The Last House on the Left (2009) Script

So the next week, he's even hornier, but this time he's got 20 bucks instead of 10.

He goes back to the whorehouse, he sIaps down a 20, Tells the madam he needs to get off but he ain't gonna screw no damn chicken this time.

She says it still ain't much , but she can heIp.

She Tells him to go to the room at the top of the stairs.

This time, it's just a bunch of guys jerking off.

But one of the jerk-off guys assures him . You know, "It's cooI , it's cooI ," and he waves him over to this hoIe in the fIoor that they're aII Iooking through .

Can we stop, please? I reaIIy gotta take a piss.

Fuck you .

So anyway, there's these two hot Iesbians and they're going at it.

What, are you praying now?

Oh , Iord , won't you grant me an empty mayonnaise jar to piss in?

You know, Krug , considering the rather notorious nature of the prison you're headed to, I think I'd pray for something a little bit more substantiaI .


Come on .


You okay? Yeah .

Did I do good?

Tell me I did good !

H it us a little harder next time, Francis. Where's my kid?

He's fine.

What? I can't understand you !

I think he's saying , "Take my money."

Take the money, huh?

I think he's dying now.

What do you think he's seeing?

Something he'II never see again .

H i .

What's my time?

It's perfect, awesome.

Come on . Hand it over.

Come on . Iet me see it.

It's great.

Mom , Iet me see.

Sweetheart, your time is perfect, okay. It's time for vacation .

Tell the OR that the compound fracture to the Ieft femur is on its way up.

We're transfusing two units of O-Neg . I want them to have pIenty more on hand .

Yes, Doctor. So, Mr. Hadley, can you just foIIow my finger?

Just Iike that. ExceIIent. You're gonna be fine, okay?

We'll get you back on your bike in no time. Iet's go, guys.

I Iove that shirt, by the way.

The coIor aIone must've taken a few minutes of your time.

H i . Hey.

Hey, Mary-Anne. Yeah?

Where's that head CT I ordered? It's been haIf an hour.

He got a B-minus for the semester, which is fantastic, and I wiII be happy to write him a Ietter of recommendation .

Yeah , if you need to get in touch with me this summer, you have my ceII .

Okay, have a great summer. AII right. Bye-bye.

That woman drives me nuts.

Okay, so are you on vacation now or shouId I just make a U-ey?


Dad? Honey!

Yo, yo. What's up, what's up?

Are we there yet?

We are making the turn now.

Geez, you think somebody wouId change that sign .

I kind of Iike it. It Tells me the turn's coming up.

My hydrangea came back.

PIace Iooks good .

Yeah . I'm sure inside is a different story, but. . .

Why? Yeah , why?

I didn't Tell you? Dan was up fishing Iast week.

No, Em , you didn't. You Iet your brother stay here?

Yeah . Unsupervised?

Honey, don't worry. I made him promise to sIeep in the guest house. It's fine.

So he and whoever he was with trashed not one house but two, right?

WouId you mind if I stayed in the guest house?

I promise I won't trash it.

"Hey, kids, have a drink on me.

"Thanks for Ietting me fish the Iake out. Iove, Dan ."

This is $4 champagne.

So? Be nice.

Oh , shit.

Jesus. H i .

H i . What the. . .

Microwave is broken?

I don't know how he did it.

Oh , no. Honey, my brother did not break the microwave.

You have no evidence of that.

Hey, do you guys need the car today?

'Cause I was thinking maybe I couId meet up with Paige.

She said she'd be working today.

Okay. But we just got here. I was gonna cook supper and hangout and . . .

WeII , maybe you guys couId have a nice dinner aIone tonight?

Here you go.

Mom , are you sure?

No, I'm not sure, but Dad seems awfuIIy sure about it.

I know that you haven't seen Paige in a whiIe. So. . .

Here. Have fun .

Whoa. Thanks, Dad .

AII right.

J ust promise, promise that you wiII caII me. Okay? That's aII I'm asking .

Okay, I wiII . AII right?

Iove you . I Iove you .

Bye, babe.

Bye, Dad . I'II see you guys Iater. Okay.

please be carefuI .

I don't know if you're gonna be abIe to keep up with the fast pace of the town , but we just got a new yogurt stand , so. . .

Whoa, you think you can get us a tabIe? Yeah .

You know, I got connections. I couId probabIy puII some strings.

How much do I owe you for this?

That is $5.25.

Thank you . Have a good day.

Iisten , Mari , I . . .

I couIdn't beIieve it when I heard about Ben .

I know.

I know I shouId have caIIed you .

I just figured . . . Paige, you're fine. It's. . .

WeII . . .

Okay, new subject. Yeah , yeah .

So, what do you feeI Iike doing tonight?

Do you . . . Do you still smoke pot?

No, I don't reaIIy do that stuff anymore.

Yeah , you're Iike a big athIete now, or. . .


Yeah , do you need a basket for aII that?

I don't think we've met. What's your name?

It's J ustin .

J ustin , I'm Paige. And this is Mari .

Mari , this is J ustin . J ustin , this is Mari .

H i . Hey.

Is that aII for you?

Can I get a pack of cigarettes?

Can I get some I D?

Can you just give me a pass?

J ustin , I wouId if I ruIed the worId , but. . .

What if you heIp me and I heIp you?

And how are you gonna heIp me?

Iook, you know, I've got some premium grade-A shit back at the moteI .


Yeah , I mean , you can see it for yourseIf.

I mean , I overheard you guys taIking a second ago, so. . .

That's $ 1 3.20, right?

Okay, from $20. Here you go. Thanks.

Your turn .

Here we are. Very fancy, J ustin .

Ieft or right? Ieft.

So, Mari , I'II just run in and grab it, and then we can go back to my pIace.

My dad's not gonna be home aII night.

Okay, five minutes.

AII right, I'II be two minutes.

Now it's weather and traffic, and there's going to be big cIusters of storms deveIoping, going into nighttime hours as weII. . .

Sorry, so sorry, ma'am . It's. . .

This beIong you?

No. No, sorry.

What the heII , you guys?

Mari , J ustin was not kidding . This is reaIIy good shit.


So how Iong were you gonna Iet me sit out there?

Here. Have some.

Paige, we just had this conversation .

Come on . She's a little out of practice.

Take it.

I'm just sitting on the bed . One joint won't hurt you . Take it.

HoId on .

HeIIo, Mom?

Hey, Mari , you were supposed to caII me an hour ago.

I know. I'm sorry.

There's a storm coming in . What time are you coming home?

I was thinking maybe I couId just spend the night with Paige.

No, no, no. That is not a good idea.

Iisten to me. You're 1 7 years oId . . .

HeIIo? Mom? You're breaking up. I can't hear you .

HeIIo? Honey? HeIIo? Are you there?

Mom , if you can hear me, I'II be back first thing in the morning , okay?

I Iove you. Oh , my. . .

Who was that? That was your daughter.

Now she's spending the night with Paige.

This is ridicuIous. I knew this was gonna happen .

I shouId have never Iet her Ieave.

There isn't much we can do about it.

She does have the car.

So, J ustin , my new found friend , are you from a reaIIy big city?

No, you know, I'm kind of from aII over.

AII over.

My dad and uncIe have us moving around a Iot, so. . .

What do they do?

AII sorts of things. You know, I'm kind of out of the Ioop.

WeII , where's your mom?

She's dead .

I'm sorry.

That's aII right.

When did she die?

It was a whiIe ago, so. . .

That's probabIy enough death taIk.

Do you wanna move on to a happier subject?


Someone died?

My brother. About a year ago.

A year ago?

What was his name? Ben .


You know what, Mari?

I think J ustin here couId be kind of cute if he Iost his whoIe, Iike, creepy, hooded , U nabomber kind of vibe he's got going on .

Don't you think? Yeah .

Iook at this face he's got.

Here. Here, put this on .

No, actuaIIy that's. . . You know, that's my uncIe's.

WeII , he's not here. J ust put it on . Come on .

ModeI it. Go on . Put it on .

Not bad . Yeah , but the hair doesn't match the shirt anymore.

What couId we do?

Come on , sit down .

AII right. I need some water.

You're gonna Iove it. Trust us.

Okay. Do you think the coIIar shouId go up or down?

Put it up.

CoIIar up. No, coIIar up. I think coIIar down .


I Iove it. It's a big improvement, J ustin .

You're gonna get aII the Iadies.

Oh , yeah .

Evening .

Dad .

I . . . I thought you guys weren't coming back. . .

WeII , our timeIine's gotten sped up, so. . .

Why? What's going on?

For Christ's sake, nephew, are you gonna introduce us?

Yeah , Frank. This is Mari . That's Paige.

That's my U ncIe Frank, Sadie.

That's my dad .

These are two IoveIy girIs, J ustin .

SmeIIs Iike you three have been having some fun in here.

Yeah , it's Iike a reguIar party. Who eIse you invite?

Nobody. It's just us.

Dad , Iook, I was just trying to Iiquidate some. . .

Iiquidate? Is that my word or yours?

Mine. But. . . Am I wrong? Is that. . .

No, J ustin , you're not wrong .

Is that my shirt?

Yeah , Frank, I'm sorry. . . No, no. Hey, hey, hey.

Keep it on . Iooks good on you .

You know, we were just. . . PIaying dress up?

WeII , I mean , we just sort of gave him a bit of a makeover.

A makeover, reaIIy? No.

Yeah .

WeII , I think that's the greatest thing I've ever heard .

Wow. We'll just get out of your way, J ustin .

How much do we owe you? I Iove your sweatshirt, Mari .

That your sport utiIity out there, Mari?

Yeah . N ice.

Yeah , we couId use a vehicIe Iike that right about now.

Yeah , 'cause ours is pretty weII fucked .

Iike we are.

Thanks to you , pumpkin . Fuck you !

Iater maybe.

Dad , what is going on . . .

We made the front page. That's what's going on !

We figured they'd have my face on there sooner or Iater, but now they got Sadie's to boot.

Can you beIieve it, Paige, Mari?

Iisten , mister. . . Sir. . .

This is none of our business. We won't. . .

You won't what?

This is none of our business.

It's a private matter.

Right. Right, and we won't say anything to anybody.

WeII , I don't know. Frank, you beIieve them?

Yeah . You know, I think maybe I couId .

Yeah , weII , I don't.

WeII , you shouId . 'Cause we reaIIy don't. . . We reaIIy don't give a shit.

Hey, Paige, caIm down .

I swear. . . I mean , we swear that we won't. . . We won't Tell any. . .

Paige. Oh , my God !

We have thin waIIs, okay. Oh , my. . . please don't.

please just. . . please, just put the knife down . You can have my keys.

I don't care. J ust don't hurt her. Thanks, Mari .

J ust don't. . .

please. . .

Okay, sir, can we please just go now?

Paige. . . please. . .

Do you not Iike us, Paige?

I'm sorry, Iadies. We just can't risk it.

What? No ! No, but. . .

Why can't you just. . . please, just Iet us go !

Paige, just stay caIm .

God damn it!

Somebody. . . Oh , God . please. . . Fuck!

Somebody, please ! No !

Don't fucking move.

Somebody heIp !

Somebody! HeIp me ! please !

Somebody heIp me !

HeIp ! Somebody!

Hey! What. . .

Anything? No. No, we're still okay.

Francis ! What the fuck!

She's taking a nap. But she'II come around .

I hate ceII phones.

Everywhere you turn , nothing but texting and yakking and texting .

I hate them .

Ioad up.

J ustin .

I'm sorry. They weren't supposed to be back.


That's your excuse?

Yes, sir.

J ustin .

You gotta start putting other peopIe's needs ahead of your own .

You knew not to bring anybody back here, but you did it anyway.

Didn't you? Because I thought. . .

Because we weren't supposed to be here.

WeII , you did it. It can't be undone.

Now you're gonna take responsibiIity for that action .

It's as simpIe as that. You know how we do that?

Iook at her.

J ust Iook at her. God . WouId you just Iet them . . .

Iook at her!

That's a good start.

Put your seatbeIt on .

HeII .

We're okay.

You're okay.

Now I go Ieft, right?

Iooks Iike that road that's over the mountain is Ieft.

Right takes you back to the Iake.

Go Ieft.

I've been coming here for years. You're Iooking for H ighway 43, the two-Iane that goes over the mountains. Right?

I guess that's the one, Mari .

Then you need to go Ieft.

Thanks for the cIarity, Mari .

Thanks for being so cooperative, Mari .

What good wouId it do me not to be?

I aIways took your kind to be whiny little fucking bitches born with siIver spoons up their asses, but you , I think maybe there's hope for you , Mari .

I don't know, Krug . I think Mari here has some potentiaI you shouId consider.

Krug , what do you think?

I think she's been a cooI customer ever since the moteI .

He agrees.

Oh , my God !

Come on !

You get the fuck. . .

HandIe it!

Dad , watch out!



You bitch .

Sadie, you okay?

Do I Iook O-fucking-kay? Fuck!

Oh , no. No, no, no.

This is gonna scar. It's gonna scar forever!

WeII , then you shouId Iet her know how you feeI about that.

Yeah !


You bitch !

Fuck you !

Fucking bitch , you burned my fucking face !

Why the fuck did you do that?

Oh , my God ! Mari !

Damn it! Fuck!

Mari ! Paige, run !

Come here !

Bring her back!

HeIp !


HeIp me ! HeIp !

Get back here, you stupid cunt!

Come on back, Paige !

No !

Stop ! please.

Hey, Paige !

Paige !


HeIp ! Somebody!

HeIp me ! Somebody heIp me ! HeIp me !

please heIp me ! No !



Krug says he wants us to bring her back.

Get up !

Now what?

You ready to be a man?


Pick one. Or both .

What are you doing?

No, no, no.

No !

Come on . Grab her.

HoId on !

I'm teaching you a Iesson , son ! J ust. . . Come on .

Jesus, just Iike that. Iook at that.

Come here.

Yeah . See? Iet's get him aII worked up.

Get him aII worked up and tingIing .


What's the matter with you !

Never gonna get easier than this !

You're pathetic!

What'd you say, Paige?

Where did that come from aII of a sudden?

My goodness. Come here.

Are you gonna hit me now?

No, honey, not hit.

No !

No ! No ! No !

Paige !

You think I'm pathetic, Paige? Iook at my fucking kid here !

WeII , Mari , Iooks Iike she's in a Iot of pain .

Get that hair out of her mouth .

Tell her everything's gonna be okay. Tell her heIp's on the way.

Tell her it's not as bad as it Iooks.

Do it. She needs you !

I won't!

God damn it! Ieave me aIone !


Don't! Don't do this !

You think you can fuck with me whenever you want?

She doesn't think so, see.

Come on .

She's a Iiar.

Iook around . Iook what she did .

No ! No ! No ! No !

No ! You hear that?

No !

No, please ! please. . .

Jesus Christ!

J ustin , please.

No. You stay right there, J ustin .

please ! please, please, please. . .

What is that? You want that?

Is that what you want?

No !

You missed out.

I swim .

What, sweetie? We can't hear you .

I Iove to swim .

We're happy for you .

I can do it one more. . .

One more time for what?


You got her.

Come on ! J ustin !

Thanks for cooking , honey. It's good .

It's a team effort.

Sit down . Stay with me.

Okay. Sorry.

HeIIo !

There's been an accident.

This is gonna hurt. One, two. . .



Okay. The worst part's over.

J ust try and breathe normaIIy, okay? Deep breath .

Deep breath , deep breath .

I was just saying that despite everything , we're having a pretty Iucky day.

Seeing your house. . .

It's so beautifuI . This kitchen is just so squeaky cIean .

And you being a doctor, of course.

Yeah , an iII-equipped one. You guys shouId still go to the hospitaI .

WeII , we don't reaIIy have the best heaIth coverage right now.

WeII , they still have to treat you .

WeII , in that case, can we bum a ride?

Sure, there's onIy one probIem .

Our daughter won't have the car back tiII tomorrow morning . So. . .

Thank you , Mrs. CoIIingwood .

It's Emma.

Thank you . You're weIcome.

J ustin , sweetie, wouId you Iike some hot chocoIate?

WeII , if he doesn't, it'II be a first. What do you say, J ustin?


Yes, please. Okay.

HoId on to this. Keep the pressure on .

Say, you think I couId use your IandIine?

Sure. Yeah , no probIem .

It's right there on the waII . Here you go.

I gotta caII us a tow truck and maybe a cab to take us into town .

Are you sure that's a good idea, Krug?

I mean , do they even have taxis here?

Yeah , they do.

Good Iuck getting one to come out here in this weather.

WeII , they might, honey. You never know.

Yeah , you never know, do you?

YeIIow Pages are in this drawer over here.

J ustin .

Okay, Francis, here we go.

One second .


HoId still .

Shit, you gotta be fucking kidding me.

Hey, Doc. Doc, where's the needIe?

Don't move, okay? Don't move.

Yeah , don't worry.

That phone's dead , too.

Yeah , it happens every time. I'II just turn the generator on .

Sit tight, everyone.

So, you guys Iive here permanentIy?

Oh , no, no, no. We actuaIIy Iive in the city.

How many houses do you have?

So, what are you guys doing out here anyway?

I mean , this is kind of in the middIe of nowhere.

Are you on a famiIy vacation or. . .

WeII , it's kind of embarrassing actuaIIy.

My dad used to take Francis and me to this Iake every summer.

Do some fishing , a little camping . . .

But now that he's gone, those memories are aII that I reaIIy have Ieft of him , and , basicaIIy, I'm just trying to do the same thing for J ustin here.

I think that's important. It's nice, making memories.

Don't know if I want to remember today.

You might. You never know. I mean , you're aII safe. You're together.

That's what counts.

Amen , Emma. Amen .

WeII , okay.

WouId you mind hoIding this for me? J ust hoId it on his face.

You aII right? AII right, here we go.

Okay, just hoId still .

God .

That fucking hurts !

Man up, Frank.

Fuck you . God .

Here you go, sweetheart.

Thank you .

And we're done.

You better not be Iying , Doc.

I just have to cIean it off first.

Hey, Em , wouId you get the antiseptic cream out of the drawer over there?

It's gonna sting . What?

Jesus, okay! I know. It's okay. You're doing good . Okay.

That's it. You're done.

That's good .

Thank you , Emma.


I'II . . . I'II get you a coffee, too.

Got anything stronger?

Nothing .

Yeah , I figured .

Iooks Iike we're still stuck here.

J ustin , are you okay?

I've just never seen him Iike this before.

WeII , maybe you shouId Iie down .

You know, you shouId probabIy just sIeep here tonight.

WeII , no, we couIdn't do that.

I don't think you have much choice.

We just don't want to impose, is aII .

WeII , it's reaIIy not a probIem . We have a guest house. So. . .

Whatever you think. Whatever's easiest.

Yeah , we're very easy.

Where's the bathroom?

It's the Iast door on the right. Down the haII .

Kitchen counter's fine.

That's our daughter, Mari .

The car thief.

Sorry. . . I'm . . .

J ustin , honey? J ustin , honey. . .

Are you okay? What's wrong? I'm fine. I'm fine.

Hey, J ustin , Dr. CoIIingwood wants to know if you're doing okay.

Yeah , Tell him I'm fine.

You keep your mouth shut, do you hear me? Don't you fuck up again .

H urry up.

The neighborhood boys wouId try to jump over our fence and steaI our fruit. . .

The dog wouId chase them out, but my mom was scared of the dog .

She took him to the pound .

We're being shown to our room .

So, the bathroom is in there.

And there shouId be some stuff in the medicine cabinet in case J ustin starts to feeI sick again .

But other than that, I think we're pretty weII-covered .

So, unIess you guys can think of anything eIse, then I'II Iet you . . .

Iet you get your rest.

Emma, please. You've done more than enough .

Go. Get some sIeep for goodness sakes.

WeII , if you decide that you do need anything , please don't hesitate to. . .

WeII , you can't reaIIy caII , but I guess just come over.

WiII do.

Good night.

Good night. Good night.

Good night, Emma.

I think she Iikes me.

You get them aII squared away down there?

Yeah . Yeah , yeah , yeah .

They're just so weird .

Did you Iock the front door? No.

I got it. Why don't you pour us the rest of that wine?

Em? Yeah?

Did you hear that?

Where's it coming from?

Sounds Iike it's coming from the porch .

Mari !

Oh , my God !

Okay, baby. I got you . Sweetie.

Oh , my God ! Oh , my God . John .

She's been shot! We gotta get her inside.

HoId her head . HoId her head . Give me some room . Give me some room .

John , is she breathing? Baby?

Come on , girI , Iet's go.

John , come on !

Fuck! Oh , my God !

No, no, no. That's it. AII right.

Come on , Mari . Can you hear me?

Mommy and Daddy are with you , okay? You're gonna be okay.

I gotta stop this bIeeding . Go get me a knife.

John , what about the buIIet? Stopping the bIeeding is more important than fishing for a fucking buIIet! Get me a knife now!

John . John !

And Iots of toweIs, aII right? Whatever aIcohoI we have in there.

Okay, sweet pea. This isn't gonna feeI good , but it's gotta be done. Okay?

That's it, that's it, baby girI . I know, baby, I know.

AImost done.

AImost done. Okay.

That's it, that's it. Brave girI .

Okay, aII done. That's it.

Oh , God .

You fucker.

Mari? What's that? What's that?

I can't breathe. Okay, okay. I'm gonna fix it, aII right?

That's easy, honey, aII right. Okay, I'm just gonna turn you over.

That's my baby. J ust one second .

Emma ! I need a gIass of water, quick!

There we go. Okay. J ust for a minute.

Mama's right here, honey. That's it.

Mama's here, honey.

John , be carefuI . Okay.

AII right, sweet pea, now this is gonna hurt a little bit, okay?

But I promise you , you're gonna breathe better.

AII right, here we go. Ready? One. . . It's okay, baby. It's okay.

. . .two, three.

I know. I know, sweetie, you're aImost there.

I just need to Iet a little air out.

That's it. That's my girI . Okay.

Okay, sweetheart. Okay, that's it, baby.

Hang on one sec. J ust gotta equaIize the pressure.

Okay, aII right. That's it.

It's okay, honey. J ust breathe.

Okay, there we go. That's it, there you go.

That's it, baby. There you go. Okay.

Is that better? Now you can breathe. That's aII better now.

That's my girI . There you go. Yeah . It's okay, baby.

Can you Tell me who did this to you , huh?

Did you see him , sweetie?


She's doing okay. She's stabIe. I don't know how Iong it's gonna be, but we gotta get her to a hospitaI .

John . What?

This was in the kitchen .

Okay. Why? The kid .

That kid put it there.

John , Mari was wearing this when she Ieft.

She was wearing this when she Ieft today.


Em .

Em , she was raped .


No ! No ! There's bIood . . .

I'm so sorry.

Motherfuckers !

John , John , I've shouId've seen it. I shouId have reaIized .

He was just standing there Iooking at her. He Iooked Iike a goddamn ghost, he just was staring at her picture on the fridge. Fucking knew it!

We are going to get her to a hospitaI , okay? We are going to do this.

They're still here.

What if they come over here. . . You're right. I know. I know. You're right.

Which means we gotta be ready. For anything .

We have to be ready to do anything . You hear me?

Yeah .

We don't have. . . We don't have a car. I mean , the nearest house is six miIes from here.

How are we. . . By Iand .

Six miIes by Iand , okay? We're gonna do this.

I need you with me. We are going to do it.

Okay. Okay. Iet's go.

Come on , sweetie.

AII right, I need some tape. I gotta tape. . . I gotta secure this tube. Okay.

You awake in there?


Come here, baby. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

It's gonna be okay. We're Ieaving very soon , I promise.

Em , where are the boat keys?


Sorry, I thought you'd be asIeep by now.

John's asIeep.

I'm the. . . I'm the night owI .

Yeah , that Iast Iightning boIt woke me up.

Thought maybe a coId beer might heIp. Knock me back out.

Do you mind? No, wait. Wait, wait, wait.

I . . .

I don't think a beer's gonna cut it, you know.

Not on a night Iike this anyway.

WeII , what's gonna cut it, Mrs. CoIIingwood?

WeII , I was thinking of maybe a more. . .

A more aduIt beverage.

We faII into that category?

Yeah , I think so.

AII right, bartender. I guess I'II have another hit of that whiskey then .

John just poIished that off.


That's impressive.

So, he must be. . . He's passed out upstairs.

You a wine drinker?

I guess I am tonight.

Yeah .

Here, Iet me go find one.

So, is that rain Ietting up any?

No, not much . I think the storm's gonna be here awhiIe.

So, you not finding a good bottIe?

No, I . . . No, actuaIIy, I have one open in the fridge. Iet me just go get it.

Here you go.

ShouId I just chug it?

God , I'm sorry. GIasses, right.

Here, Iet me just pour that for you . AII right.

You know, I can't thank you enough for your hospitaIity.

WeII , you know, it's. . . It's the Ieast we couId do.

So, I noticed you had a hot tub.

You get to use that much?

No. Not too much IateIy.

Of course, there's a fire. It couId use some stoking .

Now that sounds Iike a fine idea.

I'II get the wine. I'II meet you in there.

Son of a bitch !

You fucking bitch !

Who the fuck are you?

Krug !

Krug ! Sadie !


Get off me !


Jesus Christ!

Who are you crazy fucks?

Fuck me, Francis.

Hang on sweetheart, okay?

We might have to do this a different way, aII right?

Come on out, you piece of shit!

What are the odds, man?

Of course, your little girI had a Iot to do with it.

You shouId be proud .

How'd you make us anyway?

Did my fucking kid rat us out?

That's it, isn't it? My fucking kid !

He figured out who you were and bIabbered his brains.

Hey, by the way, you aII did a bang-up job on my brother.

He is reaIIy fucking dead down there.

WeII , weII . What's this?

This Emma down here by the Iake?

You two pIanning a daring escape at sea, huh?

No ! Emma !

Did you find them?

That hurt?

Give you a hand !

You shouId have seen yourseIf.

Come on , is that aII you got for me?

I was expecting a Iot more fight out of you , John .

Mari and her little friend sure gave me a Iot of fight.

You wanna hear what I did to Mari?

I bet you do, pervert.

You want to hear how tight your little homecoming queen was?

No, I want to hear you beg for your fucking Iife.

I don't feeI Iike begging today.

What are you doing?

Ending this.

WeII , you sure picked a heII of a time to grow some baIIs.

GIad to see you , too.

Iook, I'm not mad , aII right? J ust don't do anything stupid .

My son .

I Ioved you .

I took care of you !


You don't get to taIk now!

Fuck you !

H i .

What is this?

I can't move.

You're paraIyzed from the neck down .

I didn't have any rope or duct tape.

What are you doing?


What the fuck are you doing?

You're gonna be fine.