The Last Note (2017) Script

Haidari Camp One of the 26 detention camps in Greece during the German occupation.

It operated during the last year of the war.

25,000 prisoners passed from there.

1,900 of them were executed in Kessariani, Dafni and elsewhere.

BLACK ORANGE presents A film by Pantelis Voulgaris

Subs: DragonManila


Haidari Camp, April 1944

Attention, German soldiers!

Commandant Captain Karl Fischer thanks you for exemplary dedication to duty...

Hey, friend!


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Do I have to remind you the rules every time?

Because you were carried away the other day.

Well, Prisoner Soukatzidis...

You must follow the translation rules to a tee.

You are not allowed to move, nor to clear your throat.

You won't look at the interrogated prisoner's face.

You will translate their answers immediately.

For your own good...

Attention! Attention! This camp is an educational institution.

The High Command demands order, obedience and cleanliness.

Xenia, where do you hide the Jewish professor?

A marble neck!

Beautiful like an ancient kore!

Beautiful, but stupid!

I have four kids... I'm poor...

The proclamation...

Gerasimos Antoniou gave it to me... The student.

The one with the three notches, to your hands only, said the baker.

They don't let him go out of the kitchen.

Way to go, Miltos! Good job!

Good job!

You are the three notches man! Only you, Miltos!

Great strikes and sabotages...

In Athens-Belgrade train.

And spectacular developments in the Eastern Front!

The Red Army took Odessa. What did I tell you in the morning?

I saw it in my dreams.

The "Red Horse" is galloping!

We are beating the hell out of them, at last!

Really, Costas? Really, Agronomist! Really!

We'll see...

The sweetest bread, the best news.

Then, you blew up seven wagons west of Farsala on the 10th!

Larissa and Farsala... too far away for me.

What about you, you clown?

You helped two men to get away. We caught one of them. The other?

Talk, otherwise your family will pay! All of them!

I'll tell you where you can find them.

My brother is buried somewhere in Albania.

My sister lies in the Red Mill cemetery...

Killed in the demonstration of March '43.

We'll arrest your parents then! Today!

Saint Peter claimed them, last year.

Then Peter did the job for us.

Did you remember where the professor is?

Take her to Merlin Street!

Haidari, Merlin Street, Kessariani.

Or, Merlin Street, Kessariani, Haidari...

Doesn't make any difference! It's all the same!

All innocent!

Attention! Attention! German soldiers of the Third Reich!

Don't trust the mischievous Greeks!

Intimacy between Germans and Greeks is strictly forbidden!

Christos, what's wrong?

You saw Xenia in their hands. Yes.

And you didn't react!

You didn't go for them!

You did nothing!


I had seen you in theater.

Many years ago.

His wounds will heal.

He'll start working here.

We need a talent behind bars.

Antonis, get me something. My head hurts.

Where is Christos? He's doing some chores.

In the kitchen, cleaning the latrine... I don't know.

He's in great shock.

What about the others? The EPON girl pulled through.

A dockworker from Piraeus, steady as rock!

And Thanassis, the railroad man... What a stout-hearted man!

But the waiter? He talked. They broke his teeth.

They plucked off his hair of the head. He said enough.

I'm going next door, to warn the others.

Three months and 18 days without a letter.

Not a single note.

Fucking Jewish women!

Fucking Jewish women! Hurry up! Move!


Some water...

Open up! Let them rest for a while.

Georgia, their clothes.

We are all rotting in here.


This silence telling so many ancient stories...

What's that?

The thymele.

Thymele, the altar of Dionysus.

This is where the sacrifices were made before the theatrical performances.

Did they sacrifice humans?


Karl, don't you want to organize an excursion to Ancient Olympia?

Fuhrer offers his salary to the excavations there, they say.


A cistern, a Roman cistern for rainwater.

A three-aisled cistern!

I always check personally those who work around me.

So, I studied your file.

Napoleon Soukatzidis, 34 years old.

A Communist and syndicalist.

Arrested in Heraklion, Crete, in 1936.

Ever since, in exile or imprisoned. Where exactly?

Aghios Efstratios island, Acronauplia, Larissa prison, and Haidari.

Haidari, my camp!

Engaged to Chara, pedagogical studies...

Now working as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital in Athens.

Your dictionary!

Paul, have you taken pictures of everything?


Are you afraid of me?

You should...

Especially now that I have to answer to my superiors, because of the 31 prisoners who recently escaped form my camp.

Do you have anything to do with that? Did you help them?

Why wouldn't I escape too?

That's exactly my problem!

I wonder why you stayed.

Some interpreters become one with us.

They share our beliefs. Why not you too?

I'd like you to be one of us.

You are educated, intelligent...

I might replace you.

Although I'm really interested in your case.

I've been watching you these two months I am in Greece.

You behave almost normally, although you are always a breath away from death.

Every moment, I am aware of that.

You have Wolf's eyes...

My fellow student. An excellent criminal defense attorney.

Wolf initiated me...

I owe him my advancement in the SS elite.

Masterpieces of architecture!

I feel that you cannot enjoy the excursions as much as I do.

What do your fellow prisoners say about these excursions?

They encourage me to be patient, as I am obliged to accompany you.

How come they all respect you? Why do they trust you completely?

You'd be happy to isolate me from them?

April 27, 1944 Molaoi, Laconia

They all fell asleep. Now!

Crack the nut.

They smoked the Commander of Laconia.

What about this?

A lyra.

A knee violin.

A Cretan lyra.

From my island. A wonderful piece.

And what about this one here? A harp? How do you call it?

A qanun from Asia Minor.

A qanun?

I see... You were born there, you grew up elsewhere.

And I found myself elsewhere... imprisoned.

Well, Mr. Know-All interpreter, I have collected fine instruments from Russia, Poland, and Greece, my last stop, I hope, before I go back to Germany.

I intend to establish an excellent museum there.

What do you think?

A museum... with loot?

I keep wondering... Why am I putting up with you?

Because I remind you of someone?

Don't forget that in Merlin Street, they threw an interpreter out of the window.

Tell me...

How come you accepted to act as an interpreter for us?

For these ones here...

Sir, my fellow prisoner Nicolas Glezos is waiting.

What's in this document?

None of your business.

You called me to translate it, I suppose.

It's two pages. And now I'm in a hurry. I am invited to a dinner.

Captain Blume, Commander in Merlin, celebrates the Blood Order medal sent to him by Reichsfuhrer himself.

That letter concerning him is a court decision? irrevocable?

"Death to Hitler!" That's what you wrote on the walls of Athens.

This is unacceptable! This is sick!

Free thinking is not a disease.

I see it differently!

Sir, he's 18 years old.

He studies to be a schoolteacher.

Pity he won't be!

Nothing new, Nicolas.

He just wanted to see the face of the man who wrote "Death to Hitler!"

Attention! Attention!

Obedience is the utmost virtue of the German soldier.

Attention! Attention!

We serve our fatherland with the greatest pride and joy.

The palm on the hair part.

The sign of death.

How do they know?

The loaf with the three notches must have spoken.





Go lick your shit!



Get out! Move!

Attention! Attention! The trucks are ready.

Prisoners' transfer in progress...

Get in!

I'm innocent!

I haven't done anything! I've never hurt a German!

I'm innocent! I haven't done anything!

Come here!

Our Father in Heaven, thou not forgive them for this sin...

Sarantos... Poor Sarantos...

Kind offer of the citizens of Athens to Berlin

Loot from a friend's house in Piraeus.

Very nice!

Go on!


How old is the boy? Thirteen.

What has he done? He stole a weapon.

He sneaked behind drunk German soldiers and disarmed them.

Was he alone?

He was with a 13-year old girl, Sir.

We caught her?

She got away...



I am Kovacs!

My weapon is real!

If I want... kaboom!

Disarm me!

Bastard! You disarmed German chicken shits!

Now, Kovacs from Hungary made a chicken shit out of you!

Disarm me!

Did you understand what he said? Not much.

Only that he called me bastard and wouldn't stop kicking me.

How many people did you disarm? Four revolvers.

Four? Yes.

Do you hear?

The girl was from your class? My assistant!

If it wasn't for her... A hell of a brave girl.

And? Good looking too?

I didn't notice her. Come on!

How can I send her a message? Could Miss Chara do it for me?

Forget the messages. You'll see her when freedom comes.

Learn it by heart, Miltos. Ok.

Read it.

This year's harsh winter brought me to my knees.

For it caught me without poverty... Without?

Without fire... and found me without youth.

You have lost more weight...

The Dean himself said you are a genius in economics.

So, I'm not foolish as you say over and over again.

I brought you a new pair of shoes.

Thank you.

It's a shame.

A shame!

It's shame that all of us in Acronauplia asked to be sent to the front and fight.

But the fascist Prime Minister Metaxas delivered us to the Germans!

Christos, you are the most precious thing in my life.

You can serve your country in some other way.

With your knowledge as a scholar!

Father, you understand.

Stop pretending you don't understand me.

You know, being an esteemed lawyer...

I know some very important people. Don't even think about it!

But since you have a way, please, find out what is happening to Xenia.

Is she still in Merlin Street?

Did they take her elsewhere?

Is she still alive?

Plus three... Twenty two until now!

I brought you the blue striped jacket.

I changed the buttons.

The four coated buttons. The old ones were worn out.

I wanted to see you, Dad!

Don't get emotional on me now! Come on!

How about Kyriakos? He's well.

I paid him a visit yesterday. From prison to prison.

Eight years already!

Coming to Anafi island, alone. To Acronauplia prison, alone.

Here, in Haidari, alone!

Always seeing you behind bars and wires!


Be a little patient. Just a little!

We're almost there!

We're beating the hell out of them, everywhere!

From Odessa to Laconia!

Aren't you tired yet, Dad?

I wish you have an easy delivery.

And send me word with the news. With my nephew.

I want to know you're okay.

Send my nephew...

And if it's a boy or a girl. The four coated buttons.

In every button, a collaborator of the Germans.

The bald one from Petralona.

The whore widow with the furs.

The sugar black marketeer.

The chauffeur of the Yellow Villa.

For heaven's sake!


How many years, my Chara... that I can't hold you in my arms...


Too many.

Sometimes, I feel that...

I'm only human...

You know that...

I'll be waiting for you as long as it takes.

Months flow like water.

Years fly away like birds.

My father... He sent me his best shirt.

Steady as rock.

He digs, he plants, he chops...

Two days...

I managed to go to Crete just for two days.

I'll go again, if I have the chance.

In less than a year, we'll be there too.

In less than a year...

Sirs, this document was sent to me half an hour ago.

Strictly confidential.

I called you immediately, because the execution of this order requires some preparation.

I visited him two months ago. Lieutenant Colonel Krech.

A perfect host. A father of seven children.

He showed me all the monuments of Laconia.

It's incredible!

The execution of 100 people in retaliation has already been done.

A hundred for Krech...

That's not enough! Not enough at all!

We have to shoulder a difficult task.

This is Molaoi... In the Peloponnese.

Haidari, Attica.

It's too far away.

Captain Fischer...

Dear Karl, you are the Commandant of a camp... with expendable material.

It's clear.

Okay, then.

The discreet execution of this order is our top priority.

That's why I expect from you to prepare a detailed execution plan.

At 8 a.m. in my office.

You know what you have to do. Get to work now! Go!

Move! Move!

I want you to crawl like lizards!

Move it!



Faster! Swine!



Kovacs, bring the interpreter to me!


Faster, you piece of shit!

We imposed all these things to ourselves.

I can also say that we were easily given a sense of superiority.

The superiority as the ability to get rid of old useless notions.

And redefine the notions like the glory of the race, the grandeur, the ability to impose ourselves.

Look at those miserable people.

If they survive this, they may become good soldiers.

But they will never be victorious.

Because they lack faith in superiority.

If I consider my opponents equal to me, I'll never be able to exterminate them.

That's the point!

Sir, I think that the countdown has started for you.

Yes, maybe...

But even so, there will be no analogous countdown in the history of humanity.

We will sweep everything away along with us.

You are an attorney.

Don't you ever question a decision? Whether it's fair or logical?

Obedience as a notion and as a practice is very interesting.

And for a self-confident personality, it's a great challenge and a tempting test.

You and me have something in common.

We both obey the orders imposed to us by our ideology.

Crawl like lizards!

Imagine yourself accused in a future trial for the crimes of this war.

I'll show you what I believe.

Don't look at me with these bloody puppy eyes!

Kovacs, Block 15! To the isolation ward!

Why are you standing like this? Move!


I whistle, I whistle. ..

For I want to go out... And out, I don't go...

And tears come to my eyes...

Because I want so much...

I long to see the world...

I long to see the world...

I long to see the world...

A new dawn breaks over the city...

Even if I can't see it...

I feel so sad...

I long to see...

My little Mario...

My little Mario...

The sea...

You suffer because of me.

You suffer because of me, Chara...

Attention! Attention!

Bavarian beer available for the German soldiers...

Water... water...

Get ready, dog!

They got me here from work.

Have they arrested me?

Have you arrested her?

Have we arrested her?

No, we haven't.

I just want to have a talk with both of you.

Please, sit down.

Sit down, please.

You too, sit down!

Berlin is the center of power.

Everyone wants to go to Berlin.

I'll get immediately to the point. I'll make an unusual offer to you.

You can go and work there.

He's offering us work in Germany, in Berlin.

He sets you free... You are saved if...

Just give me the name of the pigeon that brings the news from outside.

And you're clean.

Is he a Greek... or a German?

He's testing us, Chara.

My God! What is he up to?

Before you tell me what Fraulein whispered to you, there is a very serious and urgent reason that you tell me the name.

And you have to swear.

I have already prepared a paper. You just have to sign.

Here and now.

We refuse.

Chara, don't you love him at all?

Don't you want to have children with him?

Start a family?

Cry a little! Beg him, cry. Convince him, please.

He talks about the trip. He wants to lure us.

Translate this for your fiancee:

Interpreters never survive.

We don't leave behind witnesses of our methods of interrogation.

The same old story. Don't be afraid, Chara dear.

Let me hear the responsible opinion of your fiancee.

When you leave our country,

we'll be living in Crete, together with our compatriots.

She has always Crete in her mind.

You will regret it, but it will be too late!

If I leave, I'll feel guilty.

I won't negotiate with you! You're not worth it!



Take them out!

Come back, whore! Grab her!


I love you so much!

Shut up!

Careful, girls.


The cloth.



The torture wheel of Merlin Street.

I know, it hurts.

Gently, gently.


He's alright.

We don't surrender.

We won't do them this favor!

My brother is next door.

My two daughters in their dungeons. Here and there...

My Katerina and my Vasso... Students at the University.

I wish I could stroke their hair too.

They'd take me to the Kessariani firing squad.

But Christos' father saved me.

I remember her from the big demonstrations.

Xenia Madianou.

This year's harsh winter brought me to my knees For it caught me without fire and found me without youth.

And time and time again I walked the snowy streets.

Bravo, Miltos.

You never came with empty hands.

Baskets full of kisses And your eyes, blooming flowers.

Not the gloomy light...

But the errant lightning That has wrapped my whole body.

I saw you.

I saw you searching under your bed, under your mattress.

What's the note you picked? Will you give it to the beasts?

"My dearest son Napoleon, we are all well."

"I'm pruning the olive trees of those who were killed."

"I have no way to come to Athens. Will I see you before I pass away?"

Talk to me.

You have the privilege to meet your fiancee in Fischer's office.

What are you up to, in there?

What were you thinking? I don't know.

You are aloof and very nervous.

I watch you every time you come back from Fischer's office.

My presence there is not particularly pleasant.

In interrogations, you translate those who can stand it.

But also those who confess.

Speak clearly!

Confessions lead to more arrests.

How many have you burnt, Napoleon? How many?

I won't punch you!

I don't want fights among us here. You're not answering!

When they brought you here, why did you tell them that you speak German?

You didn't have to! They knew it!

It's all in my file.

Syndicalist, accountant, speaks Turkish, French, German, Italian.

Present in all interrogations.

Dozens of them. Congratulations.

What do you think?

Some were executed, others crippled. I see their faces all the time.

They are haunting me every day.

But you are alive!


It's the role of the interpreter that keeps you alive.

A role you accepted. You think I want that?

Why do you say all this to me?

If you suspect me, go and say it to the old hands.

They are the responsible ones. I only follow their instructions.

You think I act without their approval?

I follow the instructions of our comrades. Loyally.

Do you translate word for word? What do you want me to say, Christos?

Tell me about your conscience, Napoleon.

You are lucky you don't speak German.

"And when the four cousins arrived in Benameji,"

"voices of death ceased near the Guadalquivir."



You have to find another interpreter.

Don't even think about it. Fischer is firing you?

He doesn't know.

I'm asking for your permission. I'll resign tomorrow morning.

If you turn against him, he'll erase you, he'll crush you.

I don't care. He might let off steam on us.

Have you thought of that?

I can't stand it anymore.

You think I don't know what you're going through?


Forget it. You carry on as it is.

Attention! Attention! Headquarters' announcement.

Due to overpopulation of this camp, two hundred men will be transferred to another detention center.

The transfer will take place tomorrow early in the morning.

Those who will hear their names, should have their luggage ready.

The Camp Commandant, Captain Karl Fischer.

Agrafiotis Agissilaos, Aivatzidis George, Alatzas Nicholas, Alexandratos Andreas, Alexopoulos Demetrios, Alexopoulos loannis, Almpanis George, Ampeloyannis Spilios, Vagenas Apostolos, Valassopoulos Vlassios, Valvis Spyridon, Valvis Charalampos, Valentakis loannis, Vartholomaios Antonios. ..

We the old dogs... travel all the time.

Maraki is giving birth.

And me... Who knows where I'll be taken.

I shortened them for Miltos.

A pair of men's trousers.

Dimos Constantinos, Doukas Spyridon, Drosopoulos Theodore...


Eleftheriadis Elias, Zangas Christos...

You will give it to Irene.

You will wish her for her name day.

On May the 5th, right? On Friday.

She'll come then. Wait.

The list is not finished.

He may say mine too. He's almost over, son.

Klapatseas Constantine, Kokkinos Theophanis, Lazaridis Anestis, Lamprinidis Emmanuel, Liagidis Theophanis, Limperopoulos Pavlos, Makedos Paraskevas...

Wait, here I am! Me too!

Comrade Agronomist, Mariakakis! He said your name!

Negrepontis Nicholas, Nikolaidis Christos...

Did you hear it? Did you hear his name?

I heard my brother's name too.

Where are they taking them?

Ourailoglou Vasileios, Orphanos llias, Panetis Christos, Papavasileia Vassilios, Papadimitriou Dimitrios, Papa yannis loannis. ..


Papadimas Vassileios, Papadopoulos Dimitrios, Papadopoulos Evangelos, Papazoglou Evangelos, Papamichalis Georgios, Papandreou Constantinos, Remboutsikas Demetrios, Rizos Elias, Rozanis loannis, Roussopoulos George, Savvopoulos Savvas, Sakas Constantinos, Spyridis George, Stathis loannis, Soukatzidis Napoleon, Stamoulis Vassileios, Sofos Andreas, Sofos Demetrios, Sofos Christos ...

At least, they will not set us apart! We'll all go together!

Thank goodness!

Taleporos Elias, Tambanos Filippos ...

The Daisies of the Agronomist, guys! All in bloom!

It's a sign!

Ypsilantis Constantinos, Favas Constantinos, Ferentopoulos Epameinondas, Ferfes Apostolos, Filopoulos Anestis, Christakopoulos Demetrios, Chrisafis Nicholas, Hitiris Constantinos.

The last moment?

The dates are set by the orders.

Give them 3-4 days to get in touch with their families.

I'm sorry, I have no choice.

Sir, it's your decision.

The order came and I follow it to a tee. No more discussions.

The order doesn't say where we are going...

To be defined in time. So, you know where.

Within the Attica region or in some remote province?

I said, to be defined in due time.

It's time to say goodbye.

I will remember you.

Be sure about that.

Your dictionary.

Attention! Attention!

The High Command demands order, obedience and cleanliness.


Is everything alright for tomorrow?


For young Herbert Gunter. He must be off duty.

He mustn't go to Kessariani again.

He won't stand it.

I took care of that.

He was given a sick leave for a few days.

Very good, very good.

Too much work for tomorrow, right?

Not five or ten this time. Not even fifty.

A whole lot of two hundred!

Two hundred communists.

Attention, attention!

German soldiers, Commandant Captain Karl Fischer...

No pasaran!

The motherfuckers! The fascists!

They will get the hell out of here, any day now!

Those bastards! I had a vision!

The Lady of Angels will burn their asses!

No pasaran! No pasaran!


He's calling for his mother.


He hasn't heard from her.

He hasn't heard from her...


Christos is very fluent in German too.

He heard them.

Now, we are in a morgue!

My respected and beloved Father, Only in front of you do I bow, Walking up straight, To the firing squad I go.

Tomorrow, I'll harvest the wine grapes of heaven!

I had imagined the liberation day... I thought I'd be in it too.

Haidari camp is dancing!

Long live Pontus!

I wish we had two hundred machine guns!

Attention, attention!

...he camp is in the state of general alert...

Let's shave off our beards and be handsome when we're dead.

Do the machine guns aim at the chest or the head?

Bye, Nitsa from Kokinia!

Paliozoglopi village...

Pertouli village...

Rahoula village...

Here I come!

Can you hear?

Commander Blumme, are you listening?

Yes, but till now, you asked... for one, five, ten, twenty, or forty.

Two hundred is...

Two hundred...

Yes, Sir! I am sorry.

Of course I support this order.

Say hello to the mountains, Sarantos, from me.

Beech trees, maple trees...

And the wild bushes...

Come here, Zissis.

Take a dip in the sea for me!

Enjoy your lives!

Please... Please...

You have a way to do it. See that I am executed with you!

I don't want to be shot alone!

I wish the dawn never breaks!

Will we be forgotten?

Attention, attention! Commander Karl Fisher...

Your interpreter is in the list, right?

Yes, he is.

I know a girl who is very fluent in German and she's between jobs.

I could have a better interpreter... but he reminds me of Wolfgang Dammel.

Wolfgang was the only true friend I had during the war.

The same glance...

The same eyes...

Wolf screwed up...

He saved his neighbor, a Jew. High treason.

I was obliged to order his execution.

I had to carry it through.

I gave the order: "Aim! Fire!"

There are two hours left.

Attention! Attention!

The camp remains in the state of general alert.

General alert! General alert!

I keep saying to myself:

"Costas, your 25 fighting years were not in vain."

"Not in vain at all!"

Better and beautiful days will come!

I feel good.

I'm leaving like a human being.

Father dearest, I'm going to the firing squad.

Be proud of your only son.

My beloved Chara, my last thought is with you.

I'd like to make you happy.


As reprisal for the assassination of the Commander of the 41st Division Lieutenant Colonel Krech, and his three escorts, in Molaoi, Laconia, on April 27, 1944...

The German Command decided to proceed to the execution of two hundred Greek prisoners in Haidari Camp.

The execution will take place in Kessariani Shooting Range today, Monday, May 1st, 1944.



Murderers! Murderers!

Kovacs, take the last row.

Get in the first truck right away! Move!

Murderers! Murderers!

The hand on the trigger... Quick!


We will meet again!


I tasted the olives to see if they were bitter enough...

And you sorted out the tobacco leaves...

Countless birds filled the sky...

The night is falling, where are the children?

The courtyard was filled with love...

The most beautiful jasmine. ..

You're asking for cigarettes and wine...

I'm giving you the last kiss...

Your number.


I decided your exception from today's reprisals.

Till the next bunch?

Are you giving me an extension of life for a few more days or weeks?

No, it's your life I'm offering you!

And I take the responsibility against my superiors.

Well, Napoleon... you will not get in the truck.

You don't have to thank me. I know you will not.

But when the war is over, you will remember that I signed for some executions, but I saved your life.

Why, Commandant Fischer?

Maybe because I'd like to sign for an act of grace...

A kind of a positive experience. One never stops to learn...

And why me?

I wouldn't like to remember you with a bullet in your head.

The life of 199 people is worth less than mine?

The order is explicit. Fifty for one.

So you will replace me with some fellow prisoner who is not in the list.

That's right.

I could take the crazy one or the cripple one.

I have more than a dozen of veterans.

Or... you choose one.

You know them all. Whomever you want.

You only want to humiliate me in front of my comrades.

Yes, you might say that as well.

Napoleon, do it. Stay.

Accept it for those who stay behind.

You are offering me a humiliating salvation!

If I accept...

I'll be nothing!

Commandant Fischer... in two hours, I'll be lying dead along with my comrades.


It's your decision.

I have to tell you our unanimous decision.

We don't want to be blindfolded.

We have only one last wish, one last request.

We want to be executed all of us, two hundred men, simultaneously.

Denied. Twenty at a time.

Twenty at a time.

Here ends your ordeal with the German language.

We thank you, all of us, son.


Farewell, bloody Kessariani!


My son will get back at you, bastards!


Farewell, my sad mother! Farewell, Tassoula!

Goodbye, Anna! Goodbye, my island, lkaria!


For freedom and the people's revolution!




Uncle Costas! It's a girl!

Uncle Costas! You hear?

A girl!

We don't die in vain!


Comb my balls!


Communist till I die!


I don't want to die... I want to live, because I love...

I love. Do you understand? I love!

Shoot, fucking bastards! Shoot!

Eftaxia, my girl, I'll meet you in Kandanos, in heaven!

I'm flying!

Death to the Nazis! Long live free Athens!

Farewell, my country...




Chara dearest, my last thought is with you.

I'd like to make you happy.

Keep on loving my father and my little sister.

And see that you have a new life with a good man.

Your happiness means everything to me. Farewell.

May 1st, 1944.