Korea.

He was all alone just like these children.

All God's children are special.

Younggu is just a little... more special.


Next time.

Don't cry. Don't cry.

Younggu isn't like the other orphans.

In fact, Younggu isn't an orphan at all.

He has a father.

Younggu has a father?

Don Carini.

Eew. Yuck.

The children have to leave the orphanage soon.

Why? Why leaving children?

Well, the orphanage is closing.


There's no money to keep it running.

Nancy, you help children.

Me? What can I do?

I try to get my father to help, but these things don't interest him.

Oh. Okay, don't worry.

I help your children.

Here. Fork give big problem.

Let me help you.

Oh, boy. Vinnie is really not gonna like this.

Oh, boy, we gotta go.

What? You did what?

You were with who?

Unlike some people I know, Younggu knows how to treat a woman.

Are you thinking straight?

We are at war with them, and you're having dinner with Carini's son?

I hear he's a dim-wit.

Papa, he's sweet.

You are not to see him again, and that is final!

Can you believe this Carini?

He's siccing his sick son on my Nancy!

Don't worry, boss. I'll make sure it never happens again.

You'll make sure?

What are you thinking, Vinnie?

That's messy.

It'll send a message.

Now what are they up to?

Carini's hijacked another truck from the airport.

They're unloading the cargo right now.

Boy, they just don't stop.

What the hell's going on?

How long's it gonna take us to unload a truck?

I thought you told me there was only a few on here.

It was only a few. I don't know.

You don't know? What's the matter?

You're supposed to make the count!

This is ridiculous at this point.

Come on!

Something's wrong. Something's wrong.

Put 'em on the--

What are you doing, Younggu?

My shoe is under the wheel.

Oh, that's it. Youse guys finish.

I'm taking a break!

What? Push the cart!


Then one-shoe comes along, and now I'm unloading crates!

We're out here because of you!

I ain't doing it anymore!

You and that moron over there! I'll get coffee.

Now you got me upset!

Let's go.

Look at that!

All right, new game, new game.

Better be a new game. You're down a C-note.

Yeah, well, I know, give me another--

Fizzing ball.

No, no, no!

Don't do that!

What was that?


What's going on?

Younggu saved our lives.

He threw the live bomb away.

That's my boy!

You okay? Okay.

You see that, Tony? I know what I'm doing.

I got incredible instincts when it comes to matters of character.

If I didn't pick right, we'd all be dead now.

Younggu, come here.

My son, I'm so proud of you.

Thank you.

Anybody that questions Younggu's place in this family needs to be reminded of what we all saw today.

Raw heroism.

Valor. Balls.

Big, brass Carini balls.

Look what they did to my baby!

I just had it waxed!

The Bonfantes just upped the ante.

They wanna play?

We're gonna show 'em how we play.

Bonfante doesn't know it, but he's eating his last supper.

We're not gonna get within 50 feet of Raffaelo's.

Yes, we are.

Younggu, stay here.

I want you to hit the detonator when you hear me whistle.



Okay. Whistle.

Careful. Careful.

Okay. Come around here. Come.

Tony? What?

That bakery?

We're not gonna blow up the bakery, are we?

Tony, it's a very good bakery. Just shut up, Macho!

Their cannolis are fabulous. I just think...

You know I'm allergic to fish. Will you shut up, Macho?

I have asthma. Just get in there!

I'm allergic to fish! Get in here!

I'm allergic to fish.

Let's get out of here!

Things are getting messy, and I don't like it when things get messy.

You know what happens when things get messy?

Take a shower.

Don Carini, all due respect.

If we weren't baby-sitting Younggu here, we could get a hell of a lot more stuff done.

You have a problem with my flesh and blood?

I'm just saying.

I don't care what you're saying.

There's a war going on here.

I want Bonfante dead, and I want Younggu to do it.

All due respect, I think that's a very bad idea.

All due respect, shut your mouth!

Younggu is gonna take Bonfante out tomorrow when that old guinea takes his daily walk.

You think you can do that?


Take him to the zoo, huh?

All right, all right. Come here. Come here.

All right, now make your father proud.


Get outta here, will ya? Go, go.

Go, go, go. Okay.

This is never gonna work.

What do you mean? It's a win-win.

What are you talking about?

Look, either one of two things are gonna happen.

Younggu's gonna whack Don Bonfante, it's a win, right?

Or, he don't, but he gets pinched by the cops.

That's a win, too.

He goes upstate for a quick two to five.

Our guys up there look out for him.

In the meantime, Don Carini comes to his senses and realizes there's better qualified candidates to take over the family. Win-win.

You really got this thought out. Yeah.

One of us here needs a brain.

Come on. It's 5 till 10:00.

I'll buy you a hotdog.

I'll have a hotdog, extra onions, extra relish.

Cheese, kraut, catsup.

You got anchovies?

Come on, what's the matter with you?

Right on time.

Thank you, Don Bonfante.

This looks nice today.

You can smell the flowers.



Come on. I didn't eat my hot dog.

This is not win-win.

Shut up and let's go!

Where is he?

Hey! Hey!

That's Younggu!

That's Younggu?

Get him!

Hey, watch it!

Get in!

Tony! Tony!



Go! Go! Go!

Tony, you gotta slow down!

Stop the car! Tony!

Maybe this was a mistake bringing you here.

Wishful thinking on my part.

You're not a mobster, Younggu.

You're not from these streets.

You're not cut out for the life.

Sorry I fail you.

No, Younggu!

I'm the one who has failed you.

I was not there to father you properly and guide you down our path.

And now it's too late.

I got a lot of thinking to do.

Leave me be.

I want to be alone.

Sorry, Father.

I'm gonna fix this.

Oh, Soo Mi.

You make money?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yes. Yeah? When?

Now, now, now, now.

Yeah. Now?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah?

Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

You make money, okay? Okay. Yeah, yeah.

I'm mafia, huh?




Mr. Carini?

I'm sorry, I didn't...

You make money, huh?

Aah! What are you doing?

Understand? I'm mafia.

Mr. Carini!

You make money, huh?


Oh. Hmm.

You have money, huh?

Hey, you, huh?





Good. Good!

We've located Younggu, and, um... you're not going to like it.

Did the Bonfantes get to him?


Younggu's decided to take over collections and he's asserting himself in the neighborhood.

What's so bad about that?

Don Carini, I have been loyal to you from day one.

I would never, ever try to betray you or any of your wishes.

All due respect, I think it would be wise to send Younggu away for a while.

He's my son. He's my flesh and blood!

I know. But, Don Carini, you got to admit, he's just not cut out for this line of work.

And you and I both know what happens to people who are too weak to survive in our business.

One-two, one-two. That's it.

Hold it up. Slow.

There he is.

Body, head. Go!

Look, he's working out.

Getting stronger. Trying to make the grade.

Maybe it's not as bad as you think.

Yeah? We'll see.

Hey, Younggu!

One swing, three knockouts.

Gimme some time alone with my boy.

Younggu, what's all this?

You want tiger, I become tiger.

Younggu, we need to talk.

As a father I wanted to teach you everything, give you everything.

Make up for lost time.

But you know what?

This business ain't for you.

This life is tough and rough and dangerous.

Oh, you mistake.

I'm tough and rough.

No. You got your mother's sensitivity, and that can be put to better use.

It's just that you are not cut out for the life.


No make you proud.

It ain't that.

Look, if anything happened to you, I couldn't live with myself.

I just think maybe it's better if we find you another place.

Younggu go?

No. I'll set you up in a front.

You can live the straight and narrow life.

But I don't think there's any place for you in the family business.


Don Carini.

Don Carini.

I thought I told you to wait outside.

I know, I know, but you're never gonna believe this.



My boy.


Come here, come here, you.

My boy.

That's my boy!

Thank you, Don Carini. Thank you, Younggu.

It's the mini-skirt, the new fashion.

I owe you everything!

Thank you.

Father, beautiful.

Thank you, Don Carini. Thank you, Younggu.


Younggu, you're a genius!



It's so good.

Hey, what's in this?

Two all beef patties, special sauce, Iettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.

Hey, Mac, what do you call it?

Big, huh? Too big.

Big Mac, huh?

Big Mac.

That's got a nice ring to it.

A Big Mac.

Oh, thank you, Younggu.

You saved my diner with the Big Mac.

I got over 500 served!

Congratulation. Thank you.

Big Mac.

Father, Younggu still go?

Forget about it.

You ain't going nowhere, sonny boy.

The shopkeepers in the Carini neighborhood, they wanna pay more protection money than they are supposed to.

It's all because of Younggu.

Nancy, please!

Times are hard, business is down, our own shops are dying, and the Carini shops want to pay more?

Yeah. Our own people from our own neighborhood, they want to go over to the Carini part of town.

They want to shop and they want to dine out over there.

He's just got this way about him.

He brings out the kindness in upstanding people.

Nancy, please, he tried to kill your own father!

What? Vinnie.

That can't be true.

Well, it is true. I saw it with my own two eyes.

Well, there must be some mistake.

Yeah, there is a mistake and you know what the mistake is?

It's talking business with you in the room!

You know she's got the hots for him, right?

That's my daughter you're talking about!

Don, listen, please.

All I'm saying is, they've been spending a lot of time together and it just ain't natural.

Vinnie, do you have something that you want to say to me?

All right, I want everyone to listen up.

The stronger the Carinis get, the weaker the Bonfantes get.

Now, I don't want to hear excuses.

I don't want to hear explanations.

I want results!

Now, who is gonna step up and give me results?

When's the old man gonna learn it's better to listen to me?

Well, you know, you were talking about his daughter, Vinnie.

What does she see in that guy? He's a half breed.

Half breed? Like...


It's time I make my move.

Back to Jersey.

Get outta here!

What? Just trying to cheer you up.


Oh, Nancy.

Mary told me you saved her shop.

Oh, of course.

So, how do I look?

Oh, beautiful.

Look, I brought you wine.

No, thank you.

Hey, what are you doing?

Let me take you around town.

Around town?


Okay, let's go.

Where's she going?

Oh, beautiful park.

And a beautiful day.

Yes, beautiful day.

Oh, I like a treat, hmm?



Oh, Flower. Pretty.

Oh, beautiful.

I give to you. Oh, so sweet.

Before we go any farther, I have to ask you something.

Oh, honey.

This is difficult.

I mean, Vinnie and my father are under the crazy impression that you tried to, you know...

Okay. Honey.

Oh, it's hard for me to even fathom. I mean, you wouldn't hurt a fly.

Oh, don't move.

Aah! It went down my sweater!

Okay, don't worry.

Sweet mother of God!

That's stamina.

Shut up.

You know, I bet that guy uses the dust of rhino horns as an aphrodisiac, because he's an animal.

Bye-bye, honey.


Thank you.

You really wouldn't hurt a fly.


Younggu, my son.

What was I thinking?

You're a genius.

Business is better than ever.

Whatever you want, say the word.

To Younggu!


To my father!


Salad! Salad!

Have fun.

Hey, Younggu, you wanna dance?

Ooh! Scared.

Would you like to dance with me?

Oh, Nancy.

What are you doing?

Tony! Where is Nancy?


Look at this guy. Come on.



To Nancy! Salad!

To who?


To Nancy Bonfante?

Yes, Nancy.

What are you, a wise guy?

You don't toast a Bonfante.

They're our sworn enemy.

Nancy kind.


She's a Bonfante.

Kind Bonfante.

Listen to me, Younggu.

The Bonfantes want our business.

They want our territory.

And they would kill any of us just to get their hands on it.

You don't ever toast a Bonfante, unless you're burying one.

But I like Nancy.

What is wrong with you?

Stupid boy!

Macho, put down the bakery.

Make sure he's okay.

Yeah, boss.

There you are.

Aw, don't let it bother you, Younggu.

We've all been there.

I remember one time I forgot to pay off a judge.

Your father ripped me a new one.

Oh! I was so upset, I didn't eat for a day.

What are you doing, Younggu?

Oh, Macho. Oh, I have shamed my family.

Forget about it.

Just don't toast the enemy again.



But Nancy not enemy.

Look, Younggu, women are very complicated.

It's not their fault.

They have curves in all the right places and they smell nice.

But so does a calzone.

But I like Nancy, you understand?

Yes, I understand.

I also understand that Vinnie likes Nancy, which means now Vinnie has a problem with you.

Next thing you know we got bullets and blood and bodies in the street, all because you like Nancy.

Macho, stop, please.

My head hurt.

I think I got a cure for that.

Forget about it.

Let's go.


We as men have appetites. Appetites that must be filled.

But there are many choices on the menu.

I mean, I love pasta, but I couldn't eat it every day.

Sometimes I like rump roast.

To roast!

Sometimes I like leg of lamb.

To lamb!

Sometimes I'm in the mood for breast of chicken.

To chicken!

I like crab!

Crabs? Nah, I don't like crabs.

Hey, what's this?

You two are best friends now?

Oh, Tony V, you like big sausage?

You like sausage!

Yeah. So? What the hell's so funny?

I've been looking everywhere for you two gabones, and this is where I find you?

In this den of inequity where only the most desperate and low life characters assemble?

Hiya, Tony. Not now, sweetheart.

Don Carini wants to see you two clowns.

To clowns!


Hey, you know what?

The hell with this.

Hey, Tony!


Wait, wait, wait!


Hey, Tony, wait up!


Don't shoot!



Younggu, can you slow down a little, please?

There's no floorboard!

Slow down!

I can't keep up!

Slow down!

Slow down, Younggu. I'll shoot ya!

I swear to God I'll shoot ya!

First I'm gonna kneecap you.

Then I'm gonna slit your stinkin' throat.

I'm gonna rip your heart out and make a nice carbonara sauce.

Cut to the chase, Vinnie.

What do you want?

What do I want? What we both want.

Power. Control.

Domination. Respect.

All right, I want Carini's turf.

I want Bonfante's turf. I want it all!

Younggu, get on the box.

Let's see what's going on.

Do I look like a box? You're crazy.

Have you no loyalty?

Loyalty? What do you know about loyalty?

Hey, I'm loyal to Don Carini.

Like hell you are!

What do you see, Younggu?

Are you listening? You think I'm deaf?

Ever since that little idiotic son of his came around, you ain't the top dog no more, are you?

Look, if you're gonna kill me, kill me. Otherwise, shut your pie hole.

I'm getting tired. Can we trade positions?


Tony, I'm not here to kill you. All right? We need each other.

I figure we hook up, forget about it, we'll be running this city.

What, you and me?

That ain't never gonna happen.

It already has happened.

Carini and Bonfante, they were like blood brothers.

Look at 'em now. Sworn enemies.

There's your loyalty.

It ain't never gonna happen, so kill me, Vinnie, all right?

Just kill me.

I need a break.

Rocco, check it out.

I got it. Get the other one! Get the other one!

Younggu, look out!

I'm save you!

Watch out, will you?

Gimme that!

Hold him!

Gimme that!

Gimme this!

Come on. Let's go.


Macho. Macho. Macho!

Oh, don't worry.

Let me at him!

Come on, you. Come on.

All right, hold on. Hold on.

One, two, three.

Your shoes stink!

Macho, you get in.

I ain't gettin' in that thing.

I'll get in.

Why didn't you tell me the floorboard's missing?

The floorboard's missing.

Thanks, Younggu. You saved my life back there.

We save each other's life, Tony.


I'd be sleeping with the fishes right now if it wasn't for you.

We don't harm each other. We are family.

That's right. I guess we are.

I guess that makes me the chauffeur.

Oh, pardon me. I didn't mean to interrupt your family reunion.


I heard you were looking for me.

I heard somebody tried to grab Tony V last night.

Where'd you hear that?

I got a lot of ears out there, Vinnie.

I didn't order that.

I had my reasons.

I don't want to hear them.

There is a chain of command that must be respected.

I give the orders.

Of course, Don Bonfante--

You don't push the button on anyone without my say-so.

I didn't push the button.


I let him go.

You let him go?

Look, Don, Tony V doesn't matter no more, right?

I found out Younggu is gonna betray his own father, Don Carini.

Okay. Younggu is gonna betray Don Carini.

Now, why would he do that?

I don't know. He's not right upstairs.

It's like a month-old melon up there.

Vinnie, he's a good soul.

A little too good, huh?

What's that mean?

Don, I swear on my mother's grave, I would never, ever disrespect you, but I think you should know that your daughter and Younggu, they've been, uh... how do I say this politely?

They've been double parking.

Watch it, Vinnie!

What are you talking about?

Look, don't lie, all right?

I saw it with my own two eyes.

All right. Enough!


Are you and this Younggu...

Daddy, Younggu is an innocent.

He isn't even capable of thinking about what Vinnie is suggesting.

I'm telling you, nothing happened between us.


Now, let me talk to this one.


Vinnie, if I ever hear you talking that way about my Nancy again, I swear...

Don, Younggu's a wild card.

If you ask me, I think we need to get rid of him forever.

I didn't ask you.

He's trouble. I think we need to cut him up in little pieces and feed him to the neighborhood cats.

I do not want you to touch him.

You harm Don Carini's only son, and there's only one place for him to go for revenge, and that's my Nancy.

Do you understand, Vinnie?


Now, get.

Get the door for me.

You sure Vincent's making a play against Don Bonfante?

He tried to get me to flip over to his side.

He said the two of us would take both of you down.

Like I would ever betray you.

And Younggu saved your life last night?

He come storming in like the Flying Tigers, frees me, then he knocks out those two bums Iike Sugar Ray Robinson. Am I right?

My Younggu?

That Younggu?

You had to see it to believe it.


Younggu, it's me, Nancy.


I'm Younggu.

I know.

You know? Me, too.

Younggu, listen, I need to see you.


What time?

Right now. Meet me at the park, okay?

Okay. See you park.

I don't understand women.

I don't understand woman.

I don't understand woman.

I don't understand women.

How much? Free? Okay.

One, two, three, seven, eight, four, seven, one...

There he is. Yeah.

Here, use this.

Whack him with a pen?

This ain't no pen, all right?

It's like a syringe, all right? It's full of pure procaine.


No, you moron. Procaine.

Look, my cousin is a dentist.

1 00 ccs of this will make you numb.

This is about 50 times that amount.

Here's the safety, here's the switch.

Push it against the flesh.

Yeah, then what?

Then he dies, you idiot.

And they can't trace it back to us.

Make sure you get all of it in him, all right?

If not, it's just gonna make him loopier, and that we don't need.

If this don't work, next time we use propane.

Hi. Hi.


Nice night.

Nice night. Yeah.



I don't understand woman.




What? What? Nancy?

What, boss?

Nancy. She never made it home last night.

All right. I want all my men on the street looking for her!

Wait, wait. That's crazy.

Family's off limits.

You really think the Carinis would cross the line like that?

I don't know.

If they even touch one hair on her head, it's gonna be the end of the Carinis.

Look, no, we should all sit down and discuss this.

I got a better idea. Come on.

What? What, Vinnie? What?

What, are you kidding me?

You want me to sit around and do nothing? What?

Just for now, all right? They want us to retaliate.

They're waiting for us to retaliate.

And we are going to retaliate.

We are gonna hit them with everything we've got.

Look, no disrespect, Don Bonfante, but at the right time, right place.

On our terms, not theirs.

I shoulda known you'd be behind this, Vinnie.

Come here. Why don't you give me a kiss? Come on.

You're a dead man.

What do you think's gonna happen when my father finds out you kidnapped me?

Your father's not gonna be able to help you, okay?

When this is all over, I'm gonna be the main man in New York.

In your dreams.

What do you know about dreams?

You know what it's like to be born from nothing?

You're the don's daughter.

You've gotten everything handed to you.

Me? I had to make my own dreams come true.

I had to work my way through your father's organization.

And I did, the hard way.

But then Younggu Carini showed up and ruined everything.

So he left me no choice. I had to kill him.

You what?

Yeah. I pushed the button on him, and he's dead.

You...You're not a person.

You're a monster.

You'll never get away with it.

That's the thing, Nancy. I already have.

All right? And it's really quite simple from here.

Younggu's dead and Carini will think Bonfante ordered it.

And Bonfante will think it was Carini seeking revenge.

And I have to just sit here on the sidelines and watch.

And when I'm the new boss, despite your feistiness and lack of appreciation, you will be my bride.

I'd rather die.

Aw, you say that now.

But, you know, when this thing's over, we're gonna have a really good time.


Rocco's acting a little strange. What?

I am the Lone Ranger!

Whoa, Silver.

I save the princess and rescue the town from the evils of the world.


Rocco, snap out of it.

Look, do you know who I am?


He's whacked out of his mind.

There's no way he took care of that thing last night.

Silver's thirsty.

Ah, drink. Drink, girl. Good horse.

Of course I took care of that thing.

I always get my man.

That's good, Rocco.

Where did you put Younggu's body?

Younggu? Is he the bad man?

Then I must stop him.

Hi ho Silver!


Take it easy!

Rocco! Rocco!

Get him over here. Snap out of it.


"Be at the market by noon tomorrow if you wanna see Nancy again"!

They're using Nancy as bait?

Those spineless bastards.

I never thought that Carini would stoop so low as to take a child.

Well, we're gonna be at the market, armed to the teeth!

Get me the crew from Hoboken. Get me the crew from Hartford.

This is all-out war!

You tell Don Carini if he doesn't bring back Nancy, there's gonna be hell to pay!

Nancy? Who's Nancy?

We don't know this Nancy person.

Please stop!

Listen, we want her back safely by tomorrow, or we're gonna destroy this whole market!

I'll be back by noon tomorrow!

What's going on?

Don Bon-retard somehow is under the impression that I have ordered the kidnapping of his daughter.

If we don't return Nancy to him by noon tomorrow, he's threatening an open attack.

We didn't kidnap nobody.

Still, we have to protect our turf.

Get the word out.

Noon tomorrow at the market.

I want everybody armed and ready for all-out war.


You don't have to do this.

Come on, calm down.

You're a nice girl, Nancy, but I got orders.

You follow orders, you get promoted, you move up the chain of command.

No hard feelings?

Please, just let me leave. You can come work for my father.

He'll treat you a whole lot better than Vinnie ever will.

I don't think you get it.

Vinnie is my brother.

Rustling cattle is a hangin' offense.

Good afternoon, ma'am.

Great job on the car. It looks great.

Thank you.

Why are the streets so quiet?

Should we go check it out?

Yeah. Yeah. Let's do that.

I mean, look, the newsstand is closed.

The restaurant.

That thing, that thing's closed down.

The shoe guy ain't there.

What the-- Give me that!

Take this!

You look old, Gino.

You, too.

Where's my daughter?

I didn't kidnap your daughter.

I would never break the code.

You're a liar!

My father no liar.

You say sorry.

Oh, you gotta be kidding me!

You're all under arrest!

Put your guns down and your hands in the air!

Yikes! You handle this.

I'm out of here!

Where were we?

I didn't order the kidnapping of your daughter.

So why am I supposed to believe that?

I give you my word.

And I will give you all of my men to help find her.

Dante, we go back a long way.

We fought many battles, but there is one thing you and I both have never done, and that's break the code.

Family is off limits.

Think about it.

Why would I do that now that I have my son?

Tony, I'm hit!

Help Macho!

You gotta stop the bleeding!

Tie it around his leg!

No! No!

I'm a dead man!

Tony! Tony! Tony!

What are you doing, Macho?

I'm a little busy here!

I'm dying and he's killin' me!

Younggu, his heart is up here.

You gotta tie that on the top of his thigh to stop the bleeding.

Tie it as close to his chest as possible.

Okay, okay, okay!

Soon, soon, soon!


Tony! Don't worry.

What are you doing?

You're choking me!

Heart here, head here, tie neck, stop bleeding.

Cut it out!

Go around that way!


Cover your father!


Come on. Let's get him inside!

Son! Son!

It's all my fault.

I never should have brought you here!

I'm gonna join you soon.

So go now to your mother, and get all the love you missed out on.

I love you, son.


Your mother.

She just saved your... your life.

I can't let my men go down this way.

Vinnie. Vinnie.


Stop shooting!

I got a clean shot.


There's got to be another way.

No, wait. Everybody stop! Daddy, wait!


Carini didn't kidnap me! Vinnie did!

Put your guns down or I'll kill her!

Vinnie, it was you did this?

No, you made me do this.

I should be in charge, but instead you treat me like a dog!

And you. I'm not good enough for you, huh?

Let go of me. Shut up!

Vinnie, please, put the gun down.

I will give you whatever you want.

In this life you don't give. In this life you take, remember?

Look, if you follow me, I'll kill her!

Let her go!

Younggu, will you shoot me? Come on.

Let her go, please. Vincent, she's all I got.

All right. On one condition.

Younggu, you love her, right? You'll do anything for her?


Well, why don't we solve this once and for all?

Just you and me.

No! Stop!

If he kill me, let him go.


Father, I'm saving Nancy, okay?




You want me... you got me.

With pleasure.

Come on.

All right, now we shoot on the count of five.

Shoot when he says five.


You got that? So on the count of five, we shoot.

What are you doing?

You say five.

No. I said we count to five--

You shot me!

You say five!

No, I said count to five--

You're so stupid.

You so dead.

Get him!

So stupid!

The apple does not fall far from the tree.

Oh, Nancy, I think I lost you.

I was so scared for you, Younggu.

Me, too. Very scary.

Nancy! Daddy!

My son! Father.

Vinnie wanted to make it look like the Carinis were behind this.

He was gonna kill you.

So Vinnie was behind it all along.

Okay, Gino, my apologies.


Younggu, thank you.

Yeah. We together working.

Carini shoot. Bonfante shoot.

No, no.

Two string weak. One rope more strong.

What did he say?

Younggu's saying if you two would only put aside your petty differences and pooled your resources, stop fighting all the time, and actually work together, you'd be unstoppable.

He said all that?

Yeah. The one rope strong, many make money.

You know, the kid, he has a point.

I mean, if we worked together like the old days?

Forget about it.

Forget about it!

Nancy. Nancy, you got away from Vinnie all by yourself?

Well, I had a little help.

Hey, it's one of Vinnie's goons!

No, no. He saved me from Vinnie!

Hi ho, Silver! Away!

You handle the waterfront. I'll take bookmaking.

You can handle garbage. I'll take cement.

Garment center?

Be my guest. Judges?

All yours.

This is just like in the old days.

And we are gonna be invincible just like in the old days.


Think about how big our business would have been.

It's not too late.

Now it's up to our kids.

My son and your daughter.

It makes me happy just thinking about it.

So you transferred everything over to Younggu yet?

It's all taken care of. How about you?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Gino, Younggu has proven with his courage and his dedication that he is ready to be capo de tutti capo.

The next don.


Where is Younggu?


For children.

Bless you, Younggu.

Bless you.

Don Bonfante.

Sister Theresa from the orphanage wanted me to give this to you.

What does it say?

"Dear Father, this is Younggu.

"By the time you read this, I will be... far away."

"l am not made for mafia."


I just signed over all my assets to him.

I did, too.

He has got all of our money!

Where is he?

I'm gonna kill him!

I'll kill him!

Get off me! Get off me!

It's okay.


I'm so proud of you, Younggu.

Nancy, you happy now, but when my father finds out, I'm...